Dzogchen: On Being Aware This may make it easier for those that may still be trying to discover and

experience the actual and authenticate state of pure Awareness. Pure Awareness is known in Tibetan Dzogchen as Rigpa. Rigpa means Knowing. This Knowing is not some knowledge or information. It is the quality of being knowingly aware. We can use the example of the five senses. To see, there is nothing we have to do in order to see. We open our eyes and seeing is happening automatically. The same with hearing and all the rest of the senses. Whether we are thinking about our seeing or not, does not affect the capacity for seeing. Seeing is not dependent on the mind or thinking. This is true for all the 5 senses. Likewise our capacity to be knowingly aware is also not influenced by our mind or thinking. For example, one of the exercises that I utilize in my retreats that I lead is to close your eyes and visualize a dog. There are two things present: the image of the dog and the awareness that is aware of the image. With your eyes closed, visualize a dog. Notice the dog and then notice how you are aware of the image. What is it that is experiencing the image of the dog? It is an observer. It is awareness. Notice how this observing awareness seems to be what you would consider to be “you”. You are the observer of the dog. What is this “you” that is observing the dog? Check it out with your eyes closed. Does the observer have a shape or form? Does it have a permanent exact location? Examine this observer that is aware in various ways. The one thing you will discover, even though you can’t find any specific shape, form or substance… you can tell that is definitely aware, knowingly aware of itself and what it is observing. So again, make a picture of the dog in your mind. Notice the dog. Notice the awareness of the image, you are aware of the dog. Now let the image of the dog dissolve. Notice how there is still remaining the awareness, even though it is not looking at anything. The awareness is always there whether there is an object to view or not. You are that awareness. Now open your eyes and look at the room you are in. Is there awareness of what you are seeing? That is the same awareness that was looking at the image of the dog. Now notice, with your eyes closed, the sounds that you are hearing. Are you aware of the sounds? That is the same awareness again. The objects may change but the awareness does not change. Next with another thought, like the dog, notice any thought or idea or feeling. Just notice the idea or feeling. Are you aware of the idea or feeling? That awareness is again the same awareness. So the awareness is there while thinking, perceiving or without objects of experience. Now notice as you are seeing with your eyes open. Seeing occurs with thoughts or without thoughts, isn’t that so? Try it. Same with hearing and the rest, right? This is also true with awareness. You are aware of thoughts and you are aware without mental content. You can be in a condition of just seeing and hearing without thinking about what you are seeing and hearing or you can be thinking about what you are seeing and hearing. Likewise you can be in a condition of being aware of what you are aware of or you can

has no karma. You are a Buddha when you are just aware of what you are aware of and you are an ordinary sentient being in samsara when you are thinking about what you are aware of… Resting as awareness. You will never find another teaching that is higher than this nor one that is more easy to follow… no other practices are necessary. if you could even call this a practice. no problems and no suffering. No need to think about what you are aware of.wayoflight. So you can simply be aware of what you are aware of from moment to moment. That is Rigpa. In that moment you will realize that this simple ordinary awareness we have been working with in these exercises is Awareness. but none of the questions… Jackson Peterson ejackpete@yahoo. it will become more and more clear and will manifest a self-knowing quality of intelligence called yeshe in Tibetan. Look no further than your own awareness… all the answers are there. or you can be thinking about what you are aware www. in just being aware is Awareness. and you are that. The second condition is to be . your awareness. When you come into this simple awareness and leave awareness just being as it naturally is. Awareness. The Buddha Nature which is perfect and changeless. There is nothing further that you need to study or read. To rest as awareness is to be aware of what you are aware of without thinking about what you are aware of. Just aware of…. The first condition is to be awake. no self idea. Awareness has no defects that need to be corrected. what you are. is your present awareness just as it thinking about what you are aware of.

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