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© Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. 2011.
All rights reserved. Information is subject to change.
All rights reserved. Information is subject to change.
© Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. 2011.



GRI discussions are NOT panels. They are like after-dinner

conversations in one’s own living room with a few good friends
under the guidance of the moderating Chair.

Everyone participates equally, not just the Discussion

(co-)Chairs. The job of the moderating Chair is to make
EVERYBODY talk and engage. Discussion co-Chairs sit
scattered about the room and participate no more, no less
than anyone else in the room.

If connecting with new partners can be useful, we encourage you

to ENGAGE as vocally and actively as you might enjoy. This will
enable others to get to know you and you to get to know them.

The Moderating Chair will be addressing questions DIRECTLY

to particular participants, by name or by pointing at them, not
just to anyone unspecified in the room at-large, as that is usually
greeted with pregnant silence. Even so, you are encouraged to
comment, question, dissent or otherwise interject.

As no one will prompt you, please join the discussion room

of your choice in time. Rooms only fill in AFTER a discussion
starts and you need not be alarmed by a near empty room. It
will quickly get crowded.

Some participants speak so softly as to be unheard by most.

SPEAK UP and remind others to do so if you can’t hear them.

AVOID monopolizing conversation, self-promotion or

commercial pitches as the Moderating Chair has been urged to
cut them off.

The GRI format was designed to enable senior industry

leaders to share, learn and make friends in as natural,
spontaneous and collegial a setting as possible. We
welcome your suggestions as to how we can do better.

While journalists may sometimes take notes during

discussions, they only ever do so after signing a
“Chatham House” confidentiality agreement under
which they commit not to quote for attribution to a
person or to a company, except with specific consent
from the respective parties. In addition, students or
other reporters summarize most of the discussions and
take notes that are subsequently distributed to
all participants.

The mission of discussion

Chairs at the GRI is not to talk
but to make others talk, engage
and connect.

We are delighted to welcome you to the Asia GRI 2011.

As with all GRI get-togethers, the Asia GRI 2011 was created by many present here
today who have contributed front-line expertise, intellectual brilliance, financial resources
and more, to reach out to fellow leading lights and create a program to discuss today’s issues.
We can’t thank them enough.

If (co-)chairing one or more discussions could be useful to you at any forthcoming GRI event, we
invite you to contact us and discuss how best to put them on the program. If any other type of
Christel Huang
involvement could be useful, it is similarly welcome.

In the meantime, please join in the fray and engage in the discussions as if this was about you,
your business, your opportunities. Because it is.

We wish you a great GRI. Thanks for being with us.

Henri Alster

Christel Huang Henri Alster

Director, GRI Asia Chairman,
GRI – Global Real Estate Institute GRI – Global Real Estate Institute

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
10 Bayfront, Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688 8888
Fax: +65 6688 8899

Inquiries and further information
UK Tel: +44.20 8445 6653
UK Fax: +44.20 8445 6633

All material throughout this program is subject to change without notice.


 19H00 onwards Private Board Dinner  08H00 Check-in
(By invitation only - reserved for GRI Board,
Asia GRI Sponsors and Discussion (co-)Chairs.)  09H00-13H15 Keynote & Group Discussions
 13H15-14H15 Lunch
MARINA BAY SANDS  14H15-16H45 Group Discussions
10 Bayfront Avenue  16H45-18H00 Closing Drinks
Singapore 018956
Dress code: Business Casual, no tie required
All rights reserved. Information is subject to change.
© Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. 2011.

09H00-10H00 KEYNOTE
how good for Asia's economies?

md & chief economist for asia pacific
NATIXIS hong kong

All rights reserved. Information is subject to change.
© Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. 2011.

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KEYNOTE 09H00-10H00
how good for Asia's economies?


md & chief economist for asia pacific
4812-4813 NATIXIS hong kong

10H30 - 11H30 12H15 - 13H15

Asset Management in Commercial Property

Asia Pacific Portfolios Development & Investment in Asia
what role does it play? which market, what sector?
Room 4913 Colin MacDonald Charlie Lin
Stuart Grant Damian Manolis Philip Evans Rui Oliveira
Andrew Moore Jonathan Schiff Andrew Taylor Edmond Yew

Capital Raising & Cross-Border Investors Japan Real Estate Investments

where is the money coming from? distressed or core?
Niel Thassim Mike Ghaemmaghami
Room 4912 Benny Chiu Jason Kern Michael Evans
KEYNOTE 09H00 - 10H00

LUNCH 13H15 - 14H15

Rish Tej Peter Yassa Seth Sulkin

Hotel Acquisition, RMB Funds

Financing and Development where do they invest?
what are the asian secrets?
Jim Zhang
Room 4911 Carl Gouw
Tek Yew Chia Monika Dubaj Marc Hediger
Girish Jhunjhnuwala Basel Shammout

Office in Asia
on the path to recovery?
Nigel Barnes
Room 4811 Arif Fazlani Mark Kumarasinhe
Sanjay Ratra Peter Succoso

All material throughout this brochure is subject to change without notice.



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4913 4813
4912 4812
4911 4811


All rights reserved. Information is subject to change.

© Marina Bay Sands Pte. Ltd. 2011.
14H15 - 15H15 15H45 - 16H45

Investing in Asia Institutional Investors &

is now the right time? Private Equity in Asia
where to put the money?
Pietro Doran
Brian Chinappi Charles Cosgrove Chetan Dave Craig Turnbull
Room 4913
Kamal Khetan Vikas Oberoi Kapil Wadhawan Suchad Chiaranussati
Alison Cooke Richard Johnson
Skip Schwartz Richard Yue

Funds vs Direct Deals Sustainable Developments

is the fund model in need of revival? necessity or wish?

Christopher Andrews Winson Chow

David Dix Atul Chordia Room 4912
Anna Pandey Kruti Jain
Sumit Nanda

Singapore Southeast Asia RE

have prices bottomed? rebound or still wait and see?
Steven Choo William Wilfong
Jeremy Choy Don Lam Simon Landy Peter Ryder Room 4911
David Moritz Hubert Viriot
Daniel Teo Tong How

Investment in Indian Real Estate

how attractive?
Nakshatra Roy
Raj Bhandari Room 4811
Jim Bowen
Tariq Vaidya

All material throughout this brochure is subject to change without notice.


Asset Stuart Grant

senior managing director
Management The Blackstone Group
hong kong
in Asia Pacific Colin Macdonald
chief executive
Portfolios Fine Grain Property
what role
Damian Manolis Stuart Grant Colin Macdonald Damian Manolis
does it play? managing director,
southeast asia
Pramerica Real Estate
Investors (Asia) singapore
Room 4913 Andrew Moore
Pamfleet Group hong kong
Jonathan Schiff
chairman Andrew Moore Jonathan Schiff
Schiff Development macau

Capital Niel Thassim

md & head of rreef real estate,
Raising & asia pacific
RREEF Asia Pacific hong kong
Cross-Border Benny Chiu
advisor asia pacific
Investors DekaBank Deutsche
Girozentrale hong kong
where is the money
Jason Kern Niel Thassim Benny Chiu Jason Kern
coming from? managing director, head of real
estate advisory, asia-pacific
HSBC hong kong
Rish Tej
Room 4912 co founder & ceo
Sheer Capital Advisory india
Peter Yassa
managing director
Reit Capital australia Rish Tej Peter Yassa

Hotel Carl Gouw

managing director
Acquisition, Goldig Investment Group
hong kong
Financing and Tek Yew Chia
executive director,
Development strategy and marketing
Bintan Resorts
what are the International singapore Carl Gouw Tek Yew Chia Monika Dubaj
asian secrets? Monika Dubaj
vice president, development
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Room 4911 Marc Hediger
svp - product & development
New World Hospitality
hong kong
Girish Jhunjhnuwala Marc Hediger Girish Jhunjhnuwala Basel Shammout
ceo & chairman
Ovolo Group hong kong
Basel Shammout
president and md
All material throughout this PHD Group austria
brochure is subject to change
without notice.

Ongoing updates at:

Commercial Charlie Lin

Property Asia Base Development
hong kong
Development Philip Evans
director - commercial &
& Investment retail leasing
Al Futtaim Group
in Asia Real Estate uae Charlie Lin Philip Evans
which market, Rui Oliveira
ceo china
what sector? Worldland china
Andrew Taylor
managing director
Macquarie Real Estate
Room 4911 Asia Ltd hong kong
Edmond Yew
senior vice president Rui Oliveira Andrew Taylor
Lai Fung Holdings hong kong

Japan Dr. Mike Ghaemmaghami

ceo & representative director
Real Estate WIB Real Estate
Finance Japan K.K japan
Investments Michael Evans
managing director, asia-pacific
distressed or core? AMB japan
Seth Sulkin
president & ceo Dr. Mike Ghaemmaghami Michael Evans Seth Sulkin
Pacifica Malls K.K. japan
Room 4912

RMB Funds moderator

where do Jim Zhang
they invest? Huafang Capital china

Room 4911 Jim Zhang


Office in Asia Nigel Barnes

development director,
on the path asia pacific
Regus hong kong
to recovery? Arif Fazlani
managing director
Sopariwala Exports india
Mark Kumarasinhe
Room 4811 chief executive officer Nigel Barnes Arif Fazlani Mark Kumarasinhe
Emboss Capital australia
Sanjay Ratra
director & head of commercial
real estate india - debt
Standard Chartered india
Peter Succoso
md, head of asia pacific
portfolio management
Apollo Global Real Estate, Sanjay Ratra Peter Succoso
Asia Pacific hong kong

All material throughout this

brochure is subject to change
without notice.

Ongoing updates at:

Investing Pietro Doran

chairman & principal partner
in Asia Doran Capital Partners
south korea
is now the Brian Chinappi
right time? global head,
principal finance real estate
Standard Chartered Bank
(Hong Kong) hong kong Pietro Doran Brian Chinappi Charles Cosgrove
Charles Cosgrove
Room 4913 chairman of inv committee
ARCH Capital singapore
Chetan Dave
president & ceo,
real estate investments
IDFC Capital singapore
Kamal Khetan
chairman & managing director Chetan Dave Kamal Khetan
Sunteck Realty india
Vikas Oberoi
managing director
Oberoi Realty india
Kapil Wadhawan
chairman & managing director
DHFL india

Vikas Oberoi Kapil Wadhawan

Singapore Steven Choo

have prices REDAS singapore

bottomed? Jeremy Choy

project director, asia square
MGPA (Singapore) singapore
David Moritz
md & head of
Room 4911 real estate group, sea. Steven Choo Jeremy Choy
Capital Advisers singapore
Daniel Teo Tong How
chairman & managing director
Hong How Corporation

David Moritz Daniel Teo Tong How

Funds vs Christopher Andrews

managing director
Direct Deals capital markets
MGPA hong kong
is the fund model in David Dix
need of revival? managing director
Vermilion Capital japan
Anna Pandey
vp head of asia real estate Christopher Andrews David Dix Anna Pandey
GE Pension hong kong
Room 4912

Investment Nakshatra Roy

managing director
in Indian Archean Design &
Development india
Real Estate Raj Bhandari
managing partner
how attractive? Adam Realty india
Jim Bowen
partner Nakshatra Roy Raj Bhandari
Gulf & Asia
Room 4811 Development Company uae
Tariq Vaidya
head real estate
NV Capital Services LLP india

All material throughout this

brochure is subject to change Jim Bowen Tariq Vaidya
without notice.

Ongoing updates at:

Institutional Craig Turnbull

Investors & Agincourt Capital australia
Suchad Chiaranussati
Private Equity managing director
Real Estate Capital
in Asia Asia Partners singapore
where to put Alison Cooke
Craig Turnbull Suchad Chiaranussati Alison Cooke
managing director - real estate
themoney? C.V. Starr Investment
Advisors hong kong
Richard Johnson
head of business development
Room 4913 apac, global real estate
UBS Global Asset
Management hong kong
Skip Schwartz
director of acquisitions, asia Richard Johnson Skip Schwartz Richard Yue
Heitman japan
Richard Yue
ARCH Capital Management
hong kong

Sustainable Winson Chow

managing director
Developments China Resources
Property Limited hong kong
necessity or wish? Atul Chordia
managing director
Panchshil Realty india

Room 4912 Kruti Jain

director Winson Chow Atul Chordia
Kumar Urban
Development Limited india
Sumit Nanda
Dr. Fresh Assets india

Kruti Jain Sumit Nanda

Southeast William Wilfong

Asia RE Don Lam
ceo & co-founder
rebound or still VinaCapital Group vietnam
wait and see? Simon Landy
executive chairman
Colliers International
thailand William Wilfong Don Lam Simon Landy

Room 4913 Peter Ryder

co-founder and ceo
Indochina Capital vietnam
Hubert Viriot
Raimon Land thailand

Peter Ryder Hubert Viriot

All material throughout this

brochure is subject to change
without notice.

Ongoing updates at:

Christopher Andrews Nigel Barnes

managing director capital markets development director - asia pacific
MGPA Regus

Investment in Asian and European Office • operator • business centres •

End User
real estate • specialising in core plus • value 800,000 customers • partnership with
add and opportunistic strategies. landlords • 150 locations in Asia

Over 22 years in the funds management and investment consulting Nigel Barnes joined Regus in 2008 to take overall responsibility for
industries in Australia and Asia with MGPA, Macquarie Group, site selection, negotiation and delivery of new business centres and
Citigroup, JP Morgan and Mercer. Over 10 years focused on real estate manage all property related aspects for Regus in the Asia Pacific
investment. Based in Hong Kong and responsible for client relations region. He oversees a growing portfolio of over 150 centres in over 20
and capital raising across Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions. countries. Nigel has over 14-years experience in commercial property.
Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA from IMD Geneva and BA Honours Before joining Regus, Nigel worked for 10-years with DTZ in Europe
from University of Oxford. MGPA is an independently managed and Asia and with Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom.
private equity real estate investment advisory company focused on Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplace solutions,
real estate investment in Europe and Asia. Through its network of with a global network of 1,100 business centres in 85 countries.
offices in Europe and Asia, MGPA currently manages US$10 billion in
assets throughout these two regions.

Abhijeet Bhalla Raj Bhandari

managing director managing partner
Millennium Spire ADAM Realty Partners Pvt. Ltd.
Asset Management Pte Ltd.
Fund Manager


Core Residential Mixed use and Commercial Middle-Market Residential Investment and
property investments in India. Focused on Development in Tier I and Tier II/III metros in
Metros and Tier II cities in India Western and Southern India

Millennium Spire is a multi-phased India Real Estate investment Raj Bhandari is a Partner at ADAM and responsible for investments
strategy that seeks to raise and deploy assets in an efficient manner, and project development. Mr. Bhandari has 24 years real estate
whilst concurrently adapting to the changing investment climate. investment and development experience in India and overseas.
We are a unique combination of real estate development, project Mr. Bhandari earned his BSc from University of Bombay and an
management, and investment management expertise effectively MM degree from Kellogg. ADAM Realty Partners targets residential
creating a fiduciary developer that actively monitors and manages development opportunities in Western and Southern India. ADAM
assets.This is characterized by a strong deal origination and execution principals have completed investment, development, and advisory
capability, Abhijeet Bhalla, Managing Director, is responsible transactions in excess of $15B, including 10 residential and mixed-use
for overall management of the company. With over 18 years of projects in India. ADAM’s senior team averages over 20 years of
experience, Abhijeet’s strengths lie in establishing viable businesses relevant experience with firms such as Hines, Bechtel, ABN AMRO,
in cross cultural environments, operations management, team and and Bankers Trust.
brand building.

Tek Yew Chia Suchad Chiaranussati

executive director – strategy and marketing managing director
Bintan Resorts International Real Estate Capital Asia Partners

Bintan Resorts vacation/lifestyle destination

as well as to attract investors to the new Opportunistic Pan-Asian real estate fund
Lagoi Bay masterplanned development

Tek Yew Chia is Executive Director of Bintan Resorts International, Mr. Chiaranussati founded Real Estate Capital Asia Partners(RECAP),
responsible for the strategy and marketing of Bintan Resorts’ group a real estate investment opportunity partnership in late 2004.
businesses. He is concurrently Chairman/CEO of BU Holdings Pte Ltd RECAP I and II has committed in excess of US$ 410 million capital
as well as Chairman and Founder of International Academy @ Bintan. for investment in real estate opportunities throughout Asia. Mr.
Prior to setting up BU Holdings in 2009, Tek Yew was the co-Global Chiaranussati participates in acquisition, value enhancement
Managing Partner of Whitehead Mann Partnership, a leading UK and realization activities at RECAP and serves as Chairman of the
executive search and leadership consultancy with twin headquarters Investment Committee. RECAP has investments in Japan, Korea,
in London and Singapore. Before joining the talent management China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Before forming RECAP,
industry, he was a Vice President in Hewlett Packard’s Technology Suchad spent five years with Westbrook Partners and Westbrook Real
Solutions Group with oversight for the strategy and operations of the Estate Partners (WREP) leading its non-Japan investments activities.
Services business in Asia Pacific and Japan.

Brian Chinappi Benny Chiu

global head, principal finance real estate advisor asia pacific
Standard Chartered Bank DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
(Hong Kong) Limited Consulting

As the Asia Pacific Advisor of DekaBank


Deutsche Girozentrale, Frankfurt, Germany,

active in the field of Real Estate Lending

Mr. Chinappi is Managing Director and the Global Head of Principal Many years experience in the field of banking and project finance in
Finance Real Estate for Standard Chartered Bank. Principal Finance Asia with recent focus on real estate finance in Asia and Australia.
is part of Standard Chartered Bank’s Wholesale Banking business
and invests, primarily on behalf of the bank, in private equity,
infrastructure, alternative assets and real estate. Principal Finance’s
real estate group is responsible for making equity, preferred equity
and mezzanine investments in completed properties, property
developments and real estate operating companies with a
geographic focus on Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Chinappi is
based in Hong Kong.

Steven Choo Atul Chordia

ceo managing director
REDAS Panchshil Realty

development • project management •

investment • consulting

Dr. Choo has over 30 years of experience in the property industry D.O.B 13th March 1965. Qualifications: B. Com (Ness Wadia College,
including a wide range of real estate practice in research, valuation, Pune). Nationality: Indian. (1989-1997) Real Estate Consultant.
property management, leasing, development planning and (1997 - 2002) Involved in project management and inception of the
investment appraisal in both the private and public sectors. As CEO brand ‘Panchshil’. (2003) Active construction under the flagship of
of REDAS, Dr. Choo is responsible for the operations of Singapore’s his brand ‘Panchshil’. ‘Panchshil Realty’-the Pune based developers
premier business association in the real estate and development extend their expertise in the High End Residential Projects, Serviced
industry representing some 300 members comprising developers, Residences, Built-to-suit Campus Facility for IT & Ites, Multi-tenanted
builders, bankers, real estate consultancies, fund managers, and allied IT and Technology Parks, Trade and Convention Centres, 5 Star Hotels,
professionals. Shopping Malls, Family Entertainment Centre, flaunting a client
databsae of fortune 500 companies.

Winson Chow Chetan Dave

managing director president & ceo - real estate investments
China Resources Property Limited IDFC Capital
Owner Developer

Sustainable Development

Previously an engineer, Winson joined China Resources group Chetan has over 20 years of experience and held several key positions
(CRC) in 1999 as director of the investment and development arm, in the real estate industry. He is currently President & CEO – IDFC
responsible for commercial property in excess of US$500 million. Capital, Real Estate Investments. He is responsible for building and
Winson has broad experience in retail developments, including developing a portfolio of infrastructure focused real estate assets
acquisition and re-branding of Times Square, Pudong, Shanghai; and a real estate private equity funds management business. Prior
leading consultants, including RTHL for the initial design of ‘The Mix’ to joining IDFC, Chetan was the founding Managing Director & CEO
complex, Shenzhen; and involvement with design, construction and of Sun Apollo Real Estate Advisors, a $630 million real estate private
positioning of the retail center at All Seasons Place, Bangkok. Winson equity fund in India. He helped raise the Sun Apollo India Real Estate
is now Managing Director of China Resources Property Co. Ltd. His Fund and established the business in India.
current portfolio covers property development and management
in Hong Kong, generating annual revenue in the region of HK$2.0

David Dix
managing director
Vermilion Capital Management Limited

David Dix has been a Managing Director with the group since 2007
and takes a lead role in product development, fund management
and investor services. After joining the group in 2007, David worked
on new business projects in Australia before moving to Japan in
2008 where he focused on established funds management activities
- both private and listed. This involved participation in new product
planning and development, marketing, reporting and investor
services. David now leads all investor relations activities for the
group while taking a senior role in fund management and product

Pietro A. Doran Michael A. Evans

chairman & principal partner managing director, asia-pacific
Doran Capital Partners AMB Property Corporation
Fund Manager


Investment and operation of Industrial Real

Fund • Assets Management Estate • located in strategic distribution hubs
- Americas, Europe , Asia.

Doran Capital Partners headquartered in Seoul, Korea with offices Currently, Managing Director - Asia, for AMB Property Corporation,
around the globe was established in 2002 by Pietro Doran. The he has 20 years experience in commercial real estate investment and
primary focus of the firm is real estate funds management and management, encompassing the: office, industrial, retail, residential
property investment advisory services. DCP now manages a property and hospitality property sectors. He has work experience and
portfolio (approx. $600 million) through its two funds, Triseas Korea expertise across the spectrum of professional real estate discplines,
Fund and Triseas Korea Fund II. From 2002 through 2005, Mr. Doran including: valuation, underwriting & acquisition, development, asset
structured $1.85 billion in financing, secured all preliminary approvals management and financing. Prior to joining AMB in 2002, he held
and managed the 100% presale of 2,000 apartment and office the positions of Investment Analyst, Asset Manager, Acquisition
condominiums for the New Songdo City development, a $24 billion Officer, Head of Acquisitions- western U.S. and Head of Transactions
project considered to be the largest privately financed real estate Group-western US at Equitable Real Estate Investment Mgmt and its
development in Asia. successor company, Lend Lease Investment Management.

Philip Evans Arif Fazlani

director - commercial & retail leasing managing director
Al Futtaim Group Real Estate Sopariwala Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Investment in Prime Properties and Leasing.

Philip Evans joined Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE) as Director I, Mr. Arif Fazlani started my Business Career in the year 1992 and
Commercial and Retail Leasing in early 2008. Recognised retail associated with Fazlani Group of Companies as a Director. I am also
specialist, Philip is primarily responsible for directing a strategic actively associated with Family Charitable Trust & South Bombay
approach to the commercial and retail leasing for the three current Public Charitable Trust as Trustee. I am also a member of Islam
Festival Centre projects in Dubai, Cairo and Doha Festival City Gymkhana, Mumbai. We wish to introduce ourselves as owners
totalling 7.5 million sq. ft gross leasable area (GLA). Philips’ role has of various properties and we are in the business of leasing prime
recently been expanded to include all commercial & retail leasing commercial properties since 1980. We have various properties
issues across the entire AlFuttaim group whether as a landlord or a in South Mumbai including Nariman Point, Worli / BKC and Flora
tenant, including the Group’s retail business interests in Singapore Fountain at prime locations for leasing.
and Malaysia.

Mike Ghaemmaghami Carl Gouw

ceo & representative director managing director
WIB Real Estate Finance Japan K.K. Goldig Investment Group

Investment & development of residential

Investor &

Non-recourse lending, with a focus on and hospitality-related properties in Hong


bilateral U/W and agency business Kong and mainland China. Wholly-owned or
majority-owned interests.

Upon his post-graduate studies at Osaka University, Mike Carl Gouw is Managing Director of Goldig Investment Group, an
Ghaemmaghami has worked in the banking industry over 2 decades. investment organization which has been involved in Hong Kong
His banking experience spans over the entire Asia-Pacific region, real estate since the 1970’s. The Group is currently focused on
and consists of engagement in company analysis, equity research/ luxury residential projects as well as serviced apartments under the
advisory/investment, credit risk management, and non-recourse real ACTS group. Mr Gouw overseas the Group’s investment portfolio
estate financing. Currently, he is in charge of the Japanese subsidiary and development activities, including acquisitions and project
of Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank (WestImmo), and solely engages in management. He is also personally involved in the creative and
non-recourse real estate financing. design processes. The Group collaborates with architects and
designers on most of its projects.

Stuart M. Grant Marc Hediger

senior managing director svp - product & development
The Blackstone Group (HK) Limited New World Hospitality

Stuart M. Grant is a Managing Director of The Blackstone Group based Marc Hediger, born in Brazil and Swiss of nationality absolved famous
in Hong Kong and heads the firm’s real estate asset management Ecole hoteliere in Lausanne in Switzerland in 1975-79. He has over
activities in Asia. Since joining Blackstone’s London office in 2000, 29 years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in operations,
Mr. Grant has been responsible for asset management activities product and branding as well as in the development role. His career
across Europe. He has also been involved in building the real estate with Hyatt starting in 1981 as a Corporate Management Trainee took
group’s asset management infrastructure in Asia. He moved to Hong him over several continents and assignments he held, from General
Kong in October 2010. Before joining Blackstone, Mr. Grant was an Manager of Hyatt Casablanca, Grand Hyatt Taipei, Fukuoka and Bali
International Executive at the Jardine Matheson Group based in Asia Hyatt, just to name a few.
from 1990 to 1999. Mr. Grant holds a BSc. (Honours) degree from
the University of St. Andrews and a master’s degree from New York

Kruti Lalit Kumar Jain Girish Jhunjhnuwala

director ceo & chairman
Kumar Urban Development Limited Ovolo Group

Owner & Operator of serviced apartments
and small hotels in Hong Kong

Ms. Kruti Jain Director and the dynamic daughter of Shri. Lalit Kumar GIRISH Jhunjhnuwala is the founder and Managing Director of Ovolo
Jain, CMD, Kumar Urban Development- KUL. She completed her Group. Born in 1963 in Hong Kong and graduated in 1984 with a
Bachelor of business administration , Bachelor of Law Legislative form Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of
symbiosis College Pune. She is the youngest member on the Pune South California, USA. He began his career managing his family’s
Credais- Managing board formally known as PBAP. She is Complete manufacturing watch business. In 2001 he ventured into property
responsible for all project, currently designing over 5 million Sqft by acquiring a Hong Kong apartment complex in Central which has
and proper execution over 3.5 million sqft. Besides, handling become the flagship for today’s luxury serviced apartments brand
complete administration, HR, Customer Relation, bank relation Ovolo. By April 20110, Ovolo would be operating a total of 245
property management and ISO / IMS Activities. In the past 7 years apartments in six buildings in Hong Kong Island and West Kowloon.
she has handled important profile of (1) REAL ESTATE ACADEMY OF
DEVELOPERS (READ) (2) CITY GREENING Committee as convener

Richard Anthony Johnson Jason Kern

head of business development apac, global real estate managing director,
UBS Global Asset Management head of real estate advisory, asia-pacific
The Hongkong and Shanghai
Banking Corporation Limited
Investment Bank

Advise on capital markets and

M&A transactions for property companies
across Asia-Pacific

Richard Johnson was appointed as Head of Business Development Responsible for leading HSBC’s investment banking efforts with
for Asia Pacific within UBS Global Asset Management’s Global Real real estate and lodging companies across Asia-Pacific. A 17-year
Estate business in October 2010. In this role, he is responsible for investment banking veteran, including 10 years in the US, 3 years
growing the client and product franchise and for ensuring that GRE’s in Europe and the last 4 years in Asia. An extensive track record
global real estate capabilities are marketed in the APAC region in of advisory and capital raising transactions for public and private
collaboration with UBS Global Asset Management’s network. Richard companies across a variety of property sectors and geographies. In
brings with him extensive real estate industry knowledge. Over the total, he has closed over 80 transactions totaling over US$35 billion
past 24 years, he has been involved in all aspects of the real estate in the property sector. Received an M.B.A in Finance and Accounting

investment, development, fund raising and financial cycles. He has from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a B.A. degree
led transactions in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. in Economics and English Literature from Colgate University.

Kamal Khetan Mark Kumarasinhe

chairman and managing director chief executive officer
Sunteck Realty Ltd Emboss Capital
Investment &
Asset Mgmt.

Sunteck Realty Limited is a Mumbai focused


real estate advisory • ransaction and asset

leading real estate company developing
management services • tailored solutions to
high-end premium residential and
investment objectives
commercial properties.

Mr. Kamal Khetan, a first generation entrepreneur, is the Chairman Mark brings to Emboss Capital over 13 years of corporate and real
and Managing Director of Sunteck Realty Ltd. He founded the estate transaction experience including acquisitions, dispositions,
“Sunteck Group” in 1999. The Group’s strong credentials have attracted transaction and fund structuring as well as management of execution
investments from respected Indian corporates like Kotak Mahindra teams across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. Mark has been involved
(10% stake) and the Ajay Piramal led Piramal Enterprises with which in the origination and execution of over $2.6 billion of real estate
the company has a strategic 50:50 Joint Venture. Sunteck Group has transactions and assessed over $34 billion of opportunities across the
announced a gigantic 29 mn sft of development pipeline. In Mumbai, globe in the last 60 months at both Emboss and as a former Director
Sunteck has launched its premium luxury residential brand under of the Macquarie Group. Mark has extensive experience in origination
Signature Island (BKC), along with luxury residential spaces Signia Isles and execution of properties globally, debt and equity raising,
and Signia Pearl. Other projects launched include its luxury residential corporate governance, investor briefings and results presentations.
Signia High (Borivali) and Signia Oceans (Airoli). Over the next two
quarters, Sunteck plans to launch its luxury residential projects Signia
City (Mulund) and Sunteck City (Goregaon W).

Don Lam Simon Landy

ceo & co-founder executive chairman
VinaCapital Group Colliers International Thailand
Asset Management

Full range of property services: landlord,
Capital markets • Private Equity •
tenant, investment advice, valuation,
Infrastructure • Real Estate (Residential,
research, development consultancy,
Hotel & Resort, Golf and Leisure)
hospitality; management

BA in Commerce and Political Science, University of Toronto. Member, Simon Landy has some 30 years’ experience in Asia Pacific in fund
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Canada. Formerly: management management and real estate services. Based in Thailand, he is co-
positions, Deutsche Bank and Coopers & Lybrand; Partner and founder and executive chairman of Colliers International Thailand,
Head, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting, Indochina a member of the International Valuation Standards Board and an
Region, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Over 12 years’ experience in
Vietnam. Expertise: investment, mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisor to the Thai SEC on establishing REITs and other property
restructuring, privatization. 2009 Best CEO Award from Asia Asset issues. He has been involved in dozens of major transactions in the
Management, the journal of investment and pension. VinaCapital region and served on the RICS Asia Board.
is an investment banking, fund management and real estate
development company in Vietnam, founded in 2002, with experience
in the emerging Vietnam market. It creates and delivers investment
products, strategic financing, mergers and acquisitions services
for industries in Vietnam. It manages US$ 1.8 billion and the three
primary funds of the Vietnam Opportunity Fund, Vinaland and the
Vietnam Infrastructure Fund are listed in London.

Charlie Lin Roy Ling

ceo managing director
Asia Base Development Limited RL Capital Management

Asia Real Estate Investment Banking

Mr. Lin is the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Base Development Roy is currently the Managing Director of RL Capital Management, a
Limited. He has over 30 years of working experience in the property boutique hedge fund focused on Asia Real Estate. He is also a Non-
development, sales & marketing, leasing, property management, Executive Independent Director of HG Metals Manufacturing Ltd.
mall management, and asset management experience in the United which is listed on the SGX. Prior to working for RL Capital, Roy was a
States of America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Prior to Vice President with JPMorgan’s Asia real estate investment banking
joining Asia Base, Mr. Lin was the Chief Executive Officer of ARA Asset team based out of Singapore. He is responsible for the origination
Management (Prosperity) Limited, the Manager of Prosperity REIT in and execution of investment banking mandates for regional clients.
Hong Kong. From 2004-2005, Mr. Lin was the Associate Director and Prior to working for JPMorgan, Roy worked for Lehman Brothers,
General Manager of Sino Land Company Limited in charge of Asset Goldman Sachs and Salomon Smith Barney, performing a broad
Management. range of corporate finance, equity research and real estate financings.

Colin MacDonald Dominic MacPhail

chief executive director - singapore hub
Fine Grain Property Pte. Ltd Barclays Capital
Asset Manager


We invest in Property, and we


manage Property Investments on behalf of Corporate Real Estate Services

third party investors.

Resident in Asia since 1989. Former International Banker with Dominic MacPhail, Director of CRES Singapore Hub, is currently
HSBC working in Singapore, Taiwan, Bahrain and Hong Kong, Colin leading the South East Asia Operation for Barclays in Q2, 2010 after
spent the past 15 years successfully repositioning property in 6.5 years in Tokyo as Hub Manager. Prior to that previous experience
Singapore through rebranding, refurbishment and reconfiguration. as Project Manager for several IT and CM office and data centre fit
Established McCraic Food and Beverage Group, Singapore, in 1997 outs for Investment banks in Tokyo. - 12 years Financial industry
and oversaw successful sale of the Group in October 2009. Managed experience, 5 years commercial construction experience in Australia. -
the USD$250m redevelopment and restoration of the historic 5-star Dip. App. Sc. Building Bachelor Construction management and MCSE
Fullerton Hotel in Singapore’s former General Post Office during three W2K certification. Expansion and consolidation of lease transactions
years employed with Far East Organization, Singapore. President of and sales of distressed assets.
the Irish Chamber of Commerce, Singapore. Fine Grain Property Pte
Ltd, a Singapore-based Property Asset Manager which originates,
structures, and delivers property based investments to investors.

Damian Manolis
managing director, southeast asia
Real Estate Investors (Asia) Pte.Ltd

Mr. Manolis is Managing Director, Southeast Asia, overseeing

Pramerica’s business operations in the region. Prior to this
appointment, Damian was located in Pramerica’s San Francisco,
California office from where he had responsibility for activities in the
Western United States. His team invested on behalf of Pramerica’s
third party real estate capital funds, with a broad scope of structures
and strategies ranging across all real estate asset classes.Damian
received his BA degree in Economics from Cornell University and
his MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California
at Berkeley.

Andrew Moore David Moritz

ceo md & head of real estate group, SEA.
Pamfleet Property Asset Macquarie Capital (Singapore) Pte. Limited
Management and Investment

Specialises in identifying &


executing investment opportunities in Full range of corporate advisory and capital


under-performing RE assets & adding value raising services to its clients

through re-positioning.

Andrew Moore was a founding Principal of Pamfleet in 2000. Between David is a Managing Director at Macquarie Capital Advisers and
1995 and 2000 he worked for a pan-Asian real estate fund managed heads the Real Estate Group for South-East Asia. Based in Singapore,
by Jardine Fleming. After six years in the London property market, he is responsible for real estate sector investment banking coverage
Andrew moved to Hong Kong to work for Jones Lang Wootton in which includes the origination and execution of capital raising and
1993. He has an honours degree in Urban Land Administration (1987) corporate advisory transactions for real estate clients throughout the
and a Masters, with distinction, in International Real Estate (2005). He region. David has spent eleven years in investment banking, based in
is a member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and The both New York and Singapore, and was previously a Director in the
Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. Investment Banking Division of Credit Suisse.

Sumit Nanda Vikas Oberoi

director managing director
Dr. Fresh Assets Ltd Oberoi Realty Limited
Real Estate

Single mindedly focused on transforming

Developer of SEZ • Commercial •
ordinary spaces into something spectacular
Residential Real Estate in New Delhi region
across residential, office, hospitality, retail.

Sumit Nanda is a promoter Director at Dr Fresh Assets Limited, He is Vikas Oberoi, aged 40 years is the Managing Director of Oberoi Realty
an Alumnus of IIM- Ahmedabad. The company has been set up as which is a company focused on premium real estate developments
Real Estate Development and investment vehicle of Sunehari Exports in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Oberoi Realty manages a
Limited and promoters of Dr Fresh Inc, USA and Mr V C Burman portfolio spanning across Residential, Office Space, Retail, Hospitality
ex-Chairman of Dabur India Limited. The company is developing and Social Infrastructure projects. He has been on the Board since
an 75 acre IT SEZ with development of 6 million sq ft in Gurgaon in its incorporation. Vikas has completed the Owner’s/President’s
joint venture with Ascendas and a 96 room hotel with Lemon Tree Management Program from the Harvard Business School. He has
Hotels in Delhi. The company specializes in FDI approved projects more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry. He
and is currently working on a 600,000 sq ft mix use commercial is involved in the formulation of corporate strategy and planning,
development project on a prime location in Gurgaon. overall execution and management and concentrates on the growth
and diversification plans of the Company.

Rui Oliveira Anna Pandey

ceo china vp head of asia real estate
Worldland GE Pension

We are developers of retails spaces and very


specialised in Shopping Centers.
In China we are developing mix-used project
anchored in Shopping Centers

I’m an Civil Engineering and I have an MBA by Catholic University. I Anna Pandey is a Vice President with GE Asset Management’s (GEAM) real estate
have 10 years experience as a developer of mix-used projects and team, leading the firm’s real estate investment efforts in Asia Pacific. She is based
very specific in the development of Shopping Centers. I have been in Hong Kong, where she moved in January 2010 as part of GEAM’s global real
involved in mix-used projects that go further the 5 billion RMB. estate investing expansion. Anna has spent 10 years at GEAM in its alternative
investments group. In her previous roles she was responsible for making direct
and fund investments in private equity, real estate and hedge funds, as well as
serving on the boards of various portfolio companies. She is a CFA charterholder
and earned her Summa Cum Laude BS and MBA from the University of
Bridgeport. GEAM’s Real Estate group manages the real estate investment activity
for GE Pension Trust, several commingled funds, as well as other affiliated entities.
The total investments under management are in excess of $5B consisting of
direct equity investment in real estate assets, investments in externally managed
real estate specific funds and secured debt, in properties located in North
America, Europe and Asia.

Nakshatra Roy Peter Ryder

managing director co-founder and ceo
Archean Design & Development Indochina Capital

Development in India with interest in

Residential • Commercial • Logistics Park
Malls and Hotels.

He has been in real estate development, corporate finance and brand Prior to Indochina Capital, Peter was a partner in two New York-based
management for the last 18 years. After stints with large developers and investment companies between 1992-1998, active in investing in
transactions of millions of sq ft of developed spaces; spread across all classes Vietnam across various sectors, including real-estate, construction,
in south India, he joined hands with Archean Group a Indian Conglomerate
with interest in mines, minerals, fertilizers, shipping and ship building amongst IT, consumer services and products, banking and education. From
others since their inception in 1980. The New Initiative of the group - Archean 1983–1992, Peter was with Salomon Brothers’ real estate finance
Design and Development Pvt Ltd ( ADD ) the group’s maiden foray into the group. As Director of the Asia-Pacific region in Tokyo (1987–1990),
Real-estate space was incorporated in 2010 with the same vision of thought he was responsible for US$3 billion of investment in office, retail,
and product leadership in time and with the eagerness to change the skyline
of cities in all asset classes they will operate in , they will work to propel residential and hotel projects. Peter is a former Chairman of the Hanoi
themselves into leadership positions . ADD will strive to see themselves to be a Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce and played a key
dominant player in South India presently and through structured investments role in the conclusion of the 1991 US-Vietnam Trade Agreement.
in the national arena shortly. The group is also one of the largest exporters of
finished granite products of India and their products are well appreciated and
received by architects in the European and American continents for the last
three decades in the real estate and Industrial sectors .

Jonathan Schiff Skip Schwartz

chairman director of acquisitions, asia
Schiff Development Heitman

Direct Investment • REIT management •

Fund Management • All Property Types •
Global Presence

Jonathan is the Chairman of Schiff Development, a property Director of Heitman’s Asia-Pacific acquisition activities. He is
development and investment firm with offices in Macau SAR responsible for overseeing the regional acquisition team, as well
and the US. Additionally, he is a member of the Young Presidents’ as sourcing and identifying new investments and joint venture
Organization, a Governor of AmCham Macau, a Director of the partnerships across select markets across Asia in the execution of the
Macau Young Entrepreneurs Association, and a Member of the firm’s Asia-Pacific private real estate equity strategy. Founded in 1966,
Urban Land Institute. Jonathan received his BA in Hospitality Heitman LLC is a multi-national re investment management firm with
from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is fluent in Mandarin approximately $22 billion in assets under management.
following full immersion programs at both Sichuan Union University
and Middlebury College. Jonathan is a past participant in Harvard
University’s Leading A Real Estate Company program.

Basel Shammout Luca Silipo

president and md chief economist for asia pacific
Pearl Hospitality Development GmbH Natixis

Luxury Hotel Developments • Upscale

Restaurants & Spa Developments

Basel J. Shammout is the President and Managing Director of Pearl Luca Silipo, 42, is currently Chief Economist for Asia-Pacific at Natixis,
Hospitality Development, a company focused on developing based in Hong Kong. He is a graduate of the University La Sapienza
refined hospitality businesses in the Middle East. Mr. Shammout of Rome and of the Graduate Institute for International Studies in
was previously the Chief Development Officer of Alfardan Group, Geneva. He began his career in 1998 as analyst and trader at JP
a leading premium conglomerate in Qatar. Mr. Shammout joined Morgan Suisse in Geneva. In 1999, he became monetary economist
Alfardan Group in 2006 and oversaw all aspects of development at the research department of Bank of Italy in Roma. In 2001, he
and strategy for the company, which includes divisions in Strategic moved to Banca IMI, first as a senior economist in Milan and London,
Investments, Real Estate, Jewelry, Automobiles, Marine, Banks, then as head of macroeconomic research in New York. In 2005, he
Insurance Companies, Construction, Media, Exchange Houses, and became director economist for EMU of Ixis Corporate & Investment
Hospitality. Bank. From 2007 to early 2008, prior to moving to Hong Kong, he
has been Head of economics, managing director at the research
department of Natixis.

Gregory M. Stuppler
managing director
Starwood Capital Japan Operations, L.L.C.

Mr. Stuppler has overseen approximately $1.0 billion of investments

since joining Starwood in 2004. Prior to Starwood, Greg acquired
or developed approximately $750 million of properties with APL
Japan in partnership with U.S. institutional investors. Mr. Stuppler
also spent seven years with Deutsche Bank’s Real Estate in New
York and Hong Kong, where he invested in non-performing loan,
equity and mezzanine deals in the US, UK, and Asia; and worked on
M&A /banking deals on behalf of clients such as Host Marriott and
Starwood (acquisition of Westin and ITT Sheraton). Greg has a BBA
from University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard Business

Seth Sulkin Andrew Taylor

president & ceo managing director
Pacifica Malls K.K. Macquarie Real Estate Asia Ltd
Asset Manager


Asset management •
Asia property especially core funds
property management • development

Seth Sulkin is president and chief executive of Pacifica Malls K.K., Andrew is currently the CEO of MWREF. Since joining Macquarie in
a Tokyo-based real estate development and asset management 2004, Andrew has had significant involvement in the development
company specializing in Japanese commercial property. He has and launch of MWREF. He led the team that purchased the assets, set
acquired and built numerous commercial properties in central up the management joint venture, raised equity against the portfolio
Tokyo, suburban Tokyo and major regional cities. Past and current twice and debt three times. The transaction included the first ever
investment and development partners include: Credit Suisse, DLJ Real CMBS issue secured against a Chinese real estate portfolio with an
Estate, Carval, and Stenham Real Estate. In addition to development A-rating. Andrew’s other responsibilities within Macquarie’s funds
work, Sulkin has performed real estate advisory services, including business have included involvement with Macquarie Goodman Asia
investment, acquisition, and financing for leading international and Macquarie MEAG Prime REIT, where he was also a Board member.
and Japanese companies, including: Union Investment, SEB Asset
Management, Apple, Soros Real Estate Partners (now Grove), Lend
Lease, and LVMH.

Rish Tej Daniel Teo Tong How

co founder & ceo chairman & managing director
Sheer Capital Advisory Hong How Corporation Pte. Ltd
Investment Bank

Private Equity • Structured Finance • Debt
at the Project or Entity Level • Project Real Estate Developer & Consultant
Management • Quantity Surveyor

Rish Tej is the Co-founder and CEO of Sheer Capital Advisors, a Aged 67 and holds a Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) Degree from
Global End to End Real Estate, Financial and Professional Services University of Melbourne, Australia. A member of SIA, RIBA, FRAIA
company head quartered in New York. Rish has over 9 years of Real and APAM (Architectural Bodies), Associate Member of SIP and APA
Estate and Capital Markets experience. He has helped Real Estate (Planning Bodies) and a Registered Property Manager of International
Developers and Hospitality Players raise both Debt and Equity at the Real Estate Institute. Presently is the Chairman and Managing
Project as well as the Entity Level. Sheer Capital is a fully integrated Director of Tong Eng Group and Hong How Group of Companies.
Financial, Development, Project Management and Technical Services The Companies’ businesses range from property development
Company and is supported by a team of highly qualified Real and investment holding in sectors such as commercial, residential,
Estate professionals with over 300 years of cumulative Real Estate industrial and hospitality in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, UK
experience. and Sweden.

Niel Thassim Craig Turnbull

md & head of rreef real estate, asia pacific ceo
RREEF Asia Pacific Agincourt Capital
Investor &

Core Commercial (Office/Retail) Investor &

Residential Developer •
Australian Property Fund

Niel Thassim is a Managing Director of RREEF and is the Head of Craig is the CEO of Agincourt Capital, a new property fund, with
Asia-Pacific Real Estate business based in Hong Kong. Prior to this role offices in London & Melbourne, investing into commercial &
Mr. Thassim worked in various roles within RREEF and Deutsche Bank residential real estate in Australia. He has been a successful property
in Australia, London and Singapore including most recently Chief investor and developer for over 25 years. He holds a Business degree
Operating Officer for RREEF Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining Deutsche majoring in Property & Finance and has written four best-selling
Bank in 2000, Mr. Thassim held a number of accounting, financial and books on property investment in Australia, including the number one
management roles for Coopers & Lybrand, Bankers Trust, Credit Suisse title “It’s Easy to be a Property Millionaire”.
First Boston and Colonial First State Investments in Australia and the
United Kingdom. He has over 14 years of finance, accounting and real
estate investment management experience.

Hubert Viriot Kapil Wadhawan

ceo chairman & managing director
Raimon Land Public Company Limited Dewan Housing Finance Corp.
Housing Finance

Development Affordable housing finance

Hubert Viriot is the Chief Executive Officer of Raimon Land, a leading Mr. Kapil Wadhawan was the mastermind behind designing and
real estate developer listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Prior implementing new loan processing software leading to an efficient
to his appointment at Raimon Land in March 2009, Hubert was Vice online loan management system. He initiated Business Process
President of Investments & Acquisitions with IFA Hotels & Resorts, Research to revamp the product and distribution systems thus
an international real estate investment firm listed on the Kuwait enabling DHFL [an affordable Housing Finance Company] to reach
Stock Exchange. He has a BS degree in International Hospitality out effectively to the interior markets of India. He steered DHFL
Management from the University of Wales, in addition to a BS degree successfully to have an asset base of over US$1.2 billion as of today.
in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the Glion Hotel School Kapil has now promoted Wadhawan Holdings, a strategy think-tank
where he obtained Honours for Best Dissertation on “The Asian Crisis, and promoter of new ventures across various customer interface
New Challenges for the Lodging Industry”. sectors - Food & Lifestyle Retail, F&B, Hotels & Resorts, Education and
Financial Services.

William J. Wilfong Peter Yassa

managing director
Reit Capital

Direct Property
REIT Capital delivering quality Direct Property

• Property Funds Management • Special
Commercial Property Development

William Wilfong left Golden Land Property Development at the end of Since 1991 Peter Yassa has been advising Clients directly as high net
2010, just after Golden Land was named “Best Developer” at the 2010 worth individuals or via the Board of Directors of property trusts.
Thailand Property Awards. At Golden Land, he developed Sathorn Peter is able to offer assistance and strategic advice governing the
Square, a 75,000 square metre Grade A office tower, and several establishment and formation of each property trust when required.
luxury gated residential communities on the outskirts of Bangkok, as Peter Yassa has significant property development experience across
well as the W Bangkok Hotel in partnership with Istithmar World of the residential, commercial, retail, industrial and retirement sectors.
Dubai. Before joining Golden Land in 2006, he spent almost 15 years Peter has a proven track record in successfully managing and
in Singapore with the Pontiac Land Group. expanding a variety of property development companies on both a
national and international level.

Richard Yue Jim Zhang

ceo president
ARCH Capital Management Co. Ltd Huafang Capital

Development Biased • Special Situations •

Distressed and Restructuring.

ARCH Capital is a boutique real estate private equity fund manager Jim Zhang is the Founder and President of Huafang Capital, which is
in Asia. Our focus is on direct real estate investments across one of pioneers in China real estate Private Equity business. Jim has
residential, retail and commercial as well as distressed and situational been a professional practitioner in the commercial and residential
opportunities. We are a specialist in executing development and property investment, development and fund management sectors
re-positioning strategies. ARCH Capital is well positioned to capitalize for 20 years. During this time, Jim has had the luxury of gaining
on current regional conditions by combining the team’s extensive valuable experience in Australia and in China working with world-
experience and network of relationships with established reputation, renowned companies such as Lend Lease and Macquarie Bank. Jim
resources and industry track record. ARCH Capital establishes is also a highly respected Property Analyst with the expertise in the
a unique Asian-owned and managed investment platform for China property market.
proprietary investment sourcing, execution and management.
北京 6月2日
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Sharm El Sheikh, 17 November Vienna, 29 November Istanbul, January retreat 2012 Singapore, February
St Moritz, January