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We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as Vibe Group of Companies. . Ltd. Vibe Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Labs N Racks Following in this document is a profile of the companies. The three companies are: • • • Vibe Internet Solutions Pvt. established in 2004. Vibe Group of Companies. today runs three companies in the domain of IT services under its banner.

we can do it. Then our team of experts works out every intensive and expansive details regarding how the client business can be taken to the next leap using IT. performance and affordability. We ensure that we provide continuous support and consultancy to the client and keep on tracking how the devised solution is benefiting the client.NET framework 3. Anthem Library. We have also acquired expertise in technologies like SharePoint and Cloud . Be it a wide range of web technologies or the cutting edge desktop technologies. ASP. Oracle. SQL. Ltd. goes to our result oriented focused approach. We do not believe in outsourcing our development work. you take the success. but as an “IT Business Development” organization.0 and 3. We DO NOT work as a mere development company.The highest level of client satisfaction. We work through with our client to understand his complete business model. so it has to be always taken care of. To ensure that we provide the best combination of quality. Company Profile Vibe Internet Solutions Pvt. CAB. if business needs it. We understand that the solutions developed by us for a client are like an infrastructure for his business. We then devise a complete solution plan for the client. All this results into what we continuously endeavor to achieve . besides providing an extremely responsive and interactive dealing during the product development life cycle. Besides these. After the successful deployment of the solution. Ltd. support and maintenance provided after the application has been rolled out. has today become a name to reckon with in the sphere of high performance enterprise applications.NET. Following this principle. we have achieved the distinction of being among the very few in the region who have developed applications using cutting edge technologies like . Our simple principle is . ASP. training. AJAX. we hold ample experience and hence. WCF and WPF using silverlight and other application blocks released by Microsoft practices and patterns group in 2007. which upon agreement is implemented in-house. SCSF. The credit for our phenomenal growth in past two years from starting out as a web solutions company to a complete business solutions company specializing in enterprise applications (custom-from-scratch ERP solutions) today. we have always ensured that the applications we develop actually WORK for our clients.We take the stress.Vibe Internet Solutions Pvt. we have a large talent pool comprising experts from diverse areas of technology and management. This complete cycle is divided into many phases ranging from Planning and Concept Building to Development to Continuous Support and Consultancy. a high level of stress on quality and ethical business practices we follow.5. a high level of expertise in PHP. We take pride in the fact that keeping pace with the rapid development in the world of technology. Flash etc. project does not end there. WMI based enterprise services. All of our clients would also vouch for the high quality documentation. Being a company which is at the steepest point in its growth curve and still working out its first few chasms we go out of our way to ensure that our applications deliver not only the promised but more.

2 • Maxpro Networking Pvt. Ltd. India 8 • The British United Provident Association. Our clientele includes names like 1 • HT Media Entertainment Pvt. Scotland 6 • New Engineering. we have also been providing web hosting solutions (shared as well as dedicated) to our clients..) The range of work is as follow: 1 • Custom Business ERP software 2 • Web Hosting 3 • Share Point Solutions 4 • E-Commerce Portals (news portals to shopping carts) 5 • SEO/SEM 6 • Revenue Generation Assistance 7 • Corporate websites . USA 4 • EzBoxx Ltd. Along with development. England (A veteran global healthcare organization) 9 • ITVoir. Ireland 5 • The Scottish Amateur Football Association. 3 • TimeRack Corporation. India (ADG Online Solutions Scotland 7 • Kwality Walls Group. we have provided expert custom solutions to a diverse range of enterprises. Ltd.Hosting. Thriving on this strong and versatile skill set. Ltd.

India . we didn't just meet. Vibe Internet Solutions Pvt. Such has been the pace at which the technology has grown. solution-centric. Ltd. but exceeded the expectations! Today.Vibe Tech Solutions Pvt. implement. Company Profile Computer networks today have grown way beyond the redundant perception of a few computers connected together using some cables. 3D holographic projection. High-end network consulting and integration is either non-existent or ultra-expensive in today's scenario. Taking these very factors into account..Maxpro. Vibe is a name to reckon with when it comes to effective network implementations that actually make business sense for the client. Besides. there is a serious crunch of the requisite expertise required to design.Punjab National Bank . And by the dint of immaculate planning and sheer passion we put into their work. Technology like 24x7 high speed wireless internet. When a client approaches us with a problem. yet affordable network consulting and integration services to cater to the growing need of such expertise in the market. Mankind's ever growing need of communication is constantly pushing the envelope way beyond commonly accepted boundaries. not just the company. maintain and troubleshoot such critical networks in the industry. Having delivered solutions involving network technologies that cut across the complete spectrum. simply due to the sheer surprises the technology keeps throwing. the personal connect that is naturally established between the client and our team keeps the whole process very smooth and convenient for a client to work with. which were beyond imagination just five to seven years ago are taken for granted today. After runaway success of Vibe Group's first venture. With convergence as the new buzzword. Telepresence. he can be sure of getting the best solution in terms of both cost and performance. Ltd. Vibe Network Solutions was established with a vision of providing high-end. And a robust network is what lies behind to make all of this possible. It's hard to predict what all possibilities may the future open up. we are actually talking about the information superhighways which form the backbone of the extraordinary amount of digital information being generated and pushed around the world. Some of our recent clients in the domain of network consulting have been: . but even the clients had high expectations.DAV College Managing Committee . On the flip side. the concept of 'world at your palmtop' is just around the corner. When we talk of computer networks today. we have been able to develop a wide range of skill set and expertise over a period of time.

stems from how very passionate people are here about the work they do! Developing a whole solution from the scratch. implementing it and seeing tangible results is a very exciting process in itself and the complete team at Vibe shares this excitement everyday.Surya Group of institutes (in association with Maxpro) . implementing and maintaining the information superhighways of the world. The future looks promising.Quark India The growth that the company has seen in this short span of time has been possible due to sheer value delivered to all clients. With this will increase the need for designing. The world is already immensely dependent upon networks and this dependence is bound to increase manifold in the coming times.. With the endless possibilities that seamless connectivity opens up. it's a journey to look forward to! . which in turn. project after project.

CCNP) 3rd year EnEC. I firmly believe I can achieve all what I never even dreamt of!” Tushar Singla. CCNP) WWSP Team. With Labs N Racks besides me. “Being at Labs n Racks has truly made me believe in the thought – No dream too big. CCIE #22718 Network Consultant. Association with the standard setters facilitates the students getting hands-on experience and ready resources for complete all round IT training to excel in any of the large list of fields that the IT industry has. The personal care and attention given to each student is remarkable. Cisco Systems .. Today. Led by a team of highly qualified experts with industry experience in the internetworking domain. CCIE. Labs n Racks has the most extensive equipment enabling students to have a hands-on proficiency making them fully equipped to take on the industry. The leadership at Labs n Racks possesses sound technical knowledge to ensure that Labs N Racks trainers are masters in the internetworking technologies in general and are SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for the courses they deliver. Chandigarh “Labs N Racks has one of the best faculty that I have come across. all my energies are focused on becoming the youngest CCIE of the world. Becoming one of the only 550 Indian CCIEs in the world at the age of 21 has enhanced my perspective towards the world. HCL Technologies “Being still in the college and going strong on my route to CCIE is a great feeling. We are the first to launch training on security.. voice and wireless tracks in the whole of region. This is what some of our students have to say about Labs n Racks and their association with us.Labs N Racks Company Profile Labs N Racks is the only professional IT education organization around the region providing training upto Cisco's elite expert level certification.” Rahul Jain (CCNA. I am fully confident the dream will come true soon enough!” Aditya Shantanu (CCNA. The institute seems to be determined to deliver the best possible qulaity and value for money. At the moment. Punjab Engineering College. Labs n Racks aims to strategize relations with global IT majors which set the trends and raise our bar to internationally acclaimed IT power houses.

well known and widely respected name when it comes to specialized training in computer networks. Only institute in the whole of north India which provides training till the highest that is the CCIE (Expert) level certifications. Only institute in the whole of north India which has CCIE instructors on board. • • • • • And most important of all… Only institute to have received a complete 100% excellent feedback from each and every student passing out of the institute! .Why choose Labs n Racks? We believe that facts and figures speak louder than words. Superior industry interface for delivering the best exposure to the students. So in plain terms. we’ll just present some hard facts which will give you a very clear idea on why and how Labs n Racks scores well above others! Labs n Racks is the… • Most trusted. Excellent placement records ensured through the dedicated placement cell and effective processes in place. Only institute in the region with a complete set of Cisco equipment required till the CCIE level.

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