Improve spelling results fast!

‘The children enjoy the sessions as they all achieve.’
Alison Park, Senior Teacher and Literacy Leader, Flimby Primary School, Cumbria

Developed by Ruth Miskin

Improved spelling in 10 minutes a day
The only spelling programme to fit perfectly with a phonic approach to teaching reading.
Read Write Inc. Spelling is a comprehensive standalone spelling programme based on proven strategies to teach spelling that can be used with any child who is confident with the 44 phonic sounds. It covers all the word structures and spelling requirements in the primary framework for year 2-6. Designed to be used for ten minutes a day, each unit of the programme is built round eight short, fun, progressive activities.

The impact
on attainment levels
From a survey of schools using Read Write Inc. Spelling 2010

‘Structured and yet engaging – children enjoy the familiarity of routines yet are engaged by the variety of activities.’
Heather Watts, Headteacher,


Ruth says...

Fishwick Primary School, Preston

Using the proven strategies of powerful teacher modelling followed by partner work, to embed learning, ensures every child makes excellent progress in spelling.

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Effective activities with immediate impact on results
Lively learning activities

A starter activity introduces the words children will learn to spell, including common words with uncommon spellings and homophones

Children are taught the alternative spelling for the same sound in single and multi-syllabic words

Children learn the impact of suffixes and prefixes on key root words

Children choose the correct spelling of homophones so a sentence makes sense

During the programme children work all the way through the three books, but they constantly review what they have learnt

Partners practise recall of spelling

A fun game to practise spelling with a partner and assess their knowledge of the week’s words

Develops children’s quick recognition of the right spellings

‘The art of spelling becomes a joint experience for teacher and pupils and improvement is easy to see.’
Mrs Philippa Boddy, Literacy coordinator, Sutton High Junior School, Surrey

‘It really works as the activities are short, sharp and to the point.’
Literacy Coordinator, Undy Primary School, Gwent

‘What makes this spelling programme special is the combination of partner activities and teacher-led activities.’
Miss Kelly Knowles, Class teacher and Read Write Inc. Manager, Shakespeare Primary School, West Yorkshire

Easy-to-use resources

Spelling Handbook
1 per teacher

Get Spelling Workbook 1
1 for each child as they progress

Get Spelling Workbook 2
1 for each child as they progress

Get Spelling Workbook 3
1 for each child as they progress

Spelling Log Book
1 for each child

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Supportive training
All Read Write Inc. programmes are supported by inspiring training to ensure all your staff get the most from the programme. The comprehensive spelling training includes: • • • • • • Background and principles for teaching and spelling The complex English alphabetic code Organisation and grouping Introductory activities Key spelling activities: modelling, partner teaching and individual assessment Marking and assessment

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