Solid Mechanic 2 ² BMCS3333 Semester 2 2011/2011 ASSIGNMENT (Group 4


1. A composite aluminium alloy ( E= 72GPa and v = 0.33 ) cylinder is made up of an inner cylinder with inner and outer diameters of 80 and 120mm, respectively, and outer cylinder with inner and outer diameters of and 120 and 240mm, respectively. The composite cylinder is subjected to an internal pressure of 160MPa. What the shrinkage pressure must be if the hoop stress at the inside of the composite cylinder is equal to 130MPa. Draw the stress distribution along the walled thickness and discuss whether the composite with the applied pressure is safe or not by using von-Mises and Tresca theory. 2. A thin walled closed end pressure vessel with compressed air as shown in Figure S1. The tank has a diameter of 610mm and the wall thickness of 25.4mm. In an earthquake, the torque T has been built on the longitudinal axis of the tank. A strain rosette has been installed at point A to monitor behaviour of the tank effect by the earthquake. Due to the pressure and earthquakes, the strain gauge readings were as follows;

If E = 200GPa, G = 83GPa and v = 0.28, find the torque T and the pressure of compressed air in the tank. There are also search the principal stresses on the location of A. (Ignore the weight of tanks and their contents.). Discuss whether the tank effect by earthquake is still safe or not.

3. A closed ended thick cylinder is subjected to an internal pressure only. Which yield criteria will result in the thickest cylinder? Give reason in your discussion. A closed ended thick cylinder has the following dimensions which are internal radius is 0.1m and external radius is 0.15m. The cylinder is subjected to an external pressure of Po

.000 words. Don·t forget to write down your name on the cover page.3.= 22MPa and an internal pressure of Pi. 4. Please do the assignment on your own creativity and language. Subsequently sketch the hoop and radial stresses in the wall of the cylinder. Instruction: 1. This assignment should be done by a group of FOUR students. 5. Submit the assignment on 14 February 2011 (or the 6th week of your lecture session) in lecture room. 2. calculated the internal pressure Pi. 3. The completed assignment should be properly bonded along with a cover page. If the cylinder is designed according to the Tresca yield criterion. The ideal length of this assignment is about 3. The cylinder is made from steel where yield= 240MPa and v=0. Identical assignment will be strictly penalized.

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