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BY-LAW NUMBER 2001 - 083

A by-law to regulate the keeping of cats



1. In this by-law:

“animal control officer” means an animal control officer employed

by the Oakville Humane Society;

“be at large” means to be found in any place other than the premises

of the owner of the cat and not under the control of any person;

“cat” means a feline of any breed of domesticated cat or cross-breed

domesticated cat, but does not include felines less than six weeks of


“owner” means a person with care, custody and control of a cat;

“Town” means the Corporation of the Town of Oakville;

“Oakville Identification Tag” means a tag issued by the Town, or the

Oakville Humane Society on behalf of the Town bearing the name,

address and phone number of the Oakville Humane Society and a

unique identification number assigned to the cat.


2. The Owner of a cat may obtain an Oakville Identification Tag by lodging

his or her name, address and phone number with the Oakville Humane

Society and paying the fee prescribed in Schedule “A”.

3. Every cat owner shall ensure that his or her cat, can be identified by means

of one of the following:

(a) a collar or tag on which is permanently inscribed the name and

either the address or telephone number of the Owner;

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(b) a collar to which an Oakville Identification Tag is attached;

(c) a microchip implantation providing access to the name, address

and phone number of the owner.

4. No cat owner shall permit his or her cat to be found in a place other than the

premises of theowner, without one of the means of identification listed in

paragraph 3 of this by-law.

5. Every cat owner using an Oakville Identification Tag or a microchip to

identify his or her cat shall ensure that the name, address and telephone

number filed with the relevant agency are kept up to date.


6. (a) An animal control officer may capture and take into custody a cat

that is at large;

(b) Any person may humanely capture a cat found running at large

and trespassing on his or her property and deliver the animal to

the custody of an animal control officer.

7. Where the Oakville Humane Society captures or takes custody of a cat

under section 6, it may impound the cat.

8. Where a cat is impounded by the Oakville Humane Society, the owner of

the cat shall pay to the Oakville Humane Society reimbursement of its

expenses with respect to the cat including;

(a) the cost of taking the cat into custody, fixed at the amount listed

in Schedule “A” to this by-law;

(b) the daily expenses of the Humane Society for the care of the cat

fixed in the amount listed in Schedule “A” to this by-law;

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(c) veterinarian fees incurred with respect to the cat;

(d) costs incurred under paragraph 13 of this by-law for having the

cat spayed, neutered or implanted with a microchip.

9. No person shall retrieve an impounded cat from the Humane Society

without payment of the expenses in full referred to in Section 7 of this


10. Every cat owner shall retreive the impounded cat from the Humane

Society within three (3) days of the day on which the cat was

impounded, excluding the day of impounding and any statutory holidays.

11. Where a cat is not claimed by its owner in accordance with Section 9 of

this by-law, the cat may be sold forthwith or disposed of or killed in a

humane manner.

12. Despite Section 10 of this by-law, where a cat bears identification in

accordance with Section 3 of this by-law, the Oakville Humane Society

shall make at least one attempt to contact the owner in accordance with

the information provided prior to selling or otherwise disposing of the


13. Upon becoming entitled to sell or dispose of the cat, the Oakville

Humane Society may arrange to have the cat spayed or neutered and

identified by means of a microchip and the cost of these services shall be

added to the costs recoverable from the owner.

14. Where a cat is injured before or after being taken into custody or in the

opinion of the Oakville Humane Society should be destroyed without

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delay for humane reasons or for reasons of safety to persons or animals,

the Oakville Humane Society may kill the cat in a humane manner as

soon after capture or custody as the officer may determine without

giving notice to the owner or permitting any person to reclaim the cat or

offering it for sale.


15. Every person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is guilty of

an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than

$5,000.00 under the Provincial Offences Act.

PASSED BY COUNCIL this 17th day of APRIL ,2001.


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For obtaining a cat identification tag $10.00

For first day of impoundment $20.00

For each subsequent day of impoundment $10.00

Surcharge if impounded cat is not wearing identification $10.00