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Management Development Programs

We offer customised Bouquet Programs for Top management, Middle management and Supervisory level. Our training interventions are based on Knowledge development, Behaviour development, Skill development and Process design and development.

Leadership Skills Performance Management Stress Management Effective Communication Skills Organisational Values and Ethics Managing Employee Conflicts Interpersonal Skills Customer Care Management Team Building Personal Effectiveness Emotional Quotient Strategic Management Coaching and Mentoring Creating Business Proposals Creative Problem Solving Positive Thinking and Attitude Time Management

Leadership Skills
Good management skills are important in any organisation but successful navigation of the current course of business begins with effective leadership. Successful leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. It calls for more than just being a good manager. It demands the skills of an effective leader. Middle Management To provide the best opportunity for maximising the leadership capabilities, we offer Leadership training for Middle level managers. This highly participative management course shall take participants on a journey to discover how to achieve the highest level of performance from their teams by adopting appropriate leadership styles to match the needs of different individuals and different situations. Junior Management (Supervisory Leadership) To provide the best opportunity for maximising the Supervisory leadership capabilities, We offer Leadership training for the Junior managers. Using case studies, role-plays, activities, group discussions and questionnaires, this program equips Junior Management with the skills required to enable each member to achieve their maximum potential.

and enable them to align personal values and work ethics with the organisation’s values. Middle Management The purpose of this program is to help participants systematise what they already know. This conflict management program will help participants identify some of the ways they may be contributing to these problems and offer some strategies that they can adopt at work and in their personal lives. it is critical that people in positions of authority enforce the PMS in its true spirit. Participants will share their personal experiences regarding conflict at the work place and use roleplays to practice behaviour that minimises conflict. organisational effectiveness. for self-development and organisational growth. Also. Using role plays. and cost savings associated with minimising ethical mistakes. The program will have skill building sessions on developmental feedback and grievance handling. Organisational Values and Ethics This program will help participants understand the values and work ethics of their organisation through various activities. . case studies and facilitator-led discussions. especially about subordinates. so that the participants are fully equipped while conducting performance appraisals. a Performance Management System or PMS is seen as an important tool for fostering organisational growth and individual development. to link what they think with what they feel and believe. For making the PMS a success. so that they can approach issues at the workplace using both head and heart. Senior Management The program offer participants a platform to brainstorm and arrive at a consensus to make the PMS viable. the program will enable participants to develop the skills needed to conduct performance appraisals effectively. and regard it as a critical tool for their professional growth and career enhancement. This program will also equip participants with various skills needed to evaluate people objectively and formulate an individual career development plan.Performance Management In the present corporate set up. participants will recognise that the benefits of being proactive are enormous: improvements in organisational reputation. This will help increase productivity by enabling employees to understand each other and work together without causing conflicts or tension. stakeholder good will. Managing Employee Conflicts Conflicts are an integral part of working closely with people. employee recruitment and retention.

.Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal Skills are fundamental to our dealings in our professional and personal lives. and reducing frustration and stress. The program will teach participants to be assertive without being aggressive and to overcome barriers in communicating with other people. role plays and facilitatorled discussions. This program on Interpersonal Skills is designed to assess participants' current levels of communication and the impact of behaviour on morale and performance. Using case studies. the program will enable participants to develop more fulfilling interpersonal relationships. so they can contribute to achieving organisational goals. with emphasis on discussion and group learning. Effective Communication Skills More and more organisations are recognising the value of effective communication through effective listening and various techniques to increase productivity and sales. It will challenge participants to address these issues in a practical way that clarifies the relationship between customer care and overall business strategy. This program takes participants through winning strategies for acquiring and retaining customers by leveraging the latest technologies. individuals need to work with different people. It will also help to gain an understanding of others’ perspectives and to meet customer needs. so it can grow. This program will help participants reap the benefits of good communication by avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. through role-plays and team building activities. It will equip individuals with a greater sense of self-awareness and enhanced relationship skills in order to be more effective in working relationships. The objective of this program is to turn a loose group of individuals into a productive team. managing relationships with customers has become a critical organisational competency. This program will teach participants on how to select the right tools for the business. The program will help participants understand and apply the traits of an effective team player. Customer Care Management In today's highly competitive markets where products and services are similar. The program is designed to provide participants with the skills and attitude that will help build effective teams. This is a highly participative program. Team Building With increased specialisation of jobs.

financial. success and well-being. It will help participants reassess each strategy to determine how it has been implemented and whether it has succeeded or needs to be replaced so as to meet changed circumstances. understand ways in which their current EQ can be enhanced and hone their social and personal competencies Positive Thinking and Attitude Positive thinking and attitude is an extremely critical element of stress management as it allows only those thoughts and feelings into the mind. self-improvement and loyalty. In this program. By developing managers into mentors. Personal Effectiveness This program will enable participants to enhance their personal effectiveness. In this workshop. master the art of balancing work and personal lives. and reviewing the dos and don’ts of coaching and mentoring. it influences how we relate to others and how we handle relationships. participants will explore the concept of EQ.Emotional Quotient Emotional Quotient or EQ has an extremely critical role to play in our success as professionals and human beings. apply a principle-centred approach to life and living. leading them towards overall organisational goals. This program will take participants through the process of coaching. and the competition. new competitors. and learn to be more successful at the workplace. measure personal effectiveness with respect to life goals and take corrective action for planning and follow up. by developing and enhancing skills that help in ensuring participation of the mentor and the mentored. Strategic Management Strategic management provides overall direction to an organisation. which encourage growth. In the workplace. or political environment. Coaching and Mentoring Coaching and Mentoring are some of the key responsibilities handled by managers at all levels for growth and development of their team. your organisation can create a credible succession strategy built on a foundation of inclusion. This program will help your organisation to assess your company’s business. The program will help you to set goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors. learn their EQ. its industries. a new economic environment or a new social. participants will explore methods of inculcating positive thinking. new technology. .

This program takes participants through the fundamentals of time management so as to get the most out of a day. It explores the specialised skills required to make winning value propositions and write persuasive proposals. Participants review the objectives of innovative problem solving and apply the techniques of lateral thinking. and fractionation. The program is designed to provide participants with the skills to plan and write successful proposals. achieve greater control of their daily activities and overcome stress. and more) to solve generic and workplace problems Time Management Getting the most out of a 24-hour day is a constant challenge that many people face in today’s busy world. reversal. . which is a crucial skill for most professionals today.Creating Business Proposals The objective of this program is to provide the participants with a systematic approach to proposal writing. Process Flowcharts. analogies. Pareto diagrams. This program will help participants increase work effectiveness and productivity. Creative Problem Solving This program is designed to help participants build their problem solving and creative thinking skills. random stimulation. The program uses presentations and discussion to introduce the concepts of time management and practical exercises and role-plays to develop personal skills. Check sheets. and its products and services in the best possible manner. in particular the generation of alternatives by employing brainstorming. Participants apply the critical concepts and techniques of creative thinking in combination with certain problem solving tools to innovatively solve specific workplace problems. Cause and Effect diagrams. Participants are also shown techniques for eliminating time wasters and conquering procrastination. so they are able to showcase their organisation. Participants also apply popular problem solving tools (for instance.