Ways to Cope with Life
(Charlotte Joko Beck)

9 ...r espond t o ot her s’ ideas & expect at ions

8 ...be in cont r ol

1 ...cor r ect what is wrong 2 ...t ake car e of ot her ’s needs

7 ...be posit ive, upbeat , look t o t he fut ure 6 ...be awar e of pot ent ial pr oblem s 5 ...under st and ever yt hing

I must...

3 ...achieve and get r esult s 4 ...r egr et what is m issing in my life

Copyright 2004, Mary Bast, Ph.D., Out of the Box Coaching, 352-374-6916, www.breakoutofthebox.com


com 2 . Out of the Box Coaching.Focus of Attention (Helen Palmer & David Daniels) 9 (Ot her s' pr efer ences) 8 (Taking char ge) 1 (Fixing t hings) 7 (The good news) 2 (Ot her s' needs) Focus of Attention 6 (The bad news) 3 (Get t ing it done) 5 (Under st anding) 4 (The new & differ ent ) Copyright 2004.D.breakoutofthebox.. Ph. Mary Bast. www. 352-374-6916.

Mary Bast. Ph.breakoutofthebox..com 3 .D. Out of the Box Coaching. 352-374-6916. www.Key Behaviors/Fixations (Margaret Frings Keyes) Self-Forgetting A NON-AGGRESSION B "I'm easy going" C Epic Tales 9 Power/Control A MY JUSTICE B "I'm powerful" C Imperatives 8 1 Perfectionism A RESENTMENT B "I'm right" C Preach & Teach A LIFE SCRIPT B Self Description C Talk Style Enthusiasm 7 A UNEASY ACTIVITY B "I see the bright side" C Anecdotes 2 Entitlement A MANIPULATION B "I'm helpful" C Help & Advice Accusation 6 A RECKLESS COURAGE B "I'm loyal" C Group Thought 3 (Self) Deception A IMAGE-MAKING B "I'm successful" C Self-Promotion Detachment 5 4 Dissatisfaction A MOODY NOSTALGIA B "I'm unique" C Sad Stories A KNOWLEDGE/WITHDRAWAL B "I'm perceptive" C DIssertations Copyright 2004.

352-374-6916. Out of the Box Coaching.Driving Force and Development Need (Claudio Naranjo) The Diplomat A INDOLENCE B Self-Forgetting C Active Engagement 9 The Advocate 8 A LUST/EXCESS B Power/Control C Innocence 1 The Idealist A ANGER B Perfectionism C Patience A DRIVING FORCE B Behavior Set C Development Need The Futurist 7 A GLUTTONY B Enthusiasm C Temperance 2 The Mentor A PRIDE B Entitlement C Humility The Partner 6 A FEAR (OF FEAR) B Accusation C Courage 3 The Star A VANITY B (Self) Deception C Authenticity The Synthesizer 5 A HOARDING B Detachment C Nonattachment 4 The Innovator A ENVY B Dissatisfaction C Equanimity Copyright 2004. Ph.com 4 . www. Mary Bast..D.breakoutofthebox.

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