.....6 VI................................. 9 2 ....... Registration..... Athletic Program Uniforms Continued . Furthermore........ TABLE OF CONTENTS I.............. Parent Participation....................... and dance team program for the youth of our community between the ages of five (5) and fourteen (14).................................................................... Athletic Program Attendance and Uniforms ........................................ Code of Conduct .............. Athletic Program .... 3 II.Mission Statement The Eastland Viking Athletic Association is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is the promotion of citizenship.....6 V..... mental......................9 IX.. cheerleading..................................... 9 XI............... Health and Safety.................................................... 9 X................. 5 IV...... Administration...... Special Events Continued………………………………………................................................................ Athletic Program Practice and Games ............................................ 4 III.... and physical values so that they may become an asset to their community............. and sportsmanship through athletics................... Its objective is to provide an organized football. Health and Safety Continued……………………………………............................................ Communication........ we hope to educate our youth in the proper moral.............................................................................. 8 VIII....8 VII........................................7 VII................. Special Events............................... 7 VIII....... leadership................

2010. league fees.00 per member $50 Fundraising Commitment Fee $20 Snack Fee At the practice field on practice days thru July 29th Date: Note: Each football team will have a maximum of thirty-five (35) players and each cheerleading squad will have a maximum of twenty-five (25). trophies. REGISTRATION OPTIONS Season Registration: Cost: $75. personal checks and cashiers checks are accepted as payment for registration fees. The physical card must be completed and returned to your Team Coordinator by July 20. Deadline to register for cheerleading or dance team is July 12. After July 8. parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive: 1. mailing. FORMS Upon registration. 2010. each squad is subject to early cut-off. Cheer and Dance Uniform fees are due July 12. copying. There is a $40. money orders. your child will be removed from the program. 2010 all fees are non-refundable. telephone services. equipment. Failure to complete required paperwork will result in 3 . field rental.00 NSF fee for all returned checks. METHODS OF PAYMENT Cash.REGISTRATION FEES Fees are collected to cover the administrative costs of the Eastland Vikings Athletic Association. maintenance.00 per additional member is offered to families with two or more members registered with EVAA. and dance team will have a maximum of twenty -five (25) for this reason. and/or 2) have one common parent (share a parent). 2010. 2010. Qualifying members must meet one of the following: 1) Live in the same household. A registration form for each member. Should any balance remain. All registration forms and payment must be completed and returned to the Secretary. 2. REFUNDS Registration refunds are given at the discretion of the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis. A physical card for each member.2010 and the remaining program pack fees are due July 29. The Member Handbook will be distributed at the Parent Orientations. Fees are used to purchase items such as supplies. A family discount of $5. All fees must be paid by July 29. and certain activities sponsored by the organization. Families with 3 or more children receive an additional discounted fundraising and registration fee.

assistant coach. and their opponents. Offender is also suspended from the next two (2) scheduled league events regular or special and is not permitted on the premises. Using profanity. substitute. but not limited to (refer to The Ohio High School Athletic Association rule book): A. gender. coach. or after all UYA League function.your member being prohibited from practice or game participation. Examples of misconduct/unsportsmanlike behavior are.00 fine to the offender’s organization in the offender’s name. 4 . assistant coach. Offender is also suspended from the next scheduled League event regular or special and is not permitted on the premises. the offender shall be expelled from participating in any remain regular/post season play. Use of illicit or illegal drugs. their teammates. and organizing end-of season championship games. or national origin. and coaches E. attempts to focus attention upon him/her. substitute. spectator. vulgar language or gestures. Eligibility for any future involvement with a UYA organization will be prohibited. during. or any other team assistant. coach. coach. As a member of the league.00 fine to the organization in the offender’s name.player participant. Any item that a majority votes of the UYA Advisory Committee deems detrimental to the operation of the UYA. spectator. trainer. That organization will be on one (1) calendar year probation from the date of the infraction. including parent(s)/guardian(s) are expected to display fair play and positive sportsmanship. or visitor violates the UYA/OHSAA code of conduct for ANOTHER infraction. A $100. Violations of this code by any member may result in their removal from the organization. or any other team assistant. G. insulting. or visitor violates the UYA/OHSAA code of conduct. assistant coach. their organization. THIRD OFFENSE: If the a player. trainer. This league is responsible for creating game schedules. B. the offender is suspended for the rest of the game infraction occurred and must leave the premises. substitute. trainer. religion. Baiting or taunting acts. non-player. LEAGUE AFFILIATION EVAA is a member of the Unified Youth Alliance (UYA). All members. No player. Use of alcohol. Any delayed excessive or prolonged act by which a player. non. F. spectator shall act in an unsportsmanlike manner before. C. the offender is suspended from the rest of the game the infraction occurred and must leave the premises. This includes any form of taunting which is intended or designed to embarrass. or any other team assistant. The UYA Advisory Committee shall be responsible for initiating correction (s) for any misconduct and/or unsportsmanlike behavior during a UYA event. D. entire team. entire team. we are required to pay membership fees to help cover the cost of operations. ridicule or demean others under any circumstance including on the basis of race. or visitor violates the UYA/OHSAA code of conduct for the ANOTHER infraction. Using tobacco or smokeless tobacco for players. SECOND OFFENSE: If the a player. spectator. Membership fees are determined by the league and are subject to change. or words or insignia worn which encourages ill will. Trainer. A $50. CODE OF CONDUCT Members of the Eastland Viking Athletic Association shall conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for themselves. non-player participant. coach. assigning game officials. coach. assistant coach. spectator. entire team. FIRST OFENSE: If a player.

Accepting children under the age minimum may be done at the discretion of the coach. and dance team. 5 . football. The teams are divided by the following UYA League guidelines: 70 Pound Squad .Welterweights: Maximum Ball Advancement Weight: 105 pounds Age Restriction: Cannot turn ten (10) years old before July 1st of the current year 125 Pound Squad .Heavyweights: Maximum Ball Advancement Weight: 180 pounds Age Restriction: Cannot turn fifteen (15) years old before July 1st of the current year and cannot be beyond 8th grade. Note: Any female player may not be in the tenth (10th) grade or turn sixteen (16) during the calendar year. Coaches will notify you of any changes in practice locations.TEAM DIVISIONS The EVAA offers three types of athletic programs.Middleweights: Maximum Ball Advancement Weight: 125 pounds Age Restriction: Cannot turn twelve (12) years old before November 1st of the current year. Practice for cheerleaders and dance team will be held in the large parking lot located east of Walnut Ridge High School. and with the approval of the Athletic Director. Age guidelines apply to cheerleaders and dance team members. 85 Pound Squad .Flyweight: Maximum Ball Advancement Weight: 85 pounds Age Restriction: Cannot turn eight (8) years old before July 1st of the current year 105 Pound Squad .Cruiserweights: Maximum Ball Advancement Weight: 145 pounds Age Restriction: Cannot turn thirteen (13) years old before July 1st of the current year 180 Pound Squad . cheerleading. Age and weight guidelines apply to football players. DANCE TEAM Junior Varsity squad 9 and under – can not turn 10 before July 1st Varsity squad 10-14 – can not turn 15 before July 1st and can not be beyond the 8th grade PRACTICE Location Practice for football players will be held at Far East Recreation Center fields and Walnut Ridge High School Practice Areas. Note: Cheerleaders cannot turn twelve (12) years old before July 1st of the current year 145 Pound Squad . Weight guidelines are subject to change according to UYA guidelines. Practice for cheerleaders and dance team members will be moved to an indoor location to be determined by the Cheerleading and Dance Team Director.MiniWeight Maximum Weight: 70 pounds There are no X players allowed on the 70 pound division Age Restriction: Cannot turn 6 years old before July 1st of the current year.

or appropriate board member. Special events are planned with every child in mind.m. practice runs until 8:00 p. UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT Dress During conditioning and pre-season practice. Failure to pick up your child on time will result in the following in order of offense: 1.m. and the Cheerleading/Dance Team Director for review. It is also very important to notify the coach if your child will be on vacation. 3. tennis shoes. A schedule will be distributed to each team for member distribution. EVAA cannot guarantee that a child will participate in a game or competition. GAMES The first official season game is held August 28.m. Participants with chronic attendance or behavior problems are at risk of not participating at games or cheerleading competitions. Children are expected to be on time and ready to participate. Continued abuse of the policy will be brought to the attention of the Athletic Director. 6 . It is mandatory that all children are picked up on time. 6:00 p. Verbal reminder from the coach. please make every effort to inform the Coach or Team Coordinator. Game participation is based on your child’s performance during practice. Member suspension from practice and game for one week. No member is permitted to wear jeans or sandals to practice. to 8:00 p. You may also check the voice mail for cancellations. Parents are responsible for getting their child (ren) to and from practice and games. After conditioning.Schedule Practice for all members is Monday through Thursday. Written warning.m. 2010. Away games are held at various locations around the city. or will not be attending a special event. t-shirts. If your child is going to be late or absent. Once cheerleading and dance team practice is moved indoors. Our home games are played at Yorktown Middle School. practice is Tuesday through Thursday. After Labor Day. and socks. Your child’s coach or Team Coordinator will provide you with direction to all away game locations. Cancellation Practice is cancelled only if there is thunder and lightning. Pre-season preview and/or bowl games may also be scheduled. All members must show the ability to follow directions and observe the rules of safety before a coach can allow them to play or cheer. football players will be required to wear the appropriate equipment as outlined below.. and adjustments must be made for absent children. to dusk. ATTENDANCE Attendance is mandatory at every practice and game. 6:00 p. 2. dress consists of shorts. Any other cancellations of practice will be made under the discretion of the Athletic Director. or at the discretion of the Athletic Director and coaches.

Parents will need to provide: Football -practice pants -pads -practice jersey -supporter cup -mouthpiece -girdle -cleats Cheerleading -cheer pack -shorts/warm-up pants -t-shirt/warm-up shirt -tennis shoes Dance Team -dance pack -shorts -warm-up pants -t-shirt -tennis shoes Cheerleaders and Dance Team members are required to purchase program packs. Uniforms and equipment should never be left unattended. HEALTH AND SAFETY Certification – August 14th or August 21st All football players will be certified at the UYA Certifications. Physical Cards Physical cards are required by EVAA to ensure a child is physically fit to participate in the program. The Cheerleading/Dance Team Director will inform you of the items required for purchase. All cheerleaders and dance team members are expected to come to games or competition in a clean uniform. Football uniforms and equipment must be turned in immediately following the last game that they play in. Please remember to bring a change of clothing for your child. while game jerseys and pants are issued in August. At the certifications league officials will verify each player’s age and weight as recorded on the coach’s roster. Game Pants. Uniforms should be cleaned according to instructions on uniforms. Players who exceed weight maximum will be classified as XPlayers and can remain on their correct team but they may not advance the ball. Game Socks Helmets and shoulder pads are issued in July or August. Lost or damaged uniforms and/or equipment must be paid for before new items are issued. Cheerleading/Dance Team Director will inform you of distribution dates. Chin Strap. They 7 . Tennis shoes should be cleaned prior to coming to the game or competition. Shoulder Pads. The cost for replacement is: Helmet Shoulder Pads $85 $75 Game Jersey Game Pants $45 $35 Chin Strap Game Socks $15 $6 Care and cleaning of cheerleading and dance team uniforms are the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s). The certifications are necessary to ensure teams are adequately matched. EVAA will issue: -Helmet. Care and cleaning of football game equipment is the responsibility of the coaches. which will mean weekly cleaning. Cheerleading and Dance Team uniforms need to be taken care of during the season so that they are presentable for competition. Uniforms are not to be cleaned by parent(s) or guardian(s). The Athletic Director. Game Jersey. and should be worn for games or special events only.

and sodas. Smoking/Profanity/Drug Use All members are asked to refrain from using tobacco. 2010. Physical cards must be turned in by July 20. and dance team member is escorted across the field by their parent(s) as their names are announced.also alert us to any allergies and /or other health concerns your child (ren) may have. child development. and dance team members. written permission from a physician is required before a child can return to participate. SPECIAL EVENTS Preview Games and Scrimmages Preview games are a series of games designed to give the teams a chance to play before the official start of the season. If your child misses the primary certification they must attend the secondary certification. Children are unable to participate in certification without his/her birth certificate. as well as parents on other teams. Certification is required to play. each football player. Nutrition It is important for children to eat well-balanced meals. Scrimmages are also unofficial games that allow the teams to play against other teams before the season begins. Before each game. If they miss both certifications they will not be able to participate in the season and will not receive a refund. or foul language in the presence of the football players. cheerleaders. Homecoming – October 2nd Homecoming is a daylong celebration. but they should eat at least forty-five (45) minutes before practice or a game to avoid getting cramps or an upset stomach. you will be informed at the end of the game or practice. Injuries If your child receives a minor injury during practice or a game. as they block the absorption of fluids into the body. A first aid kit and cellular phone are kept on the sidelines in case of emergencies. and the Cheer and Dance Coaches are certified by the NCSSE (National Council for Spirit Safety and Education). Water is necessary to assist in prevention of dehydration. and good sportsmanship. At this event parents are encouraged to mingle with other parents on their teams. If your child is seriously injured. and will forfeit certification. 2010. All children must bring water to practice. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the parent. A Homecoming King and Queen are crowned for each weight division. This ensures that a child is participating in the correct age class. Please do not allow the participating child (ren) to bring Kool-Aid. any illegal substance. we will notify you or the emergency contacts listed on the child’s registration form immediately. Birth Certificates Birth certificates are required for submission to league certification officials to prove the age and child’s date of birth. Smoking and profanity are prohibited at all games and practices. The birth certificate must be submitted to your child (rens) Team Coordinator by July 20. cheerleader. The day will end with a Homecoming Dance that 8 . In cases of serious injuries. They also provide liability insurance for any coach that completes the program. fruit juices. Both of these trainings focus on injury prevention. Coaches Certification EVAA football coaching staff is required to be certified through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA). Viking Get Acquainted Day – August 15th Viking Get Acquainted Day allows the membership to get to know each other in a fun setting.

cheerleaders and dance team members work hard to support the football players by cheering them on and cheering them up.com. and board members. You may also visit our website at www. please see the coach after the game or practice. By volunteering. They get the crowd involved with crowd participation cheers. Additional assistants are encouraged. community volunteers.evening. There is one Team Coordinator per team that is selected by the Head Coach. or make phone calls. This competition gives parents. Vice President. The Executive Board distributes a monthly newsletter and activity calendar. coaches. not just a spectator. comments.eastlandvikings. Any questions. Black and Gold Banquet Celebration – November 7th The Awards Ceremony is held at the end of the season to recognize the football players. cheerleaders. and exhibit tremendous team spirit. This includes making sure that representatives from their team fulfill their home game requirements. and helping coaches to keep parents informed of all upcoming games and events. Messages or concerns may also be left on the EVAA voice mail hotline at (614) 470-0994. or e-mail to eastlandvikings@hotmail. filming games. dance team members. you are making it clear that you will become “involved” with organizations that you allow your child to be a part of. COMMUNICATION Notice of events and activities are communicated in a variety of ways. Secretary. Team Coordinators are also responsible for coming up with snack assignments or a plan for the team. Coaches and Team Coordinators may send home written information. Each parent is required to volunteer – (please see volunteer breakdown). Cheerleading and Dance Team Competition – October 31st This competition and showcase gives the cheerleaders and dance team members an opportunity to show that hard work pays off. PARENT PARTICIPATION VOLUNTEERS The success of the organization depends on the efforts of our volunteers. Team Coordinators also assist the coaches with the administrative aspects of the team to include keeping game statistics. Organizational trophies are presented at the Awards Ceremony and we have a buffet style dinner setting. ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board makes the day-to-day decisions to support the organization and the members. TEAM COORDINATORS The Team Coordinator has a very important role on every team. and/or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged as we make an effort to continue to provide a service to our youth and the community.com for information on the organization. football players. corporate sponsorships. Athletic 9 . coordinating team activities. The Team Coordinator has a responsibility to make sure that their team is represented at every event sponsored by the organization. Treasurer. If you have an issue you feel needs addressing. From practice to games. coaches. and dancing. This position works closely with the coaching staff and Executive Board to establish a strong rapport and good working relationship with all parents on their team. make announcements at the field. parent volunteers. Members of the Executive Board include the President. and other supporters the opportunity to support their season of cheering.

times. and Director of Committees.Director. Parents are welcome to attend any and all Executive Board Meetings. and places are indicated on the activity calendar and announced on the hotline. and must pass by a majority vote1. 1 EVAA Bylaws. Article V. Section 1 10 . All decisions concerning the organization are made at Executive Board Meetings. Fundraising Coordinator. Dates.

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