Concerned Citizens Petition For Board Action

To: Scott County Board of Supervisors, February 1, 2011
From: Todd McGreevy 1370 Crestline Court, Bettendorf, IA 52722 / (563) 650-0120

Matter: Searchable Documentation at the County Website Action: Addition for the Feb 3rd Scott County Board of Supervisors Agenda. To be added to the agenda at the Feb 1st Committee of the Whole Meeting Benefits: This policy advancement will save staff time, hard drive space, taxpayers money, and be more transparent. Agenda Item: Approval of the transparency and ease of use policy for staff generated communications.
Background: Documents generated by the county administration staff are being posted online in a format and procedure that precludes ease of searching, reading, cataloging and organizing by the elected officials and the public. Agendas, information packets, memorandums, agreements, etc. are generated originally by staff via a word process, then printed out, then scanned back into the computer and re-generated as a single graphic image that is not capable of being searched for words, phrases, amounts, dates, statutes, or names. This creates larger files sizes, takes more human resources and time to perform and provides far less transparency than the simple act of saving the word document in its final form, prior to printing, as a PDF (portable document format) file. Further, the file naming protocol used to post files is non-descriptive and not easily cataloged or searched. Further, the folder naming protocol includes blank spaces, rather than underlines_like_this. This makes repurposing links in other off site locations problematic and reduces the relevancy rankings for county website content.

Motion to be made and seconded:
I move that the Feb 3rd Agenda be amended to include the following resolution to adopt or amend the county communication and website policy: Resolution Scott County Board of Supervisors Feb 3, 2011 1. make mandatory that all web distributed communications, when typed and generated by county personnel, vendors or volunteers be posted in a searchable format, including but not limited to a PDF format. 2. make mandatory that the file names of the PDFs posted to the website include meta data, at a minimum the date and title of the meeting being referenced within the PDF. 3. directories, file names and folder names shall not contain blank spaces, but rather underlines or dashes where a space is intended 4. That this policy shall be put into practice on or before March 1, 2011.

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