May 2007 - Life Affirming Issue

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Cancer kills millions every year. Wrestling is a nice distraction from the inevitable death we all face. Sometimes, the real world cruely goes into business for itself. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams, Roddy Piper and Manny Fernandez are all survivors of the horrible Grandma-Killing disease. Dr. Death Steve Williams is a survivor. After Christ, and then battling and beating advanced throat canwe pray tocer in 2004, he is taking the new lease on gether.” life he has been given and putting it to good use. Those comments “I work for a ministry group now. I help teach ka- may be the last thing wrestling rate to inner city kids, and on Valentine’s Day I just put on a wrestling show at my church for the fans would expect from one youth group,” he said. “I use the ring as an altar Rowdy Roddy Piper of the most call, and I do my testimony from the ring and Reptilians, Hulk Hogan in the 80’s and now CANCER have failed feared perthen ask the kids if they want to give their lives to
to get put over by HOTROD.


formers to ever set foot in the ring. These days, however, Dr. Death has been on a mission to transform himself into Dr. Life. The effects of his transformation have been felt by the young wrestlers in WWE’s developmental system. “I am so blessed to get the opportunity to come back to the heart of professional wrestling and be able to come back to the business. God gave me this second chance,” Williams continued. “For WWE to let me give my heart back to these kids is wonderful, I really enjoy it. These kids really respect me, which makes my job easier. It truly is a privilege.” The strength Williams has shown since his battle with cancer is beyond merely physical and mental, but deeply spiritual as well. It is that strength of spirit that has helped him in his recovery. “I’ve done a cage match at the old ECW arena and had some other matches since being cancer free. These opportunities, as well as all else, come through Christ. I am just giving back to God what He gave back to me.” That is a far cry from the attitude of when he was first diagnosed. “Like anyone when they hear they have can-

cer, I thought I was going to die,” said Williams. “It really shocked me. I am a health nut, I train hard, and I eat well, I’m an athlete that has worked with every major wrestling company. I’ve held titles, beaten people up in Battle Royals and Cage Matches. I’ve been a member of great OU football teams in college. I was an All-American four times in wrestling. I played in five bowl


he and I agree that Steve Williams mentally and physically is the toughest athlete either of us has ever seen in any walk of life or any sport, including the NFL.” Ross would know. He is the man who signed Williams to Mid South Wrestling while Williams was still at Oklahoma University. “We signed Steve in between his junior and senior year at OU. He was as flexible a big man as I have ever seen. High character guy, the type of guy you would want in your corner for anything. The guy you would want watching your back in a dark alley.” As for the book, Ross has had the chance to read parts.

games with OU and professional football in the USFL,” Williams continued. “I may have taken some dead end roads, but I never thought I would have cancer,”

It was then that Steve Williams drew from the toughness he showed during his career.

“I read a great deal of it. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the finished product, but I will read it cover to cover when it is released,” Ross said. “I went to radiation and had to go into focus and “The excerpts I have read were outstanding. It is attack cancer before it attacked me. There were a just a wonderful story of not just his amazing athcouple times I thought I wasn’t going to make it, letic career but his battle with cancer. It’s a mirabut I kept praying to God and He opened the cle he is still alive.” door,” Williams said. “I’ve been a fighter all my life. I never gave up. I’m one of these guys that Jim Ross visited his friend Steve Williams while my good friend Hacksaw Jim Duggan would call a Dr. Death was undergoing radiation therapy, and ‘tough guy’.” Ross has his own feelings on what it means for his friend to still be here. Dr. Death wasn’t alone in his struggles, as he had the support of good friend and fellow Oklahoman – Jim Ross. JR, in fact, wrote the forward for Williams’ book. “I know that myself and Coach Barry Switzer were asked to write forwards for the book, and



On February 12th 2007, at a Raw taping, Hot Rod announced that he was cancer free. Time will tell, but for now it seems Piper will live to see another day. Roddy has a few more firings/re-hirings left in him. The following slightly dated bio of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was kindly borrowed from out friends at
One of wrestling's all-time great personalities, Rowdy Roddy Piper, spent most of his youth growing up in Canada. His father was a CN policeman, and the family lived everywhere from The Pas, Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After a falling out with his father, he hit the road, and from age 12 to 15, he stayed in youth hostels wherever he could find them. Despite being nicknamed "The Parkdale Pugilists" by Toronto media, Piper didn't in fact live in that part of old Toronto. Instead, he lived in the more upscale Don Mills area for a spell, including getting expelled from North York's Donview Heights Junior High School. At 15, he ended up in Winnipeg. It was there that he got involved in wrestling.


Best known as the bear that ate Eddie Gilbert.
We are sad to report that Fredrico the Wrestling Bear died of enlarrged heart. Fredrico took a lot of heat after the death of Eddie and was retired to Jose Gonzalez’ farm.

Piper Pawned Cancer


He told The Oregonian newspaper "The first professional match I saw, I was in. I was living on the streets of Winnipeg and a guy offered me $25 to wrestle. I had been a boxer and an amateur wrestling champion (Piper won the 167pound Amateur Wrestling Championship of Manitoba at 15) so I thought it sounded good. "I was 15 years old and weighed 167 pounds. My first match was against Larry Hennig, who was a former world champion, 35 years old, and weighed about 320. I lost the match in 10 seconds." After being used as a jobber in Winnipeg, Piper traveled to Los Angeles. In L.A., he wrestled as "the Masked Canadian" and later, tangled with Chavo Guerrero, Sr. It would be Guerrero that would be on the losing end of a match against Piper on March 12, 1976 to give Roddy his first championship, the NWA Americas title. That victory would not be the last time that Piper and a Guerrero clashed. Piper would enjoy two reigns as NWA World Tag Team Champion while in L.A., and both times he would defeat a Guerrero to do so. On July 22, 1977, he would team with Keith Franks (who would later be known as Adrian Adonis) to defeat Tom Jones and Mando Guerrero, then on April 21, 1978, he would team with Ron Bass to defeat Black Gordman and Chavo. During his time in Los Angeles, Piper would be the Americas champion five times and a tag team champion seven times. After a brief time in the San Francisco area in 1978,(where he defeated Moondog Lonnie Mayne for the United States Championship) Piper headed to Oregon to compete for Don Owen's Pacific Northwest territory. His big break come out in the Pacific Northwest territory, where he became a top draw. And he never forgot that he got his break there. When the company hit hard times in the late '80s, Piper came back to help promoter Don Owen boost some gates and pump some enthusiasm into the scene. In the end, the promotion still died, but Piper had shown his heart. Before the year was out, Piper would team with Killer Tim Brooks to win the area's version of the NWA tag team championship. In February 1979, Piper would also team with Ed Wiskowski (later Colonel DeBeers) to win the belts before forming a very successful team with Rick Martel. The team of Piper and Martel would win the Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles three times and also win the Vancouver-based Canadian Tag Team Championship. Meanwhile, Piper would win the PNW's top title on several occassions in 1979-80, defeating Johnathon Boyd and Buddy Rose. By the fall of 1980, Piper was traveling across the United States, away from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-Atlantic area. He wasted little time in gaining success and gold there, defeating Paul Jones in a tournament for the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship. Before the month was out, however, he would have to vacate that title, because he had defeated Ric Flair for the United States Championship. 1981 and 1982 saw Piper maintain a strong hold on the Mid-Atlantic title, although he would drop it to Ricky Steamboat in November 1981 and twice to Jack Brisco in January 1981 and July 1982. It would be 1983 and the United States Championship that would have Piper cross paths with Greg Valentine. After Piper defeated Valentine for the U.S. title on April 16th, 1983, the feud between the two men intensified, leading to a dog collar match at Starrcade '83. Piper's left ear was injured during the battle. Piper would lose 75% of his hearing in the ear, and the injury would do irreparable damage to his equilibrium. Piper was told his wrestling career was over but instead it was just beginning. In January 1984, Piper headed north to the WWE. In addition to wrestling, Piper's mouth, always one of his strengths, would be put to good use as the host of "Piper's Pit". His actions on the Pit would lead to many feuds, including one with Jimmy Snuka after Piper smashed Snuka over the head with a coconut. Soon Piper found the need for a bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton Jr., the father of future WWE Champion Randy Orton. During Piper's time in "the Pit", he would begin to speak out about the WWE's "Rock and Wrestling Connection" which led him into a confrontation with WWE Champion Hulk Hogan. One of the first times that Hogan and Piper clashed in the ring was at Madison Square Garden, during "the War to Settle the Score" in February 1985 on MTV. Hogan would win by disqualification, but the melee involved Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T and would lead to the first Wrestlemania.


Piper would team with Paul Orndorff to face Hogan and Mr. T in the main event of Wrestlemania. Orndorff would drop the fall, thanks to the misdirected interference from Orton, but it did little to soften Piper's edge. He would continue to be a thorn in not only Hogan's side, but would draw Mr. T back into the wrestling fray. In early 1986, Piper would mold Orton into a boxer, challenging several jobbers to boxing matches on WWE TV. Piper's mouth once again seemed to get the better of him, however, when Hogan accepted Piper's challenge on behalf of Mr. T. Orton would face T on an edition of Saturday Night's Main Event. Mr. T got the win but Piper and Orton attacked him after the bout, leading to a boxing match between the Rowdy One and The ATeam star at Wrestlemania II. Piper would be disqualified in the third round. After Wrestlemania II, Piper took a hiatus from wrestling to film the movie Body Slam (starring the Tonga Kid and Dirk Benedict). When he returned in the fall of 1986, he found that Adrian Adonis had taken over his TV time and had hired Orton as his bodyguard. After a short war of words, Piper found himself on the receiving end of a three-on-one attack, with Adonis, Orton and Don Muraco (a guest on Piper's Pit) ganging up on him. Piper would vow revenge. Meanwhile, something strange had happened. Piper, the WWE's biggest heel since his arrival, was now receiving the cheers of the fans. The feud with Adonis lasted into 1987, and a "hair vs. hair" match at Wrestlemania III. Piper shocked the wrestling world with the announcement that the bout would be his farewell match. With the surprise help of Brutus Beefcake, Piper won the match, cut Adonis' hair, and left the WWE for Hollywood. He said at the time to TV Guide that "I'm not just going to go out into the world and wing it, like I always have. I'd like to do some movies and TV. Not as anything in particular -- just as a personality. I can always come back and fight." A year later, Piper's first major film, John Carpenter's They Live would debut in theatres. Piper would also do several other films during his time away from the ring, including Hell Comes to Frogtown (1987) and Buy and Cell (1989). But the lure of the ring was too strong for Roddy. He would return at Wrestlemania V, as part of a wild interview segment that also included Brother Love and Morton Downey, Jr. As per usual, Piper held court, dispatching both Love and Downey. Soon, Piper would be back in the ring, and crossing paths with Bad News Brown. Piper would court controversy by painting himself half-black for his match against Brown at Wrestlemania VI. After his battle with Bad News and a feud with Ravishing Rick Rude, Piper stepped away from the ring and into the broadcast area, becoming a commentator for most of the next two years. He would step back into the ring at the 1992 Royal Rumble and defeated The Mountie (Jacques Rougeau Jr.) for the Intercontinental Championship, the first title Piper won in the WWE. Piper would lose the title to Bret Hart in a rare face-vs-face match at Wrestlemania VII. After the loss, Piper would once again step away from pro wrestling but would return two years later, as the special guest referee for the Bret HartYokozuna match at Wrestlemania X. He would also feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler, leading to Piper's victory over Lawler at the 1994 King of the Ring.


In between sporadic appearances in the WWE, feuding with Goldust and taking over as interim WWE President in 1996, Piper would star in a series of straight-to-video flicks including No Contest, Immortal Combat and Back in Action. By the end of 1996, however, Roddy would head to the WWE's competition, WCW, and once again find himself facing Hulk Hogan. But with Hogan installed as WCW's top heel and leader of the NWO, Piper found himself on the receiving end of the fans' cheers. Referring to himself as an ICON of pro wrestling, Piper would defeat Hogan at Starrcade '96, but in a nontitle match. Hogan would win the rematch at SuperBrawl, thanks to the use of a foreign object. Undaunted Piper would continue to wage war against the NWO, even teaming with old nemesis Ric Flair. But Flair and Piper did not last long as a team and soon found themselves battling each other. Piper's schedule cut back in 1998, although he retained his role as WCW Commissioner. He both feuded and teamed with Randy Savage, all in one night in one instance (the 1998 Great American Bash) and took part in the War Games at Fall Brawl '98. In Febuary 1999, "Rowdy" Roddy defeated Bret Hart on Nitro to regain the United States Championship only to lose it to Scott Hall at SuperBrawl shortly thereafter. 1999 would also see Piper feud with Ric Flair, again, this time over the position as President of WCW. Flair beat Piper at Slamboree '99 but Eric Bischoff reversed the decision and the feud continued. Piper would remain with WCW until his contract was terminated in the fall of 2000. After a victory over Michelle Starr for Matt Osborne's independent federation, Piper moved on to Jimmy Hart's Xtreme Wrestling Federation, acting as the President and helping with the training of several of the organization's young stars. The XWF soon folded and soon Piper was busy promoting his autobiography In the Pit With Piper. In late 2002, Piper unexpectedly appeared in NWA-TNA and did a shoot on Vince Russo before departing the company. Piper's next appearance, again an unexpected one, came at Wrestlemania XIX when he ran in during the Hulk Hogan/Vince McMahon bout and attacked Hogan. But rather than disappearing again, Piper remained in the WWE, bringing the Pit back with him. Piper became a manager of sorts to Sean O'Haire who would feud with Rikishi, and later Mr. America (Hogan under a mask) and Zach Gowen over the spring of 2003. However, on June 24th, shortly after O'Haire and Piper lost to Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri in a tag team title match on Smackdown, Piper was fired for his comments about the wrestling business and his own drug use on an HBO program "Real Sports". After his departure from the WWE, Piper returns to NWA-TNA and after feuding with Vince Russo, appeared with Jimmy Snuka in a special "Piper's Pit" at the Victory Road pay-per-view. As Vince McMahon once said "Anything Can Happen in the (WWE)" and assuredly that has never been more true than the announcement that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April 2005. Piper delivered one of the highlight speeches of the night and then, twenty-four hours later, hosted a special "Piper's Pit" at Wrestlemania XXI with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as his guest. Piper rid the ring of Carlito Caribbean Cool before falling prey to a Stone Cold Stunner.


Piper would continue to tour with the WWE, appearing at several live events during the spring and early summer of 2005. He would also make an appearance on Raw, saying that Shawn Michaels would answer to him for his recent attack on Hulk Hogan. In the end, Michaels knocked Piper flat with a superkick. However, it would be Smackdown and not Raw that Piper would appear on next. He was re-united, sort of, with his Cowboy Bob Orton. Only instead of swapping war stories, Piper woul "We do everything we can to make sure they are saving for the future and have even brought in financial advisors to help with things like tax.


Hard Times
He’s battled cancer the last several years and had every ailment you can hold a benefit for but The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez ain’t DEAD yet.

A Night with Manny Fernandez

The 2 best mustaches in wrestling

Written by Mick Grimm (borrowed from
Skandor Akbar, Manny Fernandez and Myself were sitting in the office at the Sportatorium on a Friday night kicking around ideas for that nights main event. It was supposed to feature Rod Price against someone (I can't recall who) and that someone was not going to be able to make it.

The only unusual thing about this situation was we knew about it several hours before the matches rather than finding out just before belltime. When that happens, you scramble around and adjust things as best you can, even though the chances are it will set back whatever you've been trying to work toward over the previous few weeks. That's the way things go when you don't truly control the talent you use. Things seem to always be happening to cause changes in the matchups you plan and the talKIDNEYS
Those are shot too. It would kill someone less hardcore than the Raging Bull.


The liver is very important. It filters all the gimmicks. Manny received a new one in 2005.

Currently battling a brain tumor. Good luck, Man. We’re all pulling for you.

Still working great. Rumored to have punched an opposing high school wrestling coach.


ent available (scheduling problems, double bookings, injuries, travel problems, no shows and every conceivable excuse you can imagine). So, we weren't exactly in shock to find out our main event was going to have to change. Manny had come in a few weeks before and was helping in the office and training some of the young guys. He is one interesting character to have around. A great talent with incredible intensity and timing, Manny can also be a bit excessive at times about some things. Personally, I always, or almost always got along pretty well with him. Even when we had our "moments", there was enough respect between us not to let it go too far or get in the way of business. Somehow, we always worked out our differences and things got done. Manny and I are like night and day. He can be loud, aggressive and intimidating to someone who doesn't know him well and at time to those who do. That's why they call him the "raging bull". Tact is not Manny's strong suit. But, if you get beyond the "bull", he can be a fun guy to be around a lot of the time. And you have to respect his talent in the ring and the way he protects and loves the wrestling business. He also can be a loyal friend if he respects you and he's in the right frame of mind. I remember once on a long and difficult Japanese tour, Manny had gotten into one of his "moods" in which he's not happy about anything or with anyone. This lasted for several days and he was becoming unbearable as a traveling companion. Not just for me, but for

everyone except possibly Rod Price, who couldn't have cared less what Manny did as long as there was plenty of beer to be found. Finally, because I was responsible for booking the guys and the office basically looked to me to keep some since of order, Manny and I had to butt heads. After a good many ugly back and forths, Manny settled down and apologized. For the rest of the tour he was a dream. He even did his best to protect me in the ring one night while I was working with a bad shoulder.

Manny Update: RBG posted this on : I talk to him about once a week. Has cancer and is getting it treated.   Recently, a tumor was found in his brain, and they were contemplating surgery or not. I'm running an event in Giddings Texas, in June ’07 and the Ragin’ Bull will be there signing autographs. He was coaching HS wrestling in Morgan Hill, Ca, till another coach smarted off to him, and Manny slapped him. Was living in San Diego, but traveled and did some shows in Texas, with me, and Mississippi, and trained some guys in Denton Texas. We did a tribute show for him in San Antonio, drew a couple of hundred people, Chavo Guerrero made a special appearance. He's relocating to El Paso, Tx and is looking into running a small promotion in that area.




One Man Gang is alive and working as a prison guard. His best WWF feud was with Big Bossman, who was a prison guard before become wrestler. Life is ironic, sometimes. No word on his African Cousin Akeem. Slick appeared at Wrestlemania this year. It was nice to see the Slickster shaking his groove thing again.

Rick Steiner
College Graduate, Varsity Club Member, Realtor

Not Everyone OD’s and dies after their in-ring career
Tito Santana is alive and doing well. He and his wife run a hair salon in New Jersey. Check out




You'd think a wrestling legend like Bruno Sammartino would love to chat about the business and note how far it's come since his heyday. Think again, people.
The Living Legend sat down with SLAM! Wrestling while he was in town to take in a Ring Of Honor show in Detroit recently and had some rather intriguing things to say about the business, especially former employer Vince McMahon. Sammartino has a legacy in WWE that, sadly, will probably be overcome someday and forgotten. But that's alright with him. He said he rarely follows the industry any more and for good reason. "What's this I hear that Vince has a club where guys have to kiss his butt?" asked Sammartino, still looking fit at the age of 71. "Come on. That's just ridiculous. I can't believe that's the state of the business nowadays and I can't believe that's what people watch for. Cable companies should be ashamed for even showing that garbage on television in the first place."

The Last Hard Man Bruno Sammartino
Using methods of comparing business statistics from the 60's to modern day, Bruno Sammartino has been called the biggest draw in the history of the WWE. At what many considered to be the center of the wrestling universe, Sammartino sold the Madison Square Garden out anywhere from 45 to 187 times, depending on who one chooses to believe, and did enormous business for The WWWF at a time when the company had an awful time slot at best, and no television at worst.


At his prime in the 1960s and 1970s, Sammartino had two WWWF title reigns totaling 12 years. One was from 19631971 and the other from 1973-1977. It's rare in this day in age for a wrestler to hold a world title more than a few months. Sammartino attributed his success to McMahon Vince McMahon, Sr. "It was great working for Vince Senior," stated Sammartino emphatically. "There's no comparison between Senior and Junior. Nowadays, Vince makes the wrestlers depend on him. Back in my day, Vince Senior depended on me. We didn't have pay-per-view or WrestleMania, but we would sell out (Madision Square) Garden no problem 12-15 times a year and that's all we had back then were house shows. Vince depended on me. When he would want to bring in a new wrestler for a program with me, he'd run it by me first and if I liked the idea, we'd go with it. If not, then we'd come up with something else. "Junior, he just doesn't care. He'll do whatever he wants. He's just a sick-minded idiot. I mean, who else books a match where you wrestle God. How low can you go? It's disgusting." Ironically, Sammartino's appearance in Detroit was on the eve of the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Sammartino is not a member, won't be a member, and has no idea what the Hall of Fame even is. "They've called plenty of times," Sammartino admitted. "I turn them down every time. What's the point to a Hall of Fame? Is it a building I can actually go to? No. Give me a break. If I gave in and was inducted, what would that say about me? It would make me a hypocrite and then Vince would turn right around and sell DVDs about me and my career and make more money. "Look at a guy like Pete Rose. Why is he in the Hall of Fame? It's a sham." Sammartino was then told why "Charlie Hustle" was in the Hall. "Because a real wrestler piledrove him?" Sammartino asked. "Please. That makes him Hall of Fame material?" Sammartino then learned NFL legend William "Refrigerator" Perry, who competed in the WrestleMania II battle royal alongside Sammartino, was also a member of the WWE's hallowed hall. Sammartino merely rolled his eyes. He knows he's not alone. With McMahon now a World champion having put the ECW title on himself at Backlash on April 29, many fans and observers have continued to walk away from pro wrestling much like Sammartino did many years ago. Sammartino says McMahon has an ego problem. "People would always tell me that if I didn't like the product to stop being involved," noted Sammartino. "So I have, for the most part. If I do watch a show nowadays, they say it's a sellout, but you block off a third of the arena for lighting and what not, plus you tarp off another section and what do you have left? We turned people away back when I wrestled. We drew the fans for the pure wrestling, not for the sex and vulgarity that Vince throws at you now.

“It's just ridiculous.”


According to their official MySpace, Maven, the pill-popping wrestler from The Surreal Life, has been released once again. Guess he should have joined Evolution, after all. The decision about the BET J List has been made. BETJ has decided to cancel the show. We will not be accepting any more add requests at this profile. If you need to contact Myoshi or Maven, please hit them up at their personal pages. Thank you. Thank you so much for all of your support and all of the email you sent! It's good to know that we were doing something right. There is too much good new music out there that's not getting heard. BETJ will still have music programming - just not our show. I'm sure they will continue to rerun the two seasons we did. So if there's an episode you missed, you'll still be able to catch it. Thank you again so much. It really made me and Maven feel good knowing that so many people cared about the show. There's a possibility Maven and I may still work with the network in some capacity. Either way, you'll see us again. :-) Please feel free to connect with me at anytime through my own personal Myspace page and my website. Peace, Myoshi (& Maven too)


Billy Jack Haynes started wrestling in 1982 as Billy Jack in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) territory but had to change his name when Tom Laughlin (who starred in the movie Billy Jack) threatened to sue him. He added his real last name to the gimmick and continued to work as a face.
He feuded heavily with Rip Oliver until 1984, when he had a brief run in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and then a run in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1985. He started splitting his time between PNW and FCW and wrestled with partner Wahoo McDaniel in the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions where they feuded with Ole and Arn Anderson. He had just begun a feud with The Barbarian over who was the strongest man in the territory when he abruptly left the company after a confrontation with Jim Crockett in his office which became physical. In 1986, Haynes went to the World Wrestling Federation and feuded with "Macho Man" Randy Savage over the intercontinental title and then


with Hercules Hernandez over who was stronger and more muscular. Their feud in the WWF culminated with what was dubbed "The Battle of the Full Nelsons" at Wrestlemania III, where the two men battled to a double countout. His departure from the WWF has been a subject of controversy considering the dramatic changes in the story every time Haynes tells it. In one version, he says he quit the WWF after refusing to do a job in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, another account of the same incident reported that he actually wrestled the match with the finish reworked and then fired afterwards. Finally, in a shoot interview, Haynes claims the WWF wanted him to do the job in Portland because he put in his notice to the company some time before and the Portland match was to be his last for the company. So instead of doing the job, he simply walked out. He went back to Oregon in 1987 and

wrestled in their independents until he showed up in World Championship Wrestling with the gimmick of a masked executioner from France named Black Blood in Kevin Sullivan's stable. He soon left WCW after a severe knee injury. After a year and a half of rehabbing, he went back to the PNW territory where he was a heel this time and feuded with top babyface Steve Doll. He spoke out against Vince McMahon and the WWF in 1992 when McMahon was indicted on steroid charges, and stated that the working conditions were terrible and about how ruthless McMahon was. He showed up next in the United States Wrestling Association in 1995 and retired in early 1996.


In recent news, Haynes ended up in a hospital when he was attacked outside a body shop on Southeast Foster Road in Portland. This was due to Haynes' skimming off the top while being a mule in a marijuana smuggling operation some years ago after finding out that he was being underpaid and lied to. Unbeknownst to him, he was transporing cocaine and not marijuana. Haynes himself admitted the motivation behind the attack on his person since the statute of limitations on the laws he broke had run out.



Kevin Nash’s New Roomie
Apparently in an effort to sober up and not die, Scott Hall has moved in with Nash. Will there be an NWO reunion when Hulk moves in after getting robbed in the divorce? Good Luck, Scott. We’re pulling for you, man.

If You Can't Love The One You're With… (Love The Ring Rat) By Dana Hall

I am once again saddened by news of my husband's going to Japan to wrestle for New Japan Wrestling, along with the newest edition of National Examiner, which has once again been an embarrassment to my children and myself. We had hoped that his recent time in jail would have been something to motivate him to make some changes in his life, but his denial is too deep and he is still continuing to blame me for the life he has chosen, and actions he has taken. It is a shame he still chooses to excuse, justify, deceive and deny what he needs to face, and continues to blame others for what he has done to himself. The common denominator in all of his problems has been alcohol and drugs. This is what he needs to accept and deal with. Denial will not make this addiction go away, and things will only get worse for everyone involved with him. This has been increasingly difficult for the children and I and we are trying our best to deal with the daily disappointment and embarrassment Scott has brought upon us. I am so upset that these companies continue to employ him while in the midst of this chaos and serious addiction problems which he has yet to address in any real way. WWF and WCW have for years looked the other way and enabled his addictions and behavior, as well as that of so many other wrestlers, and Scott has only gotten worse. It is so sad to read of the many men who have


died in the last five years. These companies have created monsters and then they refuse to accept responsibility. This is unacceptable and something should be done. Wrestling, drugs and alcohol have destroyed my husband, my marriage and my family as well as many, many others. Children have lost their fathers because money and ratings take priority. In 1998 I fought with WCW while they used my husband's real alcoholism as a storyline. They used his addiction to help them make money and enable his behavior. They looked the other way not only with him but with several, if not all, their top guys for years and years. Their drug-testing policy and behavior code is a joke which they only use to their advantage when they see fit. In proving how sick Scott is, he went along with this right down to wearing shirts with alcoholic comments about himself and "Yo" martini glasses. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? These men don't do this as a job, it becomes a "lifestyle." Many become their alter ego because they do not know the difference between fantasy and reality anymore. These men leave their homes and live a second life that is like one big gigantic bachelor party. I have seen it myself. Then they come home and wonder why their wives are unhappy and their lives are falling apart. They are only required as far as I know to do their "acting" in the ring and in front of the camera. If they could realize that that is where they should leave it and conduct themselves as the husbands and fathers they are, they would avoid so many problems. If wrestling is supposed to be "fake" then why does it so often portray the "real" lives of these men? How come you can't tell the difference on and off the camera? What they pretend to be is all too real. Most do not know where to draw the line. I know Scott still doesn't know who he is, and he has never been able to be him, a husband to me and a father to our children. We never came first because he was obsessed by wrestling, his ego and money. This is what wrestling perpetuates - destruction. Scott Hall is proof of that and still after all that has happened – wrestling comes first. Before his sobriety, or us. When Scott and I remarried in March of 1999 I had so hoped that he would keep his promises to me and the children. He has been unable to do this. He has never been able to remain faithful, another thing wrestlers seem to have a hard time with. Infidelity is a daily occurrence among the guys, while their motto is "If you can't be with the one you love, love the ring rat, the topless dancer, the Nitro ring girl you're with." A marriage cannot survive wrestling for long. They justify their infidelities with the reasoning that they are providing for their families. But how does this make any sense when what you say you were doing for your family causes the destruction of it? How these "men" (and I use this word loosely) live with themselves is beyond me. I guess the conscience is the first thing to go when you become a wrestler. It is so sad how these men, how my husband, have hurt the people who love them the most and have destroyed the lives of their children. These "women" (and I use that word loosely), who don't even care that these men are married and obviously don't have any respect for themselves, I also hold accountable. I pray for them to get a life and a clue. Let me assure them that what goes around, comes around. God is a just God. Do


these men realize that this is the most disrespectful and hurtful thing they can do to their wife and the mother of their children? Do they understand their choice to be unfaithful forever changes the future of their children? Not to mention the example it sets for them. Even now as I remain committed to this marriage in the midst of this and another pending divorce, Scott continues his blatant adultery and hurtful actions toward myself and the children. In his sickness, he has put them in danger while he has drank and drove, he has accused me of being mentally and emotionally unstable, he has neglected his children for months while he hangs out in bars, jails and with his latest bimbo of the month. At the present time he is unable to see his children unsupervised because he is unsafe. He has not seen his children for over two months or called them in over a month, not even on Christmas. He has neglected to pay for their much-needed counseling as the judge ordered over three months ago, or to provide health insurance for them. He says he loves and cares about his children but his actions have never been as such. Destroying their lives and hurting their mother does not show "love." I wish he loved them enough to get well and to stop denying. He stood in the courthouse in December and shouted to everyone who happened to be in the hallway for everybody to suck his ----!" hand actions and all. His behavior is so out of control and he is in need of help.



On May 5th the WWO will make its long awaited return with an 8 man tournament for the WWO Championship. Caine, Gary, Wayne, Sam, Tickle, Arran, Josh and Taylor will fight their way to become WWO champion. With no rules and basically anything goes, what mayhem will be in store this weekend, who will become WWO champion, who will be victorious and who will be going home empty handed? Stay tuned for more!
History cannot be altered, It is kept alive by memory and technology. We cannot forget WWO's past as we begin our quest into the future. The future is what you make of it, WWO is reborn and with a whole new perspective. We fight for passion, for purpose, We want to show people out there what we can do and why WWO should be recognised as an upcoming federation ready for any challenge. WWO's desire for what we do is unforgeable, unmatchable. No one can really understand what pure desire means until they step into the yard and fight for their beliefs, their federation, their country. So unless you know the pain and suffering that goes on in backyard wrestling, along with the heart, the desire, show your respect for what these people do, the athlethicism, the courage, the heart, the fight to be the very best at what they do. Join WWO in its Quest for a new beginning, a new light. WWO Late night brawl will be returning soon!

These lads are killing themselves on PPV May 5th
Meet the stars of the WWO. Wrestling does have a future. They’re even getting a ring soon. Right on. From top to bottom, Gary, Wayne & Arran Check out their site:

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Let me start by saying I am not a licensed or certified trainer. I am just a guy who has spent the better of the last 24 years in a gym, training with weights, and who has developed a way of training that works for me. This will only be a general explanation of my theory of training. I think the biggest problem people face in the gym is over training. This is a strange concept for people to grasp. More people are of the more is better philosophy. Over training is a result of people not knowing how to train. Unfortunately most workout advice comes from muscle magazines, and famous body builders. This is a problem because, with very few exceptions, all of these people are on steroids. Steroids enable your body to recover quicker from training, thus enable you to train harder and more frequent. If you train this way and aren't on steroids, your body will fatigue from over training, and you won't get your best results. Sometimes less is more. Contrary to popular belief, I am not on steroids, nor have I ever been. The angle I did with Candido, and Dreamer, when I claimed to be the best built professional athlete, this side of a negative drug test was a shoot, as least as far as the negative drug test part. If you plan on using steroids my way of training won't be for you, for everyone else let me say avoiding steroids is a wise decision, steroids only provide very short term results, and they come with a very high price, not the least of which being inevitable injuries.

I believe best results are achieved when you train your body once to twice a week, and you must provide it with lots of rest, so it can grow. I divided my body into three training days; chest & biceps, shoulders & legs, back & triceps. I try to get to the gym about 3 maybe 4 times a week (I wish it were more but unfortunately that isn't the case). So I train my body 1 to maybe 1 1/2 times per week. After training

those muscle groups, which takes about 1 hour, I alternate abs and cardio. 1 day abs the next cardio. If I'm really pressed for time or feel-


ing lazy I skip the abs and cardio. This isn't really a good idea but hey, no ones perfect, least of all me. This with wrestling 4 days a week is about all my body can handle. The key to my training; is very strict form, I don't worry about lifting heavy weights, I worry about lifting them properly, and always use a full range of motion, with a slower stricter form. You need to avoid the urge of using too heavy of weight. Many people take long rest periods between sets so they can lift heavier. This is a waste of time, in my opinion. The muscle doesn't know the difference between 50 and 10 lbs, it only knows how hard it is working. If you train the muscle to failure, that's training heavy. What is too heavy and too light? I'm a firm believer in reps between 6 - 12. Choose a weight, then with strict form do as many reps as you can. If you can do more than 12, it's too light, go heavier with your next set. Your first set should be 10 - 12 reps. If you can't get 10 reps, it's too heavy to start. As long as you can get a strict 8 - 10 go a bit heavier next set. If you can only get 6 on your last 2 sets, that's cool, stay with that weight. If you can't get 6 reps, lower the weight. That's pretty much it, pretty basic really. This should give you a general idea as to the way I train. Please if you decide to try my training method, be sure to stretch and warm up the muscles before training.

Always consult with a licensed trainer or doctor if you have any pain or discomfort while training. Muscle pain during training can be good, but any joint pain should be looked at seriously. The theory of "no pain, no gain" is often misunderstood.


I always train the biggest muscle first. Large muscles, such as Chest and Back, I do four exercises with 4 sets of each. Smaller muscles like Biceps and Triceps only 3 exercises with again 4 sets of each. Legs I train different from most people, I train legs with high reps and ligher weights. This isn't favourable for most people, but when I train legs heavy I lose my vertical leap, not to mention the fact that with 4 bulging discs in my lower back heavy squatting is not advised. My speed and mobility is too important too me, so I train light legs and only do 3 or 4 exercises for them. Shoulders are important and something very easy to injure in the gym. Overhead presses of some kind are a must for big shoulders, but they are very hard on you as well. My keys to they are fresh and can lift heavier. I disagree. I do lateral raises for the three deltoid heads first. This strengthens and tightens the muscles first, and helps stabilize the shoulder joint for the presses. You won't be able to press as heavy, but remember this doesn't matter. The muscle will still be working hard. Supplements I don't use any supplements anymore but i did use a couple of supplements when I was working fulltime, Creatine Monohydrate, and Vanadyl pH. I still use protein shakes and bars, but I consider them a diet supplement not a training supplement. For people who are just starting to train, I don't recommend supplements. I think it is important to get as much out of your body, on its own, before trying anything. I was training about 12 - 15 years before taking my first supplement. This is of course excessive but if you get everything out of your body that you can first, you will then be better able to judge what the supplements are actually doing for you. It is also along this same vain, why I suggest to only taking 1 supplement at a time. If you take more than

taking care of the shoulders are; stretching, rotator cuff strengthening, and doing presses late in the workout. Most people do presses first, so


one, who is to say which is working for you, all bodies react differently. Both of the supplements, I took, were recommended to me. Rob Rooksby is the owner & operator of The Gym is Calgary, and I get all of my diet and supplement advice from him. It's important to find someone you trust when buying supplements, as there is a lot of crap out there. Diet I don't have a very complex diet. A diet to me isn't something you are on, or off, it's simply your eating habits. I don't keep track of the amount of fat, protein, ot carbohydrates that I eat. My only rule of thumb is, avoid fat and keep my protein intake high. If there is a lot of fat in something, I don't eat it, period. I don't eat any desserts or junk food, and don't drink. No cheese. No butter. No peanut butter. If they make a fat free version of something I use it. You do need some fat in your diet, but I find I still get enough when I try to avoid it all together. I always try to consume most of my carbohydrates earlier in the day. Avoid huge carb intake right before bed. Try to eat as many times a day as you can. Frequent meals increase your metabolism. Some people have a binge day, where they can eat things they usually don't. I disagree with this. I feel this only

keeps your cravings alive. I find if you go long enough without something you quit craving it, and for the most part, no longer want it. Many people view eating as a source of enjoyment. I don't eat for enjoyment. I eat to fuel my body. That's it in a nut shell, the world of Diet and Training as seen through the eyes of a guy who has been training for almost 2/3rds of his life. WOW I feel old!
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Lita is one cool dude. His band is doing very well. There is life after wrestling after all. Where’s Rey Rey?
Rey Rey is bad shape. His doctors advise him to retire. Look for him and his busted down little knees to be returning to work soon. Let’s hope he makes enough money to support his family when his body fully gives out on him. Is the going up worth the coming down? Let’s hope he’s saved his money so he doesn’t become another Konnan in a few years. We won’t discuss his heart problem here as he hasn’t made it public yet. Take care Rey.



The Human Tornado is a top level indie talent. Oxymoron.
CM Punk: The pasty faced choice of the Next Generation.

Samoa Joe Called Out By
Internet Geek. On the message board, a geek named Itchybunz made fun of No-ROH Samoa Joe for being a Sigger. Joe is not pleased. [30]

Back in the day these dudes knew what they were doing. Future promoters, take notice.

Drawing the casual fan increases the gate



Big Huge Gates
I’m no Dave Meltzer, but these posters probably really helped with walk up business. There’s two dudes who want to fight. Tonight settles the score. If you don’t come tonight, you’re a douche and will miss out.




Who,Where, When, Why
These flyers are an example of what the current generations of genius’ are producing with their powerful computers and mad design skillz. The question is, why aren’t they drawing any money? Why are these dudes fighting each other?


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