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Please Support HB 2064 and HB 1332

Adopt a Celebrate Freedom Week Curriculum and

Adopt the Bill of Rights of Education Act of 2011

House Bill 2064: An Act relating to schools; amending 70 O.S. 2001, Section 24-152, as last amended by
Section 1, Chapter 90, O.S.L. 2008 (70 O.S. Supp. 2010, Section 24-152), which relates to Veterans Day and
Celebrate Freedom Week in the public schools; requiring certain curriculum during specified time;
providing that teachers may add but may not remove content; providing an effective date; and declaring
an emergency.

 The current legislation adopting Celebrate Freedom Week did not stipulate curriculum
 State Department of Education (SDE) published a ‘guide’ including various websites and
books from which teachers could cull information
 The Celebrate Freedom Week Curriculum guide from the SDE, contains numerous websites
and pieces of information indicating our Republic to be a Democracy and other written
 Our school children know little about the Constitution and over 70% cannot pass the US
Civics Test for incoming immigrants to this country
 The Centers For Constitutional Studies have an excellent FREE curriculum we have been
authorized by them to use district wide; you can see it here:
 We are working on obtaining a grant for the necessary DVD’s which the NCCS will sell us
for only $2.00/disc.
 There is precedence for this in the Murrah Bombing Curriculum instituted last session.

House Bill 1332: An Act relating to schools; creating the Bill of Rights Education Act of 2011; requiring
State Board of Education to adopt social studies core curriculum with courses of instruction that include
certain subjects; requiring State Textbook Committee to adopt textbooks incorporating certain subjects;
amending 70 O.S. 2001, Section 1210.508, as last amended by Section 1, Chapter 251, O.S.L. 2010 (70 O.S.
Supp. 2010, Section 1210.508), which relates to certain criterion-referenced tests; including certain
subjects in end-of-instruction test for United States history; providing for codification; providing for
noncodification; and providing an effective date.

 Restore Oklahoma Public Education has spent nearly a year researching the topic of
lack of civic education abounding in public education throughout the US and in
Oklahoma specifically.
 We have numerous pieces of original research and a collection of articles regarding this
situation on our website and our Scribd account.
 Here are links to specific articles from which to glean information necessary to our
Jenni White, President 405.473.8801

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