Teste de Inglês Nível 6 10º Ano

TEXT: 21,Winslow Av., Harledene, Essex. 16 January,1991 Dear Jane,

I am a fifteen-year-old girl, and at present I am living with my parents. My problem is that I really don`t get on with them very well. My father is always telling me to come home early and I`m not usually allowed to stay out after ten o`clock even though all my friends stay out much later. My mother hates all my friends. She says they`re untidy and lazy and she doesn`t like me to bring them home. Both my parents hate the way I dress and my father says I wear too much make-up. My mother is always telling me to wear skirts even though I think trousers are more comfortable and much more practical. Last month I met Richard at a local pub. Since then I`ve been out with him several times and last night I didn`t get home till 1:00 a.m.. My parents were waiting for me and my father was furious. He said I must never see Richard again. Richard is nineteen. He works as a taxi driver and he has his own small flat..I like being with him but my parents say he`s too old for me. Next month I`ll be sixteen. Then I can leave home and get a flat. I don`t like school very much, but I could leave and get a job. Can you help me? I don`t know what to do. I don`t really want to upset my parents even though I don`t get on with them. But the thought of living in a flat away from them is very attractive. Yours sincerely, Olivia Lynne A)SKIMM THROUGH THE TEXT AND SAY WHY OLIVIA IS WRITING TO JANE.



though I _____________ ((know) lots of girls.She ______________ (be) with some common friends and they _____________ us(introduce).She _____________ (think) it`s the best way out.´ E)RICHARD IS TELLING US ABOUT HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH OLIVIA.I ______________ (never meet) anyone so super before.is a taxi driver. Richard doesn`t have much time to study because« .who _____________________________ .« D)EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF THE FOLLOWING EXPRESSIONS IN THE TEXT: 1.I´m not allowed to stay out after 10 o`clock.Richard.honestly.´ 2.Two weeks ago Olivia _____________ (visit) my flat and since then she _______________ (make) plans to ____________ (get ) one of her own.As she arrived home very late« 3. My parents« 2. 4. F)REPORT THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF OLIVIA`S LETTER.Richard doesn`t have much time to study on account of his work as a taxi driver.FILL IN THE GAPS WITH THE CORRECT TENSE OF THE VERBS SUPPLIED IN BRACKETS: I first ____________ (meet) Olivia a month ago.³I`m not usually allowed to stay out after ten o`clock. BEGIN:Olivia said that« G)FINISH EACH OF THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT MEANS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE SENTENCE PRINTED BEFORE IT: 1.I don`t get on with my parents because they`re constantly interfering in my life.³I don`t really get on with them very well.We ______________ (go ) out together since then and.Although she doesn`t get on with her parents.2. I don`t get on with my parents owing to« 3.

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