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hen people hear the word Torah or Law, they jump to a perception that you are

legalistic and are in bondage and what you are doing is a bad thing. It is taught that
the Law was given to man to show them that they were not able to keep it and that they
need Grace. Well, this much I can say, it is a wrong perception and a misunderstanding that we
dont need Torah, and it forms a basis for a lot of funny doctrines out there.
To rectify this perception, lets look at what the Scripture say regarding this issue? Why did YHVH
give the Commandments at mount Sinai when He led Israel out of Egypt? We get the answer
when we read this passage in 1 Kings where YHVH states that He chose a people and not a
place to dwell in.


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HVH CHOSE His people and BROUGHT them out of BONDAGE (Egypt), so that they
could become a CITY and His HOUSE where He will live with them. He did this by
sending His Beloved (Yshua) to put it in His heart to build a House (the body of
Messiah His people), for the Name of YHVH where He can dwell in.
The word CITY is explained to be a place guarded by a WALL or to be WATCHFUL.
The word HOUSE means; a house as in a FAMILY or an OFFSPRING.
YHVH did not choose a City to proclaim His Name in, but chose a people to become part of His
Family, to live within, and later He will come to His City, the New Jerusalem. This was in YHVHs
mind when He called His people out of Egypt. YHVH did not have an evil thought of giving His
chosen people something they could not do, to try and test them to show them how useless they
were. Reading this we see that YHVH desired a FAMILY and people He could dwell with. Later
on in Scripture we see that this relationship He desires is one of a Bridegroom with His Bride
(Israel), living together in His House and wall of protection.

he marriage between Elohim (the groom) and Israel (the bride) took place at the
Mountain where He gave His Commandments to them. We know this is true if you read
the Prophets where YHVH said that He was a Husband to them [Jer 31:32], and they got
married at Sinai.
A Hebrew Marriage is one of the most beautiful prophetic pictures revealing YHVHs Plan to His
people. The marriage consisted of two parts; 1) the First part is where the Covenant that is
drawn up between the Groom and the Bride, called the betrothal, 2) and the Second stage
is when He comes to fetch His Bride to live with him, after He has prepared a house for
them [John 14:2].
You enter this first stage of marriage as soon as a betrothal contract (a shitre erusin) is made
between the two parties. The written contract is called a ketubah. During betrothal, you are legally
married, but do not physically dwell with your mate. Betrothal is so legally binding that you cannot
get out of it without a divorce.
Marriage is associated with a Contract or Covenant between a man and a woman and has
conditions to protect this relationship and to spell out how this relationship will be expressed
successfully. In our modern times we know this as Marriage vows, and in the time of Moses it
was the Ten Words or Ten Commandments. The Contract was set up, and Israel committed to it
at Mount Sinai where they agree to the Ten Conditions of their oath to YHVH. The Second Stage
will come into being when David (Beloved prophetic for Yshua) will rule as King in the New
This marriage Covenant cycle was repeated when Yeshua came to the earth as a Prophet like
Moses [Act 7:37] and He re-established the Marriage Contract in Blood with His Bride and
cleansed it from the perversions of the Pharisees. He gave us His Spirit as the Engagement
Ring and Seal (Sign) that we are promised to Him, that we belong to Him and that we are
Married to Him on the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) where they celebrated the receiving of
the Torah.. [2 Cor 1:22]
The Second Stage will happen at His Second Coming where He will come and fetch us (His
Bride) to live with Him forever in the House He prepared for us, The New Jerusalem. [John 14:2,
1 John 3:2]

srael is legally married to YHVH and She whored after other lovers (idols) and YHVH
scattered Her into the nations. He will take Her back if She repents and will come to fetch
Her to live with Him forever. Repentance is associated with the re-establishment of this
Marriage Covenant in the Blood of Yeshua and everybody that takes part in this Blood
Covenant can be part of the Bride of YHVH.

To understand the true motive and Plan of YHVH, we need to look at three parallels found in
Scripture regarding YHVH and His Bride.
1. The first of the three parallels is where YHVH saved His people
He had chosen, and He led them out of bondage and brought
them to a higher place (mount Sinai) where He established His
Covenant (Commandments) with them (Bride).
2. The second parallel we draw is by looking at a normal marriage
ceremony and married life between two ordinary people. The
man is the hunter, he chooses a girl who he likes and then he
rescues her and he provides for her and lives with her. She
cannot stay with her parents forever and she needs to be rescued and be provided for by
her new provider in her new home.
The two lovebirds then go through the Marriage
Ceremony where they sign a covenant between
them, to promise to live together under the guidelines
of their agreement. The Marriage Ceremony is
wonderful and everybody enjoys it, but the reality of
married life starts after the festivities when the
honeymoon is over. This is where they must live out
their married life together as husband and wife
according to what they intended and promised to
each other.
In the beginning of the married life, a lot of changes
have to take place and a lot of bad habits have to
go. They have to undergo this process so that they
can live in peace and stay together. Marriages
normally fail when one of the two parties, or both, are
not willing to let go of their old ways that cause
conflict between them, refusing to change for the
benefit of the marriage. You who are married, you will

3. The third parallel we look at is where you as believer, were rescued from the dark world

through His Grace. You went through the waters of baptism (Red Sea) and go to the High
place (Mount of Transfiguration), where you receive is Spirit and instruction of His Covenant.
With His Law engraved on your hearts, you start your new journey through the Wilderness
(stripping off bad habits) and walk your life in relationship with YHVH under the promises of
His Covenant. The Good news of Salvation part is great, but you cannot stay there, you
need to move on and get equipped with His Living Instructions, through His Spirit. He will
remind you of His Instructions as you walk through the Wilderness, on your way to the
Promise Land (New Jerusalem - Salvation).

As I said earlier, the Marriage Ceremony is easy and the fun part,. But living the reality of
marriage is the challenge and the difficult part. If you have decided to take on the Wilderness
without His Spirit and His Instructions, you are out there on your own without Water and you
will reap the consequences of your bad decisions
you will make outside the protection of His
1) He led His people out of Egypt
Instructions (Torah). These consequences are
to a higher place and married
designed by YHVH to bring you back to His place of
safety. The only problem is, if you go astray, you will
Normal marriage between a
be pruned back to where you belong, and that
and a woman
involves pain. You make the choice; you either
pattern of Salvation
follow the safety of His instructions or do your own
for a Believer.
thing out of grace and freedom, but expect to be

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The Wilderness is where the Bride lives out her new saved or married life. She can have a
successful wedding, but a failed marriage. The wedding is where you have made the choice to
follow Yshua and decide to live your life with Him. Marriage is living out that promise you have
made in an environment where you will be challenged. I want to make it clear, you are not saved
by the Law (Torah), but through Grace, but after the choice to be saved (wedding) comes the
instructions and living out good works that will bring you closer and not bad works which will
drive you apart.

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Married life with Yshua is defined as good works

To live a married life with Yshua is
that will glorify the Father and that will make you
defined as good works that will
shine in this dark world. The good works are surely
the Father and that will
not part of the coming out of Egypt Salvation issue,
shine in this dark
but is part of the living in the Wilderness on your way
to the Promise Land. These good works are rewarded
at the end when Yshua comes again, where He will
reward you according to what you have done (with His Instructions).
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hese instructions, also known as Torah, are given to the Bride to increase intimacy in the
relationship with Him. Can you be intimate with Him when you are in pain all the time
being pruned by Him? The Torah is not a set of laws that you MUST live by; it is a GIFT
that helps us to live a higher quality (Chai Olam) Life in peace and intimacy with Him.

Abraham (The Father) send his servant (Holy Spirit) to go
and find a bride (People) for his son Isaac (Yshua). Isaacs
name means laughter and in Heb_1:9, it states that
Yshua is anointed with the oil of joy, linking the two. After
she passed the test (choosing Yshua- salvation), giving the
camels and the man water, the man gave her a ring and
two bracelets.
He did not choose her at random, he looked for specific
attributes and qualities and that made him choose her. In
the same way the Holy Spirit looks for attributes in man to
call them so that they could become part of YHVHs family.
What are the attributes He is looking for? A humble
servants heart. You will never have accepted Yshua with a
heart that is boastful and full of pride.



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These gifts he gave her was to show her that she was the chosen Bride for
His Masters Son. If she accepted she would become the wife of the Son.
The meaning of these gifts was to:

Show His adornment

Make her beautiful

Show that she is set apart and already taken

Nothing in Scripture is there by chance and everything has a specific meaning, and so does the
gifts. Why are these gifts specified by weight? It must mean something. The ring had a weight of
half a shekel. The word for shekel is beqa and is found only one other place in Scripture.
: ; )



YHVH numbered His people, not by counting their heads, but by

counting their obedience through what they had to bring. If
someone did not bring his part, he was not numbered. In the time
of David, he counted the peoples heads and YHVH hit them with a
plague. Why is this? Think about it. YHVH is not interested in
quantity, but in quality.
hese Bequas were used to make the bottom parts of the supporting structure of the
Tabernacle. The peoples contributions formed the foundation of the House of YHVH
where His presence dwelled. You might say, so what!
The word beqa links up in Hebrew poetry within the Ten Commandments. Here is how it
works. Each letter of the Aleph Bet is also a numeral and the word beqa counts up to 172.
There are exactly 172 words in the Ten Commandments. Pretty amazing isnt it!
What further confirm this is the other gifts that were given to her; the
two bracelets, weighing ten shekels. These represents the two
tablets with Ten Commandments.
The number two always means Restoration of Relationships and
the Ten Commandments, five on each tablet, gives detail regarding
the guidelines on how to have a perfect relationship with YHVH and
with your neighbor. The one bracelet is placed on the right hand, the
spiritual side, showing us the guidelines for our relationship with
YHVH. The other bracelet is placed on the left hand, physical side,
showing your relationship with other people. They are placed on the hands, symbolizing our
spiritual and physical actions that must be guided to ensure quality relationships.
These form two witnesses that confirms one another, to show that these gifts are representing
the Torah that we need to guide our walk through the Wilderness.
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If she had not accepted the gifts,

she would not become the bride of
Isaac, in the same way, if we do
not accept the gifts of YHVH, His
Commandments, we are not
accepting His marriage proposal.

As the future Bride of Y'

shua, we accept and follow Torah as His
gift to us, used to beautify us and prepare us to be perfect when
He comes again. You can call it Legalism, but I know following
His Instructions are an expression of my relationship with Him,
as I open up His Gifts of perfection and purification in my life. This
will help me to know Him and have a better relationship with Him. It
is an expression of my love towards Him to show that I fell short,
but is willing to die to the old and put on the new to reinforce our
relationship and make it stronger.