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Wet Night at the Computer Lab


SuperSoaker: So, how much pop did you drink?

WetGirl: Just finished off the last of the 2 liter :(. I feel like I could swim away any moment.
SS: I don't mind if you wet yourself right now.
WG: Of course you don't, but I'm not gonna wet 'em until you're good and desperate.
SS: Who says I'm not desperate now?
WG: I've been watching you, so don't worry Tough Guy. You're trying to look cool and respectable
behind the consultant's desk, but I know better. I've been watching you squirm in your seat for the last
half hour.
SS: Well, for your information I think that's the fastest anything has gone to my bladder.
WG: That's what you get for chugging green tea, bub. I told you to sip.
SS: Where's the challenge in that?
WG: LOL. You'll see.

The chunk-chunk sound of a block being tossed into the Return bin broke Robert's attention
and drew his attention towards the front of the square-shaped consultant's table. The burly, long
haired student who had returned the block paused at the exit to give Robert a quick wave. Robert
reciprocated, then turned back to his computer screen. Lisa, aka Wetgirl, had continued to write.
WG: Thank God. I thought he was never going to leave.
SS: Don't think you're off the hook yet.
WG: What do you mean? I gotta pee.
SS: The night is still young.
Robert waited until Lisa had finished typing and was looking up before he showed her the
surprise he had up his sleeve: It was the key to the girl's bathroom. Robert could hear Lisa let out
a frustrated whimper from her desk at the back of the computer lab. Grinning, he slowly walked
out from behind his desk and then made his way towards the left of the lab where the women's
bathroom was. He then inserted the key and turned it. The lock turned with a dramatic Click that
echoed throughout the room.
SS: You bastard!
By now he had been smiling for so long that the muscles in his face were beginning to hurt.
Still, this ache paled in comparison to how his bladder was feeling right then. Lisa hadn't been
kidding about the potency of the green tea, and right now Robert was regreting having his eighth
glass of the stuff.
Still, the show must go on.
SS: There's nobody here. Why not just wet yourself and get it over with?
WG: I won't give the satisfaction
Robert felt his cock stiffen as he noticed Lisa's grammatical error. In his mind he zoomed in on
footage of Lisa's bulging bladder like they did on the CSI shows. He could hear a soft creaking
sound which was similar to the noise a half-dead tree made when it was being blown around
during a wind storm. He imagined the bladder stretching out even farther as the last of the pop
arrived, a stream of urine that trickled in. Robert's mental camera zoomed down towards the
bottom of the bladder where the spinchter was knotted up like a little fist. By Robert's
calculations, Lisa had been holding her bladder for about an hour now so her muscles had to be
getting sore. As he watched, the fisted muscle relaxed a little. Bubbles floated up.
WG: I could the men's bathroom
WG: I not tricky..?!$
Robert's imaginary ride had left his penis so fully erect that he wouldn't have been able to pee
if he wanted to. This was somewhat of a relief, but would still feel embarrassed if he had to walk
to someone's computer with a full-sized hard on in his pants.
SS: I'm still trickier :) . The door to the men's bathroom has been locked for the last twenty minutes.
Robert had locked the door as much for his sake as for Lisa's. He smiled again as he heard Lisa let
out a gasp and then a long groan.


Lisa was starting to go through her bag of bladder desperation tricks just to stay dry, but nothing
she could do would do more than buy her a few extra minutes. It was right about now that she
wished that she had put on that adult diaper before coming to the computer lab, but decided not
to when Robert said that he wasn't going to be wearing his. Looking back, she realized that this
had been a mistake.
She had suffered accidents lots of other times. Sometimes she did it as a turn on, and sometimes
it happened because she couldn't make it to the bathroom on time. This was the first time she had
found herself barred from using the bathroom after drinking with the goal of feeling desperate.
She had to pee so badly that she wasn't sure that she would be able to control herself once she
started to leak pee. She could tell as she crossed her legs tighter that this was going to be an all
or nothing sort of deal.
But then, Lisa noticed a glimmer of hope: She had caught Robert in the middle of a long grimace.
He turned away to hide his face. He was hobbling as he walked towards the other side of the desk.
She thought that he really had lost control when his chest sank below the counter top, but then he
stood back up and returned to his computer.
SS: :( Write to me please. I need distraction.
Lisa smiled. The tables were finally turning.
WG: The last time I had to pee this bad, it all came out in one long, hot stream of urine. I feel like I
could pee for days.
SS: That not helping. My underwear feels damp.
WG: How's your hard on?
SS: It's going away.
Lisa had noticed Robert's pants after he had locked the women's bathroom but before he had
returned to the sanctity of the consultant's station, but she already knew that holding was a turn
on for him. He had told her on the same night that they had discussed their similar fascinations
with full bladders. At the time, she was into wetting herself in public but he was still very private.
The the game they played during Robert's third shift at the campus computer lab was more of a
compromise. They always brought lots to drink, started holding past midnight, and then waited to
see who could hold the longest. The lab usually cleared out by 2 a.m., but tonight the fat guy with
the bell bottom pants had thrown off their timing.
Now instead of flirting with danger they both had put themselves smack dab in potentially
embarrassing situations. Lisa felt angry just thinking about the fatso who had messed up their
plans just so he could spend an extra three hours chatting in some gay matchmaking site. She
kept thinking about him not because there was really any point, but the distraction was taking her
mind off of her full bladder.


Robert's bladder was hurting so bad that it took all of his will power not to slam his fist on the
table. His eyes wandered towards the shelf where he had placed the key to the bathrooms. He
thought about how good it would feel to be able to relief himself in the urinal, even if it meant he
would miss the chance to see Lisa suffer the most humiliating pants wetting ever.
He weighed the two sides for a moment, then took a step closer to the key.
And felt a squirt in his pants.
Fortunately, he bent over, clenched his teeth, squeezed his legs, and by some miracle was able
to stop the urine stream from going any bigger than a fast trickle. As he stood there counting his
lucky stars, he began to feel the aftermath of this little leak: a warm wet spot was now weighing
down on the head of his now flaccid penis. The shaft of his penis was filled with urine. This was
when he realized that a bathroom was required unless he wanted to walk across campus at six
o'clock in the morning wearing urine soaked pants.
Robert leaned over to his computer workstation without moving his feet. It was time to call off
the contest.
WG: How ya' doing?
SS: Not good. Just had a small accident :( . I am going to unlock the women's bathroom. Care to share?
WG: Sure.


Lisa could barely contain her excitement as she wrote her response and then gathered her
strength for a mad dash towards the bathroom. Her bladder pains were so fierce she wasn't even
sure that she was going to be able to stand up! She pushed the chair back away from the
computer desk, then slowly stood up. The ache in her stomach increased to a point where she had
to press into it with her hand. She instinctively pressed her hand against her crotch in a desperate
attempt to cork herself like a bottle.
As she stood up right, she began to lose her balance. She stuck her left hand, the hand that
had been on her stomach, outward to try to regain her balance. She wobbled a little longer, then
steadied herself. But something else had happened when she had lost her equilibrium. She hadn't
noticed the urine that had leaked out, but now there was a damp spot in her panties.
She glanced across the computer lab at Robert. He was slowly making his way towards the
shelf where he had placed the bathroom key. It looked like they were both in pretty bad shape.
She took a step away from the computer desk, and then gingerly walked towards the center of the
computer lab. She was taking baby steps, like she did back when she was eight years old and
learning how to roller skate. Of course, back then, it was common for her to wet her pants while
she was at the rink because skating was fun and she was deathly afraid of trying to sit down on
the toilet while wearing skates. At the time, she was afraid of bumping her head on the toilet. It
just had never occurred to her that she should take the roller skates off before trying to sit down.
So, usually she skated for the full four hours without stopping for a bathroom break no matter
how badly she had to go. Then, at the end of the session she would tear off her skates and then
run to the bathroom. Sometimes she made it, but there were times when she didn't. There was
even one occasion when she had pooped her pants because she had waited too long.
Lisa felt the same way that she had at the end of one of those nights at the rollerskating rink:
desperate to pee after waiting too long.
She was making her way past the second row from the very back of the room. All of the
sudden, she was over come by a strong urge to bear down on her bladder. She tried to resist, but
even as she struggled her spinchter relaxed and urine started to pour out from her bladder and
into her pants. She let out a high-pitched screech. The little geyser of pee was so fast that it
soaked through her underwear in no time and then started working on the inside of her pants.
Lisa collapsed on the floor, both of her hands wrapped around her stomach. She shoved one hand
down her pants and attempted to cork her bladder. She felt the last bit of urine splash onto her
index finger as the jet of pee finally relented. She was now lying on the floor in a fetal position
with pee flowing down her pant legs and onto the linoleum floor.
To her horror, there was still a pressure in her bladder which told her that there was still a lot
more to go. She was holding back, but experience had taught her that it was much harder to hold
the rest once the wetting had begun.


Robert started towards her, then stopped just a few feet short of where she was still lying on the
floor. He clutched his stomach and slowly began to kneel. He had forgotten about his own
predicament when he started his dash across the computer lab, and now he was paying the price.
A steady stream of urine was now soaking through his underwear. Little vertical rivers of pee were
slowly making their way down towards his feet.
He squeezed with all his might until the peeing finally stopped. But, the damage had already been
done to his pants, underwear, and the part of his shirt that he always tucked in. The rivelets of
urine were coalescing into a stinky puddle on the floor.
“That was . . . great.” Lisa whispered through gritted teeth.
“I'm happy to entertain you,” Robert shot back. “I'm still in a lot of pain though.”
“So am I.”
“So why not just let the rest go?” He asked.
“Why don't you?”
Robert considered why he was standing in the computer lab wearing urine soaked pants and
trying his damnest not to wet himself any more. The truth was that he held his full bladder
because it felt good, not because he wanted to wet himself. The wetting accidents—he could call
them that because they truly were accidents—were the end to a means, in the same way that a
parachuter must pull his ripcord after feeling the joy of a mid-air free fall. He would never willingly
wet himself, or even relieve himself in public unless he was in front of a toilet.
Suddenly, there was a male voice at the front of the computer lab. Robert turned to search for the
source and found Ray standing inside the Consultant's desk on the same side as the shelf where
he had left the bathroom key.
“I've never seen two people so desperate for a pee!” Ray said. Something he was holding in his
left hand glimmered in the light. Robert realized at once that it was the key to the bathrooms.
“Ray, we need that,” Robert said.
“Oh, I know you do.” Then, with one motion Ray flung the key up into the air and caught it with
his mouth. Robert and Lisa watched with disbelief as Ray gulped down the key.
“I guess you'll have to wait a little bit longer,” he said cheerfully.

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