Sathish J

Email: Primary contact: +91-9884627901

Professional Summary: Around 3 years of experience in IT Industry with experience in design, development, and implementation. Having over 2 years months of experience in Data warehousing tools Informatica (ETL tool). Good knowledge of Data warehouse methodologies. Extensively used ETL methodology for supporting Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading processing in a corporate wide ETL solution using Informatica. Worked in Performance Tuning of Informatica Mappings and Sessions. Professional Qualifications

BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING, 2007 Specialization : Information Technology.
Work Summary Around 2 years of Experience in developing ETL mappings using Informatica PowerCenter 8x using Designer (Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping designer, Transformation Developer), Repository Manager, Workflow Manager & Workflow Monitor. Detailed work experience

Organization: SUTHER LAND GLOBAL SERVICES Designation : ASSOCIATE( Period: From August 2007- Mar 2008. Organization: Srisha Group services Designation : Desktop Administrator Period: From April 2008- December 2008. Organization: Vectone India Private Ltd since January 2009 to till date. Designation : NOC Engineer.

6 (Designer. Once downloading finished. 3. oracle 9i. 4. SQL. Knowledge in design of Extract. y y y Extensive knowledge in ETL using Informatica. C++. SQL Server 2008. Worked with different data sources like Flat Files and Databases. Having Experience on MS SQL 2008. In morning. Server Manager. Extract data from warehouse. Transform and Load environment using Informatica Power Center. Description: Everday customers calls details stored in the text file in the specify format. Moving the data into the webpage and checking the values. Running the BAT file to download the files from the servers. Visual Basic Windows XP Databases Data Base Tools Languages Operating Systems Project Experience Title: DataDownloading. TOAD C. Professional Skills ETL Tools Informatica Powercenter 8. After that the details in the text files are separated and grouped and then loaded in the ware house. 2. Copying all collected files into ware house. Diverse background with fast learning skills and creative analytical skills. y y y y y Knowledge in installing the Informatica PowerCenter and configuring the Repository Server. . Good communication skills. Environment: Informatica.) Oracle 9i . transform the flat file data and then loaded into data warehouse. the files can be downloaded and verified. Responsibilities: 1. Interpersonal skills and Team co-ordination.About My Present Experience: Vectone India is a Uk based Telecom Company specializing in Mobile and Calling card Operations through out Europe. Extensive Knowledge of Data Warehousing Concepts. Workflow Manager. Workflow Monitor.

Created data mappings to extract data from different source files. 4. 5. Worked extensively with Designer tools like Source Analyzer. . Leadership. Confidence. 7. Update Strategy. warehouse Designer. We are designing the dataware house and we are moving this data to dataware house. Responsibilities: 1. 3. transform the data using Filter. Title: Promotional sms. type2 updates where we insert the new record and update the old record in the target so we can track the changes in the future. Plus Points Innovative. Adaptability. Used Workflow Manager to read data from sources. Performed data cleansing and transformation using Informatica. 6. Transformation and Loading (ETL process) from Source to target systems using Informatica. Environment: Informatica. Mapping and Mapplet Designers. Aggregator. Used Workflow Manager to read data from sources. Joiner Transformations and then loaded into data warehouse. and write data to target databases and manage sessions. Everday customers are increasing and this data is moved to the database. Review of the mappings.Transformation Developer. Extensively involved in Data Extraction. 6. Expression. Description: This project has been developing for Promotionals sms. Review of the mappings. Organizing. and write data to target databases and manage sessions. Used Update Strategy Transformation to update the Target Dimension tables.5. 2. oracle 9i. Vectone mobile having lakhs of customers.

Mobile Number Resi Number E-mail ID Languages Known Declaration : +91-98846 27901 : 044-24730905 : ssathish0606@gmail.06. YOURS TRULY J. East Mada Street. : English.JANARTHANAN : 06.SATHISH Date : 27/01/2011 Place : Chennai .Personal Profile Name Father Name Date of Birth Permanent Address : J. Tamil I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and I fulfill your expectations. Chennai-26.1984 : #29/16.Sathish : C.

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