Comic Intro Where do we start, at the beginning, end or everywhere? What is the beginning?

Is it the start of their lives? The start of cosmic life? The start of all life? The start of everything? Is there even a beginning to anything? Many people believe time to move in one or two directions. Some more venturing groups even managed to devise 108 different temporal directions. Others considered time to move in -27. However, does time have any direction? In the beginning, there was the Aum, and the Aum was with you and the Aum was you. You created the Heavens and the Earth. You created man in your perceived image. You created all that is ever known. As the last breath of Hendrix slipped from his lips, you conceived yourself of your own seed and womb. As the first breath of Socrates seeped into his lungs, you felt your life fade to nothing. From nothing you came and to nothing you go. As you lived, you were fraught with many nothings. These nothings brought great strife as you were forced, by yourself, to choose this nothing or that nothing. You shaped these choices from your own nothing and from these choices your nothing was shaped. Each nothing brought you closer to a greater nothing as you went further and further from that lesser nothing you desperately clung to. All these nothings made for such a great difference of self between your nothing and your nothing. However, you found something at times. And at those moments of infinity, all that never was became all that ever is, was and will be. Let us remember when what will be.

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