What are the 2 possible ways to produce a list of devices, drivers, and system c onfiguration information?

€------€1) Print command of the action menu of device manag er 2) Driverquery command What are the two main requirements for installing WSUS?€------€1) IIS must be instal led 2) WSUS Database (SQL Server or SQL Server Desktop Engine (WMSDE)) How do you reach the WSUS administration page for a specific server?€------€Enter ht tp://[servername]/wsusadmin in Internet Explorer What are the (4) approval settings in the Approve Updates page of WSUS?€------€1) De tect Only 2) Install 3) Not Approved 4) Remove What is the command needed in order to extract a Service Pack?€------€[servicepackna me].exe -x What is VSS?€------€VSS is a new feature that allows the backing up of files that ar e opened/locked out, such as Database files. What are the (4) types of media pools related to backup?€------€1) Unrecognized 2) Free 3) Backup 4) Import Which switch is used with the Ntbackup command to specify the type of backup (in cremental, differential, etc)?€------€/M {backupType} What are the steps required in order to allow Shadow copies of shared folders?€-----€1) Select volume, select properties Shadow Copies tab, and enable shadow cop ies. 2) Create a share in the volume Which printer priority is higher: 1 or 99?€------€99 -- Priority, from lowest to hig hest, is 1-99. In general, how do you configure a printer pool?€------€Configure a single logical p rinter with multiple physical ports/printers. When would you configure multiple logical printers to a single physical printer?€-----€When you need different configurations/permissions based on users/groups. What needs to be installed in order to allow Internet Printing?€------€Add/Remove Wi ndows Components Application Server (details) IIS (details) Internet Print ing How do you view all configured internet printers?€------€In Internet Explorer, type: http://[printservername]/printers How do you redirect print jobs to another printer?€------€Printer Properties Ports Tab configure different port How do you the MMC to view a remote computer?€------€Right-click computer management , and select connect to another computer. Enter the remote computer's name. How many concurrent connections does Remote Desktop for Administration allow?€-----€2 There are 2 general steps involved in configuring remote desktop connections -what are they?€------€Configuration must be performed for both the server and the cl ient machine. How do you configure remote assistance the ability to offer help directly?€------€En able the "Offer Remote Assistance" local group policy, and specify the individua l(s) that are considered to be a "helper". What are the commands to disable/enable terminal server connections?€------€change l ogon /disable and

lls True or False: Device Manager can manage devices on a remote machine. Llsuser. run in advanced mode. and Block How do you Rollback a driver?€------€Device Manager Properties of Device Driver Tab RollBack Driver Button What is the default event viewer log file retention set as?€------€Overwrite Events As Needed -.lls. the compute r is placed in the "computer" container.change logon /enable A user wants to be able to view their local drive while logged remotely into a s erver -. What are the 3 types of Client Access Licensing (CALs)?€------€Per-Server.cfg. press F8. if you simply add a computer to a domain. Warn. How can an administrator view a user's activities on a terminal server in real-t ime?€------€Use the remote control capability of terminal services. Why is it best practice to create a computer account before joining a computer t o a domain?€------€By default. What (3) components are needed to perform ASR?€------€1) Windows Server 2003 setup C D 2) ASR backup set 3) ASR floppy disk created when backup set was What is the command to install the recovery console?€------€[drive letter]:\i386\win nt32 /cmdcons Which Recovery Console command will display services and drivers?€------€Listsvc Which setting enables you to use wildcard in Recovery Console?€------€set AllowWildC ards = true Which setting enables you to view all paths in Recovery Console?€------€set AllowAll Paths = true Which folder is the Default User profile for domains located in?€------€NETLOGON . which may not be desired.how do they do this?€------€Enable drive redirection on the clients RDP set tings. sel ect ASR wizard. and not individual components. Per-Devic e.€------€False: Device manager has a "read-only" view on remote machines What (3) conditions allow a user to install a PnP device without special permiss ions?€------€1) Device driver is already on PC 2) Device driver has digital signature 3) Driver installation doesn't require user interface Which User right allows a user to install device drivers?€------€Load and Unload Dev ice Drivers Where are digital signature settings configured?€------€System Properties Hardware Tab Driver Signing What are the (3) Driver Signing Options?€------€Ignore. How do you restore the System State on a domain controller?€------€Restart the compu ter. select "Directory Services Restore Mode" What is the difference between authoritative and non-authoritative restores?€-----€Authoritative has the ability to specify that the restored Active Directory data should be copied to the other controllers What are the (4) steps used to perform an authoritative restore?€------€1) Restart c ontroller 2) Press F8 and Select "Directory Services Restore Mode" 3) Perform non-authoritative restore using NTbackup 4) Run ntdsutil How do you create an ASR disk?€------€Open backup utility.you can only backup the entire System State.oldest logs are deleted once max size is reached You must be a member of which 2 groups (one or the other) in order to create a c omputer object in Active Directory?€------€1) Administrators 2) Account Operators How do you backup individual components of the System State?€------€Trick question . and Per-User What are the steps involved in assigning a new Site License Server?€------€1) Change to desired server 2) Stop License Logging service on new server 3) Copy Cpl. and Llsmap.

disk spanning. RAID-5 . Windows Server 2003 How do you enable auditing for files/folders?€------€Right-click folder Security T ab Advanced Button Auditing Tab What is a virtual directory?€------€An IIS object that allows a folder on any local/ remote volume to appear as a subfolder of a Web site.How do you create a mandatory profile?€------€Rename Ntuser. what are the effective per missions?€------€The most restrictive of the two. striped vo lumes.man Which command allows you to import/export accounts using LDAP file formats?€------€L difde What tool supports the creation of objects from CSV files?€------€Csvde What are the (4) available domain functional levels?€------€Windows 2000 mixed. Wind ows 2000 native. Windows Server 2003 interim. If IIS permissions and NTFS permissions are in place.dat to Ntuser. How do you backup IIS metadata via the IIS Manager?€------€Right-click server node All Tasks Backup/Restore What are the (2) options to host multiple sites on a single IP address?€------€1) As sign unique port to each site 2) Use host headers How do you create a Web site in IIS?€------€Right-click Web Sites node New Web Sit e How do you allow dynamic content in IIS?€------€Open IIS Manager in Administrative T ools Select Web Service Extensions Select Extension and click "Allow" What % threshold does Windows recommend a disk defrag?€------€10% or higher fragment ation How do you view non-PnP devices in Device Manager?€------€Select the "Show Hidden De vices" option in device manager What user right allows a user to convert from basic to dynamic disk?€------€"Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks" Which (2) groups allow a user to convert from basic to dynamic disk?€------€Administ rator and Backup Operator What are benefits of dynamic disks?€------€Disk mirroring.

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