Alienation = Marxist critique of domination / Q: Definition? Indications? Relationship to Capitalism? Modernity? Implies the existence of – (Alienation) & raises the question of that would look like? Societies, Institutions, Beliefs created to benefit the powerful few at the expense of the powerless many through the construction of reality & ideologies of legitimacy = reproduced in the routines of everyday life so that existing power structures seem natural / right. Alienated selfhood + Alienated interaction = Where the routines of everyday life are sustained by habit, fear, & anxiety. Marx = critique of labor relations under capitalism. Q: Is Alienation under Capitalistic Modes of Production relevant to the POMO Technological World of Information based services + mass marketed goods + mass mediated images? Q: Is alienation a function of society = does it belong to society or the individual? What is its relation to the person, especially to the patterns of self-production and interaction of everyday life? Marx = Alienation = Commodities produced by wage labor confront the worker as alien objects that dominate/deform the worker’s selfhood & estrange him from others (G M 108) + Workers = powerless = slaves. Capitalism = Changed? Evolved? From Coercion to (Complacency?) [Workers = Accomplices]. Class division = less pronounced. – (Control) 19th Century Factories = production of commodities = $$$ owners of [K] = today owners = shareholders. Cultural Marxists = domination shifted from economic determinism to the ‘culture industry’ & patterns of mass consumption that shape consciousness/character to secure $$$, sustain legitimacy, & mask the causes of modern malaise (Marcuse 1964). POMO = “hyper-real” society of unending simulations dominated by codes of signification (Baudrillard 1968, 1975, 1983). Commodified Culture = own logic of simulation! Marx causality = ideological reifications of the infrastructure no longer valid (Baudrilliard 1975). Meanings / Desires / Images = affective endowment = sign system. Proliferation of commodified images & spectacles of hyper-reality = more real than real. Objects / Events / Images / Personalities = unending streams of simulacra = new order of representation whose symbolic value needs demystification along the lines of Marx’s critique of commodity fetishism (Baudrilliard 1983). Bureaucratically administered society of mass consumption = manipulation of

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. Today (1980s / LL) = shopping mall (Kroker. < Today = Internet! Cyberspace! Virtual Reality! > Critique of Modern Alienation = deconstruction of interaction / selfhood in a society of unending spectacles / carnivals / fast food / faster technogadgets / universalization of consumption – society provides ersatz gratifications in a fragmented < Decentered / POMO > world of everyday life = situated in consumption based routines and lifestyles. 1989).desire / transformation of self / social interaction in everyday life (Lefebvre 1971). et al. Decentered selfhood <Real> = self-produced simulation of identity expressed in the < Imagined / Created (Virtually) > routines and rituals of everyday life < Recreated / Expressed (Online) > = < Centered Self (Online = Virtual Grand Narrative) > = Intersection Individual / Group / Larger social order. • • Marx = factory = site of alienation. • • .

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