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Professional Summary

2.5 years of experience in development and maintenance of business applications in the client/server environment using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000/2005.

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Experience in Microsoft .NET Technologies viz. . .NET Framework, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and SQL Server 2005,Webservices and ASP. Good knowledge in Design and Construction phases of the user interface, business logic and data access components to meet user requirements using ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET and ASP

Have Hands-On Experience on SQL Server 2000/2005 and MS Access Having knowledge in various stages of Software Development Life Cycle. Have very good domain knowledge on Banking, Telecom and (C & P)Chemical and petroleum Industry

Educational Background

Degree Corporate-PGDBA (Exécutive MBA) B.Tech (ECE.) 12th 10th

Institution/ University/Board Symbiosis University, Pune JNTU University Board of Intermediate Education, A.P. Secondary School Of Education A.P

Year of Pass (2010) 2008 2004 2002

Performance 81% 76.90% 94.2%. 90.3%

Technical Skills Operating Systems Web Development RDBMS Development Tools Scripting Technologies Database Client Tool IT Experience WINDOWS 2000/ XP C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET, ADO .NET, ASP MS–SQL Server 2005 Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005 HTML, XML MS Access


Currently working as an Systems Engineer in IBM Global Business Solutions, India from September,2008.

USA IBM INDIA PVT LTD Apr 2010-Till Date • • • • • Daily. Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Team Size: 2 Role Performed: Application Developer Responsibilities: • • Understanding the requirements from the user. To strictly maintain and monitor the Service Level Agreements To perform the daily application Health Checks like verifying all the services are running properly on all the app servers. Preparing the Analysis documents for the concerned requests. SQL Server 2005. Project Client Organization Duration Project Description: The OCD (On-line Check Deposit) application is the SunTrust brand name for Goldleaf’s Sierra Xpedite Remote Deposit product. Deliver this information electronically to SunTrust as if the items had been physically received and captured and monitor their deposits. OCD has redefined the traditional paper check deposit process for SunTrust customers allowing business customer’s the ability to capture image and transaction information of checks accepted for payment.Net.Project Profile 1. These electronic items can then be delivered to other financial institutions via the established Image Exchange processes.Net.Net. OCD(Online Check Deposit) Suntrust Bank . Perform enhancements as per the requirements in the code Monitor the application using the vantage View and restoration of the lost services through various techniques. Cash Balancing functions include daily comparison of branch cash totals (between teller systems and GL) and outstanding difference . • To maintain and Trouble shoot the application. VB. Weekly and Monthly exception Processing and monthly manual reboot servers after every Microsoft Patch update. ADO. MH(MiniHost) Suntrust Bank . Goldleaf's Remote Deposit application allows SunTrust to supply a product to customers allowing them to submit all of their check deposits electronically from the convenience of their own offices.USA IBM INDIA PVT LTD Apr 2010-Till Date 2. Software :C # . Project Client Organization Duration Project Description: The Mini-Host System is a centralized database that provides Cash Balancing and Operational Performance reporting for all LOBs across the footprint.

Weekly and Monthly Exception using the Mainframe and Distributed Jobs output. TSP(Treasury Stop Payment) Suntrust Bank . Recovery Mechanisms and Thresholds. This application also helps in finding the status of the checks. ADO. Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Team Size: 2 Role Performed: Application Developer Responsibilities: • • • To perform Operation Health Assessment in a daily weekly and Monthly basis. region. Software :C # . Project Client Organization Duration Project Description: TSP is a web based intranet application used by the Account holders to stop the issued Checks by giving the starting and ending serial number of checks.research. SQL Server 2005. VB. Trouble shooting and Maintenance of the application. To design Disaster Recovery System for the application. Apart from that we can request for reports of the various accounts of Users.Net. Policy Violation Non-Fraud Losses. Policy Violation Fraud Losses. Proof Corrections. Reporting includes cash entries from Over & Short. To generate Disaster Recovery Plan for the application. Software :C # . SQL Server 2005. Account Documentation Exceptions. Support trouble shooting using Monitoring Details.Net.Net. VB. These reports can be used as a tool to monitor LOB. . Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Team Size: 2 Role Performed: Application Developer Responsibilities: • • • • Migration Of some of the WebPages in the Minihost application from VRA to Image Explorer replacing the Vendor Code. ADO. cost center and individual employees operational and risk management performance as well as to provide developmental feedback. To perform the Daily. area.USA IBM INDIA PVT LTD Apr 2010-Till Date 3.Net. Currency Transaction Report (CTR) Errors and Cash Variance to Forecasted Cash Levels.

London IBM INDIA PVT LTD June 2009-March 2010 Project Description: Shell is an ERP system that provides service to handle all the ERP operations of Shell Petroleum. reducing the number of systems • Lower the costs of supporting the IT infrastructure and reduce the cost of compliance Software MS–SQL Server 2005.Project Duration Organization Project Description: It was part of Web Development Fast Track Internal Project for IBM in which I worked in a team to develop Event Management System (EMS) Website. Key contributions: • Developed and modified various Stored Procedures and Cursers in the Tools to capture the errors in the source files. basically transformation of data from legacy system to a new system developed in SAP. which forms the source to the conversion tools Executing the transformation of the source data and generating the target load files. Extracting the source data from the legacy system (SAP or manual source) and populating to the local SQL db.4. Developed and handled various Queries which covers almost all the concepts In SQL Server 2005 Modified various forms using Visual Basic in the MS Access. a tool built using MS Access as front end SQL Server as backend. Project Client Organization Duration GSAP (Global SAP) SHELL Petroleum . Event Management System(Internal Project for IBM) Nov 2008 – May 2009 IBM INDIA PVT LTD • • Project Profile 5. MS Access and VBA Team Size: 7 Responsibilities: • • • Building the Transformation Tools using MS Access as Front end and SQL Server 2005 as backend based on the rules mentioned in the functional document (Data Object Specifications) for the objects. Verifying the source data with data in SAP and sending the exception reports to the source owner where the functional owner verifies the data using Report Viewer. I handled the module for Data deployment. It will • Enable simple. I handled the Pakistan country cluster data. The data deployment is broken into teams for specific countries. which will be loaded to GSAP by Data Load Team. standard business processes • Replace existing fragmented IT systems. GSAP will help make it easier to do business with Shell by implementing a common set of systems on a global scale.EMS website is a portal for where .

where as administrators can assign speakers and able to choose venue. can give the feedback for courses. Design and development of database Development and testing of the WebPages Trainings & Achievements: • • • • • • • Received SHELL STAR Award an appreciation from Client for contribution to the Project Received Scholarship from Sahara India Parivar Ltd. Personal Profile Sex Marital Status Nationality Date Of Birth Male Single Indian 27-04-1987 . Received Rajya Puraskar From Governor Of A. Participant and Speaker Each portal has various WebPages like admin login page. Awarded ALL INDIA BEST Cadet In NCC (National Cadet Corps) in Varanasi. Sequence diagrams and database design. Different Course page etc where there is an option for the participants to choose their required course. timings to particular course. speakers can also choose preferred course. ADO. SQL Server 2005. Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 Team Size: 5 Role Performed: Application Developer Responsibilities: • • • Development of use case. UP. Attended classroom training on CEGE Training (COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT) as a part of career development in the IBM. New User page. Speaker Details Page. For outstanding academic track record for 4 consecutive years. Software :C # . VB. Attended a 4 day Training on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) conducted By Microsoft.Net.Net.P for excellence in Bharat Scouts and Guides Performed more than 150 stage shows in Monoaction and Awarded Best Mono Actor in state level for 3 consecutive years. can upload materials so that it is available to registered students.people can find available courses in different technologies and register so that they can enroll for selected courses they required. In this website there are 3 main Portals: Admin.

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