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The Magnificent Seven

Archangel Micha-el
His name means"who is as GoD" in Christian lore he is the "greatest". Next to Gabriel they are the two only mentioned
in Old Testament at all; well not forgetting Raphael who introduces himself in the Catholic, "Book of Tobit".
Micheal's "adventures" have gained him the most fame, He has been said to have slayed 185,000 soldiers from the
Assyrian King in ONE night who threatened Jerusalem in 701 B.C., He held back the hand of Abraham who was about
to sacarifice his son Isaac.. and that he[Micheal] will descend from heaven with "the key of the abyss and a great chain
in his hand" and will bind the Satanic dragon fora 1,000 years.(Revelation: 20:1) Micheal, is the Guardian Angel of
jerusalem for GoD said" In all this there is no one to lend me support except Michael, Your Prince, om whom I rely to
give me support and re inforce me".
In the Muslim traditions, they describe Micheal in a wondrous imagery" wings the color of green emerald,covered with
saffron hairs, each of them containing a million faces and mouths and as many tongues which, in million dialects,
implore the pardon of Allah" Inthe koran also says thetears shed from this angel over the sins of the faithful; create
In the Middle Ages, michael was held as the"Psychopomp", the conductor of souls to the other world. Because the
Church was in need to attract the pagan worshipers of the Roman Gaul, who remained faithful to the god Mercury.
They gave Michael many of Mercury's abilities, as the guide for the dead.Also Micheal has links to Hermes which is
"related" to Mercury. for Hermes was the Psychopomp. When the Church banished all earlier pagan deities to HELL
the various powers of these gods were absorbed in to this Archangel's attributes.
Archangel Gabri-el
The Sumerian root word of Gabri is GBR; gubernator or governer. Some say that it means Gibor, power or hero.Gabri-
el is the Govenor of eden and the ruler of the Cherubim. What really makes Gabri-el stand out amomgst the reason is
thatthis acrhangel isa Female.. while others are either Male or androgynous. She sits on the Left side of GoD, while
True Muslims will not believe she Gabri is female.. Gabri dictated the entire Koran to Mohammed. Gabri-el is said to
have 140 pairs of wings...and in Judeo Christian lore she is the angel of the Annuciation, Resurrection, Mercy,
Revelation, and Death.
gabri has appeared to several to deliver messages... to Daniel in order to explain the vision Daniel had of the Ram and
the He-goat( the oracle of the persians being overthrown by the Greeks), She came againto tell Daniel of the coming of
the mesiah which 500yrs later she repeats to Mary in the Annunciation. She sems to apear at conceptions as well before
mary she told Zacharias the coming of John the Baptist. in popular lore, it tells that she the protesting soul from
paradise and instructs it for nine months while it is in the womb of it's mother. Like the Great Female angel Pistis-
Sophia before her, Gabri-el once fell from grace for some unispecified misdemeanor. The angel Dobiel took her place
for the time she was a outcast.
Archangel Rapha-el
" The shining one who heals" was originally known as Labbi-el in chaldea. the Hebrew term RAPHA means "healer,
doctor or surgeon". A angel of healing he is often assiciated with the image of a serpent. He is the ruling chief prince of
the second heaven,chief of the order of Virtuees, Guardian of the Tree of Life in eden and by his own admission one of
the seven angels of the throne. He told this to Tobias in the Book of Tobit
Rapha one day had traveled with Tobias, Tobit's son in guise.. telling his Tobias how to use the huge fish he caught for
medical purposes and at the end of the journey revealed his true self to the boy. He also healed Abraham's pain who has
sly avoided being circumcisied till his old age, as well he healed Jacob's disjointed thigh which he got wrestling a
angel..Rapha-el's "brethen". although he is realy a virtue, he is said to have six wings like a seraph but atthe same time
belongs to the Cherubim,Dominion, and the Powers. He is also the chummiest and funniest of the angels known to take
guise and talk to mortals on a whim.
Archangel Sari-el
Also known as Suriel, Suriye, Zerachiel and Saraquel, his name means"GoD's Command". This is the near description
the Enoch gives for Sari-el,"who is responsible for the fate of those angels who transgress the Laws". While, there are
others who fit the mantle for Angel of Death, sari-el gets the dubious honor of this role. It was sari-el who taught Moses
all his knowledge and also taught Rabbi Ishmael the details of cleanlyness and sanitization for Sari-el is the "cleanist"
of the angels. it was also claimed that Sari-el was ahealer like Rapha and that he wasa Seraphim and Prince of the
presences...yet Enoch says that Sari-el is a fallen angel even thought his name is seen in the " War of the Sons of light
Against the Sons of Darkness".. his name is on the shield of a son of light.

Archangel Uri-el
He is one of the four angels of presence, Uri-el meaning"Fire ofGoD". He presides over Hell being BOTH a Cherubim
and Seraphim, In the wrathful and hellish Apocalyspe of ST.Peter,Uri-el appears as the Angel of Repentace ..whose as
pitiless as any demon you'd hope to NEVER meet in HELL"Uri-el, the angel of GoD wil bring forth in order,according
to their transgression, the souls of those sinners.They will burn them in their dwelling places in everlasting fire. And
after all of them are destroyed with their dwelling-places, they will be punished eternally. Those who have blasphemed
the way of righteousness will be hung up by their tongues.pread under them is unquenchable fire so they cannot escape
it" this blows away the soft sweety angel image. Righteous angels are unserving in the pursuit of their duty. Uri-el is
also the cherub who stands at the gate of of Eden witha fiery sword. Uri-el was also the one who wrestled Jacob and
had to pull the muscle from the hollow of his thigh in order to leave.. but it also seems that he merges with jacob. Uri-el
says," I have come down to earth to make my dwelling among men, and I am called jacob by name". He is the first
recorded instance of a angel becoming a man. Uri-el is also known for being the sharpest eyed angel of all and warned
Noah ofthe floods but also ATTACKED Mose for NOT getting his son circumcisied.
Archangel Ragu-el
Known also as Rasuil, Rufael, Akrasiel, and "Friend of GoD", according to Enoch ; he "takes vegeance upon the world
luminaries", which means he watches over the GOOD behavior of the angels. This is most likely the HARDEST job of
all for angels are a breed KNOWN for becoming corrupt. EVEN the angel who is to judge other angels was
reprobatedby the Church along in 745 AD along with Uri-el. but were excluded from the prestigious Saintly Calendar.
He was once condemned by Pope Zachary who is head of The Church.. he was performing a sort of Witchhunt on the
Angels.. he felt Ragu-el was a demon"who passed himself off as a Saint". He is also mentioned in "Revelation of John"
saying" Then shall He send the angel Ragu-el saying:go sound the trumpet for the angels of cold and snow and ice
andbring together every kind of wrath upon them that stand on the left". It is Ragu-el who transports Enoch to heaven.
Archangel Remi-el
He is earlier times was known as Jeremiel or Yerahmeel-"Mercy of GoD". He is the one"whom GoD sets up" in order
to lead the souls to judgement. In Enoch's writings asa leader of the apostates and one of the fallen. But atthe same time
he is one ofthe seven angels who stand before GoD. Early in his life it is he and not Michael, who is said to have slayed
the the army of Sennacherib. Although he is the angel of true visions. it was through "true vision" of Baruch that
Remi-el appears victor over this army.
Archangel Razi-el
also known as Ratzi-el, Gallizur, Saraqu-el and Akrsi-el, Razi-el has the intriguing title of the "Angel of the Secret
Regions and of the Supreme Mysteries". Being the author of the legendary "Book of the Angel Raziel" where are
celestial and eartly knowledge is set down" Raziel is supposedly to have presented this to Adam. This has had a long
history til it was passed to Enoch. who is said to have incorparated much of it in the Book of Enoch. It was given to
Noah who who modeled the ARK on information he found in the book, it seemed to disappeared after being with
Solomon it then resurfaced under the authorship of one Eleazer of worms, a medieval writer. It is said that within this
Book Razi-el revealed the 1,500 keys to the mysteries of the universe...but this was written in secret script that even the
greastest angels do not understand. As Targum Ecclesiastes, that "each day the greatest angel Razi-el stands upon the
peak of Mount Horeb, proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind".
Archangel Metatron

An to the entity, that MANY rabbis assure is REALLY the greastest angel of ALL. though it should be remebered that
MANY are contenders for this Heavyweight throne and confusion happens among their enthusiastic supporters. he's
been called the Prince of Divine Face, Angel Of the Covenant, king of Angels and the Lesser YHWH. He is in chrage
of substaning the world.. and has absorbed territory usually claimed by other archangels especially Micha-el on many
occasions. In terms of age he is the youngest. In one version of his history he was the patriach Enoch who was
transformed into a fiery angel with 36 wings or 12 pairs of wings and countless eyes. which would only make him
about 8,500 yrs old which ISN'T old at all if angels were created at the same time as the universe 15 billion yrs ago.
Here is the Passage from Chronicles of Enoch, telling of his transformation into angel,"then the Lord said to
Michael:Go strip Enoch of his clothes; anoint him with oil and dress like ourselves' and Michael did as he was told. He
stripped me of my clothes, nd rubbed me over with a wonderful oil like dew; withthe scent of myrrh; which shone likea
sunbeam. And I looked at myself, and i was like one of the other(angels); there was no diffrence and all my fear and
trembling left me."Enoch had been chosen by the Lord as writer of truth so no surprising his previous ability stayed
withhim upon his change to angel form. As Metatron he is the heavenly scribe who records everything which happens.
Metatron is the tallest of the angels ranging from 8 to 13 feet tall. If you read Exodus, you can read the type of angry ,
jealous spiteful, pathological killer this lesser YHWH must have been...
Metatron is the most unique of them all on one side he's set above Michael and Gabriel for defeating the egyptian
wizards while the other side he is a extremely blood thirsty angel who delighted in paling hundereds of his own
disobedient people and leaving them to die in agony.