On Effects and Movement through Hyper-Dimensional Space/Time

Returning to the Mobius Strip, we should consider the movement of 2ders through our 3 Dimensional space. As the 2der progresses along the surface of the mobius strip, she continually walks in a seemingly straight line, all the while her path is twisting and turning erratically through our 3d space. In the same manner, as we consider our progress through 4th Dimensional time to be a straight line, it is also likely that we are on an erratic and shifting, possibly cyclical, path. I repeatedly mention cyclical based off the observations of closed loop Mobius strips and the cyclical motion of hypercubes. Considering the 4th Dimensional nature of hypercubes, I think it’s very important how they move in a simple, repeating pattern through 4th Dimensional space. As stated earlier, I think this is indicative of the simplicity of a hypercube as a 4d object. If we were to deal with more complex 4d objects, their patterns may become so complex as to appear completely random and never ending. To add another degree of complexity to the equation, there's also the need to consider that 4ders may move and rotate of their own volition, causing the pattern to be even more complex and irrationally unidentifiable to us. Anyways, the point of this is to show that our own paths through the 4th Dimension are probably far more complicated than we realize. We observe ourselves as traveling a strictly linear path through the 4th Dimension (Time). However, our paths may be twisting and turning within 4th Dimensional space without our awareness. If we were to suddenly “ascend” to the 4th Dimension and walk a path we had previously marked as a straight line from Monday until Sunday on the 3rd week of July in the year 2008 CE in this incarnation of our universe, we may find that our path really begins the Tuesday after that final Sunday, jumps to two weeks prior to 2000 years before that Monday, and sporadically hops around. Of course, our path is still continuous and the words I am using to try and describe “time hopping” are much of a misnomer. I believe this is mostly due to our 3rd Dimensional descriptions of time still being bound to the previously mentioned linear time. Instead of seeing ourselves as continuously hopping about throughout time, it’s more important to see that our linear time paths are not really so linear. Instead of a straight line, we follow this turbulent, twisting mobius strip of time, or some other suitable path. If we contrast the simplicity of the mobius strip with the complexity of our own 3/4d space-time universe's warping, it is a distinct possibility that our time path resembles more of a crumpled universe. Since the warping of 3/4d space/time has already moved to the forefront of science through Einstein’s relativity, then how would this warping be reflected upon the 4th dimension? More so, since 4ders would see 4d cross-sections of the 5th Dimension (Possibility based on 10 Dimensional String Theory), how would a warping of 4d space be observed by a 4der as she walks along her possibility path (5th Dimensional ‘Space/Time Line’)? Another consideration is what, exactly, do we move through in the 4th Dimension. In the 3rd Dimension, we willfully travel through space while being constricted to a “linear” time path. It doesn’t matter how we move, as long as exist in a 3rd Dimensional state and lower, we move “forward” through time. The only thing we presently have any effect upon is the rate at which we travel through the 4th Dimension. Again, referring to Einstein’s relativity, we can slow our progress through time by accelerating our travel through space or by sitting in a high gravity well, a massive warping of space/time. So if we were to become 4ders, we would similarly willfully move, or not move, throughout 4d space, otherwise known as time. However, at the same time, we would be constricted to seemingly linear progress through 5th Dimensional space, or Possibility. One example of this is Douglas Adams improbability drives. Whenever a space traveler activates her improbability drive, most notably the Infinite Improbability Drive of the Heart of Gold, she is cast forward to the required improbability for the journey necessary and then returned to her sum 0 probability once she arrives and the drive is deactivated. It’s interesting to note that this 4th Dimensional warping/travel is used as a means of nearly instantaneous travel through 3rd Dimensional space. If we refer back to the 2der’s instantaneous travel by warping through 3rd Dimensional space (a flatlander walking across a fold in a piece of paper) then Douglas Adam’s improbability drives start to make more sense. After all, what is probability but an aspect of possibility? The more probable an event is, the more possible it becomes. So to

increase one’s improbability is to progress through a series of possibilities and, essentially, fold our 4th Dimensional selves through 5th Dimensional space. By folding the 4th through the 5th Dimension, instead of the 3rd through the 4th, we are able not only to shortcut through 3rd Dimensional space, but 4th Dimensional time as well, which likely explains the incredible amount of time travel/manipulation in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, such as The Restaurant at the End of the Universe scene. These improbability drives can also be a clue how a 4der would ‘walk’ through their world. First, let us consider the 4der as the time trees I’ve previously described. Then, for the sake of efficiency and to cut our imaginations some slack, picture the 4der compressed to a single entity. The 4der is still comprised of all manifestations of herself, but we’ve condensed her to a point for the ease of visualization. Now, as this point moves through her 4d space, she is essentially walking through a universe of time. As she moves forward and backward, she is progressing and regressing in age and manifestations. As she moves sideways or up and down, she is crossing to connecting time paths. All of this motion combined would give us the impression of her spontaneously aging and shifting into different beings. Now, while all of this movement is going on, she is witnessing 4d space/time cross-sections of possibilities (the 5th Dimension) in the same manner that we witness 3d cross-sections of time. If we were to chart a ‘time line’ (for lack of a better word) of her actions, we would notice that, as it progressed from –x to +x, it would cross multiple timelines of different possibilities. All of her timelines now stretch up and down (-y/+y) and she progresses over them. She may start at some arbitrary ‘neutral’ position, let’s say 0 improbability or normality for the purpose of conceptualization, and progress higher and higher towards infinite improbability. For a better visual, her origin would stretch back infinitely closer to 0 improbability, thus preventing the dubious question of "what marks 0 improbability?" Instead of looking for some specific absolute state to identify as "normal", I think it's more important to maintain normal as an unreachable control to help sustain the idea of possibility progression, a negative infinity on the probability line, if you will. I'm reminded of the infamous question posed to scientists, "what came before the big bang?" The problem with questions like these, is that to ask what came "before" something is to suggest that even is still bound within time. The big bang, however, is an event that, so far, marks the creation of time. Nothing came before the big bang because there was no time before the big bang. In the same manner, there is no absolute normal, only closer and closer degrees to "normality". In deed, based upon the mobius strip, once again, what we conceive of 'normal' is probably pretty far off the mark. Now this universe in which we presently live may mark out the 3rd Dimensional embodiment of the 4th Dimensional time-line of a 5th Dimensional possibility track. We may be "replaced" by a different possibility track, we may have come after other possibility tracks, but to bring time into such an equation is almost complete nonsense. It makes an easier reference for us to use, but it drastically inhibits the concepts. Instead of "before" and "after", it's likely that all possibility tracks are being played out "simultaneously" simply due to them residing on the 5th dimension, above time itself. As I stated earlier, 4th dimensional time trees are constricted by varying 5th dimensional possibility tracks and not the other way around. Time, instead, really only embodies those of us moving and residing within the 3rd and lower dimensions. So to move in the 4th Dimension would be to move through your various incarnations and through time itself. Instead of being born, aging and dying, we could move in whichever directions we pleased. Because of this, aging in the 4th dimension would be to progress through different possibilities of one's life.

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