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What are the 2 possible ways to produce a list of devices, drivers, and system c

onfiguration information?€------€1) Print command of the action menu of device manag

2) Driverquery command
What are the two main requirements for installing WSUS?€------€1) IIS must be instal
2) WSUS Database (SQL Server or SQL Server Desktop Engine (WMSDE))
How do you reach the WSUS administration page for a specific server?€------€Enter ht
tp://[servername]/wsusadmin in Internet Explorer
What are the (4) approval settings in the Approve Updates page of WSUS?€------€1) De
tect Only
2) Install
3) Not Approved
4) Remove
What is the command needed in order to extract a Service Pack?€------€[servicepackna
me].exe -x
What is VSS?€------€VSS is a new feature that allows the backing up of files that ar
e opened/locked out, such as Database files.
What are the (4) types of media pools related to backup?€------€1) Unrecognized
2) Free
3) Backup
4) Import
Which switch is used with the Ntbackup command to specify the type of backup (in
cremental, differential, etc)?€------€/M {backupType}
What are the steps required in order to allow Shadow copies of shared folders?€---
---€1) Select volume, select properties | Shadow Copies tab, and enable shadow cop
2) Create a share in the volume
Which printer priority is higher: 1 or 99?€------€99 -- Priority, from lowest to hig
hest, is 1-99.
In general, how do you configure a printer pool?€------€Configure a single logical p
rinter with multiple physical ports/printers.
When would you configure multiple logical printers to a single physical printer?€-
-----€When you need different configurations/permissions based on users/groups.
What needs to be installed in order to allow Internet Printing?€------€Add/Remove Wi
ndows Components | Application Server (details) | IIS (details) | Internet Print
How do you view all configured internet printers?€------€In Internet Explorer, type:
How do you redirect print jobs to another printer?€------€Printer Properties | Ports
Tab | configure different port
How do you the MMC to view a remote computer?€------€Right-click computer management
, and select connect to another computer. Enter the remote computer's name.
How many concurrent connections does Remote Desktop for Administration allow?€----
There are 2 general steps involved in configuring remote desktop connections --
what are they?€------€Configuration must be performed for both the server and the cl
ient machine.
How do you configure remote assistance the ability to offer help directly?€------€En
able the "Offer Remote Assistance" local group policy, and specify the individua
l(s) that are considered to be a "helper".
What are the commands to disable/enable terminal server connections?€------€change l
ogon /disable
change logon /enable
A user wants to be able to view their local drive while logged remotely into a s
erver -- how do they do this?€------€Enable drive redirection on the clients RDP set
How can an administrator view a user's activities on a terminal server in real-t
ime?€------€Use the remote control capability of terminal services.
Why is it best practice to create a computer account before joining a computer t
o a domain?€------€By default, if you simply add a computer to a domain, the compute
r is placed in the "computer" container, which may not be desired.
What are the 3 types of Client Access Licensing (CALs)?€------€Per-Server, Per-Devic
e, and Per-User
What are the steps involved in assigning a new Site License Server?€------€1) Change
to desired server
2) Stop License Logging service on new server
3) Copy Cpl.cfg, Llsuser.lls, and Llsmap.lls
True or False: Device Manager can manage devices on a remote machine.€------€False:
Device manager has a "read-only" view on remote machines
What (3) conditions allow a user to install a PnP device without special permiss
ions?€------€1) Device driver is already on PC
2) Device driver has digital signature
3) Driver installation doesn't require user interface
Which User right allows a user to install device drivers?€------€Load and Unload Dev
ice Drivers
Where are digital signature settings configured?€------€System Properties | Hardware
Tab | Driver Signing
What are the (3) Driver Signing Options?€------€Ignore, Warn, and Block
How do you Rollback a driver?€------€Device Manager | Properties of Device | Driver
Tab | RollBack Driver Button
What is the default event viewer log file retention set as?€------€Overwrite Events
As Needed -- oldest logs are deleted once max size is reached
You must be a member of which 2 groups (one or the other) in order to create a c
omputer object in Active Directory?€------€1) Administrators
2) Account Operators
How do you backup individual components of the System State?€------€Trick question -
- you can only backup the entire System State, and not individual components.
How do you restore the System State on a domain controller?€------€Restart the compu
ter, press F8, select "Directory Services Restore Mode"
What is the difference between authoritative and non-authoritative restores?€-----
-€Authoritative has the ability to specify that the restored Active Directory data
should be copied to the other controllers
What are the (4) steps used to perform an authoritative restore?€------€1) Restart c
2) Press F8 and Select "Directory Services Restore Mode"
3) Perform non-authoritative restore using NTbackup
4) Run ntdsutil
How do you create an ASR disk?€------€Open backup utility, run in advanced mode, sel
ect ASR wizard.
What (3) components are needed to perform ASR?€------€1) Windows Server 2003 setup C
2) ASR backup set
3) ASR floppy disk created when backup set was
What is the command to install the recovery console?€------€[drive letter]:\i386\win
nt32 /cmdcons
Which Recovery Console command will display services and drivers?€------€Listsvc
Which setting enables you to use wildcard in Recovery Console?€------€set AllowWildC
ards = true
Which setting enables you to view all paths in Recovery Console?€------€set AllowAll
Paths = true
Which folder is the Default User profile for domains located in?€------€NETLOGON
How do you create a mandatory profile?€------€Rename Ntuser.dat to
Which command allows you to import/export accounts using LDAP file formats?€------€L
What tool supports the creation of objects from CSV files?€------€Csvde
What are the (4) available domain functional levels?€------€Windows 2000 mixed, Wind
ows 2000 native, Windows Server 2003 interim, Windows Server 2003
How do you enable auditing for files/folders?€------€Right-click folder | Security T
ab | Advanced Button | Auditing Tab
What is a virtual directory?€------€An IIS object that allows a folder on any local/
remote volume to appear as a subfolder of a Web site.
If IIS permissions and NTFS permissions are in place, what are the effective per
missions?€------€The most restrictive of the two.
How do you backup IIS metadata via the IIS Manager?€------€Right-click server node |
All Tasks | Backup/Restore
What are the (2) options to host multiple sites on a single IP address?€------€1) As
sign unique port to each site
2) Use host headers
How do you create a Web site in IIS?€------€Right-click Web Sites node | New Web Sit
How do you allow dynamic content in IIS?€------€Open IIS Manager in Administrative T
ools | Select Web Service Extensions | Select Extension and click "Allow"
What % threshold does Windows recommend a disk defrag?€------€10% or higher fragment
How do you view non-PnP devices in Device Manager?€------€Select the "Show Hidden De
vices" option in device manager
What user right allows a user to convert from basic to dynamic disk?€------€"Perform
Volume Maintenance Tasks"
Which (2) groups allow a user to convert from basic to dynamic disk?€------€Administ
rator and Backup Operator
What are benefits of dynamic disks?€------€Disk mirroring, disk spanning, striped vo
lumes, RAID-5