Special Report: What Will Meditation Do For Me?

A Brief Survey of the Applications of Meditation

Kellan Fluckiger

Special Report: What will meditation do for me? A brief survey of the applications of meditation This special report contains a small sampling of excerpted information from the five volumes in the Meditation The Amazing Journey Within series of books. This report will explore some of the ways that meditation is being used to enhance people s lives today in every area from education to healing to job advancement and finances. This special report does not give specific instruction in how to learn to meditate or how to become proficient in its practice. If the applications in this report appeal to you, then you should immediately download the full course and learn to apply the tremendous power of meditation to unlock the brilliance and power of your own mind in order to make these possibilities real in your own life. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of ways that meditation can help us. The methods and ways that it can be used are as unique as you are. And it is certain that you are a unique and powerful individual.

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Remember that meditation is a tool. The first and most important thing about any tool is to understand what it is for and to use it correctly. Make sure that you understand how to meditate and achieve the complete state of relaxed awareness before you start using applications of this powerful tool. The critical first step is to learn to meditate in some structured fashion. These skills are taught in the five volumes of Meditation The Amazing Journey Within. Four separate types of meditation are taught in that course, with variations on each type for individual application. The next critical key is to meditate regularly for maximum effect in your life. The when, where and how of these skills is also taught in the five book series. In addition, the usual questions, general concerns, roadblocks, problems and other potential interferences are discussed in the series along with methods for removing each of these obstacles and achieving the benefits meditation can offer your life. An important starting point is to take time to regularly meditate just for the sheer relaxation of being fully
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pass the written test and satisfy an examiner that you know how to operate the vehicle. One would not meditate over a chemistry book with the book closed and then expect to pass the course 4|P a ge . be more relaxed while you are demonstrating your driving ability and otherwise improve your effort. That way you will be assured that when you use meditation to accomplish any goal that you have set for yourself. Using the correct tool at the right time and in the right amount assures us of the best chance for success. you will be using the tool and your own powerful mind at its best. read the rules of the road. For example. It cannot substitute for the other steps. remember that there are. and study more effectively. As a final reminder to help you get all you can from your meditation practice.present in that moment and without a secondary motive. other tools that we can use to help us along with the tool of meditation. Meditation can help your mind when you study. one would not get a driver license by thinking or meditating about a car. of course. You must take driver s education. Meditation can clear the mind so that you will remember the answers while you take the test.

without study. Meditation will help the study process, help you learn faster, improve your memory so you can recall what you studied, calm your anxiety about the test and help you therefore get a better grade. Likewise, meditation is not a substitute for a doctor or other medical treatment when needed, even though meditation will aid healing and help the body resist disease. Meditation is not a substitute for any professional help that may be required for depression, anxiety, addictions or other serious conditions. It can, and does help with stress relief, anxiety relief, addiction recovery and a host of other physical and mental illnesses and condition, but only when used with other appropriate resources when needed. This may be obvious to all the readers of the book, but I feel it is important to state the obvious so that meditation can be the most helpful and do the most benefit to those who practice it, while not asserting claims that are beyond the scope of what is intended. In the rest of this report I will give a few examples of ways that meditation can improve your life. These examples will be from my own personal experience, or

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from the experience of those that I have helped with this process. While I cannot cover all the possible uses, these examples will give you ideas as to the things that can be done, and also instructions about how to use this tool. In addition, there are numerous books and articles that have been published about meditation and its benefits; I will provide you with some references at the end that will be good for further reading if you want to see more about what meditation has done for others. Beyond these examples, in the five books in this series, I have given not only examples, but specific meditation scripts to address areas that meditation may help in your quest for a happy life. Please read those books as well and perhaps you will find help in the suggestions and examples in those books.

Meditation and Stress Relief One of the most frequently asked questions is can meditation help me with stress? The answer is a resounding yes. The next question is obviously, how can I use meditation to calm my anxiety or stress?
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The causes of stress are plentiful. Some causes are external, and some are internal. Some are imposed by the world we choose to live in and some are imposed by internal conflicts. Some causes are known and some are hidden - even from ourselves. Because the causes and situation are so varied, there is not a single one-size-fits-all answer about how to use meditation to relieve stress. We will explore some ideas, but the actual application to a particular situation depends on the facts of that circumstance. Not all stress is bad. The pressure of a deadline for a report can cause bursts of creativity and hard work that produce an excellent product. The stress of a competitive sporting event can cause world record performances and uplifting teamwork. The stress of a relationship can cause deep introspection that may result in a healthy cleaning out of our skeleton closet and a good reassessment of our lives. However, we live today in a world of rapid change, unexpected shifts and instant everything. If you are a parent with children, the number of activities is overwhelming. If you do not care for others, the number of things clamoring for your attention is almost
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and then manage the stresses that you have. movies sports. The second strategy is for when we wish to keep the things we are doing. Identifying stressors in our lives can be a complex affair. 8|P a ge . but need a different system to cope. The first approach is for those times when we have stresses we don t need and don t want. and whatever else thrusts itself into your world. and more and more clubs. There are two distinct approaches to the stress problem. or trouble with a child. We can see the situation and we know why we are stressed. Add to that. Some are obvious. and things we must do. The second approach is to identify and understand the causes. We are literally inundated with things to do. parent or sibling. etc than ever before. games. work projects. or getting married. and things we should do. global warming. the stress of relationships. or getting divorced. like changing jobs or losing a loved one.uncountable. the world political situation. employment worries. There are more and more ways to communicate. the economy. first is to identify and remove the causes of excess stress in your life.

or personal attitudes that are destructive or damaging. Find time in the morning. Many people find that just adopting the habit of taking time to meditate in the way described in chapter seven of volume one on a regular basis. You will find a new perspective and refreshment to your soul that is far beyond the minutes that you spend.There can certainly be more subtle causes such as longstanding feelings in a family situation. First the obvious benefit of taking time to calm down. and refresh your life. During those times. Bad habits or faulty coping mechanisms can also contribute to massive stress without being so obvious. at night. gives them the clarity and calm that they need to deal with the stresses that 9|P a ge . That in and of itself can give a new perspective and help you identify potential circumstances and issues you may want to modify. Make time to meditate for 15 minutes per day. Meditation as a tool can help in a number of these areas. in the restroom if needed. do nothing except focus in the manner taught in the course on one of concentration meditations given in chapter seven of volume one of the series. Get yourself a space to own and a time to get rid of everything else.

then there are several approaches that you can take. You can then begin to identify. and identify and name them. Learning to identify and name these items without leaving the relaxed alpha state is a skill you can quickly develop as you learn to treat each situation or feeling with detachment. you may surprise yourself at which things are the biggest stressors. As you contemplate these things as the detached observer. you can begin to take some time to explore the feelings that you have that feel stressful. 10 | P a g e .they have in their situations. The calming and empowering effects of clearing the mind and the clutter are often sufficient. After you have spent a few sessions learning how to enter your relaxed alpha state. using the awareness meditation taught in book four in this series. to notice and name items that bring about a reaction in your body or mind. If you wish to go beyond just the calming effects of meditation and the relaxation that it provides.

Depending on the causes and effects of the stresses in your life. meditation can help. relaxed and truthful conversation with a trusted friend. but in the books in the series. there are a number of examples and guided meditations to bring about successful outcomes to stress related situations. It is not possible to describe all possible approaches here. First it can calm and relax you so you can think clearly. relative or counselor may be helpful if your situation warrants this action. Second. and what your desired outcomes are. it will allow you to more easily identify things in your life that are stressful. Third.After you identify these things. The bottom line is that for any stress related problem. It is also possible that a person might need help beyond their own resources. you will need to decide what techniques you want to use. While most of us journey through life without extensive professional help in this area. you can write them down after your meditation session. You will then be in a position to rationally consider the items on the list and then use the visualization techniques taught in volume three of this series to set up your mind and body for different outcomes to the situations that you find stressful. 11 | P a g e .

it s true but it is way too big a pile and I ll never get on top of it. Please do yourself a wonderful favor and read through the instructions in books in books one through five of this series. but I would suggest that many feel otherwise: that they have indeed lost control of their lives. and fourth. I believe that this is actually true. I am in control of my life. Ambitious if you look at me and say. It may be more 12 | P a g e . Presumptuous if you would look at me and say how dare you. Gaining More Control of our Lives This may sound either presumptuous or ambitious depending on your point of view. These books will teach you about how to do several styles of meditation and with that information and a good self-assessment. meditation will help you stick with changes that you have made. you will be able to decide what your approach should be. The first point of view suggests that we ve never lost control of our lives.you will be able to make decisions about changing things in your life more easily when you have the benefit of regular meditation time.

or an evening sales meeting.accurate to say that when we feel like we have lost control. We cram our faces with food that is good. somebody might need help with homework. Then after that. or have to rush to a teacher conference or to get kids or ourselves to a sports commitment or piano lessons. or our partner or child might need a minute of love and attention. perhaps we have surrendered control to something. or not. we are pulled out of bed by a rude alarm clock. or a seminar for job advancement and the list goes on forever and ever. Then we are late to other responsibilities such as a school or neighborhood meetings. there are classes at the gym for working out. We have to stay late to finish an assignment or project we didn t know was due tomorrow. and dragged to work by the clock and an unfeeling and unforgiving work regime. And that is just today. 13 | P a g e . we can t really tell. In such a case. and then try to fine time to do the work we brought home with us so we can be prepared for the big day tomorrow.

I was struggling and straining to find something I didn t have. For me it went something like this. and wasn t sure how to describe. and my life was living me instead of me living a life that I wanted. If that is how it feels on very many days then perhaps we have most certainly lost control of something. When I was young I found great pleasure in small things. and when and how we re going to finish what didn t get done before some approaching deadline. I began to realize that I had lost something. To be sure. To be short. it had a name. and wake up tired and poorly prepared to do it all over again. We toss and turn and get fitful sleep. The sound of a 14 | P a g e . and we plunge into bed with our feelings and our minds in high gear trying to remember all we forgot to do.After that we are so tired we can t think straight. Suddenly I realized that life was upside down. What is happening? When I found myself in that situation. I wanted more money and more stuff. I wanted to be a more important person at work and in my social circles. I wanted more and more external things to demonstrate to the world and affirm to me how important I was.

and value was only determined by what someone else though that object was worth. I loved to read and live vividly in the characters in the books and stories. As I grew up somewhere along the way I surrendered my sense of what was real and important.and achieved a great deal of all of that. I gave full attention to money and career promotions and external values . I reconnected with all I had learned in my many years of study of meditation and the martial arts. I because convinced that worth was measured in money. I called a screeching halt to everything. I played in the irrigation ditch with leaves to see which one raced the fastest. My own experience was that the situation got emotionally to a point where I knew I needed and wanted to change. I needed far more than just a way to get more done or a way to relax. I built a hay fort out of alfalfa bales and hid in it with my brother. I used the techniques that I have described in the books in the 15 | P a g e .pretty musical melody or the shapes of clouds in the sky. I found myself achieving more and more and being less and less satisfied. Consequently.

The details of each particular situation are confidential and not really important. simplify and return you life to a state that feels like really living again. I have often heard from friends and colleagues similar expressions of feeling and concern. I suspect that my experiences and the feeling I was having are not unique. Fortunately. Sometimes this was a situation where there was just too much to do. What I can tell you is that for every situation. and sometimes it was far more serious and things were really out of control. I have been part of many transformations that have brought people from a place where they felt they had lost what was really important in their lives.series and I have come to a life of tranquility and abundance. the processes of meditation and selfawareness brings abundant and powerful results to help you clarify. to work from home. I am blessed with the opportunity now to do what I love. and to have a deep and spiritually rewarding life. Relieving Pain 16 | P a g e .

there are many remedies. If the pain is of a physical nature. With many other kinds of pain. There are obvious causes such as someone stepping on your foot. In this application it is very important to remember that pain can have many causes. you will likely need a splint and a cast. meditation can be very effective in managing the pain associated with the injury and in greatly speeding the healing process. If there is emotional injury that is 17 | P a g e .Relieving pain is a common application of meditation. the linkages are not anywhere near so clear. The cause is visible. meditation can lessen the need for pain medication in many cases. However. Just as with physical pain. then there may be treatments needed associated with removing the cause and healing the problem. thus improving mental clarity and the over use of prescriptions for every illness. If you break your arm. both physical and emotional. In addition to healing more quickly. I do not claim that meditation is the universal answer to pain or any other ailment. the pain is related to the cause and the remedy is simple. It is important to emphasize also that just as there are many causes of pain. emotional pain can have definite causes.

just as with the broken arm. Count backwards from 20 to 1.causing pain. When you reach 1 continue breathing as comfortably as you can and focus on the breath. 18 | P a g e . When you are breathing very comfortably and focused on your breath. Begin focused breathing and relaxation. and with each outbreath feel your body melting into the surface beneath you. this appropriate treatment needs to be sought. begin counting your breaths. However. Regularly meditating has been shown in many medical and psychological case studies to be effective in self-healing. there may need to be professional treatment associated with the cause of the pain. Just as with the broken bone. or the mitigation of the wound. and in improving response to professional counseling. With each in breath say the number as you count backwards. Focus on letting each out breath melt your body into the chair or bed or couch. with each breath getting more relaxed. meditation can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the emotional therapy and healing processes. One example of a possible meditation follows: Depending on where the pain is either sit comfortably or lay down.

depending on how you see things with your eyes closed. It is a pleasing feeling and a pleasing color. you feel its soft warmth a bit more as it draws ever nearer. You see it in the distance and it is a soft color and fills the space around you with its glow. and the light then gets so small that it disappears from view. 19 | P a g e . If blue is a poor choice of color for you. You feel it in every part of your body. After a time enjoying the color and warmth of the light. imagine a point of light. it begins to move away from you. You notice it coming closer and closer and getting larger and larger. Soon it is far away again. some distance from your body. then choose a color that you associate with being pleasing and soft. Imagine it to be a clear soft blue in color. It appears in about the same place as the first light. Soon the light engulfs you. it is very close to you and very large. After this is completed then imagine a light of a different color. It is filling your whole vision. As you focus on the light. or vision screen or imagination. The light begins to grow and get closer. After a time. you notice that it is coming closer and closer to you.Then in your mind s eye. and you see it getting smaller and smaller.

the light attaches itself to the pain and engulfs the pain. your heart or your stomach or leg or wherever the pain was. then it attaches to the pain there. you see the pain growing smaller and smaller within the light. As the light surrounds you and engulfs your body. You notice the pain in the light and it is out of your head. As you feel it coming closer and closer to you. Then the light disengages from your body.There is something different about this light. Everywhere that there is pain in your body. you feel it attaching to the pain that you are feeling. this light is associated with the pain that you feel. You see the light outside your body now. It is attached to the pain and the pain is attached to the light. then the light attaches to the pain there. If the pain is in your heart then the light attaches to the pain in your heart. Somehow. The light gradually recedes and gets smaller and smaller and takes the pain with it. You see the pain in the light. and it no longer engulfs you. but it has taken the pain with it out of your body. As the light recedes. and it is now outside your body. 20 | P a g e . If the pain is in your feet. you feel it attaching to the pain in every area of your body. If the pain is in your mind.

lose weight. you will be amazed that it is so immediately effective. and when we see the magazines and the TC shows we have 21 | P a g e . this presents no problem. Allow the light to take the pain and own it. If you use this method to remove pain. Your pain is gone. You can see the pain vanish away before your eyes. Meditation. your pain will be gone. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape Every day in every store the magazines scream at us about our bodies. One of the keys to this experience is allowing the light to engulf the pain. The holidays are coming. this presents a terrible conflict. something is coming and you re not ready . but it belongs in the light. As you visualize the light getting smaller and smaller and eventually disappearing.Finally the light is so small that you can barely see it. For some of us. summer is coming. The pain is no longer yours. Get in shape. and finally it vanishes from vies.and on and on. tone and trim. For others of us. We are happy with who we are and how we look. as I have.

and I maintain this weight and physical status without difficulty. I used meditation to help myself get back in shape so I was healthier and felt far better. Meditation is very helpful in many regards in this area of endeavor. I also know that many weight loss programs focus principally on diet.some anxiety. This is where I am today. I have been overweight at different stages of my life. In another vein. I personally have experience in using meditation to get to help my appearance in two ways. 22 | P a g e . I give these personal examples so that you will be assured that I know that these systems work. I got it off and kept it off. I was 80 pounds overweight and grossly out of shape. I used the techniques in meditation and those in volume three regarding visualization to lose all 80 pounds. and basically sell you food in certain proportions. appearance. We may find ourselves constantly worrying about weight. which is critical hospitalization level to a blood pressure of 110 over 70 with a resting pulse rate of 46. If you follow the regime strictly. Specifically. Specifically I went from a blood pressure of 220 over 180. they probably will help. and our external appeal.

meditation will help you sort out of all the noise. if you follow the instructions. You will find it far easier to meet your goals.I have read and studied various diet and physical exercise programs so that I am familiar with all the fad diets. What is far more important is whether or not you change your underlying habits and attitudes so that the changes you make are permanent. Besides helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. is that whether or not you use a particular food program. There will more on this topic in volume three of the series on Meditation and Personal Achievement. I expect that most of them will work after a fashion. and the sensible diet programs. Meditation. Good health is always a blessing and a thing to be desired and worked for. meditation will greatly aid your success. What I know for sure. or a combination. and you will not suffer the distress of constant hunger and fear of failing in your effort. There is one more point to make with regard to this topic. an exercise regimen. what is 23 | P a g e . Meditation will help you both in body and mind towards that end. because it calms and centers the mind will also help you be able to see clearly with regard to your health goals. It may or may not be important to follow the latest fitness trend in your particular situation.

There is a pleasure associated with the activity. To me. Yet we continue to smoke and although there is a decrease in the number of smokers annually.right for you with regards to your physical well being. There is a comfort that some people get from the oral activities associated with 24 | P a g e . just like with any addiction. there are millions who wish they could quit and who should quit for their own sake and the sake of those who love them. so we do it. and specifically help you set realistic appearance goals and most of all be satisfied with them. it is more important to be content in your skin. Meditation and Quitting Smoking Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. and also one of the deadliest that we seem to love. Nicotine is addictive and provides a pleasurable feeling. It will help you cut through the clamor and noise of the fads. even though we know it is harmful. than to strive to make your skin like someone else s. There are various parts to this particular addition. Research is clear that smoking kills us. Smoking is an addiction. There is no question that it is a deadly habit and shortens our life.

25 | P a g e . This is not the majority as evidenced by the fact that there are still so many who feel that they want to quit and can t. meditation can calm your mind and body to help you deal with desires and cravings.smoking. Whatever path you choose to use to help you quit. Learning to focus your mind through the concentration meditation can help you keep your focus on your goal of better health and whatever else you feel will be your reward for quitting. The visualization skills in volume three can help you make the new habits real enough to pull you forward. Specifically. Some find the activity itself to be a stress reliever because they have something to do when they are nervous. Quitting any multi-part habit like this needs to address many of the parts to be successful. and with various programs that all focus on the nicotine addiction and the other parts to the habit. with medication. Some people quit without any help from outside themselves. meditation will be a great aid. Quitting smoking can be accomplished cold turkey.

make some money and associate with other folks in our jobs. unsatisfying. by itself can cause a better attitude about life. Work can also be boring. This reduction in negative emotion. They don t like what they do. don t feel like they make enough money. Far too many people feel like this about their work situation. and a better ability to see 26 | P a g e . meditation creates a greater level of equanimity and a reduction of anger and stress levels in the brain. It also reduces secretions of the amygdala and other parts of the brain where anger and distress come from. frightening and basically a drag. and more good feeling in general. stressful. First of all. It brings calmness. We get an opportunity to contribute to something.Meditation and Improving your Career We all need to find our niche in the world of work. This happens because meditation stimulates and causes new axons and dendrites in that portion of the brain where the feelings of calmness arise. Meditation can be a powerful tool in three important ways. stifling. I believe that work is a good thing and it can give us a sense of accomplishment. and feel they are trapped because they don t know where to go and how to make an improvement.

Perhaps you feel you need a different job. When we regularly meditate. Third. is not a real answer to this question and will lead to no change. more time. 27 | P a g e . and realistically assess your situation with your strengths and challenges. Meditation will help you think clearly. more money. you will always see things that you did not see before. What are your desires? Then you can combine the powerful tool of visualization and cause the manifestation of the things you want in your life. meditation allows calm and ration connection with our inner feelings. meditation is a power tool to actually bring to pass the new situation you want. This is because meditation stimulates the creative part of the brain. just not this. We are less prone to exaggerate and be overly negative. What is it that we really want. Second. When we regularly meditate. we are far better able to answer that question. You will understand opportunities and see potential where you saw nothing before.life and our situations like they really are. Meditation is the key to making bringing these wonderful and powerful processes into action. a different career. just more anger about the situation. You will then be able to see what opportunities there are. Anything.

and during my young adult years. and others will treat you accordingly. If you don t think anything of yourself. You really can have the job you want. 28 | P a g e . you clearly send out that message. This is one of the most significant barriers to getting what you want out of life. which is about the power of meditation in personal achievement. we will explore in detail how to combine meditation with visualization and how to attract any career changes that you want into your life. I had to work hard to remove this barrier and get a true picture of myself and my worth as a human soul. or perhaps little or none at all. Meditation and Self-Esteem Many people in my acquaintance have a self-esteem barrier. You just have to believe in yourself. This particular problem is one that I am very familiar with. They either have lower self-esteem than they should. I had concerns with low self-esteem through childhood. and all the money you want in your life.In volume three of this series.

Regular meditation will help with the issue of self esteem in three ways. Fortunately. Second. it can be a heavy rock to carry. First the simple act of meditation is inherently beneficial to the body and mind. They can range from physical maladies to depression. as you regularly meditate you allow yourself a space to detach from negative self images and negative feedback that you have perceived about yourself. Negative emotions associated with your selfimage. as measured in laboratory tests. There is a long list of ills that come from low selfesteem. lead to more limbic brain activity and this leads to lower ability to concentrate. lower ability to feel compassion and a reduced level of empathy. Social functioning can also be impaired as well as ability to form lasting and meaningful relationships. meditation is a wonderful tool to help with this situation. but I can tell you that for those who do. Sometimes this negative feedback is 29 | P a g e . and to study and learn effectively. low motivation and low ability to read and comprehend. It stimulates the frontal brain system and reduces stress.You may not struggle with this particular issue. anxiety and anger in the brain.

you will be able to break the chains of negative thinking. The treatments for these illnesses cover a wide range. The Power of Meditation in Personal Achievement. Changing your life and getting past these problems is not trivial and often requires significant help. Healing and Wellness. using the techniques taught in volume two of the series. restore your rightful healthy image. the awareness meditation will allow you the tools and time to disconnect from the situation and feeling and let it pass from you without the negative impact. Meditation with Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors Addiction and compulsive behaviors are a severe problem for a growing number of people in our modern world. and rediscover the true brilliance that resides in your wonderful and precious self. The Power of Meditation in Health. This small section is not about the various 30 | P a g e . and volume three.imagined and meditation will help you sort this out. Even when the negative feedback is real. Third.

whether the treatment is a self. Often. a 12 step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous for a substance problem. The inner being that is full of creativity and power.imposed better budget to manage compulsive spending. 31 | P a g e . There have been volumes written on those subjects.treatments for these problems. Taking time to meditate each day will improve the effectiveness. speed and permanence of the treatment. thoughts and feelings that come from through meditation will give you a clearer perspective and more personal power. a friend who you talk to who may help you decide not to go gamble when the urge strikes. or medical and psychiatric treatment for a severe disorder. Remember a very important concept. Remember. However. whatever the problem may be. When you meditate you stop to listen to your true self. meditation can help is all of those cases. a better life balance with more family time for a workaholic. meditation is sometimes described as getting to know yourself a bit better.

You can choose whether or not to take it into yourself and make it a part of you. the urgency of the anger. As some time passes. If you are patient. It is only a thought. or to leave it on the shelf and let it pass you by.Whatever thought you may be thinking. Meditation provides you with that time. feeling or desire for a time. the feeling about someone or something will change. Meditation also provides you the opportunity in your fully relaxed and clear state to see yourself as completely free from the chains of whatever has held you bound. feeling or desire changes. the need for the desired object. you will find that thoughts. 32 | P a g e . If you choose not to act on a particular thought. feeling or desire. feelings and desires have a shelf-life. you will find that the nature of the thought. or desire you may have. often just a few minutes. It is not you. that precious time to think. feel and choose. or emotion you may be feeling. feeling or desire to become part of you. This precious time gives you the opportunity to decide if you wish the thought.

All of these conditions are helpful in promoting more rapid healing. wonderful you and bask in the warm and refreshing feeling that comes with knowing that you are able to be whatever you can imagine. Although there are instances of spontaneous healing. it lowers blood pressure and calms the heart and soul. the purpose of this short section is to affirm that meditation should be an important part a recovery program. It increases breathing efficiency. I am not saying that meditating all alone will heal an illness. Meditation improves heart rate and circulation. no matter what the illness or accident may be. it would be unwise to not consult with and take 33 | P a g e . Again. Meditation with Healing and Recovery Healing and recovery from illness or accident is a vast topic. I cannot even begin to cover the depth and breadth of all of the aspects of healing and recovery from all the possible ills that we have as a species.Always keep the image fresh in your mind of the healthy.

The third benefit of meditation is spiritual. First it will give you bodily improvements associated with improved respiration and circulation and functioning of many internal systems. it will reduce anxiety and fear in your mind. What I am saying is that regular meditation that is sustained over time will help you heal from any illness or accident by doing at least three things. I am not in this instance speaking of supernatural or otherworldly things here. In addition.the advice of appropriate professionals regarding your health. This will certainly allow you as a patient to play a more active and substantial role in your recovery from an intellectual point of view. There is ample evidence that regular operation in the alpha range has an overall calming effect and allows a person to be more receptive to physical treatments. There have been many documented cases of people who do not improve with treatment simply because 34 | P a g e . cognitive abilities and abstract reasoning. those who meditate generally show increases in reading and comprehension skills. Our attitude and spirit have a dramatic impact on our abili9ty to heal ourselves. Second.

The essential point is that in every meditation session. This process of manifesting thing in your life is very real. well and fully recovered from whatever your particular issue is. In the book on meditation and personal achievement in this series. When you are fully relaxed. we will talk about using visualization along with the tool of meditation to achieve great things in your life. recovered and well. They have lost the will to heal and in some cases even to live.they do not wish to recover. and is very connected also to how fast we are able to heal ourselves. you see yourself as happy. Regular meditation can and does help with our outlook on life and our ability to understand and relate to the world around us. An improvement in this area will increase our desire to recover and our ability to improve our recovery prospects and speed simply by our strong desire for it to be so. The techniques for visualization taught in that book may also be an aid to health healing and wellness. see yourself as happy. I call this the spiritual dimension to meditation. Bask 35 | P a g e .

massive job loss in the United States and greater and lesser degrees of economic turmoil around the world. more job and career changes and more and more uncertainty stemming from the economy. That is just the economy. The information age is changing all aspects of employment as more people do service and information related work and less do manufacturing and other hands on jobs. and social support systems are struggling with many 36 | P a g e . Recent times have produced a troubled economy. The population is aging somewhat due to the baby boomer generation passing through the demographic. a serious recession. a housing downturn. Work is more and more demanding with longer hours. Meditation for Managing Anxiety The world we live in is more and more filled with stress and anxiety.in the warm glow of the feeling that comes with this wonderful state.

On top of all these things. parents. enjoy life and feel good about ourselves and our daily walk! The good news is that meditation is the ideal tool to deal with stressful situations. In addition. and friends.unable to care for their own health and the health needs of their children or aging parents. siblings. children. the list may seem too short to capture the stress that is all around us. This can and often leads to massive anxiety about our ability to cope and get through life day to day. who wants to just get by? We all want to thrive. Climate change is affecting world food production and weather patterns. In fact. This small list doesn t even begin to capture the real feel of the world we live in. every person has relationship ups and downs with spouses. None of this list will seem strange to anyone who reads this and has a good bit of stress in their life. Regular meditation allows the meditator to sort out what is really 37 | P a g e . social unrest and government instability worldwide provide additional impetus for a massive sea of change which can feel destabilizing in every area of our lives.

and take a balanced view of what should be done when. able and capable to handle all of life s challenges. and experience in every way a calm and relaxed you. The subconscious mind is always at work. you clearly see. after you have reached your state of relaxation. During meditation. it will produce answers and solutions to your challenges. Meditation helps you deal with the stressors in your life. it is important also to understand that stress is not solved by meditation alone. it would not be uncommon to have ideas or thoughts that may contribute to solutions to certain aspects of your situations. However. after identifying areas that you want to change. and when you regularly exercise it in the alpha zone. Regularly taking time to meditate can also help you identify what things are causing heightened anxiety and perhaps give you the needed perspective to make some adjustments. feel. it will still be up to you make any necessary changes in your life that reflect your decisions. Be sure that in each meditation session.important. However. 38 | P a g e .

If some challenges are particularly pressing, then start by experiencing a relaxed and calm feeling after having solved or adjusted smaller ones. There will be another session to tackle the big, heavy ones.

Meditation and a Healthy Self Image A well-grounded self-image and a healthy respect for yourself are essential ingredients to a happy life. We are not born with poor self-esteem. All of us come into the world eager to be here, eager to learn and full of boundless ability to experiment, grow, make mistakes, learn from the feedback and grow some more. We often learn poor self images from our surroundings, from feedback in our lives and a host of other inputs. Perhaps we had a rough childhood, or perhaps, as was my case, we had it quite rough in school and among peers. Perhaps we were not as smart, attractive (whatever that means,) capable, as someone else, or some

39 | P a g e

imaginary standard - and we interpreted that to mean we were somehow less important and less worthwhile. The real truth is that we are infinitely capable, extremely intelligent, and capable of genius inspiration and high powered performance in any area of our lives that we choose. If we can learn poor self-esteem, we can learn something different. In the book on personal achievement, we will talk about specific areas of life improvement that can be manifested through meditation and visualization but the fundamental principle is that you are a brilliant, capable, intelligent, valuable, attractive human being with a great spirit and soul. Regularly going to the alpha state in meditation will quiet all the chatter and garbage input from the outside that you might feel carries a different message. Take time to meditate regularly and listen to your inner peace. Sense and feel your own unity and participation in the world around you. As you meditate, you can shed the superfluous input, and take time to correctly understand the input that is meaningful. Perhaps there are things that you want to change in your life.
40 | P a g e

That does not mean that you are not good or worthwhile or great. It simply means that there is something you want to change. When we can t yet walk, we see those who walk, and we desire that skill. We work until it is developed. Our self-worth does not change when we can walk, but our ability to move certainly has improved. So it is with changes that we might choose to make now. We may get new skills, a new job, and more knowledge about a particular topic. That may increase our earning potential, but it will not make us intrinsically worth more as a person. That value comes from our choices about who we are in character. So carry a positive image about your greatness. Meditate regularly to allow yourself daily quiet time to calm your mind chatter and re-center your efforts for that day. Know that you are a great person and that you can have and be anything you choose. During every meditation session, enjoy and empower the image of the healthy, empowered and wonderful person that you are.

41 | P a g e

who were a bit weird. With the mounting evidence and wonderful research that shows just how much meditation can do for us. If you choose to make meditation a regular part of your life. It will improve your physical health. There is no single thing that takes so little time. meditation was thought of as a mostly eastern tradition.Meditation and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Meditation is a great part of a healthy lifestyle. practiced by a few. and spiritual centeredness. we would be perhaps a bilt silly not to try to incorporate something so easy and yet so powerful into our lives. Think of it! That simple investment can pay big dividends in physical health. even as little as 15 30 minutes per day. Not so many years ago. mental power and intelligence. that will contribute so powerfully to your happiness. increase your enjoyment of life and give you mental and emotional ability and power that you do 42 | P a g e . well-being and success. emotional clarity and health. or followed a different drummer. you are truly making a wise investment which will pay you dividends your entire life. How silly such concepts seem now.

cars. or mortgage payments. medical expenses and on and on. You go to work at some type of occupation so you can fill all those obligations and perhaps have some money left over to do the things that you really want. generally your 43 | P a g e . children. phone. Most people view work as something they have to do to earn a living. You have to eat and generally you also enjoy some type of recreation. Meditation in Work and Money Matters Nearly all of us have to work. perhaps you have a higher paying job that easily pays for the basics. However. If you have prepared well in your education. It may be the most important investment you ever make. You have bills to pay for life and raise kids or care for family members or animals. credit cards. and it is not like that for millions of people who may read this volume at some time in their lives. college funds.not have now. You have to pay rent. it has not always been like that for me. You need money for utilities. and that you can t yet imagine. Even though that is true now. I actually feel that work is a blessing and I love what I do.

or you buy a more expensive car than you can comfortably pay for. Sometimes there are office games and politics. You always find yourself looking for a raise to get a bit more money to be able to buy that next thing that will make you feel better or to pay the credit card debt because you already bought it. but of course. doesn t really get you where you want to be.wants expand faster than your income and you still find yourself struggling. You may feel mostly devoid of accomplishment. frustration and emptiness. or no longer enjoy and have no real feeling of contribution to something larger or worthwhile. or spend money for some other thing that feels good for a minute. backstabbing and storytelling. 44 | P a g e . you spend extra money on clothes you think will make you feel better. Quite often this lifestyle leads to feelings of boredom. There is water cooler gossip and perhaps favoritism and unfair treatment and you end up wondering why you don t get the promotions and how come it all seems so unfair and you aren t really happy no matter which party you get invited to or which car you drive. Many end up in jobs they don t like. or advance. Sometimes in your need to be noticed.

I will list the ways that mediation will be useful and then spend a little time discussing how you might use this wonderful tool to help. a regular meditation habit will help you in this situation in a several ways. Grades in school or corrections on papers at work are not judgments about your character. it is still only a 45 | P a g e .If any of this sounds familiar. I said in the beginning of the course that meditation is a way to get to know yourself better or to find your inner voice. We start with grades in school and class rankings and then learn pecking orders both socially and educationally. and their opinion is final. Fortunately. Actually it has nothing to do with who we are. They are feedback mechanisms about one particular subject or semester or project. We then internalize this into a picture of who we are and what we re worth. They are generally only the opinion of one person. First of all. We end up believing all this nonsense somehow defines us and gives us a value score as a human being. We often take our cues about who we are and what we feel about ourselves from external stimuli. regular meditation will help you find your true self. and even though the one person is the teacher or the boss. you are in the majority.

with the corrections. fail to learn what there is to learn and do it again anyway because you have to.it is not the end of the world. I must pause a moment to recognize that some meanspirited people occasionally take such an opportunity to make cutting snide inappropriate remarks that try to reflect far more than simple corrections to the paper or project.comment on the paper or project and not on your character or inner worth. close you mind. If the grades are less than you wanted or the number of red correction marks seems to make the paper bleed . 46 | P a g e . for it simply has no basis in reality.you do it again if you can. If you regularly meditate and are well acquainted with your inner voice and your own worth and value. If that is the case you may safely ignore that portion of the comment. or you study more so it is better next time. Choice #2 you get angry. You will learn what there is to learn. the choice is not difficult. You look it over to see what there is to learn and you then have a choice to make. Never pass up the chance to learn. Choice #1 . fix the mistakes. perhaps having new and better ideas to add and move on to the next project. So the first benefit is that meditation helps you deal with the troubling event.

Let s assume for a moment. but you can make your own situation much more pleasant by changing the situation. you will find that it is not difficult to do at all. regular meditation will give you the equanimity and peace of soul to simply not rise to the bait and let the situation pass. manager or teacher. This may sound like a tremendous task when someone is unfair or unkind. If a person is choosing to try to get a rise out of you. You are obviously not responsible for another s self-esteem.The second way that meditation can help you is in dealing with the difficult person. but if you use visualization meditation and regularly see that person in a positive light in your meditation or visualize positive and productive interactions. that you are having trouble with your supervisor. You can regularly notice things that are good and positive and give good feedback to them in those situations. Most people act harshly or unfairly towards others for one of two reasons. You feel that they have singled you out for additional criticism and are perhaps harder on you than is necessary or fair. If you regularly meditate on positive 47 | P a g e . If they have low self-esteem you can decide to help with that. They have low self-esteem themselves or they want to get a rise out of you.

You may even change you career path and decide to do something else with your life altogether. These benefits can be in any area of your choice including money. That could be a promotion in your current job. 48 | P a g e .outcomes to interactions with that person. Taken together. that precious time to think. Let me explain. While you may need a bit of time. If you follow the principles and use the techniques contained in the visualization section above. Meditation provides you with that time. Staying where you are is a choice. there is no limit to the benefits the combination of meditation and effective visualization can bring to your life. job satisfaction. The third way meditation can help you is by giving you power to change your situation entirely. or those you develop or discover on your own. you can completely bring a different work situation in your life. feel and choose. or another job entirely. Visualization provides you with a tool to harness your limitless internal power and imagination. you will find yourself able to ignore the bait and let the situation pass without incident. regularly meditating and visualizing a different situation will attract that situation into your life.

the longer they will last. Personal fitness of body. mind. We only have one heart. stress. busy lifestyles. Meditation in Personal Fitness. Sports and Recreation One of the sad facts of our stressful lives. 49 | P a g e . expressing your true worth and voice and in having a real and lasting feeling of making a worthwhile contribution to your own soul and the world around you. learning. personal development. is that the general fitness level of the population is decreasing. poor choices in recreational activities and many other potential culprits. The better we take care of them. one mind and one spirit. This can be attributed to many sources: too many activities. The truth is actually much simpler. at least in the majority of the western world. and one body.relationships. heart and spirit is a choice that we make. the better they will serve us and the happier we will be. too much TV. We only have one life.

Then count to six steps and increase the number of your count until you reach ten. remember that the purpose is to clear the mind. then you can combine these items and do a walking meditation. then start over again at one and count to five steps. lowers blood pressure. 50 | P a g e . the benefits are magnified tremendously. even as simple as a regular walk.Meditation is a tool that will enhance the care and feeding of every part of our personal fitness regime. Counting steps is effective as well. For example: count steps to four. Walking meditation is very effective. If time pressures are a concern. Again. It increases circulation efficiency. and your gait or walking pace can be the object of concentration. and will increase our enjoyment of and performance in sports and recreation. reduces toxic chemicals in the body and enhances hormone balance in the body. Then start over again at four steps. and achieve a state of relaxed alertness where the mind is free from distractions and you are fully present in the time that you are meditating. When combined with a simple exercise program. Meditation by itself has physical fitness benefits.

However. You should allow yourself to gain the benefits of adding meditation to whatever physical health regime that you use. Just as you would establish a program or habit of some physical activity to assure you body gets the exercise and activity it needs.You can use objects in nature for the concentration subject if you live in a suitable place where there are trees. Only activity and use does that. meditation will not tone your muscles. but meditation can help you enjoy and sustain a healthful regime. By using the processes of visualization and then moving mind pictures into reality. heart and spirit is also a choice and all of these parts of out self are critical to attend to if you want to have a balanced healthy life in every respect. just as we pointed out in several places in the books in this series. 51 | P a g e . you can and will improve your physical condition and health. If you have not yet decided to begin some type of process to assure or restore your own physical health. Personal fitness of mind. you must do the same with all the other areas of your whole self. parks or any small natural areas nearby. then meditation is a good place to start.

abstract reasoning. but the important part is to decide that your mind is worth exercising. Research is showing that just the simple act of meditation increases neural activity in ways that are not duplicated by any other process. patience and understanding and a number of other important cognitive and emotional brain functions.Personal fitness of mind is enhanced by regular reading and study. Personal fitness of your heart and spirit are personal matters that are at the same time both private and public. This research shows that those who meditate show more brain activity and stronger connections in the areas of cognition. We will talk about that in book four in more detail. There are new neural pathways formed from meditation that are permanent and persist after the meditation session is over. Any area of interest whether related to your profession or just an area of interest will be a good place to start. memory. They may feel totally personal but they have a direct bearing on our successes as individuals in the 52 | P a g e . Meditation can help increase the effectiveness and enjoyment you get out of reading or studying any area of interest. empathy.

A recurring theme in all of the applications of meditation in this book and every book is 53 | P a g e . Being alone with yourself is a wonderful gift that you give yourself to shut out the noise of the world around you and touch your true self and the greater forces around us. It is our choice. Meditation in Behavior and Personal Habits Habits can be tremendous friends and they can be terrible masters. In volume five of this series we will explore the role meditation has in finding your own spirituality.professional world and personal relationship arenas. For now I will just emphasize that these are critical areas of development and no personal fitness process is complete without exploring and knowing internally what principles are real and true both in your own passions and motivations and in the larger context of universal spiritual truths. Habits can help us rise up or drag us down. Taking time to meditate every day is the fastest way to get to know yourself and what you hold to be true and valuable.

to make a decision or series of decisions designed to further a larger purpose and to carry out a set of decisions or plans is perhaps the greatest power and gift that we have as human beings. They become a ritual or natural reaction to a given circumstance. they become familiar or natural to us. 54 | P a g e .the theme of choice. We are all given the opportunity to choose what we do. intrinsic truths that are part of the human condition or simply the obvious outcome of the habit. The capacity to think things over. Habits may be good or bad or harmless. Our natures are such that when we repeat certain patterns of thoughts. Good habits are those that help us to get to our positive or upward reaching objectives. reason a decision. to look at a longer term objective. We call these rituals habits. bad habits are those that get in the way of our personal development or damage the efforts of others and neutral habits may not matter either way. The standard by which they are judged may be social norms. feelings and actions over and over again in a similar way or under similar circumstances. business ethics.

b. d. If we routinely let our blood pressure skyrocket and say impulsive things when someone disagrees with us. drink too much.A very short list of some bad habits and risks might include: a. use harmful substances or have a poor diet. we jeopardize our health and risk shortening our 55 | P a g e . we put hormones in our blood that shorten our lives and damage our organs as well as make our relationships difficult. If we routinely tell stories we have heard of others and perhaps embellish a little or speculate in harmful ways we lose our own self-respect and have a poor reputation among our peers. and the nerves and sanity of drivers who may react to our impulsive dash. If we overeat regularly. we jeopardize our safety. If we routinely interrupt others in social or business settings we damage relationships. c. are considered rude and deprive ourselves of valuable learning opportunities. If we routinely take a high risk jay-walk across a busy intersection to get to work. e.

and the trust of others and no amount of self story-telling will change the fact that we know what we have done and the level of our own trustworthiness. g. If. self- 56 | P a g e . then we are moving down the road of self-development. We then blame the world for being unfair and the cycle starts again. We then find ourselves both envious of and complaining about those who seem to move on past us. we lose our internal self-respect. If we routinely take ethical shortcuts in our business or personal dealings. f. we tend to assume that every else is just as complacent and we get lost in the swamp of stagnation. we learn to accept mediocrity. limiting our experiences and curtailing our benefit to the world around us. on the other hand. If we regularly do not give our best effort at work or at home. we make a conscious choice to take responsibility to become friends with ourselves and find our own unique talents and internal voice.lives. and don t choose excellence as our lifestyle when we know we can do better. the wilderness of would-havebeen s and wish-it-was s.

57 | P a g e . helps us see things as they really are and assists in prioritizing of efforts and time. The only limits we have are those we set ourselves and agree to. Any personal habit we want to establish can be established. By using the processes outlined in the visualization section. There is simply no limit to what the body/mind/spirit combination can do. Any personal habit that we want to change can be changed. When we see clearly and know which direction we really want to go.mastery and meaningful contribution to our own development and the lives and development of others. we can begin today and establish any new habit that we choose and start the journey to change habits that we find problematic to our overall happiness. Meditation is a powerful aid to accomplishing what we want in life. setting the structure to get there becomes a present reality and making progress a regular enjoyment. It helps us clarify what we really want.

In recent years several books have been written about emotional intelligence and the important role that it plays in our interpersonal relationships and success. your ability to learn and remember and your overall ability to analyze and use information. Classes in management curricula have been established and tests and workshops have been developed to help develop this type of skill. This application section seals with another essential skill that we need in ever increasing quantity to be effective in our current information knowledge based work world. This intellectual ability is often referred to as the Intelligence Quotient or IQ. I have grouped social and emotional IQ together because the comments are about 58 | P a g e . More details on meditation and the learning and creative process are contained in book four of this series.Meditation in Social/Emotional IQ and Relationships Our ability to gather. analyze and react to information is a very important function of the brain. If you choose to establish and maintain a regular meditation practice you will find that it will improve your level of cognition. process.

One reaction to emotional differences is to be defensive and assume negative motivations for the differences. in both work and personal settings. This creates time because we are able to process important cues and leave aside secondary items for later. different reactions to stressful situations than you do and other significant emotional/social personality and character traits that make interactions with them unique. Learning to understand this difference is critical to successful emotional and social interaction.the same for both skills even though they are different skill sets. Meditation involves slowing down our mind chatter and the pace at which we experience life. 59 | P a g e . You can assume someone is not listening to you because they are taking time to process your statements and do not react immediately to your idea. we create the ability to process inputs differently and more effectively. Emotional intelligence involves learning to work with people in different emotional contexts. but when we meditate. This doesn t mean that life around us slows down. They may have different communication styles than you do.

meditation improves your other-centered awareness. research has shown that you will be far more sensitive and cognizant of body language cues and subtle vocal and facial signals that are clues to unspoken and perhaps even not fully understood reactions in your colleagues. you are far more in touch with your own self and are comfortable in your skin and circumstance.The purpose of this course is not to teach all the skills and ideas for learning to understand and be fluent in emotional intelligence or social IQ skills. overly concerned with appearances and other significant but less important detail. First of all. 60 | P a g e . You are less likely to be nervous. Simply put. You are better friends with yourself. What is important here is that if you decide that you need to add those skills to your skill set that meditation can help you in two ways. This skill is obviously helpful in both business and personal settings. clients and competitors. In addition to that. your stress level is lower and you are more confident and able. You will be better prepared in work situations and better able to remember facts and other particulars that you need. when you regularly meditate.

you will be far less susceptible to emotional outbursts or manipulation techniques that someone may be trying to use in a particular interaction. In the areas of personal relationships and family relationships.These two major differences will be helpful whether you are working for a good meeting to land a client. Everyone wants to feel they are worthwhile. Everyone wants to feel needed. Meditation in Enjoying Life to the Fullest Everyone wants to enjoy life. if you are calm and centered because you regularly meditate. Everyone wants to feel connected to the whole of life around them. Everyone wants to feel loved. If you are able to control your own emotional temperature because you regularly meditate. you are far more able to focus on the issues at hand with your significant other or child or sibling. 61 | P a g e . trying to smooth out s misunderstanding with a co-worker or working to improve your visibility and opportunities for advancement.

or any of those feelings? Is the measure internal or external? Is it both? How do we recognize it? While the answer to those questions is different for each individual. there are some important and consistent themes that are appropriate to note in the context of a discussion about meditation. Meditation is also a process and not only an event.Where do these feelings come from? Where do we get the assurance that we are enjoying life. and I could not hope to give a complete answer to such far-reaching questions in a short summary. Meditation is a tool. or worthwhile. While each meditation session is an event. It is a tool to clear out the clutter and let our inner voice speak often enough so we can hear it and become familiar with its sound and sayings. Meditation is also about learning to live each moment to the fullest. we are feeling 62 | P a g e . we are doing what we are doing. At any given moment. center our lives and get clear in our minds what is important to us. we are where we are. it is the process of regular meditation that lets us learn to hear our inner voice and understand what it says and get to be better friends with ourselves. It is a tool to help us have less stress.

it is a sad situation. If a moment is difficult and painful. We only have the present moment. and hearing what we are seeing and hearing. If that past is 63 | P a g e . meditation can help us understand and experience it to the fullest with all its attendant sensations and realities. and the pain is a feeling but it is not our essence. If a moment is glorious. meditation can help us understand that the moment is not forever. Participate in it! One of the casualties of modern life is that we sometimes live each moment in anticipation of the next thing that is coming. just anxiously waiting for that which is coming. We can only act in the future. If we live this way. Meditation can help us place each difficult thing in context and become less overwhelmed. If we are constantly somewhere else mentally as our life unfolds. We seem to be only passing through the now.what we are feeling and we are seeing. What is past is passed. we are missing both the experiences of life and the opportunity to understand the fabric of which our lives are made.

only future acts can maintain the joy. If the past is pleasant. This section is particularly important to those who are in school. returning to school or must read 64 | P a g e . Meditation with Reading and Comprehension Meditation calms your mind and your body. You have unlimited potential. It stands to reason then meditation will help significantly with reading and comprehension. Determine today that you will live each moment as your heart and spirit teach you that you should. Meditation helps in three ways in these important areas. Only you can find and unlock it. Determine today to use all your skills with the wonderful tool of meditation to be your best self and bring to your life all the wonderful things you should have. You are unique and wonderful. It also increases the neural activity and strengthens neural connections in the frontal lobes which are the part of the brain that controls learning and understanding. only future acts can mitigate that fact.unpleasant.

Before you start to read. do the following. and then close your eyes and breathe fully focused meditation breaths where you think of nothing but your breath for one minute. So make this your reading time and make it useful and powerful. 65 | P a g e . Anything that is on your mind. take a two minute mini meditation break and relax your body quickly in a mini body scan. simply agree with yourself to put on a shelf and return to it later. This turns the volume down or removes the mental chatter that is often distracting and often causes you to think what was that I just read after reading for five minutes and realizing that you don t remember a thing. First of all. Meditation calms your mind and body as mentioned above. Remember you have decided to take this time to read and you can t do anything else at the same time. relax before you read. Repeatedly give yourself a relaxation instruction and let the tension and cares drain away from your body.large quantities of material for their work or to keep up in their professions. If you want to increase your reading effectiveness and also your reading enjoyment.

If you are interrupted. lengthy or unpleasant. make sure you won t be interrupted for the minutes you have set aside. and let it float off the stage of your mind and give yourself back to the task at hand. upsetting. reading things that you perceive to be difficult. boring.Second. or I will read three work related articles in my ongoing education effort. If it is leisure reading. Perhaps you have a stack on your desk of work stuff you just never get to. It can be very simple like I will read intensively for ten minutes. when you return to your reading. Give the remaining emotion a name. treat it like the mindfulness exercise. 66 | P a g e . even if the interruption is complicated. then I assume you have picked the book. or technical can be a chore without the right preparation. If possible. have a specific target or goal. So decide how much you will read or how many pages or articles and then fully relax and give yourself to the effort. or you need to finish a chapter that you have been putting off in a book from your class that you are taking. In any case. detach from it. I am assuming that you have already some idea of what you want to read.

If you have the ability and time to take a course. All of these courses have several things in common. Reading is a critical skill and 67 | P a g e . and you do not need an expensive course to teach you the ability. There are a number of speed-reading courses that are excellent. but do not let the lack of a course or time or money get in your way. I will not attempt to teach speed reading in this small section but I will encourage you to immediately get one of those books. You can learn it from a simple book and you can apply it without an instructor. and some students that I have had who have taken speed reading courses comment on how similar the feelings are with speed reading concentration techniques to the beginnings of meditation in the concentration style. by all means do so.The third way meditation helps your reading is by using meditation to completely change the way you read. and actually work. They all teach skills that use some of the meditation techniques that we have taught. and use it. I have taken several and by combining meditation with the techniques I have learned I can read several thousand words a minute with complete comprehension. They work.

You decide to stop and look at the beautiful vista. Think about looking at a beautiful landscape scene. Your mind is fully capable of sorting out the details that it captures and putting them in the right order. if that is your objective.the faster and better you read. When you look at the landscape you don t later in your mind see the lake up in the sky and the clouds below your 68 | P a g e . You do not look at the scene from left to right and top to bottom a little at a time. Your eye and your mind take in the entire vista at once and you can see and remember amazing detail in that fashion. You are driving through some mountains and you see a sign scenic view. the more fun life is and the more you can get ahead. Your eye and your mind work the same when reading. What I will do is give you some ideas about how this process works. In this few paragraphs and in the next section on learning I will explain some principles that will work for you and work particularly well if you use meditation when you apply them. The rapid reading courses simply train you mind to look at entire pages at once and capture all the important details in a group.

You will find that you can increase your reading speed 10 times without too much practice. We have agreed to write left to right (except those languages that are right to left. 69 | P a g e . ideas and information 100 times that fast.feet. It is far. You can do the same with the written material on the page. but you do not have to read them that way. We are stuck forever in the way we first learn to read.) and top to bottom so that the words are organized. You can see and assimilate words. far too slow. You are able to reconstruct the picture as it should be. The rapid reading techniques are a way to overcome our indoctrination that we must read in such a clumsy linear fashion. Many of us never learn to use our mind and wonderful visual capture technology in our eyes and brains to do things faster. and if you use meditation and effort you will be able to increase your reading speed 100 times. When we are children we learn to read in this linear way and often use our fingers to point to words to help our attention.

On the other hand. we retain an edge and are 70 | P a g e . If we never exercise. but our bodies and minds were designed to stay healthy only as long as they stay active. get out of shape. we will generally stay much healthier for a much longer time. Continuous learning is the natural condition of the human mind. It is easy to see that in the physical realm.Meditation with Learning Meditation and learning has much in common with the previous section on reading.and not stretch our intellect .with our choices of leisure. If we quit learning when we get out of school. but if we regularly keep our bodies in use and activity. if we keep ourselves active and learning. we get duller and duller and our intellect gets weaker. we atrophy. It also provides a much deeper and more pervasive potential use and benefit from the practice of meditation. Our minds are the same. learning encompasses a much broader set of skills than reading. recreation and entertainment. However. We may elect to ignore that fact . muscles and tendons so not perform so well. perhaps gain a bit of weight and out bones. Ageing takes its own toll.

we can usually change some things. We process and learn very quickly how to hold our heads up. We start our learning from the instant we are born. pick up the pace and get back in shape and get our heath back. make noise. get attention. We can get back into the habit and get the benefits of learning in a very short time. and we are careful. We take in huge amounts of data and sensory input from all sides. Research shows that within two weeks of beginning to meditate. Our minds are the same. 71 | P a g e . smile and dozens of very difficult cognitive and motor activities. new neural pathways begin to form and new and more powerful connections are made in the brain.able to keep up with the rapid increase in information in our changing world. Meditation is an ideal aid for both creating the new habits and for enhancing the learning process and experience. The body/mind mechanism is amazing. start new habits. If we have gotten ourselves out of shape. This is good news if we haven t been learning for awhile. They are even more amazing. eat. roll over.

Not just the effort into learning. either mentally or physically. The first way that meditation helps in the learning processes is the same as for reading. It is not inevitable that we lose this capability. focus the mind and calm down the body. It always takes longer and is more difficult. The main difference is the effort that we put into it. Be all that as it may. We just quit practicing it and some of it is institutionalized out of our habits. the purpose here is to understand that we have a choice about remaining in a learning slowdown state.Young children have a much higher incidence of alpha waves in their natural day to day activities. it is difficult to learn new things and very difficult to remember them. It helps us clear out the clutter. When we are in high beta state. 72 | P a g e . but into HOW we learn. We even have jokes about it. At and office where I consulted I saw a sign the cooperation of the office machinery is inversely proportional to the need of the person using it. or returning to our learning high gear state. This help with the learning of so much in such a short time. You have all experienced trying to do something when you are in a hurry.

The machinery doesn t know or care how we feel.I have heard this expressed in many different ways in professional and casual settings. You may feel you can t do something or that you lack the background or motor skills or some other critical aspect. Sometimes you may be unsure of your ability to learn something. 73 | P a g e . everything that we try to do just seems to flow more smoothly. more mistakes. Our own body and mind respond to the beta state with increased inefficiency. A second important way that meditation will help you in learning is in the area of confidence. less concentration and overall worse performance. That way you can visualize yourself actually doing the activity with a high level of accuracy and skill. So with regular meditation. When we are relaxed and in a good space. Depending on what it is. you might want to combine the visualization skills from book #3 with an awareness meditation when learning a new skill. you will be far more able to learn and remember whatever it is you are trying to master. particularly if it involves a physical activity.

some time ago I needed to learn how to use some complex software programs which involved learning HTML and several standalone applications. Meditation can also help you organize and prioritize your learning process. If you are taking a class on a new subject. confident attitude when you start a subject or project. 74 | P a g e . With a self-structured meditation approach I was able to do it in a few days with only the software. If you are trying to learn something new for yourself. The principles are applicable in anything from complex technical material to new approaches to tracking and managing productions targets at the office. and the self-help manuals and produce first rate professional results. Nothing gets things going better than a clear headed calmly focused. then that organization is done in the lesson planning of the instructor. For example. that focus and organization is critical.Meditation is a great way to build or reassert your confidence and know that you are a genius and capable of anything you want to do. This is obviously only a small and recent example that I share to illustrate the point.

There is a significant improvement in cognitive processing.If you choose to adopt a learning approach to life. Because they are a part of my life I am very familiar with the benefits that mediation provides in bringing artistic expression to life in these mediums. retention and longterm application of new knowledge. There is considerable research that shows the benefits that music provides the brain. Meditation with Art and Music Art and music are two of the many creative arts that we enjoy as humans. 75 | P a g e . I am a professional musician and a painter in acrylics and I enjoy both these forms of artistic expression. Current research is clear that a regular regime of meditation improves learning. ideas and technology and in remembering and correctly applying what you have learned. you will find meditation a great help in both understanding new concepts. abstract thinking and emotional competence that accompanies the study of music. Music activates neural pathways in the brain that are unique and activated by no other activity.

It also can stir up deep emotions of anger or resentment. Meditation can be useful in two ways in the areas of art and music. it can be an aid to the enjoyment of art or music.Nearly everyone enjoys listening to music of one type or another. If you choose to enter the alpha state before listening to music or enjoying some art. Music is a universal language that can express emotion on a level not achievable with words alone. 76 | P a g e . Music can elevate our moods or comfort us when we feel badly. you will likely see them in a different way and observe details and connections that were invisible to you in the beta state. it will impact you more deeply and reach further into your subconscious and emotional mind. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is a true statement and accurately reflects the power of art in moving us to emotion or action. First of all. Art is also a powerful medium of expression which deeply moves the soul. The power of music is well understood by those who create and distribute this medium. If you study art works of sculpture or painting or other media while in a contemplative or meditate state.

If you choose to listen to music or view art that contains negative images or emotions while you are meditating. This is particularly true when you already have some idea of what you want to the music to be about and then you meditate on the ideas or themes. Second. they will likely have a more powerful impact on your feelings when you are in alpha state than when you are in a beta state. I would therefore recommend that you are selective about the music or art that you experience while meditating so that you have the outcomes that you intend. If you adopt a practice of regularly meditating before you compose music or write songs you will find that your creative access is increased and the ideas flow more quickly and completely. If you are an artist or musician or are aspiring to be one .You should exercise some degree of caution in this area. You will find creative bursts that come to you in alpha state both in the form of lyrical ideas and musical motifs. then meditation is a fantastic way to access ideas and expressions that will not be readily accessible or available to you in any other way. I would 77 | P a g e .and create or want to create your own art or music.

in this section I would like 78 | P a g e . higher ability to get it right the first time and similar heightened performance and manifestation attributes. sculpture or other expression medium you will find similar bursts of ideas and creativity. Research into brainwave activity show alpha waves strongly present during creative periods or sessions of nearly all subjects tested. improved expression. Meditation and Creative Energy While the previous section dealt with two particular forms of artistic expression. They regularly make it a practice to work while in alpha state and report that there creative output is enhanced when they do this. They report improved idea flow. whether it is painting. I am acquainted with many artists who meditate often enough to be able to maintain a relaxed alertness or alpha state while doing normal activities. If you meditate about your artwork.recommend keeping pan and paper hands when you meditate in this way so you are sure to capture the ideas that flow from this process.

the sort of linear and physical constraints that we know so well. desires and feelings that are far more difficult to define and express in neat little ways. relationships. we all feel and yearn for greater expression in emotion. work. but here I am using it to denote that effort that we all make to express our humanness in some way that is other than the concrete. We may be struggling for a great idea for a new product presentation. We may want to express our feelings for someone in a unique and different way. We may 79 | P a g e . demands on our time. The notion of creative energy can be defined a number of ways.to discuss the relationship of meditation to creative energy in general. bills. Advanced research shows an addition increase in empathy. The brain functions differently in the creative process than it does in the logical processing mode. At the same time. social awareness and emotional processing as well that is associated with meditation. We all live in the real world of clocks. All brainwave research shows that the creative portion of the brain works better and more productively when you are in the meditative or alpha state. logical boundaries that define so much of our existence.

you sit gently relaxed and comfortable and are aware of your body and its parts and sensations. you allow the feelings of your body. such as sounds and 80 | P a g e . Meditation is a wonderful way to help with this kind of feeling. We might be struggling to find the inner voice that says what we are and why we are here but we can t hear it well enough ourselves. We might feel the need to stimulate our minds with new learning but don t know how to start. In the awareness meditation style. It can help you in two ways. stronger. the emotions of your heart and the contents of your mind to move in and out of consciousness without engaging in debate or dialogue. This is a little difficult to articulate but if you are honest with yourself and think deeply you already know what I am saying. clearer or more powerfully or tenderly than we know how. your own feelings and experiences that may come in from outside. We have all felt the need to reach somehow deeper into our minds and feelings and express something in some medium better.want to write something powerful for personal or professional reasons and don t know how. This means that while meditating . First of all it can help you get in touch with what you are feeling.

Second. 81 | P a g e . you will find that during the meditation that you have ideas and sensations that sometimes flow easily in your mind and sometimes flash in with sudden brilliance. You will find that you can understand your own feelings better and indifferent ways when you meditate. You will find that as you regularly meditate you brilliant and powerful mind will help you find the things that you are seeking and will provide you with ample creative and beneficial ways to express your ideas and feeling. You will be able to put form and words around the vague feelings that you have. if you know what you are feeling are trying to do but have been struggling to find the creative expressions that I talked about earlier. you note these just as you do all the other sensations. your own emotions and feelings and your thoughts that may be of any nature.externally inputs. This is because your mind is in alpha state which is different than the more analytical and sometimes more hectic beta state. on paper for use later in your creative needs. During the meditation. but when you are finished meditating you mote them again.

In this section. I would like to talk about memory as one of the specific processes of our brains that can be improved with attention to it.In addition. Some research suggests that this gradual erosion of processing power starts at about age 30 unless we take steps to strengthen our neural muscles. 82 | P a g e . and then think about the area or concern in question. our brains also show signs of wear and tear. dendrites fail and brain functions erode over time. Neurons wear out. there are specific things that we can do to improve the performance of our brains. your alpha and theta mind states while meditating and your delta mind state while sleeping will often present you with ideas and solutions in the morning. Meditation and Memory As our bodies age. if you meditate mindfully before sleeping at night. As funny as that may sound.

83 | P a g e . Stimulating and intellectual debate and dialogue increase our neural functioning. Some ways are obvious and some may surprise you. regular and wide ranging reading stimulates new and enhanced neural activity. Our focus here is on meditation and so we will explore how that will help your brain functioning and specifically improve your memory.Meditation can play a significant role in the development of our ability to remember things both in the long and short term. If you are interested in the other activities that increase your brain capacity please refer to the suggested reading list in volume one of this series. There are some specific ways that we can exercise our brains. Several studies have shown increases in mental capacity. improvement in memory and an increase in empathy and social awareness from the practice of meditation. There are several books and courses that have been developed that give tips and techniques to improve memory skills. In addition. This exercise will increase the neural activity and cause new dendrites to grow which will in turn improve our mental capacity and functioning. but they work.

Meditation has been proven to help you learn new skills better. First. This means that if you mediate while exploring memory enhancement tools and learning these methods they will penetrate deeper in your consciousness and be more effective at helping you improve your recall and use of memory. if you regularly meditate that fact alone will increase your memory capability for both short term and long term memory. mnemonic lists and triggers and physical and experiential connections are among the tools that you can learn to improve your memory. Meditation plays a role in two ways.Visual and auditory association methods. The second way that meditation will help is by increasing the effectiveness of any of the methods that you may choose to use to enhance your memory skills. This is because it improves neural functions exercises the neural pathways in your brain and creates new dendrites and renews the chemicals associated with memory functions. faster and more completely. 84 | P a g e .

I ask myself is the text or message uplifting? Do I feel better when I read it or does it make me feel somehow nobler and more worthwhile and more open to others needs and feelings? The second I ask myself is is the message simple? Throughout history. but religious texts are not the only things that are worthy of serious contemplation and meditation. 85 | P a g e . There are different religious texts for different religious groups. great teachers and spiritual guides have given the most profound truths and guidance in simple. or Do unto others as you would that they do unto you.Meditation on Scriptures or other Sacred Texts This practice is a powerful aid to finding your own spirituality. There are uplifting and meaningful things that have been written through the ages by many different writers. Whatever texts or works you consider sacred or inspiring are candidates for meditation. First of all. I use three factors to see if a text is something that I would meditate on. easy to articulate language. For example: Love one another. Since the goal of this section is to find your own spirituality.

Third. but if the goal is finding your own spirituality. then what you have chosen is likely something worth devoting some time to. more evenhanded. Obviously. then simple yet profound ideas will be a more productive place to start your search. or heavily distracted. you may wish to reevaluate your choice of focus.I have found that meditation is far more successful and meaningful on the spiritual side when contemplating the multiple layers and meanings of simple and profound thoughts rather than trying to unravel complicated threads whose direction is unclear. more tolerant or think or behave in a way that is closer to your ideal? If the answer to these three questions is yes. kinder. This is not to say that you should not meditate on complicated or difficult topics. If you are distraught. if you meditate on a phrase or idea and the outcome leaves you flat and unmotivated or unenlightened. does the idea or passage suggest or motivate some good action or behavior? Does it make you want to be better. personal improvement and spirituality are very sensitive to your moods and experiences. then it may not be possible to reach the plane of feeling 86 | P a g e . On the other hand.

the normal benefits of meditation.normally associated experiences. Second. 87 | P a g e . I find that meditation on spiritual writings is helpful in two ways. by practicing the gentle concentration style of meditation. First. and sustained or repeated effort may pay off handsomely in insight and increased understanding and spiritual awareness. The night is darkest just before dawn. those of clearing out the clutter and calming the storms of my mind are always a welcome respite from the pace of daily life. with spiritual feelings and This does not mean that you should not try anyway. This unfolding may be either gentle or powerful or both. the meaning and power of some writing may unfold in my mind as I meditate. but it is always very rewarding to have some new thought or insight into some special words or ideas after meditation. Only you can decide what you feel good about and whether or not a particular piece of writing is good for your soul.

If we survey cultures across the world and if we are truthful in our own hearts we know that there are universal principles that are constant. Suppose that you feel that kindness is an attribute that you equate with spirituality or an attribute that you want to develop more fully in your daily walk of life. This is not actually the case.Meditation on a Spiritual Attribute There are universal truths and principles. When we examine the physical world around us we see and experience physical laws that do not change. or how to make it a part of your life is a very worthwhile application of meditation in the area of finding your own spirituality. Sometimes we would like to believe that moral imperatives are different. An example might be helpful. How would that translate into a meditation? 88 | P a g e . Meditation on the meaning of a worthy attribute and thinking about how to acquire it. Laws like the behavior of matter and the operation of gravity are not subject to interpretation and opinion. Some would argue that everything is relative and subject to societal norms and current values.

This might consist of reviewing in a gentle way situations or circumstances where you find that this idea of trait might be applicable. Such a meditation might give you insight into what you want in yourself as a person. This may be circumstances life. if you meditate on the definition of kindness you might confront some of the following questions. First of all. having a your inner self in a calm and relaxed 89 | P a g e . What does it mean to be kind? Under what circumstances do I apply these definitions? Who should I be kind to? What about people who are unkind to me? What about strangers? Is there something wrong with indifference? There are dozens of other questions that you might ask yourself in a quest of understanding the meaning of that simple word and the implications for you in your daily life. or that you believe might come up in your you choose to describe it.Some suggestions of a possible approach follow. However dialogue with times that have already passed. The second possible application would be to meditate on ways that you want to apply this attribute in your own life.

Meditation for Personal Spiritual Renewal Life is sometimes a difficult journey. Sometimes they are thrust upon us by circumstance and sometimes they are the willful acts of others. We all have things that happen that are hard. You might feel abandoned or unfairly treated in the scheme of things. there will be times of doubt. Sometimes they are the consequences of our own choices. If you are spiritually inclined. of discouragement and times that you wonder if it is all worthwhile. No matter who you are and no matter what your circumstance. or if there is any point to the seemingly endless struggle that might be engulfing you at that time. Sometimes you might wonder why me? 90 | P a g e . you might view such times as a challenge to your faith or your view of God or the unseen world.meditation is a good way to begin to integrate spiritual attributes into your life that you wish to cultivate.

and on God can help you with courage and strength to get through today. we still have to deal with the struggles of the present. but a long voyage. Meditation on life. even if the future looks somehow a bit better. life is not a day trip. no matter what we see in the distance. Second. I will offer three suggestions that may be beneficial in such circumstances to make order out of chaos or to give you a different perspective. we cannot see past the short terms hills that are blocking our view. Regular meditation on a spiritual theme or one of the themes in volume one suggested for concentration meditation will be helpful in getting a larger perspective that can help put things into context. I am personally very spiritually inclined. Sometimes when things are difficult. The daily things press in and sometimes are too heavy to carry. First. and keep focused on the further horizon that looks more promising. its purposes.It is often of times of greatest struggle and difficulty that meditation can play the largest role. and I believe I have received great strength from heavenly sources to 91 | P a g e . It may also offer some hope and courage to gracefully move through the present.

It may seem that no matter where we turn.aid me in my difficult days and years. but personally. direction. Sometimes it is an intentional and harmful wound inflicted by a stranger. Meditation in those hours has given me a connection to my spirituality that has strengthened my resolve and purpose and given me a hope in God for a way through that pressing storm. Sometimes it is an act of carelessness by a friend or loved one. Each person must decide for themselves what to do in these situations. Sometimes it is an indiscreet act. 92 | P a g e . or a mistake by someone we don t even know. I know of a certainty that there is more to our lives than meets the daily eye. I have found great comfort in taking time to meditate and re-learning what is really important in life. nothing looks better. focus. or even appears to hold any promise. Meditation and Forgiveness Everyone has felt that they have been wronged. Third there are those times when life has simply lost purpose. or worse yet even all meaning for us at the present.

A child may run from a bully. someone may need to get out of an abusive situation. Forgiveness is tied to many aspects of spirituality. We likely did not choose to be harmed. It does not matter whether or not a person seeks forgiveness or is sorry for the act or acts that they committed or things they failed to do. but prolonged bitterness and cancerous anger will eat away at your soul and eventually damage you more than the initial acts themselves. If we are harmed. we can also choose to end the harmful effects of the situation by removing the power of the person or persons that harmed us. it is a calculated and malevolent blow by one we trust or love. After we are safe from the danger. we should remove ourselves from the harmful situation and seek refuge elsewhere.Sometimes. a person may leave an argument. For us to 93 | P a g e . perhaps worst of all. Carrying hurt and anger around with us for the acts of others is a harmful thing. Wariness after having been harmed in some way is normal and healthy. and many religious systems teach that forgiveness is an important part of our growth and development as human beings.

stunt our growth and get in the way of our own beauty. or a good friend might be a needed support. Only we can decide whether and when we will completely wash out the poison of past thorns be removed from our wounds so that they can truly heal. Such feelings reduce our potential. The longer and more powerfully we carry resentment. 94 | P a g e . All of those things are good and sometimes essential. forgiveness in our hearts of whoever and whatever may have happened is a way for us to erase the power of the misdeed or misfortune over our hearts.continue to carry the burden of their failure is to extend the consequence of the error. counseling or other professional help might be helpful. This does not mean that there should not be consequences or that bad acts should go without punishment. hunger for revenge or any similar feelings. But the biggest key is the content of our own hearts. It means that regardless of how that all plays out. the smaller and more stagnant our souls become. Depending on the circumstance and the wrong. bitterness. anger. Meditation is a powerful tool to help with this healing process.

Meditation on spiritual feelings. While we have now mapped much of the earth so there is little danger of getting lost for most of us. I speak rather of an instrument that sits in your heart and points to the true north of an honorable life. Meditation and Finding Your Compass In the time of explorers on land and sailing ships on the seas. and sophisticated GPS systems tell us where we are within a few feet. or simply the grand design around us will truly be a tool that can heal your heart of difficult wounds as you learn to forgive past wrongs and move on to your own unique beauty and the good you can do for others in your sphere of influence. I am not speaking of an instrument that sits in your hand and points to the magnetic north of the earth. your own goodness and your relationship with the larger universe. we still need a compass more than ever. the starts overhead and a compass were essential for not getting lost finding your way faithfully to a destination. whether it is God. 95 | P a g e . texts.

I do not write this section to describe any particular code of ethics or to promote any particular system. Each of us must decide for ourselves what we know to be important. and try to fix it later when it won t be so messy or so visible.Every person must decide for themselves where they stand and what they believe in. I have observed however. and what we know to be true and real. It doesn t matter how many laws we pass or how much enforcement that we have. 96 | P a g e . that it is easy today to excuse a little cheating and a bit of dishonesty because it seems that no one really sees it. If you cannot hear the true north beacon in your heart. We cannot legislate or enforce goodness or truth. Meditation. It may seem also that everyone is a bit loose and fast with the truth because it is easier or more convenient to stretch it. It may also seem that it is best to fudge a bit now. then it will be really difficult to tell if you are ever off course or headed in the wrong direction. particularly in the realm of spirituality and personal values is a great aid to sorting out the noise of the outside and setting your own course with your own compass.

If we spend quiet time with ourselves on a regular basis. In the current times of turmoil. truth. it won t matter what you ultimately accomplish. trust and similar powerful anchors. if you sacrifice integrity. integrity and trust are the foundation stone of civilization itself. fairness. It will feel hollow. Ideas like fairness. has universal and unchanging ideals that are much the same. and get to know ourselves through this wonderful and revealing process. Every society and culture in our world. we have the opportunity to use meditation to help us in this way. the need to have things and be important and powerful can seem to 97 | P a g e . even in the turbulent times we now live in. we will be able to hear the beacon sounding in our hearts. It can keep you in touch with those things that are really important in your life and in the lives of those who know and care for you. honesty. friendship. As you struggle to establish yourself in the world around you. honor.Fortunately. kindness. Meditation is a powerful and wonderful way to keep yourself grounded in what you believe is important and real.

But when the lights go out and the people go home. We have only presented a brief survey to give you an inkling of the variety and breadth of the potential applications. Meditation and finding your own spirituality is a great way to keep track of what we all really need. I have not tried to cover even a tiny part of the full number of potential applications. Everyone has their own needs.overshadow everything else. An acquaintance of mine once said. and everyone is unique in their desires to improve their own lives and circumstances. we are still left alone with ourselves. The number of ways that meditation can help our lives will be as numerous as the number of people that there are. Instead I have covered different types of applications so that you can see the 98 | P a g e . you can never have enough of what you don t need. because what you don t need won t satisfy you. There are hundreds of applications that we could discuss in this report.

and I will give specific examples and suggestions about how you can use each style to benefit the areas in your life that are best suited to that style. If the applications described in this report have awakened you to a sense of your own infinite and unlimited possibility. 99 | P a g e . then by all means. immediately download the full course: Meditation The Amazing Journey Within and start on your own amazing journey. In the five books in this series.different areas that meditation can help you improve your life. I will cover the different styles of meditation in depth.

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