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Product bulletin

Types VOZZ-25 and

VOZZ-25G voltage transformers
46-52 kV, 250 kV BIL, outdoor
Product overview

Product features Terminals

– 46-52 kV outdoor Electro-tin plated, clamp-type, copper primary line terminals
– 250 kV BIL accommodate #10 to 250 MCM conductors. The H2 neutral
– 60 hertz terminal of the VOZZ-25G is insulated to withstand a 19 kV
– Primary volts: 27600-46000 test level and can be disconnected from the external ground
– Thermal rating: refer to Selection Guide cable for power factor measurement. Spade-type terminals are
– Electrical clearances: available upon request.
Strike: 24.0" (610 mm) Clamp-type secondary terminals accommodate #14 through
Creep: 64.0" (1635 mm) #3 wire. A ground terminal is also provided for grounding the
VOZZ-25G secondary circuit at the transformer.
Strike: 18.5" (470 mm)
Creep: 55.5" (1410 mm) Junction box
The junction box has a 1" conduit hub on either end and a
Application knock-out for a 1" conduit fitting on the bottom. The box is
The VOZZ-25 and VOZZ-25G outdoor voltage transformers anchored to the body of the transformer with screws and can
are designed for high burden applications and are suitable for be easily detached, simplifying installation and change-out
operating meters and relays and for supplying control power. procedures.

The VOZZ-25 is a two-bushing design for line-to-line Baseplate

applications where the line-to-line voltage equals the primary The base is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and
rating of the transformer. The unit can be connected line-to- secured to the core and coil support frame.
ground/earth at reduced voltages.
The VOZZ-25G is a single-bushing design for line-to-ground/ The VOZZ-25 and VOZZ-25G can be mounted in upright,
earth applications on an effectively grounded system. They are cantilever, or upside-down positions. Stress relief devices
capable of operating at 190% of rated voltage continuously. should be used to support cable connections.

Construction features Test reports

The layer wound and shielded high voltage winding is designed IEEE test reports are stored electronically and can be e-mailed
to withstand continuous operation at ratings higher than the in various formats at the time of shipment.
rated voltage level when applied on a 46-52 kV, 250 kV BIL
system. Refer to the Selection Guide for the rated voltage factor Standards
(RVF). Two cores placed through and around the windings are These units meet all applicable IEEE and NEMA standards and
protectively cushioned and secured to a support frame. can be made to meet other standards such as CSA or IEC,
as requested.
For insulation and protection, the assembly is cast in hydropho-
bic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) using the automatic pressure
gelation process. The HCEP material offers superior arc track,
ozone, and ultraviolet-resistive properties while maintaining
physical strength. The hydrophobic properties of HCEP ensure
highly reliable performance in severely polluted environments.

2 Types VOZZ-25 and VOZZ-25G voltage transformers | ABB product bulletin

Unit dimensions
Unit Strike Creep Weight
Type (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (lb) (kg)
VOZZ-25 24.0 610 64 1626 385 175
VOZZ-25G 18.5 470 55 1397 375 170

Baseplate dimensions


VOZZ-25G Note: Metric dimensions are displayed in [mm].

Selection guide
Primary Secondary Winding IEEE Rated Voltage Thermal Rating
Voltage Voltage Ratio Metering Accuracy Factor @ 30°C (VA) Style Number
Type VOZZ-25 (with clamp-type terminals)
37950/37950Y 115 330:1 0.3ZZ 1.25 4000 E-923A399G01
46000/46000Y 115 & 115 400 & 400:1 0.3ZZ 1.25 5000 E-923A388G01
Type VOZZ-25G (with clamp-type terminals)
27600/46000GY 115 & 115 240 & 240:1 0.3Z 1.9 3000 E-923A389G01

Additional styles available upon request. Contact your ABB sales representative or call +1-252-827-3212 for more information.
Note: 50 Hz designs available

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