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Jeremy Gilsdorf

20 South 36th street
I am currently a sophomore at the University of Colorado in Boulder, majoring in mechanical engineering. I graduated from
Cheyenne Mountain High School in 2009. I earned the privilege to be on the Principal’s Honor Roll as well as a member of
the National Honor Society. At the University of Colorado I am involved in The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I
truly enjoy the creative challenges that the projects class provided. Mechanical engineering requires creativity and solid
science discipline—both of which I have been developing at CU.


Server/kitchen staff/busser, Fair Hills Resort, Detroit Lakes, MN 2010

At Fair Hills Resort, I was responsible for taking orders, delivering food, and satisfying guests. I also bussed tables and
helped keep the kitchen clean. Periodically throughout the summer I was also responsible for serving drinks at weddings.

Solid works/Engineer Draftsmen, Zany Wooden Toys that Whizz Fly Pop and Spin, Colorado Springs,
CO _2010
As a solid works designer, I was responsible for creating specific engineer drawings of the toys that were featured in the
book. My drawings included GDT specifications so that manufacturer's could quote prices to build kit components and
allowed manufacturers to look at the drawings in order to manufacture kits to build the toys.

Designer/shop worker, Barefoot boards, Colorado Springs, CO 2008-2010

I was sole proprietor of Barefoot Boards, a company that designed and manufactured long boards. I designed, cut, molded,
routed, and finished the boards. Graphic art was subcontracted to local artists. Roughly 50 boards were manufactured and
sold.. After designing a cut out it was my responsibility to cut the board out, mold it into a proper contour and finish the board
by routing the edges and varnish. In some cases the boards needed an extra layer of support, I added support by applying

Life Guard, Little Dipper Swimming Pool, Colorado Springs, CO_2008-2009

Life guarding required extensive knowledge in first aid and CPR, as well as swimming. As a life guard it was my duty to make
sure that the swimming patrons were safe.

University of Colorado at Boulder, 2009-present, Sophomore

Cheyenne Mountain High School, Graduated 2009

Certified to operate the lathes and mills

Leadership Positions
Eagle Scout

Wyldlife Leader
Link Leader

Section Leader Symphonic Band

Being in the engineering program, I have knowledge in math, programming, and English. I have advanced skills in Solid
Works, Mathematica, Excel, VBA, Matlab, and MathCad. After creating many projects I excell at shop work such as drilling
and cutting. From the introduction to mechanical engineering course I am certified for both the lathe and mills in the machine
shop. I have a great mind for creativity as well as a solid balance of work ethic that is needed when participating in a project.


Fair Hills Resort Dawnielle Labonte (701)-360-3212

Little Dipper Swimming Pool (719)-475-2008