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English Language Arts 20

Campbell Collegiate

102 Massey Road

(306) 523-3250

Instructor: Ms. Lenihan

Instructor’s Email Address:

Class Assignments:


Prerequisites: English Language Arts A10 and B10

Course Objective:

The objective of this English Language Arts course are to build lifelong
learners, build a sense of self and community, build engaged citizens
as well as develop thinking, identity and interdependence, multiple
literacies, and social responsibility. (Saskatchewan English Language
Arts Curriculum, p. 2-4)

Course Description:

Themes we will be exploring are: Recollection—A Journey Back and

Anticipation—On the Threshold. This course also requires that you
complete one of the major papers of your high school career – the
research paper.

Materials Required:

For this course you are required to come to every class prepared with
at least a pen and paper. If you do not, you must make alternate
arrangements with classmates.

You are also strongly suggested to have access to a computer and a

printer on a regular basis, especially because of the research paper
that you will be completing during this course. The library is an
excellent resource for you to use in this regard.

Course Marks Allocation:

Component: Percen
Reading and Writing 42%
Speaking and 14%
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Viewing and 14%

Citizenship 10%
Final Exam 20%
Total: 100%

Assignments will:

 Be handed in at the beginning of class in the appropriate

folder/basket as indicated by the teacher.

 Your assignment will be typed (unless otherwise noted), double

spaced, 12-point font in Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Cambria.

(This means no Comic Sans Serif, or Courier, or any crazy,

flowery, loopy, hard to read font unless it has been
cleared through Ms. Lenihan FIRST).

 If your assignment is hand-written, it will be in blue or black pen.

No pencil, please.

 Margins on your page should be the default.

 Have a works cited or reference page as needed. The citation

method used in this class will be MLA (Modern Language
Association). We will be discussing how to format a proper Works
Cited page during the course of the semester, so don’t panic if
you don’t know what that is right now.

 Any assignments or handouts you have missed are in a basket at

the back of the classroom.

Note About Scribd

Scribd is a website that archives documents for you to access and

print. Because you have access to this website where I upload all
assignments I have copyright to, I do not print off extra copies of
assignments or handouts that are posted.

If you are ill or are missing assignments, it is in your best interest to

make full use of the site.

Policy Regarding Attendance:

Regular attendance is critical to success in English Language Arts.

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You are expected to attend regularly. If you miss more than ten
classes, it may be difficult for you to achieve a passing grade in this
course, as evaluation occurs on a daily basis.

All absences or lates should be called in to the office (523-3250) to be


If you are absent for more than 2 consecutive school days, you must fill
out an extended absence form, which must be signed by a

Late Assignments:
Homework and class work is to be turned in on time.

There is a penalty of 10% per day for late assignments (to a maximum
of 40%).

Weekends are not included in this late policy, however, please note
that an email address has been provided for you at the top of your

Because weekends are not included in the late marks, I will not look at
any assignment delivered to me over the weekend and it will be
assessed on the next school day.

Late assignments will not be accepted after the English Department’s

term cut-off date of May 30 for Semester Two.

General Expectations:

This class will contain a fair amount of work and you will be expected
to keep up with the workload. If you are absent or late from class, it is
your responsibility to catch up on missed work and assignments.

Consequently, by the end of the first week of the semester you should
have in place a homework partner from whom you have an email
address, phone number etc

Campbell Collegiate Policy on Academic Malpractice and


Malpractice is behavior that results in a student gaining an unfair

advantage in one or more assessments. This would include plagiarism,
duplication of work, or the use of any prohibited technology to gain an
unfair academic advantage. Therefore actions resulting in any
advantage will result in a “0” on that assessment. A malpractice
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incident report will also be filed. (**this includes copying someone

else’s homework assignment without acknowledgement or
permission from a teacher)

An authentic piece of work is one that is based on a student’s

individual and original ideas. Therefore, all assignments, written or
oral, completed by a student for assessment must wholly and
authentically use that students own language and expression. Where
sources are used or referred to, whether in the form of direct quotation
paraphrase, such sources must be acknowledged. Therefore
duplication of any other authors work “including another student’s
work” will result in a “0” on that assignment. A malpractice incident
report will be filed.

Community Principles:

You will:

 Show commitment and respect to the class by being punctual.

 Respect one another as well as the teacher.

o Part of respect is learning technology etiquette. This

means I should not see cell phones during class time. If I
see one, the first time I take it away until the end of the
period. The second time you can pick it up at lunch or after
school (whichever is first). The third time your
parent/guardian will pick it up from me after fifth period.

o MP3 players, iPods may be used in class, when

appropriate. Cell phones shall not be used as an MP3

 Maintain an inclusive learning environment.

 Raise your hand to ask or answer a question in order to show

respect to other students as well as the teacher.

 Hand your work in on time and I will hand it back in a timely


 Maintain the standards of academic integrity as indicated above.

Important Dates to Remember:

 Semester Two Report Card 1: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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 Semester Two Report Card 2: Friday, May 6, 2011

 Semester Cut Off Date: May 30, 2011

 Semester Two Final Evaluations begin: Friday, June 17, 2011

 Semester Two Final Report Card: Thursday, June 30, 2011