My wife, Marie, came into this life with the facility to communicate, in full consciousness, with various discarnate entities. The writings consist of some 138 pages written between the years 1970 and 1987. A number of topics are covered such as, human development, health, the spiritual world, man's past, other worlds, the natural world, future trends, and a miscellaneous section.

PREFACE Communications by Cheame and others to Marie Ward, transmitted on the psychic level, and for use by all. CHAPTER FORMATS 1. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 1. Changing the Self 2. Guides for Living 3. Meditation and Prayer 4. Re-incarnation 5. Group Work 2. THE BODY(HEALTH) 1. Spiritual Healing 2. General Health Topics 3. Special Items Related to Health(in its broadest sense) 3. THE SPIRITUAL WORLD 1. Mediumship 2. Communication 3. General 4. MAN'S PAST 1. The Past

2. Atlantis 5. OTHER WORLDS 1. U.F.O.’s 2. General Information 6. THE NATURAL WORLD 1. The Environment 2. The Life of the World 7. FUTURE TRENDS 1. The future 9. MISCELLANEOUS


1.1 Changing the Self We none of us can change events around ourselves, we cannot always even greatly influence them, which is often a cause of concern to us(you, that ,is, in the world). Here it is something we finally are able to understand and accept as we are privy to the broader implications of cause and effect and so forth. However, every action does have some effect, what, or on who, is not always within our control. Others' free choice, level of "being", and karmic fate dictates the reaction to our words and deeds. But, there is an effect, and if we could just realise that it is our duty only to do what we are(or feel, truly, what we are meant)to do and simply leave the rest to the spiritual hierarchy(God and His Angels and designates), to carry out ,any further intent. It would be so much easier on everyone if each tended to their own duties. One of the main duties is to learn to know one's self and to study, meditate, and attempt to further contact one's higher self through prayer(any form of prayer) so that one learns one's pathway through life. Know yourself clearly, free of fear and ego - which automatically dispels all other negative attitudes, and endeavour always to do what is right; that is, do not invade another’s rights and territory, emotional as well as physical. Yes, I catch your thoughts, one must teach and discipline children, also one must resist interference and unfair treatment from others(that is a two-fold discipline, yours and theirs). But the majority of people recognise what we mean when we say not to

interfere in others' rights, these are actually those that apply to all so they should know. Of course, one needs to develop the sensitivity to discern when one's well- meant words or actions are misunderstood and then they can be discussed (hopefully), but one cannot go through life otherwise worrying whether we're "stepping on someone else’s toes", interfering, offending etc. We all have been given a reasonable degree of judgement, and with the previously mentioned application to learning and raising our consciousness etc., plus a complete faith(after that learning) that the spiritual hierarchy will tend to results; we can "do” what we're meant to "do” in peace, and get on with our work (14.7.85). Even our mistakes are valuable, it is really the only way to learn what not to do. If one reads and studies and follows slavishly what is printed, without trials and tests of one's own, then they are not really learning. All books and instructions should be treated only as guideposts, followed at first until the knowledge and practise melds with one's own knowledge and intuition, then the person should start "playing it by ear", as every situation is not the same in full; each one of us has had so much diversity in life, beginning with a unique blend of genes, not even an identical twin is identical, then our environment etc., acts upon us. So the basic resemblances of experience and reaction to them are present, enough to allow us to recognise the pattern. After that recognition we must then treat the person and his/her problem as it has evolved to in the present time. (13.8.85) We should all pass on our ideas and abilities to others who are floundering and making far less than full use of their days and talents. Everyone has talent, many highly acclaimed artists, musicians 'etc., have that as their only talent simply because that is all they have ever desired or felt they had time to develop. They are wrong, of course, which is why there is so much unhappiness even amongst them. They have over-used their one capacity often because of a lust for fame, recognition, in proving that their gift is special and unique. In olden days an artist could often indulge himself that way, as eccentrics were more recognised and the system of support from a wealthy patron was quite common. Today is not quite that way and side indulgences, or neglect of other facets of one's life is not understood or tolerated the same way. Man has learned much and even the great talent needs to develop in a more balanced way. Constant touring, or exhibiting art or whatever, is not necessary, but then the artist would have a time of lesser or no adulation, within periodic normal living, and that, coupled with a lesser than large income would not appeal to their ego (or perhaps their spouse's ego). Between the people who would use these artists in their promotional work or to earn themselves money, the writer/singer, or whoever, often never has five quiet minutes alone to ponder what they want to do with their lives, all of their lives. The frenetic pace maintained by so many is not necessary and in fact is counterproductive and often very harmful. We look, and at times all seem mad, rushing everywhere, declaiming wildly, crushing or overturning any hopes for personal happiness, fulfilment and growth, in their insane activity.

Well, you cannot change them directly, but you can change yourself and gradually spread your experiences, knowledge and influence outwards in ever- widening circles. Who knows who or what results you will attain, who or how far you will reach. The doing is your job, the results are up to the others, the ones who see and hear. You can only benefit from attending to the right procedures, everyone else is responsible to use it or leave it, it is no loss or gain to you personally except inasmuch as the society and the world is affected. If it is loss where peoples are concerned, then your inner strength will carry you through, their gain would either not be noticed by you or you would simply have your own inner growth boosted by the positive emanations. So you can be with, or amongst, but in the majority of life's situations, not "of" whatever evolves. (21.5.85) Q. a) What learning goes on while we are asleep and on what levels? b) Do we learn also at "inner levels" while we are awake and is this learning different from the sleep learning? A. When a body is asleep part of the brain is always awake; part of the mind is also in a waking state, but not fully, more of an awareness on a subconscious level. All of the bodies are using the sleeping state to co-ordinate and attune what has been learned (consciously or otherwise), and there is a balancing process whereby information is spread throughout the relevant areas. The higher levels are the final arbiters of what is to be dealt with, enlarged on or filed away until the lower levels are able to deal with them. Learning goes on at all levels, but the higher level assimilates, sorts, then instructs the lower levels as to procedure. To be more precise: lowest level - basics/animal, non-civilised(?) emotions lower level - subconscious, subliminal(Naive) middle level - conscious (though not always consciously 'aware') higher level - mind, control, morality (right and wrong) highest level- spiritual, the overself As persons progress there are fewer levels to deal with as the lower levels have been sorted and contained; one's animal instincts cannot be suppressed, at some time they must be looked at, understood, then put away. This has usually been done through the growing period, conditioning as to what is acceptable, and moral standards formulated to deal with lower instincts as they occur throughout life. Lower, subconscious, subliminal we can say, as it absorbs much that we are not aware of, this is where emotions noted by sight or sound are stored away. This is quite a strong area as it is from here the "I have a feeling about him/her, this place, situations etc." comes from, made up of the stored sensations (information) we weren't aware of having received, or aware, perhaps only in passing. This area is in some ways an unsophisticated one, as it can produce images or feelings that have been triggered as

an echo, and thus can be unreliable in an unaware person. It can be very reliable depending on our maturity, accuracy of perception, and control and understanding of emotions, our own and others. It is on this level, with unaware or baser-thinking persons that, like the computer, there can be a case of "garbage in, garbage out”. The conscious level is our workaday world and needs discipline and understanding. In sleep this level needs working on and this is usually, in progressed persons, where the learning begins. It is carried on through the mind as well, as there are perceptions here which need to be looked at. The cycle is: CONSCIOUS ... to SUBCONSCIOUS (and often, when we are suppressing many things) to UNCONSCIOUS When the mind bypasses the subconscious, problems will sooner or later crop up from the suppressed matter. The mind sorts into the subconscious what it is not ready to deal with, or not needing to deal with at that time. Then it is ready, in sleep, to commune and receive from the higher consciousness impressions and instructions as to what path to follow, the knowledge required for it, and so on. The higher consciousness has been away on its own journeys but must always remain aware of and attached to its bodies. Whatever dreams occur, whatever inspiration is felt, is caused by the higher self dealing with the earthbound bodies. There is so much of complication here as each person is at different levels of awareness, maturity and development, so what is being done during sleep, or meditation, is intrinsic to each one, no two persons are alike! The question as to what learning goes on while we are asleep; the answer is whatever you would direct your entities to teach. If they are in agreement you will know; if they do not agree (this does not happen often) you will dream, likely in symbols, a message to rethink your demands, perhaps even a pointer to the right direction. More people become confused because they do not perceive(or will not accept) the difference between wants and needs. If you are progressing, just think on whatever areas you wish enlightenment in, or maturity in, and the higher self will work with what you provide by your thoughts, reading, meditation etc., and thus will provide a step further along your path. It's a very slow process in many cases, especially when you are not sure that it is genuinely occurring, or is correct. If it wasn’t correct you would know as there would be conflict within you. The learning on inner levels while awake is as stated above. It is an ongoing thing, such as when you eat the food is digested and processed, dispersed throughout the

atoms and cells of your body. Everything we do is "wheels within wheels", constant motion and yet too subtle to be “motion” as we think of it. The thing is, you aim high, look for inspiration, and let your unknowable self (selves) get on with the work of teaching! (26.4.85) Q. Is it conscious work that produces psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, healing etc., or are they the result of unselfish works done in a life(s), or a result of inner work such as meditation, or a combination of these and other methods? A. Some of these are latent in many persons, psychic ability, clairvoyance, telepathy mostly. Telekinesis and healing less so but still in many. Latent abilities can be set off by many catalysts whether stress, grief, deep anger, whatever, they will usually fluctuate with the recipients emotions and so on. Telekinesis even more than healing is a rather special ability, one which is not meant to be developed on your planet for quite some time yet. It can be a very powerful force for good or bad and in your Earth's situation that would likely be for the bad. Healing of one sort or another is in most persons, but generally of a psychological, physical basis. The actual "miracles" of healing are not yet used through any great numbers of people, that would be far too easy, too premature for your Earth's stage of development. Enough to show what can be 'done, that it can be done, but it must be earned by the recipient or the healer. Not always both, there are reasons. When a person lives as good (refined) a life as possible, with an awareness of the pathways and disciplines leading upwards (spiritually)then his very nature becomes purified and more able to receive the benefits of his talents. But if he is not meant in this life to use them to any great extent (karma, re-incarnation choice or whatever) then no amount of preparation will make one a healer or whatever. It is not being perverse as you can understand, we just cannot all do as we would wish. But one should not abandon one's purifying or refining studies or practises, for other benefits will accrue and one may find that a talent or ability has been activated that had not been foreseen. We are not supposed to strive so that we may reap rewards or develop gifts, we are supposed to strive to travel God's path and to do His works, that alone, if that is “all” that eventuates, should be our reward. (9.6.85) There are storms created by nature in the world's atmosphere and within ourselves. Nature is our hereditary, sociological, plus our personal (i.e, new in each incarnation) resolves as to what we shall do with our lives, and how we shall handle our circumstances, whatever they are and however they were caused. Nature does not hearken back to the past whenever a reaction is caused, she does not need to as the actions back then by man interfering with her performance are an ongoing thing. If we divert a stream then years from now that diversion will have created new circumstances in its new, and old pathways. She is adaptable as long as the interference is not constant, not poisonous, and not detrimental in the first place (such as removing all vegetation from an area, especially if the area is potentially unstable in the first place).

Removing vegetation in a stable area could be coped with unless it is one where heavy rains/prolonged droughts/strong winds etc., are generally present. Add grazing animals or moving vehicles and there are problems. But left to herself Nature copes, adapts and keeps order in the long run. We are in a more fortunate situation in many ways, in that we grow into adulthood and very often move away from any disturbance or interference with our natures. Unfortunately, if our childhood and growing years have not been good ones, strength/ego building ones, then we often take all that interference with us as so much useless baggage. God had foreseen this and many other effects amongst human beings, and our minds/psyches were given the ability to deal with it. Some have more ability along this line than others and so they help the ones who cannot focus on their problems clearly enough to work out not just cause and effect, but also an equable solution. This is the nature of things along most lines of knowledge/ability, which is where the various talents come in. Today there is a mania for a) finding out why/how our emotional disabilities are caused and b) making radical movements to offset or change these effects. I say radical because many look to having a change immediately, or in short course, of a condition which has been often of a long-standing nature. Sometimes the radical seems to work but it is really because subterranean (sub- conscious) awareness and gradual change of thought or attitude has been taking place. So the catalyst was not something working a miracle it simply speeded up a healthy pre-process, an existent readiness for change. To shout outwardly that we must change, we want to change, while clinging to old unwholesome thoughts, emotions and habits of speech, living etc., is not enough. There is the awareness yes, which is needed, but much work needs doing, no one ever went from ABC directly to XYZ and remained stable and happy. It would be simply changing one set of habits and patterns for another, for ones which we are not prepared for. One can go from a meek martyr to a healthy extrovert but not in one go. Nature does not and cannot do so, and neither can the human psyche. When, in psychiatry, electric or insulin shock has been administered. it has not been as a cure, simply an endeavour to either jolt the patient from a rut of despondency or unawareness in a stable way to a state of awareness at least, of the situation as it is, or simply to break the old merrygo-round of aimless thought/behaviour. So no, where do we see an acceptance of instantaneous cure, even miracles happen to people who are desperate for cure and have made some efforts towards changing. And miracles last or "take" only as much as the psyche was prepared for this change. Heal a body that is not about to change to healthful ways and the healing soon lapses. If only humans could understand that all is order in nature and all is done at a steady, logical pace. Even if we never understand why we were harmed or hampered while trying to mature, we can accept then that it was God's will and had a purpose. Everything has a purpose! Accept, then dismiss what is past. If it would make you feel happier then accept that whoever harmed you acted from their own ignorance and pain; but if they do not change themselves, in due course (which really has nothing to

do with you) then they have a heavy karma coming up. And in this life there would be no real happiness for them no matter what they show on the surface. However, as you progress, change and heal within yourself, according to the plan which you laid down when we were all created the fates of those others will be of little emotional interest to you. So time brings many compensations to he who would aspire to grow, to really mature, and not remain a stunted version of the human condition that all should achieve or strive for. No matter the exterior, you know that as the interior purifies it will show itself, if not to all at least to like souls who are able to see clearly. To those who cannot or will not see good in others, that is their loss (i.e., not being with a healing influence) and it is certainly a sign of their lack of maturity. So like Nature, we must get on with our lives and let the past be just that, as well as leaving the future in God's hands. We can only strive to do the right thing and follow the proper pathways, wherever they lead may be where we plan them to lead, but nothing is ever positive, so we must be flexible, not weak, not wavering, flexible, and deal with whatever comes. If we have been doing our "homework" we will have acquired the wisdom (even if only instinctive) and the strength to cope with whatever tests are in store for us. Throughout the school of life there are often "surprise tests", school is school, you know! So if you all would not make such heavy going of your lives, smile a little, play a little, study and work re God's plans, and you will all graduate quite nicely. (I don't need to say what are God's plans, they have been made plain enough over the centuries). (20.5.85) One should not do a thing because they "feel" they should (aside from such daily chores and duties necessary in one's life). In the first case there is a mixture of fear, self-coercion, running away from a decision or standpoint, all sorts of motives and emotions, and the result is confusion and resentment. It doesn't pay to involve oneself in such activities, no-one benefits. Persons could interpose here with their particular "But in my case”, and in some instances their case would be karmic, but one would need to be very sure of that or nothing is really achieved. Ideally, in some future world, all of these ideas will be taught to children along with the reading skills and whatever other skills and talents that will be needing development. We, today, send the children through schooling which is inadequate to handle a growing, learning emotion (the entity) and then send those persons forth to live in a confused world with one hand tethered behind the back so to speak; in other words, semi-handicapped, ill-equipped (the lucky ones - the unlucky are crippled or totally disoriented by the system). After all, if parents are confused, plus the teachers, ministers of the church, and so on, how can you possibly produce a whole person! Well all of you must do your best with the end products, the ill "graduate” from confusion, the refugee from a world he cannot cope easily with (or which cannot comprehend him). Things change bit by bit as you all work at them, you've only to look back into your own life, let alone previous history, to see the changes that evolved. One thing is certain, nothing ever just happens, it has been working towards that point for a long, long time (in most cases). (11.8.85)

There are always times when persons veer from their everyday lives and duties, it is almost a relief or break from routine. People generally dream a little of what was or might have been as well as what could happen (or wish it could). When not taken to extremes it is a good thing, a respite and a bit of nostalgia perhaps. Hope is always a good thing in moderation, yes, hope is pointless if it is inappropriate or not really possible. To say that one can have whatever one wishes for in life or be whatever is desired is to tell half the story; as you know there is far more to it than that. However, a lot of the organisations you are thinking of are not all that bad in some ways as they generally do try to help. That a lot of money may be charged is really incidental to the joiner, it's not his karma incurring that debt. Most people gravitate to where they wish to go, they have generally tried and failed to stay at or profit from different organisations because they were not ready to admit a need, or didn't like what was offered. Then they find some wonderful "place", or body of people, and find the money to join. Now whether they benefit or fail is part of their own choice, even if it has a very bad effect on them, as opposed to a group that could have helped; they really instinctively chose that, or reaped that result from constantly running from problem solving, or refusing to face problems. A person who drags a sick or wounded body from every kind of inappropriate healer, or quack (what a word) because they are afraid to admit the illness is a serious one, or are afraid of/refuse the treatment, perhaps an operation, well they do choose the eventual deterioration, perhaps death that results, do they not? This is not to lay blame at someone's bad luck, no one consciously and deliberately does such foolish things, what they are doing is either working through earned karmic retribution by choice or by necessity. Either way it is not your concern to worry about it at all. Certainly one can pass a remark of concern if it seems appropriate, or warn gently where there seems genuine fraud, but most persons will go their chosen path and one can only hope to mitigate any harm by support and positive comment. As was said before, things don't just happen, in some way or other it was chosen, pre-ordained. (12.8.85) Preparation for any part of our life is an essential quality. Those who talk of “spontaneous reactions" etc., are missing the point, such reactions are the exception rather than the norm, and they are not necessarily desirable reactions if they have been predicated on wrong or insufficient knowledge. This does not mean that one needs to be a scholar, not everyone is predisposed in that direction and that is as it should be. But there is no reason not to endeavour to glean the pertinent facts from lighter forms of reading, from reputable sources of course, from knowledgeable speakers, and from sitting and meditating on the particular subject after cogitation and discussion amongst one's peers. That certainly is plentiful for gaining insight into any subject, as deeply certainly as is needed, then "spontaneous re- action" can occur, "playing it by ear” as some would call it, and the results would be as they should. Any other course could end up with wrong results, perhaps even harmful ones for the subject or the reactor, one could precipitate a quite nasty backlash that way. So make one's useful moments per day a time for boning-up on the subjects with which you wish to be conversant. Remember, it only needs a short time of application each day, with some thinking/meditation added in and you would soon feel the fruits of your

diligence. But remember always not to stray too far to right or left of what you are applying yourself to so as not to scatter the energies. Not that we are saying to have closed minds or rigid limits, it is good indeed to listen on other subjects and be conversant with other peoples interests, one would be very boring indeed if unable to mix and speak of anything but one's specialities. We all learn from one another, which means of course, we teach, you teach etc., so there you have another reason for knowing that which you are speaking of: not statistics as such, though it wouldn't hurt to train one's mind to remember vital points. (22.8.85) Whatever the future has in store you are quite correct not to anticipate anything. It does teach one though never to say never. Perhaps people will learn to keep their lives fluid so that they will be able to take advantage of opportunities that do come up "from the blue" at various moments in life. These are natural opportunities which were allowed for in pre-planning, yet when their time comes so many persons are too fearful or too rigid to seize their chance. It is a lack of faith in one's abilities and a lack of trust in God's love and guidance. Your society more or less guarantees that schools will teach caution, and churches preach fear, so what hope does the general public have to learn self reliance and courageous living. That is why the lack of formal employment today has thrown panic into public thinking. Parents won't or don't think to encourage their children to develop manual skills. In spite of automation and computers there is a great demand for individual services. The handy person anywhere about a home or yard is a scarcity, a truly handy person that is. There are ways to earn one's living but you are not geared to look beyond the usual lines, and today, with government assistance, many are opting out through drink, drugs, sickness, or just plain apathy. What I say is not as a judgement but a statement, when the populace thinks this way, then everyone reacts that way and the results are thus. Someone, many someone’s, somewhere, need to break this rigid thinking, there are persons doing so now, but generally finding themselves voices in the wilderness. Today you need to get people to re-think priorities, strangely enough though money is scarce on so many levels, the drumbeat of advertising is becoming louder and more insistent, buy and buy, bigger, better, and newer. No wonder there is so much bitterness amongst the poor, and such strenuous efforts amongst the middle class to keep up, keep "in" with it all. Only the very wealthy are immune, they can pick and choose at will, but they are becoming more dissatisfied and disaffected because it is all wrong, and somehow they know it. But it is not the answer for them to give money away holus bolus, it would be lost in the uproar as society is not geared to handle issues that way. The whole thread of living needs to be re-spun and re-woven into an orderly pattern and that is a different story altogether. You will, you must, all do your bit, as we do, but the overall weft will be spun and fashioned by something far beyond us. So don't despair, it will get done eventually. (3.9.85) In the final light of day, our day, to give is the only constant gift, you give because it is your wish, in God's name/memory, to give. Given completely, freely, it is an act of love - threefold; to yourself, to God, to the recipient(s) (or the world at large). That is the complete, the desirable, but any other way is still a gift, especially when the receiver is not very lovable in his/her present form. It is difficult to look beyond the

facade and see the seed of God in each morsel of humanity. Some, such as a wellknown like Mother Theresa have been able to do this and so their task is not as onerous, emotionally/spiritually, as one would think. There are many unknowns in the world who have reached the same stage of acknowledgement (not just acceptance, that is not complete). To reverse this thought, you are all, we are all, the seed of Jesus, and that is the whole love. God does not require any of us to change, He loves us unconditionally, but we cannot approach Him unless our vibrations are so high, and so purified. That is our choice. So if you wish to become nearer and yet nearer, to God, then you must change; only remember that near or far you are loved equally by the Godhead, the Fountain of Pure Light, that never changes. It is only that like Adam, after eating of the apple, the fruit of self-knowledge, you know or see within yourself the distance between the you and the whole and that is what drives us to change, so that we may be part of that spiritual whole in our entirety. Our true happiness does not depend on anyone there, support and love or empathy smooths the path perhaps, or gives a lift when the mortal soul and body tire, but even without such help, over ,and above any love on earth, there is all of the love radiating from the entities, in God's name, and from the vibrations of the healing, purifying fountain of God's love, the most complete acceptance of all. (God's acceptance is truly that, He receives all that emanates from you without thought of good or evil because of His love, not in spite of it. There is a difference, human acceptance is in spite of one's faults, God's "receiving" does not even see faults). (23.8.85) The body deteriorates with age and neglect, so one must make every effort to lead a healthy life. See the doctors when necessary, without procrastination. Every experience today has been experienced in the past, the world events repeat themselves in an endless variety of the same theme. Only the names change, of the people, the locality and so forth. There is indeed nothing new under the sun. Yes, it is like that poor singer you think of, he (we) must do it again and again until we get it right. However, once all becomes perfect the world, any world, loses its reason for being: Utopia can exist for a while, but such is the nature of humankind, they would eventually phase themselves out, go on to lives elsewhere, where there is a need (or in many cases, opportunities, for whatever purpose). However, your earth has much time to go before anything approaching utopia, appears. You are a particularly warlike lot and a lot of karma is being built up, on the one hand, but on the other even more karma is being worked off. Your earth is a beacon to "those who would serve". It has also been a happy hunting ground for they who would rule and for all those kinds of personalities in between. Yes, you have them all, again, but this time around I think that right will finally prevail, and for the correct reasons, not because it is expedient (expediency is too subject to change), but because it is the good, the happy thing to do. But it won't be easy. The one thing, the one important thing that all crusaders, all "putters-to rights" must accomplish is cooperation. Divide and fall is what is happening everywhere now, one cannot send away, or subjugate strong leaders, but the majority must prevail, by dividing causes into their logical parts, then carry on the battle as one united front. Only then can anyone

succeed. Why is it that so often it is only the bad, the evildoers, who can keep a closed defence? They don't share the same wrongs, the gambling or whatever, they share the same cause, and are aware that it is a case of one in, all in together (don't I wish I had been so wise when I was on earth, the skirmishes I was in, by myself - "give no help, ask no help". Oh well, we learn). (14.8.85) Whatever happens around you in the years to come, as long as you maintain correct thoughts and mode of living, the worst shall go around you. That is just one purpose for meditation, visualisation and outreach, as well as a healthful diet and outlook. Those who have a negative view, a basically selfish, even lazy, or better to say, apathetic nature, and such gloomy vibrations attract all nature of poor experiences, low vitality and indifferent health. True, a happy, healthy, caring person can draw jealousy or envy to him, but there is no predisposition to accept it, and that bass, that grumble deep within one, of the cynic and carper, simply affects the host bodies. Many a victory of such persons is very hollow indeed. You cannot know as yet what your next steps are to be, but they are taking shape now that other events have or are ready to occur. There are no worries for you as long as you all remain steadfast to your beliefs in the spiritual works needing doing. It will not be easy, with or without your faith, but immeasurably better if you retain a firm belief in God's plans and support. All life is trial and error, that is a human growth, for there is not that instinct in you as in the plant world, although, like the plants, many of you are forced to grow where you have been sown. At least you were not sown on barren ground or under a great boulder. That is my doctor colleague who thinks of such amusing examples. You are really floating within yourself, better to eat anything but such manufactured rubbish, your system will not always tolerate those things when it is engaged in adjusting to a more natural intake. (17.4.86) There is an entity here whom you may communicate with. His name is for him reveal, also his circumstances. My time upon your earth was many hundreds of years ago and it will be a long while yet before I return to an earthly form; but my concern is with your peoples and with such a lovely place as your earth. So many places upon your earth, were it not for the human inhabitants, would be a veritable paradise. And other places, from the very cold to the very hot and arid could be a wondrous challenge to those inclined towards science, agronomy and natural phenomenon. Well, perhaps the next time around, after much has been damaged and decimated unfortunately, Mankind will look at his home with new eyes (and heart and spirit) and this time apply the correct principles. It may seem a forlorn hope to some but such has happened in the past, elsewhere, so surely Man - Earth's Man - has reached the stage where a suitable nudge will call forth construction and adherence to the Laws of God and nature. Even the animals do not foul their living quarters so there must be hope for Man. For each one of the right aspiring persons on earth, there can be dozens, then hundreds and thousands of minds enlightened by actions and words presented to them. As one learns one practises and one teaches, these are inseparable unless you were in complete isolation. So guard your actions in the remembrance that people learn best of all by that which they see about them. Those who blind themselves to the right actions are not your responsibility, no; but be comforted if such is the emotion, by the fact that we cannot deny consistent example; it lodges in the sub-conscious, if nowhere else. Then denial

by the conscious puts up a struggle which changes the person towards improving, however slowly and reluctantly. Even a negative reaction, wherein that person attempts to counteract the seeds by worse behaviour, is positive in a sense, for sooner or later that unfortunate soul will be forced to face the rebellion in himself, and though he be at the very lowest level, he will have the urge to rise upwards. Whether that is accomplished in this lifetime or not is not our or your concern - if it must be continued after death, and/or rebirth, at least he will have become that much finer in vibration and ready to rise to a spirit level according to the karmic role he chooses (as to approach and length of time, that is). Well, yes, I am aware that you have heard all this before, perhaps often, but perhaps this may show certain matters in a different light, so that when some scoff at your ideas or behaviour, there is no need to feel anger or even sorrow, as they have been in that place at that time for the very indoctrination they are so actively resisting. Remember yourselves over these past years, how you now embrace the very beliefs that were objects of scorn in your eyes not too many years ago. So there is always hope for everyone, do you your calling with serenity and that is all God requires, as long, yes, as you take the time to commune with God - not to Him - so that you may keep aware of your path and do not stray into ego delights, or misguided messages and actions. God did not use violence towards those whom He was showing the way. He did not drive them towards a belief or away from a practise - He showed them by personal example, and when bloodshed and violence was imminent it was towards Himself that it occurred first. He would have preferred not to have been martyred in such a brutal way but otherwise His message was that I will die or suffer, if necessary, to show the way. Not, that you will suffer or die in order for ME to show you the way, or because you will not follow My way! So that is your answer to the "hard-line" evangelists of your world, we do not approve, yet the message does get through to many in that way. It is when justice for all becomes circumvented by those people that others must rise up and say, "enough, that is not God's way". Not that that has been successful upon your earth, usually peoples have not been aware in time, or the message and messengers have become perverted, in which case it has taken intervention on a scale of country versus country, and so far indeed that has only served to postpone the situation, not solve it. (9.6.86) Everyone must be aware of their actions, everyone should be aware of their motives. This last is important, and those who blind themselves to their inner intent and emotions cannot change themselves. It is not for the purpose of affixing blame or guilt that we advocate one getting to know ones-self, it is for the purpose of enlightenment. One either knows and acknowledges certain thoughts or prejudices and then traces that source, or vice versa; so that they may understand the why, then they can set straight the relationships, and finally effect any needed changes. When one finds spillages or soilings occurring constantly it is of little use to cleanse the area without finding the cause, the source of the markings. Then one does not berate the source, much more effective to repair it and see that reoccurrence does not happen. Simple, indeed, but not to those engrossed in hiding away the marks, the bruises, and the general misimprinting that was put upon one in one's past days. (26.8.86) Getting one's act together is not an easy task, as so often we don't rightly know exactly what we should be doing. It is only by trial and error (if error is the correct

word) that one finds the correct path. Unfortunately paths tend to branch out, then it is not certain whether to carry on or diverge a little, or change pathways. There is no harm in any of those as long as one does not become flighty, or dogmatic. It is all a matter of looking within, and without – above, then doing that which feels right. When one is used to reading the signs, the inner urges and promptings then the time is reached where actions seen to be natural, spontaneous. And still one must monitor and meditate so that internal balance and honesty prevails. It is no different really from everyday life and work in an office or a schoolroom - we all need to be honest as to our motivations and true feelings towards people and events. Now you will find yourselves automatically looking at what you are doing, saying and thinking - being aware of your surroundings and that which happens. Such as blessing the garden fruit and thanking the Devas - actually "seeing" the sand, water and sky when you are walking. Awareness within and without is important because God is in all things, whether through His little people or your own pulsing, breathing organism, He is, we are, it is all real to us. Do not regret anything one does or befalls, all is a learning process and there is some reason for everything, something to fit into the pattern, theirs or ours, what does it matter, we are all one in God's plan. (4.2.87) Compelling urges affect us all, but we do not have to give in to them. They are created from habit, from environment and from social influences beyond our immediate environment. How can one resist such powerful impulses; well one cannot unless one is conscious of them. It is good, usually, to have an idea of the sources of such drives if only to realise that one is not weak or irrational or whatever we often label ourselves as. Often too, knowing or guessing at a source provides sidelights as to other's behaviours and beliefs. This can highlight that person in a new way for us and often aid us to come to grips with events or influences we thought immovable. We can see ourselves differently as well and then we should be able to handle our emotions with a new ease. Not that it is very easy at first, but if one remembers that perseverance with the technique of research will enable us to do so more and more easily until it becomes natural to us, for and we delve more and more into our subconscious, then of course more memories will begin to surface. Eventually one can place themselves in quite a satisfied and balanced state whereby one is looking inward and forward and finding and developing new emotions and new knowledge. All this should be done as a natural process, not as a hunting, probing, session; let that which will, float to the consciousness to be read and processed. That way there are no compulsions, just sightings of former desires or proddings. None of us can really tell another what he must do about his life, we can only listen and suggest ways for further enlightenment. Like those ahead of us we interpret the signs as we see them and suggest which paths they may care to follow. Sometimes we can only hold up the lantern as we go, not even able to point the way and the other may follow or not, diverging when needing too. So do not concern yourself overmuch with others, pass on your thoughts and knowledge where there is a desire for them, but do not tie strings to anything as others should be allowed to do what they wish with what we pass along. Within reason of course, one does not continue if ones work or words are misconstrued or misused. You need only to use your own sense of

rightness there. It is a long but interesting road. the road to enlightenment, to selfdevelopment, but what other path would one wish to travel? (5.2.87) Everything has a place in life, and a purpose, and if all humans i.e., sentient, thinking beings took the trouble to realise and to study on that, how quickly earth would become the Eden-like place it was meant to be. So many profess to ever be looking inwards, yet they see nothing. And looking outwards interpret however they choose, without seeing correctly in the first instance. So wherever a sad, bad or trying time comes look at circumstances and see what the message is. “I am feeling like this, or these things are happening/not happening because _ _ _ _ .” Perhaps one truly does not know why, but an impartial scrutiny may provide a few clues. Oh, everyone has their moments, but when those moments become too frequent then it is time to assess the situation. To be aware of possibilities, a few or many, that is how problems are solved or mitigated. (7.5.87) Perhaps one day we shall all have our higher consciousnesses on tap automatically when needed - as in 'conscience'. And no, it is not your conscience, that is actually the sub-conscious. Which is why so many people like to keep themselves pre-occupied and in a state of numbness where self- direction or correction can't get through. It is certainly not the sub- conscious that sends one off drinking, over-eating, drugging etc. That is the material, the baser self, the actual physical body. I see that that body is usually spoken of as an inanimate object, unable to influence us, because there is no spark, no guiding spirit. But anything alive has a voice, a directing nature, and our bodies, our baser selves, will set up a great clamour for self-gratification. Depending on your own nature, your inherited genes, and often a karmic choice - the selfgratification is not always for food, drink and delicacies of every nature, it may crave deprivation, pain, discipline. Whatever you end up with you collaborated for. A fully disciplined, healthy and comfortable body is finally arrived at by imposition on your part. Once it has been achieved, often through good old blood, sweat, and tears, the basic physical spark will accept and be happy, It will reach the stage of rejecting or being unable to accept any unhealthy habits. For a while. But if you continue to back slide it will happily join you, set up its old demands, and break down in health while it’s at it. You humans have, really, the equivalent of an animal pet in your physical body. Not a pleasing picture to be sure, but yours cannot even aspire very high, the capacity is not there for it, only for you. So if you want to let your personal Rover or Spot rule your lives don't bark at everyone in protest. (15.5.87) What else is life for if not to develop oneself to the fullest degree possible. The development must be one of balance, of course, within one's circle of experience. Certainly your balances wouldn't be the same as someone else’s. For a person developing to a greater degree in one area, such as dance, art, music, and commerce, the required areas of balancing would not be the same as for those who lead fairly normal lives. It couldn't be, as their talent would take up so much of their time. But it is a pity that the realisation isn't there for so many geniuses or great talents. Actually many so-called geniuses do not operate by normal earth-growth standards if they have returned mainly to develop particular sciences and discoveries. Their karma is usually 'something else', so we do not refer to them. But, yea, balance is the great goal, and it is a difficult one for so much must be adjusted: ego, fear, greed, hostility, and the basic personality structures (sometimes strictures)of flamboyance, timidity, dominance and so on. Flamboyant persons aren't necessarily seeking or needing an

audience - they have a great swell of joie de vivre, a sense of the comic, or the most beautiful, and it needs to pour out in great waves. Some of the greatest attention seekers are the sulky, the sullen and the rebellious. So don't label people too hastily, the motives or driving forces are not always as the book would have it. But a look within ones self can tell what is needed by you for balance. It is not a one-off thing because as stated before, a lot of areas need adjusting to accommodate the whole picture. It in often trial and error, but that in itself is a learning process so there is no harm there. Just take heart at progress and persist quietly but firmly to the job at hand. (30.5.87) Why should so much of our lives be taken up in learning control? Probably because you have all decided on a particular course of action in this incarnation, and usually the particular course is one that goes somewhat counter to the circumstances in your life. So to begin the work chosen you must exercise control over your actions, within or as well as your surroundings. Many return and successfully ignore or resist the inner urgings to discipline, constructive discipline that is. They slide over or away from what is needed, or at times they become obsessive with the discipline. That has the effect of preventing work on one's self, a case of opening the door, polishing it and the doorstep, then slamming the door again without a glance at whatever lies beyond. So control is needed, plus intelligent self searching, and contact with like-minded persons. Contact with many others is inevitable, and is generally part of our task of learning and growing. The contact of fellow seekers is necessary as a safety valve, a comforter, encouragement, and more learning. Life is not meant to be all serious though, and it is important to enjoy ones', self, to develop a sense of humour, and fun, and lightheartedness, for the trip through the various stages of our long journey has balance as a matter of course. If you cannot or will not learn to acquire an equal outlook here, then in another universe or lifetime you will feel that lack. Somewhere you may tend to hear the music and ignore the surroundings; pulse with the light pulsings and remain inert at the wind and warmth causing ripples in the envelope. So take what you need out of your knowledge of your life, and make sure that you learn to at least think, look at, and listen to joy as well as to sorrow, there is enough of everything for each individuals tastes and needs. With this season you are beginning try to remember all aspects of what is being feted. The symbolism of the Christ Child is important, as is the bearded gentleman and his deer. There is no harm in either for they both symbolise birth and gifts and all that implies. Simply use the festivities without letting them use you - in other words it is a time for joy, remembering, happy gatherings, and the giving or exchanging of friendship and love, in one form or another. Many want to remember this time happily, and it only takes one or two to set off a reaction. (4.12.88) 1:2 Guides for Living Everyone needs to simplify their lives and surroundings. It is good to have charm and beauty, comfort and convenience, so that you are able to soothe your spirit and create a welcoming atmosphere to those who visit. You need the conveniences to give time for necessary things, including quiet times, recreational times and work times. But beauty does not require a lot of items; colours, comfort and one or two objects of pleasure to the eyes and senses. How many pictures, ornaments and jewellery; dishes and even food does it take? One set of everything really, good natural food, good talk, good vibrations of love, welcome and harmony. It is the easiest thing to get used to, a

productive, simple, but caring way of life. Give away everything you don't really need, keep only your needs and a few wants. Simplify but enjoy. BE joyous, share, welcome, spread not just the words, share the spirit; show by example, you can't really have luxury and preach the Word, it doesn't compute! It isn't sincere or even truthful - Jesus didn't say "do as I say, not as I do”. Rise early, commune with nature, conduct your day on proper lines, then to bed earlier rather than late. Don't spend time with people who don't really need it, if you are not available they will find someone else. (18.1.85) Everyday living should be of a fairly simple nature in spite of the world about you. In your lives you need a clean, attractive, and welcoming home, the same cleanliness for yourselves and your family members, and anything else you are amidst and work with. In other words a discipline of tidiness and orderliness is called for, as it radiates both inwardly and outwardly. Wholesome food in lesser than more quantities depending on the rate of motion/ exercise; fresh air, preferably with the exercise of walking at least; meditation times each day; interchange on a pleasant basis with like persons, or time for one's chosen work, whether studies, healing of any sort, writing, whatever. Add to this some leisure time, days when outings of some nature are included, or friends over, and you can see that one's days can be filled pleasurably, busily and usefully, and that there really is not spare time for useless activity. There is also a safeguard there against doing too much in each day, as if one examines the necessary items (including the leisure/fresh air, etc) and sees what one would have to relinquish in order to squeeze in the "extra”, well, is the trade-off proper, is it worth it? Once in a while yes, it could be, but on a regular basis if any of the proper daily allotments is consistently missed for the sake of outside extras, then you are not functioning in a balanced nature. Each day is meant to be a balance of attention to and upkeep of your environment, your family members, yourself and your growth, a balance of duty, work, health and pleasure/leisure. It is necessary, it is harmonious. When your daily rhythm starts speeding up ever faster and notes get missed or slurred over, your inner self becomes neglected physically and in other ways, illness of some sort occurs, everything slows down, beats and chords are missed which must be made up (home duties or whatever) and gradually the balancing rhythm found once more. How foolish. Maintain the beat at all times and your routine and health will be able to accommodate a few emergency departures, a few missed beats, without the whole of the structure being disturbed. It may not seem like it would be so, but in the long run you would accomplish far more, as you would not be required from time to time to compensate for lost times due to illness or boredom or panic. Look at nature, all in it go about their daily activities according to the timeclock of steady and sure, day by day. Even someone with children or ill dependants or suchlike can set a daily rhythm including time for themselves, and not allowing panic or rushing about, we must all look to ourselves as well, as we are a legitimate part of the structure and must be maintained just as scrupulously as anything else. If that requires some solution by way of help from others or some adjustment of home duties then do

so, burdens should be spread evenly, it will be for the benefit of all. So no martyrs are encouraged, it is of no use to anyone. Persons who are trying to find themselves, their true selves, should by all means find suitable reading matter, and if they are attracted to any particular course or training whether it be re-birthing or self-transformation, etc., then it is very good. But once that course has been completed then it is necessary to use what one has learned - to meditate and to incorporate the learnings also from whatever literature they read. Too many are inclined to say "done that", "read that", "tried that”, and they are still seeking for themselves, for healing, for a solution or for happiness. But these courses will not produce these things, simply point you in a direction wherein you can look at some truths. When blockages are eased or removed then one must be still and work with what has been/is being released. Time on reading should not be over-extensive. Read one book on a regular daily basis, in doses, in other words as you would take medication. Think on what has been read, let it percolate. You cannot cure an infection by taking in the whole prescription of drugs the first day, yet you will dump buckets of sensations from courses, books and lectures and expect your whole system to absorb, sort, trial and regurgitate a solution to health and happiness. On top of this you never stay still long enough, in mind or body, to allow of a proper absorption of all those things. Have you ever really stopped and thought what you are doing to yourself? Then when depression comes or a sense of the latest efforts not succeeding, you promptly drop it all in disgust or frantically dash into another round of courses, cure-alls, enlightenments. One course a year would be enough, with some relevant reading, some discussions with like-minded people, then a liberal application of your daily rhythms (which is a nice name I think for the balanced routine I listed earlier) and all of you would find that you were solving your problems and becoming happier. We need also to learn to live within the structures of what we cannot change, whether it is a personal state of physical disablement or a dependant disabled, elderly, or whatever (a budding artist forced to serve in a shop). Whatever your restrictions there are always those moments for yourself if you can learn to enjoy less than you had hoped for as long as you have made it more than was dumped on you; in other words there are compromises you could be happy with if you were willing. So slow down and enjoy your life once it has been sorted out by your study, meditation and daily activity - which must be done with good humour (it takes practise) but one can learn to cope on a harmonious level. (16.5.85) More than anything, people need to sit down again and again and look at their lives. What they are doing, what they want to do. Where do they want to go. More than at any time, you humans are all being forced to look again at what life is about, what purpose is there in so many lives being purposeless? The answers won't come from one or two people or agencies, or governments, because it is not that kind of a solution. It is a sort of groundswell of awareness that takes place in such situations, and the change-about will happen over a period of time, in many different ways. Nothing is certain now, and nothing is more uncertain than the lives and futures of all

the jobless, the homeless, the hopeless, and what could truthfully be termed, the useless. Where could you find one answer for them all? So, individuals who are advanced enough are stirring, and questioning, and joining together to establish mores and lifestyles for themselves. Others are taking people in from the byways for informal education and for support and affirmation. I needn't go on, you see it all around you. If you are content with your lot and getting on with self-growth plus a reaching out to the needy, then that is good. If that is not enough then realistically it is time to look further. How or where is for you all to decide, but now more than ever there is a need for 'Man to fulfil his own calling while at the same time benefiting others. Most of God's realm has the trine symbol, the threefold benefit: You - TheyGod (in whichever order you choose). Three is one-half of the symbol of eternity, close the circles - 8 -so; or each three reversed and joining, flowing through and together - do you see? But this is not a treatise on symbols, although I did begin this didn't I? Well, never mind, just work at living your life, and enjoying life; poor God, surrounded with solemn faces.(29.8.85) Whatever comes into our lives we must accept as a natural consequence of our own actions, or lack thereof. Persons complain of having no control over their lives and yet they have the control of whatever they are doing when they do it. Do not return in time for a healthful rest; do not rise to give sufficient to get one's daily duties attended to; don't do what one can because one cannot do what one likes; not very conducive to growth. When life is given to us we must do our best with it and if that is not very good then improve our best or settle for whatever we reap. Never expect others to just do as we wish them to do if it is not what they want to do, life needs to be a series of trades if peace and progress are to be made. Even with children one can work, slowly, on a "fair’s fair" basis. One cannot expect much but they do need to realise that one must be aware of another's rights, and as they grow up, bit by bit, they need to learn that earning one’s way in the house, in school, and in life in general is the fairest, most growthful, and actually a pleasurable way to proceed. We always appreciate more that for which we have worked for. To work at a job or profession that earns money, or a salary, is automatically a case of exchange of a "fair days'/weeks" etc., work for monies paid to us. So we should realise and accept that we can control our lives to a very great extent, but first it must be done within our own limitations, then likely the limitations can be expanded but it is for us to do it, look for the opportunities, and gain our self-respect by living life to our fullest extent, regardless of those who would gainsay us by criticism etc. Give love, liking, cheerfulness, respect, and so on whatever you do and to whomever you are in contact with, but expect, or assume, the same privileges for yourself. Asking is futile, but to expect and assume it as a foregone conclusion really works, whether it is forthcoming or not (think about that if it puzzles you). As a doctor I have seen much wastage of human resources, and excepting those extreme cases of abuse, people do it to themselves (i.e. waste) by passivity or outright perversity. Humans have so much to learn!

TV in its present stage won't teach much of use re human behaviour, so they who are aware need to be examples, showing as well as teaching. It takes tremendous restraint as well as perseverance because people can be so trying. Perhaps that is a good task to set for yourselves, to restrain reactions towards the perverse (except those that are needed, when they are needed) but even those need to be dealt out with great heaps of love or affirmation. After all, there but for the Grace of God (and some good genes) goes thou! (20.8.85) Everyone needs to consider what their goals are in life, what their beliefs, are, and what they can do to help others in this world. Most of the restlessness is caused by a lack of purpose and even more by a lack of knowledge of one's true self. We are all so deeply influenced throughout our lives by external stimuli - from family members and so on (I needn't list them all). As we mature, our wants and likes vary and get dropped as some thing new comes on the horizon. With the technical society we have now, something new is being flashed at us every day from every media and we become completely confused and at the mercy of suggestions and sensations aroused in us, unless we all take the time each day to sort out these messages and discard the ones that don't really apply to us (attractive as they may seem). The remainder needs then to be checked over as to necessity and to effect on our particular situation, emotions and psyche. When we find that we are responding willy-nilly to hordes of "beguilers" it is time to take ourselves in hand, for we are really being manipulated by the hard sell. Subliminal is not in it, as the habit of leaving record and cassette players on as background noise is a form of subliminal message receiving. We don't even discriminate, among all the noises penetrating, as to what our subconscious is picking up and storing away. To buy or make tapings of music, beautiful music, soothing or stirring, would do such wonderful things for one’s nerves and the subliminal message would be of great benefit to the atoms of our make-up. Even the spoken word on tapes, of moving and uplifting poetry or prose, spoken beautifully would give us painlessly the messages of hope and love that Mankind needs; also an awareness of the inner worlds of the people around us. Mankind is slowly sinking under a barrage of noises - useless, harmful, noises, and your sensibilities are being coarsened by the exposures. It is also very difficult to prevent the effects, as well as hard to throw them off, because we are not aware of absorbing them in the first place. Talk about going to hell on a toboggan. The peoples today are sliding to oblivion on a waterfall of noisy music, noisy buy, buy, noisy arguments po1itically, by any party, and worst of all by noisy smut merchants lowering our moral standards and increasing our indifference to the dirt and violence that is being portrayed where everyone can see and hear it. The not very intelligent are becoming sick entities and the intelligent are indifferent to it all, in them a sickness as well. So we must wake up and see, actually see and hear what is entering our space, and what effect it is likely having. We must take control of our lives and especially we must strive to find out within us what we really are. Yes, Know Thyself, indeed! We are not speaking to you to censor your world - censor it as it applies to yourself and family. And remember that people learn from actions and deeds, not from anyone's words. If they like what they see they will adopt it, if they're not ready that is

not your responsibility. Many many people are collecting adverse karma by manipulating the people; don't join them, they feel they're doing the right thing, so you can see how easy it is to confuse your interference as "just doing good". (16.4.85) Whatever you persons in your earthly existence believe or wish to believe, there are certain irrefutable truths. One is that there is a God, an overall universal Being Who brought all of life into existence. Everything brought into life was intended to be part of the whole, each part serving the others in harmony and common purpose. Where that rule is broken is where troubles begin. When any "made" article fails in some quarter, some part gets out of “true”, interfering with other parts and not doing its own work properly as well, then you know what soon happens. The article either breaks down and refuses to work, or it runs badly and eventually breaks down. It is the same for any “article”, animate or inanimate. Now that is an irrefutable truth. I could go on and on but you are all aware now, after the number of times I have discussed these things. These truths I have emphasised because there have been times when the words "variable", or "free choice" and so on have been used, but not about God, and not about the orderliness of the creation. (5.9.85) Each of us is responsible for our own health and well being. Anyone can offer help (support) to others if they wish but not otherwise. Likewise anyone may ask or accept proffered support and advice but in the end it is their responsibility to decide what they should do and carry it out. Never hinder others or allow them to hinder you (using judgement as to your way of life, obligations and so forth). We here assist in every way we can with this contact, - answers (within reason) to questions, and some advice, but our work is preferably limited to that and to your spirit contacts plus protection. We cannot get involved in a number of areas, such as spiritualism, extraterrestrial matters and so forth or our work would be totally disjointed. We, at least the more advanced contacts here are aware of the other areas, we co-operate with them in every way, especially when our contacts on your side have several facets of contact operating, but it is done without interfering with the writing times. We pass on queries etc., and then it is for the other area guides to make contact. I'm sure you can understand this when you apply the same sense of it to your earthly relationships, businesses, etc. When our contacts (earthly) do not carry out their share of needed activities we cannot help - this is not really a schoolroom but so many peoples get the wrong impression and try to lean on us, use us as an authority, as gurus, we are not. We are contacts, in many cases guides, but that only in the spirit of co-operation - we can see and sense what you cannot, so we guard and guide but as equals really and not omnipresent beings. You must be mature, self-determining, and aware of your goals, behaviour and attitudes if we are to progress together in these matters. I am using "you" and "we” in the plural as this is intended for any interested in contact and with spirit writing, nothing "automatic" about it despite the label. Most of our contacts re writing are to try to educate correct attitudes to life; ethical behaviour if widespread would defuse so much of your troubles. So we don't wish to use these areas to predict calamities or any other future happenings except a sense of warning, i.e., do this, or such and such will occur. We are educators, even prognosticians if you like, but not given to psychic pronouncements - your psychics pick those up themselves because of open centres in that area. So bear with us and use what we have to teach.

This is no small thing we are co-operating in. Every movement begins with one or two persons and then escalates. So don't put down your efforts or place in the world's plans, you will all be effective in your own sphere, else why would we bother? But you must discipline yourselves; admit and deal with problem areas in your lives; and above all never let your ego become enlarged and demanding. When you go about things in the correct way, with yourselves and with our teachings you will find yourselves satisfied without the need for "fame" or “attention”. Do your work patiently, results will eventuate whether you think so or not. (10.3.85) Calamities will keep taking place mainly because this is an in between, a weighing-up stage for so many peoples. It is not as difficult for middle class peoples to choose sides, they can ignore detractors and make their friends amongst like thinking peoples. They can even do what they would like to do, but in secret, so as not to cause unpleasantness at home with families and neighbours, work-mates and so on. But people in higher positions whether with money, politically, or professionally, face the added problem of their efforts and choices being made public, criticised, analysed, misrepresented, all the negative reactions of course. So when they wish to do something eccentric i.e., contrary to common beliefs, or altruistic, which is often considered eccentric these days, well what courage it takes, and even more, what stability of reasoning. One can stand firm in one's beliefs while surrounded with highly vocal dissenters, and bombarded with anger and even hatred and contempt. Then one indeed begins wondering whether they are right in their stance. Most insidious of all is when the soft voices start in preaching compromise - "do this just for now and gradually work around to the way you want it to go” – “give a little, save face, yours and theirs, an understanding will be reached quietly, privately, then no-one will lose". Oh yes, and how does one compromise with atomic/nuclear power, or soft voice chemicals away from the polluted air and water. Nature doe not compromise, she changes. It is slow, and it is insidious, and we think she is compromising until an act is performed once too often, then the change, upheaval, floods, and drought. No-one can compromise with evil; if it is wrong it cannot be accommodated, either you change or it changes, there are no grey areas where good and bad are concerned. Compromise is each party concerned yielding a little, need I say more? Yes, you don't see my point. If harmful chemicals are released in lesser degrees and nature non-rejects them in lesser degrees what comes about? It is still pollution, it accumulates, where can nature dissipate it all to? From the air to the vegetation, trees and soil, from the streams to rivers to oceans, then where? It's still poisonous. We cannot swear just a little, or cheat just a little, lie (besides social kindnesses) just a little, why should we want to? What is wrong with being well-spoken and honest, as long as it is in a non-judgemental pious way. One just does the clever, happier thing because it is more pleasant for everyone. We can't be worried about "changing" others, change us and by example others will change or keep a distance. When enough change for the good then those others will become the silent minority, the wowsers, for they are the disrupters. Don't spread yourselves out trying to belong everywhere, learn everything, practise a little of this and that; choose that (one or two at most) in which your talents and deepest interests lie and develop them, practise them, pass them along to any who

would listen or wish to learn. Listen yourself to others on other interests, we need to be open minded, to receive their thoughts, to feed back to them our thoughts; but leave their specialty to them. Hop here and there and nothing will be in depth, you need to learn and work with us in depth until it's a part of your being, automatic and unconscious as breathing. We will need all skills, some from each of you, but they must be deep and answerable to the psychic summons, what is only on the surface wouldn't even hear the call. Am I being harsh? Well, these are not games and it would be useless to become involved unless you are all deeply serious and committed. (7.3.85) Whenever there is a reason to turn away from what one should be doing that reason should be looked at from all sides. Perhaps we are pledging to carry on some form of work or study for the wrong reasons and are unable to apply the needed energy to carrying out that cause. When something is what we wholeheartedly wish to do we will find reasons to do it, even at the expense of other commitments, so it is best to stop and examine one's mode of approaching or performing those daily occurrences, duties and so forth as soon as some problem is detected. If the project is not what we really wish to do, barring always the sense of duty, (that lies with tedious, necessary functions re household and the workplace) it is the incorrect path as our chosen path should be one of joy in dedication and determination. That is not a tragedy if recognised and dealt with, the wrong path for you is the correct path for some others. Our natures have been "constructed" so that like nature's flora and fauna, we should be in a state of balance. Should be, but in the human other influences can tend to divert us from our true calling, whether it is society's or family's prejudice, more income, or power. None of those reasons, in the long run, will produce happiness for us, and proper conduct of our work which would and should have been of benefit to the whole. According to what is new, popular, materially rewarding, becomes the path for the shallow-thinking, easily-led, a stampede of enthusiasts overflowing one path to leave other needed works sparsely tended. Talents, gifts, and dedication are the true successes in each profession - whether disposing of human or atomic wastes: the studier and dispenser of knowledge learned from any book cannot apply that needed spark that turns our work from rote application to inspired intuition and invention. Unless we can see our chosen work in all its ramifications with our own eyes, including our third eye, there is no way we can really correct any flaws occurring, or more important, improve on what we have learned. This is important for us to understand, it applies to every walk of life, and should .be imparted to our children who should be presented with a wide range of views of life, and where interest is expressed one could help guide that fledgling doer to choices within that field. Not forced, and a change of mind is allowed so that mind and psyche develops and recognises other choices. Eventually, after, in some cases, a lot of trial and error, the final choice will be made. We are not “giving in" to a child but recognising the gifts or bent that it was born with, completely impersonal as we are all children of nature, a higher nature, but the rules are more or less the same. (Unfortunately we higher beings at the moment copy literally the lower nature rule of killing for survival,

generally for food. With us it should be a subtler form with no killing, literal or otherwise). (8.3.85) Whenever our spirits falter at the work which must be done on ourselves as well as on surrounding peoples, in groups, or wherever, we need to turn inwards to reach the fount of strength and understanding of purpose. It is not enough to say that you will take all on blind faith, faith yea, blind no. When we realise the freedom of choice, of discrimination, which is the natural part of our nature we are no longer able to be blind towards occurrences. It is necessary to take our wondering to that within which is a part of the group consciousness, be prepared to state your questions, resentments, and rebellions and then be still within and allow the knowledge to imbue you. You may not learn the actual "reasons" for things in depth, but a form of understanding will emerge and you will be able to reconcile yourself to the working and waiting (for results) that is asked of all of us. The wanting to know is good, and communing for the answer is growthful, for we receive the peace and strength from joining with our fount of spiritual strength. To have faith is not a case of not asking, rather it is a case of not asking too much, of trying to go deeper and deeper, for the whole "blueprint”, so to speak. Many times our answers, when in deep communication, have the effect of cooling water being washed over fevered skin, we not only know, but we feel, in our every fibre. Can you understand what I am saying? You hear (you know) with your whole being. (7.3.85) It is important for people to realise that we here, on this side, are, by and large, friendly entities who only want to communicate to help whoever is in need of enlightenment or guidance. We ask only that the contactee tries to provide right thinking and right endeavour in their own lives as this lifts their thought and emotion vibrations and makes it easier for us to make and maintain a contact. To become so1ely concerned with monetary and material possessions beyond ones needs and to take too much of a part in the emotional upsets and poor kinds of moral displays, whether it is at home, work, among friends, at your theatres, or on your TV’s, this coarsens the watcher, the listener, so it is no good to say "well, I don't get involved". If you watch and listen you get involved, and do it often enough and your vibrations will be too earthbound to allow of much contact. Or you will become a prey to contacts from low spirits on this side who know no better yet than to create mischief, and worse, if encouraged. So we are not looking for the saintly person but one who endeavours to do good to themselves and all around them on a highly moral and spiritual plane. If there is a great deal of fear or anger in your life we could help as long as there is an effort on your part to understand and correct it. We were not perfect beings on earth, we are not perfect spiritual entities here, but we always strove towards the Light, towards the Godhead and Fount of all good. We still do and always will, what more can one say, as only good can flow from he who tries to improve and uplift, for this of necessity involves helping others as well.

Whenever we contact with persons they are improved, as these are energising vibrations, no others could be applied and if these are used by you then your health will improve and your outlook on life. Whatever happens to anything you apply yourself to that is beyond your responsibility, in other words, if you haven't caused problems by inertia or overstressing your ideas, then the outcome of that group's future is not for you to decide. There is a group spirit who decides these things. Spirits attend and lend energy where they can, which sometimes can sway an issue to the correct course, but they are limited and if there are other members imposing their needs or wants regardless, then the spirits must allow it to happen. One needs to remain detached emotionally and do what one can without harming anyone, as whatever happens to a group or project or organisation happens in a way that your pathway is not harmed. You are directed to another course as are the others involved. The difference would be that anyone influencing events for their own ends does not attain what they wish, or not for long, as an incorrect action cannot be rewarded. Many are seemingly rewarded for wrong-doing but if you could but see into their inner self, or their family, or even to see their karma, you would not be envious or indignant. Each reaps according to his own, so do your part with as much loving wisdom and understanding as you can and accept what ensues, for you of course another way would open up. (2.4.85) May all of us reach the destination we set out for with the proper spirit, free from diversionary notions and ideas. All of life is to be lived, enjoyed, and coped with, we cannot dismiss what we are given as unimportant, it may be of importance to others, and above all we must learn that brotherhood is the essential requisite for peace. You must all be prepared to shoulder many burdens not essentially your responsibility, but he who can does, as a contribution to the common good. When man learns to say “we” without discrimination or reserves then a beginning will have been made and we will be able to go on from there. There is no "I" in the supreme consciousness. Man will go on, there is still hope as long as there are some to question and to look askance. Just knowing a thing is not right is a good beginning. Maturity and thought in study brings answers and methods, helps combat in some way the things that are wrong. The tide can yet turn so there is still hope, we will never say otherwise, even unto the end. (25.2.71) Question After a distressing day at work, I woke up during the night worrying about the people involved. I tried to send love and light to the situation but fell back to sleep half-way through. This morning I woke up headachy and out of sorts, which lasted all day. Is this because I did not finish the meditation properly, and what is the correct procedure for sending peace and healing thoughts to a difficult situation? Answer When distressful times directly involve ourselves there is one thought on the situation. When those situations involve others then other thoughts take precedence.

We cannot influence others in their quarrels beyond staying away from that quarrel and carrying on any relationship as normally as possible. The thought is that we each cause our own problems either by provoking them or reacting incorrectly to them. Beyond our interfering where violence occurs, the participants must be left to their own solutions; if it is important enough then karma, or further decline/growth is involved and we cannot deprive persons of their moments to serve or come to terms. One may certainly listen if conversation occurs from the participants, and hopefully one can give insight into a probable cause for the upset; one may even subtly indicate disapproval if certain persons are being grossly unfair because of age or position, that is up to the onlookers discretion. To send love and healing? Touch on the participants in your thoughts for a few moments during meditation, seeing them healed and happy, send God's blessings. That is all. Distress, or prolonged dwelling on them only emphasises the negative. Otherwise, take the inner healing and peace with you as a positive influence surrounding yourself. "Love all persons". If one is directly involved in the quarrels the answer is almost identical. You must look to yourself and see what you need to do about it, not want to do, as often our solutions can be aggressive, aggrieved, or conciliatory, and none of these, are correct or growthful solutions for any of the parties. 'So look to the correct solution for all, but not in long, agonising soul-searchings. Then, just for a few moments in meditation, giving to yourself, then sending love and peace. Finally, clothe yourself in that armour and go about your days, with whatever solutions you have decided on, no matter how drastic you think they may have to be, be at peace, it will work out for the better for all. (I need not stress that some solutions may not seem that way but it is so in the overall pattern of life). The overall answer to "headachy and out of sorts" - you copped some of the negatives that the persons and situation have been emanating. That's why a quick love and healing thought through God or whatever source you choose, then let that do the work. You on earth should not otherwise actively interfere in others' growing situations. (11.9.85) In every meaning there is a perfect answer to men's troubles and although they do not always listen when they find this answer, there are always grains of truth falling, to be picked up and stored away by impressionable minds. Like a plant they germinate and at the right time, when the right conditions occur, these truths will blossom in the mind into full knowledge. We have been scattering truths and seeding answers to the coming problems; seeding answers to all of the problems that have occurred. Often the people who perceived the truth were shouted down, ignored or silenced in some way so that the truths were not used. But even then the seeding continued as more minds took in the clues, and so on until now the time to be silenced is growing shorter. More and more are realising that these men speak the truth and are beginning to realise that they must fight the deriders and detractors or all will go down together into a world of chaos, disease, and disorder. The meek do not inherit the earth until they band together and fight for it. I cannot stipulate too strongly a return to the days of simplicity of thought and prayer where

Man glories in God's gifts but does not forget that they are God's gifts and not the result of Man's superior intelligence. It is not sophisticated to use machines to order Nature here and there where she is needed or to quicken Men's endeavours to make habitable all parts of the planet. God's plans are that the world should be reasonably orderly so that men can devote time to creating equality for everyone, and harmony. There is not love or harmony or thanksgiving in a man who is hungry and cold while all around him the wealthy throw away enough to keep someone in decent order. No-one must have too much or too little. Each shall develop their soul and mind and contribute what they can to the whole. It would not be utopia. There will never be utopia as long as people can strive upwards. There is a form/forms of utopia elsewhere, but it is not by dint of no struggle, nor by too much struggle nor even an orderly struggle; it exists to those who have conquered self to others so that they can learn to go on in their chosen fields. Music and arts, prayers and poems, even craftmanship of the simplest order exists in the highest fields. We develop what we have, in harmony and brotherhood, giving to whomever needs. Not everyone progresses at the same speed or on the same level. Some might never aspire so high and they will always be at the median to help up and onwards those who wish to continue. It is a thing so beautiful to see, simplicity of desires in such people. Some glow with such an aura and even though remaining in a stationary state by choice, still they are elevated by deed, though they are left to continue. That is their reward, to progress, yet to remain, at the same time. (15.2.71) If Mankind is to continue then it must sublimate its basic desires for the good of the whole. Desires never really leave a person but they must be put aside, even if they are not of a harmful nature. It is the diversity of wants that causes conflicts, which in turn unbalances the peace and unity. (15.2.71) Man evolves, whether he realises it or not. First as a mental exercise, then his surroundings, and his reactions to them, change to suit his needs and desires. In every moment of time something is changing, evolving, becoming something else and impinging on its surroundings until that too changes. If ever this cycle were to cease then so would life cease. (5.2.71) Nothing taken in by the mind is ever "wasted" although we are not always happy with what is done with impressions from dialogue, sight and inference. Everyone is affected by their surroundings and experiences, more so as the experiences are repeated. It is very important that immature and susceptible minds be kept away from coarse, ugly, immoral, sights and influences because their minds do not discriminate as an experienced, mature, and capable mind could. But no mind can be in constant touch with any state of influence without eventually being affected. If it (the mind), is very strong it will reject wrong vibrations but eventually the mind would be damaged, if it didn't coarsen it would warp very likely in some way, as only an advanced soul could withstand uncorrupted or unchanged (mentally) for the worse. Evil influences are at work everywhere to degrade humanity, to force it down to the depths of ugliness, cruelty and depravity. These are negative forces which have been building up since the first unsocial act of greed was committed, a staking out by an

entity long ago in anger at another competing for the same prize, whether it was food, or shelter or a mate. Every wrong act, as well as moral act, leaves a vibration, an effect, and as has so often been the case the evil has outweighed the good. It is so difficult for humans to comprehend that to be good often means to be at an economic/material disadvantage. If the rewards of a peaceful conscience and the refining of one's spirit towards the true life in our world (the spirit world)are not seen as sufficient and equal to the material comforts others have gained, often through unscrupulous methods, then more and more humans fall into the wrong habits of thinking and doing and thus add more power to the negative and destructive vibrations. Often times the hostility and belligerence exhibited by peoples pushing and cheating are because they are trying to still that small voice which is trying to tell them of the wrong they are doing, they don't understand and so they don't want to hear. If they would listen, then they would begin to understand. Even now so many of the people who are trying to listen to their inner selves are going about it the wrong way. Instead of being quiet and listening, reading a little, thinking a little, on the teachings of all those "bringers/teachers of peace like Jesus (Christ), Buddha and so on they rush about saying "what is my voice telling me?", help me to get it out into the open, to make it speak up, but it won't speak up, it's a quiet voice and it needs quiet to manifest, and quiet people to help explain what it is likely saying. For the message is generally along the same lines to everyone, to be quiet, be good, do unto others, etc., love and care for others as you would wish to be loved and cared for. Understand all and envy no-one, it's all so simple if only they would listen, then do. Until humanity realises this, there will be much frenzied activity of peoples trying to find happiness by grabbing it, stealing it, fighting for it, or stooping to drink, drugs, sexual perversions or excesses, and cruelty, to gain some semblance of gratification. That doesn't work as history has shown through the Bible and through every historical writing. All we can do is pass this message on to the ones who will hear us and ask them to believe it, practise it, and pass it along by example and word of mouth. But equally as important, to know that there is good in the world and to focus always on 'that, with love, compassion and joy. Pour positive thoughts of love, healing, blessing rays of purifying light towards the world and its' peoples in general, it needs a powerhouse of healing light vibrations to restore etheric balance. God bless all you who choose to do this task, it is not an easy one as one must remember to keep an optimistic and forgiving point of view towards all. God loves us all and condemns no-one, He just loves, that most healing of rays. (15.3.85) When God made the world, all the worlds, and peopled them, His intentions were many, and have been wondered at, listed, theorised and dissected in many, many, books over the decades. There is correctness in most theories, re wanting to experience emotion and so forth. From the beginning there was bad and good because opposites have always existed, there needed to be, or balance could not exist. One thinks that balance properly done can eventually be all good, but some of what one could call bad must exist; that is in the cycles of life, whether the Earth's growing things, which die in season from the season, to animals who become prey to another

as a food source, and humans from accident as well as illness and old age. Whether humans eat grains etc., or animals/fowl/fish that is part of the cycle. Whether humans live incorrectly by wrong thinking, eating, play/or lack of, that is part of the cycle. Storms and floods and fires in Nature are ordained, sin (in any form, including omission), resulting in illness, faulty genes and so on, are part of the cycle. Without work, without challenge, mankind would degenerate and perish. See it in the lazy wealthy persons for instance. When anything comes too easy it becomes worthless or morale lowering. So Mankind's journey through life is for the purpose of learning to mature, to govern oneself and the environment around oneself. There are graduations in the human kind of intelligence, ability, health, talent etc., so that one can also learn to develop oneself and to use one's abilities, intelligence, compassion etc., to help those around and below us as well as that around us. Our aim should be to strive upwards without damaging our environs (if one cannot enhance them) and to be proffering a helping hand also to those less fortunate. God gave the world into our keeping and said, "take care of it”, just as we give a child a toy, or a learning item, or some other possession, with the same admonition, "take care of it". With our little brothers and sisters we were told to "watch over them, don't hurt them, help them, teach them", even as it was told to us. The young are careless at first, forgetful, selfish in part, and often clumsy as well, but they learn, and mature, and understand. Understanding, in the right circumstances produces compassion, love, even pity and we help as we are able. What is learned in the home spreads ever outward, and the world becomes as God planned, a fruitful, ever evolving cycle of life balanced by endeavour and highmindedness, coupled with a genuine sense of love and brotherhood. From that you can all easily see at what stage of baby/childhood the Earth's people have remained (or, in cases, degenerated to). But there is always today, you thought I would say tomorrow, but we say today. Begin, yourself, to think rightly and behave rightly, it will become a habit you will not be able to or wish to abandon. Once a thing feels right one wears it in comfort, then unawareness as a part of oneself; and the cycle, your cycle, swings ever wider to encompass more and more territory, to attain more duties and perform more deeds. I say duty because it does become difficult and we do become tired, but once that new skin/envelope has been grown, one can never change from the path. It is just a case of resting and acquiring a new covering, like the old one, until all of our bodies have covered over the old imperfect, spotty coverings with new strong healthy auras (remember, our auras are us). An analogy, I suppose, could be like the snake that works and struggles to shed the old skin to reveal the delicate beautiful new skin within. Look on today as your beginning, then each day hence as your continuing; if each day was a beginning there would be little progress, so we must add to what we have learned and practised, then go on. So to each one who sees this, today is your beginning, for the seed has been sown. Nurture that seed each day from now and the growth will ensue. As you practise, your

garden's products will be better and better, stronger and more beautiful. The sowing has been done, so go now and attend to your garden. (27-5.85) Whatever happens in the days to come we must retain a strong faith that all will be well. The watchers and warners have their places but not the doomsayers. There have always been problems in the world; any growing, changing life, experiences struggle and error as well as happiness. Happiness is an absence of grief and torment of worry, occasionally for a brief time it can be something more, but on the whole happiness is the sense of things going right for a change. All peoples from all worlds can agree with this as it is a universal happening. We are all the same beneath the skin, and behind the different languages and cultures. Yes, some can weather troubles more easily than others but there is no mistaking the bliss of a lack of conflict, in one's life or surroundings. Look not to the trouble ahead of us but work on yourselves to not just improve, but to help, with a positive knowing that where right thinking and faith is being projected, there healing is going on. That may be your job in this life; if you are aware of a lack anywhere then you must send positive love and healing that way. As you send so shall you receive, it is just for you to obey the rules for a healthful life and worry not about the rest. There is no room for passivity, one must always do something about a situation according to one's abilities; but don't go off half tilt. The meditation in the day's beginning is to remind oneself of the right attitudes and behaviour and to draw down the rays to enable one to follow the path with strength, love and humour. Evening meditation is a look at one's day and a replenishing of one's needs but of a restful nature. One rests in God at night, no need to gird up for further toil. If further guidance or strength is needed in the day a brief moment, a calling down of the rays, a short rest, it is sufficient. Other rest times when taken should be used with an awareness of our surroundings and the beauty and wonder of it all. Even a pile of rubbish on a street corner says something to us, whether of beauty, or bathos, it is all a part of our world, of God's world. These are not idle words, and they have been said before, but not all of you listen, you don't listen or remember as you should. All of these things have happened before, down through time, and look at the state your world is in. So listen to us and follow what we suggest that you may benefit by reaping good health in all your senses; and by practising you'll pass along the message. (27.8.85) So much happens to people like the ones in Ethiopia and other backward nations because they are so unknowing and so neglected. They become not only apathetic in day to day life because it is so difficult, but also because they have so little awareness of a higher consciousness within or around them. Vibrations are almost unknown to emanate from these areas as they are yet so primitive of mind. Their plight has a meaning just the same because it is needed to raise the consciousness of the rest of the planet. Many people whose minds and souls are on the borderline are jolted into making a choice, indifference, or caring towards others. In many crises, wars, occupations by other countries, meanness at home, school, the workplace etc., people have been transformed into militant or caring humans where they would likely have remained acquiescent to their surroundings and their inner depths would never have emerged. In

all wrongs there is often good that results for someone, painful though it may be when it manifests itself. The second world war resulted in an awakening of many individual types of people. The common man, the cannon fodder, started to realise how they were being used as pawns, expendable pawns at that, by big business and politics. It took several more wars before that message really sank home, and now the investigations into the atomic testings. chemical spraying etc., has revealed that no country's leaders behaved honourably. Many men can plead ignorance of the weapons' true effects but in a world where even cosmetics have to be tested on animals that is a very flimsy smoke- screen indeed. From World War Two one nation reaped a lesson, the Jewish Nation. It is one they will never forget, it was a catalyst and one we will be glad of before the end of this next era. Not the end of the world, but an end certainly as we know it (speaking of the peoples), not the earth and the ocean itself. (31.1.85) All should work wherever they wish but not as one unique thing, keep those other things to the fore; speak of the uniting of forces. Although you won't see the results, the word must be dropped and allowed to germinate. The idea is not to expect great things from whatever you do but to keep seeing yourselves as part of millions around the world doing their thing, the right thing. Each one of us are the ones to do the little bits which will escalate, and in good time the appointed coordinators will be able to step in and start pulling it all together. Regarding the "crop" that you have planted, we will know the right times (and there will be more than just one right time) then we contact the proper channels to merge everyone’s efforts; then you will start seeing results from those things that have been done each day. Just keep in mind that you are all doing well even when you cannot see the results. (17.1.85) There are never enough days to speak with all of the initiates on Earth who wish to learn, to purify their way of life, and hopefully pass on our message, God's message that is, by word of mouth and example. You will do what you can where you can, but do not fret in any way as to the results. Those are not your worries. Consider the person who carries letters and news to place in your receptacle for such things; it is his duty to deliver that mail but not to worry one way or another as to its effect on the recipient. It may be human to wonder a little but why waste the energy? If any particular thing catches your attention for some reason, some expression from the person you are speaking with (whether by word or facially) you should simply mentally send God's blessing to them, then desist if that seems the thing to do. Don't worry about your effect as long as your ego is not involved in any way but to pass on God's word simply as a matter of course that the person may be interested can cause no harm. (4.4.85) Whenever one drifts from the path they must remember that is their choice to go or come, so that the idea of not being welcome to return is not applicable. The path is there, always use it in the knowledge that God rejoices, we all rejoice to see our loved ones come again to be with us, It in the human's pride and fear of rejection that prevents them from returning to the fold; as far as we are concerned they have never

really left, just strayed from sight temporarily. People will need to know this, be aware of, be re- minded of this again and again, as today the temptations to stray are so numerous. So many young are also growing up without proper guidance or development of moral fibre. This is not to censure, as the world itself has begun to err and the evildoers and weaklings proliferate daily. The strong must help where they can, if only to show a good example and to pass the word. Yes, we've said this before but it bears repeating - especially as we are referring to the revelation that one can return again and again, each return very often bestows a little more strength against the next lapse. You humans would do well to remember this for your own daily affairs. (14.11.85) There are so many ills and injustices in the world that no one person or group can hope to cope with them. Each person finds the area to work in, and if there is any doubt meditation is there to be used for clarification. When one's mind is ready to begin on the necessary works of life then they will find the pathway before them. It is when only half a commitment exists that vacillation or problems set in. One does not need to know what the object in life is, one just needs to know that the spirit is ready and willing to begin God's works. There have been many people who chose their vocation and then had to overcome many obstacles to begin or remain in that work. This was not a form of perversity of God, rather it was a form of strengthening, a testing, and development of the moral fibre and stamina that would be required when that person embarked on their chosen course. Often these persons had a determination of purpose but the strength to endure had not yet been activated. Once they did succeed it was usual that the difficult part of their life's work began rather soon after, which is why the testing needed to be done first - there are times when it is not "good" to have someone fail, and to be “seen” to fail at a particular endeavour. Do you understand? God was not just testing these persons for their own sakes, the situation was more complex and far-reaching. God's ways are often obscure at first, so it is a case of preparing, always preparing oneself for the works ahead. As you enhance your own health and development in your bodies so it benefits those around you. Nothing in life is one off, sealed in isolation, all impinges upon all, beyond by far the tri-D images, far deeper indeed. You peoples on Earth so often forget this factor and yet it is the very basis of life. You realise it when applied to nature, animals and so on and yet fail to grasp, in society, the far reaching implications of that which is done, or omitted, It is not that one should take one's self or life in general, in a serious, pompous way; no, we used that word "respect" in reference to your friend. It is important, even in humour that word is important. Perhaps another description, a matching one would be - "appreciate". Appreciate life and respect what God has wrought. (16.11.85) Whenever one drifts from the path they must remember that is their choice to go or come, so that the idea of not being welcome to return is not applicable. The path is there, always use it in the knowledge that God rejoices, we all rejoice to see our loved ones come again to be with us. It is the human's pride and fear of rejection that prevents then from returning to the fold; as far as we are concerned they have never really left, just strayed from sight temporarily. People will need to know this, be

aware of, be reminded of this again and again as today the temptations to stray are so numerous. So many young are also growing up without proper guidance or development of moral fibre. This is not to censure, as the world itself has begun to err and the evildoers and weaklings proliferate daily. The strong must help where they can, if only to show a good example and to pass the word, Yes, we’ve said this before, but it bears repeating - especially an we are referring to the revelation that one can return again and again, each return very often bestows a little more strength against the next lapse. You humans would do well to remember this for your own daily affairs. (14.11.85) There are so many ills and injustices in the world that no one person or group can hope to cope with them. Each person finds the area to work in and if there is any doubt meditation is there to be used for clarification. When one's mind is ready to begin on the necessary works of life then they will find the pathway before them. It is only when half a commitment exists that vacillation or problems set in. One does not need to know what the object in life is, one just needs to know that the spirit is ready and willing to begin God's work. There have been many people who chose their vocation and then had to overcome many obstacles to begin or remain in that work. This was not a form of perversity of God, rather it was a form of strengthening, a testing and development of the moral fibre and stamina that would be required when that person embarked on their chosen course. Often the persons had a determination of purpose but the strength to endure had not yet been activated. Once they did succeed it was usual that the difficult part of their life's work began rather soon after. Which is why the testing needed to be done first, there are times when it is not "good" to have someone fail, and to be "seen" to fail at a particular endeavour. Do you understand? God was not just testing these persons for their own sakes, the situation was more complex and far- reaching. God's ways are often obscure at first, so it is a case of preparing, always preparing oneself for the work's ahead. As you enhance your own health and development in your bodies, so it benefits those around you. Nothing in life is one-off, sealed in isolation, all impinges upon all, beyond by far the tri-D images, far deeper indeed. You peoples on Earth so often forget this factor and yet it is the very basis of life. You realise it when applied to nature, animals and so on and yet fail to grasp, in society, the far-reaching implications of that which is done or omitted. It is not that one should take one's self or life in general, in a serious, pompous way – no, we used that word "respect" in reference to your friend. It is important, even in humour that word is important. Perhaps another description, a matching one would be - "appreciate". Appreciate life and respect what God has wrought. (16.11.85) Times are changing even as we write this. Nothing remains the same for hours let alone days, months or years. Would that events could slow to a pace of years so that all could develop as they should. Today we are feeling that there in “no time, no time”, but it in of no use to panic or to thrash about. Quietly, steadily, we must persevere along the correct, the chosen paths. There is really no time for slipping back, and yet it happens and again and again we must allow for it. Grow, grow strong

and steady, order your days, there is as much pleasure in that as in other pursuits, if you all would but persist. The earthquakes that happen in those backward places, the persons killed and all of the destruction are for a purpose, even though it would be kinder if it not happened. From those events will come, are coming persons with a determination to better the lives of those that suffered, as they did, or saw. The strong will survive and the very strong, the few, will remember the lesson. It is and has always been like unto an ant colony that was trampled upon and scattered, the nest destroyed. It did not really affect or change anything for anyone but themselves. You humans removed them unnoticing or uncaring, perhaps to clear your garden, whatever, there was no emotion involved. Well, besides themselves and their neighbours in these out-of-the way places, who were affected, who are being affected by the catastrophes? Those who are meant to be, often those at a remove from the area. Whoever's path of life, service, or karma it was meant to affect. So read of it, yes, commiserate, support where you can, but without growing callous or uncaring, do not become emotionally affected. Why is it so difficult for you humans to care about and rally around for your immediate needy, why is it so much easier to weep for and donate to those at a distance? You know the answers to that as well as we do, it needs to be seen to by you all. (19.11.85) Prepare thyself each day for the work you need to do. Life refuses to simplify itself, true? So constant attention to time is necessary. We cannot say what you will be doing, when those times come you will be there, be ready, and will perform your tasks. We are busy always now, endeavouring to encourage, and to co-ordinate everyone's efforts. If all the peoples individual vibrations of prayer, healing and goodwill are not co-ordinated then it has the effect of being many voices crying out hither and thither in the wilderness. More than one wilderness, the gnats of nongoodness, and adversity are everywhere pestering and trying hard to divert all of your well- meaning souls from your work at hand. It is work, for how much easier many find it to adopt a particular policy put forth likely by some charismatic person or group, and then are content to be swayed by rhetoric, responding to the cries that “they" out there are trying to spoil life for others. So you know, and we can only reiterate - don't be lazy, think for yourselves - God gave you a brain, a sense of discrimination and judgement - always look at all sides, without haste, and make your choice for good and valid reasons. Oh, we are the voices in the wilderness so often, unheard or misunderstood. Those of our friends from your UFO's are here and are interested in proceedings. The Earth's disasters must not get out of hand as there is a shifting taking place. I cannot say more, one day again perhaps some one of them will communicate, that is their decision. (21.11.85) What is there more to say on behaviour and morality? Much much more. We need to be reminded time and again of our roles in life. Peoples need to realise also as we have said before, nothing is a one-way street, what goes out comes back, perhaps from a different source and most likely not at once, but it does return in some form. At first one could feel as though giving one's last bits of strength, of love and caring, perhaps even just a morsel, but as we share, so we gain. In time the source is bottomless, abundant, as from that endless source of all, the healing ray from God Himself. So never feel drained and frightened by the giving, it returns twofold.

You don't know where we are all going do you. Well we go where you go with that which you have at our disposal; the more clear sightedness you offer, the more determination, then the further we may go - it is your pace we follow, not ours, never ours. (1.12.85) Events are happenings and when something happens, that heralds change, so there is always change going on in our world, in yours, and in all of the inhabitants. Each moment we are changing and moving though too many change and make negative movements ie., they consolidate their negativity all that much more and move closer to immovability. No-one becomes completely inert except at the moment of death. Then the spirit gathers itself preparatory to leaving the shell, and the cells and life force of the body begin the disintegration. So for but a split second or two there is complete stoppage - the ends of one stage and the beginnings of another. Yes, life is very complex which is why it is best for he who would progress to simplify his life and surroundings in order to accomplish this. You all need to understand the workings of your minds and bodies and thence those peoples around you; when you can know yourself in your entirety then only can you know others, for we are all born with the same bodily workings and mental processes and it is only our outer influences and inner determinations that direct the developments and determine our directions in life. Once this is understood then one can comprehend what has/is happening to another, even to the Hottentot and the most ignorant. The dolphin is the only other being who also has that ability. The higher animals such as apes, dogs and so forth cannot comprehend why we humans behave as we do, they only mimic or accept or reject. Educate and surround those animals with love and encouragement and they would still not comprehend our motives beyond the emotions of love, hate, hunger, jealousy or fears. Educate that afore-mentioned Hottentot and he would become capable of understanding much. There is a world of difference between knowing and understanding. I mention the Hottentots because much of my work was in the Congo and the Sudan, and elsewhere that base ignorance existed and I saw and understood that these "lowest of low" as many were considered, understood us very well indeed - they needed to when they were being exploited and brutalised by the "civilised world". They, the natives, will need to go through much sorrow and bloodshed before they too can be considered "civilised". Just now they are motivated by anger and fear, and jealousy to emulate the "white man", but like us they need to travel a long way before they can think with compassion of all fellow-men, before they can marry their primitive spiritual beliefs into the family of God and His Angels. This is not to denigrate them, white man travelled this road when life was difficult, indeed dangerous and they found little time to contemplate philosophy and the meaning of life and our soul spirit. It will come, just as it has come to us. One day very likely, they will take over this planet of yours while many of you have passed on to here or other places. Life is a constant movement, evolvement - one must change, must get better or grow worse, only the catatonics remain at the one stage - and that should say something to you all as to the why of a catatonic. It is cruel indeed to trap the spirit in such a state, for only the automatic body forces are active, even the memory/dream state is almost

totally shut down and that "body" is simply functioning on the level of the lowest, of a nematode. However, there is karma there also (no, they are not even hibernating - that is still an active "guardian mind" state). Ah well, we must always count our blessings when we see what could happen to our poor soul/ spirits! (22.12.85) People everywhere are searching for who they are, why they are here, what is here and what should they be doing to ease troubles, improve conditions, help. It's a huge problem, not just to the seekers but to those who appear to have found answers, who are feeling the peace or satisfaction of recognising signposts pointing towards desired directions. Those persons soon find themselves the centre or object of attention, questions, even wonderment - "what are they doing to find the way?, can they be of help to us?", and so those seekers further along the path find themselves supporting, leading, advising, it is not easy. One must keep one's equilibrium of seeking, working on one's own enlightenment and advancement whilst extending a hand to those in need who are asking for guidance and enlightenment in their turn. Do you always remember to keep the faith first between yourself and your God, your faith and your endeavours, Help where you can, always, but not to your own detriment if such occurs. Better that you keep on so that you can gain strength to lift up and guide others, than that you both or all go down or fall to the wayside together. To have the faith that doing good automatically provides the strength and wisdom to carry yourself and others is not wise. There are some not ready for the path, not advanced enough for the learnings and they will pull you back or impose such incredible stress upon one that damage occurs. Judge always your capacities as well as those of the student, the suppliant, you are not a God or a Master, you can do only within your capacity. This is being mentioned as the demands upon all of you will increase, and you will need to exercise the wisdom of letting go, without feeling a sense of failure. One does what one can, and there is no blame towards anyone when that is not sufficient to pull victory from one's efforts. Whatever you all feel that you should be doing be sure that it is within reason and for the right motives - the ego has been Mankind's blessing and his curse, it is like the conscience in one sense but certainly not as pure in motive. (3.2.86) "Whatsoever you ask for, that you shall receive". And so many are downcast or bitterly disappointed when just such a thing does not occur. So many people take many of our Lord's words out of context and then turn away or feel unworthy when they cannot manifest those things which they have named. But we are in so many ways like a child who wants the coloured bauble or the candy or expensive toy, a child cannot understand the undesirability of such things, or too many of them, nor can even an older child realise, in their wish for something popular, that they are perhaps not ready for such an acquisition, or even that the item would not be suitable. No, we in our lifetime wish for material things, for health, for travel, for some moment or part of our life to go well, to “work”, and we pray so strongly for that dream. But have we looked truly at the whole picture? Have we understood why we are being deprived of our desire, why our prayers remain unanswered? Are we asking too soon, too much, or for the very thing we would not profit emotionally and spiritually by. Look at yourselves first and even without taking karma into consideration you will often find a clear trail from your very youth which leads to

the failings of the moment. For what we have truly earned, that which we truly deserve in this lifetime, if we believe, we shall have. If we believe and have not .... look again at the situation, from every viewpoint, you will see your answer. This is not to sound harsh or judgemental towards anyone, just the reverse, we are but trying to show you that there are reasons when God seems not to hear our prayers; and rather than turn from God in anger or sorrow, or belittle ourselves, worse still, rather than go on and on supplicating, we say, look to yourself and the situation much, much more searchingly; use the time and effort wisely in that way and you will eventually see where the change is needed - there is the saying that there are no wrong answers, simply wrong questions. This world and your lifetime within it is as you make it, your reactions to that which befalls you throughout your days. Although as a child one cannot influence too much of their daily happenings, when the ages of reasoning and sufficient experience are reached you can all begin to shift your views and actions towards the light of love and right action. Think about it, honestly and clearly, and you will see what needs to be done, then, if you truly believe, you will do that which should be done, whether or not you have until now refrained from such activities through fear - where there is true belief one does not fear performing in the correct way. The parent is firm for the sake of the child and the family's future, the child when grown is firm for the sake of its own future, right is right. God never compromised, nor should we, as it becomes in the end a hindrance to everyone’s growth. Think on these things for they are a rule in life, one that is often difficult to implement because of incorrect attitudes. (4.2.86) Cheme is here to say that much work awaits everyone and it is only for you all to hold yourselves ready and receptive for your answer to become clear, i.e., the path to take. Look not upon anything as immutable, as when one direction becomes clouded or blocked then be ready to be diverted elsewhere, even if for but a short time. As long as you know within yourselves that what you are doing is of a helpful and Christian (Christ-like) nature, then there is no harm perpetrated and you are not listening to false messages. Seek not though to better one's public image as a prime target or object, that is not the point. Those whom you would wish to think well of you, if you but knew who they were, will think highly indeed of your deeds, even when you see no visible sign of this. We are here to help the world itself in its struggle for a meaningful survival, to aid the humans and all other creatures on this Earth to enjoy that life which was decreed for all, in the beginning. Life was not meant to be without some sorrow, trouble and pain, but there has always been the creation in mind of a united universe breasting these barriers and experiences as one, and therefore winning through to those times of peace and love and supreme happiness that results from unselfish strivings and companionable living. Go with God's plans all of you, God's peoples, and there will be a glorious time of awakening for all. (5.3.86) We here are happy to see so many good peoples of the worlds wishing to be of service to Mankind, as well as to lift their own spirituality and awareness - to prepare themselves for the next life as an envoy for God's works. Too many yet tend more to their own development, thinking that then they will be able to perform those good and self-less deeds, not so of course because they really go hand in hand. What use to speak and think, purely to pursue the rays of self purification, the light of knowledge

and uplift, when others around them remain ignorant and uncared for. While you search, tend also to thy brothers. Money alone, or gifts, won't do it. Whilst the very wealthy and busy peoples give their name and a lot of their worth to charitable causes that is not for others. You may give your money but it is your awareness and service that is needed. Oh, we have the philanthropists and all the Mother Theresa's, the Brothers and so forth, and they do indeed have their place, but day by day we have need of the ordinary persons to look to themselves to be examples of that which we would have them advocate. Not preach - the preachers we have also, but they cannot do the work of the millions of "you" who can reach out to a neighbour, a friend, a district, and show the enlightened attitude and caring for others. So be ye mindful of your own striving towards the light, whilst lending an arm to those in need. This is a difficult task, for it asks one to be in the world, to mix with as many as possible, and to keep one's own goals firmly in the forefront. It is a daily check and balance, but it is also a building of strength, of determination that will not be moved when challenged by other "not right" attitudes and beliefs. It is giving when that is needed, loving always, and keeping one's counsel and God's words in mind. Go forth through the gate to thy work but leave no one behind to feel rejected and unworthy, be normal to appearance but still be God's person. Not easy! But you can all do so, and more so than any other is to be at peace with the other workers so that the example there will spread to the misbehaviour of a discontent. Remember always that a divided house is of no use, no strength, and eventually becomes contraindicative of all that one is striving to attain. It is not an easy task each of 'you' have in your lifetime, but you have all of the strengths, the support, and the capabilities to bring about that which is your accepted task. (14.4.86) Yes, warlike peoples are indulging their beliefs again, their paranoias. So much of intellect is being discovered by the favoured peoples - those, that is, with high living facilities, with wonderful gifts and intellects, yet they either allow them to be used for inferior purposes, or actively plot to use such inventions and discoveries for destructive purposes. There is a place in medicine for all the drugs, especially the natural occurring ones, to heal and to alleviate. When moral standards are allowed to deteriorate, within one's life, home or country, then all that is or could be good, is overcome. The devil, or Satan, does not have to labour very hard in many areas, for that which occurs in his name is very often simply the opposite of the good which we attribute to God. That evil stems from good people's cowardice and apathy. When the good rise up and fight, then wrong doing retreats. But we are weak, and afraid, and often easily swayed, corrupted, or silenced. Then it is left to the fanatics of the world to protest, and of course so often they are so extreme that sympathy and allies are lost. Perhaps if more could try to identify and try to modify the opposite radical shift, then the pendulum would regain balance. Evil is the absence of good, but it is no light matter; annihilation lies ahead for the silent majority unless they unite. We are pleased here to see so much good being done in the world, but those of you who are able to empathise with all, or almost all good peoples, must use your talents to keep the harmony. Not everyone can blend into one huge group, but none must feel slighted for beliefs, as there must be no competitiveness when performing good works. We must all work in sympathy with one another's causes, so that each part of the Earth and the peoples are being attended to by their various mentors and all is being done by a form of linkage, so that there is in a sense an overlap. Where there are

gaps, there can enter the negative vibrations, the disbeliefs, so we must blanket the Earth with love and healing and correct attitudes and morals so that the weak can be healed and strengthened without interference. Yes, you caught my next thought, there is no way in which your peoples will be allowed to leave your world's environs and carry pollution of every sense beyond your quarantine areas As long as each country is competing for the upper hand you must all remain, the ego is good only for use in personal development and upper striving, and for groups and nations as a source of pride that God has entrusted Mankind with the seeds of talent and abilities whereby to improve the whole of that around him, the Earth, the dwellers on, under and above that land and water. Like Alice-in- Wonderland, Man has been given the "eat me,, drink me" kit, by which to grow large in spiritual learning, and small in ego and self- seeking. Man has transposed or compressed them into the one and acquired neither effect correctly. (16.4.86) There are troubled times everywhere. Keep the thoughts and desires positive. Send love and healing, the rest is out of your hands. There are reasons for everything, outside routine, that happens in your lives. Some are even rewards or encouragements, for as they say (or sing) in one song - "just a spoonful of honey etc.". It is a very very strong person indeed who can carry on without some leavening in their lives. Of course, that which may be a delight or treat in one life would not really be regarded as such in another. So look not and say "they toil on, never resting, never needing laughter or diversion" - not so, humans were not meant to be thus. Well, we like to laugh, or at least smile, and God smiles, so why should you be different? Ah, the wars, the many many wars. Just send your golden rays in meditation, touch them all with gold and it will help, it must help. Go on with your plans, do not procrastinate, it is good to ponder awhile, to be sensible that all sides have been seen, then do it. To put off always is to hinder the flow of life. What is to be done, do it, then there is room to deal with the next item. If something is forever postponed it gathers as an impediment on the path, to be met and pushed aside or pushed on further. Such a waste of energy. When such needs putting off, know why and when and if it is necessary or feasible. If one keeps coming upon it in thought or in speaking, look closely and decide - do it now; postpone and revive not before time; or put away completely. How many say "someday" when it cannot ever come, and has taken the place of something that could have come. Or they say “someday” and they do not reach that day, or it vanishes, to one's regrets. Know the difference in your arrangements, or there be such untidy ends everywhere. Clear your minds now so that the way is also clear. We are so happy here that we may assist those with problems that seem insurmountable. When I passed beyond the mortal world my feeling was one of regret at having given so little within that lifetime. I felt then when entering this world, this beyond, that all was lost. But not so to my joy, and I have been able to learn so very much of aid to myself and to others. I am anxious, if we can be said to be in such a state, to pass on that which I can, for as I give, so I receive; and I am storing up as much grace as possible to take with me back into your world, when the time comes for me I shall be returning. Perhaps some time in your future we may meet, that I know not. But now I am infused with joy for I am aware that my turn is to come quite soon (for me, not for us).

Cheme is here. There is so much to tend to in this world that it leaves one short of time to stay awhile with all of those whom we would like to contact. It is not our time that is short but yours. What a fright is occurring around you and how quickly that must be utilised. If fright is allowed to be prolonged then anger will take its place, and even more, the venal opportunists will have their day. So we must be quick, and there must be no slackening in the meditation groups to send healing rays, loving rays, to all of the affected peoples. Yes gold rays by all means, they come directly from the God source and are very precious indeed, not to be squandered on lesser things. Oh, they are limitless, but the access to and use of is guarded - we may not assume that we can send that which has not been offered. You do not understand my meaning, we will discuss this another time if you should care to ask. (16.4.86) That which occurs in another's living need not affect you emotionally unless you wish it to. Distress, sadness, indignation, have their place, and are to be used for positive effect, not otherwise. If others cause these feelings to occur unjustly, then that is their problem. If an event or situation is worthy of prolonged thought or being dealt with then by all means initiate communication. If one judges it not worthy then simply go on about your own functions unperturbed - all will pass over or be brought to some form of what - confrontation? Simply be prepared in every way, then accept whatever results to the good, or reject a negative conclusion, that is the freedom maturity confers on each human. A negative conclusion does not affect one who is blameless, often it simply signals to them the end of one experience so that they may move to a further, expanding opportunity or field. The ones who remain trapped by their error and inability to come to grips with their negativity will simply remain to repeat again and again the lesson set, for them, by their higher selves, until the breakthrough is achieved. Here is where true detachment can be practised, not a case of non-caring, but a state of adjudging a situation in its true, non-ego colours, and then saying God Bless" and moving on to one's own path. We do say this to you, again and over again, but it is worth re-emphasis, as so much of the undeveloped ego-behaviour causes the strife in the world. So learn your lesson well, as you will all more and more meet such lack, envy and aggression as you move among the peoples seeking growth and a solution to their miseries. Be firm; be strong, but at all times be generous with forgiveness, for God forgiveth you your transgression at all times. 10.5.86) What is there left to say about personal practices and desires? One must form a selfbelief and a pattern of behaviour and then adhere to it as closely as possible. There needs to be flexibility, yea, but not too much so and not too often or the pattern becomes disrupted. So best it is to sit down with pen at hand and chart that which you feel needs to be a part and pattern of your life. Each new occurrence can be fitted within this as needs be, but there would then be an adjustment and balance to be applied, or all would soon be awry. To omit this explains why plans can eventually go astray. There is rigidity in life, and that is equally unfortunate for that which will not bend will eventually break, or that which does not move aside somewhat when necessary will be overwhelmed. But he who would live successfully adapts the new and unexpected within his plans then looks over all again with an eye to adjustment to the whole. Do you this and there should be no problems re health or achievement. Be not too nor little rigid - find your equilibrium and all will be well. (14.5.86)

There are many ways to prepare ones self for the mystic life. Most of the ways begin with an awareness of one's activities, whether of mind, body or emotions. One must be aware at all times until the proper outlook and pattern of behaviour is achieved. Physically you can begin with early rising, light exercises, then a light meal. After that, cleansing, then meditation, after which your day's activities should begin. Be aware always of what each day should entail, but be not rigid at any time. The noon repast should be the largest, or at least the most wholesome, and when you have the time, the idea of the evening meal divided in two is of great value - it is light but nourishing, and by the second intake most of the first intake is being digested; with the second meal, the lightest and not too soon before retiring, but able to see one through the evening and sleep- time without extra delving into foods. Yes, like the old-fashioned tea and supper. And be aware of your thoughts that they may be of a useful nature, whether humorous, thoughtful, reminiscent or self-assessing. Good and gentle thoughts settle the nerves and predispose one towards charity and compassion with one's fellow travellers in the world. At all times be of good faith, know that God has His protective web about you and yours, and thank Him for that. Know also that your plans, through Him, will come to fruition. Just be about that which needs doing with no complicated plots or safeguards, what will be will be, and whatever troubles and setbacks will be there for your re-examination of your actions, desires or motivations and outlook. There will be no failure, but no lovely smooth paths either. Just study and practise and keep contact with the right peoples. Meditation morning and evening, fresh air, exercise, healthy work and study, and light-hearted moments for entertainment. Good friends, good aims and you shall all be at your goals before you realise it. (5.6.86) Everything in life should be looked upon ideally as a system of checks and balances. We put out speech, energy, thoughts, desires - whatever we give forth has an effect somewhere. And whatever is touched touches in its turn; it may touch back to the emitter immediately, or somewhere along the chain of affected sensation there may be a touching - back, but no one can give forth of anything without receiving some reaction. So it behooves all of us to be sure what we wish to activate before we give forth. Yes, there are all of those peoples in this world who are not correctly aware of this law of nature/karma. When such unknowing spirits give forth anger or negativity they desire to hurt, chastise, spite, or whatever the emotion, those they are referring to. They do not realise in many cases the results that are actually achieved: whether the return is swift and from close by or long delayed, perhaps from a great distance in time or place; nevertheless, retribution or reaction will eventually be felt. And for one who harbours all of the negativity - the cradle of those emotions becomes imbued also - that, one cannot escape. That is why anger, justifiable anger, must be used only in a dis-attached way. “I am not angry at you, the spirit, but at the words, or actions, intents, or whatever that are unworthy of you. Do not do this thing again." There is no emotion as such, but a judgement of an action or thought. People too often confuse the word judgement, as in justice and sentencing. We are not in a court of criminal law but in a world of moral law, we speak the knowledge; warn when there is transgression; speak outright as to the result at that time; or on further transgression. This is no more than that which the natural world enacts; break those rules of nature often and there will be a reaction in due time.

People have forgotten or become confused in their outlook. Ideally we are always dealing, in all cases, with cause and effect, not crime and punishment. We wish you to understand this clearly so that you may speak of this in the proper mode; life was not meant to be harsh thoughts, guilt feelings, great punishments towards ourselves and others. To say, "Brothers, this is our world, our endowment - these flora, fauna, sky, waters and land belong to all, as we ourselves belong to all. Love and study each so that all may be dealt with appropriately and we shall dwell in peace and understanding." Unfolding of new wonders will not be stifled but shall take place with care towards all. If some improvement needs to be brought about it must be for all concerned; all; the flora, fauna and so on, not just one group or other. When we can take a softer look towards all about us then no one will need to fight for space or natural rights, we shall treat one another as God has always treated all, with love and compassion. Think on this, you will each of you need to adjust the tenor of one's thoughts so that there is no untidy misplaced sentiment, nature's rule is strict, all must earn their way by doing the job designated. Think about that in as much detail as you wish and you will realise the correctness. (It is not “I” who am right, such is the irrefutable law). (15.6.86) Each new day is an opportunity - to what! - will each one of us begin again, and yet again, or shall we go on? It is better, yes, to at least begin on a positive note, but better again is it to go onwards with that same positive energy. To begin again carries hope, at least it is not a falling-back, but real progress is in the continuing on. When one reaches a plateau, a resting place it is well, but there comes a time to remind oneself, "Move on now, there's so much more to learn, more new territory to cover!". So be ye ever mindful of this, whatever the sorrows and traumas, wear them or cast them away, but carry on! Life is what you make of it. Happiness as such does not come into the picture. You must carry on in spite of everything; carry your own troubles and shrug off the gnats and the flea bites else they will drag you down. Picture your path, your duties, your studies - they have no bearing on anything but your path. Whether that is parallel with another’s does not make it concomitant on the strivings or successes of another’s. You are your concern and only you can hold yourself back; gather to yourself the strength that comes with dis-attachment; there will always be the rewards of friendship, and love, which all spirits need at times, especially when the energies are flagging. I am speaking here of an innocent love, which in the long run in life is that love which bolsters and encourages, for it is free (usually) of self interest, it is soul-recognising like soul. Like all good things, the hard road is the longest road, but the way stations are there, positioned just so for the weary travellers, the thirsty ego (self), the hungry heart. So take up thy rod and travel on, you will reach the end in good form. (16.6.86) Keep the light touch always for the right way can be difficult unless one remembers that a sense of joy and gaiety makes tasks easier. Even the most solemn moments can bring a positive thought, of memories past or joyousness to come. Of course, there are places when solemnity or seriousness are the order, but one knows those moments. Never, in all this world, will there be a time when everything is in right order. Because people and nations are in varying degrees of maturity there will always be a certain amount of chafing; friction wears away but it also makes things go around, so it is not

that friction should be condemned; only censor, if you must censor anything, what attitudes people take towards the sparks striking, what action also that is suggested. You will see that small incidences, taken incorrectly by ego-frightened peoples often are magnified or misunderstood. So the world needs to learn that when one's subconscious hackles rise, take a good non-personal look at the cause. Ask yourself why you are being alerted, or alarmed. After all it may be no more than that your particular mores are being stepped on, and if so then it should not ordinarily be a situation to be acted upon. One could perhaps leave, or move on, or request the socalled transgressor to do so. Take this thought and enlarge on it, and you can see how often it is not lack of communication so much as lack of understanding of, or acceptance that others are entitled to do and see things differently, and should be spoken to in that light. Ah well, sometimes we wonder if there is any point in continuing on this way, for you and your friends know what we mean, it is those we can't reach who generally are the innocents. Oh yes, we can say innocent, for as much as you show displeasure and chastise a naughty child you do so knowing that it is a child. And so are they, wilful children, fighting one another over the toys and goodies when there are enough to go around; and breaking up the nursery so that in the end everyone suffers the torn carpets, cold wind through broken windows, and rain leaking through the ceiling. So you nursemaids, though not much older or civilised need to keep your wits about you and learn to not only try to keep order, but to educate the little monsters so that they will eventually do so themselves. Better to be teachers than wardens. So think on this, for if you are to teach you must practise, as a matter of course, and not just when someone is watching. (18.6.86) We cannot go through life in an attitude of battle, on guard, or withdrawn. It is necessary to have calm, to be at peace with one's self and one's surroundings. Each night must see the day put away so that tomorrow might come afresh. The experiences one receives will be stored away and they will serve you well when needed. One needn't be suspicious of anyone if they rely on their previous experiences to alert them when something or someone is not what one would like. We were given our individual bodies and layers of consciousness just for such reasons, so that we may learn and then apply our learning when it is required. The conscious body could not possibly do everything, store facts and emotions and so on. Each level has its' duty, just as each side of our brain has its' share to attend to. The conscious body is the day to day visible result of what we are, what we have learned, what we aspire to. So put aside the cares, the worryings and the ponderings. Use the latter when the correct times arise, not before. (20.6.86) For all that one needs to be flexible there needs to be a tenacity and an eye fixed on the ultimate goal. Many become confused along that road because of the side tracks for other subjects which is where meditation has a great worth as it always, truly helps one to tie in the different facets of one's endeavours. It's no use becoming one-sided as that becomes boring to others and denies the person the communication needed in other fields. One can specialise of course but only if called to do so: when the call stipulates intense study or attention to one or two subjects or gifts that person receives recompense in the wide "audience" reached. The self-subjected monotheist does not have recompense beyond reaching those on his own level if lucky, but mainly by

contact with "fans", to put it briefly. Again it can come under cause and effect, because only he who is designated a role is spared the full result of such. So what are we discussing again? Why the need to be aware of our actions and goals why we are doing such and such and aiming for there. In each lifetime we tend to become bogged down in our desires, and no matter how worthy our reasons for anything, it is fruitless to our development to do as we wish without being sure it is not a present day desire, which can include ego; or are we fulfilling that plan which was laid down pre-return to earth? And especially to be examined is "the call" - how many have answered who were not sent for? and how much wastage can that entail? So it is no light thing to say to you all again and again - where are you going and why are you going there? Why that particular route and so on. Really honest answers can be very revealing indeed; and if there is any hiatus or hitch in your forward movement, or studies, and plans, then you need most emphatically to have a deep and searching look at yourself. In the long run it saves a great deal of misunderstanding and time-wasting, let alone heartbreak or psyche damage. (22.6.86) Cannot a day pass by in your lives without a worry for the future? Today is your future so why do you fear. There is no real present, for all of our time is divided into past and future, and once peoples realise that they may begin to realise how futile their thoughts are. We are, this is, and life flows along with no perceptible delineation between then, now, and to come - each moment, each micro-second, milli-second etc., is then, now and to come - you tell me which is which! So get on with it, all time counts, all time is important, don't waste any of it. (5.8.86) Whenever the world shakes and shifts from some backlash from Nature, people realise just how vulnerable they are to the catastrophes of the earth and environment. But most of those affected, unless it is from some terrible cataclysm, don't in the main consider turning to God for some answers. They also of course do not indulge in soul searching, for if they did they would likely remove themselves from or protect themselves better in stress areas. If enough did look to themselves mountains would be moved, metaphorically, and many griefs would be alleviated if not altogether prevented. But the fashion is to turn to the Governments of the earth for help, to their families and neighbours - then when the upset has been smoothed over they too often return to their old ways or they become apathetic or bitter and allow an experience to daunt their courage and natural resourcefulness. How many peoples today, with a comfortable income, remain resourceful? The old ways and values are discarded and an undesirable habit is formed of using money instead of ingenuity, self-endeavour, and a contribution towards the generally needy, either ( needy) as a community or a family/single unit. Thus an important part of one's nature is neglected and discontent and frivolity step in. It is obvious what track of thought I am following so I will not belabour the point. But the ideal is to acquire money to 'do' something with it which will benefit those in need as well as yourselves. A comfortable home has meaning if it soothes the soul and enables one to welcome others into that soothing environment also. "Things" can be good for all concerned only if they are useful and contribute towards the general education and improvement of everyone's lot. That is why television is such a useless acquisition for most peoples, it is used wrongly. Entertainment is good and needed in our lives but not to the point of producing lack of discrimination as to what one is

allowing into one's mind, but which also contributes to a general inertia - people simply cannot be bothered to look elsewhere for occupation; unless of course it is to something equally frivolous and useless to the point of being detrimental to one's advancement. Many peoples have become affected by things such as the heavy rains mainly because they have not acted clearly and yes, I must say, without intelligence. There is an area in which television could educate their watchers; as they have a captive audience all channels should be forced by the governments to broadcast proper procedures and behaviour during emergencies. (7.8.86) Yes, paths are programmed to cross but there is no certainty involved, only the sway of someone's, or the centre's karma. We would not point you towards an area, but yes of course you can point yourselves there, that is tapping into your own programming and karmic influence. Persons who seem to do foolish acts, wander aimlessly, repeat errors and so forth are those who refuse, even if unaware of it, to tune into their inner selves. In many it is a subconscious refusal to look at themselves, or to take responsibility for their own actions and future: when I say subconscious in such a case the meaning or shading is of a state above subconscious and just below consciousness. There are no abrupt cut-off lines, and peoples can dip just below their everyday selves and begin to see reflections of inner stirrings. Thus many keep up ceaseless activities, and chatter, and surround themselves with noise in some form so as to drown out the inner voice and keep visual viewing at bay. Place some of these persons where they would be forced to look and listen, through deprivation of outer sensory diversions, and they could slip into illusions. Thus is, not their karma, but their refusal to grow beyond the womb, or those first 12 twelve months to two years. Karma is their fate to return again and again until they can become a normal person, and for this of course they must choose the correct setting and circumstances. Many still opt for a smothered love in childhood whilst sure they can progress in later life. It takes courage and determination to begin under the hammer, such as you did and as so many others have, and allowed the crucible of blows to form your character and develop strength. Yes, that was a side path was it not. (10.8.86) Whatever happens in your lives is up to yourselves to a great extent but so often you do not realise that a great deal of activity is by way of preparedness - such as all the work put in towards Christmas Day and then you say that "it is all over in a few hours". But the preparation is as import- ant as the event so the attitude to the preliminary work as you often see it is very important. It is all one in the end so don't just save one's 'Christmas Spirit' for that day, use it all through. Well, that's an analogy but you do know what I mean. It is the happy cook who enjoys all of the preparations (the dishes should be left to someone else). And houseproud people should enjoy the work as much as, if not more than, the results, for it is the labour that is honourable. Then one shouldn't mind people untidying things for they can then have the joy of cleaning all over again, if that is what gives one pleasure. After all. one would not appreciate the cook who wouldn't allow you to eat the product of their talent, what would be the purpose then. Anyway, it’s a little different insight into everyday behaviour/foibles people often laugh at or complain about. People really do let things become confused and

complicated don't they, there would be so much more happiness in this world if you not just do what you like, but like what you do, especially if you have to do it. (14.2.87) Everything comes to he who waits is a fallacy of course, or perhaps it should say anything comes, for inaction guarantees nothing but a lack of choice then as to what one ends up with. I’m not advocating action as such, unless it is reasoned and controlled. Know what is wanted, see the steps needed to be taken, and then go on from there. I suppose two of the most important questions we should ask ourselves are "Is that really what I want", and “is it worth it". The second confirms the first, for too often people do not consider what all is concerned with the quest, and often then do not wish to pay the price. Perhaps other days seem less complicated seen from this time in creations but the peoples were less complicated also, so the same conditions existed then as now. And the poor have as little choice now as they did then - hungers illness and dirt are unchanging in condition. I am saying here that people need to unclutter their lives and unbusy their schedules so that they can really look at what they are about. No use in pleading being caught up in the whirlwind of job, or housework, plus raising children, with all the daily complications that entails. Instead of a steady diet of TV or club or sports, time out to think about what is being done, what is being asked of you alone and as a family. People become incredibly busy but in the end one must face the future or they will not be happy with what they see when they arrive there all unawares. Nothing we can say will change all that for such people, but for those who listen to us it is a directive to them to at least think about. If by doing what you should benefits you, very good, but if it also influences even one other person then very much better indeed; for perhaps then the action will go on and on until “the" change is made - a different and better way of thinking and behaviour. No, not like the hundredth monkey, although the resemblance is there. (17.3.87) That is about one person finding a better way of doing something, which is copied and passed along until a point is reached whereby the discovery becomes transmitted everywhere. This is because there is very much a form of telepathy still evident on this earth. It is quite strong in the animal, insect, and lower or more simple human beings. So that can actually be laid at the door of telepathy. Human kindness and morality is quite different unfortunately as it is not, like telepathy, latent in the psyche. Karma plays such a large part of our reason for being here that it's genetic/environmental demands, or patterns that take precedence. If one is fated to return as a form of Attila the Hun type, the natural instinct for caring, etc., would be very deeply buried, of necessity, in a way. It way be that goodness can emerge from these types, but they would not be easily summoned forth by a hundredth monkey reaction. (18.3.87) Treasure all of the emotions in life, the healthy emotions and store not negative thoughts or material lusts. Lust is for power, for adulation, supremacy, envy, possessions, even more than for love, and it would be good if that was brought to the attention of more people, When one says ‘lust for living’, or 'joy' or whatever, it does not ring happily in our ears. That word is not a joyful word in ordinary understanding, and to apply it thus would really denote ruthlessness, or a selfish motive, grabbing, as

it were. This is not a question of semantics, words do have vibrations, and used wrongly can indeed have a negative effect. So that when a good soul, a happy one, reads often the words of a cynic, a nay-sayer, and put-downer, well, no matter how humorous or gently they couch it, the poison sets in, A healthy mind and psyche would eventually leave off reading such stuff, but the unhappy one, the unstable or naive, especially ones who have had some hurts or rebuffs, they would drink it in and change for the worse, warped in spirit, slightly or very badly depending on the particular situation. Yea you do indeed follow my meaning; a negative word cannot become a positive one, the vibrations have been set – Generally! That is the deciding factor - in a world where lust has always sang with light and melody - meaning all that is desirable, then in that world, of course, it is good. So the wordsters of the world have a responsibility when their work is farspread, unfortunately many do not realise just how much responsibility they have undertaken, morally and ethically, let alone karmically. This was not meant as a doom and drear topic, it simply occurred as a result of the use of that one word. So yea, yea we do need to be aware, and ? after positive ways of expression. Use desire, or aspire, or long for or wish, just to name a few, but not ?! (1.4.87) Peculiar methods of living exist on all planets, even earth. The very primitive would be just as bemused by wealthy living habits as those luxurious persons would be by the savages. For there are very peculiar doings on both strata, I assure you. So what everyone needs to acquire is the ability, AND DESIRE, to see people individually, apart from their environment, for everywhere are heroes and villains (and all the other identities). Thus when two aliens come in contact they can assess the situation more correctly, certainly better than if paralysed by fear or galvanised by hostility. Naturally one cannot go by face value alone, but there are always signs and nuances that spell out attitudes fairly plainly. It may be far fetched under the circumstances to consider one's behaviour with aliens, but truthfully, that is how so many of you see your fellowman unless he belongs to your ‘club - Religiously, ethnically or whatever. That attitude must change, people must be prepared to accept their differences and strengthen the similarities; promote co-operation and co-neighbourhood type of living and interaction, What I am saying really, is to look for what you have in common and work from there. (9.4.87) Without doubt the world is improving even if it doesn't show up very strongly as yet. But the pendulum has swung so far out of line that the meek and passive and ‘see nothing, say nothing' lot have had enough. It is all hitting home now - to their family, their belongings, their neighbourhood and their discomfort. And that has finally aroused the final group who can be aroused usefully. Any groups left can be aroused manipulatively, and lynch mobs, hysteria and unthinking reaction is only of use to the other side, not to us. Nothing attained by those methods is worth having, and not easy to keep. The solid results come from those, group by group, who awaken and take up the cudgel and banner. For the saying is the 'meek' not the weak, of the earth. (23.4.87) I have always seen a weakness for food, especially the wrong foods, as a defensive gesture; and your world has used that area in man's psyche to sell their products. People can put up with many discomforts, but not a lack of food. And yet food is simply a means of keeping the vehicle in good working order and should be looked at as just that, and not a comforter. So adjust your gaze at those items and in time you

will find yourself seldom tempted - regard the worse types of food with horror - that should help. Actually this is just one area in which man needs to rethink his attitude. Supply and demand does not make the world go around on a desirable keel when it all gets out of hand. Contrary to most claims ‘demand’ does not come first. If it did there would not be the shortages in various areas. 'Supply, is what the marketmen are about, and often they remove well-liked items from sale when the profit is not high enough. They supply cheap copies and perforce the public accepts them rather than do without, or discriminate. Especially when the article has been touted as desirable. The dollar motive is responsible for a great decline in living standards, even if it seems just the opposite. It has caused a decline also in the moral climate of seller and buyer, for they, the buyers, must have their sensibilities lowered to a coarse and non-seeing level: they 'hear' what is shouted at them, and they think they see, but the noise blinds them, and dislodges their thinking capacity from its front row seat. We should think, see, hear, then speak or act. In other words we should be basically knowledgeable so that no matter what the other senses take in they do not overcome the reasoning faculty. If half of your world had to rely tomorrow on their useable intellect and judgement, they would die like flies at the first hint of trouble. Brute force and mob violence would assert itself, and luckily the very money men who set all this in train would very likely perish in time - being the first target. (30.4.87) If the physical area does not keep pace with the spirit then the imbalance can become a hindrance. Those persons whom you all think of as 'Sunday Christians’, in other words, hypocrites, do usually feel sincere in their worship, but they do not have enough faith to make it a whole part of their lives. It is only they who live their beliefs who advance the farthest. On arising one should dedicate one's day and actions to God, the Lord, or whoever, and then carry on in faith that all is well. For a day given to God has to be a happy or serene day, otherwise you do not really accept God as a working partner. You are giving a gift in name only, but retaining the control of it. This ambivalence is what causes upsets and unrests. It is not easy to do at first but with practice all becomes clear, and second nature - so that you can be loving, tolerant, but just towards all things and beings around you. Try the 'conscious' dedication of your day and you will see how much easier it flows, for God is always present and accepting of the positive. He accepts the negative also, but there is always feedback, so that you will experience what you are giving, threefold, and that is certainly not conducive to good faith and harmony. (3.5.87) Our purpose in life is first: self-growth, through awareness and a picture of our place in the scheme of things. Second: our interaction with everyone around us, be it family, friends and so on. We need to be aware of such flow, and let all be a means of bettering ourselves and others. Whether or not we know that our dealings improve others, they do sooner or later. Third: our awareness of the spiritual nature of life - not Christian or religious, but the overall creators Once we perceive that there is a creator and an orderly plan, then doors open to us, beckoning towards further learning, And out of we that learning comes all the effort, but also all the reward, So if we can all conceive our living as an orderly, meaningful part in an over-all, on-going pattern, then the personal bias disappears, and so should then the resentment, fear, self-pity and feelings of aloneness. We are never alone or abandoned. It is a great pity that schools, newspapers and magazines, radio and so forth do not mention this as a matter of fact; and certainly the medical professions should all be

aware of and projecting this. But life to the majority is encapsulated in the here and the now, such a binding view. So do you keep this in view, and I do not say it is easy, for ailing hearts and minds need the here and now until the 'then and to be’ can be a part of their beliefs. (13.5.87) When someone reaches out to another it is a sign that that recipient must somehow hold the answer or the strength needed for the asker: and to withhold whatever can be given is a definite failing of the petitionee. I do not say withholding what is asked for, but rather, 'what is needed'. So everyone has a responsibility to respond. If the desire to engage in perhaps an ongoing dialogue or whatever is not desired for an adequate reason, then the hand of friendship can at least be extended, if only with a cup of tea. So nowhere does the law say you must - it says you should, if you can. And if persons honestly feel they cannot, through a lack in themselves, that is simply not seizing the opportunity to grow. So there is certainly no karmic retribution involved. Not even if they should panic and thrust that needy one away, verbally or otherwise, is there necessarily karma. If great harm results through cowardice or lack of resolution then the other may lay a debt on them. But karma again results only in kind and degree according to the situation on either side. For after all, the petitioner may be attempting to put all of their own responsibility onto someone else, so they not only do not progress themselves, but they can actually impede another's growth by unfair demands, too heavy and too soon for that psyche. So I am speaking like the devil’s advocate in a sense, there are permutations in everything, yet to find your own position is not difficult as long an you are honest with and about yourself, and with and about others. It could almost be like a person refusing to look before you cross when in traffic. That is not a radical statement, millions travel through life blinkered and ear stopped, and wonder at what happens to them or their loved ones. And it is actually much easier to see, to hear, and to act, when it in not cluttered with evasions and excuses. (16.5.87) Life is never simple, but the simpler you keep it the easier it is to carry through. Not meaning plain, or dull and unimaginative, rather, uncomplicated. One needs to be reminded and to remind others, for it is so easy to be carried away with the complexities abounding around one. Rather than feel that we should try everything 'once', or follow many paths, people should realise that diversity exists for the purpose of allowing many different psyches at many different stages in life to try various pathways, learning and developing whilst finding their own particular niche. Those non-productive bypaths are often caused to appear by the vibrations clashing on in appropriate passages. Many embark on a chosen route for the wrong reasons, who continue on for what they think are the right reasons, and if they are fortunate they reach a branching off place of some value before being shunted onto a way not chosen by themselves. There is no law that says one must continue on even if there is no retracing one's steps. One can request a deviation from the path, or a 'lay-by' until able to see more clearly the correct manner of proceeding. So do not become lured along byways because they are there, and look interesting. If you must go at least be cautious and leave a return trail or an area of cut-off - never become committed to anything because one has started, or from a sense of duty, or whatever reason. Life may be a game, but the results are fairly far reaching, so you can set many of the rules for yourself. Well, that was a very long way about to say to you and anyone else Keep it simple, and be bound by your own feelings in the final decision making. (24.5.87)

Whatever one needs to do one should want to do. If it is unpleasant one can say that `this I must do for now' and I shall do it well; and when I can I will try to change my circumstances, for by then I shall be ready to move on. The salmon battles the fierce currents and every obstacle to reach the spawning grounds, and they take a fierce joy in conquering. Those who falter and cannot make it are either weak in body or spirit. That is the same in so many, perhaps all of the species in the world. If one is not stretched to one's utmost, body, mind, or spirit will suffer. And a thought to leave you with. If there is a world of peace and harmony, what is or are there to fulfil the above demands? (28.5.87) The laws of every science are self-governing ones, otherwise there would be no world. And all sciences touch on one another, so that all must operate in harmony otherwise the whole can eventually break down. There are fail-safes in everything, and some things can take on a little extra burden or lessen their own output, but that can be for just so long; then some adjustment or substitution must be made to prevent eventual unmanageable damage. No action of ours is in isolation, therefore no person can be in isolation without having an effect on someone or something. There are failsafes here, adjustments can be made, and so on, but you can understand that nothing stands alone. Deeds undone affect time, time unused affects other times. You can see what I mean. So use time wisely and your world shall be as meaningful as you can make it. Remember this for others, when the feeling is one of uselessness, time and action are important in the long view - in fact they are what dictates the composition of the long view, the culmination of one's endeavours. (29.5.87) Let us not always look on the gloomy side of life, for joy in living and an appreciation of the world around us is what has always been intended for the prime emotion. One can have varying degrees of joy - from elated to teary - depending on the cause. And looking at the wonders about us, human, flora, fauna, the earth and the sky, who can explain them or reproduce them. So one can know that as long as they exist, God is in His Heaven, and the world can be as right as we are willing to let it be. So, appreciate and enjoy, and make yourselves a part of that world out there and not just as an onlooker. (1.6.87) Perhaps one never learns anything except the hard way. But there are varying degrees of hard ways depending on the person. And there is a difference between introspection and self-fascination. Some people would be happy if they could take a little inward tour to make sure all was well, and just, in fact to watch the inward workings. So it can be taken to an extreme. Most people can tell what is the best for themselves, what in normal behaviour on their part, and the limit of their tolerance or endurance. All that comes 'with the package', but unless one reads the instructions they are not aware that that ability in there. An advanced enough entity can tap into that knowledge automatically, but even the quite ‘retarded’ (level) soul can do the job if they think correctly, if their motives are fair. Right action often pushes the button that discloses the knowledge, so everyone has access to it. (9.6.87) Perhaps we only appreciate what we have when we don't have it any longer, which is all right as a learning process, but sooner or later one needs to pass that stage of learning by omission, or after the fact. Sooner rather than later becomes the order once a level of education and maturity has been reached. Trial and error should become less a part of one's life; when there are doubts or problems, even irritations,

then look at, assess, and adjust to or alter. Cheme said that before also - start doing it right as often as possible the first time, because there's often no time to go back and correct. Time is important, so don't just learn; remember. Not just you, but everyoneit is not being ruthless or whatever, it is a case of right action. Keep going, move, activate, initiate, do not stagnate, do not get into narrow, straight grooves. (12.6.87) Whatever else one does or feels, we should be aware of and grateful for our blessings. Those unfortunates who have little of joy are very ill-favoured indeed. In their case, if of normal society, it is their karma and/or chosen path. The others we have spoken of before; there are so many levels one cannot deal with them all in a few pages. One should glow within at the love that engendered those blessings. It enhances one's outlook, and out-giving, the very positiveness of it brings more positives to the person. So gratitude and awareness are not just social mores and wit, they are an active attribute Good attracts good and repels wrongs or gloom, also the opposite effect exists. So make that saying of ‘Count your Blessing' ring with the depth of its meaning and reward, otherwise it can be a shallow adage. (16.6.87) Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. There are moments when it exists, contrary to some sayings - it is just that perfection doesn't last. It cannot last, for everything moves on, and changes, so that perfection that existed has been left behind with the moment, in actuality that is; if you are wise the image will remain in your memory. (For many reasons I do not like having to explain in weary detail, for not everything needs to be pitched towards the beginner. Many more out there need to extend their faculties and understand for their own growth, the words they read.) So do not put down ones self or one's situations as not being capable of perfection, you need not aim for more than your very best, and perfection can occur. Take off your blinkers and aim high, endeavour much, be grateful and acknowledge all that comes to you, but do not ever willingly accept what is second best in your life. To attempt little will get you just that, and remember, what is worth doing is worth doing well, or you will never experience perfection. (22.6.87) Half of the time in our lives we wish for things we are not willing to sacrifice or work hard for. When that is the situation one must come to the conclusion that we are daydreaming or wishful thinking. If the goal is possible then why not see how it can be reached, then give it a try. If it is really not possible or you are not willing to go all out then drop it and give room for the possibles to come along. People with obsessions let all of the real world go by because of some misguided determination towards some ‘thing', ‘some day'. Not a very encouraging sign, especially in an adult. So always be practical in one's outlook, not in the goal but in whether or not it can be reached as you are going, or by methods which you may be willing to try; if not, forget it. Perhaps the statement sounds harsh, but daydreaming on a constant basis is such a waste. (24.6.87) Blessed are the meek for they shall never rock any boats or cause confusion in the market places. They shall never contribute to reform, revolution, or personal growth. The opposite to meek is not necessarily aggressive or even assertive in the negative sense. The antithesis to inaction through apathy or fear is awareness - of the world around ones self, the conditions of that world, and one's moral and ethical viewpoint on issues. And to be aware of one’s duty to that world, to ones self and the future

peoples. When all that awareness is present surely action can be taken with the knowledge that each person can and should contribute of themselves. One cannot leave to everyone else the decisions of conditions to be tolerated or initiated. So the opposite of meek or apathy is caring awareness and determined action. Remember that for yourself and others, for the world must not be left to the ministrations of the self-seekers and the blind. (9.7.87) Most of life is fill-in - the boring daily duties that keeps ones surroundings liveable. People who accept only the 'highs’ of life and try to tune out during the 'lows’ never really achieve balance. For the ups and downs are meant to be there, and they together are what develops one completely. The analogies are there re the people with too much money; the workaholics; the one-eyed artists of any craft. One cannot go through life scraping off and eating only the icing; or the cheese baked on top; or the gravy - what a lopsided diet. And that applies everywhere - balance one's reading, one's chores, one's hobbies; balance in very large capitals. This applies also to one's emotions; too steady? too flighty? too emotional? Well, balance it; that sounds so easy, so simple, it is when you govern yourself by the rules of no excesses - they are an indulgence as much as all that icing. Throughout your lifetime you will need to practice balance. If some persons find that too simplistic then they are not listening to their own bodies, the heart- beats, the breathing, the rules of good digestion. Whatever is said or written of value says one thing again and again - self-knowledge, selfgovernment, and balance. (19.7.87) Peace be with you. Those were the words people used to one another - wishing peace to the person and reminding all to endeavour to keep 'at peace' with one’s self. Today those words would be very useful indeed, but so many would reject them as meaningless cant, which was what did happen at one time. The human animal seems unable to hang on to anything good for any length of time, we have so many levels to pass through, so very much to learn. But try to keep the feeling within yourselves, regardless of what is happening or what distasteful duty one must do. Peace is a coming to terms with everything because all is understood - a great degree of progress over 'putting up with' or 'repressing' one's emotions. We do that which is right, for the good and growthful (to all concerned) reasons and we are at peace. (11.8.87) Every moment should have some meaning - not necessarily deep, or serious, but just that one should realise what one is about and appreciate it. This is what happens to those who revert to any drug - be it drink, gambling, viewing TV , wandering aimlessly about for amusement. They are either afraid to look and see how useless their activities are, or are afraid of the thoughts in their minds. Not to think means one does not need to resolve problems. The young are ill-served when they do not realise that pain and disappointment can be dealt with, and not blotted out. So it does not matter what you do or think or don't do, as long as you are aware of that particular process and are able to say ‘aye' or ‘nay' to it. Even the schools are refusing to look at anything in depth, in fact if there is a high fail rate they will change the studies rather than deal with the cause. So if you day dream or work hard, be aware, enjoy, and if you cannot enjoy then look at the possible reasons why (or why not) and deal with them. That is something your modern world has been deprived of, the knowledge that people can do something about the situation they are in; and in fact they should do something, without always depending on others. (25.9.87)

Whatever one wishes can come true? No. For if that were so everyone would attain their desires, and not their needs. As in a permissive school, the work would be all play or erratic attention to the needful. So one must arrange the curriculum ahead of attendance. If it is not adhered to fairly faithfully then the grade (testing, experience) must be repeated. What often upsets the 'repeaters' is the sight of their original companions moving on, many upwards, some forward a little, and others dropping back or limping along. Misery in such cases may at least enjoy familiar company, but that can result in neither progressing. Then they are alone, or with the new seekers who all too often pass them by, or fall behind. So they must learn from the strugglers ahead what sums to ‘work’, and notice clearly from those others why they fail. If one does not do one's lessons, or learnings, well then one cannot expect rewards. Your friend J. would not have been happy if she had married for she was not equipped to cope with the demands of cooperation plus a males influence. She always felt fear, plus a disloyalty somehow to her mother by contemplating marriage. The parent in this case has made mistakes and is not about to help the daughter to achieve what she herself never had. No one here is to blame beyond not seeing clearly and having the courage and stability to do that which is right for themselves as well as for the other. For in the final result they have both failed themselves and remained unwilling to go on and upwards. So before one lays blame one always needs to see one' self and one's actions, clearly. (5.2.88) Life can be good sometime for each individual. Even a prisoner in a cruel place could find some good, if only for a moment. It's the situation - the ‘by comparison' that makes it so. But not 'by comparison' with others so much as with one's own darker moments. So that if, in normal situations, one learned to build on the good moments, one‘s situation would gradually improve by perception, at first, and then as the positive, expectant attitude strengthened the vibrations, the situation itself would be better. Good attracts good; even in a karmic situation there is always the possibility of an improvement. All of this is by way of showing how things were and how they can be again. Nothing is actual, materially, though denser now because that is how Mankind perceives it. But God's world was meant to be as one would have it - wished for, thought of - it 'appeared'. Then karmas were acquired because of the differences in man's natures, and the abilities to live and benefit by natural laws lessened throughout each return to the body. Even that didn't really exist in such a heavy form and certainly illnesses and diversity of forms was not the normal way of being. Part of the problem has always been the sheer volume of population per area. Many recognise that the animal, insect and other life forms behave most erratically, reaching stages of aggression and selfdestructiveness when their living space becomes impinged upon. Even the humans were unable to carry on beneficially when all of the different aural vibrations met, mixed and clashed. Peace, harmony, love and even creativity do not thrive in a crossing of noises - sound waves - oral or psychic. When the humans realise what truly beneficial conditions are needed, then they will organise, or allow the old pattern to return. Isolation is not the ideal, simply a way of being able to regularise one's thought emissions, if not patterns totally, and sufficient quiet and space, plus harmonious visual patterns to soothe and inspire our real being, the soul.

In the meanwhile, persons wishing to recapture the link with 'thoughts are things' can do so by daily awareness. Whenever one queries something (to themselves) think on it and then use the 'it is so' or it will be as it should be for our (or the common) good. When most of our thinking is done on these lines of awareness then a linkage will emerge and become stronger with use. Thinking of people?, really think on them periodically, send a wish such as ‘may you be well, or happily solving problems' etc., as it is good for you just now and then when brought to mind, smile and say 'God bless you and your endeavours'. This is two-fold and certainly one result is to affirm the habit within yourself so that it becomes firmly engrained. All need to make their own decisions generally, and bring about events or results through their own efforts, so this is not passing on personal responsibility to 'others', 'the spirit'. It is acting within that spirit, and more will be revealed as you are again in tune with the actual power, the source of all energy and enlightenment. (6/7.2.88) Golden moments come when we least expect them, yet they are the result of much striving on our part. All the work and study and effort, when done for the spiritual growth of all concerned, always brings the wonderful glimpses of the reason for it all. A sufficient reward and incentive to keep one going. When one puts in tremendous efforts to learn and to help but does not keep a close eye on self-urges and motives, there is often a feeling of let-down, or not quite 'making it; perhaps even moments of glory which quickly fade for 'some puzzling reason' - and self-doubt, disappointment, perhaps even resentment then enters the picture. Right effort always gives a 'right feeling', no matter what reaction may be given out by some - you will receive a glow, a golden moment, and that is a spiritual recognition of correct use of one's gifts and efforts. As time goes along the glow won't even be necessary, and it may not occur unless one's energies have become temporarily lowered - an effect one should not allow to happen too often, it is a waste of energy on your part in that extra bursts will then be needed just to recharge the vibrations. But once on the proper chosen path one eventually is able to work in peace with one's self, as long as 'self’ is kept an eye on by way of meditation or yoga (or whatever). (8.2.88) Time is the barrier and yet again it is the key. Many times in our lives we are precluded from events or activities because the time is not right; we are too young, too old, too busy with responsibilities. Time cannot be ruled, what it says is so. But it can be ignored, challenged, made use of. The important thing is to use time well and fruitfully on all levels. We need to use time equally or we become imbalanced. So when a life is laid out for one's self, time must be taken into account. Not everything one wishes to do can always be done in the one lifetime and that should be realised and dealt with. The young should be left to be young or it will affect subsequent ages. When something untried haunts one then time should be put aside to try it, perhaps there is the pathway and not the one being travelled on. Look at the time you have before you and plan it, do not drift from week to week. Also do not skip (omit) that which you plan to do - within reason - for we cannot always control circumstances. But try to arrange your life within a framework, and though events may be shifted within that area, they will be done. (4.6.88) Many are called but not so many answer. And even then very few are chosen. Because they don't know why they have been called, let alone why they answer. Many expect they were called because they are so right for the work; others become rigid with doubt and feelings of worthlessness. Foolish, for after all, if God is Omnipotent then

who should know better than He who to call, and why. Not everyone is called for the same reasons, that is where people err. Whatever He calls you for, answer, and then you see what is required. The how, why and when takes care of itself. So always know yourself and your motives for anything, and when the call comes then to answer is automatic - "Yea, Lord,I1 am here, do what Thy will, for I know that all will be as it should be, my niche, my particular service is prepared, as am l”. (7.6.88) All of life is a case of give and take, a two-way street. Over lifetimes succeeding one another mostly, but always a certain amount in each individual incarnation. When what we want is just there, without our working for it - the price - then that price shall be exacted one way or another once the gift is accepted. True indeed is the cynical moral that 'there are no free lunches'. Somebody pays. And also seldom is there manna just falling from above; if you want some, you ask through the appropriate channels (meditation for instance) and unless you plan on having the stuff fall onto the bare earth you prepare a receptacle, your mind, body, aura, and so on. Even a cracked vessel will catch and retain something. And it is not much use wandering around with a bowl, gazing upwards, hoping for a lucky drop; know what and where you seek. All very logical and very fair, I'm sure you will agree. (27.10.88) All our hopes are carried from one lifetime to the next until one fulfils, outgrows, or sees them for what they are, a lure to striving. For what would motivate one if not some desire, some ideal thing, to bring about a preparation, laying a base for whatever talent, or for whatever, we wish to acquire. If it is material, such as house. property, care, all involving money, the thing would be to earn it. inherit it, or marry it. The middle mentioned may be considered a passive striving but that could well involve more than just staying on good terms. Wealthy people can be quite paranoic or overdemanding, or suspicious. Anyway, our emotions are an integral part of our lives and the idea is to understand, define, use and refine them so that we grow and learn and mature. Yea, one can grow and not fully mature, so both are necessary. And always one must understand that life just does not remain static, even the calmest mind is only ‘on hold' while the physical or spiritual components are grouping, shaping, regrouping. A deep meditation is actually quite active but not in your dimension completely; the spirit is out here, seeking, learning, soaking up the rays, the vibrancy. A smoothly operating mechanism is almost at rest, in that it is performing its function as it should be. The motionless or malfunctioning being gathers rust, or dents, or worn spots where actions are out of kilter. So an active meditation is good, for there is something being done, and being accomplished - right interaction. Work is active meditation, as are sports, hobbies; and pleasures; for all that are done in their right sequence, with an awareness of the correct attitude will be a good and growthful activity. (28.10.88) Another illumination, which is the purpose of your living and re-living lives with their problems. As we have learned so do we happily display the knowledge for those who come along and have need of it. So, too, many of you do the same as the opportunity arises. But, you note that we say ‘display’; we should show it by our actions and thoughts. Persons must be free to see and to learn - to thrust upon or pour over, unasked, our perceptions, is to intrude. The God, Jesus, spoke only to those who wished to hear, for to speak too soon to a spirit may be to hinder rather than to help. (31.10.88)

Now we can begin to wonder at and understand, by intuition, all of the divisions in the universe. It is all of it like a great anthill, with workers back and forth from the nest, from the Great Oneness, the universal mind. We all. At one time or another, pause and check back, 'is this correct?’; where am I going?, and so on. The Oneness is not allknowing awareness as some would have us think, it is not a case of 'God sees your sins', or ‘every sparrow that falls’, He does indeed in an abstract way, for it is registered, it happened, and there has been a record made, recognition, for nothing goes unnoticed. But no great hand writes large on a board or in your book, and no huge thumb appears and squashes you. There indeed we differ from the insects. So look elsewhere for your sums and reckonings. Look within yourself, your thoughts, aims and reactions. You keep your own scores, to be reviewed at leisure when returned to Nirvana, or the place between. The only overall notice taken of our workings is in the over- all scheme; when enough negativity accumulates in an area, then events register TILT, and the game is in another alley. When healing energies are concentrated in that area, the pathway can be gradually shifted towards a more beneficial light. That is why it is good to persevere in one's efforts to be healed, to improve one's lot, or to influence events beneficially. One must tread the pathway to their very best, whilst keeping heart that it shall be better, in some way, if not just as we wish. There are handicaps built in at times, in the way of accepted karma for ones self, which can be in the singular form, or as an overall or group karma. When this possibility comes to mind, it merely means a longer time to see the end of troubles or beginning of the change. It must be lived through with good grace a willingness to understand, forgive, and grow. If one such entity is unwilling, or constantly grumbling, then the task becomes harder for itself or the group it is with. The group members may then have to agree to take on a share of the load being rejected by others. They benefit doubly, and the shirker takes another turn, in time, to try to rectify the karma incurred, not necessarily added to, but their own progress has been set back. (14.11.88) Curfew is for the benefit of the law upholders, and used when a situation is becoming beyond handling. There were many times when it was used also for the benefit of those who were breaking the laws, for then they could work without fear of being noticed. That is what is happening now on your earth. The innocent and the lawabiding are having restrictions put on them so that the culprits may work more quickly, and more secretly; for if the watchers are corrupt then crime can be carried off under their cloak of protection. It behooves the citizens to enquire loudly and in strength when they are being manacled and pushed aside, and the crimes become more blatant. Of course there is collusion; the powers behind the industries and law upholders are privy to those latest twists in criminal activities and capabilities, and in many cases they want the culprits to be identified so that they can be made use of. So do not be complacent when aware of such dangers, but if nothing else is possible at least take care not to contribute to the myth, the aura of a noble bandit. There are very few such persons. You will need to be as aware of your duties as a citizen of county, state and country, as you are of the higher realms. One need not do more than be aware, and to support by word and action. Be as vocal as the negative speakers and at least you will not be upholding the foolish attitude of apathy or misplaced admiration. But one must avoid the repetitious tub-thumping, for there lies a detraction - the cultivation is of a soft voice and thoughtful wording. It is not easy, but once one decides to actively join the human group, then one has the onus to do so constructively. (19.11.88)

Control. We control our lives on reaching maturity. Others control circumstances and we agree or not. To say no or yes to whatever we or they wish is our choice, how we do it, with guilt or fear or anger is our upbringing, or our reaction to same. We can look at our present circumstances and make decisions, no matter what. If we let 'life' call the turn then we are not exercising our reason for being. We are, we do, we think, we say - control. If it's bad, find a solution, or adjust, in other words, agree. Many would argue this point of view, and there may be exceptions - in your view, not mine. But think, whenever you someone’s predicament, and you will see someone not exerting control. Not power, control, self-control. So that is the one thing you all need to aim for in your lives - control over yourselves. Seen from that angle it should be easier to begin the changes needed to bring life into proper focus. You are not aiming for anything but your own autonomy, with that achieved it is second nature then to turn outwards, and exercise control; over your own actions, reactions, words, thoughts and deeds. Full circle. (28.11.88) Yes, dear souls, be watchful of your health; we must guard our tongues in many ways; gluttony, slander, and sexual excess or invitation. When we can see how many levels the body/soul/ego and so forth are able to operate on, one should then realise why it is necessary to be aware of ourselves. It is no wonder that so many would rather not, or cannot as yet manage to, cope with all of the variables and intricacies that we are capable of. For those on the path it is best to go slowly and learn well; and as the basic senses become more under our control, then can be added other senses, but never before each step is understood and amenable to discipline. So balancing is important, and one meditation or communing period should be spent each day in checking over, and instructing one's particular sense/self in the proper procedure. That is why it is good to have the basic self, reactions, thoughts etc., under complete control, to the point that it becomes mostly automatic. One always has a sensitive moment when control slips - Jesus Christ thrashed the money changers from the Temple in a momentary anger. He may have remained uncharged a while longer, to do His work, if that had not happened, for "you may injure anything but my means of making money", in the age-old world parlance. But He had not set any length of time for He knew that mortal emotions would be difficult to deal with (His own and others). So begin now to know yourself, but to be unselfconscious. To control yourself, but to be natural. To love all those about you, and always remember to do and say that which will be of value to all concerned. You (we) are a family and each within the family should have their place, no more and no less, otherwise imbalance occurs, and all suffer. So, be a joy to yourself and to those about you, love all equally, and stand firm on your own pathway. (24.12.88) The dark night of the soul - it comes when we look outwards. Our whole meaning lies within each of us and within the spiritual realm. All else can fail us; for each of us, in the final tests, may be for ourselves alone. That is not good, or bad, it is a fact one must live with. Set one's goals and stand alone as much as is necessary, alone with yourself and with God, which is not being alone, though it may feel so at times. (4.2.89) The emotions are mostly generated from your side, but we are not free from them, not all of us, by any means. Emotion is really reaction, and I'm sure that an awareness of this would help all of us to assess accurately whether our reactions are true; not over, under or inappropriate. And 'reaction' is a word with far less stigma attached to it,

everyone hates to be labelled as victims of 'emotion'. So there is one way to be detached without becoming unattached, which is not the desired result in most cases. All of us need to be needed, and need to need - whatever; anything else is to be isolated, human nature is not geared to that. There are worlds where people are connected to few others, and that is happiness, or rightfulness, happy does not come into it. Some places, no ‘one’ is attached or needful of anyone, for all are of a whole, yet on their own. It takes a fair bit of progress to stay in such situations, and there are failures, not generally spectacular ones, for it is not easy to incarnate into such situations. Many fairly earth-bound could not even contemplate the idea. Every type of earth, or existence is for a definite purpose - some evolve as the opposite, the antithesis of something else. There are up and down, side to side, and inner and outer, to name a few arrangements - opposites, that is. There are parallels as well, so it could become complicated, although it doesn't. The laws are very strong, natural laws, that is, and balance is all important. Not too many catastrophic events in the one earth can be tolerated, for balance is not infinite; events coming too quickly could eventually meet themselves coming back, here and elsewhere. Control your reactions, it all starts there, to be simplistic, but multiply one mis-emotion by an enormous figure. (15.2.89) We all need to know ourselves, body by body; Not just the one, but all. Otherwise there can be confusion, rebellion, depression. It is not quick, to become acquainted with each being that comprises the One; and then to come to terms with each, and incorporate each within an overall plan. I say ‘beings’, for each body, for they all have their own desires, fears, imprintings, and all have the need to express themselves, even at the expense of the others. It is no wonder that our senses seem to be dealing with a battle of wills. If one uses any form they choose, of meditation, to find and understand what each body is about; then one can see what needs to be done to draw them all together, into the harmony of a common goal. This comes under the guise of imbalance, but we do not understand that there is another 'we' involved, an overseeing we; the supreme guide. The bodies, or emotions are just a part of that higher soul, and yet, in our day to day lives it is generally one of those beings who is giving the orders - running the whole show. That is normal, for that is what your earth-life is about; developing and disciplining, and finally shaping each body, until all are one, in harmony, and answering as one voice, with the higher self. Thus are we like the Supreme Being, we go forth from a perfection, and we return eventually as a perfection, to that Perfection. So understand what you are, and then what it is you need to do, and your pathway will become clearer to you, your quest more attainable. Know also that your paths will alter as each body is brought into harmony with the higher self; for we are on a series of bypaths until a medium of selfcontrol has been established; for all of the differing bodies, until then are travelling or aspiring to travel different paths. They may feel that they have the same goal in mind, but generally their view is somewhat clouded, or distorted by their particular bents - it is only in union of purpose that we see the desired end of striving, The God Head in depth and clarity. This I mention now, for so many on your plane have reached the degree of knowledge and yearning towards the higher planes; but then confusion sets in when one or other body strays, or acts up. Like a boat with one paddle or oar, you all then work strenuously, and find the shore as far away as ever as you land your vehicle, go around in circles. We wish to see you reach that shore, or the ship that will take you further out into the seas of discovery. Here is your second oar, in what has

just been scribed. Straighten out your ship, however small it may be, and be the master of your diverse bodies. (22.2.89) Yes, one must remember one's goal always; but most importantly, be aware of one's pathways. We can reach our goal willy nilly, but at what cost and in what length of time? Keeping each day an awareness of the How, will be more orderly and less wasteful of time and effort. It is, like anything else, a good habit to acquire and oddly enough it expands our available time and energy. The cosmic energies flow unceasingly and everywhere; attune one's mind to them and so much can be done. And so much can be undone, as well. To display one's strength is an asset, and what a powerful message to others. It also helps with not just the development of strength, but with the stabilisation of said attribute. Many gather in the energies then allow them to drift away through lack of stabilisation. There is no more room for the highs and the lows, for the going from one strength, then another strength, losing each previous one, or most of it, in the process. This is one instant where to gather and to keep is of paramount virtue. Strength can be used limitlessly without losing it if it is applied correctly. Just as monetary units will be self-perpetuating if used wisely. So to the words "Know thyself,' we can add "Know where you are going". And I can add to that “and how you are getting there". (27,2.89) Change is occurring every moment, in everyone's lives. How vigorous and healthful that change is, is up to the person involved. I say that many persons are in the position of not being in control of their circumstances. No karma, further karma that is, lies with those ones, for they are already performing an obligation or debt. How they do perform it is at issue, and that is very much a difficult one, for there are gradations of suffering and acceptance. That is one very good reason to think well, and be very sure of facts, before commenting on issues. One does need to comment, for we all learn by seeing our world around us, and being aware of the issues involved in what we do see. If one can help then do so, But there is no wrong in deciding that there is more need here than there. We are not God, so we can only go by what we are able to assume. But, and I know you are well aware of this, never assume according to your own lights - judge by their situation, not yours. There is so much to be done to attempt to right the upsets and injustices that we can only begin within ourselves, then our family, our surroundings and on outwards; but only to the limit of our abilities, financial, spiritual, emotional and so forth. Spreading too thin is often worse than not aiding, or dealing with. If someone or thing must suffer because you cannot reach that far, do not worry, someone else can. And what you do correctly, fully, within your grasp, will aid then those beneficiaries to go on and further your beliefs and strivings. Our Lord Jesus taught His followers to care for their fellow man as they were able to be in touch with them. He did not preach to them to deal with the Romans, or any other race beyond their own. Only as some of them became more enlightened were they able to feel free to travel and spread their teachings and care. Our Lord did travel himself, often simultaneously, for He felt a great need to accomplish much in the short time that He perceived was allotted to Him. There was a wish for longer, but the message was too revolutionary for that day, for the reaction not to be swift and brutal. However, here each of you are, do with your circumstances as best you can. The positive vibrations of love and hope will travel far, even as the healing is taking place around you. Never, ever, underestimate the extent of the caring you can give to those close by. It travels through the Cosmos. (2.3.89)

Everyone must go through periods of soul-searching. I don't think there are any special periods, such as pre-adult, pre-freedom from children, pre- retirement or death. They are all special, but they are all there for some or varied reasons. That is, some worry or stocktake at various periods of life, but not all - usually just at the most perplexing times. It would take a too-careful, or an extremely advanced soul to be planning, in depth, every era of one's life. But when such a time comes it must be heeded; be attended to, or chaos of the soul can occur. It is usually a sign of deep disturbance, worry or fear; and to ignore such signals can be disastrous. Accept the turmoil with gladness, for not everyone allows themselves the awareness of internal workings, and external contacts with our path. (4.3.89) 1.3 Meditation and Prayer Meditation is important - everyone should take time to get in touch with their inner selves which leads to the attunement with their brothers and with God. A short time morning and evening, or at times of stress, just sit quietly away from noise and distraction. If there is a pleasant scene to look at that is good, or a favourite picture; the eyes will gradually close to the scene as the attunement takes place. Darkness is not necessary, just avoid glaring lights or sun. Thoughts will arise, if they are worthy 1ook at them, they can be dealt with later in your working day. Put trivial thoughts aside, no need to waste any time on them. Decide before sitting down what it is you would like to accomplish that day, physically and spiritually. Meditation periods (initially no more than 10 to 15 minutes morning and night) will give more strength and determination to help you to carry through your desires. In the evening, before night rest, see what the day produced and note where corrections are needed or more effort should be expended. It is all peaceful, all calm, the attunement will gradually bring to you all that you need to live a balanced and useful life. Therein lies our true happiness. (28.1.85) To integrate the bodies is a very tall order indeed as the lowest level is the most influential until you manage to overcome it. Materialistic outlooks prevail which affect the emotions, then comes the mental and then spiritual. Each is tugged at by the other. No one body should be worked on at the expense of the others, simply apply an overall influence on them all with an equal emphasis to each in turn. To worry more re emotional will tend to detract from the others. To give more to the spiritual or etheric, even if it is uplifting is still leaving an imbalance. Part of each meditation period should be specific, i.e., specific thoughts on each body. Daily reiteration of goals and proper attitude to and from each body will bring about desired results and will contribute towards balance. The point is that you don't do the balancing, you maintain the correct input, and the spirit, your spirit, does the balancing. After all, how could any earthly person do such a thing, think of yourself as a computer - well you provide the input (meditative thoughts, goals and resolves – briefly!) and your calculator does the work. Put your fingers in the works and you end up with bent keys as well as fingers; so just read, cogitate (know thyself), meditate and do, the results will occur from that. You keep the input balanced in thought/word/deed, and your bodies will in good time come closer to being balanced. (12.4.85)

Question Does major development come from within, e.g., meditation? Answer Development comes from many sources. Again it is because of Man's numerous bodies. Meditation mainly serves to harmonise the effects of each day's events, surroundings, etc., and they are distributed to the relevant areas. Meditation assists in quietening the whole of your being so that work can be done (within) from the extra sources, such as from your "super" senses, God's healing rays etc. But the major work is done in your physical everyday life with your conscious senses. (8.6.85) We cannot always aid others in any way save with our prayers and good thoughts. But these are beneficial and can serve to lessen the degree in which the recipient may stray, or suffer. God's Will is divine but can always be tempered by the prayers and goodwill of others. However, all must live out their karma, the thing that is taken into consideration is the care, or love, or even the compassion the errant one has stirred in others whom he had contacted along the way. Each prayer from them then is a credit towards the balancing of justice. Pray by all means for the poor lost souls, so many of whom have no-one to care about their fates, or often no-one who is able to comprehend the trials of their loved ones after they have passed beyond, in a very unprepared and unknowing state. We help as we can but it is a sad sight to see the wanderers clinging to the mortal side, refusing to believe or not daring to acknowledge the changeover. (26.2.71) Prayer by everyone is necessary. It is plain that many, even most, will never change. Many, even the innocent, cannot be saved (though the innocent are pure, they are often unaware). It is possible, as God has not given to everyone the ability to know these things, and so those who do know must go forth and preach so that as many can be salvaged as possible. He denies them not because of their ignorance, but none can survive unless they do realise, if not what, at least that a change must be made. To be aware is a responsibility. I am not stressing too much, believe me, the importance of prayer. The psychic forces of good must flow out to try to combat and alleviate the miasma that surrounds the world. It chokes even the good, you know and can do battle. The unknowing ones can go down never realising what has happened to cheat them. So you must all pray that you may save a few of these at least, as well as yourselves. All will be needed, either to turn the tide or to begin again after the disasters. (19.2.71) Contemplation, meditation, visualisation and many others are all in the same category. They are all attempts to contact the inner - the whole inner preferably - for to attempt to narrow one's sighting may exclude the very thing you wish to or should see. None of these things are impossible to do, especially when the way has been cleared by the removal or control of the ego. There is a difference between wishing to do what is right by oneself and others, and wishing to control all actions i.e., many persons dress and behave in such a way as to elicit certain emotions and responses from those about them. That is ego. So an exercise to do is to see how to live in harmony with oneself and the world, by disposing of ego. With the ego no longer forming a film across the

eyes, or blinders to each side, one can truly see. There is no hocus pocus, there is only, within oneself, the right condition, the correct attitude. (14.8.87) Where are the mystics for you all to contact? There are many on your earth and not necessarily in remote areas. But they are seldom in the crowded centres either, because of the maelstrom of noises, both physical and ethereal. At least most more advanced persons do not give out great jagged energies when thinking or meditating. Yes, meditation is so misunderstood by many and it becomes a form of prayer, of supplication, thought-desires, and begging -despairingly; but all active. And meditation is none of those things, so the air-waves can become very crowded indeed. Peaceful emanations can crowd the ether, but it wouldn't seem so - it would be an orderly procession of calmness and great love. For trust and belief are love. Even the sound of the word 'crowd' isn't peaceful. So when the whole of one's nature becomes peaceful - not negative to desires or divorced from desires, wants and needs; but handling everyday living in peace and tranquility, seeing each task as a privilege; each need to fix or repair or beautify some area as a natural consequence in gardening our lives and our surroundings. When demands come, however falsely or invasively we see them as just another task to see to, calmly and with gratitude that we are healthy, wealthy and wise enough to have been given such busy items to attend to. Not for us the Lotus Position in the cave or on the hilltop, that is for those who are here by error - generally theirs. Or for the soul on its last earth sojourn. But you and I are the dwellers when we enter a world, and as such we need to see all before us as a pleasure - it's a pleasure to do it again and again; or a pleasure to get it over with. (You see, I won't let you be negative about what you don't want to do.) If you do all things in the right temper, inwardly and outwardly, the connection to a mystic will automatically be made; and even if you never see that mystic there will come to you thoughts and teachings to strengthen and uplift your spirits and vibrations. In time you may even become aware of those vibrations, but there will be no need to wonder who? or where? for more often than not it would still be more possible for the connection-flow to remain active to you. The mystic may benefit from your attitude to life, which goes to him automatically, and only on that basis. (1.9.87) Question Is there a right way to meditate for our fellowman. Is it best to direct loving, peaceful thoughts towards man, either singly or in groups, and to the natural world, and can this be completed by visualising oneself as a channel for love, flowing into the spheres around us, i.e., trying to keep the mind clear of all extraneous thoughts? Answer Meditation is an individual exercise, undertaken by many individual beings for many reasons. We might suggest a good goal to have in mind, even perhaps a helpful way of entering the meditation, but each individual then should interpret that into their own particular nature, within reason. Each needs to acquire a degree of discipline, but to a balanced degree. A guru devoting one's life to a form of meditation may become as unbalanced as he chooses. That is not our suggestion - he adapts what he does to what he wants. We suggest sending love nightly, a guru may do so for as many waking hours as he chooses.

For your answer then we suggest doing that which feels right and natural to you. When healing is being accomplished through an unhealthy channel, we use those vibrations that are available, even a sick, though very weak vibration, can be used, it is just a case of adapting to what is there. It is much like driving a sturdy vehicle over poorly made roads, it is done carefully, the road is not damaged and nor is the vehicle. A rather poor analogy for it is very simplistic; because the will and the intention have as much influence as anything else. So if you can send love and peace without having to divert energy into keeping your mind clear then do so, even if only for a few moments at a time. For one is able to be better doing that at times because of physical, perhaps emotional conditions. Your will is there, your love and intention, so it shall not be wasted. If one must spend more time at discipline, so as to have a clear channel, then not much will go out, it will be directed inwardly. No matter how busy a person, a clear thought of caring has as strong an impact as the careful, clinical approach. (17.2.88) 1.4 Re-incarnation Question Would you know whether we were together in another lifetime, maybe in Egypt? What were our relationships, our jobs? Is there anyone else who has been with us and who should be here with us in the healing circle? Answer Other times, other places, other names and other faces! We have (all who are here Now), been together at various times. Our present state of progress is what brings us in touch with one another, and that is more often the reason that we meet again, than that we have pledged or striven for some future re-union. The choice of such a happenstance is usually not of any person, consciously; gathering together often results from overall intentions (not theirs) and as a natural consequence of events. To put all of that in a shortened form; where there is an artist's climate there you will find artists (engineers, chemists, same idea). The most common error amongst humans on the path is to endeavour to make sense of it all in an orderly, comfortable way, i.e., "we are doing this because of this", etc. But one needs to have a basic trust in events. Once it is realised that the emotions and perceptions have been rendered neutral then they can be trusted. You can plan towards a goal, but beyond the natural effort towards achieving this goal, one needs to flow with the tides. How can one force what is not meant to be? Look towards your future, but live life as it comes without too many questions, just remember that one who is on the correct path will find the way perhaps rocky, but generally uncomplicated. One knows when the direction is right. Look more inside oneself for confirmation, as each one of us has our own correct solutions which have been gleaned by the super spirit on its travels. One thing can be said, when great exciting predictions are made, through seers and those who draw attention to their strange antics, take care. There goes a troubled spirit in need of someone, who has relinquished their control to unworthy spirits. We here

do not play games with humans; we also seldom make great prophecies through anyone. Look at the great healers and seers, they were disciplined in their manner, and they were more interested in furthering healing and growth in the human condition than in producing excitement and soothsaying. True seers reach their knowledge through a strong psychic ability, it is not given to them. Live your life each day as it seems right to you, and is in harmony with your surroundings and with your fellowman. As I have said before, if there is no harmony, look to yourself and then to those and that about you, you may be trying too hard at something, or you may be in the wrong area. It is really simple if only you humans would not demand proofs and blueprints, there are none such as you picture, for they are there within yourself as a firm feeling of rightness and growth. Know thyself, then trust that what is meant to be will be. (29.8.85) As people have often expressed great interest in contacting those they know who have "passed over" it is a good opportunity to widen their thoughts on the whole subject. Just having a message from "beyond" is not growthful, not producing further inquiry in so many minds. If those persons can believe that their relations have survived, then surely they would be ready to consider the whole question of death and survival in greater depth. Birth is not the beginning, it is an intermediary stage; death is not the end, it is a beginning, because life here on our side is the reality and on your side the animation from the spark of life is but a learning time, a time away from "home" - you are at boarding school. Some, many in fact, manage quick visits away, even as far as home at times, by the mind/soul travel. Very few, none I would say, aside from the adepts, manage to penetrate to this side before their time, it is often a case of our spirit and yours meeting part way. Half way? I won't tell you that, not yet. Evolution is no different from re-incarnating, it is going onwards, hopefully progressing, evolving certainly. In nature the proven worth of a genetic feature is what makes it become adopted and moulded into tie norm, for humans we have the choice, improve or come around again. It's our own choice in every case so there is no real coercion, just sometimes a reluctance to re- birth for a while. Some wish to rest, some to study (there is much more implied here) and then again some are eager to have a review and a visit with family and friends, a quick renewal of purpose, then back they go into the fray. More and more now we need to awaken the people to what this world is all about, but they must first express an interest to know. I caution all of you as it is like any "hidden key", if the inclination is there it will be activated by the correct words, meeting, attitude or whatever. So we are not blowing the muster call for you all to go forth and preach, we are simply saying that those interested in spiritual survival should be given the chance to learn more about it and not just catered to with messages and thrills. (12.3.85) Question Does an induced birth affect an incoming soul?

Answer No. The incoming soul is not geared to arrive at a specific time unless there is a very strong reason for this, which would be to gather the influences of particularly strong, advantageous, or adverse planetary emanations. However, as these emanations can be overcome or built on by an aware person the ordinary birth is not that closely timed. Induced births(if not for convenience reasons) are a sign of physical or psychic imbalance and that is another thing that way or may not have been allowed for in preparation (damaged foetus etc.). Convenience induction can raise karmic questions for the doctor if that is his nature, obviously he has his priorities wrong. The same applies to the parent(s) on the condition that it was really idle convenience (there could be other reasons). Looking at all this from a common-sense point of view and allowing for free choice, flexibility and so on, a few days/hours of (induced) arrival difference would hardly affect the incoming spirit. (2.6.85) Question Will you please elaborate on karmic debts between a human being and a specific entity on another plane. Answer Karmic debts are acquired as we go through each of our lifetimes. They are certainly usually created by our relationship with the persons we encounter in that lifetime. Sometimes the debt can be less personal, such as to a people's, a country, the earth matter, animals and so on. The personal debt can carry on for just the one lifetime with the other person i.e., it is discharged during the following re-incarnation, whether the wronged person is present or not. But when that person is not present then it is for he/she to decide when and how the debt has been paid. To forgive, in your lifetime, someone else, lightens the burden for you both, but the debt must still be honoured, which is why the release may come as described. When forgiveness has not been given during the earth cycle of the wronged person the release in more difficult for both, and at such times it may take a number of life- times for each before balance has been achieved. Sometimes the wronged person needs to work through their own problems before they are able to release the debtor. This does not stop the person owing from paying that debt but they still need, finally, that final releasing. It may sound quite complicated but it is not, one needs only to forgive and release those who wronged them, then live rightly to gain release from their debts; remember, if you atone you are released, but the final confirmation needs to come from that other before your heavenly body will feel completely happy. The old saying "don't speak ill of the dead" came not just because that person could not justify himself but because none of the living persons were so guiltless that they could condemn others. (We are not speaking of the socalled monsters of evil etc. although even there one cannot shine purely). Forgive and set all free, speak kindly if you must speak of anyone, and never fear, for the scales of justice are impartial and inanimate, all happens without harm to those who strive. (2.12.85)

It is very odd to see how humans hurt and thwart one another for the strangest reasons. Just a hint of resemblance to someone out of favour and the poor victim is made to pay anothers dues. There is no joy to anyone under the circumstances and it usually adds to each persons karma for the next meeting. Some entity here can watch added debts being created, and even if it is on the original protagonists side it still means that they must be allowed to be worked off, albeit passively on the one side. There are meetings and pairings or groupings that some entities would be quite happy to avoid, but if they are advanced enough they may agree to it as assistance to the other. For if you owe a great deal and the debtee does not wish to participate then you usually have a very hard time - certainly one miserable lifetime paying your debts off spiritually, overall, instead of directly to that one person. So that if a very evil person was forgiven completely by his victims and they refused to enact against him on earth or wherever, he has to pay a universal penance for all of the misdeeds and that can be long, unforeseen (as no deliberate interaction can be reliably set up with so many and unknown persons involved) and may stretch beyond one's lifetime, plus the danger of accruing more karma because of frustration at the ambiguity of it all. Somewhat like "everybody hates me”, or even "nobody likes me", and it could in fact be true due to an inner defect. So we are always pleased to see protagonists soften somewhat before the deathbed scenes, for those of course do not count for a great deal, in most instances. So remember to look to your actions and their motives. (20.4.87) An incomplete soul (in reference to a visitor with problems). Animals can recognise when there is not a complete connection between reality and the other realms. So many people get into that state when they cannot face the realities of their life, or karma as it actually is. When souls re-enter a body without the correct dedication or without having faced, even then, their actual abilities and goals, they arrive halfprepared and even in childhood usually, can see that something is missing or awry between themselves and their surroundings. Not all, by any means, in such a state have noticeable, i.e., mental or emotional problems, for they are often able to disguise their doubts by adopting a facade and staying within it all of their lives. Many of them then drive towards perfection, or money, or powers Turning their dislocation outwards they can become teachers or scientists, sometimes medical people, and quite often in the ministering lines. When one finds abysmal failures there, as in popularity, method of working, overzealousness or over-solicitous, and a refusal to see their faults, becoming baffled and resentful at their lack of success, one finds those entities who cannot accept their limitations. It often takes many life-times before they will take heed and settle for patient working-out of karma. The longer they retreat from their own particular reality the longer it takes to work off any existing karma, let alone that which is built up along the way. With such people there is a need for long-term and consistent influence, which they generally avoid, and too often in the final countdown it takes a great shock or calamity to reach them. So do not feel too baffled by such persons, they do not listen to anyone here either (11.2.88) . There are more spirits ready to become part of your family in time. They come along from time to time to watch the flow, for directions or situations can change over a period of time. Uncommitted souls can also opt to change to another family line because of eagerness to re-enter the world, or a desire to stay here longer for learning, or perhaps has seen a more apt framework. There are souls who wish to work out karma without becoming too emotionally involved in the family sphere. It's not a case of right or wrong, each soul must, in the final decision, make its own judgements.

There is as much diversity of foibles here as there are there, perhaps not quite as much but it often seems so. (13.2.88) 1.5 Group Work As far as a group is concerned there is a flux and one may well find that its composition of members is quite changed as time passes. It's not tragic, in fact most groups chop and change from time to time. If the membership remains static the group usually becomes static, even biased, so change is usually brought about by new members, different outlooks and personalities. No-one should ever feel threatened by this as it is a teaching and a growth – we all learn from one another. As long as the main purpose of the group is retained then there is no harm, only good to each person and to the group. Some persons will leave for their own reasons but will take that growth with them and will have left something of their knowledge and outlook behind. Anyone who leaves for a reason not relating to uplifting themselves is not growing, but then again perhaps that person needs to leave so as to assimilate whatever has happened in his own time and then he/she will show improvement, so never allow anyone to leave with the impression that they are deserting, or traitors, or somehow letting anyone down, because they may not feel free to return when they are able to absorb the changes that have occurred. Life and one's encounters with events and with others should always be on a level of understanding and objectivity, don't insist on compliance by all, don't judge, always be free and allow others to be free in the most loving and accepting way possible, as God does and as God has decreed. Even where there is fault and unpleasantness, one simply tries one's best then you go elsewhere; one does not throw stones at whoever cannot submit to the general pattern of life, one gives them room to grow and an invitation to return when able. (12.4.85) Almost all that is wrong in the human body can be healed or mitigated somewhat by the correct attitudes of thinking, diet and behaviour. The best thing is to prevent any major occurrence in one's self but this is usually not possible due to the way people are raised in an unknowing society, family included. School alone can be difficult to negotiate without injuries of some sort and that is just one instance. The world is working towards the proper knowledge but how hard it is for those persons who have to battle against almost a conspiracy of ignorance, veniality, and indifference to others' wellbeing, and a widespread reluctance to admit one is wrong and to do something to change that wrong. Governments, manufacturers, sports peoples (promoters), uninvolved teachers and so on, deliberately blind their eyes and stop their ears to any message but one of custom and expediency; they feel, or profess, that whatever is good over-all and the common good is all that can be done. Any isolated cases of beings injured or deprived is just small in comparison and can always be dealt with. How, I say? In hospitals, in traction, in homes for the crippled and congenitally defective or, more mercifully, in a decent burial. That's statistics, and without looking at, or listening to, or feeling for those poor suffering “isolated" cases, they can go on perpetuating their wrongs, gradually

building thicker armour about themselves so that they needn't even, in time, erect those walls, they are already there, firmly in place. I’d say permanently in most cases, because if anything ever went wrong within their own milieu they have the money and contacts to right the wrong, or cover up nicely with a very decent burial indeed. "That has nothing to do with the masses” and so not much change can be expected there. Oh what a battle anyone enlightened of mind has in front of him to just keep himself and family trying to tread the correct and healthy path, the outside influences are so strong. This is of course why so many want to opt out, away from the corrupting influences. Sometimes that can be very good, but on the whole there is not enough money, or knowledge, or self-balance and discipline to make a good influence of it. Kept within that isolated community, the beneficial influences at least help those peoples; but how far can they spread it without - only to those who wish to hear, and how many of those would be in constant contact and communication with the communes? If they take too many “beginners” within their community there is a risk of contamination, unrest, divisiveness and so on. So, on the whole, (aside from the Findhorns and like magnicommunes) people are better off to remain in their places within the cities and to be an example (i.e., a living teaching), joining with other like-minded persons to extend their own learning and to gain strength from their mutual goals. Most little groups will never become well-known but that is not their purpose, they are there for all the ordinary people, especially the ones without much finance, or much to spare; the groups educate them, strengthen and heal them, so that they can in turn be, hopefully, "living teachings". So all of you must forge on, we on the other side don't see any one of your groups as unimportant or insignificant; to us they are very much the opposite, and we are doing all we can to pour encouragement into each meeting place to strengthen those vibrations. Remember always, as Cheame wishes us to say to you, someone of us is there, helping as we can. You are all needed, no matter how many or how few, it is the spirit that counts. You radiate healing energies to the rooms you meet in, to wherever you go in right spirit and attitude of mind and heart. When each group stabilises more people are attracted, some for healing, some to remain, all happens as it is meant to happen. (1.8.85) Each person who enters into communication with themselves and with higher Beings, entities, etc., whether they are alone or in groups, should always prepare themselves first. You can sit alone for a few quiet moments before joining the group, or the group can sit in a conscious state of preparing for the sessions, each in his/her own way, quietening and readying oneself. It takes a few moments only but is extremely important as a means of preparing the way, as one tidies oneself and surroundings when preparing to sit down with guests (visitors). This will go towards building the proper vibrations for the meeting time - the fountain meditation is good, of course, but where is that few moments of meditation for your own room and group members. The rule of the universe is to ready oneself, make oneself whole before expending energies outwards. Not to do so can leave one vulnerable; "charity begins at home” simply means to help thyself so that you will always have the strength to give help to others in need, or you will end up in need yourself. (One does not deliberately fetch water in a leaky container).

All of these meetings are important as they raise the vibrations which are needed by the entities to carry on the healing work, of the people and the Earth. It is important, however, to remember that the work will seem slow and steady because vibrations take time to create the proper atmosphere for work. Many areas such as yours are used at other times for more mundane purposes by many who are not even aware of our work. This lowers the energy in that room, it is not a bad thing because you are in that way feeding them. But you must prepare the room for yourselves and prepare yourselves as well ,and then you will notice an improvement in the atmosphere. (7.3.85) You need to protect yourselves when sitting in groups for meditation, learning, etc., as these groups always attract troubled (in some cases, malicious)spirits. The vibrations attract, so you must always pray and use the protections you have learned about. (21.2.71) Tomorrow and tomorrow are lines that humans use too lightly - how many tomorrows are there for you? The way is such a joyous one for the true followers, in spite of the troubles and trials presented by life. Everyone experiences problems and grief of some sort, but when they are met and conquered how the sun shines upon the soul. Who else can experience the sheer wholeness with the universe, his fellowman, and with God but those who have toiled in His name, and won through. His name may be Allah or Buddha or the Earth Spirit or whatever, His name rings the same vibratory notes, shimmers the same vibratory colours; the cosmos hears and glories with those of you who have worked and worshipped. Oh yes, the bells of Heaven sound glorious visible chimes and we all give thanks to those who have seen and produced the rewards of their efforts. You have felt the joys at times, think how deeper they could be experienced within you as you grew. Permit us the privilege of speaking to you all, to say that there is power within the group, wonderful healing vibrations and such a lot of growth. Continue along this path and there can be only development within you all, centres opened and knowledge released to you - to all of you. There are no problems with you and there are more and more entities and devas being attracted to your light. But you must keep your personal growth continuing especially over the next three or four months. There is a cohesiveness there that is very precious, and hard won by your efforts. You are all very important within that group sphere, the right balance has been struck, and none can feel that their presence or efforts are any less than anyone else’s, you are a group, God bless you all. (28.11.85) Within your group it should be understood that the rising vibrations and power can and likely will touch and trigger off dormant un-eases (not diseases, but some may find it seems so). This is as it should be, for when the vibrations permeate they activate, if the answering vibration does not blend harmoniously then it needs to be looked at and dealt with if you wish to retain the raised consciousness. Do not be concerned, it is no more than your cleaning through, whether it be your house, your heart, or your body, the dross or misconceptions of the years are there to be dislodged, scrubbed up or washed away. From now on as you work you will find the necessity to look to yourselves as well, for the world without, and our own human-ness, brings often discord, discontent, or a weakening of strength and purpose. Each problem dealt with makes us all the stronger, so the discords can be looked at as an opportunity to

add to our strength of mind and our awareness of that landscape within us, which is an echo, a "mirror faint distorted", of heaven. God bless you all. (1.12.85) THE BODY (HEALTH) 2.1 Spiritual Healing Very often we forget that there is a whole world of suffering out there because we see only the illness and sadness close at hand. One should look to the positive outflow of healing love starting within oneself, then the close surroundings (home and family), and expand each thought throughout the rings of surrounding matter - going farther and farther to encompass the far flung worlds and peoples. Do not attempt communication outside close circles because there are entities who can inflow along the lines of love etc. Evil is very strong and is always on the defensive as well as the offensive. Give out love impersonally, love and healing, and better yet send it to someone who can guide it where it is needed while guarding the source (your source). When we generate love and healing to others it must be on a complete non-personal level, else the receiving person(s) can actually latch on, unknowingly (on a conscious level), and continue to draw to themselves your strength and compassion. That is when and why people often become drained. You are not healing/attending to Mrs. This or child That, you are offering to a fellow man, an offshoot of the Godhead and they or that are on another level. On that basis and with the habit of prior prayer/thought of protection, you cannot be invaded or taken from. In God's name, with God's help, as a medium for God's helpers. Eventually the “I” and the "You" will disappear. (14.5.85) Everyone has the innate ability to heal but most cannot exercise it because the channels are blocked, and they must consciously undertake the studies and practise., to clear their channels by developing a right perception of why humans are there on Earth. You all have a particular role to play but it is your own choice as to how soon you realise, how soon you prepare for it, how deeply or wide-spreading your role is practised. Not everyone is meant to be conscious healers or consciously deal in metaphysics there are many good souls who heal by their very kindness and inner purity yet have only a vague awareness that there is "something beyond us, out there" - some finer being and reason for living life as well as is possible including being a beacon of kindness and service to the ones they come in contact with. But once you are aware! you must, for your own sakes go on even if it is a small and insignificant way. But then you find unkindness to all, Man, beast, insect, etc., totally repugnant and you practise it at risk to your own psyche. A little knowledge is not necessarily a dangerous thing except perhaps to one’s unfortunate near and dear subjected to halfknown nostrums or truths. It's how that knowledge, little or great, is applied. If you know how to act, and abuse it, woe unto you, it's karma adding up to be worked off, there or in wherever your reincarnation occurs. So remember that, it's quite true, that each man is his own worst

enemy, by and large. Well, it shouldn't be all heavy going all the time or I wouldn't be living up to our word that there is beauty and joy and happiness all around. Joy and happy feelings are subjective if you consider it. No matter how lowly or miserable one has been reduced to, a kind act, look, or gentle smile, a little food if one is starving - to you there now - what would that mean? But to the imprisoned or hungry it would be a bit of joy, a sudden hopeful uplift. Mankind has an incredible store of hope and optimism (they are not quite the same) and no-one sinks so low that they don't revive a little at the first flicker of improvement (no-one save the suicides? No, if they were given some understanding, they would hang on a bit longer too). Love is what “it" all means. Where there is true unselfish love there will always be a steady flame of joy and purity - God never judges whether something has just risen from the mud - once out of that mud they are just as pure to Him as any wholly aspiring person. So we are all beautiful people, if you remember that whenever you look at another human, another animal or plant life, each is beautiful to see - you just haven't looked for it before. We can't judge anyone as their circumstances are between them and God, but if you can do as God does and "see" the beauty, then the beauty will be there, and without perhaps either of you knowing what you have done, you have given that person the gift of his beauty and the acknowledgement beautifies your soul as well. So look well, look with the knowing they are beautiful, that's all that is required and you will find yourself surrounded with the rainbow light of God's presence. (4.4.85) Inner strength needs to be acquired when one hasn't been able to find it as a child and an adolescent. Most parents are unable to nurture a child enough to induce that inner strength, so somewhere along the line the individual needs to begin on its own progression towards a healthy maturity. Healing the physically ill is a tremendous achievement but even more so is the healing of the emotionally/mentally ill. If this were to be brought to its proper place the healing would begin when the persons were very young. It's a paradox, either we need to educate/heal the adult or maturing adult to make a reasonable fist of marriage, and the raising/nurturing of children; or we need to catch the children early enough to help them successfully through some stage of their own development. To help/heal these persons best there would seem to be an obvious age stage, from early teenhood to the middle to late twenties. Those are where the optimum results would be gained and is a goal to keep in mind. However healers must obviously work with what they are given, so this is not to say that discontent should be shown at other conditions, simply to point out something 'desirable to think about for the future. It is miraculous indeed to heal those in dire need but what a contribution to humanity to prevent that dire need in the first place. The latter is not so showy publicly as the first but what soul and karma satisfaction is entailed! (21.1.85) Question

Should our group healers rely on just being channels for healing energies and entities to work through or should we learn to project colours etc., as one of the group members is teaching? Answer Groups are good for use as healing channels but it does not harm to try other methods. Some may have dormant centres activated in this way which is a plus. For the others it is an exercise and of use as such, but no reason to keep on with it if they themselves find no results ensuing - likely some other project will spring their doorway to the unknown talent. As long as groups are trying other things as a by-part of their meetings there is certainly no interference, and of course, if it is not overdone, it contributes to liveliness of mind and psyche. Every effort has some effect and value. (8.6.85) As the result of a question as to the best way to give absent healing - i.e., what description to give, the following answer was received. Name and address as fully as possible, all, as Vera says, carry their own vibration. We are not magicians, we need all that information. Persons nominating names should concentrate visually as much as possible, use the name also, silently. (2.8.85) There are many ways of healing in absentia and many degrees of adeptness amongst the healers and their spiritual contacts. One form of healing is accomplished by the energies being sent to the person in need, in which case the name is sufficient, as long as someone present is familiar with that and can visualise for the direction of the energies (the thought of the one familiar with the one to be healed makes the connection for the rays to flow along). That is a very common and effective method though it can take longer for the overall results. Adepts or groups in contact with higher beings would use as much information as possible to enable a direct "visit” rather than a vibrational contact. In the instance you think of (Cayce) he used this direct visit more for assessing or diagnosing the patient, then gave a "prescription, based on that visit, when returned to consciousness. Your groups obviously prefer or are used to sending the healing energies, so the name is alright, although full name, and or area is better. In the long view healing of one kind or another is bound to take place I f(and as much as) karmic influence allows. (2.5.85) Healing by sound? How do you feel when loud and discordant sounds, musical, or otherwise, assault your ears? These are waves, emanations, and they travel along your nerve paths towards the brain. Every cell, every atom, is exposed to those sounds and your mind and brain as well as well as your psyche are being bombarded by hostility, for (they) are hostile. You could not function within such an onslaught and certainly your bodies cannot either. It is not, in the true sense, "healing" by sound, more a case of sound sending, such soothing and beneficial sensations along the pathways that the cells, the very atoms and molecules vibrate in the most pleasing (to them) ways. They are soothed

and inspired - oh yes, they can be inspired, the most healthful activities, whether creating or re-creating (healing) goes on. There are certain sounds that can be sent directly to the ailing or distorted area/organ (or whatever). These have been discovered in your world by trial and observation. These are particular vibrations for that specific area or ailment and can be quite piercing, though quiet and still melodic or soothing. The piercing sounds are sent in very short bursts, as a sort of pulsing any other way would be damaging, as they are very effective. They are intended to dismantle the unhealthy cluster so as to release any healthy cells within, and to allow healthy cells without, to enter also, to begin their work. Between the renewal of activity of the healthy cells creating strength against discordant growth, and the short bursts of the sound, the morbid growths are cleared away. This is a specialised activity as the length and spacing of the bursts of sound must be controlled., more insistent at the beginning and tapering off as health is being reestablished in that area. These particular piercing sounds cannot be used as an overall benefit as they could serve to over-activate healthy cells. Only sensitives would use this particular form of healing. Over all, the soothing sounds and music (it is all music, really) are the ones used by not so highly sensitive persons (psychics i.e.). And they are very good, as the cessation of stress on the body allows healing to begin. Sound healing should also be used in conjunction with other forms of healing, they all have their place and usage, and it is just that persons are individual in their particular gifts and abilities. Actually there is more to sound and colour healing than is generally used, but you have not the machines so there is no use of the knowledge. (15.5.85) Question Is there any lessening of the healing energies if 2 healers and healees are in the centre of a healing circle at the same time? Are there any disadvantages? Answer When a healing circle is large, then it is best if the group is split for healing, if there is a problem of time. This would mean one group leaving the room in your case, where the area is circumscribed. Healers and helpers would separate, and healees would go to one group or another. It is not important if the circle of healer/helper remains constant as strength can be built up. For "human" reasons though it may be best for all persons to fluctuate, i.e., the "best" room of course should turn about. Perhaps it is time to look for several rooms and for a new direction in part, for the meetings. But no, two or more persons should not be healed together - not yet, certainly in your group, as there is much diversity of healing and assistance. The disadvantages are that two healees with different needs would call forth different energies. These could become diffused also as there is a complication within such a small area when much of the healing is being directed to definite areas and weaknesses. It would not be good for the healer/helper combination either. This has nothing to do with healing done on a large scale by a few or many healers. There is a different atmosphere, energies, and input - neither is better one than another

given that large groups are being worked with by advanced healer(s). For small groups no good can be sure of happening. (5.3.86) Leya returned. It has been many days indeed since we have last communicated. There has been much for me to learn and I have been pleased that so many have been instructive towards me with encouragement, and acceptance of my little knowledge but great desire to improve. I see that this is so of all of you Earth people and therefore I am able to communicate. I think, with more understanding on my part. Dr. and Cheme have been very busy here and everywhere, and all of we who aspire to help have been pressed into service as often and as long as possible. Else we should be taking time to sit at the feet of the Masters to hear and absorb their wisdom and guidance. Then too we would have taken a little time to meditate and be sure that we too understood what we were shown. It is always learning - in your world and ours, and elsewhere - in many other worlds. So we, the very new learners, have had to heed the call to rally around and help with all of the extra works. Very good and inspiring vibrations are coming to us, as much almost as the evil, and that keeps everyone busy. The good vibrations often needing direction, as there are many who are unsure as to where to send their love and healing. So we must, at our Master's bidding, sort and direct where we are shown. Remember too, that when you all think of the oppressed areas, to do so in a very loving, healing and positive way, for the inclination is to have negative thoughts of anger, judgement or grief towards the great sufferings and injustices in those areas. Once you have realised the events then only those positive healing and strengthening rays should be directed towards the oppressed, or to us for that use. We have special peoples to work on the oppressors, and we use certain strengths sent to us to be used also for that purpose. Do you send overall love and desire for justice for all to the whole area, then direct full force healing rays to those, the down-thrust, who are the needy ones. You will understand this meaning, as I did, once you have pondered upon it for a while. (6.4.86) Healing is force that exists for use by anyone. When a healer draws upon himself he is still using that force, i.e., drawing from that source. Healers in spirit will help to channel the forces if asked, otherwise they abstain. Unless the patient has requested healing, in prayer or however, and does not stipulate by who or how; if that persons karma allows of healing then the entities feel free to assist if they are present. They do not interfere with the healer but can channel energies along the same wave, in conjunction with, and of a like kind - more or less reinforcing the healing. This varies according to the power and skill of the human (!) healer, also according to the psychic awareness involved. Many sensitives work with as well as allow channelling through, depending on the particular case. Both forms of healing (self! and use of entities) can be practised as I have said. You will know which when you are healing. And actually it is not both but a number of ways – yours, yours in co-operation, and theirs. To be frank humans seldom heal on their own, there is usually some sort of assistance even if only as a boost. My advice to anyone is to act by instinct and trust that help will be there if needed. It doesn't really matter who does what, although some people feel that it does, a matter of pride/independence. It certainly doesn't affect us one way or another, we do that which we perceive to be correct. (10.4.87)

2.2 General Health Topics The world is becoming more and more in disorder and people's emotions are not being dealt with in any healthful or helpful way. The medical profession is actually aware also of troubles within its own ranks in being unable to handle successfully as many illnesses as they rightfully expected to be able to. There is a feeling of frustration amongst the more honourable and conscientious ones but they are tending to blame any sources, right or wrong. They have a vary strong feeling that governments and bureaucracy interfere too much and they are sure that a lot more results of a positive nature would come about if they could get themselves a freer hand. There is also a bit of self-seeking involved as well plus the natural desire of a specialist to handle his own "act" without interference from amateurs. So it is not all black and white and no-one is really all wrong/all right, so the situation is very confusing. To top it off, ego's and face saving have now got into the act on both sides and I doubt very much now whether much good will come from the whole uproar. In the meantime, the sick are suffering, and medical knowledge is being set back as doctors, in many cases are much too irascible to even consider looking at alternative medicine. (Refers to the Medicare dispute in NSW). The government may hold one or two thoughts about it (alternative medicine) but unless it can be used to bludgeon the specialists the government isn't going to go into it either. The best that alternate medicants can hope for now is a bit of peace while the battle rages elsewhere - but that doesn't get money for research, or recompense the ill who get their treatment from alternate sources. And so it goes. The best that most people can do now is to adapt a completely natural life style and try to remain well, or regain health through good light food/ liquids, exercise, fresh air, meditation, yogas, and spiritual thinking and habits. Sometime sanity will begin to return and if enough persons have achieved health without the specialists and government perhaps they will then begin to wonder and pay attention to the other forms of medicine - all of them, not just naturopathy, herbalism and so forth. In fact, reputable specialists would be more inclined to accept the real basics listed above, plus positive thinking etc., than they would acupuncture and so on. The very basic health living is necessary in any case as things worsen, so the more of you people in the know who can get yourselves in hand and then aid others as well, emotionally and spiritually, the greater service you will be doing for everyone (23:6.85) Question Cooking vegetables under heavy steam pressure is said to "kill" the vegetables completely, while light steaming does not. Is this true? Answer

Dowsing and other "detection" devices are correct in that no life force is detectable, but the food is still nutritious. The point is one of timing - to steam cook with extreme pressure calls for concentration and a correct attitude. The food is prepared quickly (not with "haste"), with due attention of what, and why, one is doing; steaming is done "to time", not too long so that food is almost pulped, then it is removed to plates and table with due attention (respect?) and eaten. To steam at any length is not good for any foods, "life-wise", whether the steam is hard or gentle. In primitive or simpler times meat was generally “charred" on the exterior, to preserve the juices and life-force. Natives also used leaf wraps, earth burial etc., to improve on this "charring" and although some of these cooking methods were long, the very nature of the earth/vegetable surround, and the profound understanding between the peoples and the foods was one of a constructive preservation. Plants "know" their function when the preparation attitude is one of mutual awareness and the nutrition is present for the body to draw on. You have forgotten what food is for, have forgotten the mutual contract between Man's natural needs and the supplying of that by the plant spirit; it is no use to them to grow and die for no purpose; they were created to serve, just as humans were. Treat food with respect and awareness, and dowsing or Kirlian photography notwithstanding, the life-giving/preserving "manna" will be there as promised (by God). (27.7.85) Question Is cooking with microwaves better than other types of cooking? Are microwave ovens safe? Is it safe to use plastic dishes in them? Answer A microwave oven is safe if it is a good one, and if it is treated as it should be. It should be installed correctly, not just where it is more convenient, and the testing apparatus should be used. One does not linger around microwave ovens and they should not be used extensively, especially in small enclosed areas. Plastics, unless designed for that specific use should never be used in those ovens. People are misusing a potentially (long-term, admittedly) dangerous appliance, because it is a convenience they are careless. It is a convenience but must be used properly, with a healthy respect (if you wish to retain your health). Plastics also come under what I have just said about ovens. They are a convenience and also they do have a good effect on foods to be defrosted and cooked, they heat quickly with a minimum loss of nutrients. In any case you have them and they won't "go away", that's for certain, so use them properly, and get a very good one to begin with; not meaning it has all the features, but that it is very well made by a (oh dear, here's a quandary), by a reputable manufacturer. Well, alright, by the most reliable and reputable that you are aware of. And that is the closest endorsement you will get from me re the microwave ovens. (1.8.85)

Glass and china; these are pure (natural materials). The present vessels especially intended for the ovens are alright when they are new or infrequently used/washed etc., but age and usage causes a weakening, and in much usage a deterioration in the vessels. Manufacturers etc., would scoff at this but this is a natural process in most materials; in synthetics the result can be, if not harmful certainly not helpful, depending on the state of health and genetic make-up/susceptibility of the persons using them. So natural products such as the glass, china and stoneware are best. (12.8.85) Question I Is there a herb available which would help to control Candida Albicans? Answer There are two herbs, Rue and Patience, taken in equal parts. All of these fungus infections are a sign of an uncertain mind when they persist. I am speaking here of those who follow the healing methods, but to no avail. When the fungus appears it is because of some incorrect action of eating, dressing, living. Failure to budge the invasive action says that a new direction is needed besides that of medical treatment. What are you doing that needs to be changed? What are you not admitting or not accepting that needs to be looked at? Our physical bodies so often mirror the emotional or spiritual situation. And once a fungus or thrush takes hold it requires great persistence to dislodge it, the very same amount of persistence that it takes to change the cause. So the herbs prescribed are not being facetious, we are all of us the soil of God's garden, and patience, hope, faith, charity, are just come of his herbs sown within us to be nurtured and brought to full bloom. (1.12.85) Further to the discussions we have been having about the thrush/fungus infections is the fact that most people are not aware of the influences of their surroundings. Many homes have become such closed-in areas that a number of illnesses lurk within. Humans were the healthiest when their dwelling (and their work places) were simple; comfortable but bare of all but the needed items, plus a very few items of beauty or frivolity per room. I am not speaking specifically of germs as such, dust etc., gathering, but of the accumulation of vibrations - years of vibrations. Look to each area and picture the accumulation of positive versus negative vibrations of the memories, the emotional not just your own, or the family’s, but the previous owners, creators etc. A room filled with this can gradually exert a fair amount of disharmony and it is not completely possible to "clear" such a room. Items need different treatment from that as the emanations are not “bad”, as such, simply inharmonious to you, or with some other article present. So simplify your living quarters, love, want, and respect that which you have and harmony will be restored. Then the affected cellular areas of your bodies can restore harmony within. At first, to simplify can be difficult and traumatic and the "bareness" quite hard to adjust to but once you imbue that room and contents with your energies you will find beauty therein. Humans gather possessions about them for comfort, and comfort is good, but how much does one really need? So look to that, what is present should be useful and should be yours in every way, then harmony within and without will prevail. (2.12.85)

Question Are the herbs "rue" and "patience" to be taken internally, in equal parts, or was that meant in a figurative sense i.e., to repent and patiently change? Answer Those herbs, taken several times in a day, are great cleansers and soothers. The equal parts are as small doses together or not as the palate and system finds most comfortable. These teas i.e., any herbal teas are an aid to healing. I do not feel that any will, of themselves, cure without the necessary mental stimulus of a determination to change and heal. In the very old, to old days most women ‘studied on' the uses of herbs, or the knowledge was passed on to them, and they picked and prepared each plant condiment at the right time and in the right way. Even those who turned to "herbals” or “apothecaries" for the herbs did so in knowledge of the healing powers bestowed on these plants by God, or Nature, and took them in no light way. Today you all "pluck" the teas from a shelf somewhere usually, so the correct attitude in missing. (3.12.85) The majority of people have some sort of fungal infestation, and the treatment is really the over-all one used to restore a healthy balance. A mostly raw or lightly steamed diet of fruit and vegetables, some grains, some nuts, some oils, combined with fresh air, exercise, and water in and around one's body. A quick bathe once or twice a day in most beneficial. According to each individual's state of health, stress, environment etc., additional herbs could be subscribed, but it is really perseverance in right thoughts, right eating, reading materials, associates and so forth that will restore the balance. And if one says "but I haven't the time", for this item or that one, well what of the time they lose through lethargy or illness, out of sorts feelings or whatever? What of the time spent discussing one's illness, looking for cures etc. Those times were found, likely by curtailing a little of each other activity, so it can be done. As each frailty of the human system is found the practitioners are quick to make a cult of the cures, which is fair enough - but when an illness in widespread it is usually an illness of society itself, i.e., rushing about, unbalanced meals, neglected exercise and time for sun and water; no, use your money, time, and perseverance to right your own balances and all will be well. (4.12.85) Question Can the healing energy in the group be used to help somebody suffering an addiction, heroin for example? Would this reduce withdrawal symptoms? would there be a gradual reduction of addiction or would the sufferer have to commit him/her self to "cold turkey", if only to show good faith? Answer

The answer is that the healing energies can help, but how much depends on the condition of that person, and how enlightened they are towards their problems, their addiction, and the trials and implications of a cure. To "cure" the addiction completely requires patience and a willingness to take each day without anxiety for the future. To have to endure the wretchedness of an un-drugged withdrawal is not showing "good faith" so much as being the one way that some persons can handle the problem. If there is a psychological need to endure, then so be it, but there could be some alleviation medically to assist over the worst, the body has likely been abused enough already. The healing energies would be of the most benefit psychologically, preparing and strengthening the spirit; then moving on to give physical assistance, but there would be no miracles as such, there would still be need of perseverance and counselling. Further we cannot say, for the question does not specify any details. (6.12.85) Now is the most tempting times for your colds and blockages so you needs must see to the taking of your medication as and as often as your doctor has advised. One full cycle without debilitating illness and any damage to the lungs will be of enormous healing benefit. And the sooner the heavier medication can be dispensed with then the more healing power for your body. In so many cases the prescribed medication does not aid or assist the body's system to heal the ailment, it actually usurps the ability and leaves the bodily mechanism in abeyance at best, or actually stopped in its tracks. Obviously the mechanism has been weakened by the illness and/or improper living attitudes, so a strong external medication tends to overshadow and at times even paralyse the normal healing ability. This is not to say anything against artificial healing, tablets or whatever, which are better than nothing at all - at least you survive to at least learn to tend to your own health. I practised medicine many many years ago, and all of it is what you would call oldfashioned now. But we doctors then made up for our lack of miracle medications by an application of real doctoring, we "saw" our patients in depth - their lives and their psyches, and we were able to prescribe herbal potions and medicaments that went to the heart of the problem - easing situations before they worsened. We were able to prescribe from the heart, from the instincts of a healing gift, and our patients lived in spite of the lack of today's discoveries. It was, in fact, when doctoring began to be diverted (and today, perverted in many cases) to chemical healing, to shallow diagnosing, that I lost out, in my heart, to that profession. 1 chose to remain with the herbals and even to dig further into the healing world to discover what I was able of attending to all the bodies of each patient. I was not alone in this of course, being neither young nor too old there were many of my confreres who battled on to continue practising within their conscience. The very young eagerly embraced the new, the mechanistic, the old simply went along as they were and gradually faded into retirement. This is not to denigrate the practitioners of today - there is much demanded of them, more than mind can cope with at times. With all the advancements (and so many techniques and knowledge are beautiful to behold) the more each doctor must learn, must hold in his mind, must push into each day. That part is not good and although the specialising practitioners are necessary today, much of the patient is being lost in the transfer from here to here to hospital. There are better methods of handling this but too many in the healing profession are being hassled with the sheer numbers of ailing persons and they don't look deeply and caringly enough at each -

nowhere in the world should any one person be looked at as a number, reduced to a cipher. So there was I, a successful man one year and an eccentric has-been after that. To some, that is; after the first shock, and shame and disappointment I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with some very advanced souls who soon enabled me to accept what was happening. Then my own growth and advancement began and in my due time I died a moderately happy person. But I was ready to pass on then, to reincarnate when times were beginning to be more fortuitous for those of my leanings which was wrong really, I should have wanted to remain and contributed more. That is what I didn't understand then, so it is alright, the next time around I shall hopefully remain on until I could do no more. Ah, how we reminisce. But I am pleased really, so much has been cleared away for me to see, we do our best and that is the main requirement. (5.5.86) The business of AIDS is topical enough, I should say. There are many theories as to how the virus was turned loose on your earth, and where. Several thoughts I could leave with you are about human behaviour - not just sexual but moral, ethical, humane, and so on. Wrong living sexually will eventually produce a reaction; the venereal diseases are one such. But there has been added the practice of using drugs, which does have an effect on the immune system eventually. Hygiene enters along the line, for unbridled lust, with the inhibitions further lowered, can bring about a lowering of cleanliness in many ways. Then there is the general life pattern of poor nutrition, life- style, and attitudes of thought. Enter also pollutions of all kinds, plus the lowering of the natural earth defences; and out of all this one could not really be surprised that such a ruthless virus has struck home in many, many, areas. It may, yes, result from forms of sexual behaviour; from native cultures; from wrong medical practises - not one of which, alone, would produce such a dreadful scourge. Oh, no, it is the sum total of many things, but if you examine them, you will see, surely, that the many causes are from negative behaviour, or the end results of negative behaviour. No one single cause can be blamed; and with the exception of those blameless recipients of the disease, the message is clearly telling the peoples of earth to be aware of what they are doing; what they are in the line of from other's actions; and loud and clear is being said to clean up your acts, someone else's acts, and in general to stand up and take responsibility and action over what is going on around you. AIDS can mutate again and again, and if it does then no one is safe. This is not to send you off with beating drum, to start reshaping the world; I am saying that no one area is at fault for the virus, and life habits in general need to be amended if the scourge of judgement, self-judgement, is to be avoided. As ye sow, so shall ye reap, collectively, eventually. (23.2.89) 2.3 Special Items Related to Health in its Broadest Sense "Medical History" has been written many times over past civilisations as new methods and approaches are tried against disease and afflictions. There will be many more histories made in the years to come as life styles and injuries take a new turn. The wars will cause new approaches also, in time mainly as an after result of the injuries but also the lingering effects of dirty weapons. The western world, Russia (and China to a smaller degree) will be responsible for most of the innovations and

discoveries as the Asian peoples are not really concerned along more than a “patchem up and get them moving" again lines. The doctors and scientists have no choice along these lines as they are not free to choose their options - in fact they have no real options. Americans are really brilliant when inventing weapons and warfare methods, but they are at their most brilliant and compassionate, and spiritual nadir, when they turn their genius to healing and mending – too bad they can’t stick to that policy and leave the wars to others. They are also, with the Russians, most brilliant at readying their exit from this space-time continuum on to the next. Working together Russia and America could perform miracles and with emotional maturity find a welcome into outer space. It will come, it must come, and once the mentalities of the war generations have died away a form of golden age could yet come about. Sooner or later the carnage and continuous non-solving of problems by violence will bring about the realisation that spiritual means are the only means of a basis to progress in any field. Medicine could be a glorious profession as our spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies are one and simply cannot be sub-divided, one part receiving less attention or incorrect attention without the whole suffering from the imbalance. There is a break-through medically in the offing and it will come to prominence by the end of 1985 to mid 1986. 1 won't say what, you will know. The artificial transplants will continue (artificial materials i.e.) but they will never really be accepted, nor should they as there is no need when so much can be preserved or grown. God's Plan definitely does not include polluting or debasing the human body/psyche with metals, plastics (except as joints) or with animal transplants. It disturbs the aura, the etheric body emanations - it is really an abomination. Atlantis brought itself down in this manner. God’s world has built-in safety devices, tampering with His human creation is the strongest of all and will not be tolerated. So hope ye all that scientists do not carry onwards in that direction; direct prayers and right thought towards any area you know is straying from the path. Bodies will not become such that they can be re-grown or fitted (in a major way) with grown organs or patches. There is a natural attrition and just so much that any body can accommodate but healthy living will enable accidental injuries etc., to be fixed so that life can continue on a reasonable level for a good length of time. The great extension of years, that many fancy, will not come about for a long time and not before space travel and contact elsewhere has been achieved. There is a purpose for greatly prolonged life spans which has not arrived yet and if it were to be brought about too soon the result would be detrimental to the mental/emotional balances. People do not examine implications in any depth and in this case they must be seen with a clear and dispassionate eye as the effect would be in almost 99.99% of the cases complete devastation and a perversion of the original intention. It is not anyone's fault, people mean well, but evolution must carry along at a natural pace and along the proper paths, all of nature is geared along these lines and they cannot be circumvented. Perhaps if we all simply lived our lives in the way we have

been told that God would have us live them and leave the results in God's hands, where they reside whether we like it or not, then we would achieve all that we could have really desired and will be at peace with ourselves and our world. However, each person chooses his pathway and his mode of travelling along it. I am not concerned with the individual, it is the groups of persons who I would hope to influence to develop themselves and they to reach out and influence others who wish to listen, to hear, and to follow. We can only show the way, and carry on with our own work. (24.6.85) Abortion is something that should not really happen in an ordered society unless it is a case of spontaneous abortion. Spirits here, readying for incarnation, choose parents regardless of whether there is a possibility of abortion, although if one has chosen the trial of being crippled or blinded it is not as clear cut as it used to be, as of course the spirit would prefer to be born rather than have to re-choose a “setting". When there is a pregnancy because of inter-family interference a spirit here may still choose to inhabit the foetus; also if the pregnancy has occurred through rape; but "things" become far more difficult. In the first case the genes and background are obvious but the recessive effect is tricky. In rape it is difficult as (especially when more than one influence(male) is present) the genetic background and "carry-forward" possibilities of behaviour of all “families” concerned is very difficult to chart. Again, spirits may choose this return but they have their own special reasons, and there are many valid ones which we will deal with another time - but the chance of abortion does complicate and inhibit the entry into the foetus. Sometimes the soul enters and settles in full confidence, and they will "go in" at the first opportunity. When it is incest or rape and there is a question about the outcome some spirits delay entry and even then (or when they enter at first chance) they "sit" uneasily. When the child is born the soul never really does well as reincarnation should be as a wholehearted approach, in many cases it is difficult enough, without the uncertainty factor. Abortion as such is not a real crime "to the foetus" unless it is so late, and even then the spirit recovers but it is a "small death" often, in those cases. Early on there is not a spirit present, a spark of life perhaps, but mechanical rather than a soul spark unless, as we say, there is a strong certainty of foetus survival in which case the soul may enter at the first possible moment. Abortion is a sad thing to the female, even if in many cases any effect (aside from relief) is denied. This would come under a sub-conscious effect and in normally sensitive psyches colours their emotions for quite some time. Extremely sensitive persons would be more affected, longer, etc. We, and certainly not Earth's peoples, cannot make moral judgements re abortion as it is not your life and not your karma. The karmic result depends on many things, all personal to the persons involved (the male has his share of karmic duty to assume). In an ideal society abortions would not exist except for medical purposes in quite strict cases. In an ideal society, on your Earth that is, it is not a question on other planets, ones more evolved. So while abortion is not something to be encouraged, in the long view one cannot judge, if the innocent were to be made to suffer along with the selfindulgent, in your vernacular "they'll get theirs". But it should be more controlled in

one sense, to have lax standards and then abort is a very poor standard of life indeed. So the morals are what should be looked at of the world at large, not just some young, or misguided peoples. The question of abortion we answer but it is necessary for it to be looked at in a very wide context and certainly without the emotional bigotry that is often exhibited. So many questions of ethics are tackled out of context, which is why there is confusion. If one were to examine the whole fabric of your society you would see the how and why it happens and what can/should be done towards a solution. Unless done for medical reasons it is not an ideal solution but not, mainly, for the arguments used generally (the “little deaths” can be handled), it is the negative vibrations generated and the whole karmic damage, all of which would not occur in a less selfish, less materialistic and more spiritual society. (Material possessions and money are not wrong, it is the "acquiring of" method, the use of, and disposal of, that is. Again, this many of you know, accept, and certainly at least try to practise). It all (the questions we answer) does go back again and again, to the spiritual necessity of a whole and healthy society. All questions of ethics can become "tricky" because they need to be looked at as part of a larger pattern (the "wheels within wheels" etc.). (25.8.85) Question The disease AIDS is said to devastate the earth by killing ⅓ of its population. Can you see this happening? Answer AIDS will be a big killer, so will many other diseases and conditions. Cancer is still not beaten, with your environment becoming more polluted and stress more widespread. AIDS is more a disease of the civilised world, which is not saying much for your kind of progress. In the Third World countries, as you very aptly name them, the old diseases exist and will flourish as times and conditions become harder. Cholera is always ready to reoccur plus many more will make a comeback unless people are prepared to recognise this possibility when they occur. How many medical persons today would recognise the symptoms of the old diseases? (28.1.85) My main interest when living as a doctor was to improve the human body, not to change it in any way. The body has been created as perfect, it is only what we have done to ourselves over the many many years that has brought about harm, weakness and distortions. Our thinking, feeling, bodies are important but so indeed is the physical shell. With the physical body we can perform, discover, and perfect all of the other worlds in existence. To keep the body in good health requires the proper balance of food, mental attitudes, spiritual beliefs and so on. None of these things are of good use unless all are in harmony. Those persons who have compensated for various defects by putting tremendous efforts and abilities into important discoveries, music, and art have done so as a form of karmic retribution. But our aim is to go beyond behaviour requiring karmic redress. If the world of humans could gradually overcome its defects in thinking and behaviour and strive for the common good, physically and every other way, then the way "to the stars" would be open.

Medical science is taking a very seriously wrong direction in interfering in the genetic make-up of Man. God made Man and God re-makes Man as a natural order over generations. (In other words we have been given an in-built ability to adjust to conditions as they and we evolve). Medical science should concentrate on improving the conditions of our living, eating, and social surroundings. Weaknesses can be bred out of the race by giving knowledge to the humans involved, hereditary aberrances would die out if not produced through not having children. That may not be easy, but we have a duty to our future generations not to contribute negatively to them. Abortions should not be necessary really if good nutrition and no pollutants existed. I could go on along this line but you understand my meaning. Instead of turning outwards, to re-design the human being, mankind should be improving the conditions in which humans live and breed. This does not mean that artificial means of strengthening our bones and joints are not valid, anything can be damaged by accident, so mending, not discarding is in order. To transplant organs is too traumatic for the majority of bodies, and it is far better to prevent faulty or damaged hearts and kidneys than to start replacing them with another person’s, or even worse, with inert ones. Inert "organs" cannot receive messages from the brain/soul and therefore can never be a true and proper part of the body. However, until the aware can exert enough influence by spiritual means, by correct thinking and diet, then medical and engineering science will work towards refashioning the body. And as for freezing dead bodies, that is a joke, a macabre joke. I’ll discuss their souls at another time. (5.9.85) Question When the body is anaesthetised (as for an operation), what effect, if any, is there on the soul body? Answer We are glad that you added "as for an operation" as there are varying forms of, and reasons for, anaesthesia. The correct form, for medical reasons, releases the soul body just as a deep sleep would. Pre-operation attitudes, just as pre-sleep attitudes, dictate the state and behaviour of the souls' occupation while released. It would normally remain and observe the medical procedures whilst strengthening the body/psyche during its trauma. Prepared properly it can do great good but if pre-operative states have been that of panic, fear, etc., the soul body has its work cut out to deal with the physical body. That body has become disruptive towards the health procedures occurring - it is fearful or negative, and the soul body must calm it as well as is possible before even being allowed to begin healing vibrations. So it is very important to prepare oneself for any incursions into unconsciousness so that the bodies can cooperate in their task. Anaesthesia brought about improperly, by drugs of addiction, LSD, and so forth has a very detrimental effect on the soul body. The whole reason for imbibing these opiates is wrong, so the mind, spirit, and emotions are at complete odds with one another and with their spiritual counterparts. In such cases the soul body can often only endeavour

to protect the body/ psyche from the worst of the effects, and from the very negative influences which quickly surround the drug-takers and alcoholics. Needless to say many very low, and often very evil forms gather to feast or to attempt possession. The derelicts are safe from the evil ones, they inherit the low and very low base spirits instead - many are not even human. (5.11.85) Illnesses in the world are usually a reflection of the ways of that time - of the moral attitudes and of the monetary standards. When there was little money for the majority, and people were not living in and of the country, then illnesses reflecting poor food, living and working conditions, poorly formed babies and so on - there were illnesses like rickets, pellagra, typhoid (from crowding and poor hygiene), tuberculosis - well all those sorts of things. Cancer was not advanced, as cancer is on the whole the illness of plenty. At one time people had stress diseases of ulcers, bursitis, lumbago, rheumatism, now it is more likely to turn to cancer. Tuberculosis yielded to better housing etc., and food, sleep and so forth; plus the weakness died out in the peoples themselves. Actually it is difficult to go deeply into this subject technically as there would have to be headings and sub-headings and side excursions about seeming exceptions or anomalies. But anyone who can put two and two together can soon study disease over the ages and realise the pattern I am pointing out. Sexual-related diseases have always been rampant in permissive societies, i.e., the wealthy and aristocratic males especially. Or amongst peoples who by their ignorance and poverty formed no moral standards. These races have always degenerated and it is surprising that anthropologists have not pointed this out, though many have privately. The aboriginals are a point in fact of promiscuous behaviour - they are a race who have not overvalued human life and especially not female life. Here, as in many savage races the male reigns supreme as the warrior and the giver of life, (Which is a balance I suppose - he who takes life gives life in return). Races where there has been a more delicate attitude to the mores of man/woman relationships are the races which prospered in every way. Yes indeed, the white man has been a great offender, but not as an overall attitude, they have recognised the need for a stable relationship, the family. So look at the diseases down the centuries and you will find a pattern. Today your AIDS replaces syphilis etc., and is slightly more lethal because the cause is more degenerate. Look at your societies and you can see what ailments will eventuate. And cancer will not decrease until airborne and edible pollution is brought under control. Lack of stress, emotional balance and so on can surely relieve the pressures thereby lessening the body's tendency to develop cancer - it won't stop it though if other attitudes are not changed. Medical science is realising all this but there's a long row to hoe before they can do anything drastic or dramatic about it. The food manufacturers in every field, the factory owners, those benefiting from pornography and drugs, they are all a mighty obstacle to progress. Politicians and religious people don't help either, so its a "do-it-your- self'” world, and “pass the message along" road to health, until one day a break-through occurs. If it occurs, who can say? So it is very important that you do all that you can towards nutrition and right thought, right practice in life. (6.4.87) Question

If a person can be healed, when a particular part of karma has been satisfied, why isn't the healing an automatic result? Is it because it is growthful to have to search for the healing itself - so that it means something? Answer Healing in not directly tied in with karma. It may be a result from it, in the sense that the traumas of karmic upset aggravate some part of the physical system, but the usual karmic illnesses are of the nature of cystic fibrosis, or a blinding or crippling disease and so forth. Those are a part of the karmic condition and are not usually meant to be healed because they are a form of penance - retribution if you like, and a teaching aid. So someone may repay a karmic debt and still have some form of illness if they have not changed sufficiently, or developed enough insight. Some may pay their debt and go on punishing themselves for instance - either through ignorance still of the need for change, or as a martyr-complex and so on. Others may retain the illness because they are working on a further part of themselves and using that condition as a shaping tool, the furnace, that is. In the latter case that would have been allowed for in some way during pre-incarnation planning. With knowledge of the human psyche you can realise that many can repay a debt out of a sense of justice, but without love, understanding, forgiveness in all its forms; there would still be a lot of learning to be done. There are many uses of karma, it is not cut and dried, and many persons who are still floundering are not necessarily affected by karma at all, they are affected by their own need to look inwardly honestly and use discipline to come "in out of the cold". And I won't explain that one for why should I do all of your thinking for you? (10-5.87) Of all the debts we owe to ourselves the first and foremost is to love and care for our bodies. They are our link with the past, or vehicle and protection in the present, and our key to the door of the future. No one body should be favoured over the other even if that means that the pathway we wish to travel along is not entered upon or travelled along as swiftly as we had hoped. The great mistake for most talented humans is that they value the child prodigies when they should respect and develop all of their talents. Some may return to earth with a one-mindedness that compels unusual speed on the path but that should be the exception rather than the rule. To develop exclusivity on any plane is to bring about divisiveness, for that very person is divided from his own sphere of talents. So always try to encourage, especially in the raising of the young, a more even-handed way of life, then not just all of that person will benefit, but so too will the world, for there will be empathy with and understanding of each others gifts. (18.8.87) THE SPIRITUAL WORLD 3.1 Mediumship Legitimate claims towards mediumship are not all that common. There are more seers, clairvoyants and channels than there are mediums. You are a channel at this moment; the members who speak, rather simply on mores of living, are actually channelling. Mediumship is a deeper sense where strong co-operation takes place between person and guide. It is more or less a different nerve path that is used somewhat the same path but in a different way - too difficult to express exactly. The

ones who experience these things can tell the difference between each method. It is as well that not everyone does the deeper communicating or there would be chaos, for there needs to be a strong person, with a strong guide, for the beings (entities) here can become as disorganised as anything happening over there if control was not paramount. Not all entities by any means, but there would be many indeed if the portals were not just increased, but increased and weaker. The earth bounds would be on the etheric telephone incessantly trying to contact all their ‘folks'. This is not such an important point for general conversation, but it is pointing out a differentiation used here and amongst the knowledgeable there. (2.4.87) 3.2 Spiritual Communication What is communication by this method? Is it a plumbing of the depths of your own sub-conscious and non-consciousness, going back through the Akashic records in some instances for memory/knowledge of and from past lives? Or is it a passing on to the peoples in the school on Earth from higher grade pupils in the non-physical area of our being? Can it not be some of that, plus more? Communication is telling one person what one has learned and is also listening to what that other person has learned, guessed, or conjectured, whatever other words and ways you wish to use. Seldom do you or the other refute these exchanges save on the basis of not agreeing with the premise, or totally so, or perhaps just admitting to not being ready, or of that nature to be able to agree with, admit and entertain such ideas or conclusions. All in all I am saying that wherever you or others think that these psychic communications stem from it does not invalidate them. There are those who write solely from within themselves and not too deeply at that and who strongly believe they are receiving "spirit" truths. If they had ever been in touch with communicators from our side, this would soon cease if the person was interposing his will in the writings rather than what is being given. In fact communication would be impossible and it would soon cease on our part. Their truth of writing is up to them, you don't have to accept it. People don't have to accept what I am sending through you, but certainly there is nothing of your willingness written down, no influence from you that is past the making available of your data, memories etc., which we need in any case. Persons passed over and still of "human" nature can communicate without this (unless they have manifested many, many times), because they retain the knowledge of Earth and language etc. Our other scribes have so much knowledge, so many languages acquired over so many lifetimes that we need your academy of knowledge. We even, in many cases, cannot recall the realities of each world, to see is one thing (through you), to remember is another. (14.5.85) One must be of good physical and emotional health, and the outlook should always be loving, non-judgemental and absolutely positive if they wish to work with their psychic nature. We set up safeguards from this side but your side needs to practise discrimination, the ego causes more disasters than wars; more to the point, the ego ultimately causes wars, due to the feeding of its greed for power and luxury. Ascetism is not necessary, it is in fact just the reverse side of the ego already mentioned. The middle course is the best and also the most difficult path to discern, travel, and remain on.

Mediumship makes great demands on one's time, and discipline. It can interfere with an orderly life unless all is kept to a minimum, demands on one's time and efforts, that is. We are preparing here as more and more people on your side are needed for contact, to pass on our message and our work. We are not impatient or disapproving as we realise that for your side all is taken on as a matter of faith, you can't see or hear that which we can, or know what we know, so we do not judge anyone's reluctance or fears. The "glamour" of it all soon fades if you remain faithful to this work. You will often be tired and disillusioned and torn this way and that. So take care of yourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we are only the workers here - we cannot do these things for you. Your spiritual help comes from the greatest Spirit, the greatest source of goodness, to which all of us have access. It is a divine and wonderful source and not one which I could fully describe to anyone. It is an all-enveloping, what can I say? a reward? - it makes everything worthwhile. There will always be differing views on interpreting localities and experiences. We each respond according to our inclinations and associations. This is most influential, for if one has been reared amongst hostility, whether in home or community, and one has not divorced the emotions/psyche from these upsetting vibrations then one will detect the more quickly any negative emotions/vibrations in the atmosphere. Naturally all would detect the negative or positive, but when the subject is fairly evenly balanced, then the subtle differentiations come into play. It is good then to have a variety of sensitives to read an area or situation, as long as there are at least some prepared to collate the results evenly, without emotional stress. (9.12.85) Question Is it always Raymus who communicates these writings - sometimes there seems a difference. Answer No, by permission of Cheam some of we guides alternate with the original Raymus, that is not a name but a title. Perhaps more exchanges will occur if there is no objection on your part, as we are all on the same path level here, and have been as guides to your spirit quite often. (8.2.88) We are all interchangeable at times because we pursue the same pathway of learning and service. Many of us have the same vibrational levels, not exact but we suit the same outpourings. Often one remains with the same contacts but then a fresh point of view may be indicated, so another steps in. Raymus is a name, but also an indication of function - a passer-on of certain information and encouragement. Most of the names used in communication are on that order, for we do not vibrate to a separate name, unless one communicates as oneself, being a well-known personage at one time. But even they, as their life path passes away, gradually discard such identification. Yes, some spirits have given a name for they are fresh enough to all this and still tend to choose a known (to themselves) identity, it helps them to feel a

connection until they are able to identify in an impersonal way. We are all learners! (9.2.88) 3.3 Spiritual World in General When the great spirits are in our realm we are aware of their presence but far removed from their eminence. It would need to be so for us. When any one of them goes out into an earth somewhere we are aware of their going, as though a light has dimmed. It never extinguishes, but there in a dimming, and, not a sense of loss, but one of expectancy. For some event is being shaped, and changes are beginning, so we await it all, "in the back of our mind" as it were, as we must continue our work and learning. There is a comfort and warmth with the, not steady as in unwavering, but the knowing and feeling of their being there. The energies surge and pulse and flow, not weave slowly, endlessly - it is the pulses of all the universes being reflected in the Avatars, the great souls. The greatest of all is the all, none can say it begins here or there, that it flows thus or stops there, it is the ALL, which feels, hears, ‘sees’, especially through the great ones, who do so through us and so on down. I printed that ALL for you; for us and for 'the all' it is not necessary, it doesn't matter. So there is far more here with all of us than on your earth, and yet everyone feels the challenge at some time to leave, to go forth, to learn and challenge and progress before returning; and being able to contribute thus to the all, and so it goes on, ceaselessly but in peace, deliberate and yet lightly - there is so much love in 'the' light that one sings with joy of being a part. So there, if you need it, is a reason for what you do and endure and strive for. (8.4.87) However you picture any of us is merely your imagination or our projection, which is then our imagination. Once without that solid body we become ourselves and ‘persons’ here not so much ace as sense one another. It is not through the senses of sight, smell, hearing or touch, not even the famous intuition or sixth sense; there is the knowing, the experiencing of one another, the 'feeling' within one's self. That is the only true seeing. Yes, entities do see lights glowing, or shining, when viewing a very advanced soul because that is all they can do. They could not tune in for the vibrations would be too strong, too alien even. So the light is their protection. Just as one sees more clearly the ‘persons' of lower vibration - those ones who are fairly low actually project the image of an earthly body. Some really lower souls are encased in lights of murky hue, for there again is an alien level. We do not think of these things in any way except perhaps that we may be able to assist in some way. We do not just go in and start work - that would not help unless we were aware of the nature of their need. So we could offer help to that area's workers, and be accepted or not. They or their coordinator would know who could help and who would need to be trained or sent, gently, elsewhere. Even here there are beings who can overestimate their abilities, or be unaware of what they are best at. So I could project a portrait to you, but it would not be me, for who really is me that could be fitted into one set of features? And perhaps our wave lengths are not so finely matched that you could sense Raymus as opposed to some other entity. (17.4.87) Easter psalms resound around us and the vibrations are very good indeed. If the children learn to love the Easter Bunny and chicks and whatever at least positive vibrations are being transmitted. Here there is no differentiation about Christmas and other so-called holy holidays. As long as a form of loving, not greed as for candies or gifts, is manifest then it all adds to rather than detracts from. Because of course there

is no judgement, which is what so many do not know, or have forgotten. God/Jesus Christ will never pronounce judgement on anyone, they do that for themselves once they have reached that level where they can see clearly. And there is no form of judgement of one another here for we are all responsible to and for ourselves, and it is a case of "cast not the first stone”. So we revel in the positive - the loving and striving amongst all mankind. No echoes from the past, whatever version you may have, comes back negatively here - what has been done was for a worthwhile and very vital purpose. “No greater love hath man than that he should lay down his life for his fellows". So how can we view the Easter Friday message as any other than a tremendous, clear undertaking to redeem all the worlds to come, by one selfless heroic deed. As long as that deed is remembered with love and compassion then redemption is always at hand. For which I, Raymus, have always been grateful. (19.4.87) We never begin a contact without placing a protective barrier, but it is well for you to cultivate that habit. The various levels of communication are a lure to lost and sad or angry souls, for they wish to find answers, and an end to their bereavement. Yes, in their case it is just that for they are in between, not being able to let go of there or those, or not being able to accept the concept of this side. Often many souls are afraid to meet their 'Maker' and we find it difficult to show them that they are the judges, not God. This applies especially to those dogmatic persons, the stubborn, and usually narrow minds. Because surely no-one can have an open mind and remain so sure of their own rightness. Therefore many of the lower vibratory levels here are very reminiscent of your earth, so no wonder many refuse to believe our assurances that they have passed over. People who have passed over often need to find themselves here before they are ready to deal with the history of their recent life. (10.6.87) So often people think of guides as being multi-talented or engaged on their behalf. But entities who become guides have many different functions, as well as different levels on which to act. Just think on the diversity of your peoples, their ages and stages of development and you can realise why this is so. Someone may have been in contact with the same guide for many years but that does not mean that there have not been other entities working with and for them. Sometimes the lifetime guide is a family member, whether on your world or here; and many times it can be an alter ego, the other half. So like all other things within the light, there is great diversity. No one is more lucky than others in their protection, it is a matter of what work is being done at that particular time. In karma and free choice of lifestyle, we select our own form of guidance. I say form, for the guide itself also does its' own choosing, depending on the Master Guides or doorkeepers. So it is a case of what (level) not who. I have done guidance many times in my cycles, but now the communication holds my attentions I don't know yet what I shall do next, that depends on my progress plus the needs of the Hierarchy. (25.6.87) What is an aura? It is a manifestation of the spirit that inhabits the physical body. I mention this because of the preoccupation people seem to have with appearances (and labels). We here do not have physical attributes of course, so if anyone sees us as other than a cloud, or shadow, then they are seeing an appearance not assumed, but projected by the entity to that physical being. As the reading you have just completed mentions - all about you is not really as it appears. If it were, then how could people see the same object in so many guises. A tree could seem menacing to one, beautiful

or refreshing to the eyes to another, healthy or otherwise to someone who is skilled in the flora field, and so on. We here also do not see you as you would appear on that plane. We could, by dint of concentration, but why should we - for we see your aura, and that is the real presence. So yes, definitely it is for the best of growth endeavours for you all to look beyond, around and within, but not at - certainly not at, after the first identification. For all that does is to tell you that this is a male or female being, young or old or in between, and so on. You see the label, the identification tag, after that look as you should look and you will eventually see all, even see yourselves. (17.8.87) Question Can discarnate entities see our music when we play it? Is hearing involved? What is the music of the spheres? Do entities on levels of higher vibration use music for any particular purpose? What senses are used to 'hear’ it. Answer Seeing and hearing as you know it are not involved. Knowing, and feeling, somewhat as you know it, are a closer description. Just as you could not fully realise the sensations felt by someone who can read 'or see’ through fingertips or wherever, so could you not perfectly comprehend how music is perceived. But as it is vibrational, but also tinged with the composer's and player's input, there are variations - tonally and emotionally to you, perceptually to us. Hard to fully explain in short text. Everything vibrates; quickly, slowly, deeply, shallowly - they intercept, combine, accompany, bounce off, and recognise one another at times. There is almost nowhere silent. So that is the music of the spheres. It is not casual or random within itself, but the effect at times, in some places, can be somewhat like entering a large, crowded room where groups of people wander, chat, laugh and so forth, move back and forth, change and intermingle. In each group there is order, overall, chaos or orchestral-like harmony. This answers the other questions. Recorded 'singing’ of whales, and underwater sounds is the closest I can give you as hearing examples, for your people. (7.12.88) Question How do discarnate entities become aware of what humans do as far as their past actions are concerned. E.g., my overdoing yoga. Does this apply to thoughts and emotions as well? Answer There are no past actions, they are continuing actions. Once we tune in to our contacts the wavelengths continue to be within our attention span. When all is serene or normal there is no flurry, when upsets occur or you are going off the tranquil path it shows and we are aware though we may not respond at that time. And the pattern remains for a while within picking-up range. Something further back would usually mean for us to check along the line. The Akashic Records are not a faithful reproduction of every breathing moment, there is usually the entry, high and low

lights plus exit. When all flows normally, smoothly, the web is not activated (disturbed). The karmic debts are within the role being enacted so we can see them, but in a ‘usual’ lifetime you would carry the traces within your auras so we don't always need to search the Akashic Records. (8.12.88) There are times when we also feel that it is a struggle, for we do not have great access to your future, anymore than we have to ours. So we do understand the times of questioning, and frustration. Only quite advanced entities have access to future trends and possibilities of individual lives; we ‘understand' more here, than you would there, but not to a great degree. There could be the temptation for a not-highly evolved being to nudge too far in one direction, or by any subtle means lead their contact (we are not perfect by any means), so our knowledge is curtailed. It is simply that we know the way any enlightened soul should be travelling, so there we can help. We may ask, re predictions, but there is not always an answer; and our own informed guesses can easily be incorrect. So take my hand, says this spirit to one on your side, and let us travel the path together as best we can. (3.2.89) Question I have heard that we human beings live parallel lives with the one we are conscious of. Do any of us have such lives? 2. Is there a limit on the number of such concurrent lives? 3. Is it a particular type of personality that has parallel lives? 4. What is the purpose of parallel lives? 5. Can knowledge of them be of benefit to us? 6. Is there additional information that can be of use or interest to us humans? Answer 1. Many have parallel lives, especially those with a greater command of their various bodies, therefore a greater awareness. 2. The limitation is only set by the advanced state of the soul, and by the worlds geared to accept them. As the entity becomes highly evolved, the need to have multiple learning experiences lessens. Then the voyage becomes highly intensified, the work more subtle but more demanding.

3. See above. 4. See above. 5. Experiencing a number of lives, or 'seeing' some of them may certainly have a benefit; it depends very much on the individual or circumstances. Having an identification with one's alternate life (or lives, rarely) is for a purpose, or it

would not happen. Such things are not accidents. But normally each pathway is best taken with the one waking consciousness. 6. Nothing that I would go into here. The actual attitude is for one to concentrate on one's present living so as to understand the why of it, and one's self. Then awareness of other factors is encouraged so that the picture, and one's understanding, may be broadened. We do work better as more facts, reasons, alternates etc., present them- selves, as long as they are usable. Keeping one's self forging ahead is the idea, but side glances can be useful, not side forays unless briefly. (19.3.89) MAN’S PAST 4.1 The Past Question Referring to channelling, you were talking about books from the past. Why do we need these books which you said were hidden. Why can't we just tune into higher consciousness? Answer Not everyone can tune into higher consciousness. Also errors of interpretation could occur as each consciousness does colour to a certain extent messages given, especially if they were received under stress. The written words cannot be too widely misconstrued, especially if specifics are dealt with. They are really blueprints for establishing order, communication, etc., in an emergency. Philosophical (if you would call it that - ethics is the word we use) teachings will be dealt with as well, no time like a time of crisis, fright and re-thinking, is better for re-impressing the correct modes of living with ourselves and with our neighbours, who are Everyman! (28.1.85) Stonehenge had an attraction to many peoples and cults, and it was a healing place as much as any other centres. The area, that is, as much so as those who gathered there. It was also an entering and leaving place, and there are peoples who know of functions there that have never become public knowledge. A world that can accept the pyramid stones transported and raised by sheer numbers of humans, could never accept the full meaning of places such as Stonehenge. However more and more of the truths are emerging amongst the called, and that is as it should be, for many of the knowledges would be wasted amongst the sensation seekers - they become hindrances over-all, so avoid them like the plague. (4.8.86) 4.2 Atlantis When Atlantis was in its full power there was a group of people who knew that things were gradually changing and changing for the worse. They began to make plans to leave Atlantis and also to salvage as much knowledge as was possible. Two groups were really in power, though only one seemed to be, but the other was content to remain in the background while they laid the groundwork for complete control within

the central group. Although there were supposed to be automatic controls to prevent this very thing these controls were circumvented in such a way that no-one was aware that it was happening. Whenever someone did become suspicious and check on what was really happening the silent group had him removed or discredited in such a way that no one wanted to dispute in case they should also fall under suspicion. Everything was deliberately distorted to such an extent that even the holiest of them could be made to look guilty if this group so chose. So control slipped gradually from the one group to the other, and silent watchers decided to plan towards the moment when everything would reach such a state of anarchy and confusion that society could no longer function in a constructive way. Copies of books, plans for machines etc., were smuggled to pre-arranged areas and there sealed against whatever could or would happen. When the inevitable day of destruction occurred the group itself made plans to get away before the whole island went up in flame and ruins. They left in groups scattered to settle in the, to them, backward countries and islands which they calculated as not being in the way of whatever devastating backlash might occur when their own homeland finally disintegrated under the madness of the people who were now openly vying for control. Not everyone .managed to escape in time, but on the whole the plans went very well. (Today ,the offspring of these survivors all cling to sunny islands and tropic climates, as their inner being tells them that such is home). When the group that had fled Atlantis reached asylum in the countries they had chosen, they left cairns to be guarded. In each cairn were the manu scripts containing the knowledge of the beginnings, continuity and endings of their island, their people and their whole way of life. They could not help most of the populace as they were already being watched and would have had no time to convince anyone as to what was happening. Then no one would have survived, so for the greater good they stole away and left their homeland and loved ones to a certain doom. The records were not destroyed as they were hidden in such a way as to survive any catastrophe (barring an unforeseen one which God might have allowed as a natural result of the force). (17.2.71) Atlantis sank. It was over in a very short time as it sank like a stone with no moments of lingering or hesitation. Almost the earth opened to swallow it from sight, but that finality was spared them though the men and women who had fled earlier knew that their homeland was gone. With saddened hearts they turned to their new lives with a determination that it should not have died in vain. But it is almost in vain and now Atlantis rises to eventually become a haven and a rallying place for the people to flee to, the same old tragedy in reverse. We never seem to learn and now it is one final chance, for lands do not seesaw back and forth to give erring peoples the opportunity to repeat their follies again and again! This time we repent and change as there will be no next time for us on this world. It is leadership at fault, as a good leader can guide anyone to the right choice if he and his aides are pure and Christlike in their living. Greed for power, and cowardice, has

turned our leaders into pawns of evil, Mankind is plumetting on the march to destruction. War is but an excuse to satisfy owners of large businesses, even the Russians are ruled by their leaders' greed rather than by any ideology. In time no country shall be ruled by such men, or in such a way. Other worlds are self-ruled in the truest sense of the word, with chosen people to implement the general desires. Rules are few as almost no-one has any desire to transgress on their neighbours rights and properties. And there are no separate nations. People are gathered by congeniality of tastes, interests, and wherever their particular skills may be needed. It is too difficult to picture in a few words the harmonic relationship that is attained which is so intrinsically balanced that no legislation in the world could achieve it without the willingness of the people themselves. They are truly self-governed. It is not unrealistic, for all of the unsociable desires of man are recognised and acknowledged when they occur now and then; and as each has been prey to these unwelcome thoughts at times, no shame is attached to he who is tempted and conquers. Not many do not conquer, even if only after a time of self-exile and contemplation until normalcy is restored. Society, if such it can be named, frowns on unbridled expressions of any matter which offends neighbours, in sound or deed; and such people would soon find themselves unseen and unheard. The total withdrawal of a whole body of people soon isolates such an errant person, although he is accepted again wholeheartedly and without questions, once his inner harmony has been restored. It is difficult to say "criminal element”, for while one's behaviour might not do in one gathering place where everyone's interests co-ordinate there is always another community somewhere where the particular behaviour would fit in. Destructive or evil deeds are recognised nowhere and really never manifest themselves. There is no need, man must work but it is never a hopeless task to find enough to feed and care for themselves and, as you would call it, family. Daily sustenance is always there, everyone contributes their labours to that end, the extras they work for, if they choose, are to do with their arts and occupations when not working. All discoveries, inventions, machines etc., are for common use and belong to no one person or group. Labour is voluntary, as is everything, and those with aptitudes are listed on a form of roster. Some work at a thing fulltime while others may come and go between other duties. Death is known, but not as a darkness, simply a time to leave and a passing on to other duties. It is not mourned or feted, simply treated as a natural event. (19.2.71) When Atlantis sank, the tidal action around the world was catastrophic. There are legends concerning this and histories of tremendous seas wreaking havoc along shores and far inland as well. Much of the lands close by were devastated and islands of small circumference simply disappeared. The peoples who left knew enough to travel as far away as possible, and certainly to higher lands, or even on the other side of those high lands. Certainly there was a great scattering, though the last ones to leave were not able to travel far enough to escape problems or strandings. The later ones lost sophisticated equipment and many had to remain where they reached (touched down).

There was a mixture of emigrant types, all mainly of a nature disapproving of the dissoluteness of their peoples, but when some were faced with a loss of utopia they did not fare as humanely as we would like to think. Many, especially those closest to the catastrophe, treated the "natives" amongst whom they found themselves as vassals, not slaves as such, but someone to be used. Altruism came more easily to the ones who were able to farthest distance themselves, not that they escaped with more, they didn't, but because they were more emotionally prepared for the transition and were able to view their surroundings and their situation with a more understanding and accepting attitude. The late leavers were either of a very altruistic nature who stayed on to keep Atlantis going as long as they could while allowing as many good persons as possible to escape; or those who procrastinated, largely in an effort to smooth things over, find some sort of compromise or solution which would enable them to preserve their "paradise". They did not want to leave, for many reasons, so their egress was late and reluctant. So they did not spiritually fare well, and bred badly, mainly mixing indiscriminately, not caring what form of progeny they would leave to the world. Their offspring have fostered a hangdog, reluctant view of life which continues to this day, a strange mix of people who club together in spiteful camaraderie, a sort of "us against the world", surly and truculent, and scorning refining, or the refined. They are the peasant types who often seem better bred than the true peasant and yet without the humanity of that class. From them you can expect only cynicism, and self-serving, never to be trusted, even by their own. A true Atlantean never bred indiscriminately; if there were none of their own within the accepted circles, non-relating, then there was strict abstention. All relationships with the aborigines were ones of genuine dignity and empathy, there were no betrayals of either peoples. Therefore the Atlanteans who spread, spread thinly, and left only a sprinkling of ancestry throughout the ages, but where they touched down their presence was always unmistakeable (when the signs of presence were found), whatever they gave to the lands and peoples around them was of intellect and high morality. We are so tempted here to explain where they all went, but suffice it to say that many were rescued from untenable positions in the wilds of many lands (some by their own peoples who were fortunate enough to be able to reproduce a means of travel) and then most were removed altogether to another "earth". They were not to be left here as they were an anomaly, they were persons out of time, mixing with natives who could only view them with awe, as Gods, and that was not meant to be, as the Atlanteans would have led development in other parts of the world at too fast a pace. They would not have been able to prevent it as they were exceptionally advanced in every way. Schematically they realised that the original populations needed to be left to develop on their own; humanely they were always drawn to help the peoples, it was hurtful to stand by and watch suffering, disease, want and death when they had the knowledge to ease, if not prevent it. The world would have become topsy turvy in development and it was felt that only a terrible future would result from a "hot house" forcing of growth. Looking at the world now we wonder if it could have been any worse than what has resulted, but of course, ethically, it had to be done as it has been done, allowing for the fact that any artificial influences were in remote areas and soon covered over and forgotten.

What took place on Atlantis so long ago is taking place again now, the degeneration of the human spirit/soul, and no doubt most of the races will be destroyed. It needn't be inevitable because a mass of humanity, no matter how large, can be looked after when they are not stirred up, confused, or wrongly educated. However, the returned Atlanteans have their work cut out for them, and rescue or assistance from off planet is not to be relied on. The last interference that way was to prevent interference in the natural order of things, so “space-ship rescues" aren't really about to be the order of the day. In the long run planet Earth and its fate is up to the inhabitants, with strong leadership seeded through rebirths. But the leader's can't do, so much as instruct, so the rest of you will need to be ready to follow, and to help as much and as intelligently as possible. That means health, mentally, physically and spiritually; discipline and altruism. It can be done, just keep the vibrations strong and positive and we shall see that they are not wasted. (24.8.85) Further to all of the things that have been said, claimed or speculated about Atlantis, it needs to be understood that these people were to be the ideal. the ultimate development. They were certainly that for some time, but the utopia that was produced by advanced intellects and spiritual beings proved to be its undoing. When minds are active and intelligent they need to be used, to invent, to improve, not just keep things running smoothly. Even the spiritual development needed some outlet; when goodness and kindness are universal it can become blunted, no-one else needs it. and Man's legacy has always been to be needed, to have his capacities needed if you wish to put it that way. Unfortunately this realisation dawned but slowly on the peoples, and before there was a chance for the need to be dealt with by deciding what to do further with their superior skills, some had already begun tinkering with the dangerous keys to life, genetically, atomically etc. There were those who realised the dangers and turned to others to question and find alternate answers; but some people there were who became so engrossed, so excited with the further possibilities within their reach that they went underground rather than give up the experiments. Thus it was that human aberrations were formed, and an atomic culture of an enormous power and complexity came about. None could be controlled of course, and again, to paraphrase Adam and the apple, new knowledge gave the awareness that sin was an actual existing "thing". Atlantis was actually the Garden of Eden, just that much further along. At that time man had great knowledge and technical abilities, along with the humanistic morals and ethics. What all that proved was, again, that Eden, Paradise, Utopia, etc., is not the ideal for Man's nature. To have gifts one must use them, to remain strong man must strive, to keep alive empathy, pity, love of fellowman, then there must always be someone lesser needing those qualities. It is not really Man's fault that all the great schemes "come unstuck". What happens is that when one's capacities are dammed up then the inward implosion or outward eruption is bound to be harmful. But out of each of the catastrophes over the millennia, Mankind emerges stronger, even more knowledgeable, and hopefully, this

time. further advanced ethically as well. There's no reason it should not happen unless the wrong "sorts" of personalities survive; the coldly scientific perhaps, or the amorally inclined, they who would dictate life on their own terms. So that is why we here urge always that the good must survive in great numbers, and Man must travel onwards in his inner growth; until then he and all of his offspring will be confined to this Earth. (25.8.85) In the world are many influences that as often contradict one another as verify the facts we are trying to pass on. When the troubles really begin there must be concerted effort by everyone to work, as confusion will reign everywhere and there will need to be a core of order and calmness. The time has come when the world has need of every believer in God and the truth. In every corner of the world people are preparing themselves. The world as we know it is breaking up as well as breaking down and when the end comes it will be very quick. It becomes apparent as time passes, with one catastrophe after another, that this world cannot function properly for too much longer. Atlantis is rising to resume its rightful place on the surface. There are caves and underground rooms, vaults if you will, containing equipment and the stored knowledge necessary to the initiates. Only a chosen few will have the powers to breach the entrances to these rooms, as there is much there that must not be revealed until the time is right. If even some of the machines were seen Mankind would turn in on itself as new ammunition was brought to bear. Machines that could make weather behave where and when needed, a machine that would clear the way through all obstacles and enable great objects to be transported in a matter of hours without the aid of blocks and tackles (or the equivalent, in your age). Books containing the knowledge of the Ages will be made available to the peoples able to understand them. Before any moves can be made to re-building the future from the wreckage Man will need to know the truth of what has happened before now, what mistakes were made, and what must be done to ensure that these errors won't be repeated. We will not be given another chance on this Earth if we fail, and all of us are determined not to fail this time. In each area there already exist storerooms and hidden places with auxiliary supplies and instructions for their use. Any hilly terrain is the natural place for them as it would be difficult to conceal entrances in flat and bare lands. There are some things there, also, but not of the most significance. (15.2.71) OTHER WORLDS 5.1 U.F.O.’s We have here someone who has an interest in the workings of flying saucers or U.F.O.’s. They are really, as has been said before, small craft from other galaxies. The craft itself is of interest to your peoples, especially the scientific and the military, but the who and the what of those on board would be even of more interest. They have no interest in contacting your military as they would only be regarded and used as a

source of information as to what discoveries can be made and how the scientific advancements could be used. There is no way that such self-seekers and uncontrolled persons would be allowed access to the abilities to enable them to reach further into space. If by any strange chance they began straying too far we would have to contain them, and that is something we don't wish to do. It would simply give your peoples a chance to label us as hostile and that would be added to the determinations they have now to gain our knowledge and to eventually reach us. But until your world has settled its hostilities and immaturity there is no way you can be allowed out past your boundaries. We are aware, however, that there are mature and maturing minds/psyches in your world, and those we can hope to deal with and hopefully bring away if necessary. Unfortunately we cannot foresee at this time which it will be and we are actually hoping not to remove anyone as your Earth needs the benign influences, now and at any time in the future. If only they weren't all overshadowed by the military, and cruel and unbridled and greedy men fighting for supremacy. There may be way, however, in which we are able to assist the better element and we are working very much towards that. The problem is that it must be done quietly as any evidence of communication with us that may bear visible proof is bound to alert and eventually come to the attention of the peoples in power. So we look for the advanced in maturity and intelligence who are open to our minds and suggestions but who can also control the natural (for you) function of ego and excitement. Some who answer those demands are on your Earth but have reached such a spiritual advancement that they cannot bring themselves to deal with such mundane (as in "earthly") things. They are even beyond the battle of the lower bodies and cannot or certainly are not willing to become involved in such low vibrational dealings. We are not judging them as they have the right to their own beliefs and pathways. It is truly of no importance to them what happens within your sphere as they have either gone beyond that, or feel that all losing this earthly incarnation would be losing nothing of worth. We none of us have set up as judges of anyone. How could we when we have also passed that way. We have been lucky to incarnate into a society of advanced peoples so that our struggles are made that much easier by the influence and support of all the advanced souls about us. We fall by the wayside also as we are very human in that way. I suppose you could liken us to the groups on your Earth who are banding together to save your animals and birds as well as your land, skies and waters. I do find it somewhat strange that there are no really vociferous groups to fight for the preservation and proper treatment of all the human animals. We know that there are some, but my meaning is that while your governments and powers that be elsewhere, get very angry at the interference with their selfish plans regarding the environment and animals, they can become apathetic if your groups interfere in and are injured endeavouring to assist humans in other countries. And all of your own countries' leaders, money-men, would become ferocious indeed if you meddled too much in the mistreatment of your fellow dwellers. This attitude works down to the ordinary citizen who has matured/advanced so little that he fears to lose or share any of his gains, mainly territorial but also monetary.

So there you all are, in varying stages of growth and development, and because there is still so much primitiveness on your earth the struggle is very hard indeed. The missionaries who have seeded back to your world do so not just for great spiritual growth for themselves, as that would be self- seeking and not within the spirit of their endeavours. No, their greatest desire is to help, to educate where they can but mainly, if that is not possible, just simply to help the very lowest and poorest who are trampled underfoot as impediments and so much trash. Kindly hearts understand that these peoples must take that path as a beginning to their upward journey, but these hearts also understand that someone must be there to show that all is not vicious and cold so that they can see by example what to strive towards. (15.5.85) I cannot say anything about the "flying Saucers" as they are on a timetable that fluctuates as the need arises. These things cannot be pinpointed exactly as to time so someone is always watching, waiting, to act and to report as well. In the not too distant reaches of space great stations are being set up to enable ships to remain close at hand. All are needed and will be needed in the times ahead. Flying saucers? They are scout ships emerging from Mother ships. They could never travel the distance in such small, unsophisticated craft. A Mother ship is a small city and carries personnel and amenities of great importance to the small craft crews, as some spend most of their lives far from their homes. Think of those men who leave as children to train and go out, perhaps to even die, without ever seeing home again. They have courage and a great belief in their mission; it is an honour to be chosen and they endure every hardship with pride that they are able to do so. (15.2.71) You may have noticed the dearth of sightings for quite some time now. Extraterrestrials are very busy elsewhere in the world, where all the troubles are occurring. They must watch the events, as turbulence is very bad physically as well as psychically. They do not show themselves as that is not their purpose. They have allowed sightings in these parts as it is necessary to get peoples used to, and thinking on the existence of others in other universes, etc. Peoples are now beginning to think of extra-terrestrials in the light of rescuers, as beings who can right or repair the mess this world is in. That wasn't so even ten years ago, but now you know on Earth that things have gone almost too far for you to ever bring it under control, so like children you will welcome and allow the adults to fix the muddle and mess. (12.4.85) Question Are any of the U.F.O.’s from outside of our solar system? Answer Many of the U.F.O.’s are from outside of the solar system. I will not answer further as someone else will at the appropriate time. (2.6.85) There is a moon in your sky and there are peoples on that moon for it makes a handy base for watchers and those travelling on from other worlds. Yours has reached a stage now where it must be watched - they want no contaminants, no quasar upsets from

this sector. Now is a time for the stable and the mature, they will look at no-one else no thrill-seekers or insecure personalities. So remember that, it is not our judgement that counts fully to them as we are dealing with different sectors of the mind and body, and on different levels indeed of phenomena and results. So plug along as I think you would say, be steady, but enjoy your life for that side of your nature is necessary as well. We were given the capacity to fully develop mind, body, soul and ethos, we must smile and to play to ease the duty side of our lives. Do you so. But be steady. (22.3.86) 5.2 General Information As with some of your other conversants I have not been in your time continuum for many lifetimes. I do not find it strange or wonderful, or a great change for it seems those emotions or reactions leave us after a number of change-abouts, the differences are expected - how else could it be? So our reaction is to assess what we see, catalogue, then adjust ourselves to our whereabouts. We may together be able to discuss the worlds about us and the trends of civilised peoples. That state does tend to create chaos does it not, and yet the very opposite is aimed at and intended. Could it be that the wrong personalities are in charge of creating civilised society? Perhaps ruling should be put on a compulsory rotating base, so many years in, and a notation taken of what one took into the arena with one, and then removes to private life with. Held up to the public scrutiny people's reactions way be quite informative, especially if a clear record of one's efforts and achievements were also there in black and white. Not failures, for all of us fail at times, the number and nature of their successes would be quite informative enough. Well, I see you find such an idea interesting, and why not - it is used with great success in another galaxy. Perhaps we can look at that in greater detail another time. Information gleaned from the entity at the time of channelling indicates that in that other galaxy a computer is used to record the doings of those who guide a nation (world?). The computer cannot be accessed so it is not subject to control or tampering. Guides/leaders are chosen from amongst the business, scientific, educational etc., groups but not by elections; they are appointed in such a way as to provide a balanced committee i.e., intelligence, capacities and ability to work together. The emphasis of the balance in any direction is determined by the particular needs of the time. (6.3.87) Earth life is quite different in many ways from life on other planets or earths. Not as a contrast of conditions, for you on your earth would live and react much as a you on another earth, for your conditions would in each case be normal for you. Actually I am speaking of other levels - on some earths the emotions develop differently, on others the intellect, and so on. So that when or if souls reincarnate to different places they are able to learn/develop facets of their beings more forcefully, or meaningfully. Many would scoff of course for they might find the thought so strange. But then not everyone makes the complete circuit, or even leave these planes. It is when either the souls are beginning their development or are fairly highly developed that these extra excursions become necessary or permissable.

Earth is a middle region, perhaps somewhat lower-middlish, although that position is actually improving. There is nothing like a preponderance of lower souls emerging to bring about a quickening of higher sensitivities as a counter-balance. One would say perhaps that such a thing doesn’t seem to have happened, but actually there are finer feelings emerging more and more each days It is commendable, and given the present level of awareness with the resulting meditation and lifting of consciousness of vibrations, all could go very well. It is when the balance begins to change that one must watch that the sense of danger and emergency does not slacken. So keep the knowledge going forth, plus the very vital practice of upbringing of a new and better race. Then you can all truly say that you have, finally, overcome. (3.4.87) Perhaps other worlds reign supreme in the universe, while this, your world, imagines it does so. There are earths slumbering yet with life at its beginning, not the very beginning, but at that point where the differences take shape, when life is more than just a spark. There is the forming of the species, and an awareness beyond just being. Then the worlds go on in stages of development, not as you would expect because their environment precludes a comparison with earth. But winds there are, and awareness. I won't go into detail as to the extent of their progress and learning. It's all just words to you in any case - hypothetical cases so to speak. (8.4.87) Question If it is correct that 'aliens' are inter-breeding with humans, why is it happening? What are the implications for humanity? Answer The inter-breeding, which is not on a global scale, is to break down the barriers. Physically, psychically, and sociologically. In time the settled worldlings must go out into space and to other situations. Nothing remains static and planetary situations are always at a flux. More so as populations increase, vibrations become denser, more diversified and more erratic. Also as the composition of earth, water and air (atmosphere) alters the effects spread outwards. There is no such thing as isolation any longer, everywhere it has ceased or is approaching that end. Intermingling has been accomplished many times in small areas, and continues, it is not new even to earth. More now it is important to adapt on literal levels, for the time of all spirit is not yet by any means as there is so much to be learned and changed physically (so to speak). There are many, many spirit souls who must be given their chance to evolve, but it is recognised that the higher vibratory beings must be allowed to move on, for they cannot be expected to share a world of such low slow moving energy. There has never existed, on one plane, such a span from alpha to omega and onwards. There were animals (even humanoids), low humans, middle beings eventually, and the Gods. And the Gods lived elsewhere, they had to. Even the humanoids couldn't come forth completely, they were the original earth spirits and then they evolved. Now the evolution is at such a span of levels that no more can enter comfortably until the higher level moves onwards. It takes time but the movement has begun. Seeing the question again, there are no aliens and given time that will be established in your minds. They are not inter-breeding as such, yet. It must be ‘genetically’ adjusted for there is not enough companion-growth to allow unchaperoned unions. In other words

the body-structures (in totality) are at present too dissimilar to allow for successful results. (1.9.88) Because we are between our returns to the various areas of growth, teaching, atonement and service to our Heavenly Masters does not mean that we tune out and attend only to our own affairs and advancements. We are all enthralled with the other worlds, spheres, or layers of existences. There is so much to see and to learn and so many different ways of experiencing other realms. We see all clearly, some in such a slow motion as to seem like tableaux. One area I have just watched seemed like a crystal-clear series of pictures. I could not have visited for the rarefied atmosphere and low, very low vibrations would have seemed like a wall, or more aptly a thick pane of glass, keeping me out. There are warm, hot, quick, and an actually nonmoving (in a horizontal or vertical sense) place of existence. This latter is non-bodily existence and not taken to easily; there the senses develop and interact - there is mental and emotional, and in its own way, physical development, if you can accept no flesh, no bones, no blood. For many this area can be a beginning, for some a refinement, and a few, the last stage before moving beyond our ken. These last monitor that place, not an earth or any other physical designation, before moving onwards. It is not really upwards but inwards, the farther one is out from the God Head - the very centre of being - the more explicit life is, I would say gross in the sense of largeness, brightness (not clarity) and slow pulsing activity. As one purifies and simplifies so the regions shrink in size, change clarity and vibration. Inwards, inwards, shedding the outer, expanding the inner but on lesser fabric. The God Heads as they progress become smaller and smaller in density yet more far reaching in influence. And yet, like a fish or being floating or pulsing through your oceans, their almost invisible emanations can be spread or gathered at will. There are those of the alien occult who can, and do, penetrate to these central areas, look about, cast about in growing puzzlement and unease, they see nothing, feel nothing. Thus must they withdraw thwarted, ‘cheated’ they feel, and if they are too frightened they claim ‘hoax’, ‘nothing there’, and don't return. Some are bitter, for they really felt that they could attain the final reality in their way-through the other door, for they challenge all the weaklings they've been dealing with all the way, and their inner seeking is then either union and final understanding on an equal basis, or they go to challenge. You are sane so you can see that they have never achieved anything at all, for mind is, in the final outcome, something else altogether, it is an amalgam of all the senses, else what would be the purpose for the myriad experiences. We are aiming for totality, not exclusivity. A mind alone would be cold, there is a mystical, even kabbalistic meaning to the portrayal and prayer reference of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Even the heart has been crowned with thorns in some portrayals. The meanings have been lost, in words, yet all is clear in our mind? Yes? Now can you ask, with a deeper awareness, what is mind, the mind that sees an understanding. You have not begun to clarify your attributes, your senses. Not that it matters at this time, but it is food for thought, perhaps discussion. What, not who, are we, where are we going, and why. (9.11.88) Life in other spheres is very diverse and in some places karma is not an issue. That is for working through basic errors originally experienced, or repeated. Once the change has been accomplished the aim is to deal with purifying, and strengthening one's soul spirit. Many of the spheres are quite difficult to achieve in, for sometimes the peace

and beauty can be all-enthralling. It is a temptation to bask and gradually shed the vestiges of strain and concern left or remembered from denser existences. There, time changes, as well as perceptions, and one could well drift along. Like the world you inhabit, there are strata’s of development, but one could feel that all are at the same level, which is not the case. In the lower spheres many return, but to rise above their perceptions, then they move on. It is from these lower, upper spheres that many of the contactees are drawn. We are sufficiently grounded to enable constant contact, but have progressed enough to be resistant to any negatives sensed. Then we must return to soothe away the memory of this, and hopefully, to prepare to move on. As the soul advances it returns to the higher fields, for it would be detrimental to remain in a lower vibrational state. That is why the Gods return to your worlds so seldom. They also need support and input from these regions or they would be unable to sustain it. The in-between worlds that you sensitives can contact are usually fairly advanced, but there are the ones between you and that where all kinds of progressing or nonprogressing entities exist. They can be negative, angry, or confused, and many can have exalted ideas of their capabilities. For they too can contact the higher realms and many choose to compete, denigrate, or mimic that which they have not attained. It is for all of us then a matter of knowing what we are truly doing, and why. When one maintains the higher perceptions and refuses to be side-tracked by lesser, then they can no longer annoy or interfere. This is the normal situation of which I speak - leave that path and then precautions must always be taken. But then, you would not knowingly traverse a dark street or area, near the slums, unless you were well prepared; it is all a matter of common-sense. Know yourself and your aims and activities, and especially your capabilities. (17.11.88) THE NATURAL WORLD 6:1 The Environment Can you understand our tremendous need to instil fear of the future as the world's peoples are carrying on now? I am clarifying the importance between saving the peoples, the animals, or the environment. There can be emphasis on a few fronts only, as too many people clamouring for their cause only makes for confusion, and people who don't understand become confused, then angry, because they can't identify with all the different causes, so the groups should be amalgamating into one central cause, that of changing peoples outlooks so that they can learn to care for all things and not just one or two. If we all learned to be and live as God intended then we would not mistreat other people, animals, or our environment. If you look at it, it all stems from one point; the fears and ignorance of our upbringing and surrounding peoples which causes us to close in on ourselves and become greedy and selfish, we feel the need to do what is best for ourselves as no-one else is about to help us (or so we think). This attitude sees even family members competing with one another, everyone taking without giving, claiming as needs what are really wants, and feeling that we cannot indulge in charity or conscience because no-one else does. We deliberately become callous and uncaring as a protection, an attitude which we then instil in our spouses and children so that it becomes, for all, a way of life.

The world's peoples are in chaos, everyone pulling against one another, even the wellmeaning saying "me, me", "my cause is very important”, and competing for money and workers. Everyone needs to unite, to educate, to teach, to show people to love our neighbour, our environment, our world and all the inhabitants whether mammal, insect, etc., in it. Nature didn't just set up a balance of plants, animals, fish et al. Mankind was meant to be part of that balance; even a certain amount of eating of meat, birds, fish etc., was allowed for as a natural culling. We must return to that. (17.1.85) There seem to be continual problems everywhere in the world and so few peoples with authority or wealth are willing to reform or help to reform the wrongs about them. Perhaps all of the many organisations and people working in them will prevail but there is so much damage being done each day that the natural resources in many cases are becoming unusable or in part unusable. The destruction of species is also having an effect as so much of the ecology is balance and when that balance is continuously being thrown out, a little taken from here and there, and somewhere else along the chain, deterioration sets in. Given peace and a chance of recuperation nature can adjust in time and work or re-work a usable network, but if chaos and destruction keeps on there is not much chance for regeneration, of land or animals. Groups that are working towards the betterment of humanity, no matter in what line, at what capacity, must forget their own self wants and protectiveness and put into their causes what is needed, no holding back through ego, pride, false shyness or whatever. Games are no longer anything but an unaffordable luxury. There is no need to be brusque with anyone, but catering to whims, whether personal or of others, is no longer the order of the day. The main concern is to get on with the job in complete unanimity and fellowship, the all for one being all for the cause. Otherwise the detrimental effects will be felt by all so it is no longer a time for daintiness and half efforts. Peoples everywhere are discovering that there is help for their problems and suffering as well as Nature's, and self help groups for them are also springing up. It is not accidental as we need everyone who can be salvaged, and often persons who have suffered and fought their way to a good wholesome life, with or without help, are the strong wills and minds that will be needed. They will not plague others with wilful pride and silly egos and tantrums as they have been through that and have no empathy with those who provoke or practise it. All seem to be on the move, aimlessly or purposefully, the world’s people are losing their complacency. Even the head-buriers are uncomfortably aware that all is not well. You and your family and friends will have much to do from now on and when recreation time comes learn to enjoy it as the times will be strictly as a necessity to keep a body/living - balance. There will be fewer actual leisure times but that won't mean fewer pleasant times, there's no need to go about one's work/duties etc., in anything but joy at knowing enough to be doing what is needed, to be working for the benefit of fellowman and the Earth itself. In adversity, or hard work, or good causes, a very happy part of it all has been the strong sense of unity amongst the workers, the good glow! Yes, the warmth of shared

labour in a good cause. We shall all manage in the end, but there are hard times ahead and even harder times beyond that, re-building a new society. All is not lost but there is no time to dawdle, each must do what one can as often as can be managed healthfully. (24.5.85) Nowhere on your Earth is there any real peace, for the flora and fauna as well as for the humans. The very ground cries out with the injury and violations practised upon it. Nothing is inanimate though that fact cannot seem to be communicated with any success to the majority of humans. On the scale of values, certainly, the humans will place themselves first and the animals next, the "inert” land takes a very last place in their scheme of things, so the conservation groups will be forced to work on and on, fighting for every tree and every inch of ground, lake or ocean. They won't see any results for a long time as the human condition is so perilous at the moment. They must not despair the fight, however, as it is necessary and will be more than justified in the days to come. The peoples minds and emotions must be tended to and certainly the young must be helped. You are all doing whatever you can and your efforts also are not in vain though it must often seem so. You are there, as we are, here, battling on every front and it is painfully slow to produce victories, but we see the gradual winning through, the slow but sure progress, so do not despair; we are winning for right is on our side, The evil forces have one very great drawback indeed - even their adherents go down eventually because of the evil practises and attitudes. The addicts, the drinkers, the perverted practitioners of all vices render themselves useless in time, and the forces must find more and more. You of the healing, the building, and the channelling of God's holy rays go from strength to strength, as long as you remember to have faith in God. It is for you to carry on, trusting that all will come right in the final days, as it very surely will. We are here, all of us, to send you the energies you are looking for. Keep faith with your cause and we shall always be with you. God bless, I thank you for this time to speak. One thing more - whenever people meet to do good work, do it all as one with nothing present to divide you - have a single will and determination to improve and strengthen your ability to communicate and to heal and it shall be so. (7.1.86) There is so much that is going wrong in the world today, more and more as each day passes. The violence is as contagious as a plague and is of plague proportions. All who can must pour healing energies into the ethers to be dispersed over the pockets of violence closest to home. All of the peace efforts must be supported and joined in with, whatever others may think. As you do these things so will each of you develop within yourself the energies and vibrations necessary to develop your own abilities. You must all give of your time to the mending of souls around you. The Earth is in upheaval itself and needs to be empathised with, and given promises that humans will continue striving to stop the destruction of the greenery, the wholesale removal of trees, the pollution of the air and the waters - all are reaching saturation point and conservation is very much of prime importance. Do you all see to this and join with others of like purpose to influence the politicians especially, to safeguard our natural heritage. Businesses will only be swayed by massive boycotts (as will the politicians) - they listen in the end only to that which threatens their power and livelihood and if that is their Achilles Heel then that is what must be attacked.

You cannot sit back now and wait for tomorrow - tomorrow has come and Must be dealt with. Put aside for now your individual problems and sorrows and think only of the common problem, here and in every other country. Enjoy what you can in your own lives, ignore the missing areas, the sadness, and look to your fellow man and your natural environment, see their plight and be aroused to action. (24.2.86) There is movement around the cosmos as seasons are beginning their changes. Nature is a powerful force and as its' movement reaches a certain point, the midway - about to change over point - the vibrations become quite influential. Man may drop its bombs to create sudden instant shock, as in dynamite, sledge hammer blows against nature and man-built edifices, but nothing in the final tally is as powerful as nature, for there is a build-up of momentum behind her movements that is irresistible and must be played out until all of that rolling force has been spent. And Nature's destruction is not as man’s; when he destroys he devastates and lays waste for long periods of time. Nature destroys to remould, she never sterilises herself, that would go against nature. So, as nature stirs we feel it, and hope that all will be well for us and our charges, that man's violent and immature actions will not interfere, for they can increase the natural forces in a negative way and bring about or intensify matters such as was never intended. So we need the steady work and calmness of all our workers, to pray and to meditate, to carry on duties and to educate, so that the positive and spiritual vibrations will work with nature to see that her work is not misdirected or misused (negated). (1.8.87) Perfect harmony exists in very few places on your earth. Certainly land is needed for housing people, but the method of using it has always been wrong. One cannot be deprived of individual tastes when living in one's home, but provision should always have been allowed for enclaves and their balancing greenery. Nowhere should disinterested domiciliary plans have been allowed to become so sterile, or exclusive. As this has been introduced, so have persons become reclusive, exclusive, or intrusive. To shut the beginning developers (developing humans)away from harmonious interaction is to have threatened them with a sense of being hidden away, fobbed off; and many have responded with anger, resentment, spite, and an overdeveloped interest in others affairs. When everything is being done for expediency rather than for harmony, that of the spirit and the earth cannot help but fail. To increase one’ population without making available an order of living spread throughout the land, is to defeat every effort towards balance. If you were to grow outwards, upwards, and inwards at an even rate, then some balance could be achieved, but growth is never the answer for one place. Watch any example in natural life of rampant growth and you will see a senseless, nerve-wracking explosion. Something gives, one way or another. Ecologists, city planners, medical practitioners of every kind, business peoples, religious leaders - all should be involved in what is being done. It is not impossible, but not likely certainly, where there is so much divisiveness within nations, let alone between different races. All that you can do is to keep seeing your actions as they affect the environment, humanity as well as nature. We can adapt ourselves to the betterment of all within our influence, passively that is, minus the soapbox. To say is informative, to do is definitive. To fight along with is good, but prevention is not the full answer. As you see, when some are barred from this place, they will simply take their destructive ways elsewhere. As the Third Worlds remain defenceless against money-making predators so they will eventually be destroyed. So that sending the problem away is only a deferment, in time it will return and in a more

virulent form. Instead of always saying "do no”, co-operate or inform ones selves through others, and then say "do this", and why. Oh, that is a long way in the future, but a start must be made somewhere within each of you who can. But never lose sight of the beautiful and the positive, for there are enough dark spots without adding to them. (18.11.88) 6:2 The Life of the World Question What colour ray is the animal kingdom? Answer Your listing of the colours is really quite simplistic. The mineral kingdom ranges from deep gold’s and ambers, there are opalescent browns and rusts, muddy browns, dull greys to shining silvers. But orange will do as an overall thought of and to the mineral kingdom. (All of the colours will do as non-specific reference - I simply see the ranges, which are breathtaking, but they would not be needed for your general use). The animal kingdom has varying colours and shades of colour, depending on the nature of what is thought of, also where, and how advanced, it is. (We are in a quandary as it seems wrong to use just a basic colour, especially as each person sees this colour differently. If we encouraged you to develop colour sense when healing or meditating I'm sure we were not meaning to deal with such a wide field. Your guides and group guides can deal with such a situation of course so there is no problem. But we are not agreeing on an animal kingdom colour beyond) mulberry shades? it is a very warm colour which gains light as the animal species’ intelligence quickens and then shades of rose and mauves, even yellows emerges We do not wish to specify for the entire kingdoms just as we could not agree on a choice for people, or the Globe. Colours have their own specific vibrations and I don't feel it correct to concentrate on just one per a whole spectrum of receivers. There is no harm from a small group but there in no particular benefit either. (5.11.85) Question What is the relationship between Man and the dolphin/whales. Answer There is no proper relationship as yet on a universal basis. There are humans more aware of the dolphin and whale intelligence but mostly your peoples are still asleep. No matter, it is as it has been intended, you were not until now advanced enough to be allowed such understanding. You are not related to the water people in spite of the resemblance during the foetal stage. The dolphins are an ancient race, one of the very first created. God intended to experience all of his worlds; the earths, the oceans and the skies. Of all the creations though, the human body (in all its variations throughout the universe) and the largest mammals were the greatest success. The sea persons, spiritually, have been the far superior of God's creations, water is sacred, it has

qualities found nowhere else. The whales are not as superior as the dolphins, they were not intended to be, they have their role in the scheme of things. Man's advantage is that he can adapt to, and adapt the seas to his advantage - the sea creatures cannot function on land, except in symbiosis*. That is the dolphin’s (especially the dolphin’s, as yet) powerful development. *the living together of two dissimilar organisms, esp. when this association is mutually beneficial. The whales look to the dolphins, then to Mankind, through the dolphins, but the next step forward, the next link, is with and through your fellow creations, the water kind. Don't be too concerned with all of this except in a supportive way, you are all developing your way and the links for the sea mammals are developing along those lines. When the time comes there will be linkage amongst you all as the dolphins will be able to "hook into" your raised consciousness. The communicant is one who works/has worked with the dolphins. The lack of hands, of land mobility, enabled the dolphins to reach their apotheosis* early and the mind development was then uppermost which led to the acknowledgment of peace and co-operation as the only viable way to infiniteness. The hands and mobility have been a blessing and a curse to Mankind, holding then back spiritually but advancing their technology to amazing degrees. Man now, however, has reached a state of further technical development being useless unless the emotional, ethical, spiritual purity reigns. Thus the partnership between Man and dolphin is necessary. Dolphins have reached a finite state, ideally they can only go further forward now, hand in hand (hand in mind?) with humanity. (28.11.85) * a deified or glorified ideal. I have seen your little dogs in the animal world, in the pet section (refers to two Sydney Silkies Marie was attached to). Yes, they are fairly well separated as it is the pets who have developed the strongest rapport with humans. The large population of wild animals simply return again and again as they are required. Many become quite clever and then they tend to be drawn to the ‘pet’ section where in time they can be allowed to evolve that bit higher. It is a very interesting topic as there are insects, plants etc., but all on different levels. The plants are simply energy here, as are all the lowest species such as insects, and the Devas simply use the energy to form their worlds of vegetation or whatever. Anyway, your little Charm remembers you when I found her (by following your vibrations). Her littlest puppy is here and Charm still looks after it. They will return when and where they are needed, that is a matter of taking their turn. (6.2.87) The Garden of Eden existed. It was the first orderly, ordered place. It was a master model where all was created to be examined and found feasible or otherwise. Adam and Eve were the first successful forms of humankind, and there were many more forms of living creatures in the garden than just the snake. It was a laboratory, and unsuccessful models were returned to their chemical, mineral etc., beginnings, to be re-used. Adam and Eve had to leave this place although they were not driven out as mentioned. But the earth needed populating; the formations of land, growth, insects

and so on needed to move outwards into the other parts. Those parts were not so much barren as unfinished; the Almighty Being and His entities were slowly creating a new world, each hemisphere of which was begun at the central area - the Eden, and each race grew into life and went out to their allotted place. The Garden, and Gardens for there were a number actually, all rather small but specialised, which made up the whole. Now that area is below the ice for it was not intended to be lived in. If there is a need to be there at some future time then access will be made, but not by us. Each world has been created in a similar manner - not quite the same thing as ‘Let there be light’, or trees or oceans. They were created and duplicated and dispersed, as were the peoples. All who did such work were guided by the Almighty Being. And anyone who attempts to tamper with creation without that sanction and guidance is doomed to failure, or worse. No one will be allowed to make organs and artificial ‘real’ limbs until this world has learned to use and improve on what has already been given. Proper development of the body and planet life comes before replacement of the neglected, maimed and defective. God does not allow His works to be thrown aside half utilised. All life is precious and meant to be brought on to its fullest blooming. A lesson that Earth will learn, as it must, and as other Earth's have had to do as well. (15.4.87) Question In meditation I saw the outline of an enormous figure under Ayers Rock. I was told that it was the Sleeping Giant and that it had energy centres in common with places in the galaxy as well as on earth. Can you comment on this? Answer The outline roughly resembles a human because all of nature has a humanistic form. The energy centres, and connecting lines are grids supplying supernatural entities with reference points. Some can draw from it in a few places but mostly the areas are dormant. It has been managed so that energies to keep a life flow have been allowed to travel along these lines but they have not originated in any quantities for a very long time - they were not really meant to, although nothing has been done to stop it. Now people on earth are sending it their thoughts and love, which is gradually having an effect. The activity is beginning to set motion in a more active way. The Aboriginals are aware that there is something ‘beginning to begin'’ to happen. The main trigger points are below Ayers Rock, but there are points elsewhere. What will awaken is controllable to a point, but vibrations will be very intense as more activity is triggered. People will need to be very prepared to cope with those energies; but there will be accidents and incidents. Those who try to use the energies prematurely, before their readiness, will be spun out. It doesn't need to be all tragic for the energies are not primarily for use by your many. They have a relationship with the cosmos. so there is an effect one is not at liberty to say. This is why we say to be aware of when and how you use your energies - to know should be to control because other effects will be noticed and neutralised or dealt with as we can show you. There are many sleeping giants on your earth and elsewhere, they are a grid, a connection, and a plan that will unfold, slowly, over many lifetimes yet to come. Even the Aboriginals do not know much beyond what is given to them clairvoyantly, but they are very perceptive in their psyches. (26.2.88)

There is a time and tide in lives as well as in nature - we are all one, assuming different appearances, but still all the same in temperament. The earth becomes sad, although it would not use just that word, but it grieves at meaningless desecration and rejoices at rejuvenation and rebirth. It is all rebirth for atoms have ‘always’ been, to our minds grasp, so then we too have always been. As mankind/humankind (?) progressed there was the ability to split off and form more and more beings. The living matter is always as sophisticated as it is called on to be. For nothing remains static, and as the constantly moving motes cross and crise-cross themselves and others, changes begin. Sometimes they occur, but usually, in a genetic sense, they begin. Often indeed that which spontaneously occurs may either die away in time, or change again, or in a few cases, they transcend all others of their kind and supersede them. As in the case of developments in fabrics, chemicals, and many other items, the world does not go back for they are the ‘perfect’ answers for now. But there is a lull in everything, and that is what confounds the experts, the experimenters, the scientists, the medical, religious and martial. Many become nervous because nothing seems to be happening. But there is always something happening, we just don't see it, for the whole spectrum needs to pause at times to enable all to come within the basic framework. When we don't respect this waiting, this resting, chaos threatens. Our original material - the stuff of which we are all made, is fortunately very strong, very resistant; but there are weak threads in every frame, and eventually the disharmony causes a rupture. This is why group meditations (not en masse in person necessarily, but in intention) brings about so much good. It is peace, harmony, it is an understanding, and the energy produced enables the overall atmosphere to calm. Even when on a temporary basis - not like the Lamas and their prayer wheels clacking night and day - it is even to lessen the tensions. So when life is at lull, just do send yourself a peace message, and also to all about you, and use the time quietly, happily, enjoy the hiatus and bide your time. (16.5.88) In answer to a question as to how to contact the mosquito Deva the following was received. Mosquito Devas? There aren’t such beings. Those are the mindless bits of energy swirling about, such as are the gnats and midges and many other such. They provide food for others, but when the others are gone then these things proliferate. But they are always, and have always been since the first experiments went wrong, before Atlantis. When the existence was beginning there were many errors, and some have proliferated; harmlessly in one way, for we need bad to know good. Build the vibrations around your area, as much as you may feel you can control. Send the ‘biters’ away, if you can. Try it and you may succeed somewhat, but only, we think, in smaller areas. The beginning season would give longer trial, but it's a start. We'll be interested also, for there are maddening things in most universes, it's an imbalance. (16.11.88) FUTURE TRENDS 7:1 The Future Blue skies and warm sun now but there will come a time when the weather will not be so kind. It will be unpredictable at best and often the sun will be "out" for too short a time to offset the damage of storms and floods. The Earth will be in upheaval from time to time and gradually worsening if preventative measures, both physical and spiritual, are not taken. Once a certain course of events is set in motion the Earth

could be affected as by a pendulum effect whereby upheavals in one area could set off like effects elsewhere on its swing back, hopefully to normalcy, but if the backward surge is too strong and at a wrong time in the wrong place it could clash with a natural or "brought about” displacement elsewhere and the two would affect one another like the said pendulum, or like waves receding and meeting huge incoming waves before the first have suitably settled. If that pendulum effect ever takes hold in great manner then it would take some mighty intervention to prevent total disaster. The Earth won't be destroyed, but Mankind is not geared to live through too much devastation. Many hardy spirits would manage if they are hardy in both mind and body, one or the other is not enough. Pioneers survived through complete health, and ensured strong stock followed, mainly too because living conditions in harder and more primitive times also culled the weak. But these conditions don't exist today and Mankind is not really fit to survive in great numbers. Sadly too, as we look at it, the primitive people who would survive at this time do not have the intellect or spiritual knowledge to carry humans through to a great new beginning. Even though many aborigines have spiritual and other-worldly knowledge it has been acquired, sometimes given, as a form of repository; an intelligent mind could see and hear and be able to deduce the truth behind the superstition, or rote passing down of knowledge. Where the intelligent mind lacks the spiritual leanings, even if strong of body, the message won't be received in its entirety. So this is one good reason alone why we preach sound mind, sound body, and sound spiritual values and knowledge most of all. Not religious, spiritual. Religious peoples, truly Christian ones can and will give much aid to the world in any times of trouble, but if there is a blockage to, or fear of us, we will be unable to aid in rebuilding as strongly as we would wish. And picture extra-terrestrials arriving, in whatever form, chaos could ensue amongst the holy (but unseeing) of God's true words. I smile at the thought in some ways, but it would not be fortuitous for you humans, not humorous at all. Extra-terrestrials will help from many motives, altruistic to self-protection. What happens on this planet can affect others, through atmospheric pollution, to shock waves, to vibrational disease. Vibrations, at their worst, can destroy a mind, and even in a lesser degree can cause distress so no one wants to get caught by the back lash or side effects of any disharmony and upheaval from your planet. There is anger amongst other peoples, many who are just in the process of, or having just conquered their own selves, it is too soon for them to evince much empathy and compassion as they have had a long traumatic time too and cannot really, easily survive too much input from your uproar. They are like patients newly awakened from a long painful, debilitating operation to find the room or area around them filled with warring family, they just can't cope right now, thank you very much, so please take your wars elsewhere. I know its not the time to smile but you are all so childish and the immaturity goes on and on. Wake up! Wake up! and for heavens sake grow up as well. (16.3.85)

During an attunement of the Wednesday night healing group T had seen strong winds sweeping everything before them. She could not interpret this, but some weeks later an answer came through the writings. T's winds are the winds of change sweeping throughout the world. Winds of fear and dismay that all the problems won't wither, or go away. The world is on the march; dishonesty and injustice have reached a scandalous stage; the foolish perpetrators have overdone it all and the victims are being left with no choice but to fight. Who they will fight and how, is the problem; the bigger criminals may easily flee, so unfortunately, like a juggernaut, the mobs shall mow down all in the way, guilty and innocent alike. It's all around you, from the addicts robbing homes to maddened peoples shooting and using whatever other violent means they can, in an effort to break free from their dilemmas. The atmosphere is full of violent vibrations, miasmas. Fear, frustration, hatred, complete confusion, it's all there, and the lesser developed are being affected by it all. Groups must continue sending healing energies into the world's atmosphere in an effort to combat and anaesthetise to some extent the whirlwind of troubled emotions let loose. So the less diversity of occupations that the more evolved persons have today, the easier it will be for them to put into the ether the "good" thoughts that are needed. We are all, here, actually specialising with all of you contactees so that the forces may be concentrated rather than scattered. (18.8.85) We cannot predict the order of things, and it would not stop many in any case (if at all). Destruction will come, that cannot be prevented now. But how badly it goes and how many perish is a changeable thing. You will all do what you must do when the time is come, one step at a time. (19.2.71) The earthquakes themselves could happen anytime as a natural event, but they could also not happen. All has been peaceful for so long and civilisation itself did not begin the movements. They are a direct result of the improper offshoots resulting from discoveries that were intended for peaceful use. Atom testing would not be necessary if the elements were used for peaceful purposes. Even to use them for blasting to shape some part of a country/area would not occur often or powerfully enough to disturb the strata. And the testings have in many cases been carried out in, or close to, the most delicate areas strategic to underground stability. The earthquakes come now because they have been summoned by men’s unlawful deeds. They would make war on God's people and God's land, so God's land will make war on them. As ye sow so shall ye reap, and as ye reap ye shall learn that God's ways are the only ways. and retribution comes in the end to all who would betray His trust and gifts. (20.2.71) In another while the Earth will commence spinning more quickly on its axis and events creating chaos will occur more and more frequently. If we are to survive there will need to be a new undertaking towards a greater meaning of things, then we will understand that whatever must be done will be done without question. When you realise why we are communicating with Mankind you will also realise that only by

strict adherence to our commands will you be able to survive a holocaust. We command as there is no longer enough time to cajole, or even do more than explain. Out of this chaos many leaders will emerge, but they will have years and wisdom; the young will have strengths and purpose. They will implement the orders and in time supplant the old, who will pass on with their task here completed. It will be a desperate time, with people, even leaders, dying and passing on the knowledge until only the very youngest and strongest will survive. It will be so fast and confusing that instinct will guide - the reasoning will have had to be done in advance of the beginning of events, and where reasoning was not learned or pondered, then faith in instinct, and our guidance, will have to suffice. (15.2.71) Question You mentioned strict adherence to your commands during emergencies. What are these commands? Answer When the time comes so will the commandments come. Can you form precise wordings to an unborn or newly born child? See how things go is more sensible, or what situations come up. (28.1.85) When the move begins, actually all moves begin; one move alone never occurs, the plan usually involves sectors, at least in part. The healers will find people coming in droves, not just for the healing, though ailments will increase. People will be searching, not knowing why at first. They will be sent as a rallying force, for many, many, workers will be needed. They will not lead but their faith will be strong and even unquestioning, almost a form of hypnosis. Good simple people, the mainstay of God's army. They pray only to serve without even needing to understand, just the knowledge that they are needed is enough. Mystics are seeded together for strength, especially in these days when strength is so badly needed and so little time is left. (15.2.71) Meetings will take place soon about nuclear armaments and rules will be drawn up and agreed to. It won't be more than window-dressing for the populace as all world leaders are aware that they won't be adhered to. Russia will never put her people before their manic hatred and fear of the outside world, and they will strike when they choose, after preparations have been completed to protect those people they feel will be necessary. Their Arctic and remote areas will house equipment, factories and all the labour they would need, plus the fact that their leaders and armies would be made safe before unleashing any bombs. But they won't take the blame as they firmly intend that the bombs will originate from other countries under their sway. They are blameless in many ways through the years of isolation, regional, personal, monetary and cultural. It is actually a test of the "bad" in the universe against the "good", which is very lucky as a lot of the leaders of your countries are blind with self-seeking and really qualify as "bad". The saving grace for most of them is that they will see what is happening through their efforts to play safe/ play both ends against the middle, and do the wrong things for what they have convinced themselves were the right reasons. These men

and women will turn about and selflessly (finally) fight for their own countries, yours, the "goods". But some will cut and run and not all of those will perish, there must always be some weak in moral character to keep the triers, the seekers, working to better themselves. The young will fight and learn, or fight and die; the older ones will keep necessities going, and will care for the very young. These latter will need to be taught properly, and under the circumstances their parents, others in the battleground, away or at home, accepting finally that we must all learn to share, to care for one another, to be true neighbours whatever our colour, creed or profession. It won't be easy, you will all need to be of good health, strong and aware, or you won't survive. And all will do their share of work (more if need be) or again you won’t survive. When times are bad in the hive the drones are driven out to die. The only surviving drones in the times ahead will be the cunning planners, not too many, praise God, but enough, enough. All healers must work now at developing their strengths. The healers here (with Cheame) are ready, but the rapport needs to be established, the awareness of what is needed. Just heal, without thoughts of, "is this working?", we'll take care of that but you need to include knowledge for the people who come, self-knowledge, that each of us can contribute a great deal to our own healing. Healer, believe, persons being healed, believe, and what is meant to be will happen. Karmas will not allow complete healing to every person who comes, but a great deal of the worst can be alleviated because of the right thinking and right strivings. Change one's attitude to caring, understanding, and acceptance, and healing will begin. Karma can be mitigated to a great extent, so work with whoever comes, philosophically as well as with healing. It is good to be flexible, but nothing frivolous or without real meaning, listen without rejecting but no acceptance either if it doesn't fit within the framework of the group's work, which is to educate and heal, nothing extraneous is required. Nimble is there to show you to be Joyous. He in not a lesser spirit as it is his duty to show how much strength and healing there is in joy. It is a beautiful world, there and here, and the most beautiful of all is the ability to smile and laugh and play. (23.1.85) Question By talking and focussing on nuclear and war matters do we add to the vibrations and help to bring it forth? Answer Only if talking in a negative way. If one mentions that there are peaceful uses for nuclear energy and that wars could be averted by people's fears, and resulting protectionism, being allayed, then only good vibrations will result. We cannot turn a blind eye to any errors that may be building up but we can analyse, then immediately try to put into effect any solutions we feel would be practicable. It is practicable to try to change attitudes, here where each of us lives we can reach out friendly thoughts, efforts, even letters etc., to peoples from foreign countries. No-one should be allowed to be made to feel alien, different in an interesting and welcome way is an attitude that

can only benefit you and them, the giver and the receiver. Actually, who would be who, if all think correctly. (28.1.85) The answer to the disposal of uranium wastes is available but it cannot be given as long as nuclear energy is being used for the wrong purposes. Anti-uranium groups are frightening and alienating the peoples with their approach. It is, in tandem with other doomsday talk, turning people to drugs, alcohol, too much TV, etc. The "anti" groups should be encouraging people to look for answers to the waste disposal problem, there should be a positive outlook. (17.1.85) Yet again we are being beset by problems in your world, no-one in those warring countries is able to learn easily. Censorship is so intense that the masses are kept ignorant of much that is happening elsewhere, so they are easily cowed, divided, and kept subservient. That is not for you to worry, about, true, because there is nothing you can do directly, but those of you who cannot "do” can assist those who are able to be directly involved. There are so many ways, at least one of which would be relevant for someone on the sidelines; it is up to the people of the "luckier" countries or societies to find a way of assisting, you cannot all remain passively on the sidelines, not any longer; each must make the effort and sacrifice to do what one can. What is happening on the Earth is like a disease, a cancer if you like, that is spreading, until the whole of your world will be involved. It is not so much that peoples will rise up against their tormentors within their own lands, but that one nation will attempt to invade or oust another nation; it is all happening now and as usual the helpless will suffer, the poor and the uneducated. Countries that have been "warred" through now have a legacy of destruction and devastation, an interrupted and corrupted way of life and peoples crippled (emotionally, physically, educationally and culturally). People in those countries have little to lose now and they have become venal or hard, as a self/family protection, or perhaps worse, completely hopeless and passive to it all. It is getting worse, it is spreading; where are the good people, the philanthropists, what good a full art gallery and other sophisticated collections when the whole world is erupting around you; people cannot eat, shelter, clothe, etc., with such useless items. There can always be art again as long as enough live, enough survive, and in a civilised way, not an a brutal scrabble for daily sustenance. Your people need to look further about them and not resort to hiding within the momentary entertainments and diversions. This is not to say "give it all up” it is to say have a sense of responsibility to the others on your globe as well as to yourself and your families, have a sense of proportion. (7.8.85) Much is going on everywhere, and most seems very bad indeed, but if you will look closely you will see that in many areas it in the last throes of losing parties. Much that has been wrong has been ruling the world for so long - it's not easy to dislodge the entrenched. But it's happening, slowly but surely. Some of the smaller battles are not doing as well yet because the larger issues have needed the focus of energy and healing. It is necessary to hold the line without discouragement on the smaller wrongs, we will be able to be there before too late. But the larger ills of the world are in crisis at the moment as the factions in power are fighting a vicious no- holds barred war now, trying to subdue in one last great spasm of hellish deeds. We'll win, but

there's much suffering ahead for many, and the clearing up and returning to a normality of justice for all will be a long road with heavy responsibilities for everyone. (5.11.85) Question Is Victor my blood brother? If so, from what nation and time? Answer Blood brother? We are all related to many others and we sometimes have a moment or two( sometimes more) of perception of this. It is not unusual to have this happen, especially in the world now, as our psychic and spiritual awareness sharpens. The where and when is not really important, I would say- knowing certainly would not change arrangements. I might mention that often recognising one's kin is not fruitful as they or you may have re-entered life to follow a path not meant to cross significantly, a kin's path. The danger is to see and then to attempt to cling together or to hang on much to the other's discomfort or irritation. No, often this is the time to say Hail and Farewell and both be about your lives, unencumbered with obligations because of your past links. Persons are becoming more psychic because of some of the strange, perhaps unhealthy happenings of your world. For those who were seeded to live totally normal unaware lives, the jab of awareness was planned to occur when they were beginning to be needed. Those atomic explosions have permeated the world with warning vibrations and chemicals. Your whole ether is infected, the Earth’s soils and growths there-from, the fruits and vegetables, the very herbs and grasses the animals consume. They are all causing a total difference within the peoples, even foetus’s in the womb are affected. To the seeded, as they awaken, it is a call to arms - "Awaken and (find) or know who and what you are - come to learn, join us, there are heavy times ahead and all are needed". Oh yes, it was known this time would come, and the very disharmonies and disaffections were used to trigger the call. Instead of saying "there is unwholesomeness here, run away” this call is "there is unwholesomeness here, assemble". The evil in the world may hold sway, but we can use that very evil to our own purposes, even the body chemistry being adapted to meet the changing times. (2.2.86) Before all of us lies a panorama of disaster and catastrophe. Cannot you imagine how sad a view your beautiful Earth is from Heaven's firmaments? No, we shall not say more to you on duty and behaviour, for it lies not in your powers to heal what wounds have been gouged in your planet. The remedies are beyond you all and therefore you can only carry on as well as possible and pray for God's intercession in the evil destructiveness at work in your world - what predictions can we make - it is beyond us also, it is in God's and the Highest Hierarchy’s hands. What they decide is what shall be done and none of us can change it save through prayer and right living. Save those around you, if you can, but if they will not, then let them go - time is too short now to be dwelling overlong on the reluctant. Increase your own awareness and sensitivities as you can, in a strong and genuine way. Yes, I did say no more sermons,

but instructions never come amiss. We say as we must and you can accept or not, as you so choose. (16.3.86) Evils are finally emerging and complacency is giving way to anger that such things can be allowed to exist. More and more peoples are being called to answer for their behaviour, passive acceptance or otherwise. It takes a long time to arouse peoples, but like the Juggernaut, once it begins rolling, public opinion, and anger, won't be easily deflected. In troubled times to come it may very well be those in charge, anywhere, who could find themselves beleaguered by the turning worm. So it is important to keep to your own standards of moral beliefs and behaviour, all things noticed have a cumulative effect, slow at times, but picking up great strength and speed when the climate is right. Control your own emotions with the wise use of meditation, colours and harmonic sounds). There will be a need, more and more, for stable persons who will display unanimity and the strength of a non-judgemental character. There is no room for bias in one's life, the need is for mutual understanding and co-operation. Agreement of a personal nature is not necessary, simply a faith in one's peers to behave the correct way, and the insight to understand what is overall correctness, so that you also may contribute to it. (17.8.86) War clouds everywhere. It shall come to the western world when the skirmishes get out of hand. The Eastern temperament is such that finally one group will lose control and all shall be at one another's throats. The large countries shall back their favourites like those vultures at dog fights and it shall be a bloody time indeed. As long as one favourite does not lose too ignominiously the great 'blow' will be avoided - this is what must be prevented. Prayers for peace are very important but all must be vigilant at home as well, for everything is a little off balance. Politicians and business people are not seeing clearly beyond their own desires, and they do not realise clearly the disenchantment that is growing about them. When the self- seeking becomes too blatant, too uncaring towards the needs of people, there will be trouble. It is being left more and more to those peoples with consciences to tend to the dispossessed - shorn of honest employment, education, health care and a decent home; the anger is growing because those who would help have not enough resources. Woe betide the world when the thread snaps. But in one way the anxiety, the waiting, will be at an end, and from the aftermath can come a new beginning. But the real progress comes when one does not have to return to square one - upheaval yes, but a correction of attitudes, then a carrying on with that which has been given to the world in the way of advancements - scientifically, psychologically, psychically and spiritually. That last more important than the first, yet all needful for true advancement to the Golden Age. So do you all your duty, your contribution to keeping bodies, minds and spirits whole, healed, bettered, and returned to society to pass along the message - "Whatever occurs in one's life and in the whole of the world, God is here; put one's faith and actions to the test in God's name and all shall be well". (25.8.86) The storms are everywhere, natural ones by nature and the sad and ugly ones brought about by the weakness and selfish desires of humankind. All around your world, your earth, the commotions reign. All is in turmoil and only the calmness of those

practising the arts of meditation, yoga, or any of the reflective exercises show as eddies of quiet. Eddies yes, for vibrations do just that - vibrate, and they generally eddy, clockwise or counterclock- wise, for that is the movement of spirituality. It is an orderly movement, and one of great comfort to see. The light spirals upwards, or downwards also calm and correct, a feeling of rightness. Our family members are all spread around and working very hard for peace on your earth, and for a widespread tide of learning along spiritual lines. What more can we do but hold the long thin line against the decay of morals that occur again and again in civilisations. As the physical efforts become easier or non existent, through wonderful inventions the human psyche is always caught short. It flounders and gets into deep waters until someone or something comes along to set things right. But if humankind does not learn then they are not set right after all, are they. So we are endeavouring to accomplish a righting of the balances without cataclysmic upheavals. For it would be best if Man could continue on in the world as it is, learning to adjust to and use these modern ideas, rather than all being destroyed and the life force having to begin again. We're looking for progress on all fronts, karma can be worked on in any world, and the world’s karma needs further action. There is so much more to be done that it would be sadly criminal (a strong word) for all to go up in smoke. So our motto is not to just "hold on", but to carry on and out to the other worlds where they too need the contact. No looking back, no more, we keep our eyes fixed on the future here and there where you are. (3.2.87) Oh no, the trials of the dark peoples are far from over, although they are closer to their goals than it may appear. But all dominant leaderships are watching that arena, for insurrection is very thick in the atmosphere and they are caught between giving too much freedom and losing; or not enough and being beaten and ousted. But that in not your concern, or ours, as that is actually a part of evolution. Racial evolution, that is; in the other war areas of more concern to the greater powers (on your earth) are the social/ moral evolutions. No, the black peoples have not reached that stage, it is really quite different. So while your peace prayers go out they only touch on the one level. It takes a different approach to heal the sub-continental peoples. Not to worry, as you are acting within your own knowledge. (8.5.87) The time is passing so swiftly, and unrest and anarchy is everywhere. It grows closer and closer to all of your safe, pleasant worlds, and before too many years you too shall know about fighting in the literal sense. Fighting in the streets, and rebellion everywhere. For in too many countries business advances have deprived people of a future, and all that is coming to a head. When the wealth is concentrated in fewer hands the business, manufacturing world is in trouble. If one cannot earn one cannot consume. The whole cycle is there for you to see, and you do see, so I won't belabour the point. And wars are no longer a solution to poverty and over-population for the weapons are too dire, too non-selective. Money can't buy total immunity from molecules on the rampage: local uprisings and put downs aren't worth the worry and damage; and peoples are not the lemmings they once were. One big solution in mind now is to move out, and who goes depends on what's out there. (This refers to moving out into space). If it's good the privileged might be tempted to leave; if it's primitive guess who takes the trip - one way.

In actuality the re-enactment of your country's beginnings, a la convict settlement may be a rehearsal for what could happen again. If it does then mankind will not have learned very much. If it is allowed to progress as has happened those hundred or so years ago, then a great weapon may be placed elsewhere, a time bomb in the form of a backlash from those sent out. Ironical to you and us, but frightening to the onlookers (the other worlds). They know your history all too well. So the next not too many years shall be very interesting, informative as well as formative. Dire words I'm afraid, but we can all work towards turning the pattern of events, not just by beaming peace. There is a need for justice, mercy, and love for fellowman. Peace is too easily gained at the price of domination of wealth and power, the other qualities must be sought as well. (18.5.87) Sun spot activity has always been a forewarning of events of cosmic origin. The world's peoples are not prone to label such events as having cosmic origin, for they do not perceive them as such. Psychics see such moments from another world viewpoint in any case, so they are unlikely to ‘see’ that origin or to mention it if they did understand. The stratosphere is in constant movement, everything in fact is in continual ferment, whether so slowly as to be invisible to our eyes, or conversely so fast that no-one here could detect movement. That includes many of the detectors in use - those sensitive enough are too costly to be used except under the most special and most con- trolled circumstances. So when such a visible (visually, audibly and vibrationally) movement occurs then it is quite intense indeed, and the culmination of much unknown activity. So sun spots are important as sign posts, or however you would label the outward result of inward workings. When the scientists understand and can trace backwards, also compare to previous activities, they will be able to see what is needed to keep in touch with the world motion everywhere. They will be able to control weather in the sense of directing it, a little less of that here, a little more of that there. And if they have learned anything at all by then they will not suppress anything, nature has a way of ‘objecting’ to such controls; which is why the word ‘direction’ was used. When they can read the script in full then they may have a hand in control, but not before then (20.6.87) MISCELLANEOUS Question Is there a particular allocation of numbers to letters that should be followed in numerology? Can any particular authority be recommended? Answer Whatever system is used in good faith, whether that, or the tarot, opening a book to a certain page and so on, they are all valid. It is not the system itself but the vibrations that are set in motion. You are in a sense "gazing within" to receive an answer from your overself. The mystery involved with all these things is of no use or at least of no need once you realise this. Most proponents of numerology etc., are sensitives who were able to attune and set up a system, but you and others can use whatever seems comfortable to you; it will, with correct attitude and belief, be accurate, as it is, I repeat, simply a means of focus. (7.8.85)

Question You Talk of other universes. Are they similar to this one? Where are they? Answer Where are the other universes? Very far in some cases, very close in others. There are other dimensions, other time zones; whatever "other" there is, is not relevant to you or your worlds. As things stand you people cannot understand or cope with all the nuances of your own world and it is no use to allow a diversion by contributing to your trying to puzzle out the existences of "other" universes. Many universes are similar to yours, in a dissimilar way. Do you understand my meaning? It is not my task or intention to discuss such things with anyone of you now, the time is very much not right for such a diversion. You need and we need, all of our attention and efforts at understanding, caring and learning for this world, let alone this universe. I sense your disillusion because we are not producing facts and figures and predictions for you, but that was never our purpose. It would, as I mentioned before, send everyone in all directions, checking, verifying, spreading the word, and to what good purpose? Our message is valid, and it is very important; if the obvious needs can't or won't be followed where will all of you end up? Stick to the here and now, it takes persistence and patience to carry on as one should and a good deal of soul searching and discipline to know one's self and accentuate one's good qualities; you need all of your time for that and meditation; so exciting as it would be, I gather, my messages will not contribute to anything not pertaining to what we are doing now. (3.8.85) Question Is the Van Allen radiation belt the Earth's etheric web? Answer No.The Van Allen radiation belt is a thing of itself. The etheric web is intact about it that is affected by mental/vibrational outpourings, not by pollutants of a physical nature. (9.6.85) The Van Allen radiation belt was a form of protection for your Earth. Now it has been breached so often that the idea of it as impregnable is not hard fact. It is and always has been breachable from the other side, without harmful effects, but your own atmospheric pollutants are slowly negating the protection. There is not much to say on the subject that would make sense to anyone but a scientist conversant with that sort of language. The belt in not of great importance in your life as you cannot deal with it, those who can are being communicated with. (13.8.85) Question

Are there subterranean tunnels on Earth which are inhabited by human beings? Is Shamballa underground or is it purely on one of the unseen (higher) levels? Answer Not by human beings. Not tunnels as you visualise them. This is dealing now in other time zones, other dimensions. I'm not to answer this fully as yet - the time is coming to speak of these things, but not now. Shamballa is us. Shamballa is within and without all of us, to the extent that it is within reach of all initiates, the strivers that is, the knowers. Initiates doesn't mean just way, way up here - there are degrees. (9.6.85) Most comets have an effect of some sort. Where they land for instance, although there has never been destruction of human life that you know of, has there? Hum, hum, will that send your mind to thinking other thoughts? Not everything in nature has a purpose, there are natural causes. Ask perhaps, what happened to cause this or that to happen, whether an earthquake, tornado, or whatever. Many are simply natural effects. How serious the effect is another question; for instance, a comet could destroy or deflect another large object, starting a chain reaction perhaps? a tidal wave, or ricochet? Why haven't there been more serious repercussions from debris and lethal objects hurtling through space? Ask your scientists if you must know, read up on it. (13.8.85) Halley’s comet actually coincides with changes rather than bringing them about, although they are helped or precipitated at times by the forces and effects of the comet. Every so many years the world (Earth) and its peoples reach that "ticking over of the meter" stage when all the daily nudges, minute effects etc., reach a crescendo, and the timing coincides (well, not accidentally) with the passing of the comet. Not to get in a dither or superstitious lather over it though, keep your eye on the happenings on Earth rather than focussed on the comet; what is happening, aside from the nudges" it causes, would have happened in any case. It has a purpose, yes, but people have so often, in so many cases, confused the side purposes with the real issues. (18.8.85) Question What will be the effect of irradiating fresh fruit and vegetables with radioactive isotopes. Will it have any significant effects on the quality of the nutrition? Answer Irradiating fruit and vegetables with radioactive isotopes could destroy viruses etc., and be a form of preservative. The problem with this on your Earth is that so much of the produce is not of full growth on the vine/in the earth and so it is not as though you are ever receiving the full benefit of the healthful possibilities. The radiation is not really of a harmful nature especially as so many of the viruses, enzymes etc., are not of a benefit in half-ripened food. The enzymes are often of little benefit as they have not fully blossomed. The whole situation re food isn't the best in any case so the

irradiating is not to my mind of a very detrimental effect. It is a forerunner of what is done, properly, on other worlds. (9.6.85) Question Does a fairy die when its plant dies? Answer Yes, in the sense that it is the plant. The action of the seed germinating releases the 1”spirit” or fairy which cares for the growth etc. There are Devas who are in charge of whole areas and species who retain life, it is the individual sparks of life which die and return to the soil with the plant (if that is where the plant dies). A "picked" plant would lose this spark quickly. An individual plucked flower would not have one. (8.6.85) Question Why do whales appear to commit suicide by casting themselves on beaches? In particular the recent episode in NSW. Are whales affected by nuclear tests and/or underwater disturbances or anything else? Answer Whales have a complex neural system that can be affected by such things as the nuclear tests etc. Also, as has been discovered, disease, infestation etc. These are worse now because of the state of pollution affecting the Earth's waters. Just because water doesn't become murky or foul smelling doesn’t indicate clean water; the composition of the water is changing chemically, especially on the currents carrying effluent, sunken wastes. There will be more and more occasions of strange behaviour from the world's nonhuman life as their systems are affected. It is such a huge question now that one would need to deal with it at length. To return to the whales; there have always been beachings due to natural causes from nature but unless the whales can adapt more quickly they will continue to suffer. Strangely enough they are more affected than dolphins, seals, etc., because they are in one sense more sensitive, and in another more primitive (less comprehending) (12.8.85) Question Does every human being have a personal guide? Answer There is the potential for every human being to have a personal guide, but on Earth there are many humans simply not advanced enough to have a need for one. There are

guides/spirits/watchers who have quite small to quite large groups under their observation, and in a very loose way, guidance. Some people only begin an awareness within a group as the interaction of unconscious or semi-conscious ideas is necessary, and it in only as one (or two perhaps) begin to develop separately, carry on further that is, in their own initiative that an extra guide, or watcher, will appear. It is when we become more refined, with a basic (at least) education, that spirit watchers will discern individuals needing guidance. Then each is assessed, as the spiritual is as necessary in these cases as the particular talent or potential inventiveness perhaps, or innovation of an entity is discovered. I see within you the analogy of "talent scouts” etc., and yes, I suppose that is one way of putting it. Then the individual could falter or turn away or be distracted in some way and the guide would eventually leave until some further activity is seen from that quarter. There are advanced persons who don't have guides, or active ones, as they don't want one, are resistant to any detection of pressure?, interference or whatever. We leave them be but there is always a watcher, in these cases their watchers are more wide- spread as they are not grouped. (18.5.85) Question Is it correct to say that aspects of planets transiting natal planets have significant effects only if there are aspects between these planets in the birth chart? Answer Aspects between planets are usually necessary but it is not a proven rule. There have been times when the birth person has been affected by planets which are within reach of influence of the birth planets. This has come about as there are emanations from all planets which are stronger at sometimes than others and certainly the possibilities of influence are greatest when all/any planets are at their closest points IF they are also at that point at their own strongest time of influence/ emanation. This is actually where psychic astrology comes in as these points are not taken into consideration on the mundane level. Like the "static" radio communications recorded from space - sometimes much louder and consistent than at other times - these planets are issuing vibration emanations from their etheric body. Astrology on the mundane level is fairly complicated but controllable, now that much information can be put into computers, but though the extra astrological influences exist and are not well known outside of psychic centres, they too will in time be within everyday knowledge as your astrological psychics increase in number and influence. When reading a chart and there seem to be influences from orbiting planets outside the "ken” if you sense an influence and can then see a trace of it you can be assured it is there. (18.5.85) Question What is the personality ray?

Answer If it is the display of traits and habits which you call personality ray, then it is equivalent to the mental ray, for our traits/habits are formed by what memories (by our genes) that we bring with us. We bring them with us as we are aware of what genes we will inherit and be affected by. That is part of the choosing, not just "he and she”as parents but what potentials they have through their genes and which we will be very likely to inherit or be influenced by. These are all subject to change by our will - how we react to whatever are our surroundings/outside influences. This is how nature mutates her charges, be they flora or fauna. In humans it may not be discernible individually, yet you've only to look at history and anthropology to see how outer/inner forces forced choices on persons how each adapted, governed the future adaptation of each particular person/tribe etc. Genes can be worked on so of course one's choices are always important. (18.5.85) When the sun rises over the sea Come to the shore and think about me Say to the waves I want to go home For Leaya is there and feeling alone When the sun sets away in the west The Lord's in His Heaven and everyone's blest I know we'll meet in the great bye and bye So love to you all (and darling, don't cry). Leaya was one of the communicators. (14.5.85) Question Why do I have asthma? Answer Everyone's purpose in life is to keep searching for the correct mode of living. It is a matter of trial and error and that is not easy, by any means. You, M, are of a dual nature and there is always that conflict within yourself which hampers a going-forth, finding and practising. This has always been a strong part of your nature, not karma as such, but there have been many efforts on your part to split off into separate entities which is not desirable as long as the entities are not compatible. This may seem the opposite to what is desired on the Earthly plane, but in the spiritual plane one must bring one's diverse natures into harmony before the splitting-off may occur - as a desire and not a necessity.

If harmony is gained at not too great a sacrifice of the diverse natures the melded spirit then may choose to remain intact; but, if as often happens, the joining is harmonious but still dual (liken to powerful draught horses running in tandem, with all its attendant implications) and you can understand that once control has been achieved the next step is usually to free the strongly independent spirits to become more than one. But this should preferably be done only after a reasonable balance has been established in all parts. Otherwise the separate entities will still be too one-sided and not really able to accomplish a balanced growth. You need to consciously bring your diverse natures to your attention through meditation, and begin the melding of them into one, or even tandem entities. Each nature must attempt also to lose the dross while attaining some of the desirable offsetting influences of the other nature. This is not easy, but at least now you realise the duality of your nature consciously, where before you would say only that "you felt like several personal”, or that "there was some other self present". Therein lies the battle, with the weaker part of your nature producing illness to deter the stronger part from gaining the upper hand. Not the weaker part as such, it is the less aggressive; it is the side that would remain still; reading, contemplating, listening to music etc. That is not the side that would grow to any extent, certainly not at any speed; and the danger with such natures is that they would wither away rather than strengthen from contemplation. The other nature is like a runaway animal plunging headlong from experience to experience, discussing and analysing all (generally with many others of like mind): nervous energy and action, all larger than life. So the two sides need to be drawn together even though they are repelled by one another - "that ninny", or "that great charge-about". “No thanks”. But yes, it must be done. You are trying and often succeeding, but ill-health is a burden, unfairly used, and the troubled psyche acquiesces to it as a respite from the war; but that is not a solution though it is very understandable. You can build your strength and a habit of health with the realisation that it can be done, slowly but surely - a little each day is preferable to fitful onslaughts. Again we say, use meditation, as this is a battle of psyches and each must learn to accept the other, while realising that by doing so life will improve, not deteriorate. (for them - They don't care about you, as such. they think that whoever wins will be you in any case). Complicated? Not really. Most of the people on Earth go through this battle, and can't understand why it is so difficult to achieve anything. The saying “to mean well" is quite correct about many - they've never learned to understand their natures and what they really do intend. (19.4.85) Yes, there are twin souls. These are a fusion of the elements of opposite polarity. They complement one another to make a whole. Separate they survive in an unbalanced way, too much of one degree of whichever they are. Together they balance, and when shifted to the right relationship with one another they make a perfect balance. Many do not become a twin soul as they have no need for the extra quantities imbued in those who do choose to join or split off. Twin souls unmatched or wrongly matched can go on in a negative way - they need to find and join, no matter how difficult to

achieve harmony and a beneficial wholeness - beneficial to many when the correct balance is reached. Twin souls were usually one, but not necessarily - the origin is not very important as the results are the same on splitting. If a twin soul meets twin on your Earth it is to accomplish a pre-determined task (though not all manage this). Thus many choose to remain their own soul, as the added responsibilities and difficulties are not as yet within their field of endeavour or strength. Twin souls know one another instantly and nothing stops them once they have come together. Alter egos are the beginning of a chosen union but they must progress much further spiritually before a twin spirit/union is achieved. (20.2.71) The Mizpah Line. A spiritual definition of greater souls and vibrations. An esoteric experience beyond which only the initiated can pass. It was not created consciously by any one soul but happens wherever the vibrations become so pure and concentrated - caused by the presence, the uniting, or gathering of adepts – old, old, souls, who have been burned in the atomic fires of purification; who incarnated with each life becoming progressively more difficult, often-times more rewarding for the worlds they were upon, but leaving the soul in the incarnation lonely, remote and bereft, as the higher one's vibrations became the harder it was to return to the world (not so much difficult to be with those world's peoples but to be without their own soul families - not the correct word "family", but it's an idea of what is meant). In other words - hell is where God is not! - no not quite that strong, as perhaps the goal each time was a comfort - to "do” in God's Name. The Mizpah Line is spiritual and it is everywhere and nowhere. By the time you or I or many, many others begin to approach that state of being we won't even notice such a thing - it will have long lost any sense of importance - so pure we would be, so wrapt in the splendour of our nearness to Him. (5.3.85) In each world there exists an inner circle of people. These are the initiates and they carry on the traditions and mores of their ancestors, who in turn carried them out from their beginnings. In another time life was simpler and the peoples were more attuned to nature and the rhythms of the world around them. Thus it was easy to manipulate the populace, if one knew the secret of managing with a dearth of rules. The day came when unscrupulous men could learn these secrets and use them towards their own ends. These ends were to enrich their own existence while enslaving everyone else to their will. It is the meaning of cosmic changes which are taking place around us today. This world is not doomed yet but will be if the reckless and wanton wastage and destruction and carnage carries on much longer. All of the world is out of balance and the wheels are slowing, with nature changing and choking itself with garbage. If ever this world needed balance and sanity it needs it now. Too much has gone wrong too quickly - even more quickly than we had anticipated. Jack Kennedy was killed because he realized that the forces of evil were rampant in the world and would soon take over unless people in power could and would release

the names, and combat, even with their lives, the men and women who are trying to bring about the downfall of civilised man. America is a power that could combat all the machinations, so it, as a country, has been seeded with unrest, greed and Godlessness. But now the initiates are emerging, even to the point of identifying themselves as from the inner temples, and the battle is on. Mankind will survive but the price will be terrible and the whole of the civilised world will need to be rebuilt. But all who survive will remember again the Brotherhood of Man, and each will help the other until the good things are returned. Then the Golden Age will begin, with space travel such as was never anticipated as being possible as it will be along lines that are barely in the experimental stages as yet. All Races will work together towards space travel and men will be truly unified in their desire to join their fellow creatures in the galaxies. (5.2.71) The treasures are hidden until the initiates are ready to be able to use them - also of course when the time is right for them to be used. In every desert that once was green and arable land there are markings hidden, to show where the entrances are. These are not at the markings, but are clues for those that can interpret them. I am not going to say what, or where, or anymore than that as there are peoples everywhere who are wanting that information, and those who can put together hints with whatever else they hear. There are many, many advanced people - not all, however, are ones that we are wanting to work with. Many clever and advanced persons could use these clues wrongly in a bid to be "first" to help Mankind, to be the “saviours”. Always so many who mean well but have developed their gifts and cleverness wrongly, in an unbalanced way, because they cannot accept that there is no "first", no "saviour", head and shoulders above the others - this is what has been wrong all along. Jesus lead us by showing the Way and He remained humble in His needs and surroundings. When the leader must live extremely better than his followers they are not the leaders we want. Followers need to learn, then become leaders (teachers) in their turn to others so that no one is ever really far above the others, and not for long. Who, of all the leaders and gurus today would do half as much as Jesus did for His followers, or even as much as Ghandi did? Real saviours suffer as much, or more than, if need be - but they are at all times on an even basis with their fellowmen, so that in the final consensus the words “leader" and "follower" don't really apply. (18.1.85) Question There are caves, with books, stores, instruments and instructions somewhere in the world, you mentioned. Are there any caves like this in Australia? Answer

Australia, certainly. Aborigines don't remember really what they have been trying to protect. The Dream Time goes back to past encounters when they developed their telepathy and ability to live in a natural world. They are often confused now but some of the areas they try to protect contain the clues to our stores. That's all I am going to say. (25.1.85) Auras are a visible manifestation of our state of health mentally, physically and spiritually. From observation psychics have been able to chart the meaning of the colours' intensity and the placement of the various hues. The colours occur because we are electrically charged molecules which are affected by the currents playing through and about our various bodies, and also as we are affected by and affect the areas and entities around us. We can influence, or be ourselves influenced by stronger entities than ourselves; some who are weak in physical strength are strong by that very weakness - in other words their unhealthy condition can overcome the good of those in contact with them. Developed persons can throw off the effects but it is not a good relationship and should be overcome by a number of highly developed persons/healers combining to heal, offset (or damp down) the unhealthy emanations. People need to realise that auras are very important and they should work to develop an ability to see them or detect their emanations. One should try to know the condition of one’s own auras, but if this is not as yet possible at least try to influence them to be healthy, and healing and soothing to all. This can be done by thinking on them during meditation. One's auras not only show others your state or condition but they reflect back to your different bodies as a good or debilitating influence. The area where a weakness is shown is really a two-fold signal; weakness and colour of weakness radiating inwards to you, and outwards to them because the aura colour is the weakness at that place. Meditate to influence your auras to be healthful and beneficent - heal the place and the aura. Do you understand? Never look on these things as novelties, pretty colours etc., it is very important because everything is inter-related. Auras from one etheric body can affect any of your other bodies, so it is for you to tend to this. This is another way of achieving harmony within yourself, by "clothing" yourself mentally and spiritually as well as physically. Always look at things properly i.e., in depth. (1985) Question Will you please comment on the authenticity of the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, in Kashmir. Answer Comment in what way? Is the tomb there? Yes, it is. History has been so con-used over the many centuries that it is a wonder anyone understands anything. Some of the confusion came about simply because those who narrated and/or wrote it told of events from their perception and beliefs. Those who passed on the words orally or otherwise did so from their beliefs and biases, and so on. Much has survived fairly accurately, but the superstitions and myths have made it difficult to know what. The tomb: our Lord Jesus lived and died, but moved over much of the world as it was then before He died. He was greatly revered by many, but to do so openly, even for

the wealthy would have served no purpose. Jesus incarnated to preach His sermons and then to die, nothing and no-one could prevent that, it was His mission. But He travelled to a number of countries and He was seen as varying persons in each of these countries; they do not all recognise our Jesus, it was not necessary that they did. When Jesus died and was buried, there were many plans to secure the body, for if a cult had arisen at the original tomb, the Romans would have desecrated body and tomb; also there would have been much unneedful bloodshed. Jesus's body, did not rise to Heaven, his physical body that is; the spiritual body, the soul, returned to its source. The physical body was irradiated, it never left Earth, there was nothing left to leave, after all, the body was simply matter, which belonged on Earth. The tomb is in Kashmir, for there is where the body finally lay. Those who knew would not tell, those who guessed, disbelieved, were angered, or frightened, in any case they did not talk either, (Obviously some "talked" but not for general knowledge). In the final calculation though it does not really matter where the body did come to rest and disintegration, it is the living memory of the spirit and the message that must remain uppermost. The following is based on a further message. The Romans wanted Jesus dead just as much as the Jews did because they saw Him as a threat. In crucifying Jesus it was assumed that someone would try and stop the crucifixion. The Romans let it be known that they would invade the tomb so that Jesus's body could not be resurrected. Even though the Romans did not believe this was possible they had to guard against the possibility of a cult arising. They also wanted to find the hierarchy that surrounded Jesus, these being those who were steeped in esoteric knowledge, and had wealth and power. Their plan was to enter the tomb on the day following the burial and then to dismember and mutilate the body so that it could not be re-formed. His mother and Mary Magdalene had prepared the body according to the usual rites by placing herbs in the body orifices so as to preserve it. Arrangements were then made by the friends of Jesus to remove the body before the Roman plan could be executed, and take it to Srinagar for placement in the tomb. Cheme continues - The body remained intact for many months after the spirit withdrew. It was well preserved by the initiate's esoteric knowledge and once they were beyond the reach of the Romans, the understanding existed that this trip was a pilgrimage. The body was irradiated rather than allow putrefaction as there was no desire to establish a shrine for worship and a "present" body. Christ's body was to be the religion itself and its temples all over the world with no actual centre. (2.12.85) Question Marie was seen scurrying into a circular Indian tent (similar to a tepee) she was female. Outside was an Indian with a long flowing headdress Answer

Simply a glimpse of a past life - with no particular interest attached, If there had been a message it would have been more emphasised or detailed. When someone’s past lives become evident to persons of clairvoyant or sensitive nature it is because the problems carried from life to life are being dealt with, in other words a depth of penetration of mind, heart, and psyche in manifesting and all layers, being linked, are available to sight. It is a good sign although there can be turbulence caused by the reshifting within once emotions, the deepest ones, the unconscious. In your case there is no problem as pre-work has been going on for some time, but where there is much distress or confusion, those persons indeed need the attention of psychics and spiritual healers. Question Arnold often feels a sensation of heavy pressure in the first joint of his right thumb when healing/meditating. Does this have any particular meaning? Answer Sensations or pressures which occur during spiritual moments are different to each individual. There are often no real mysteries or messages here as there is inherent in each person a different area of response according to their nature and even their physical beings In this particular instance I would say that there is in fact an inherent weakness in that particular area so that where the healing/spiritual energies are flowing smoothly and so generally unnoticed through the arms/hands - that particular spot is responding to the energy - such as being touched on a tender part; in some cases there is actual or imminent "leakage" at that point. There in no real cause for concern, but perhaps the subject should cast his thoughts to whether particular strain is being placed on that area. It's likely some such occurrence (2.286) Question During the group's attunement, shortly after the astronauts were killed, some of the members picked them up in the Archibald fountain. Was there a reason for them contacting us? Is there any particular action which would help them? Answer The astronauts were not contacting anyone consciously but their shocked psyches were drawn to those areas of light where group enlightenment was taking place. They were groping for re-establishment with their own group in a subconscious effort to erase the incident. Most of the astronauts were unaware of the true spirituality of themselves, or the spiritual implications of their mission. Where there is almost total scientific application towards what should be mystical occasions there is the danger of the souls involved becoming confused when deaths occur. We do not point the finger at any one nation or group therein as this has become a fact in many walks of life, brought on almost unconsciously by circumstances in your world, mostly all of which have been caused by fear of that unknown part of oneself and of that universe out there. Beyond a prayer for enlightenment on a spiritual level throughout the world there is nothing that your group members need feel obligated to do for the astronauts, they are being cared for. (16.2.86) Question

Is it permitted to ask if there are rooms within Ayers Rock? Answer Ayers Rock has "cells" of psychic energy which are used by advanced beings. They can be "inhabited" by the discarnate souls and the Aborigines have sensed the presence of many of their previous "Gods" who withdrew in body but left areas throughout all of Australia where they can return. Their business here is not as yet for us to divulge although they are open to vibrational appeals from those seeking to heal and safeguard this world. (24.2,86) Question What is known of Ramtha of Atlantis? So much of his teaching inspires, but there are areas which seem to be at variance with what we heard or read elsewhere - such as on soul mates, and the Akashic Records. Answer These questions I should really leave aside to be answered by my Master in knowledge. I do know of Ramtha, who is very knowledgeable, and is from many places besides Atlantis. Yes, I smile, for his is a charming spirit indeed when it becomes liberated on the Earth plane. We are more equal here, and less given to emotion, for of course we are visible in every way to one another so no thing or emotion needs to be projected. There will be no harm from that direction though you have felt you could well do more on to other areas. To each of us comes that which is needed when it is most required, 'so there are always the Ramthas (and the Leyas) to answer. Think of yourselves - do you and your spouse and your spiritually inclined friends not serve the same purpose on your plane. And not each one of you "preaches" the same message in full - you have different mentors, varying books and sources where you have learned. The main part of the message is always the most important the side references to perhaps a specific such as the records could be made according to one's perceived knowledge or in a vein that one feels the listeners could best accept. Perhaps, as Dr. and Cheme have always done, only a part of the whole has been touched on, in passing. Remember the blind men and the elephant - it depends on where you are standing. Question Ramtha of Atlantis? Do you wish to comment on the question? Answer Ramtha - yes, a many person of many parts, from many places. He/she does the work that is needed, and like many known personalities on your Earth they reach those that we could not hope to influence in such numbers and over such a short period of time. He judges the market-place and "gives the people what they want". There is no harm there, much good is done. He has been on your world before in such guises - it is his love, his genius. He also comes from other worlds, not just other times and is much loved by all.

The Akashic Record Is, it can be explained in many ways, but it exists and is immutable. Just to know it is there is enough, to ponder the details is pointless; we accept, we know, we do not question, why should we? Question a) What is the objective of souls that decide to unite as twin souls, or alter egos? b) Why cannot their objective(s) be achieved by/as a single unit? c) What happens if they do not succeed in their efforts? Answer Three questions! This after-life is one of free choice, and of compulsion. No one must do a thing, and yet very often to accomplish what they aim at, they must do such as this or that. They can go around, go the long way, or whatever alternative is available, but here we do not easily accept compromise for ourselves when we have our goal as some higher plane or purpose. So, twin or alter-ego/souls form for the purpose of achieving a very high goal, and/or atoning for a past, conceived/perceived? wrong. Two souls may very well have such a motive and know greater things may be accomplished as one unit. Also, twin souls may unite, as Mary and Joseph did, to foster the Christ Child. Alter-egos are more of a balance, to attempt to accomplish perhaps an atonement, perhaps an attunement (the Curies), but certainly not that as great as just mentioned. There are other pairings, groupings as well - the ideas are infinite. b) This is answered mainly by the above. Also, dynasties are often pairs of pairs, or groups, especially as when the results affect world progress. Groups are coming about now, mainly partial families returning with the project of guiding your future. Groups have returned before, but mostly scattered, to gather in emergencies - the new ones are coming and remaining, within a single area.(But separate areas, throughout the Earth). c) What always happens, they try again. However, as in the Christ souling, there was no fear of failing as they were advanced souls. As in dynasties, it depends, with the Krupps of your world, they must re-think their goals. Also with groups thus far incarnated, they may fail, it depends on what their pre-birth goal was. They can try again, but preferably not as groups, again this depends on the intentions and the results. Think on this, you are all advanced enough to project examples of my meanings. The new groups arriving will not fail their objectives, as they are very advanced. They will likely not fail personally (in themselves) and attach karmic debts to themselves, but it is possible they would handle all of those possibilities without problems in any case, certainly without recrimination. In this case they are going about "their Father's work".

As you can see, there are no "pat" replies. While to we here, on this plane, it all seems simple and straightforward, because we can see it all with one glance, to explain all of the ramifications, the exceptions, can become somewhat lengthy.(7.4.86) In the beginning was the seed, then floating free throughout the whole of the universes. It was a part of a whole, an accidental? (who can say) coalescence of energy with intelligence. There was always energy, and intelligence, but never had they combined and remained combined, purposely. It was the beginning. As time, who knows how much time, passed, more energy, intelligence and light particles were attracted to the nucleus, and thought began, first as a form of instinct, then the vital spark occurred somewhere along the travel path; and true intellect was born. Over eons of time this nucleus travelled, observed, gathered thoughts and sensations, which were digested and pored over. Thoughts became stifled when sensations remained undeveloped - there were, after all, only themselves, and their other selves (bits of selves) - to observe. And the "mind" turned outward from itself and saw possibilities, for not all particles need be pure reason, some could coalesce into a large solid matter. The first world? Perhaps. And then it evolved as its intellect was allowed free rein in this new form; as well as thoughts from the "mind" - excited to see “creation”. And on this event, more and more worlds formed, freely, by particles of life. They divided themselves into so many forms, solid matters of our earth nature, and the beginnings of humanity, but in very different form from that which we see today. It was intellect, becoming reason, then needing others to be there, to bel How long ago all that was - far far back in the mists of time, and there is still evolvement taking place. Here on your Earth there is a thwarting of the evolvement because none of the wars have been allowed to play themselves out. Until each emotion is controlled voluntarily, a person is not truly evolved. To forcibly put down a regime is to us the same weapon as the wrongdoer, and thus both are (guilty?,) - not unevolved. So the struggle has continued, first them, then you; and very little peace has resulted. Much technical advancement has been made but little spiritual or intellectually humanistic increase and that is what is needed. The "mind" sees the impasse and allows not that world to move into the stellar harmony until there is a breakthrough. The peoples must rise up in prayer, in thought forms so positive and loving that all will be infected, and all will lay down their arms, put aside their negative emotions, and get on with living in peace and brotherhood. The "mind" will not interfere - you are a culture on the slide and must be about your natural unfolding, conquering in a true way with inborn strength, or succumb to the overwhelming disease. You will be "cultured" again and again until the strength is for good; there are always a few "good batches" put aside to renew the battle; the "experiment", if you wish to call it that. Question The theory is being presented by many people that Jesus was not the “Son of God", and that He did not die on the cross; and that another person was crucified in his place. I am puzzled. Answer

There are many theories presented for varying reasons - religious, political, publicityseeking, cantankerous; they are all there. As you have seen in the present works (The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail), now the Jewish peoples have more or less been exonerated and blame laid where we indeed placed it in our writings with you - at the feet of the Romans. That is true. Since then every religion, sect, race etc., have had their hand at interpreting the events of history, all history. It is a fact that Jesus did marry, he did have children - before he “died” on the cross. Afterwards his alter soul remained for years to finish the works begun as a spiritual manifestation but mainly involving catechising those who wished to be converted, there was always danger. He oversaw the efforts of the apostles to pass on “his" works - there was persecution for many years, and without the presence of “Jesus” to give strength and heart, many would have fallen away. And the human side of the Christ wished to continue on with his spouse and children rather than desert them to the parlous state of religion and politics. It could hardly be effective to give his family into the care of others when many of those others were in danger themselves. He lived, He died on the cross, and he remained to live for many more years - for that time. The first Christ was divine, the second was the human He had created (never at any time was the masculine more evident than the feminine), there was a true blending; which is that which all humans will aspire to for the future for it is the imbalance of these genes that causes so much of the misery in your world. Do not be moved by notions put forth - if they are content with their beliefs, then so be it; that need not discommode you and your beliefs. Keep an open mind at all times, but if you are happy with your facts, stay with them. If there is a need for change of thought it will come about as a natural evolving and growth of the seed planted, Seeds cannot thrive in barren ground and stifled plots - open air and a healthful intake of "food" are the way ideas are nurtured and change maturing engendered. (8.5.86) Question If time is infinitely expandable at higher levels of consciousness - the realm of the soul - why cannot entities be available in our time frame, on request? (e.g., Cheme is often away). Answer (you wish a dissertation on physics or astro-dynamics as regards the other worlds in the Cosmos do you?). Well, time does not exist at all for God and for the higher entities. They are everywhere at once, with everyone, because you are tapped into them, as beings who are a part of the overall overself. You are a tiny part of God, and He is all of you, for you were Him, and in time you will become Him again. As entities go higher and become more purified, they take on more and more of the attributes of their source, the Godhead, and then they can also be more widespread in awareness and effectiveness. We entities, however, have not reached such exalted states of purification, although such as Cheme have degrees more than those like myself. He uses these abilities as they are needed, and when he is "away", there is more than one soul in more than one place he is away to. Paulus and I are on a level of awareness of different areas, but we cannot in good consciousness attend to all we hear, at the one time in full attention or detail. We can put one or more on "hold" and deal with each

in order of importance (the condition, not the person), and that is where we acknowledge we have advanced to at this time. Perhaps now you can see some of the differences in the souls here, from the acolyte to the advanced. (4.8.86) Question The Golden Rays? Answer The Cosmos (and beyond), is made up of colours and vibrations. Colours are vibrations also, but so too is sound, music, and emotions. But sound and sight cause emotion and not the reverse. "God" saw the colours and heard the music, but until entities were formed of a separate nature, God did not feel emotion. Thus the differences in the world; nothing can diminish or change the first two, they are there unchanged; it is the third which changes them, to us, by way of our ability to comprehend, to tap into the source, in other words, by our psychic ability, or "raised consciousness" if you prefer. And so the Rays. Silver, so pure and cool, shading to white. Amber which has a shielding glow to protect weakness (frailty, illness) while allowing the beneficial orange and gold and even red to filter through to give strength, to heal. Blue, a part of silver, and white, also allowing tinges of mauve (all these are colours interwoven). Blue is peace, passive, healing, for peace is passive. So blue allows healing by the muting or cessation of turmoil and electric activity. Green is Nature, the colour of sunshine through the canopy of leaves on a tree, or on a plant or a shrub. Sun heals when filtered, and needs the gentle diffusion of greenery. Sun also releases beneficial airs (gases) from plants, and so green too is healing, but less passive than blue. There is happening with green, so begin with whites, then blues, then greens alternating with ambers, as the body becomes stronger. Pure orange is energy, beautiful vibrant healing, but not for use on the very weak. Red is a good colour, but it must be very clear, and red is not an indoors colour unless in a very busy area such as a kitchen, but even there oranges, and ambers are preferable. Blues, aquas, and tullamarine for the bathing areas for they are associated with water and belongs in that area. Black is a negation of colour and we do not like to see it used except as a dulling, a blocking out, such as one would use to surround the crystal. Wrongly used black is negative, correctly it is neutral, protective in cases such as mentioned. Use black sparingly. Yellow is sun, but more than that yellow can become gold. It is and always has been a special colour, with a special meaning. Yellow cheers the vibrations, it retains healing energy, but as yellow it does not actually heal. Yellow is for cheery places, a sunroom or sitting room where there are a lot of windows, it needs light to be of use. Gold heals the psyche - it begins with the emotional but not too soon, for gold is strong. Then it raises the vibrations of the mind and the soul. Primitive tribes knew indeed what they were about when they used gold for worship ceremonies. Pure gold is soft and pliable, but it has a value that no one has been able to explain. Why and when did this begin? Gold has deep vibrations, mellow but consistent - picture gold against one's skin, feel it; then do so with silver - how do you vibrate? They who favour silver

are cool, withdrawn, stirring or needing to stir well below the surface. There is an iciness there, it is not incorrect, we cannot all be alike; but be aware of the “silver people", their heads rule their emotions, whether they choose so or not. They can change, and often do, and there are many wonderful peoples amongst the "silver ones", medical peoples, scientists, mathematicians and so forth. Gold is for the enlightened on the spiritual, psychic path. It is warm, enriching, and it builds (I don't know how to explain this to you) it increases its' effect upon the nature, but it needs to work in the proper atmosphere for it shows up and can accentuate or aggravate weaknesses and faults if they are not rectified. (5.8.86) Time is holding well at this moment, perhaps because so many people are aware of problems making this world speed up and cause imbalance, with that awareness driving them to seek higher knowledge and an uplifting of their own and surrounding vibrations. Humans everywhere tend to be a bit slow to understand unpleasant facts, or to accept that they are not going to go away, but once the knowledge sinks in then action does take place. This has been shown ever again during times of great strife and war. It is a case now of keeping the momentum going so that attention does not start falling off and people begin to accept the status quo a little more. The technique can be used by the dark forces of alarm, mobilisation and action, then a calming of the situation. People slack off, then it begins again, stops; and so on. Eventually many will refuse to be drawn into the fray, or unenthusiastically so, as it becomes a bit familiar, and "life goes on after all” so they say, so why the constant uproar. So it is difficult to keep rallying persons or keep them on a steady course, for that becomes so humdrum does it not. There’s so much more to all this than a few nations quarrelling over boundaries or religions. It is the dark against the light, against raised vibrations and sensibilities, against going upwards and outwards into the universe. The dark is a very low vibration but not intellect, it is a powerful urge to remain low, unchallenged or unchallenging; not really evil as such for vice and decadence allowed to proceed at its own pace will eventually burn itself, and its practitioners, out, down to a primitive pagan force, back to the dark, you see. But eventually the earth shall succeed in raising its vibrations to the higher stratosphere and join the other worlds in the glory of God's ways. Life is very beautiful when all can see and accept one another, all the kingdoms that is, animal, mineral, chemical, the music, and humans - one glorious whole. We shall all see that day, praise God. (15.2.87) The mud people - you found it difficult to believe this is what I was saying. Everything is possible; you enjoy science fiction because you believe that such things are possible somewhere, sometime; if you didn't have that belief it (the stories) would bore you. Mud people exist, they are as real as flower Devas, tree spirits, mountain dryads or whatever. They are thoughts, superstitions, ancient beliefs. They were created by worship of the seasons, and the growing things, of the wind and rain. Ancient peoples worshipped the earth and the very clay and soil heard this, felt it throughout the atoms. There were not really people forms for a very long, long time, until in fact peoples became more sophisticated towards idols. Then they forgot about the earth, which in places then stirred and groped together to form recognisable structures (legs, arms and so on). These went forth to see where and why the worshippers had gone, why they were bereft. Oh. yes, you are right, the earth itself did not do this for it had its own proper being cared for by the Devas and sprites. But

in very primitive cultures, wherein all depended on the soil, on nature for survival, in a vary basic way these others formed from all the energies and what could be called pagan beliefs had been focussed and refocussed on relatively small areas of ground. So there they were, and sometimes they were seen wandering vaguely, seeking the energies which had left their area, deprived them of warmth and a raison d’etres. As it was always peoples of still quite primitive natures who espied them, legends were born, and they exist to this day. Though it would be in a very primitive area indeed on this earth, for these mud beings to still exist, even in embryo forms So do not be frightened by my story, listen instead to what it is trying to tell you. Thoughts, wishes, energies beamed wherever - they have consequence, they can create, so always be sure that what they create, if they did indeed take shape, is something that you would not mind meeting in the dark or down a lonely lane. Yes, please do smile for I have been playing a little joke with you so that I can make my sermons a little amusing. (14.3.87) One cannot ever predict with certainty the exact time of another's death unless it is perhaps instantaneous. Otherwise the free will (the Will) enters into the matter, even wanting consciously to go, a person may in the final time find life hard to let go of. Part of it is the fact that the unknown lies ahead, especially for those who have not looked at this aspect of living. But again there is the tremendous survival instinct built into the human body, let alone the psyche. As has been shown in many cases of brain death, the physical case clings to life. There is a spark there that does not wish to become extinct. For it does, though you do not. As I said before, the body alone has its own motivating power, otherwise you would or might as well be housed in robot shells. So your father gradually slips away as his will succumbs to the inevitable, and doing so, will begin the signalling to the body to start shutting down. This can also take place in reverse - the physical shell signalling to the body that it is not able to survive, in spite of the will of the psyche. All is a normal process and your spouses father is slipping deeper into the realm of ‘there' as each moment passes. (21.5.87) What is life? It is a process of learning on the job, no other way is so difficult, so sure, and so rewarding. In time, all of the religious orders will be open, with nuns and priests especially, very much a part of the community, and communal life. Other orders as well, and ministers are more or less in that category as well. But in time it will be more like a profession along the lines of being a doctor, dentist and so on. Although they would continue to work from a central area daytimes (or night shift). Then it will be infinitely more rewarding and of greater use in the times to come. Society in fact will be more ordered, with communities better serviced from within and better balanced all around. There will be the different ones, where artists perhaps congregate, artisans and so on, but even they will be a floating population, with those achieving their help or inspiration encouraged to return to a normal community, to make way for other aspirants as well as to enrich the community. There will be no decadent areas, no poverty belts, all of that will have been alleviated along the way to stable living, and deviant character in persons will be seen and adjusted. It won't be utopia because people are always at different levels of understanding and aspiration, so the human emotions will be present, just not so uncontrolled or far ranging. So, one lives to learn and apply that learning, hopefully to pass it on by example as well as word. Then one returns to base (upon death) for rest, or a 'refresher course', or a new

direction. Then, wherever you go, you'll find again that living is learning on the job, and so on. So we have come full circle for today. (2.6.87) Particular items in the news about politics are usually placed to slant the opinions towards a certain action. Most political parties have become so caught up with keeping in office and out of trouble that they are becoming less and less effective. When opinions are coming in from all around, and people are complaining, threatening, pleading, bribing, and spying - is it any wonder the imperfect humans become confused. You realise how great a difference there is in politics today? It was once local; then spread to State, Country and now Global - and more, at times. And the media, producing instant news plus feedback; the militants forming and arousing public emotions; plus the other areas one's decision can often affect - look at agriculture, mining, entertainment, armaments for defence. You could add to each, pollution, land despoliation, pornography, treachery - oh yes, it is a long list. And all of this political situation is going to grow worse because it must, if there is to be any meaningful change. As has happened in business, in medicine, and many other fields politics is no longer workable in its present stage, and there will be no willing change at the moment, for to have any effect the change must be worldwide, and to bring such a far-reaching evolution, the original machinery must breakdown and prove too costly in all ways before change occurs. And when political wheels falter then the world itself falters, so there are difficult times ahead. But to be rid of such a selfish, useless, anachronism as is running the world today, it will almost be worth it. Yes, I did say almost, like the Holocaust there will be many who will suffer. (21.6.87) Question It is said that a human being can transcend his/her birth chart by consciously striving towards higher/spiritual principles and humanitarian concerns. If this is so to what extent can this be carried? If the answer is that this can happen does this mean that certain karmic experiences scheduled prior to birth can be deleted or diminished in their effect. Answer One can always diminish one's karmic debts by the work on the spirit and growth as long as that is not undertaken in isolation, e.g., by oneself and for one's own benefits Some persons chart immense problems for themselves in an effort to break through the shell of self. Asceticism is a form of ego, and the old ascetics are finding it difficult to use their strength constructively and for others as well. Some peoples will not break their patterns for they wish to sacrifice completely and clear their karmic debts without mitigating circumstances, There are various reasons for that and it is a personal choice. No one fully escapes karma as life needs to have trials, and as no one (or nearly so) ever leaves this earth life without having inflicted hurt somewhere, there is always a goodly supply of debt to dabble with. (24.7.87) Question Djwal Kuhl stated in one of his transmissions that our planetary Logos is a Divine Rebel and is working out His destiny without any particular regard for our development. Does this mean that we therefore are not necessarily bound by planetary

energies/vibrations or whatever if we decide to chart our own course? Can we be completely free or are there certain things that have to be undertaken? Answer No, humans are not bound by any save their own, their clan, and their district's karma. The latter two can be escaped from, but not the first. Any beings on nature, cosmos, planetary level does not affect humans - save as storms, quakes, electrical shocks strike them - but that may be a part of their particular karma. As the ants die under heedless footsteps on the ground, so we would be affected, impersonally (if at all). (24.7.87) Question Can birth charts be rectified as to correct time? If so, is there a particular method that provides the answers? What is that method? Answer Birth charts can be rectified by referring to events in that person's life. They can also be modified by the type of person, how they lived, and whether they are a 'night' or 'morning' (or day) person. Statistics have been done re the correlation of birth time to the particular wide-awake period of the person. You may not have access to it but it does exist. And no, persons born in a.m., p.m., are not necessarily morning/night people depending on their surroundings and experiences. Try a few charts along these lines and see how you progress. Persons who do rectifications apparently successfully go by the overall 'feeling' they get as they go along - it is like following a trail. There is no cut and dried method, especially where ordinary lives have been experienced no real peaks or lows - it is for you all a matter of deduction, and ESP. (l0.1.88) Question Is there truth in present day teachings, by some, that healing can be done with the use of crystals and gem-stones? If so, will we enhance and quicken the healing of physical bodies and the releasing of engrams and blockages if we use crystals when working in the field of cell-electrology? Answer Yes indeed. Crystals are of great benefit in all forms of healing. It is truly for the best that those who ‘use’ ‘work with’, 'operate', or ‘co- operate' with crystals, have that calling, and make the effort to attain the knowledge of crystals. Just handling them with love or reverence can cause no harm, but there would be very little of benefit to anyone. When those persons using crystals in ignorance, or trusting, having faith, and so on, try to achieve good results, they can instead bring about confusion or a temporary ill-effect - not great, but certainly not to be desired. Crystals, in the main, are benign creations, preferring to convey positives when activated, purring along harmlessly when not. Naturally, all manner of vibrations can have been introduced along the way, hence the need for cleansing, then correct operation. As a crystal becomes more and more activated its influence strengthens, and even ‘at rest’ it will

influence its surroundings, often with a surprising (to many) knowledge of what it is doing. In fact crystals are able to tune in, not just to its own activator, partner, or whatever the relationship, but it can retain contact with those persons, objects, or earth-matter that it has been used on. Those quotes are for your usage or terminology, they are the closest to earth persons understandings. So that is a good reason for cleansing when a person treated is no longer on the list, or cross-vibrations are not desired. Many healers use separate crystals for each person, then cleanse after the course of treatments. This is actually the best, certainly the easiest, until one has acquired a full technique after much, and especially, varied experience. Yes, indeed, like a physician, for the crystals are instrumental in that sense. Let your friend, your co-worker, tend to the crystals as she has shown she has that empathy and, more than contact, she can be one with the earth’s crystal composition and their peoples psyches, memories, not actual beings in matter. (4.1.89)

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