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No excuses: the entrepreneurial mindset
Reinventing the wheel on being a digital nomad

With Esther Jacobs

Article by Paula Grieco

Esther is a female entrepreneur,

speaker and writer. With more than 28
books, she is an expert on the written
word. She is considered the 'no excuses'
lady. Her approach to the
entrepreneurial mindset has helped
her —as she says— light fires in people,
preferably in their hearts and if
necessary under their feet.

She is positive and relaxed. Her energy

makes you want to jump on a plane
and work from an island.

She believes that having an

entrepreneurial mindset is to work with
what you have, start now, and always
look for opportunities.

By being a digital nomad, Esther lives

by the principle to leave the excuses
behind and step outside of her comfort

“I was a digital nomad way before it

was popular and before it was digital. I
didn't think I wanted to do this, I just
traveled a lot and enjoyed discovering
myself. I have always been restless and
curious. I think the curiosity is the first
driver to travel and experience things.
And then the restless is also a habit or
characteristic that a lot of digital
nomads have".

Being a digital nomad has advantages "As a digital nomad you have to know
and disadvantages like any other how to deal with uncertainty because
lifestyle. sometimes you don't know if you will
have a house or if you will find clients.
Esther believes that freedom and energy The only thing you know for sure is that
management are both essential aspects, you will be able to solve it. You should be
positive and negative, from traveling able to trust yourself. You can't have a
constantly. nomad lifestyle if you are unsure."

“What I love the most is the freedom. I Esther knows that in order for nomad
hardly ever complain. I know that if I entrepreneurs to have a healthy energy,
want to be somewhere, I can go. I have management, they need to be confident
the freedom of knowing that I can do and follow their needs. 
whatever and go wherever I want. It’s
incredible. It has much more value than "You are your only problem and your
having a big house, a high job or many own solution. The most important thing
possessions. My freedom is my bigger is to get to know yourself. What are you
possession. good at? What do you like? Where do
you get energy from? If you know
Regarding struggles, I believe energy yourself you can always find a solution
management is what attracts me the for anything.
most but also the biggest problem. Most
people see travelling as a holiday. You People sometimes get defined by their
wake up late, relax, go to the beach. But job title, their partner or the role their
traveling while working all the time costs parents wanted for them. They don't
immense amounts of energy." think about what they truly want.
People focus on the hours the company
Energy management also comes with wants them to work, but they never
knowing how to deal with uncertainty. think about 'when am I most
As entrepreneurs, uncertainty can be a productive? And what would I like to do,
common aspect of our lives, therefore, if I could choose?'
understanding how to embrace and
overcome it, is essential. It is so important to realize that you are
your own compass. I look at what I need
Look at what you need right right now, where can I find it, and I go for
it. Having the lifestyle of a digital nomad
now, where you can find it, It's a different way of thinking about
your needs in terms of energy, location,
and go for it.
and people around you".

Esther has conquered the digital nomad
world. Her energy management is It gives me energy to see
admirable. She shares with us her tips to
stay energized.
young women working
“Embrace uncertainty, choose your
towards something
battles wisely and only try to change
things you can influence, otherwise you
will waste your energy”.

Esther's life is definitely busy and

exciting, but between plane tickets and
travel experiences, there is one thing she
absolutely gets energy from.

"I had to reinvent the wheel in becoming

a digital nomad, in being an
entrepreneur, in being an independent
woman. There were no role models,
there was no school for this, no one
could teach me how to write a book,
how to become a speaker. That's the
reason why it gives me so much energy
to see young women working towards
something, getting inspired and putting
their energy into something. We should
help each other in everything we do.

Energy tips:

Embrace uncertainty
Choose your battles wisely
Try to change things you can influence