Subject : Business Communication

MB0023 : PART - A
Q. 1 _____ is more than a set of by-laws, financial reports or organizational charts A) Group B) Workplace C) Communication D) Organization ____ technique of reading is evolved by Robinson in his book “Effective Study” (1970) A) 3SQR B) S3QR C) SQ3R D) None of the above _____ usually takes a singular verb A) Proper Noun B) Common Noun C) Collective Noun D) Abstract Noun The A) B) C) D) abbreviation used for Pages is: pp. pg. ^ *

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In _____, the subject is acted upon by the agent A) Active Voice B) Passive Voice C) Simple Sentence D) Compound Sentence _____ modifies the word A) Noun B) Verb C) Adjective D) Adverb A _____ is is usually an announcement sheet that is sent to specific groups of people A) Circular B) Notice C) Reports D) None of the above An ‘open’ posture is _____ A) Back straight B) Arms and legs uncrossed C) Both A) and B) D) Back Hunched _____ is the foundation or road map of good

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Recall. They can be cut into parts A) a-T. 2-T. 3 and 5 D) 2. b-F State the True points with respect to Sentences 1. It expresses the thought of the person. 3-F The A) B) C) D) Stages in SQ3R in proper order are: Reading. Recall Review. Listening is more than just hearing c. It is imperative that a sentence h A) 1-T. 2 Q. 2-F. 4 and 5 Q. b-T B) a-T.B Q. Review. interactive process b. Reading. Listening is a highly complex. Hearing is only an important component of Listening A) a and b B) b and c C) a and c D) a. who speaks or writes the sentence 2. 3-T C) 1-F. a sentence is considered as a largest grammatical unit 3. 2-T. 10 In Chemistry. Recall. b and c State the True points of rules of Proof Reading: 1) E before I except after C 2) Dropping the final E 3) Dropping the final Y 4) Adding a prefix 5) Dropping final consonants A) 1. 1 State the True Points with respect to the Non-Count Nouns a. 5 . 2 and 5 B) 2. Reading Q. 3-T B) 1-T. Review Recall. b-F C) a-F.presentation either oral or written A) Note Taking B) Business Letter C) Charts D) Diagrams Q. 3 Q. Review Reading. Traditionally. 2-F. ‘C’ stands for _____ A) Calcium B) Carbon C) Coke D) Carbo-hydrates MB0023 : PART . 3-F D) 1-F. 3 and 4 C) 1. They are a whole unit which cannot be counted separately b. 4 State the True points with respect to Listening: a. b-T D) a-F.

e and g B) b. 6-a Dos When Answering Questions in an interview are: 1. Shows time or lists items in order 2. 5-d.MB0023 : PART – C Q. 6-f B) 1-e. d. 3 and 4 D) All of the above Advantages of a Slide Projector are: a. 3 Q. 2 Q. Slide projectors are portable and easy to store b. e and f D) All of the above While writing the Minutes of the Meetings. Likewise c. One syllable adjectives and one syllable adverbs that do not end in —ly form their comparative and superlative by adding —er and —est to the positive form 2. 3-b. 6-a C) 1-a. 2-c. Colour images are comparatively cheaper to produce c. 1 The Patterns of Change in the Degrees of Comparison are: 1. the key points to remember are: 1. 4-e. Adjectives of thr A) 1. 2-c. 2-c. 4-d. Furth A) 1-a. not how you interpre A) Except 2 B) Except 2 & 5 C) Except 6 D) All of the above Match the Sets Set A 1. c. End your answers with positive points whenever you Q.what was said. 3-b. 2-b. f and g C) a. Refers to an alternative Set B a. Many kinds of materials can be converted into slide form d. 5-f. which are verbatim 3. Face-to-Face Contact is increa A) a. Alternatively b. 4 Q. 2 and 3 B) 1. They must be entirely accurate . They are a summary except motions. e. 5-e. d. 3-c. 6-f D) 1-e. 2 and 4 C) 2. Shows a result 6. Indicates similarity 4. Adds an idea 3. Provides an example 5. 5-f. 5 . Do not ask the interviewer to repeat a question whatsoever 3. 4-d. b. Keep your sentences short and to the point 2. 3-b. 4-d. They are key points only 2. c.

can 4. Use jarg A) 1. 2 and B) 2. 3 and C) 1. 3 and D) 2. 4 and 5 4 5 5 .

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