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November 2010 - Issue: # 1001

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Job of the week Interviewing 101

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Dear Steven, Welcome to KoreOne Technology's Monthly newsletter! Our aim, as always, is to work with and place top candidates in the IT industry. This newsletter is to keep you, someone we have identified as one of those top candidates, informed on the current job market, openings, and the latest advice to help you in your job search.

Job of the Week
Senior .net Developer, Irvine, CA Salary: $100,000+
Software Development Manager Irvine, CA

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to be Sr. Software Developers in our clients' Orange County offices. You will be part of a multi-person, highly skilled development team working with the latest technologies (.NET framework, C#, SQL, etc). Requirements:

Sr. Software Developer Irvine, CA

Embedded Software Developer

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Proficient and highly productive with C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL Server, all versions of .NET Framework, XML, Web Services and Visual Studio Team System. 5+ years experience with internet UI software development (HTML, DHTML, CSS, etc) Experience with mission critical, high volume (i.e. 500k + hits a day), web-based systems preferred Strong computer system analysis and design skills in current methodologies including object oriented programming Strong analytical and problem solving skills Ability to prioritize and multi-task while working well with a team Experience in VB or C++ a plus Excellent written and verbal communication skills BS degree in computer science or related field

San Diego, CA

Embedded Software Test Engineer San Diego, CA

Software Quality Engineer-Black Box San Diego, CA

Sr. Software Developer Monrovia, CA

If you meet these requirements and would like to be considered for the position, please send your resume to and also include a copy of your references.

Interviewing 101
The art of the interview Congratulations you've managed to get your resume noticed and you've been selected for the interview! Now what? The reality is your resume got you in the door, but the interview gets you the job. There are usually two steps; a phone interview and an in-person interview, there can be multiple of each, but we'll stick to the basics. Before I get down to the lists, there is one thing to remember above all, be honest and know your resume, these are the two building blocks for a good interview.

.Net Developer Baton Rouge, LA

Software Engineer .net Herndon, VA

Quality Control Engineer Herndon, VA

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The Phone Interview: 1. Find a quiet place, with good reception, use a land line if you can, don't drive around while interviewing, drop calls kill interviews. 2. Have your resume and the job description in front of you, and know them backwards and forwards. 3. Let the interviewer finish talking before answering. 4. Answer honestly, don't Google the answer, say "I'm not sure, but I know how to find the answer." If you go out and find a canned answer somewhere it's going to come back and bite you in the inperson interview. 5. Take notes on your interview so you can refer back to them as needed. 6. When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, always ask one, make a list of them before the interview. 7. Don't be afraid to ask what the next steps are at the end of the interview, it shows interest, and the answer can sometime give you an idea of how your interview went.

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The In-person Interview: 1. Be prepared, research the company, and have some good facts written down. 2. Dress to impress, but know your audience. Essentially you want to dress a step above your interviewer. Most of the time you can't go wrong with a suit and tie; however, many companies today have a much more relaxed dress code, so do some may find that you should leave the jacket and tie at home. 3. Bring multiple copies of your resume. 4. Be early, but not too early. 15 minutes is good, an hour early? Go get some coffee and relax a bit. 5. Take notes, it shows you are paying attention, write down questions you might have for later. 6. Answer questions succinctly, and to the point. Try not to ramble. 7. Don't slouch. 8. Don't forget to ask questions, especially ones based on the research you did before the interview, and ones based on the notes you took throughout the interview. 9. Ask for the job, something to the effect of "I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with you. What comes next?" 10. If you really want to differentiate your self, leave a hand written note at the front desk saying thank you for the opportunity. Don't forget to follow up! An email to say thanks the same day is great, and a follow up call 72 hours or so is also a good plan; but don't be a stalker. Thanks for reading, and good hunting! KoreOne recognizes the fact that the internet and online search engines have significantly increased exposure to job opportunities for Technical and IT Professionals. Unfortunately, exposure only makes you aware of what's available. Whether or not a position is right for you is another matter. Variables like pay and job responsibility are fairly straightforward. It's the human element that usually ends up being the biggest question mark. We understand the structure and culture of the companies we do business with. We take the time necessary to understand the objectives of the consultants we contract with. Sincerely,

Adam Rogers Senior Technology Recruiter KoreOne Technologies


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