2011 PROPOSED EDUCATION LEGISLATION OKLAHOMA STATE SENATE Ford (R) Ford (R) Anderson (R) Wilson (D) Garrison (D) Anderson (R) Garrison (D) Bass

(D) Fields (R) Stanislawski (R) Rice (D) Jolley (R) Ivester (D) Holt (R) Ford (R) Paddack (D) Paddack (D) Ford (R) SB1 SB2 SB12 SB37 SB42 SB63 SB64 SB 81 SB 84 SB109 SB152 SB157 SB158 SB159 SB206 SB209 SB219 SB256 Dismissal of teachers Graduation rate targets School employment – exempting persons from criminal history record checks Sex education – requiring curricula to be medically accurate Prohibits advertising involving children for lottery Head injuries in youth athletes; religious exemption For required examination Requiring photo ID to pick up student from school Providing one-time benefit for certain retired teachers Modifying distribution of money in Lottery Trust Fund Requiring continuing education for administrators School discipline – bullying policy CLEET breaks in service School district indebtedness - deleting limit on indebtedness Allowing governing body of city to sponsor charter school Creating P-20 Council Task Force Career & technology education – increase number Of dropout recovery programs Requiring administration of assessments to certain students Providing that charter schools be eligible for

Government lease rates Ford (R) Paddack (D) Jolley (R) SB260 SB263 SB264 Charter schools: deleting prohibitions on issuing bonds CLEET powers and duties School testing – modifying criteria for reviewing Recommendations. Eliminating or providing certain assessments. Complying with NCLB. School testing – modifying requirements for demonstration of mastery Allowing interlocal cooperatives to receive federal grant money Charter schools: authorizing State Board of Education to sponsor a statewide online school Allowing school bonds to be issued for purchase of certain equipment Online education: removing requirement for telephonic communication between teacher and parents Charter schools: adding online schools to charter school sites and modifying charter school requirements School improvement; creating Terry Paden equitable Recognition Act School employee professional development; requiring programs to allow certain training School curriculum: requiring civics education in certain grades. Allowing for development of certain assessments. Teacher professional development; modifying professional development requirements. School Attendance: removing exception for children being home schooled. School attendance: Establishing notification

Paddack (D) Fields (R) Stanislawski (R) Stanislawski (R) Stanislawski (R)

SB268 SB275 SB278 SB279 SB280

Holt (R) Sparks (D) Sparks (D) Paddack (D)

SB288 SB333 SB336 SB358

Paddack (D) Wilson (D) Wilson (D)

SB376 SB393 SB394

requirements for certain students, removing exception for certain students. Paddack (D) Brecheen (R) SB408 SB409 CLEET certification requirements Requiring legislature elected after certain date to be members of Teachers Retirement System of Oklahoma CLEET authorizations School Code: updating statutory language

Paddack (D) Anderson (R) Ford (R) Ford (R) Ballenger (D) Brecheen (R) Russell (R)

SB416 SB434

SB435, 436, 437, 438, 439, 441, 442 School districts: clarifying reference SB445 SB496 SB497 SB507 Charter schools: Allowing charter schools to accept emergency transfers CLEET continuing training School attendance School administration: creating Administration Reform Act; permitting school districts to contract with municipalities for office space School districts Allowing school districts to sell advertising on school buses; providing preference, specifying use of revenue; placing restrictions on content. Creating Administration Reform Act; adding certain limits to contracts with superintendents. Creating Administration Reform Act Modifying grounds for dismissal of career teacher, adding grounds for dismissal; modifying grounds for recommendation for dismissal. School curriculum: creating the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Act of 2011; requiring instruction on human growth and development; requiring State Dept of Education to provide

Anderson (R) Shortey (R)

SB508 SB509

Russell (R) Russell (R) Ford (R)

SB513 SB533 SB534

Johnson (R)


certain information. Shortey (R) Ivester (D) Sparks (D) Martin (R) Brecheen (R) SB537 SJR6 Creating the Quality of Education Assessment for Oklahoma Act of 2011. Constitutional Amendment; deleting indebtedness limit for school districts. Constitutional Amendment; requiring Teachers Retirement System to have certain funded ratio School curriculum: requiring State Board of Educ to adopt certain standards; requiring all relevant scientific info to be taught CLEET training Professional development in schools: creating the administrator professional development pilot program Act relating to school districts Creating the Charter School Sponsoring Committee Act relating to school code; updating statutory language Providing nutrition standards for schools; restricting sale of certain foods Act relating to school code; updating statutory language Act relating to school code; updating statutory language Act relating to school employee negotiations; removing unit disputes from dispute resolution Act relating to school administration; modifying certain percentages in foundation aid Requiring school boards to make school property

SJR21 SB554

Anderson (R) Paddock (D)

SB567 SB599

Ford (R) Ford (R) Sparks (D) Crain (R) David (R) Brecheen (R) Ford (R) Fields (R) C Johnson (D)

SB600 SB605 SB615 SB632 SB634 SB636 SB638 SB664 SB682

available for public use Branan (R) Myers(R)/Sears(R) Bingman (R) Bingman(R) Newberry (R) Barrington (R) Mazzei (R) SB706 SB713 SB718 SB719 SB756 SB758 SB787 Act relating to school districts; clarifying reference Private Vocational Schools; making appropriations School districts; clarifying language “ Oklahoma Employees Sec Comm; exempting religious schools CLEET pilot program; eligibility Retirement plans for educational employees; making several plan design changes to Teachers Retirement System of Oklahoma for certain employees; creating the Teachers Defined Contributions Retirement Plan Act Teachers Retirement System of Oklahoma; modifying apportionment of sales, use and income tax revenues to the Teachers Retirement System Dedicated Revenues Revolving Fund School funding; providing that certain schools be considered school districts School transportation; allowing school districts to charge certain fees

Aldridge (R)


Jolley (R) Brown (R)

SB939 SB946

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