A Report on Organizational Study



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A Report on Organizational Study


The study is intended to attain first hand experience of the overall functioning of the organisation. It also provide a chance to see the practical constrains faced by the manager while putting theory in to practice.


To get an organisational exposure.  To understand the organisational structure.  To understand the functioning of each and every department.  To understand the functioning of the organisation.  To understand the basis of departmentation.  To study about the employee-employer relationship.  To make an evaluation of the performance of the organisation.  To make a SWOT analysis.


The methodology adopted in the study comprises the collection of both primary and secondary data. The data was collected from different section, office staff, workers etc a. .Primary data.  The primary data was collected through personal interview with the managers and personnel¶s in the organisation.  By site visits. b. Secondary data The secondary data was mainly collected from  The company journals, handbooks of UEI Ltd.  Through survey reports and publications being prescribed by UEI Ltd.


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Caarmel Engineering College

A Report on Organizational Study


The limitations are: 

Some information¶s is collected through the interviews with the mangers and employee. The personal interviews may be affected by personal bias.  The personal resource of the company is limited. So it was challenge to collect data without interrupting the normal operation of the company.  It was not possible to get all the details of the organization especially in terms of financial matter. The study has been taken only from the published information and hence analysis can be only on macro basis.  The information collected from the company records relates only to the past which may not be an overall representative of the future.  The study is purely of academic interest. The inexperience makes the analysis less precious when compared to professional analysis. Hence the conclusions from the analysis of statement are not sure indicators.  The result of this study cannot be generalized for other similar organizations.  Time was the major limitation of the study.  The study mainly based on secondary sources and therefore errors are possible.

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generators and insulators were taken up later. The starting of United Electrical Industries Ltd. Up to the 1870s electricity had little use beyond the telephone and telegraph. Thiruvananthapurarm in 1945. Caarmel Engineering College Page 4 . had taken over by the Government of Kerala. After the invention of the incandescent lamp by Edison in 1879 and the subdivision of lighting circuits for individual control of the lamps. At present there are five Public Sector electrical equipment industries in Kerala. I) at Kollam in 1950 closely followed it. One of the main problems the industrial world faces now is the scarcity of energy. After that meters were made by diferent manufacturers in different models and versions according to the demand and consistency in designs. no meter to accurately measure and record the usage of electricity. There was one obstacle. The first electrical industry to be set up in India was the Fan Industry in Calcutta in 1921. it was no longer practical to measure lamp hours. The demand is more and the supply is less. motors. worked equally well with DC circuits at that time. By the mid 1980s hybrid meters with electronic registers were mounted. Although it was designed for the AC circuits. Around this time the first new standard model watt-hour meter was developed by Elihu Thomson and Thomas Duncan which was a commercial success. The first Public Sector Electrical Industry to be set up in Kerala was the Metropolitan Engineering Company Ltd. Electricity being the important among them plays a major role in almost all the industries. The manufacture of electrical equipments like transformers. Then by the introduction of transformer helped to make the present system of AC transmission and distribution possible. More research is done to find out alternative sources of energy.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Electrical Industry in India came into existence only after the First World War period. analogue measuring instruments have been replaced by electronic ones by suppliers of electricity. but the dependence will be on the existing sources. Production of electricity has become more expensive which demands careful utilization and accurate measurement keeping this in mind.E. With the advances in the electronics in the 1970s the manufacturers started introduction of electronic registers and automatic meter reading devices. (U. By the early 1990s introduction of electronic parts resulted in the dropping of the induction type models and paved the way to electronic models which become more feasible and popular. In 1960 the management of the United Electrical Industry Ltd. Till some new alternative energy sources is found out. The researchers are still in the beginning phase.

Mumbai  Syntron Controls. Mumbai  Gayathri control and Automation Pvt Ltd.Gujarat  New India Trading Corporation. Coimbatore  Star Enterprises .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Most popular electric meters are:  Electronic Energy Meter  Single phase AC Watt hour meter  Static energy meters  Induction Meters In India some of the leading Meter Manufacturing Companies are  Bharath Electric Meters. Maharashtra TABLE-1 Public Sector Electrical Equipment Industries in Kerala Caarmel Engineering College Page 5 .

COMPANY PROFILE Caarmel Engineering College Page 6 . Fire Extinguisher uses 2. Gear capacitors 3. PVC cables Telephone cable 4. No.Mamala Olavakkodu.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 SI. United Electrical Industries Ltd. transformers accessories steel winding Engineering Company Ltd. Kollam Kwh meter. Transformer & Electrical Kerala Angamally Ltd. 1. Power trans former & potential 5. motor control.Thiruvalla ACC. Kerala Electrical and Allied Kundara. Traco Cable Co. Ltd Trivandrum. Kasarcode Alternator. Company Factory Main product The Metropolitan Engineering Trivandrum 11KV-220KV Isolator Company Ltd.

Ltd Calcutta for the Manufacture of oil and air breakers. now a subsidiary of M/s Ferranti Ltd. The production of low tension (L. The company started its manufacturing activities in collaboration with MESSOR¶S ARON METERS LTD. to Trivandrum. At the starting time the company had a paid up capital of 400 crores jointly held by the state government and KSIDC. but it could start its production only in 1951. the company started diversifying in the areas such as manufacturing of motor control gears with the technical assistance of Mysore Electrical Industries and with substantial participation of Kerala Financial Corporation.P. As a part of diversification the R&D wing of the company designed and developed polyphase energy meters in the 1965. Through the company was incorporated in the year 1950. The commercial production of motor control gears was started during 1968 and production of switch gears started in 1974. the capital of Kerala state. UEI Ltd is located at Pallimukku. about Three Km south of Kollam on the wayside of National Highway-47. Kollam a public limited company incorporated in the year 1950. In 1962.S Nair.UEI Ltd was the only company to manufacture and market polyphase meters without foreign technical knowhow. Now the products are marketed under the Brand Name ³UNILEC´. BREIF HISTORY OF UEI. is the main factory in India to set up for the manufacture of electricity house service meter. Caarmel Engineering College Page 7 . the chief Engineer of Travancore-Cochin state and Sri Abraham Pothen an eminent industrialist. The Company remained a proprietorship until 1960. In 1970 the company entered into technical collaboration with General Electrical Company of India. In the same year the company started the manufacturing of some assemblies of meter. Hollinwood. Further during 1975 and 1977 the company as a part of diversification program started commercial production of plastic film capacitors in technical collaboration of RUBYCON. In 1956 the company acquired the present premises to set up a fully fledged factory with its own machine shop. circuit breakers up to 22KV rating. The company commenced its manufacturing activities with the assembling of ³single house service KWH´ Meter with imported components and sub assemblies. Japan. By 1960 the management was taken over by the Kerala Government. The company further diversified to Manufacture of carbon film resistors 1978 in technical collaboration with SHINE EL JAPAN I association with M/s Akhane Ohm of Japan. The company owes its origin to the far sightedness and vision of Sri K.T) circuit breakers in 1974.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 The united electrical industries Ltd.

MISSION AND QUALITY POLICY Caarmel Engineering College Page 8 . 2008 2009 New products like Air break switch and water meters were introduced.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 1950 1951 Company was incorporated Commencement of Production with the assembling of ³single house service KWH´ Meter with imported components and sub assemblies 1956 The company acquired the present premises to set up a fully fledged factory with its own machine shop. New Electronic energy meters starts production VISION. In the same year the company started the manufacturing of some assemblies of meter 1960 1962 management was taken over by the Kerala Government company started diversifying in the areas such as manufacturing of motor control gears with the technical assistance of Mysore Electrical Industries and with substantial participation of Kerala Financial Corporation 1965 As a part of diversification the R&D wing of the company designed and developed polyphase energy meters 1968 1974 commercial production of motor control gears was started Production of switch gears started and the products are marketed under the Brand Name ³UNILEC´.

QUALITY POLICY UEI and its employees are committed to develop. manufacture and marketing of House Service Energy Meters and Motor Control Gears ensuring customer satisfaction of its products and services through continual improvement of the effectiveness of its QMS achieved by setting and reviewing quality objectives PRODUCT PROFILE Caarmel Engineering College Page 9 .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 VISION To become Pioneers through operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction MISSION To become the Number one supplier of electricity meters and to grab two digit share in the transformer and water meter markets in India by ensuring customer satisfaction of its products and services and continuous improvement.

 It designed for tropical climate  It fully complies with is 13010 [2002] and its latest amendments  Highly polished. PCB Compartment & Terminal Compartment. FEATURES  It provides the highest standard of accuracy and reliability of energy measurement in single AC Circuits. SINGLE PHASE & THREE PHASE METERS Product Description Type UEM static meter is designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest standard of accuracy and reliability of energy measurement in single phase and three phase circuits. The metering elements are completely enclosed in a dust proof mechanically strong.. Highly polished. TWO WIRE WHOLE CURRENT WATT HOUR METER Product Description Type KVI-M magnetic suspension bearing meters are designed and manufactured to satisfy the highest standards of accuracy and reliability of energy measurement in Single Phase AC Circuits. hardened stainless steel pin is used as top bearing. A synthetic rubber gasket is used between the top cover and the base to ensure protection against moisture and dust. top cover and terminal cover. tamper. Superior quality laminated core and copper wire coils are used as voltage and current elements.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 µUNILEC' SINGLE PHASE. The meter base consists of two compartments i. The meter is broadly divided into base. hardened stainless steel pin is used as top bearing. In the PCB Compartment brass terminal suitable up to 40A positioned securely. The top cover is transparent to facilitate easy and clean reading of counter and display of other parameters.proof steel/ Polycarbonate cabinet.e. It is UV (Ultra Violet) stabilized for outdoor application. FEATURES:  Conforms to ISO 779 and CBIP Technical Report No: 88. Caarmel Engineering College Page 10 .

 Low voltage operation. to 200 H. The starter is foolproof as the motor can only be started from the full of position. These starters are of floor mounting type and facilities are provided for mounting a pedestal type Ammeter. The starter is with a sheet metal case and facilities are provided to fix pedestal type Ammeter.  Computerised Calibration. The contact tips are of electrolytic copper extrusion. silver plated to prevent corrosion and pitting. so that it is not possible to start the motor unless all the rotor resistances are in circuits. Oil immersed Auto transformer Starter Type µATS¶ It minimizes the starting currents and attains a higher starting torque.P. OIL IMMERSED AC MOTOR STARTERS Product Description Oil Immersed Star Delta Starter Type µNSD¶ These control gears available in the range of 10 H. Rotor resistances are of high grade resistance wires.  Meters perform with low power loss.P. Correct sequence device in corporate in the unit ensures proper sequence of operation so that the Starter is first put into the Star position for starting before a quick changeover is possible to the Delta position for running.transformer oil. These are of self aligning type and are easily replaceable. Oil Immersed Slip ring Motor starter Type l & Type2 They have electrical interlock between the stator and rotor circuits.  One time 'Life . The starter unit is separate from the transformer and this eliminates carbonized oil from the starter entering the auto. These starters embody an auto-transformer and reduce the current taken by the motor while starting. These are of self aligning type and are replaceable.time' calibration.A Report on Organizational Study 2010  Flame retardant & high compact strength Polycarbonate enclosure. at 120V AC. wound on ceramic tubes. FEATURES Caarmel Engineering College Page 11 . The contacts are of electrolytic copper extrusions of ample size and are silver plated.  Safety protection against high voltage AC.

Rotor resistance suitable for higher starting torque can be provided for stator rotor starters. AIRBREAK SWITCH Caarmel Engineering College Page 12 .  Micro Processor based motor protection relay available on request.  Also available in star-delta configuration without Auto Transformer (Type FANSD).  Cable arrangement. a Main Contractor and a Run Contractor. FULLY AUTOMATIC AUTO TRANSFORMER STARTER TYPE (FAATS) Product Description The salient feature of this starter is its automatic switch over to frill rated voltage. FEATURES  Fully Automatic change over from Start to Run for pre-set time.  Range available from 10 HP to 400 HP.1. The starter is provided with easily replaceable oil break contacts .  Spare parts. Provision for cable entry/cable box provided. Star Contractor with timer (0-30 sec).  Electrolytic grade copper contacts.A Report on Organizational Study 2010  Overload protection. All spare parts are available from the factory and stockists.  Manual tripping is provided by a lever at the side of the starter.  Available in oil cooled and air cooled versions of Auto Transformers. The starting time can be set by the user depending upon the application thermal overload relay is provided for overload protection.  Normal operation at 3 starts per hour.  Conforming to IS: 13947 part JV/Sec. The panel consists of Thermal Overload Relay. Oil dashpot time lag type magnetic overload relays calibrated from full load to double full load which are easily adjustable.  Starting torque.  Under voltage and overload protection. The starting current is minimized to attain higher starting torque with the help of an auto transformer.

 Is specification No. KONARK DOMESTIC WATER METER Product Description Konark water meters are used to measure the flow of water. multijet. dry dial. wear resistant and anticorrosive Engineering plastics.4064. FEATURES      All Ferrous parts are hot dip galvanized The contact ends are Tin Coated The leakage current passes to earth and not between terminals of the poll or between polls The operating mechanism is suitable for normal operation by one man without undue effort Switch is permitted to pad locking in both open and close position. Multijet. Konark water meters are inferential.1994 Class B (Latest amendment) Equivalent to international standard ISO. IS: 779 . FEATURES  The hydrostatically tested brass body is machined to a very high degree of accuracy.  Both Nuts and Nipples are made in Brass. self lubricating. They have both pointer & cyclometric reading counters and are sealed against tampering. dry dial magnetic type.  Internal components are made of high quality. magnetic type. Caarmel Engineering College Page 13 .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Product Description Air Break Switches are used to isolate 11KV lines from transformers. Konark water meters are inferential.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CHAPTER-2 Caarmel Engineering College Page 14 .

Production Department 4. Purchase Department 6. Research &Development Department 9. Finance & Accounts Department 3. Store Department 10.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STUDY The following are the various departments at UEI: 1. Commercial Department 5. Marketing Department 7. Human Resources Department 2. Quality Control Department 8. Safety Department Caarmel Engineering College Page 15 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 HUMAN RESOURSE DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 16 .

This allows the company to reduce the labour cost to a large extent. They can be distinguished through their uniforms within the organization.P.O (ASST) Human resource department is concerned with the people dimension in the organisation.D S. disciplinary action etc.O ASSISTANT OE&TO EST (ASST) T. There are temporary employees as well as permanent employees. Here in either Personnel officer is the head of the department . promotion.Under him there is a time officer for establishment. The additional employees required are taken as apprentices or on contract basis.  To provide wages and salaries to the employees.M H. industrial relations.  To arrange for training programmes.R. The personnel department deals with the recruitment.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE G. OBJECTIVES  To recruit the right kind of person for the right job at the right time. wage administration.  To handle grievances of the employees. The employees are appointed through PSC and Employment exchange.  To evaluate the performance the employees. Presently there are 136 permanent employees including the manager And engineers out of which 133 are presently working and the remaining 3 are on deputation and long leave. Caarmel Engineering College Page 17 .

A detailed organization chart is prepared and the management tries to determine how many people. Caarmel Engineering College Page 18 .Requirement plan includes the sources of recruitments. Step1: Manpower planning depends upon the demand for the product. Step3:At this stage the company formulates its requirement plan to fill up the vacancies in the organization . Manpower inventory indicate the position that can be filled up by internal promotions. the losses that may be caused through the unexpected and anticipated separations. career planning is done for the key personnel.the company undertakes inventorying and auditing of manpower resources available with it. at what level. both internal and external and the period in which the manpower resources would be made available after all the procedures are completed. Manpower planning involve two stages the first stage is concerned with the detailed planning of manpower requirements for all types and levels of employees throughout the period of plan and second stage is concerned with the planning of manpower supplies to provide the organization with the right type of people from all the sources to meet the plans which goes through the following steps. aptitude and effective utilization of these personnel. It follows that planning for manpower resource is a major responsibility to ensure adequate supply of personnel at the right time both in terms of their quality. FUNCTIONS  Manpower Planning  Recruitment training and development..A Report on Organizational Study 2010  To provide welfare measures to the employees.  Employee relations  Performance management  Back end operations MANPOWERPLANNING One essential requirement of every manager is his ability to plan because responsibility for planning extends to every function. Usually demand for the product depends on the Government policy as the major customer for the product is KSEB. at what positions and with what kind of experience and training would be required to meet the objective.  To look for safety measures. Step2:At the next step . Ultimately the net requirement of the company is indicated.

It decreases the size of the company by adopting a¶ voluntary retirement schemes¶ RECRUITMENT.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 But for the last few years the demand for the product is steady because of the Government policy. The vacancies are reported to the agencies with specified qualification. These people are recruited with the help of Related Insertion center. a) the policy of taking candidates from inside and outside affect the attitude and actions of the people in the organization. From a pool of people some are selected according to requirement . Since UNILEC is Government Company. Thus there can be two sources of supply of manpower  Internal  External Selection of a particular source depend up on certain factors enumerated below. Caarmel Engineering College Page 19 .Mainly PSC and Employment Exchanges do the selection. There are employment seekers who themselves get registered with these exchanges. c) The need for originality and new ideas also affect the recruitment policy. b)the level of socialization required and the time taken for that determine the inside or outside source of recruitment. Normally such exchanges provide candidates for lower position like semiskilled and skilled workers. recruiters tend to focus their attention on outside sources. To reduce the loss. Apart from this apprenticeship trainee are also selected. the company followed µlean structure policy¶. In UNILEC. The Kerala Public Service Commission does the recruitment and selection process for administrative personnel. While the vacancies through internal sources can be filled up either through promotion and transfer. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Normally an organization can fill up its vacancies either through promotion of people available in the organization or through the selection of people from the outside. it has to adopt to the Government policy in recruitment and selection. public employment agencies are utilized for filling up different positions. (for ITI diploma holders)Supervisory Development Board(for diploma and BTech people) Training imparts skills and knowledge to the employees so that they contribute to the organizations efficiency and will able to cope with the pressures of changing environment.

Therefore the training needs have to relate both in terms of organization¶s demand and that of individual¶s. It authorizes the HR department to conduct the same. UEI shall determine the competency of the personnel performing the work affecting the QMS on the basis of assessment done by immediate superior. The HR department decides this. The duration is also decided as per the report of Caarmel Engineering College Page 20 . A yearly competence Improvement plan. The effectiveness of the training provided should be properly evaluated as per HRD-DG-01 . The identified needs shall be consolidated for preparation of the training plan for satisfying the training needs. If the program can be conducted with an internal faculty. PMW is in overall charge of training.Also management will ensure that personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activity. The concerned manager or supervisor informs the personal department if there arise a need for training and development . Appropriate records of qualification. The work committee including the CMD. The HR department. it is thus organized and if there is any need for more expert training and development. exposure visits. He will make necessary arrangements for providing training programs for the managerial staff where as the personnel officer will do necessary arrangement for training of workers. external faculties are used. The objective of UEI is to provide people with knowledge and skill together with experience which will improve their competence. Also the divisional heads will make the employees in his section aware regarding the requirement for the achievement of quality objectives. covering training. Senior Manager-works and developmental programs. The effectiveness of training programmes provided shall be evaluated. skill and experience shall be maintained by the Personnel officer. training. as per suggestions of the concerned manager or supervisor decides the content and other details. The company follows executive development program as well as the worker training.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Training plays the following roles in the organization. a) Increase efficiency b) Increase in morale c) Better human relations d) Reduced supervision e) Increased organisational viability and flexibility.The basic aim for training is to induce a suitable change in the individual concerned. especially those mentioned in the work instruction. self learning etc shall be prepared.

e) Pay employees according to the importance and difficulty in the job. In every four years a meeting of trade union representatives. EMPLOYEE DETAILS AS ON DESIGNATION MANAGERS OFFICERS(office) OFFICERS(factory) STAFF(office) STAFF(factory) CH/INSP A GRADE B GRADE C GRADE LASCARS TOTOL NOS 04 O6 07 14 07 09 46 13 01 26 133 On Deputation/On leave 1On Long Leave 2On Long Leave 3On Long Leave TOTAL 04 06 07 15 07 09 48 13 01 23 136 COMPENSATION The remuneration. b) Attract and retain services if they are desirable by the employees. labourcommission representatives and management is called upon to decide on the package. The evaluation is done on the basis of feedback from trainers.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 manager and supervisor. If the training results are not satisfactory retraining programs are conducted. The external training is given with the help of Kerala State Productivity Council and Workers Education Center. incentives and other compensation packages are fixed on the basis of long-term agreement made between the company and the employees. Caarmel Engineering College Page 21 . d) Keep the labour cost within reasonable limits so as to safeguard the interest of shareholders. Also a floor shop evaluation is also done. c) Get improved employee morale and productivity. competitive worth of the organization its production and profitability. OBJECTIVES OF WAGE AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION a) Reward the employees according to their effort and merit.

3. DA and other dearness allowances include the following 1) Overtime wages: It is paid as double the normal wages (Basic pay+DA). h) Simplify collective bargaining. Fabrication. Press. maintaining and increasing the income of the employee. The following are the fringe benefits offered by the company 1. 6) Risk allowance: In the case of serious accidents to employee while on duty and not able to report for more than 7days continuously. Public holidays: Most of the public holidays announced by the government are applicable to the company employees. 5) Uniform allowance: This is given to the employees to purchase uniform.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 f) Incorporate legal requirements. budgeting and wage and salary control. g) Facilitate payroll administration. i) Explain to the employees how and why they are paid. j) Facilitate employee organizational flexibility. duly supported by ESI certificate from hospitals approved by the company. Lathe. Anniversary awards: It is given to the employees for outstanding performance. mechanical maintenance. Electrical maintenances etc. Bonus: It is paid once in a year during Onam 2. which are connected with the employment but not the employees contribution to the organization. FRINGE BENEFITS The fringe benefits are primarily the means in the direction of ensuring. 7) Footwear allowance: The company gives footwear allowance to the employee in the paint shop. 2) Washing allowences: It is given to those who have to wear uniforms 3) Milk allowences: Some of the workers in the factory are very hectic and to keep the employees in good health. Caarmel Engineering College Page 22 . These fringe benefits can be in monetary as well as in nonmonetary sense and are given to the employees during and the post employment period. The company follows the definite dress code. the company gives allowances to buy milk to some employees 4) Night allowance: This is given to employees who have to work in night shifts. The pay package include basic pay.

In this method one or more senior officer rates each employee for his performance confidentially. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Good industrial relations are important for rapid Industrialisation. The management contributes 12% towards EPF. 8. Voting Time: For parliamentary and assembly elections employees are given time to cast their votes. 11.5 lakhs to the employees. the company witnessed no industrial disputes. ESI Scheme: For factory employees. Performance appraisal is concerned with determining the differences among the employees working in the organization. The company follows a confidential report method. Provident Fund: Employees Provident Fund is there for employees. ESI schemes are there. In some years the company¶s Caarmel Engineering College Page 23 .12% of employee¶s salary is directed to the EPF. 10. In UNILEC. Pension: Contributory pension is given to the employees.In that 8. Medical leave with pay: 14 medical leave per year are allowed to the employees. The main problem with this method is that it is not data based and appraisal is done on the basis of impressions. Medical scheme for employees. 12. In UNILEC a good relation between employees and management prevails.3% go to pension fund.. Maternity Benefit: Female employees are given maternity leave. 7. This report deals with the year¶s work and general opinion of the rater towards the employee. 9. Leave with pay: The company allows the employees 15 casual leaves. the concerned supervisor or manager continuously appraises the performance of the employees under him.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 4.Industrial relations describe the relationship between the management and individual employee in that light it is sometimes called employer-employee relations or personnel relations. Canteens PERFORMENCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal refers to the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his performance on the job and his potential for development. 6. In the past 30 years.33 earned leaves and 14 half pay leaves per year. A confidential report by immediate supervisor is still a major determinant of the subordinate¶s promotion or transfer. 5. One month¶s salary per year is given to the employees to meet their medical bills up to 1.

the major trade unions are  Electrical Industries Employment Association  Meter Employees Association  United Electrical Employees Union  United Electrical Industries Employees Association.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 performance was not good . Caarmel Engineering College Page 24 . TRADE UNIONS A Trade Union is an organization of workers that is formed with a view of protecting and promoting the interest of the workers.During all those years the employees offered their wholehearted support to management. In UNILEC.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENTS Caarmel Engineering College Page 25 .

The management of finance is essential for the success of the business. to keep it alive and to see it growing. The senior officer establishment deals with calculating employee¶s wages provide provident fund. SMA is the head of the finance department.A S. finance. posting and audits of accounts.O.A (F.M) O. The UEI Ltd has an initial capital amount to Rs.E O. Tax UEI Ltd has to pay the following taxes: Income tax  Sales tax Caarmel Engineering College Page 26 . He looks after the budget.O. to operate it and to expand or modernize its operations. ESI etc. Finance is required to bring a business into existence. It also has other domestic customers.M.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE G.A A business needs funds at every step to start a business.M S. GM is the overall responsibility of the department. 4 crores.A S. The senior officer accounts takes charge to look into the day to day affairs of the financial of the company. Its products are sold to its main customer KSEB.A O.

Presently the excise duty is 16% on one meter and the educational cess is 2% of the 16% Job card It used to calculate the quality of products individual product time The important registers maintained by the finance are given below.e.. It sets the cost of that is used by commercial group to add profit margin to µset the price. central sale tax] Educational cess is 2% on the excise duty.  Purchase Journal  Sales Journal The various sections under finance department are  Book & Budget  Sales  Priced stores Ledger  Costing Book & Budgets  Collection of accounts from different sections  Preparation of trial balance and final account  Co-ordination with auditors  Helps statutory auditor Sales  Invoice generation  Billing  Collection  Debtors ledger Price Stores Ledger This section is responsible for maintaining accounts for the stores in monitory items.50% whereas if sold to other states outside Kerala the rate is only 4% per meter [i. Caarmel Engineering College Page 27 . Costing Each product is having a separate section.A Report on Organizational Study  Excise duty  Educational cess 2010 The sales tax charged per meter in Kerala is at the rate of 12.

once in a year Caarmel Engineering College Page 28 .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 OTHER IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS Payment to establishment  Wages  Salary Payment to suppliers  Indigenous Purchase  Important Purchase [purchase. Bills] Terms of payment for purchase are  Letter of credit  Advance  Cash and delivery  Site Draft  Pro-forma payment Service Bills This section maintain bills for payment of  Factory service  Maintenance Internal audit The main functions of internal audit are  Fault recognition  Suggestion for improvement  Assisting working level people  Internal audit conducts site audit.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 29 .

W SE METER SE MCG Se/ HM CH/FABRICATION OPERATOR OPERATOR TRAINEES TRAINEES In every organization production department carries the main function i. it couldn't develop or install machines for this purpose.  To improve quality by reducing process rejection below 3%  Increase productivity by effective utilization of resources  Maintain production and discipline in the section  Co-ordination of workers and shop floor activities  Share information In UEI there are well established production units for Caarmel Engineering College Page 30 . seal wires for the meters are now manufactured. production. For this they have a full fledged manufacturing unit. The objectives of production departments  To achieve monthly production target as per customer requirement. Before production of electronic meters the company was manufacturing mechanical meters.. Some companies produce various products and some in a single product. Due to sudden change in customer need for mechanical meter to electric meter. As a result now it imports.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE S. As a part of its diversification program. Only some components such as connectors.M. various parts of the meter from different places and assembles it manually. UEI planned the production of Water meters and AB Switches. UEI Ltd is the company which produces Electric Meters and Starters.e.

The two CT jumps are wired Caarmel Engineering College Page 31 . stationary indent  Authorization of work tally  To keeping up production schedule  Material follow up  Maintaining records of relevant Indian standards specifications of BIS and Inspection scheme.  Authorization of material indent.  Reallocation of work  All standard meters shall be sent once in a year for calibration with an outside approved agency. The responsibilities of SE are as follows. The responsibilities of CH are  Work allocation  Material follow up  Preparation of finished goods report Assembly Procedures In this unit some components are required for meter assembling It has       Press Shop T & D shop Lathe Shop Platting shop Tool room Lasker (Internal Transporting) Procedures of assembly unit are as follows Materials are collected as per indent issued by production control.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 a) METER PRODUCTION UNIT (meter components assembling) b) Production of Starter c) Production of AB Switch d) Production of water meter SMW has the overall responsibility of this department. Assembled PCB is inspected visually for all components and energized for 24 hours on the rack. Earth sticker is affixed on the base. Terminal block is fixed on the base.

CH . Calibration For calibration the meters are energized for 30 minutes on 230V supply. finish. They are as follows  NSD starters  ATS starters  OSRIPI  FATS Assembly Procedures of HSD Starters The collection of materials as per regular indents issued by production control . Main Assembly is done by fixing N/V release Assembly. sticker giving the defect is affixed on reject meters and returned for trouble shooting. The finger contact assembly is done as per chart by reviewing appropriate components. The over coils are wound to suit the different HP by utilizing the chart specifying gauge number of turns and lead length. Assembly procedures of ATS Starters The finished painted frame is selected depending upon Horse Power. cover and store of motor starters of different HP rating. Procedure In UEI produces four types of starters. Board Assembly is carried out by using the appropriate number of different kinds of carrier assembly and other components in the board.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 through the CT and then fixed on the terminal block in the base. test. The assembled meters are then tested for HV are tested for LED display in the testing equipment provided. The PCB assembly is then fixed on the base pillar. Assembly as per the chart. SMW has the over all in charge of this department. The values will be selected by trial and error method by testing one batch of meters. For traceability purpose *x' marks to be given in PCB Counter leads are soldered on the PCB and counter is fixed to the bracket. STARTER PRODUCTION UNIT The scope of this department is to assemble. All Caarmel Engineering College Page 32 . The drain plug is fitted. Voltage lead from the PCB is connected to terminal block . Transformer of appropriate Horse Power inserted and fitted into the frame. The assembled meters are then fixed on the base pillar. In case of any rejection.

Connections are done as per the wiring diagram. The auto transformer is oil cooled or air cooled and will be suitable for three starts per hour equally spread and starting time not exceeding 30 sec. The tripping of the starter is verified with U/V release only. Assembly procedures of OSR Starters (I & II) The magnet assembly and setting is done on the assembled board irrespective of Horse Power. The Rotor setting is done on the magnet set OSR board and ensured that the protection of the handle is properly transferred to the moments of rotor contact over the fixed contacts . The rotor set board is assembled into the box overload coils in sets are introduced as per Horse Power. Y. The operation of the magnets and connections are also rectified in testing. The bus bars are of tinned copper of suitable capacity having R. where it is calibrated for 100 and 125% of normal current. Cable entry is provided at a right hand side with cable box for line and Motor. and B color code. Manufactured out of LOSWG steel sheet and supported on the transformer tanks.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 leads are terminated to the Terminal Board after trimming and soldering. The auto transformer is oil cooled drying enamel paint. Operations of the ATS starter are checked. The voltage at each tape is verified. Assembly procedures of FATS The silent constructional features of this starter are that it is manufactured on a motor control panel. The tested and painted unit of appropriate Horse Power is bolted to the frame. Caarmel Engineering College Page 33 . The transformer tank is leak proof with oil drain using air drying enamel paint. Calibration:The assembled starter is transferred to the testing for calibration of overload dashpot.

A Report on Organizational Study



Caarmel Engineering College Page 34

A Report on Organizational Study









Overall responsibility for marketing policies rests with GM. Coordination commercial function including marking. Commercial department include sales department also.

The company markets its products in three ways. Firstly, by responding to tenders and quotations as per customer requirement and specification. SMM shall consolidate the requirements of the product, taking into consideration the customer requirements, stated or unstated, statutory and regulatory requirements or any other additional requirements determined by the company, if any, including requirement. He shall prepare a note incorporating the above requirements and submit the same to the Apex Management for review and approval. Secondly, though approved dealers or distributors. Order for UEI standard products are normally handled though dealers Thirdly, by counter sales. When a customer approaches directly to purchase the product of the company, he has to fill up the order format and if his requirement is in line with the company specification, company registers the order and sales is effected. The function of this department also includes handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery of finished products.

Caarmel Engineering College Page 35

A Report on Organizational Study


Major Competitors of Meter 
HPL Socomec Pvt Ltd  Anchot Electricals Ltd  Naina Powers Pvt Ltd  ECE Industries  TTL Ltd New Delhi Damon Hyderabad Hyderabad Noida

Major competitors of starter 
DB Traders  Bentex  L&T  Crompton Greaves Calcutta Calcutta Bombay Bombay

Materials Planning and Control [MFC]
This department places a strategic role in materials management. MFC is the prime agency responsible for the availability of any material required for production and hence constantly keeps track material status. It is the department, which receives the material is made available to the manufacturing section. As this department has the major responsibility of the stock in the store and for allocation and co-ordination with the purchase department procuring right material.

Caarmel Engineering College Page 36

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 37 .

N OG/SO C ASST S ASST M ASST This department deals with the purchase of raw materials from various sources. In UEI Ltd. samples of necessary requirements of capital goods is identified in various departments and is sent to purchase department often getting Approval from the competent authority. raw materials are purchased through inviting tenders from suppliers 100% of raw materials are purchased from outside suppliers. Caarmel Engineering College Page 38 . All the purchase shall be made by purchase department.M. The validity of quotations inviting the purchase department is only up to 30 days.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE S. The main raw materials required for UEI are  Aluminium road  Steel sheet of various thickness  Steel roads  Copper sheet  Bras sheet  Copper and brass components The scope of the purchase department is to purchase all materials and services required by UEI Ltd for use in production and servicing of plant and machinery. Production department gives order to the purchase department to purchase all materials. All items except capital goods required by various departments are intimated to store who prepares purchase intend and forward the same to giving full specification.

at right place from a right source. The source of materials is selected by checking the samples collected from different supplies. Materials required for the company as follows.C/G.I BoM P.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 PURCHASE PROCEDURE P.E TABULATION P. They only have the ability to provide bulk of raw materials of the company. If the samples are qualified the criteria the suppliers can be included in the sent to qualified suppliers only.O.P Purchase Policy UEI has a purchase policy to purchase raw materials in right quantity and quality at right time.I PURCHASE TENDER L.  Raw materials  Components  Consumables  Tools Caarmel Engineering College Page 39 . For this the company firstly invites 10% of the total tender from the suppliers. Acceptance of sample can be done as per the recommendations from the quality assurance department.

A Report on Organizational Study  Stationeries  Capital goods  Spare goods  Spare parts  Sub assemblies  Services 2010 The responsibility of purchasing material roots on a purchase committee. Major suppliers  Eppeltore Eng. Ltd  Konark Electronics  Gas haw Electrical and Electronics TVM Ahmadabad Hyderabad Bangalore Calcutta Caarmel Engineering College Page 40 .  Benetec Electrical and Electronics  Rolene Meter (Pvt) Ltd  Adura Meters Ltd Delhi Calcutta Hyderabad Hyderabad Major Components Suppliers are  Keltron  Shah Electronics  Rolene Meters Pvt.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Caarmel Engineering College Page 41 .

development of new dealers/ customers.M S.M S.M. Coordination of commercial function including marketing. payment follow up. preparation and providing production programme to works. customer co-ordination scrap sales and other assignments given by SOM.M ASSISTANT The scope of this department is to covers all the products of the company sold directly to customers against orders or through approved dealers / distributors appointed by the company. This function rests with SMM.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE G.O. Duties of SO -marketing Now the UEI produce motor starters and meters. Duties of SO ±sales The responsibility of marketing of meters and contactors rests with the section officer-sales. The other duties of section officer-sales are as follows  Preparation and providing production programme to works  Arranging dispatches as per schedule Caarmel Engineering College Page 42 . The responsibility of marketing of motor starters and other products rests with SO-marketing. The responsibility of the SOMarketing is to maintaining and promoting dealers for starters and other products. arranging dispatches as per schedule. tendering and other assignments given by him. The responsibility of the section officer-sales is to assist SMM in achievement of departmental objectives and record keeping. Overall responsibility for marketing policies rests with GM.

and U. In three ways the department does its function. Hence there will be sufficient demand will be increasing during the succeeding years. Thirdly. Mumbai.A Report on Organizational Study  Payment follow up  Customer Co-ordination  Compliance of excise formalities  Stock maintenance  Arrange packing  Invoicing 2010  Payment Collection and filling excise return in respect of meters contactors  Stock maintenance  Packing and invoicing  Payment follow up in respect of staffers. The company has distributors and dealers in Chennai. UEI distributes meters other states also. Dealers and distributors do the advertisement jointly. The present annual requirement of single phase Watt-hour meters is assessed as 12 lakhs Nos. Major Customer KSEB KSEB already purchasing required single phase Energy meters from the organization. The present annual Caarmel Engineering College Page 43 . Moreover the industry makes enquiries from Electricity Board of other states also. Firstly. But in future it has low demand due to the advancement of technology. Electronic Energy Meters KSEB already purchasing required single phase Energy meters from the organization. by counter sales. at the rate contact with the KSEB. The presently used Electronic Energy meters will to place by KSEB.P etc. by responding to tenders and quotations as per customer specification and requirements Secondly. with the support of Kerala State Government. MARKETABILITY OF UE1 PRODUCTS Single Phase AC Watt-hours Meter Watt-hour meters are required by KSEB. Indian electrical and Electronic Manufactures Association publication and other technical magazine are the main source of advertisements. In addition to KSEB. scarp and other products and Marketing Procedures This department also does the marketing of the products.

In addition to the KWA starters are required for irrigation department. Hence there will be sufficient demand during the succeeding years. Caarmel Engineering College Page 44 . Hence there is no problem in selling any number of AB Switches to KSEB. Hence presently there will be sufficient demand for starters. Moreover the industry makes enquiries from Electricity Board of other states also. Fully Automatic Auto Transformer Starter Fully Automatic Auto Transformer Starters are required by Kerala Water Authority. mills etc. The present annual requirements of starters are assessed to be 15 lakhs Nos. AB Switches AB switches are required by KSEB.. The present annual requirement AB Switches by KSEB is assessed as 15 lakhs Nos. and the demand is expected to be increased during the succeeding years.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 requirement of Electronic Energy meters are assessed as 15 lakhs Nos.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 QUALITY CONTROLDEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 45 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE G.Q. Quality Policy UEI and its employees are committed to develop. ensuring customer satisfaction of its products and services through continual improvement of the effectiveness of its OMS achieved by setting and reviewing objectives Quality Objectives Top management of UEI establishes.M.W A.A ASSISTANT This department is concerned with checking the quality of products made in company. manufacture and marketing of house service energy meters and motor control gears.  Customer Focus UEI meets customer requirements and strives continuously to meet customer expectations by determining and reviewing customer requirements and measuring customer satisfaction.E. implement and communicate operational measurable Quality Objectives at all relevant functional levels. Caarmel Engineering College Page 46 . listed below. Quality Management Principles UEI and its quality policy and manages its quality system following the eight management principles framing the guiding principles of ISO: 9001: 2000. At each and every stage of production the quality of the product is checked it become the final product it should be cross checked. The achievement of the same is measured monthly through MPRM.M S.

which provides proper direction for achieving results when resources are managed as a process. The quality of the incoming raw materials is checked either quantitatively or qualitatively. It also helps to provide direction in taking planned corrective actions. The materials that do not satisfy the quality (for e. QUALITY ASSURANCE The SE Quality Assurance is in charge of quality checking of the raw materials samples.or quantity are sent back to the suppliers if it do not satisfy the prescribed quality. This is achieved through the interactions in the management meetings on the performance of individual departments. The quality assurance department also checks quality of incoming raw materials and.  Involvement of people UEI believes that involvement of all employees is essential for the better functioning of the organization. dimensions in the specifications).g. measurement of customer satisfaction. the products in process.  Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship UEI tries to maintain beneficial and a mutual relationship with supplier. This is achieved by planned training as given in the guidelines for training.  Continual Improvement Continual Improvement of QMS is achieved through measurement of quality objectives achieved.  Process Approach The departmental guidelines of major functions follow a process approach and include PDCA cycle. After the quality assurance only the goods are taken to the stores department Caarmel Engineering College Page 47 .  Factual Approach in Decision Making UEI takes effective decisions based on results of analysis of data.A Report on Organizational Study 2010  Leadership Top management of UEI establishes and provides leadership and unity of purpose and direction through management Review Meetings. Monthly performance review Meeting and Provision of resources.

   Ensure that it is understood and implement at all levels.2000 Version . control of design. QUALITY SYSTEMS STANDARDS ISO. It ureau Caarmel Engineering College Page 48 . Certification Agency BVQI (By VERITAS Quality International) International Audit once in Six Months ISO 9000.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 Inspections of finished goods are done by AE inspection. contact review. testing storage etc. purchase. production.international Organization for standardization ISO Series of Standards ISO 9000. Define responsibilities and authorities.  Appoint a Management representatives. Identify verification activities and assign to competent personnel with adequate resources. All units of UEI are ISO 9001 certified. For ISO 9001 certification the INTERNATIONAL AUDIT is done ones in six months by the UEI a personnel independent of their functions and External Audit is done by Bureau Verities Quality International.Brief Over View Revised Standard is compatible with principles of ISO 14000 and TQM. The checked and passed meters are handed over to sales department. The sales returned meters are checked and corrected here. All meter products is the company are handed over to the quality control department for improvement of quality it necessary. MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES REGARDING QUALITY  Management must define and document its policy objectives and commitment to quality. To fulfill its role as a corporate citizen towards protection and conservation of the environment and ensuring that its products and systems also meet such requirements. UEI has finalized a Corporate Environment Management Policy for ISO 14001 Certification. ISO 9001 : 2000 ISO 9001     Covers management responsibility.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 centers on results achieved through P. 4. 6. Internal audit 4. 7. 3. Corrective action 6. Preventive action ISO 14000 (Environment Management System) ‡ Covers Statutory. Do. Chemical Treatment.D . Discharge etc) ‡ Energy Consideration. Documentation control 2. 2. Control of non . Regulatory Acts (Pollution. 5.conforming products 5.   Focus on business needs.C . Mandatory documentation requirements simplified required in six of the following areas.A (Plan. Check. continue improvement through measurable performance parameters leading to customer satisfaction. 1. Behavior Towards Customer. resource utilization Quality Issues faced By UEI 1. and attitude of UEI personnel Caarmel Engineering College Page 49 . Performance / Function Dimensional Completeness Quality of Documentation Delivery Others Response Time. Act) and processed approach. Quality records 3.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 50 .

and bill of materials Scope of R & D Department The scope of this department is the design and design modification of the following products manufactured in the company. drawings.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTALSTRUCTURE S.Q. Caarmel Engineering College Page 51 . which is to be taken up for design and development.M. modifications in the design of the existing products. and to maintain records for the same such as flow charts.E.W A. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) High quality single phase AC Watt-hour Meter Oil immersed AC Motor Starters Electronic Energy Meters Fully Automatic Auto Transformer Starter UPS for Computers Static Auto fare Meters Water meter AB Switches Any other new products Responsibilities and Authorities of R & D Department The Apex management Team holds the responsibility for the final approval of the technical specifications of the product.H ASSISTANT The purpose of R & D department is to control the design and development of new products.A C.

design drawings wiring diagrams etc Caarmel Engineering College Page 52 . He is also authorized to approve the various design outputs such as bill of materials. drawings. bill of materials. flow charts of the product.  SMR&D holds the responsibility of preparing the product flow chart. Approving brand etc.A Report on Organizational Study 2010  SMW holds responsibility to convene the core committee for reviewing the design at various stages.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 STORES DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 53 .

A STORE ASST-GI STORE ASST-ST STORE ASST STORE ASST STORE ASST STORE ASST PMW is over all charge of stores store assistants have the individual responsibility relating to all operations of the respective sub stores and to keep the records property.W A.Q. The duly of assistants are to count the quantity of goods.M.  Inventory management Procedure For making the function of store department more effective store is divided into different sub stores namely  General store  Raw material store  Electronic store:Caarmel Engineering College Page 54 .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE S. Function of store Department  Receiving materials / Accounting  Issue of Materials  Items for Repair / Rectification / Calibration/ Refilling sub Assembly / Receipt of item for outside issue. They are also trainees.E.

When the ordered goods are received from the suppliers that will be entered in the goods inward register. storage is done under preserved condition wherever necessary. Identify items which deteriorate quality from past experience. If they do not keep adequate materials the production will not take place smoothly. The stores department ensures the adequate supply of the raw materials. In fact the production to a large extent depends on the effective functioning of the stores department.and if the quantity is below a particular level they will direct it to the purchase department to make the stock adequate. They keep proper details of the stock and give the direction to the purchase department if there is enough stock.A Report on Organizational Study 2010  Starter store:  Tool store  Stationary stores The main objective of store department is the materials to be stored in proper places with proper accounting. According to their direction the purchase department give proper orders to the suppliers. And the issue of the goods take place from the stores department. Caarmel Engineering College Page 55 . after that the remaining quantity of stock will be entered in the BIN card .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 SAFETY DEPARTMENT Caarmel Engineering College Page 56 .

THE OBJECTIVE OF THE SAFETY COMMITTEE Objectives of the safety committee are as follows  Control the accidental hazards  Promote safety consciousness among employees  Communicate to the top management regarding safety aspects. Though the frequency rate of accidents comparatively low. Safety stewards will be entrusted with the responsibilities of continuous watchfulness.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE S.  Safety committee. Safety precaution in UEI For making the functions of the safety department UEI takes the following steps.  Safety steward committee.  Accidents investigation reporting system.M.S SG (SAFETY) SG (SERVICE) Every organization must have a safety department for the safety of the workers.W O. Persuasion and correction of fellow employees to enable safe methods of work being adopted. Caarmel Engineering College Page 57 .  Safety training for executive supervisor and arisans. the management is take keen interest to reduce the accidents as far as possible by engineering methods and personnel equipments at inevitable stages.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE CHAIRMAN MANAGING DIRECTOR GENERAL MANAGER PERSONNAL MANAGER PROCESS MANAGER ACCOUNTING MANAGER MARKETING MANAGER SUPERVISOR ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT MARKETING EXECUTIVE STAFFS STAFFS STAFFS WORKERS WORKERS WORKERS Caarmel Engineering College Page 58 .A Report on Organizational Study 2010 In addition to the above. The rolling shield will be awarded to sections that maintain goods. safety condition of working and maintain cleanliness. award of rolling shield for safety and cleanliness was introduced during the year 1983 in this unit.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CHAPTER-5 Caarmel Engineering College Page 59 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 FINDINGS          Good reputation for the company Effective attendance system Good management-employee relationship Harmonious Industrial relations Regular feedback system Solvency Maximum capacity utilization Good HR planning Reduce the labour cost by reducing the no of permanent employees. Caarmel Engineering College Page 60 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CHAPTER-6 Caarmel Engineering College Page 61 .

Quality of spectacles and foot wear provided by the company should be increased More marketing efforts should be made Improve the motivational technique The employees feel satisfied if they are provided with such services and they also feel committed to the organization and improve the process of production. So the company should provide quarters to the employees. Infrastructure should be developed to improve the operations.     More concentration on product diversification is needed. Caarmel Engineering College Page 62 . Technology transfer should be established with some reputed organisation. Introduction of innovative products is need for the company.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 SUGGESTIONS       Better training for improving the skills of the workers and the officers should be provided by the company Many employees have to travel long distance daily.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CHAPTER-7 Caarmel Engineering College Page 63 .

Brain storming technique was adapted to final the SWOT. Suggestions are evaluated and the analysis is made. Caarmel Engineering College Page 64 . It is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas from a group of employees.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis of a company reflects the effectiveness of the function of the company in each and every department.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 STRENGTH         Market leaders in Kerala State ISI & ISO 9002: 2001 certification Effective internal check system to maintain quality Involvement of workers is high Non Occurrence of strikes and lockouts Easy flow of communication Customer focus Tried to reduce the production cost by reducing the no of permanent employees. Caarmel Engineering College Page 65 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 WEAKNESS                 Lack of technological development Lack of modern equipments Political interference Poor financial stability Lack of marketing executives In adequate R &D Time consuming policy& decisions Lack of motivational technique Lack of an appraisal system Employee commitment is less Has to purchase the raw materials from outside Promotions are given not on the basis of performance Lack of adequate fund Delay in collecting fund. Lack of proper supply of materials Lack of proper infrastructure Caarmel Engineering College Page 66 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 OPPORTUNITIES  Go for national market that is outside Kerala        Use more advertisement technique More marketing opportunities for the products Improve the working conditions. Set new production standards establish an effective appraisal system Caarmel Engineering College Page 67 . Innovating new technology to improve the productivity. Improve the employee training facilities.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 THREATS      Possibility of Privatization Globalizations policy Emergence of modern Technology Inflation Bargaining power of suppliers is high Caarmel Engineering College Page 68 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CHAPTER-8 Caarmel Engineering College Page 69 .

It helps to know about detailed functioning of each departments of the organization.. Kollam incorporated in the year 1950 has a unique position in India's pioneer product of Electricity House service Meters. The main product of the company is the electronic meter. UEI LTD Company has earned profit from the initial stage of its operations and its confident of meeting all the challenges that lies ahead and aims at achieving the highest turnover.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 CONCLUSION This organization study is an attempt to make an overall study about the company¶s functioning and its financial analysis. The main customer of United Electrical Industries Ltd is Kerala State Electricity Board. They can survive a long period in the state market. The company has launched some new products and some are in the development stages. It helped to get familiarize with the real world organization system and to understand the various levels in the organization and the decision flow process. Since the company is the market leader in Kerala. especially in the electronics sector. They are producing good quality products. the company will have good future and exciting things happening today in the field of automation and power electronics and like any other adventure. The United Electrical Industries Ltd. The current phase of innovation and business solutions has thrown up a number of challenges and opportunities for a changed approach to business itself. The study brought put many features and functions of the organization Caarmel Engineering College Page 70 . It is a public limited company under the control of Kerala Government. To say United electrical Industries Ltd is one of the profiteering Public sectors Unit in the Country. realize the financial position and to secure practical knowledge regarding different aspects of UEI Ltd.

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 ANNEXURE Caarmel Engineering College Page 71 .

A Report on Organizational Study 2010 ABBREVIATIONS UEI SMM Prd Com CC MRC PMW MPRC SMR & D SEQA AEI MCG SEW SO Store SM Com PO AEC SMA SOM SOS SOA SOE GI TO BoM CH SCHM SEMCG PC PI LE Caarmel Engineering College - United Electrical Industries Ltd Senior Manager Marketing Production Committee Core Committee Management Review Committee Production Manager Works Management Performance Review Committee Senior Manager Research & Development Senior Engineer Quality Assurance Assistant Engineer Inspection Motor Control Gear Senior Engineer Works Section Officer Store Senior Manager Commercial Personnel Officer Assistant Engineer Commercial Senior Manager Accounts Section Officer Marketing Section Officer Sales Section Officer Accounts Section Officer Establishment Goods Inward Time Office Bill of Materials Charge Hand Senior Charge Hand Motors Senior Engineer Motor Control Gear Production Control Purchase Indent Letter Enquiry Page 72 .

SG OS Assi.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 POP CAssi. - Purchase Order Place Clerical Assistant Starter Assistant Meter Assistant Security Guards Officer Safety Assistant Caarmel Engineering College Page 73 . M Assi. SAssi.

com www.quote.A Report on Organizational Study 2010 BIBLIOGRAPHY     Department files Company journals Managers Company Personnels Websites    www.com www.unilecindia.com Caarmel Engineering College Page 74 .areweb.

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