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LVN 2B Well Week- Creating a World of Health & Wellness
1 Week @ a time: March 26, 2011-April 1, 2011 – Initial Midwest Market Target Wellness focuses on a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit which can provide and produce further positive effects in our lives through: jobs, relationships, physical & mental empowerment and well-being & how we ultimately feel inside & out. Wellness also allows a slow down in the aging process and can help keep the sickness away!

Known for setting the standard for industry trades by providing on target trends in the lifestyle & interactive event categories, CheresseINK is breaking ground on wellness & the emergence of a Health & Wellness Revolution - movement centered around all things 'wellness'.

With our firm specializing in strategies, campaigns & brands we have developed a wellness program business model that will involve interactive events that create: awareness, ROI, increased activity and positive economical delivery.

What is LVN 2B Well Week & What are the Benefits?
The LVN 2B Well Goal: Raise Health Awareness Throughout, One City & Place at a Time.
LVN 2B Well WEEK: This week –long-kick-off-program will collaborate with all health & wellness industries to create a movement that will celebrate a healthy lifestyle. The kick-off event will include a panel of experts and a wellness lounge at an on-site venue. After the initial event kick-off: a week-long program kicks in to the consumer with all industries partnering equally together to drive awareness to wellness and gain consumer focus on them and living well. This week will include a 30-40% special package or reduced price on select items or services which will also include benefits for the consumers as well at all participating retail & business establishments involved.

Consumers WANT to live longer and healthier so they can SPEND their hard earned wealth on fun & excitement!
The beauty about this wellness revolution & program week is that it can be tailored to any business.
WHAT IS EXPECTED & WHAT LVN 2B WELL OFFERS:  Participating Companies/Partners :Are asked to design a group of 3 services, products, devices or whatever their company or store has and allow a discounted rate; could also create a package of 3 target wellness-related items during this week program only. This will create A CALL TO ACTION and thus, increase consumer participation. For those companies in the industry who sell to vendors we would ask if you would consider a special code or industry package on certain items to work with the retailers in helping them decide what they may want to group and discount for this wellness week program.

The end result for all participating: the driving force of sales and increase consumer & retailer participation.
 Specials, grouped packages or any designed program should focus on ways to allow consumers to live healthier lives and to intense them to open their world to more areas in this industry; this is where the ROI will be seen, if there is a real attention to what the vendor designs. All Participants Receive: Increased press, awareness, buzz, cash flow/revenue, return-clientele, leads, move retail product, allow for marketing, brand & promotional opportunities Public: Customers reap the benefits of high-end products & services at a discounted rate that will educate, implement & enhance their well being and allow for a longer, better quality of life (year round) Retailers: Are introduced to new or additional companies that you can work or sell to and also be able to develop new relationships with the health & wellness experts panel; gain more press and buzz Charity/Organization: Partnership U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Dr. Andy Baldwin (ABC “Bachelor” Star) and his charity organizations: www.gotyourbacknetwork.org and www.healthylifestylesfoundation.org which are both 501 (3) (c ); help with the goal and to further the cause and purpose; most likely charities will rotate in markets. A portion of the entrance fee ,as well as sale components through select partners or sponsors , will go back to the significant charity.

Evolution + Revolution = Wellness Market Gain
The New Wellness Revolution states, the wellness industry has grown to $500 billion and it's just getting started! This Year, $2.5 trillion of the economy will be devoted to wellness products + services Over $486 billion was spent on health and wellness products worldwide • to keep us healthy, make us look or feel better, slow down the effects of aging, prevent diseases from developing altogether $11.9 billion was spent on an estimated 354 million visits to CAM practitioners, such as chiropractors & acupuncturists. • This equals 25% of the total out-of-pocket expenses for conventional physician visits  Ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are healthcare Health and Wellness –A Revolution….. People over 55 are joining gyms and health clubs by the thousands According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, baby boomers account for more than 6.7 million non-invasive, cosmetic procedures per year 78 million baby boomers don’t want to grow old

Turn Key Sponsorships
Publicity & Advertising Value Approx.= $80,500  Involvement in Leading Lifestyle –Wellness Event with Branding  Logo/Name Mention in all Marketing Materials  Logo/Name in all media kits and press releases  Opportunity to put tangible items + information in goodie bags for kick-off event  Logo/Event Name in over 15,000 E-blasts/Newsletters  Print ads (TBD) in select related publications  Website Page Design & Link Sponsorship Wellness Levels: $500-$15,000  Title Sponsor – 2 Year Commitment  Official Kick-Off Sponsor & Event Venue  Supporting Sponsors  Goodie Wellness Bag Sponsor – Providing design & 750 Bags Each Sponsorship level has different benefits. DEADLINE: for all sponsorships or vendor agreements by February 14,2011 in order to gain full marketing exposure.  Other INK events of this business model have brought in 2,000+ consumers/Sales have made over $180,000+ in retail revenue (with under 30 participants) *References/Sources: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, Murphy, American Journal of Health, MSNBC.com, Health & Wellness Where the Money Is, Paul Zane Pilzer: Wellness Revolution.

Dr. Christian Prada earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from the State University of New York Health Sciences Center. He graduated residency in General Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center, CA, & then completed a twoyear fellowship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Prada then received additional training by completing a 1 year cosmetic fellowship under the direction of two famous plastic surgeons, Scott Spear, M.D. and J. William Little, M.D. at Georgetown University Hospital, in Washington, D.C. www.stlcosmeticsurgery.com Heather Hawk: Heather Hawk: Is a national health and fitness correspondent for television and radio including: Discovery Health, ESPN, ESPN 2, Lifetime, HSN, QVC and HGTV. She serves as Director of Fitness Programming for Danskin Fitness Accessories for Women as well as Empower Fitness Equipment for Women. Heather is a spokesperson, consultant, and fitness advisor for numerous corporations and organizations as well as people of all ages their benefits of a healthy lifestyle. www.hawkonhealth.com

The Experts

Bianca “mizzFIT” Taxman a.k.a. fitness couturess, is a fitness fanatic. She believes that being healthy & fit is an instant formula for happiness. Throughout her life she’s had 2 addictions: fitness and fashion. mizzFIT.com is your ultimate destination for fitness styled and screened. It’s where you’ll learn about fitness couture, gyms, classes, health & wellness trends, deals , products, services, exciting events & more.

Dr. Zach Laboube: graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and Board Certified. Laboube has studied under renown Dr. Richard Yennie, chairman of the North American Society of Acupuncture. Laboube is a firm believer that regular chiropractic care and meridian balancing, accompanied by healthy diet and exercise, are the keys to reaching your maximum potential. www.insideoutwellness.net

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Cheresse Pentella: cheresse.ink@sbcglobal.net Cell Phone: 314-374-1055 Megan Ryan: cheresseinkmanager@yahoo.com Cell: 314-578-2979 Office Phone: 314-367-8954 All ideas relating to this program and document are the Sole & Intellectual Property of CheresseINK. All slogans, ideas, names and concepts including the title of the event are the intellectual Property of Cheresse Ink. In the event that someone uses the same or substantially similar slogans, ideas, names or concepts, Cheresse Ink shall be paid a licensing fee. All actions and details are subject to change based upon timing and availability.

Namaste – Keep LVN 2B Well
CheresseINK specializes in strategic branding and development, public relations & creative events. Our firm is consistently working on new brand alliances and specialized events that enhance a marketing sharing power. A few select clients and events include: Glenn Close’s

Bring Change to Mind Gala, Rolling Rock’s 33 Campaign, Budweiser Select & Maxim “Get Smart” Movie Premiere, Autohaus BMW’s Opening, Hotel Indigo Holiday Launch, Cash & Carry Boutique Warehouse Sale, Luxury Drop Sample Sale, Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge, Beauty Battle, Saint Louis Fashion Week & more. (www.cheresseink.com)

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