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280 Clark Drive

Henderson, Nevada 89074 Mrs. Tara Imboden, Principal

Phone: 702-799-5730 FAX: 702-799-5759 Mrs. Andrea Heinlen, Assistant Principal

(All meetings are subject to video recordings)

School Organizational Team

Meeting Agenda
5:00 pm DMC Google Meets
Google Meet Nickname: DCoxSOT

1. Meeting called to order (Mrs. Imboden)

2. Approval of minutes (9/24/2020)
3. Official Welcome of New Board Members
a. Heather Brown
b. Ana Pisano
c. Leslie Burton
4. Updates on staffing
a. Fifth Grade, SPTA, Surplus
5. School Performance Plan
a. SPP at-a-glance document
6. Tech Check Out, Supplies, etc.
7. New Business…
8. Community Chat-box Questions