By Joseph Hero

Messages Foreword Introduction Part I Prayers for Daily Living Week 1 1. Counting My Blessing 2. Go Another Mile 3. Keep On Going 4. Model The Way 5. My Life’s Blueprint 6. My Humble Self 7. Gift Of Time

Week 2 1. Gift Of Space 2. My Great Day 3. Feeling Of Importance 4. Laughing At Life 5. The Little Things 6. Welcome Every Morning 7. Be Patient, Persevere

Week 3 1. Control Me Lord 2. The Good Seed 3. Reach Out … Share 4. Keep On Smiling 5. Prosper Me, Lord 6. Joy Of Giving 7. Forget, Forgive, Forward Week 4 1. My Meaningful Moment 2. Power Of Believing 3. Asking And Receiving 4. Seeking And Finding 5. Knocking And Opening 6. Dream Big Dreams 7. Serve, Serve, Serve Part II - Conventional Prayers A. Daily Prayers Daily Offering Morning Prayer Evening Prayer The Angelus


Common Prayers The Lord‟s Prayer Hail Mary Glory Be Grace Before Meals Grace After Meals The Apostles‟ Creed Act Of Faith Act Of Hope Act Of Love Act Of Contrition Come. Devotion To The Blessed Virgin Mary Hail Holy Queen Act Of Consecration To Mary Memorare Prayer To Mary.TABLE OF CONTENTS B. Help Of Christians 5 . Holy Spirit Prayer For Generosity Prayer For Peace Soul Of Christ The Benedictus The Beatitudes Divine Praises Magnificat Novena To The Sacred Heart C.

Personal Prayers A Lover‟s Prayer Prayer For Loved Ones Prayer For Married Couples 6 . Special Prayers Prayer For Priests Prayer For the Church Prayer For All Christians Prayer For Families Prayer To The Holy Spirit Visit To The Blessed Sacrament Consecration To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Oratio Imperata Prayer For A Happy Old Age E.TABLE OF CONTENTS D. Healing Prayers Healing Invocation Prayer For Healing Prayer For the Sick Prayer To The Divine Healer Prayer Of A Sick Person Prayer When Down Prayer When Frustrated Prayer When Hurt F.

Thanksgiving Prayers Thank You.TABLE OF CONTENTS Prayer For Husband Or Wife Prayer For A Son Or Daughter A Student Prayer A Teacher‟s Prayer Prayer To God‟s Love G. Lord Act Of Appreciation 7 .

Thus the more we pray. it calls us to be committed to Him. the more we feel His constant presence in our lives in whatever we do. It is fitting that we reserve a time for Him. It inspires awe and reverence. and above all a time for God.INTRODUCTION Prayer is an experience with God.” Time is a great gift from God. In our daily lives we tend to be busy at work and less time for ourselves and for our Creator. in all circumstances we are in. 8 . It brings touching moment. it is declared. drives away temptation. reverence and sincerity in order to obtain favors from God. We pray with attention. “there is a time for everything under heaven. comforts the afflicted. It is a communication process in which we speak to God and He listens. We pray in order to change ourselves so that God‟s word can be done in us. We need to have more time for God. In Ecclesiastes. enjoyable time and blissful situation. It cleanses us from sin. and strengthen relationship and friendship with others. He is present. restores health. It draws us closer with Him. Because it is a spiritual experience. God always wants to talk to us through His Word and when we open our heart and mind to Him.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “Prayer has saved my life. He is a merciful God so we beg Him for forgiveness of our sins and failures. If I was able to get rid of that despair. They put me in a temporary despair. we transform ourselves into loving and caring persons who are ever grateful for the abundant blessings and graces we receive from His bounty. I should have become insane.The purpose of prayer is to offer our daily life to God. we find similar situation that seemingly we cannot endure. Prayer can be expressed through adoration. health and other aspects of our life. we praise and glorify God for being our Creator and Father. In this act. I had my share of bitter experiences. whether in relationships. contrition. thanksgiving and supplication. Even though he is a Hindu. we thank Him for the graces and blessings 9 bestowed on us. With deep gratitude.” In life. finances. It is to take us deep into the heart and mind of God. . our faith in God increases. Jesus told His disciples to pray continually without ceasing and not to lose heart. our trust in Him grows. In the act of adoration. And in due time we are able to overcome these challenges as we go on with our journey. It enhances to save us from many challenges we face. But through prayer. it was because of prayer. Without it.

close our eyes. singing.We beseech Him to continually provide for our needs. We can do meditation. When you breath out you cast out the past hurts. miseries and all negative feelings. We can go to a church or chapel and visit the Blessed Sacrament. It can help our physical and emotional being to be healthy and 10 . acting or reciting. Or go to a corner and sit down for a „quiet time‟ with the Lord and have a heart to heart talk with Him. breathe and imagine God being with us. You focus on your life. It can be done through reading. Wherever we are. We can speak to Him through our heart and mind. that while you are breathing you think of all the good and beautiful moments that happen in the past. This can also be a fine time for healing. Quiet time is done with a breathing technique in which you inhale and exhale very slowly. full of gratitude and faith and ask to receive His blessings for you and your love ones. And we pray to share our blessings with others. We implore Him to keep us with a sound mind in a healthy body. unhappy experiences. Then connect with God by opening your mind and heart to Him. There are many ways to pray. we can say our prayer.

This encompasses everything we can say in a prayer.strong. The best prayer is a dialogue we have with God that comes from the heart. praising. go and do something worthwhile. Concentrate on one organ or part of your body one at a time and carry the oxygen to it as you breathe in. carry with your mental power the oxygen that brings healthy nutrients to nourish our cells. Having been blessed with a renewed feeling and empowerment. So when you inhale. After finishing the process. Lord Jesus taught us how to pray with the Lord‟s Prayer. . Part I leads us to praying daily for a full and joyful life. bring the dead cells out to be part of the carbon dioxide. The million of cells in our body undergo a process of renewal and tuning up. thanking. from glorifying. And when you exhale. something good to other people and god‟s creation. These prayers can be recited daily for a month and be repeated all over again. another set comes into life. asking for mercy to supplicating and avoiding temptations. You may also link up with your guardian angel and your favorite saints and request their help for intercession. However. connect with God and thank Him for the healing and blessing. When some cells break down. this book is a guide and it is divided into two parts.

The Special Prayers are those that we say for special event or to a special person. It can heal our pain whether in health. The Common Prayers have become part of our daily spiritual routine that make us closer to God. One is for God. And the third one for peace and solidarity of peoples throughout the whole world. relationships. or finances. Another is for our significant others. 11 . It helps us to venerate and invoke her to pray and intercede for us. Personal Prayers show us to pray for our dear ones and significant others. Gratitude Prayers are what the Lord wants us to declare always. We can select and recite in prayer the ones that suit our needs. The Healing Prayers are intended to mend our brokenness and make us well in body and spirit. like family.The second part is a compilation of conventional but relevant prayers. He rejoices when we thank Him for our blessings and answered prayers and even for the trials we encounter. The Devotions to our Blessed Mother enhances our relation with God. relatives and friends. The Daily Prayers bring us an awareness that God is with us throughout the day. When we pray it may be more significant if we bless and light three candles.

The first seven sets (1-7)shall be for Week 1. the third set (15-21) for Week 3. It is preferable that these can be recited on a daily basis. 12 .PART 1 PRAYERS FOR DAILY LIVING There are 28 sets of Prayers in this book. and the fourth set (22-28) for Week 4. the second set (8-14) for Week 2.

WEEK 1 13 .

let me always count my blessings. Lord. Lord. embrace me. put me in Your heart. help me to appreciate my being. I have a sound mind in a healthy body. I have a family that love and care for me. Let me realize that You love me And how valuable I am. In Jesus‟ mighty name. I have friends to whom I can turn to for help. You are my source of strength and power. I can walk. 14 . That Your graces will keep flowing through me Towards others who need and depend on me. I can look. Amen. I have the power to choose. But Lord.1 COUNTING MY BLESSINGS Almighty God and Father. Many opportunities abound around me. Have mercy on me Your faithful servant. In the lowest moments of my life I experience defeats and failures. I can talk. With prosperity and amazing abundance. When I lose heart whenever I suffer pain. Forgive me when I despair in times of trouble. Touch me. I am free. I believe You make a great life for me.

The sweet songs of the bird. but we still hope to live everlastingly in the next. The romance of a moonlit and starry night. . The softness and beauty of a flower. The kiss of the breeze. It is a simple math. We will discover that our blessings far outweigh the adversities or negative things in our life. The fact that we breathe free air that carries oxygen. We will realize that there are so many miracles happening to us. The most important thing is the gift of life.Reflection: Do we know how to count? Obviously we do. Everyday we go through a process called constant change. The energy of the sun. Let‟s try to list down our blessings or the good things that we have or the experiences we encounter. Keep counting! God is with us. Some are major. arithmetic or multiplication. keeps our lungs to function well and nourishes the blood that flows though our arteries and veins to make our hearts beat in perfect rhythm. some are small. God provides us with many freebies that we take for granted as we go though the rigors of daily living. The sound of the waves. We may live for some years here on earth.

say and do.” I will go the extra mile. go two miles.2 GO ANOTHER MILE Lord. You are my Father and Provider. I will do something new. I will deliver More than I am getting paid for. However. I will establish good relationships. thank You for your reassuring Word. to my customers. To my friends. 15 . To seize every opportunity at hand. To improve my level of excellence in service. Amen. something significant. Mediocrity tend to haunt my day. Lord. In Jesus‟ name. I will accomplish more in my job. I will work harder to grow my business. I will exercise my privilege to go another distance. I am sorry for being complacent and unproductive. Something worthwhile. something nice. I will make myself worthy to my family. I will lead the way towards prosperity and abundance And share my miracles and blessings with others. From this day forward. I will create and add more value and worth In everything I think. to my colleagues. “If you are asked to go a mile.

If we plant more. . to act remarkably. With God‟s guidance. We have the choice to be ordinary or to be extraordinary. And he will promote us. our business will thrive. It seems that mediocrity or being ordinary is the mind-set and attitude of many. of being average and just be one of the guys. We can win in this wonderful game of life. If we take care of our customers and add value for them. to be average or above average. We can be exceptional in our ways. our boss will notice. we harvest more. God helps us with what we do. there is a better way. “extra”.Reflection: What makes a person extraordinary? It is the prefix word. Creating or adding value is simply done by acts of kindness or doing something new or nice for others everyday. If we go the extra mile we will reach our dreams. If we take care of our jobs and do more. It can be a simple gift of joy or saying a little prayer. But we have the opportunity to be special. or to be mediocre or to be excellent. What we give is what we get. This puts us in the position of getting no-where. We can do great things.

Stir me to try and try to serve again and again. loving and caring. Thank You for assuring me these things will pass.3 KEEP ON GOING Lord God. I feel I am dragged deeper into hardship. Lord for my lack of trust in You. That victory comes after a series of defeats. I am sorry. no solutions. There seems to be no way out. Show and guide me to learn from failures. Let me shake off those blunders. There are times when I lose hope. When there are insurmountable problems. Let me persevere and go on with this game. Amen. Until I attain my goals and my objectives. You said everything is possible if I have faith in You. those strike-outs. In Jesus‟ name. Those mistakes. And the power of Your Word. I know my turn will come Just as the sun shines after the storm. my Father and my Strength. With Your grace and miracles. Send Your Holy Spirit to inspire me. Let me realize that life is a game to be played. 16 . living. I will keep on going. And I believe that You will always provide.

Jesus said. One is fear. we can conquer. Still another enemy is doubt. The race is not always to the swift. To eliminate this we have to have full faith in God and that hope is always in our hands. With trust in the Lord. Another is indecision. but to those who keep on running. which we can defeat with the courage and strength of our character. which immobilizes us to act. we are certain we will find a way and overcome any crisis. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. There are many road blocks along the way in achieving our goals. But if we are steadfast with our grace. which is related to our doubts. We can talk to God for solutions to our problems. There are enemies within our self that we need to fight. who can be against us. Another is worry. If Christ is with us. Let us be fervent in our prayer. But if we are resolute with our actions. difficulties or discouragement. we will move on. If we endure.” . we can survive and reach our destination.Reflection: Perseverance is steady persistence to attain a purpose or accomplish a course of action in spite of obstacles.

for the times When I became inconsiderate and negligent. 17 . When I am out of touch or absent minded. Just like You lifted me up when I am down. Let me honor them with good words and actions Let me hug and kiss them as often as I could. My family is of prime importance. You are a Leader and a Model Creating me in Your own image and likeness. Never again. Guiding and teaching them by my example. that there are little eyes watching me Little ears that hear what I say. And celebrate and honor You through them. Lord! Let me be a role model to my family and others. Amen. I am sorry Lord.4 MODEL THE WAY Lord. With You in my heart and soul. Let me set an example for the child who is waiting To live and grow up and be like me. Let me show my spouse and children the best side of me To have a loving and faithful family. Let me be around to lift them up Whenever they stumble or fall. our Father. After all the glory and praise that I do for You. In Jesus‟ name. I know Lord. And little hands eager to do what I do.

they can sense. obedience and passion for the world. To be a disciple is to be like Him. teacher. If we are to be honored as a Model Parent or an Outstanding Citizen. Our sons and daughters look up to us as an example. protector. We have to act with integrity. To follow Him. feel and act . we must be His disciples. organization. and tend to imitate and idolize us. . we play many roles. What are our beliefs and principles? Do we honor our commitments? Do we follow standards of excellence. We are the father or mother. and caregiver. it is imperative on us to watch ourselves. What we think. They mark what we say. There must be a set of values that we observe as guide to our action.Reflection: What does it take to be a model? Primarily in the family. provider. leader. in love. etc. Thus. commitment. colleagues. and community? Our real model is the Lord Jesus Christ. what do we want to hear from those who grant the award? What are the contributions we made to our family.

my Creator and ever-loving God. 18 . No more complaints. Let me bless others in Your Name. for being Your child. In Jesus‟ name. Amen. treasure as well as my talents. And the ability to achieve them. Let me have a proper sense of self-worth And the power to change my conditions. My Guide. Let me think positively and move on To do what is useful and beneficial for others. With time. happy and valuable thoughts. Let me build this day on the foundation Of pleasant. no more blames. Let me consider success in every endeavor To grow and flourish with faith and trust in You. To glorify and praise You in every worthwhile thing That I do for You and for others. Thank You for my dreams and my aspirations. Of seeds that will grow and bear much fruits. Thank You for the gift of life. Let the vision I see in my mind and in my heart Be my life‟s blueprint as my design. I lift up my thoughts and feelings to You. Let me think of great and grand ideas.5 MY LIFE’S BLUEPRINT My Lord. My Protector and the Source of my Power.

In times of crisis. . declaring our beliefs and principles. we are ready to decide and act accordingly. in our offices. we need to have our own blueprint. on the basis of our purpose. goals and aspirations. in the church. in government and other places. the ultimate blueprint is how we relate with our God.Reflection: Blueprint is a lingo of architecture and engineering. of building homes and bridges and other infrastructures. loving Him and obeying His commands. In life. We have to plan our life strategically to make our dreams come true. in schools. our communities. in our dealings with our family. It can be a Vision-Mission Statement. There are many ways to prepare our blueprint. It can be in a form of a Credo. We must have significant values that we observe at home. our company. that consists of our vision. What is important is to abide by them. on the road. mission and values. we know how to deal with the issue at hand. To realize our dreams we need a blueprint. to follow them in our everyday life. When faced by adversities.

Knowing myself fully well. my truth and my life. O God and I praise You. At times I am arrogant and conceited With false pride that tend to disable me And halt my progress in my relationships. Let Your Word be my light To brighten up the road I am travelling. Thank You for the graces of talents. That I am nothing without You. I humbly place my heart and mind. In You. Make me meek and humble in my ways. With full faith and loving kindness. Just like You. Have mercy on me as I ask for Your pardon. I will treasure them in my heart and use them. Amen. and be my guide. let me love and take care of Your people Till it hurts without expecting in return. Let me be like Your Son. Forgive me and let me go on in my modest way. 19 . Let every little success I make in service Be to honor You for the benefit of others.6 MY HUMBLE SELF I adore You. You are my way. Live in me Lord. skills and wisdom That You help me develop as I grow . Jesus as my Model To endure whatever challenges I may encounter.

. Certainly it will come back to you. Thus. treasure and talents to make this world a better place. Give it away and share. We must always be thankful to others who provide services for us. The other is being detached and the third is being available.Reflection. Whatever they do. let it not stay or stop with you. Availability requires us to be always willing to help others. And when we appreciate others. share with others. Being detached means we must always be a tool for the flow of graces. however small it is always fitting that we give credit where it is due. When we receive blessings. For God‟s glory. the wealth that we acquire belongs to our God. Humility requires three attributes. When we do these things for God‟s Kingdom. with graces filled to the brim. many more will bring back to us. we attract more blessings coming our way in the form of more services. we need to give and dedicate our time. We are stewards of God‟s creation. more love and even more financial rewards. One is gratitude.

Have mercy on me when troubles come to haunt me. Thank You for the abundant blessings. Pardon me for my attitude of indolence. the song I sing. The birds and the bees. Remind me Lord that You love me And You take good care of me every minute. I adore You and praise You. You are our Provider and Creator of time. if I blame anyone. Make every time valuable for me and for others. whenever I do not make use of it. Time is a special gift from You. Amen 20 . Thank You for this day. let me take care of it. The people I meet. the prayers I share. Put a smile on my lips whenever I talk. In Jesus‟ Name. Stay beside me. hold me in Your arms every moment. I know that a day is gone and cannot be retrieved. the flowers and plants. if I complain. Let me enjoy every minute with Your creation. I am blessed indeed with Your gift.7 GIFT OF TIME Almighty Father. I am sorry if I whine. Forgive me Lord. Walk with me as I journey through life. The world is mine. A second ticks away and will never be back.

we have no regrets. Keep the love alive with every chance that comes. What is important is now. We create or add value with time. every minute. but more joys in living our life. Let God be with you always to guide you in your achievements and carry your load whenever you have problems. every hour. Quality time with our family is precious for our sons and daughters. If I can do something good. For somehow there may no longer be a chance.Reflection: The value of time is measured every day. if we do something good or something nice whenever we can. It is also important to our parents. They say yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. let me do it now. Today is what matters most. Time spent can never be retrieved. every second. Send a greeting card to a friend. Say what you want to say! Kiss your spouse and hold his or her hands! Hug your children! Embrace your mom or dad. So let‟s make use of our time that if ever we are to recall the past. It is cherished whenever we are with friends or colleagues. Keep praying and stay happy! .

WEEK 2 21 .

Forgive me when I do not acknowledge You. In Jesus‟ Name. Keep this world a place of peace and love. Amen. Yet my place is cluttered and in disarray. From now on I will stay with You I know my success and happiness Come solely from You. Align my goals and objectives with the vision To see You face to face in heaven. I adore You and praise You You are the Maker and Ruler of the universe. Let me perform my tasks and responsibilities With full faith and complete trust in You. Excuse me when I tend to forget to trust You. That positive changes may occur To exalt and glorify You with praise and thanksgiving. Which is to do Your will in accord with others. Let me focus on my purpose in life.8 GIFT OF SPACE O Lord God. 22 . You created and provided us with a place to live. In this world in which You are always around. Let my mission be to do great things To continue Your creation here in this world. And turn myself to You only when I am down. To make this world a place of glory for You. Thank You Lord for being patient and understanding. Pardon me for being too busy at home.

Reflection: We dwell in God‟s creation or what we call the Universe. If we appreciate everything we see around us. it will outnumber the adversities we encounter. There is a law of attraction that whatever you thought you have in your mind is transformed into feelings. We must let peace and understanding rule that place we are living. we will always have a happy disposition. It is always nice to take care of the environment. . we can always make it wonderful. If we count the blessings we have. We don‟t realize it. It still revolves around the love we have for each other as children of God. We live in a complex world. Always fill your mind with positive and useful ideas or thoughts. Let us keep this world a better place than when we came into it. This is a gift that we have to treasure. God‟s love for us is immense and without limits. which manifest into actions. but God is with us. But we a second life to live for eternity. but if we simplify our lives. Many things happen to keep our world wonderful. We may not last forever in this world.

patiently. Let me live this day with strong determination And every hour with zeal and enthusiasm. This is my day. Let me handle any moment with passion No matter how tough and hard. relax and take a break. You are the Source of Power. And put my feet up for a sound sleep.9 MY GREAT DAY Father God. One task at a time to make progress To fulfill my purpose and reach my goal. a great day for me. Amen. Let me share my treasures. 23 . Let me show the world my talents That can be useful and valuable. Let me do something great today. In Jesus‟ name. Knowing that I have done my best. Today is my day. You are the Creator of time. When my head hits the pillow. And lift up to You All the graces and blessings That come my way. Let me live it sweetly. lovingly. Let me rest. And purely till I go to sleep tonight.

Some would say. Let those graces flow. Spend your money prosperously. Ask God for help. When graces and blessings come your way. Help your community and your world. Always start the day and end it with prayer. Keep a smile on your face and have a happy disposition.Reflection: What makes a day great? This means different things to many people. But what matters most to a person is doing something nice to anyone with love and care. You experience a feeling of excitement. And keep asking others to help you too. Give it away without expectation. Still others would be happy if his or her lover said “yes” to their steady relationship. And you will realize it comes back tenfold or even a hundred fold. Others would consider getting promoted at work. he was able to strike a deal that makes him gain more profit. Pray without ceasing. be grateful to God. If you give something in terms of service or in kind to someone in need. you feel elated. .

Understanding and love to others. I will make a person. And extend the best service I can give.10 FEELING OF IMPORTANCE O God. To my customers. And to love my neighbor as I love myself. whether buyer or supplier. Forgive me for taking You for granted. friend or foe. With the best of care and kindness To make them feel important in Your name. whoever he or she is To feel valuable and significant. For not giving and reaching out to others In their times of need and hardship. I will extend the best conduct to my family To my neighbors and co-workers. I will give all the care and kindness. Lord. beginning today. Doing things with no thought of reward. You have a command To love You above all things. 24 . I will be more understanding and more loving. Let me do it day after day. Amen. In Jesus‟ name. I will treat Everyone I meet.

With such mark of distinction. He makes us feel important. It brings joy. We give various titles to important person. We pay tribute to them. And this can be manifested by doing some acts of kindness to others. Other titles can be “Your Highness” or “Your Eminence”. He is our Protector. our Leader and our Provider. . we give due respect or reverence to that person. He makes all things beautiful to bring happiness to us. Thus. It makes us feel elated and ecstatic as well. delight and excitement. our Shield and our Healer. We address them as “Your Excellency” or “Your Honor”. He is our Father. Are we important to God? He always treat us as unique and special. He created us in His own image. Make everyone you meet feel importance. It is always nice to thank and glorify Him. we give Him due honor and praise.Reflection: Treating a person with importance and respect is a noble act. Is God important to us? Obviously He is.

Make it a natural remedy. When I complain with self pity. When I lose my confidence and trust in You. Lord. In Jesus‟ name. And help me to put my life in proper perspective. our Father. But I am grateful for Your care and protection Thank You for the gift of life For preserving my health. Amen. Let my laughter ease my pains and sorrows. So I can free my mind to think clearly With all the joy and delight In solving the problems and facing issues And coping with the challenges of daily living.11 LAUGHING AT LIFE O God. make me laugh at myself and at the world. Thank You for Your healing power For making laughter as the best medicine. Keep my smile to provide happiness to others. When I worry with tension and anxiety. 25 . Provider and Healer. I am sorry for the times of my life. a miracle drug To win this game called life. Teach me to smile and laugh more often.

Stress causes many infirmities. God is with you. And This proven by many. many bod ailments will be cured. When you smile. Even when we cry with Him. Thanksgiving and praise must always be in a happy mood.Reflection: It is said that laughter is the best medicine. we shed tears of joy It is a good practice that every morning when we wak up. And an act of gratitude to God and the persons Who have touched us will bring us more joy and blissful rest. Blood pressure and blood sugar will be lowered down to control hypertension and diabetes. mental disorders. we call upon God to thank Him for the good rest. God blesses us. God is always happy for us. There is an exercise called the “Laughing Buddha”. And our work becomes easier to accomplish. Heart diseases. like gastric ulcers. He never wants us to be lonely. The best way to manage Stress is to have a happy disposition. When we pray. A smile or laugh is an antido to anxiety and tension. At the end of the day. we count all the things that we have done. It is said that when this is done regularly. . After that we realize that our day will be full of happy thoughts and joyful feelings. which is to put a smile on your face or to keep laughing. It takes only 7 muscles to smile and 70 to frown.

Guide me. Amen. For my talents. Forgive me for neglecting my tasks. To act and perform with excellence. my skills. To spend additional minutes and hours To say soft words of praise and admiration. teach me. Lord.12 THE LITTLE THINGS O Lord. for taking short-cuts To avoid my responsibilities. For cutting corners. To take care of the little things. Inspiration. To deliver more than what I promise. 26 . motivation and gratitude To the people I come in contact with. To pay special attention to details. my Creator and my Leader Thank You for making me a special person. Let me always say a word of encouragement. remind me always to respect and honor Every person under my care. and my capabilities. The things that matters most. Lord. In Jesus‟ name. To put extra effort in what I do.

It is a lonely word. We have to add or create values. And so we cut corners. we need to perform with excellence. We must do something worthwhile everyday. Even in the Bible. These are: “I am sorry”. We think that they are not relevant or significant. It requires us to do more extra efforts. there will be more harmony and peace in our family. If we have a goal to make. Let‟s try verbalizing this! It may be more beneficial and advantageous for us.Reflection: Sometimes we take for granted the small things. only one out ten lepers who were healed came back to thank the Lord. “Thank you”. . If we can only have the habit to say these more often. Oftentimes we tend to forget to give thanks to the person who are helping us to achieve our objectives. There are three little praises that are very important in preserving or nurturing relationships. We always want to take the easier route. We need to initiate. Very short yet very hard to utter. and “I love you”. Gratitude has become inappropriate. community and in our work place.

Let me greet with a smile everyone I meet With gentleness. Another golden opportunity To do what I left unfinished yesterday. Remind me to plan my work. I welcome this day with a smile. In Jesus‟ name. As I wake up this bright morning. Let me smell the sweetness of flowers And listen to what the birds sing. Let my first hour set the theme Of success and positive action. 27 . kindness and courtesy. Thank You for this special gift. That is certain to echo through my day. Amen. Lord. Let me welcome each morning As a superb and wonderful time. I am sorry Lord. Full of faith and hope in You.13 WELCOME EVERY MORNING O God. for wasting my days For being desperate at times. You are worthy of praise and adoration. And to work according to my plans. make me a self starter.

vigorous health and prudent wisdom. as we pray. we attract many good things into our life. happy relationships. praising and thanking Him for new and fresh life. With full faith in God. You can tell Him your problems and seek for appropriate solutions. You can also ask for forgiveness of transgressions and wrongdoings. Most of all you can supplicate and beseech the Lord for all your needs. If we welcome it right with prayer and positive attitude. It sets the mood of what is going to happen.” The secret to attracting what we want is to ask God. whether abundant riches. After you get it. “Give us this day our daily bread. have faith in Him and receive. .Reflection: Morning is the start of every new day. It is always nice to pray to God. and resolve to do better next time. our day will be blessed and we will have a wonderful time. it is important that you are appreciative and grateful for what comes your way.

14 BE PATIENT. Teach me Lord. wish. Through a program You design for me. feel and act. to fulfill my grand dreams. 28 . One day at a time. think. step by step. Let me persevere till my dreams come true. Thank you for granting and imparting me With the faculty to dream and to aspire. So I can be guided of what to do With the best that I can. Satisfied and pleased with what I achieve. To believe. And enjoy every fruitful day. Always through a constant process. to be patient and kind. Let me go the distance to achieve my goals. Bless me Lord. Let me set my goals thoroughly Not just in my mind but in writing. Amen. In Jesus‟ name. Let me realize I am under Your loving care. Forgive me whenever I become impatient Whenever I fall below expectation. PERSEVERE Almighty Father and generous Provider.

there is always hope that everything will be alright. to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulties. When we have a strong attitude of perseverance. there will always be road blocks along the way. You wait for things to happen always in your favor. It may not be what we actually asked for. And if God is with us. Prayer is done with both patience and perseverance. When you are patient. We believe that God is on our side. but it will be according to the measure of what we request Him to do for us. it is forever. So we just have to keep on waiting. “wait a minute”. these road blocks will be erased in due time. but beneficial to all concerned. it means we are persevering. who can be against us. places and things is a good character trait to practice because it is a win-win situation. and we can go on our way to achieving our goals.Reflection: Being patient in dealing with people. When we are patient. If God tells you. In every action that we take. obstacles or discouragement. . The answer to our prayers will come in God‟s time.

WEEK 3 29 .

Thank You for taking care of me. To be assured of being efficient and effective In what I will ever do.15 CONTROL ME LORD Lord. And keeping me in Your loving embrace. You will always be my shield and guard To take care of my fragile life. Take control of me. In Jesus‟ name. With a positive mindset that will prevent External influence to overpower me. And be affected by other‟s envy and jealousy. Lord. all around me. Protect me from any harm and temptation And let me combat these menial forces With the strength of my character And the gentleness of my loving heart. You are my Savior and Protector. Stay beside me. To feel gloomy and defeated. I am sorry Lord. Amen. when at times I tend to be careless and inconsiderate. 30 . Let me not allow anyone to rain on my parade.

And He controls us. get connected through prayers. there‟s nothing I shall want. But we rely on ourselves too much. that what we think or what we want. it will manifest into reality. And how do we do that. who can be against us.” Sometimes. If we call upon Him. our feelings and our actions. we do not know what will happen to us. We wonder how this universe came about. . There is a universal law of attraction. but most of all our achievements and successes. So we have to think good and positive thoughts that will help us and in return help others. He will always be there for us. We know that God is the author of life and the creator of things in this world. with full faith in God. It is imperative that we get connected to Him. our thoughts. But we have to be with Him.” God takes care of us. He give and He does what is best for us. It is through prayers and His Word. The Bible says. So we believe there is God who makes these things possible. We can tell Him of our worries and disappointments. We have to offer accts of gratitude to Him. “If Christ is with us.Reflection: “The Lord is my shepherd. We are not aware that God is watching us.

Thank You for Your provisions To test and challenge me to be better. Let me take time to discover What possible benefits and advantages Can I get from any crisis or adversity. Let me look long and hard enough To find the key to a door of opportunity. In Jesus‟ name Amen. Keep reminding me Lord. You open another for me. Help me Lord.16 THE GOOD SEED O God of Power and Might. Forgive me when I become discouraged. Let me sow a seed of love and affection. tenderness and passion. Show me to make assets out of my liabilities And turn defeats into victories. Whenever troubles come my way With only a small amount of trust in You. That whenever a door is shut close. to keep on searching For a better way to live. 31 . Allow me to search for the seed of good In every predicament or difficulty I may encounter Lead me to open doors with new opportunities And perform great miracles for me. Friendship.

we have to plant good seeds. but most of the time. I have learned a lesson that before I sow the seeds I have to select only the good seeds. I use seeds to be germinated to be nurtured and develop into a healthy plant. The law of nature states that what you sow is what you reap. That is why it is advisable that we avoid junk or negative thoughts or ideas. In order for us to achieve the fullness of life. that blocks our sight into achieving our goals. . I noticed that seeds are not the same. We must think only of the positive things. but good seeds grow to bear good produce. There are good and bad seeds. Sometimes I plant cuttings to grow. Thoughts are seeds that become feelings and eventually manifest into action. We are even challenged to do great things. Think of your assets and make use of it to propel us into action. This is also true in our lives. or what can be done: not what can‟t be done. And so let‟s plant great seeds as well.Reflection: I have a garden where I plant various kinds of vegetables. not our liabilities. What you give is what you get. Bad seeds do not grow.

make me an instrument for the flow of graces. Let me listen and encourage Let me be compassionate and sensitive.17 REACH OUT…SHARE Ever loving God. Let me support and donate with gladness Let me honor and respect others. Let me reach out and share Let me smile and have a gentle heart. my Source of Joy and Happiness Thank You for the abundant blessings Thank You for the grace of inner peace Thank You for Your love and attention. Let me be thoughtful and considerate. Lord. 32 . Let me hug and embrace others. Let me be grateful always In Jesus‟ name. Amen. You said there is no happiness in getting or having. Let me be concerned and sympathetic Let me be nice and caring Let me teach and inspire others Let me love and pray for those in need. Let me be kind and helpful. Let me give more of myself. But there is greater joy in giving.

They become close to them because we are part of them. if our hands are close. We tend to shut the opportunities that may be available. Sharing is an act that gives us a feeling of fulfillment. We experience a kind of ecstasy that puts us under the divine protection and care of God. That is why it is imperative that we keep our hands open. When we share we become part of the object of that person. It attracts the Spirit of God to come into our lives to serve as inspiration and keeps the light burning as we go on with the tasks that propel us to greater heights. no blessings enters because the is no space available in it. It becomes a medium of graces that flows through us. Reaching out and sharing make us always contented and happy. When we share there is always the element of love and care.Reflection: When we reach out to other people. our hands are open ready to give and to serve. On the other hand. It also opens our hearts and minds for any positive thoughts or feelings that will be translated into useful deeds. that carries us to a higher level of existence. We become more affectionate and warm with our relationship with other people. .

Let me appreciate any help and support Coming from anyone with generous heart. Let the muscles in my face Flex easily to smile and never to frown. You are a Loving and Happy God. Let my laughter resonates through a space That inspire and stir others to find solutions In every problem and hardships they meet. In Jesus‟ name. Grant me the grace to be joyful and happy. Let me be grateful always for any blessing That come my way from Your benevolence.18 KEEP ON SMILING Lord. Amen. 33 . Let me overcome any road blocks That prevent me from achieving my goals And becoming a person who cares for others. And keep up the things that are pleasing to You. You created me in Your likeness and image. Let my smile radiates towards others Let my happiness reflect a light of bliss Let it brighten the dark spots in the universe. Let Your greatness pass through me And go beyond to be of service and use For the benefit and maintenance of Your creation.

God always smiles at us. Friends are usually developed through smiles and laughter. but with negotiation with understanding and smile from the faces of their respective leaders. Our struggles become easier and achievement of our goals simple. It can build friendship. Smile is anti-stress and can give way to healing not just our bodily pains but also of our hurts and troubles. Keep smiling. health is enhanced because our body systems function in complete harmony. With a smile. God loves you! . peace and a happy life. You even start friendship with a smile together with knowledge and understanding of the other person . A happy life is indicated when you are avail to put a smile that radiates throughout your whole being. He likes that we enjoy our life here on earth as He awaits for us in heaven. He provides a guardian angel to each one of us so that we will be protected and shielded from wrongdoing and transgressions and from safeguarded from the evil enemy. A smile can build many great things. Peace among people among people and nations are achieve not with arms.Reflection: One of the greatest creations of God is smile. He wants us to be happy.

34 . In Jesus‟ name. to trust in You To prosper in Your abundant graces. We are stewards of Your creation and nature.19 PROSPER ME. You give us with so much provisions. Let me know and adopt what is right And avoid what is wrong to protect my integrity. LORD Almighty Father and Great Provider. Let me follow Your ways as You taught us Through Your Word. Let me create values by continually doing What is worthwhile and meaningful. Enlighten us Lord. Your opportunities are boundless. To grow in Your spirit with full faith and determination And share them with others who are left behind In order to build an community of love and harmony. Amen. Preserve us with good health For us to endure and combat challenges And become victorious for You. Bestow on us the strength and power To handle and direct these resources For Your greater glory and magnificence.

Always offer your thoughts. There is always abundance in working for the Lord. .Reflection: Abundance and prosperity comes from God. feelings and actions with the Lord. and He will reward us with rich blessings. “Abundantes in opere Domine semper.

Our Father and Author of life. talent and resources In the material concerns of this world. You are the source of greater joy and happiness. Amen. Forgive us Lord. With deep faith and with a caring heart. To offer myself. In Jesus‟ name. Enhance our journey of charity. Show us the virtue of giving good things to others Without expecting anything in return. I would like to excel myself in the grace of giving. 35 . Thank You for giving us Your begotten Son Jesus For us to have everlasting life. Deepen my faith in You and expand my adventure. For not being considerate of others who are in need. Thank You for providing us with abundant graces. if we become selfish and greedy. teach us to be generous.20 JOY OF GIVING Lord God. For wasting our time. Lord. Please help me and guide me to be true to myself. my time assets and talents To be of service to others in need. Let me spread the joy of giving By encouraging others on their own journey. Let me experience Your presence in me As I go on my way to achieve my goals.

we become happy.Reflection: Imagine a child. Then we get some coins and candies to give him. We get a sense of fulfillment and joy. It seems he has not bathed for a week or so. We think it is not noble to give because somebody else is taking advantage of the boy. And so we become sorry for him. But when we give freely without those annoying thoughts. But we keep on thinking this boy is being fielded out by a syndicate. . He looks dirty. wears dirty clothes and smell filthy. We experience the joy of giving when we have no reservations of what we have done and we do not expect something in return. And we are disturbed. begging on the street.

36 . feel and do good for others. It may not come easy for me. let me experience the freedom and peace Of offering forgiveness and reconciliation. In Jesus‟ name. Let me express my gratitude to You For the favors. Set my heart to be free from anger and bitterness. Show me to let go of my grudges and bitterness. You are full of mercy and forgiveness. our Father in Heaven. Press me on to do any act of kindness. Lord. We are sorry for our sins and our transgressions. kindness and support. To think. Amen. FORWARD God Almighty. Thank You Lord. push me to move forward.21 FORGET. Sustain me to always be in Your company. But let me persevere that mercy and forgiveness Flow in my being whenever I have been wronged. for taking care of me And accepting me with Your compassionate heart. Release me from the bondage of resentments From now on Lord. Please pardon me and absolve me. FORGIVE. Allow me to forgive by faith and obedience.


WEEK 4 37 .

the truth and the life. something worthwhile To everyone I meet today. Always in the right side of things. Equip me with the tools to use for Your glory. My thoughts. And generous to share what I have. Anoint me with Your Hands to do what is great. Let me appreciate every thing happens to me. I know you‟re the one in control of me.22 MY MEANINGFUL MOMENT Lord God. This moment with You is my meaningful moment. There are times when I am down. I praise You and give glory to You. I know You carry me with my heavy burdens. Thank You Lord. Show me the way. Make me prosperous with Your blessings. You are the source of my power. my feelings and my actions. When my world seems to crumble and fall. For without You I am nothing. Forgive me Lord. Amen. And making this life full of love and meaning. 38 . Keep me in Your loving embrace. Let me do something nice. for helping and guiding me. In Jesus‟ name. Bless me with Your grace to move on. for not trusting you enough.


Bless the place I live and all things in it. I believe You will take care of me. who can be against me. You are the source of Power You give us the power of faith. I can achieve with Your guidance and help. In Jesus‟ name. From now on Lord. Each day. And I will share them Lord to those in need. Amen. „move from here to there‟ And it will move. we will continue to trust You. Your Word says. That whatever my mind can conceive and believe. I lift up my life to You. So that all the things I ask. 39 . Bless my family and my friends. If You are with me. I will praise and thank You. And give You honor and glory. And the power to choose to enhance our life. With deeper meaning and understanding. Lord. Let me seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness. You will grant me.” How powerful and creative. “if you have faith as a mustard seed Say to this mountain. Take away all my worries and fears. We know Lord. Thank You for this power and freedom.23 POWER OF BELIEVING Lord God and Father.


Let me experience more joy. Lord. For the harmony and peace of this world. You know my desires and my wishes. Amen. I request that You help me always. For knowledge and wisdom to proclaim Your truth. Make my thoughts follow Your will. Love me for to give more love and care. I am sorry that I tend to depend too much on me. financial increase And greater generosity. receives. For the wishes and dreams of my family and friends. Lord. Dreams fulfilled. My actions and performances be for Your glory. Let my feelings come from the way of Your heart. “Everyone that asks. In Jesus‟ Name.” Thank You for this promising and assuring Word. You are the source of my provisions. For the order and stability of my community.24 ASKING AND RECEIVING Holy God. Bless me with amazing abundance To share with others who are in need. Stand by me every moment of my life. I pray for healing and good health. That lights up my paths and clear my ways. You tell us. Not know knowing that You are always there. 40 .

25 SEEKING AND FINDING Lord God, You are my strength and my Inspiration I offer my life in the service and in the love Of You and of my fellowmen. You say, „I am the way, the truth and the life.” Sometimes I am lost and wandering. I am sorry for not looking out for You. Forgive me if I missed many opportunities, Due to my negligence to seek Your help. Because I depend too much on me, less on You. Lord, I lift to You my life. Let me seek You and find You in everyone I meet, See You in the beauty of Your creation. Hear You in the singing of the birds, Touch You in the softness of the breeze Smell You in the sweetness of a flower. Taste You in the savor of the food. Let me look at You in the face of others. Let my visions be for Your joy and glory. And live in my heart. In Jesus‟ Name. Amen


To walk in the light of Your Spirit. let me knock on You more often. Jesus Christ. Amen. for Your love and care. To feel Your hand touching my heart. To praise and be grateful to You To give glory to You. the Holy Spirit. To live in Your presence and care. If I do not knock hard enough to be heard. 42 . At times.26 KNOCKING AND OPENING Lord God. Thank You Lord. Lord. And Your Son. I know You are watching me I believe You are always there for me. To act in accordance with Your holy will. I am sorry if I live the pleasures of this world. For me to enter the door of Your love. To think and create ideas to make better world. I close my mind to Your teachings. You are my shield and my refuge. To enter Your door of holiness and devotion. And remain cold and indifferent to others. Forgive me if I have doubts on You.


Sow in me the seed of greatness that I can follow Towards adoring and worshipping You. You inspires us to pursue our goals and aspirations. To reach for my brilliant star and be a winner in this game of life. There may be times that we blame You and others With our failures. Lead me towards sanctifying myself In Your service and that of others. We thank You for what You are doing for me. For the grace to be always in Your loving care. forgive me when I whine. 43 . I pray this in Jesus‟ name. For my vision to come true. For my dreams to become reality. Lord. Plant in me the big dreams that I can carry And achieve for Your glory and Your creation.27 DREAM BIG DREAMS Lord God. Let me not complain anymore. Make me go after those dreams and persevere Till I find my way to success and triumph. You are the source of hopes and wishes. Thank You for all the blessings that come my way. defeats and disappointments. Amen. But rather be thankful and offer You praise.


my talents and resources. Let me find time to serve You in the sacraments And in the Holy mass rendering praise and glory to You. Living in Your protection and care. Through Your love. Make it abundant. so I can give and share To those people in need. my community blissful My country prosperous. Love till the death of Your Son on the cross. duties and responsibilities Satisfying me and the people I serve. SERVE Lord God Almighty. 44 . But I thank You for keeping my devotion To my tasks. whenever I tend to be selfish. I become what I am. In Jesus‟ name. and world calm at ease. Place me in a position that I can be of good use To keep your creation beneficial to everyone. Amen. When I just focus on myself And forgetting there are people around me Who need my attention and love.28 SERVE. To make my family happy. Make me an instrument of Your peace. Bless me for what I am. Remain with me. that I may continue my mission To be a person of service and help to others. You showed us how to love. I am sorry Lord. SERVE.



The reparation of sins. In union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Throughout the whole world. Amen. through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I offer them for all the intentions Of the Sacred Heart: The salvation of souls. And in particular For those recommended By our Holy Father.A. I offer You my prayers. works and joys As well as my sufferings and pains of this day. I offer them for the intention of our Bishops And all the Apostles of Prayer. 46 . The reunion of all Christians. DAILY PRAYERS DAILY OFFERING O Jesus.

What is pleasing and what is beneficial to others. Let Your Holy Spirit inspire me To obey my conscience. Help me to go on even when difficulties And disappointments cross my path. every minute. to do what is right. Thank You for this new day. Let me do something good and worthwhile That can fulfill my heart this evening. Help me to be kind and patient with my self and others And show positive attitude in anything I do. Let me seize today‟s opportunities to do well For myself and to be of service to others. may I show love and friendship To everyone I meet this day. Above all Lord. Help me make productive every hour.MORNING PRAYER Almighty God and Father Thank You for the sound and peaceful rest last night. encourage me to persevere in my plans To reach my goals and realize my dreams. Amen. 47 . Lord.

Thank You for all the good people who love me. Thank You for my home. May Your hand touch their hearts And show Your love For them to trust in Your mercy and goodness. I thank you for everything That has happened this day. Thank You for my family. for the food that I eat. All who are sad and lonely. Holy God. Grant that I may sleep soundly and peacefully. 48 . My rest. Amen. I commend to You All my thoughts and actions of the night.EVENING PRAYER O my God. All who are in trouble and in distress. my sleep and my dreams. May You bless and comfort all who are sick. Thank You for my health and wellness. my relatives and friends. Thank You for bringing me safe and sound Up to the end of this day. Keep me safe in Your care and grace. And the clothes that I wear.

THE ANGELUS V. R. V. R. V. R. V. R. The angel of the Lord declared to Mary. And she was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary… Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to Your Word. Hail Mary… And the Word was made flesh. And dwelt among us. Hail Mary… Pray for us, Holy Mother of God. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray: Pour forth, we beseech You, O Lord. Your grace into our hearts. That we to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Your Son was made known By the message of an angel. May by His passion and cross Be brought to the glory of His resurrection. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


THE LORD’S PRAYER Our Father in heaven, Holy be Your name; Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our sins As we forgive those who sin against us. Do not bring us to the test, But deliver us from evil. Amen HAIL MARY Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, And blessed is the fruit Of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God Pray for us, sinners. Now, and at the hour of our death. Amen. 50

GLORY BE Glory be to the Father, And to the Son, And to the Holy Spirit As it was in the beginning Is now and ever shall be World without end. Amen. GRACE BEFORE MEALS Bless us, O Lord And these Your gifts Which we are about to receive From Your bounty. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. GRACE AFTER MEALS We give You thanks, almighty God For all Your gifts. Through Christ, our Lord, Who live and reign, now and forever. Amen.


Creator of heaven and earth. And born of the Virgin Mary. He descended to the dead. Was crucified. He ascended into heaven And is seated at the right hand of the Father. Amen. I believe in Jesus Christ. the Father almighty. I believe in the Holy Spirit.THE APOSTLES’ CREED I believe in God. died and was buried. The resurrection of the body. The communion of saints. 52 . He suffered under Pontius Pilate. The forgiveness of sins. On the third day He rose again. The Holy Catholic Church. And life everlasting. our Lord. He will come again to judge The living and the dead. His only Son. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

ACT OF HOPE O my God. I firmly believe That You are one God in three Divine Persons.ACT OF FAITH O my God. Through the merits of Jesus Christ. The help of Your grace. Son and the Holy Spirit. Who neither deceive nor are deceived. I hope to obtain pardon of my sins. Father. I believe these and all truths Which the Holy Catholic church teaches. And everlasting life. And died for our sins. and that He will come To judge the living and the dead. My Lord and Redeemer. Because we have revealed them. I believe that Your Divine Son became man. 53 . Relying on Your almighty power And infinite mercy and promises.

I forgive all who have injured me. I firmly resolve. To confess my sins.ACT OF LOVE O my God. Because You are all good And worthy of all love. I love You above all things. And ask pardon of all whom I have injured. With my whole heart and soul. Amen 54 . Amen. Who are all good And deserving of all my love. And I detest all my sins. my God. I am heartily sorry For having offended You. With the help of Your grace. Because I dread the loss of heaven And the pains of hell. I love my neighbor as myself For the love of You. To do penance and amend my life. ACT OF CONTRITION O my God. But most of all I offended You.

teach me to be generous. In the same Spirit help us to relish what is right And always rejoice in Your consolation. And You will renew the face of the earth.COME HOLY SPIRIT Come Holy Spirit. You have taught the hearts of Your faithful. fill the hearts of Your faithful And enkindle in them the fire of Your love. Save that of knowing That I am doing Your holy will. 55 . We ask this through Christ our Lord. Teach me to serve You as You deserve. To give and not to count the cost. To toil and not to seek rest. Lord. To labor and not to ask for reward. Send forth Your Spirit and they shall be created. To fight and not to heed the wounds. by the light of the Holy Spirit. Amen. PRAYER FOR GENEROSITY O Lord. Amen.

as to understand. Where there is despair. Where there is darkness. faith. pardon. To be loved. O. joy. Where there is doubt. light. Where there is sadness. Amen. 56 . It is in dying that we are born to eternal life. To be understood. Divine Master. let me sow love. Where there is injury. For it is in giving that we receive. Francis of Assisi) Lord.PRAYER FOR PEACE (St. hope. Where there is hatred. make me an instrument of Your peace. as to love with all my soul. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. Grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled. as to console.

With all Your saints. Water from the side of Christ. call me. hear me. From the evil one.SOUL OF CHRIST Soul of Christ. sanctify me. With Your wounds. At the hour of my death. Blood of Christ. Body of Christ. forever and ever. wash me. Oh good Jesus. the God of Israel! He has visited His people and redeemed them. Amen. As promised by the lips of holy men Those who were His prophets of old. Permit me not to be separated from You. protect me. strengthen me. shelter me. inebriate me. 57 . save me. He has raised up for us a mighty Savior In the house of David. His servant. THE BENEDICTUS Blessed be the Lord. And bid me to come to You. Passion of Christ.

And His holy covenant remembered. And guide us into the way of peace. From the hands of all who hate us. He swore to Abraham. you shall be called A prophet of God. Amen. So His love for our fathers is fulfilled. our father To grant us. 58 . freedom from fear. the Most High. The loving kindness of the heart of our God Who visits us like the dawn from on high. He will give light to those in darkness. little child. A Savior who would free us from our foes. As for you. Those who dwell in the shadow of death. To make known to His people their salvation Through forgiveness of all their sins. And saved from the hands of our foes. We might serve Him in holiness and justice All the days of our life in His presence. You shall go to the Lord To prepare the way before Him.Benedictus…con‟t.

Blessed are the gentle. For they shall see God. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice. For they shall be comforted. Blessed are those who are persecuted For the cause of justice. For they shall possess the land. Blessed are those who work for peace. when people insult you And persecute you and speak all kinds of evil Against you because you are my followers. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn. Blessed are the merciful. Blessed are you. for a great reward Is kept for you in God. For they shall obtain mercy. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Be glad and joyful.THE BEATITUDES Blessed are those who have the spirit of the poor. They shall be called children of God. For they shall be satisfied. 59 . Blessed are those with a pure heart.

Blessed be His Precious Blood. her most chaste spouse. virgin and mother. Blessed be her glorious assumption. Blessed be Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament of the altar. Blessed be Jesus Christ. true God and true man. Blessed be His holy name. Blessed be the name of Mary. Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints. Blessed be the Holy Spirit. Blessed be His most Sacred Heart. Joseph. Blessed be the name of Jesus. Blessed be her holy and Immaculate Conception. Blessed be the great Mother of God.DIVINE PRAISES Blessed be God. 60 . the Paraclete. Blessed be St. Mary most holy.

Mindful of His mercy. my Savior. And the rich he has sent away empty. He has put down the mighty from their thrones And has exalted the lowly. Because He has regarded the lowliness Of His handmaid. And His mercy is from generation To generation on those who fear Him. And my spirit rejoices in God. 61 . even as he spoke To our fathers. He has given help to Israel. He has scattered the proud In the conceit of their heart. For behold henceforth All ages shall call me blessed. He has shown might with His arm.MAGNIFICAT My soul magnifies the Lord. to Abraham And to His posterity forever. And holy is His name. Because He who is mighty Has done great things for me. He has filled the hungry with good things. Amen. His servant.

NOVENA TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS Divine Jesus. and light in doubt and darkness. I seek in the treasure which contains all the richness of Your kindness and mercy. 62 . You only have to will it and my prayer will be granted. strength when burdened with trials. “Ask and you shall receive. You are the God of mercy and You will not refuse a contrite heart. Dear Jesus. protection when persecuted. I have recourse to You. I knock at the door through which God gives Himself to us. Seek and you shall find. I firmly believe that You can grant me the grace I implore. but this is not a reason for me to be discouraged.” Behold me kneeling at Your feet. Heart of Jesus. I admit that I am not worthy of Your favors. You have said. knock and it shall be opened unto you. I cone to ask You this favor: (mention silently) I turn to You whose heart is the source of all graces and merits. In You I find consolation when afflicted. filled with a lively faith and confidence in the promises dictated by Your Sacred Heart and pronounced by Your adorable lips.

be pleased to accept my act of perfect resignation to the decrees of Your adorable Heart.) O Sacred Heart. I know that it is always possible to You to have pity for those who are suffering and in distress. Your mother. I will never stop adoring. praising. Sacred Heart of Jesus. 63 . You have entrusted me to her as her child and her prayers are all powerful. and grant me the grace for which I humbly implore You through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.Sacred Heart … (con‟t. whatever may be Your decision. Amen. and serving You. dear Jesus. My Jesus. Look upon me. I beg of You. loving.

To you do we send up our sighs. Jesus. our exile. O clement. Turn then. DEVOTION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY HAIL HOLY QUEEN Hail Holy Queen. Your eyes of mercy towards us. To you do we cry. 64 . Most gracious advocate. O sweet Virgin Mary.C. Our sweetness and our hope. And after this. Show us the blessed fruit Of your womb. Poor banished children of Eve. o loving. Mother of mercy Hail our life. Mourning and weeping In this valley of tears.

And afterwards. Mary I now give and consecrate myself Entirely to you. I dedicate to you my whole life. 65 . And to show my devotion to you. Amen. Bring me home safely To my Father in heaven. Since I belong to you. Keep me and guard me As your child here on earth. Dear Mother.ACT OF CONSECRATION TO MARY O my Queen and my Mother.

66 . O most gracious Virgin Mary. To you I come.MEMORARE Rmember. Amen. That never was it known That anyone who fled to your protection. My Mother. o Virgin of Virgins. Sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate. before you I stand. Despise not my petitions But in your mercy. I fly to you. Hear and answer me. Implored your help. Inspired by this confidence. Or sought your intercession Was left unaided.

PRAYER TO MARY. 67 . We promise to be faithful to our vocation And to work for greater glory of God And the salvation of our souls. We pray for the Church. O Mary. Help of Christians The graces of which we stand in need. For our family and friends. HELP OF CHRISTIANS Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin. (Mention your intentions). And of those entrusted to us. With faith in your intercession. Help of Christians. Mother of the Church. We place ourselves Under your motherly protection. For youth. Grant. May we serve God with fidelity And generosity until death. especially those most in need. Help us and our dear ones To attain the boundless joy Of being forever with our Father in heaven. Amen.

Keep unstained their anointed hearts Which daily touch Your Sacred Body. and comfort them In hours of loneliness and pain When their life of sacrifice for souls Seems but in vain. Keep them. Amen.D. Eternal Priest. Keep your priests within the shelter Of your Sacred Heart. 68 . And may the souls to whom they minister be Their joy and consolation here. And in heaven. SPECIAL PRAYERS PRAYER FOR PRIESTS O Jesus. Let your love surround them and shield Them from the world‟s contagion. Keep pure and unearthly their hearts Sealed with sublime mark of the priesthood. Where none may touch them. Bless their labors with abundant fruit.

PRAYER FOR THE CHURCH We pray You. Amen. May continue with unchanging faith In the confession of Your name. Hear the prayer of Your people. PRAYER FOR ALL CHRISTIANS Lord God and Father. That Your Church. Unite us throughout our life to the risen Christ. Let your Spirit of life and holiness Renew us in the depths of our being. Being spread through the whole world. O almighty and eternal God. 69 . For He is our brother and savior. Who through Jesus Christ Have revealed Your glory to all nations. To preserve the works of Your mercy. With all Christians we seek to follow The way of the Gospel.

Forgive us our sins. May we walk in the footsteps of Christ As Your beloved sons and daughters. deepen our faith. 70 . Alive to the needs of our brothers and sisters.For Christians… (Con‟t) Keep us faithful to the teaching of the Church. Give us strength to work for reconciliation. Amen. May those who know You seek even further And experience the depths of Your love. May those who work for others Find strength in You. Unity and peace. Kindle our hope and enliven our hearts With love for one another. May those who seek the God They do not yet know Discover in you the source of light and hope.

Keep quarrels. Infuse in each member The spirit of understanding. Amen 71 . May the mutual love and affection of parents Be a source of loving obedience and discipline. our Father. loving and merciful. May their chastity and fidelity Be an inspiration to their children. Bring together and keep all families In perfect unity of love and mutual support. bitterness And pettiness far from them. And for their occasional failures Instill forgiveness and peace. Obey their parents and those in authority And grow in mature independence And the tender joys of friendship. forbearance.PRAYER FOR FAMILIES God. Instill in children such self-respect That they may respect others. And affection for each other.

in these days of doubt.PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT O Holy Spirit. O God. Come with Your strength that purifies our heart And our desires and guards us Against the danger of pride. and self conceit. Come with the light of truth and teach us The will of God in our daily living Especially now when God‟s basic laws Are challenged or ignored. You have instructed the faithful With the light of the Holy Spirit. Bring Your consolation So that with a heart attuned to Your holy love We may live in peace and harmony In our families and give to our communities The spirit of cooperation. 72 . Grant that through this same Holy Spirit We may enjoy His consolation. Come into our hearts with Your light. Confusion and uncertainty. tolerance And understanding. Amen. Your strength and your consolation.

Amen. Full of tenderness and love. I adore You and thank You for all the favors You have bestowed upon me and my loved ones. for the love You bear mankind You remain night and day In the Blessed Sacrament. to adore You in all places on earth. Expecting. in reparation for all the insults. in thanksgiving for this great gift. Perseverance and perfect fulfillment Of Your will. I give You my entire will.VISIT TO THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Lord Jesus. all My desires. 73 . inviting and receiving All who come to visit You. I love You with my whole heart. Third. And I consecrate myself wholly to You. all my affections. I pay my homage to Your most loving heart And this I do for three intentions: First. My Jesus. and all that I possess. I believe that You are really present In the Sacrament of altar. I ask and desire only Your holy love. Second.

CONSECRATION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, Look down upon us, Humbly kneeling before Your altar. To be united with You, We freely consecrate ourselves To Your most Sacred Heart. Many have never known You; Many, too have rejected You. Have mercy on them, most merciful Jesus, And draw them to Your Sacred Heart. May you be recognized as Savior by all those Who are still in darkness of disbelief. Draw them into the light and kingdom of God. Grant, O Lord, to Your Church Freedom and immunity from harm; Give peace to the divine heart That wrought our salvation; To it be glory and honor forever. Amen.


(In times of calamity and disaster)
Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You In gratitude for the wonders of creation, For Your providence that sustains us And for Your wisdom that guides The course of the universe. We acknowledge our sins against You And we ask for Your forgiveness. We have not been good stewards of Nature. We have confused Your command to subdue the earth. The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, And now we reap the harvest Of our abuse and indifference. Global warming is upon us. Typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, And other calamities occur Increasing in number and intensity. We turn to You, our loving Father. We ask that we, our loved ones And our hard-earned possessions Be spared from the threat of calamities, Natural and man-made. We beseech You to inspire us all To grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, And generous neighbors to those in need. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. 75



Grant us, Lord Jesus, always to follow The example of Your Holy Family, That at the our of our death Your glorious Virgin Mother With blessed Joseph May come to meet us And so we may deserve To be received by You Into Your everlasting dwelling-place. Amen.


With gratitude and in full faith. You are the source and fountain of all life.E. AFTER HEALING Thank You. Amen. Thank You for guidance and healing. HEALING PRAYERS HEALING INVOCATION BEFORE HEALING Lord. Amen. I humbly invoke for Your – Divine guidance Divine healing and divine protection Make me an instrument of Your healing hand And Your compassionate heart. With gratitude and in full faith. 77 . Lord for Your divine blessing. Your divine energy and protection.

78 . May Your healing Spirit rest upon me. Fill me with the healing power of Your Spirit. Touch my mind with Your wisdom. Touch my soul with Your compassion for others Touch my heart with Your courage And infinite love for all. Mend what is broken. Since You created me from nothing You can certainly recreate me. Teach me to reach out to You by my example Most loving Heart of Jesus. It is through Your power that I was created. Amen. body and spirit That I may serve You with all my strength. That my mouth may always proclaim Your praise.PRAYER FOR HEALING Lord. Rebuild my brokenness. bring me health In mind. May Your life-giving powers flow Into every cell of my body And into the depths of my soul. Cast out anything that should not be within me. look upon me with eyes of mercy. Restore my strength For service in Your Kingdom.

PRAYER FOR THE SICK Dear Lord. You bore our sufferings And carried our sorrows In order to show us clearly The value of human weakness and patience. Amen. Help them to understand that they are united With You in Your sufferings For the salvation of the world. I believe in Your healing power And I trust and hope that You will hear My request for my sick brother/sister. there is no illness and no wound That You cannot heal. Come and touch (Name) Where he/she is most wounded and afflicted. I now turn to You to heal the soul and body Of (Name) Lord. Grant that he/she and all those Who are now weighed down With pain and other afflictions May realize that they are among the chosen ones Whom You call blessed. 79 .

Amen. with those who wake. Tend Your sick ones. Watch. Pity Your afflicted ones. and give Your angels Charge over those who sleep. Alleviate our worry and sorrow With Your gentle love. Shield Your joyous ones. You do for the love of us.PRAYER TO THE DIVINE HEALER Dear Jesus. O Lord. Or watch. 80 . Dear God. grant us the grace To acknowledge Your will And know that whatever You do. We place our sick under your care. or weep. Divine Physician and Healer We turn to You in this time of illness. We place our worries in Your hands. And humble ask that You restore Your servant To health again. Soothe Your suffering ones. And for all Your love‟s sake. Above all.

Hands that is always warm and caring. With Your constant grace and love. I pray for those who care for the sick. 81 . Restore my health That I may serve You better. Ease my pain that I may bear it with faith. I surrender myself to Your holy will. Cure me of my illness That I my do more for You. merciful Father.PRAYER OF THE SICK Dear God. I pray for myself. Let me know Your divine plan in my life. Speak consoling words to me That my strength returns. From You I have to come. That they may perform their tasks well: A heart that never ceases to love Despite the constant witness Of illness and suffering. Do what is best for me: Touch me with Your caring hands That I may be healed. Let me understand Your ways. to You I must return.

Selfless service Faith in Your word And in the teaching of the Church. With your deep love and unconditional mercy.Never holding back in indifference Nor pushing away in disgust. May our prayer ever be: “Father. May we continue to trust. May our faith endure.” Amen. into Your hands I commend my spirit. May we never lose hope. A spirit that never ceases to serve. Never weighed down By discouragement and frustration. Grant them: Renewed understanding Abiding compassion. 82 . I pray for all who are sick. Bestow on us the gift of your self.

I know I am special And important in Your eyes. I do have bad days And I make stupid mistakes. That You will lead me to the right path. I know I sometimes fail To live up to people‟s expectations. make me feel I am someone great Because You choose me to be Your servant. Amen. You gave up Your life to save me And set me free. Lord. Lord. But I know. Lord.PRAYER WHEN ONE IS DOWN There are decisions that must be made And obligations that must be fulfilled. despite my shortcomings I know you have not given up on me. But. 83 . There are deadlines to be met And duties to be performed.

I must continue to do my best. If something does not come up as expected.PRAYER WHEN FRUSTRATED Dear Lord. I did not receive what I expected. Raise me from the depths of despair. I did not reached what I aimed for. Lord. 84 . Rid me of feelings of discouragement. I must not look for scapegoats. I did not get what I wanted. I humbly come to You. Help me get over my frustrations And strive to continue giving my best. I must neither complain nor condemn. If ever I fall short of success. Lead me to hope and work harder. I lay bare the disappointment and pain in me. Grant me the grace to do what is good. lift me from the veil of pride and arrogance Though I may not always get the desired result.

Thank You so much for Your faith in me. Because of what You did for me. Knowing that despite my failings You see the good in me. You forgive all my sins. I will be a complete success. my mistakes. You ease my pain. Thank You so much for being there. O Lord. 85 .In my darkest moments. for everything. You overlook my defects. I shall not lose hope. Amen. You believe in me and take me as I am. Because you gave up Your life for me You have made me a winner. My failures. Thank You. Thank You so much for Your trust. You heal my weakness. Thank You so much for Your trust. You have given me dignity and worth.

I am discouraged. Yes. To risk and endure anything. To keep within me the promise That I will be with You forever in heaven. You still believe in me. Amen. Teach me now. A new dawn comes for everyone. I am frustrated. Great opportunities await me. Lord. Not to count the cost. Your trust in me is unwavering. But as I kneel before You And see You crucified on the cross. 86 . I realize that You will never give up on me. I am embittered. there is still a chance for me. O Lord. I am hurting. You hope in my goodness. Teach me now. O Lord. Teach me now. I open my heart to You And reveal my real feelings.PRAYER WHEN HURT Lord.

F. so enriching. Lord. May we continue to live in love and admiration For each other. Give us Your grace To let us pray often together For strength to grow in Christian virtues. help me and my sweetheart to be pure. Lord. I am in love. may we always inspire each other To be faithful to You holy laws On courtship and marriage. To keep our love so beautiful. let our courtship be clean 87 . So inspiring. It is so beautiful and exciting It brings me joy and makes me happy. Guide us now as we prepare for our future. PERSONAL PRAYERS A LOVER’S PRAYER Lord. let me and my beloved always be true and Loyal to each other. May we always revere our bodies As temples of the Holy Spirit And the dwelling place of Your Father. Lord. Lord.

And let them hear us while we pray. Amen. And may we all merit to be with You always. Give their guardian Angels power To guide and help them every hour. May God with special care Keep our dear ones while they wake or sleep. Amen. Bless us with children Who will be our delight and joy. PRAYER FOR LOVED ONES Dear Lord. For he who hears and answer prayer. we pray For those who are near to us And who are very dear to us. Can see the absent everywhere. 88 . Now and forever. For those who are far away Yet live in our hearts night and day. Can tell them all we think and say.And our marriage happy.

we have failed in our commitment To love and to cherish each other. We have been impatient and inconsiderate.PRAYER FOR MARRIED COUPLES O God. Even taking You for granted. 89 . We thank You for all the favors and graces We have received from You in our marriage. Taking each other for granted. We thank You. We have been negligent. We want also to say sorry for the many sins We commit in our daily lives. Lord for the many times We have spoiled the beauty of married life. Forgive us. for the love and care We have been able to show to each other. we come to thank You for our vocation To be the married state of life. Above everyone and everything else. We thank You for our home and our family. In some ways. Lord.

Amen. Without You Lord. Assuring us of life-long graces to be loyal To each other as husband and wife. Keeping the promises in our nuptial vows. You were present. Teach us Lord. to constantly ask for Your graces. Give us good health in mind and body. Inspire us to reserve time for prayer. In our marriage.Help us Lord. Make us realize our need for You in marriage. to be more thoughtful. Please continue to bless our home and family. Lord. 90 . Keep us in Your love and care. we cannot have A truly happy life with each other. Protect us from every evil.

Guard us from bad temper And hasty judgment. grant that we will continue to grow In appreciation and understanding of each other. And to grow calm. Leaning on each other.PRAYER FOR HUSBAND AND WIFE Keep us. forgiving each other. And never take each other for granted. serene and gentle. Inspire us to take time out For all the things with each other. Lord. put in our hearts a great love And compassion for each other. Let us be thoughtful in word and deed. And quick to discover the best In every situation. Help us to put away pretense. And to face each other in deep trust. O Lord from pettiness. Reaching out to each other. Help us to be swift with kind words. And never to ignore each other. Let us be done with fault-finding. Amen. Lord. Never hurt each other. 91 .

expecting them to be perfect. Thank You for all their love and care. Too critical. let me be a source of pride and joy To my parents in their old age. and I to them. Amen. Forgive me Lord. May I always show my love and care for them. Help me now. Disregarded their advise and neglected to help. For a home. clothes and education. dear Lord With good health and peaceful lives. food. When they needed me. for the times I disobeyed them. They are Your gifts to me. Lord never to forget them. And never to drift away from them. Comfort them when worried or troubled. Forgive me if I have been too demanding. Bless them. 92 . Let them grow to love each other and You. Lord. thank You for my Dad and Mom.PRAYER OF A SON OR DAUGHTER O God. Strengthen them when weak and tired.

Help me to pass my tests and exams. Bless and keep me safe in Your love and care. Bless them Lord. And kind to my classmates. Help me to be diligent in my studies. So that I may learn easily. Grant me the light and grace of Your Holy Spirit. active in school programs. 93 . Grant Lord. that I may advance. A retentive memory and facility in language. for their kindness. Amen.A STUDENT’S PRAYER O God. Respectful and grateful to my teachers. Lord. Give me a keen mind to understand my lessons. And to bring honor to my family and school. thank You For the privilege of pursuing my education. Not only in academic knowledge But also in divine knowledge and faith. thank You for my parents and others Who provide everything I need as a student. Let me not forget their sacrifices. Attentive in class.

94 . In their academic and spiritual growth. For never did anyone speak like You. Help me to love it and appreciate its beauty. Thank You for my vocation as a teacher. You are a teacher. Large crowd listened to You. Above all. give me Your grace to relate well. May I influence them to be good persons By my example of Christian living. Remembering that they will learn from me. They were in admiration of Your teaching. May I always do this noble work.A TEACHER’S PRAYER Lord Jesus. Amen. Let me not enter my class unprepared. in one way or another. Lead them all to You. may I. Educating the minds and hearts of the young. When You preached the good news of salvation. Diligently and conscientiously. Lord.

And because I am blessed. Today. Limitless. Healing and miracles. I‟m God‟s powerful champion. I‟m God‟s servant. I open myself to God‟s word So that I become more like Jesus everyday. I open myself to You blessings. Overflowing abundance of God‟s Universe.PRAYER TO GOD’S LOVE Today. I proclaim that I‟m God‟s beloved. I will bless the world. 95 . In Jesus‟ name. Today. I receive all of God‟s love for me. Amen. Today I open myself to the unbounded. Today.

Thank You for the food that sustains my body. heard. for the water and drinks that I relish. Thank You for my family. Thank You for the clothes I wear. for a heart to love. Thank you for my hands to work. for the books I read and papers I enjoy. for a memory to remember. THANKSGIVING PRAYER THANK YOU. LORD. THANK YOU! Lord. Thank you for all I have seen. for my feet to walk and run.G. for my parents who are kind. for a wonderful life to live. touched. teachers who are patient. and smelled today. for the friends who love and care for me. for a mind to think. and neighbors who are helpful. each day I receive so many gifts from You. 96 . tasted.

for all the beautiful. Thank You for the sun. thank You! Amen. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for the wonderful people here on earth. to learn and so many people to love. 97 . interesting and useful things in it. the flowers and plants. Thank You for the hills and the valleys. the trees and the birds that make life so pleasant. for saving me. Thank You for giving me so many things to enjoy. For all the graces and talents You have given me.Thank You for this great world. to do. for making me Your child and heir of Your heavenly kingdom. moon and stars that give light to the world around us. Thank You Lord.

Help me to make this world a better place To add something to its beauty. Thank You for all the beautiful things in it. I thank You for my parents Who are kind to me. to learn and to love. And to put a little more into life than I take out. For my hands to work. Thank You for giving me many things to enjoy. Thank You for my eyes to see. For my friends who are true to me. 98 . thank You for this great world. For all the useful things in it. for my feet to walk and run. Thank You for my health and for my talents. thank You for making me as I am. For all the interesting things in it. O God. God. Many things to do. for my memory to remember.ACT OF APRECIATION O God. For my heart to love. For my mind to think. for my wonderful life. for my ears to hear. Amen. For my teachers who are patient with me.


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