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Map the shaving cream market and competitive positioning within it. To understand the
buying intention of vi-john shaving cream and estimating its market share in gurgoan and
increasing the same by 20%.

What are the factors that play the most important role in a consumers choice of buying
shaving cream? What is the market share of vi-john?how to increase the market share of vi
john by 20%
The research was conducted in ««««««««««««««(refer app)«««««.

Phase One -> Secondary Data The group in the initial phase of the project focused on
secondary data collection. The data collection primarily focused on

º history of vj
º products of vj
º the competitors in the market
º the strategy adopted by vj and its competitors in the market.
º The secondary data collected in the first phase of the project helped the group in getting
better understanding of the shaving cream market and the various brands competing in this

Phase Two -> Gfter the secondary data collection was complete, group discussions were
done..Through these, the various attributes that a person looks for in the shaving cream
were listed down,it further helped in preparation of the questionnaire.

Phase Three -> Questionnaire Form was formed. The purpose here was to find the present
market share of vi john,reasons people buy and don¶t buy vi-john shaving cream. The
questionnaire was designed to capture both quantitative and qualitative information.

º =uestionnaire (Refer appendix.)
º Sampling Plan


 Gll retail outlets in gurgoan which stock shaving cream.

         Residential and
commercial areas are places where the respondents were drew and interviewed.   


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helping us to
º 0efine the target segments better
º Identify the important attributes that add in the target customers shaving experience

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The Final Survey helped us to collect data on
º Main influencers towards the purchase of Shaving Cream
º Benefits that are most important for each segment of customers,
º Comparative brand and benefit perceptions,
º Trade-offs between price and quality,
º Preferred point of purchase,
º Mkt sh

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G sample of retail outlets were surveyed, which is representative of the retail outlets in
gurgoan. =uestionnaire was filled at each outlet and replies were analysed(refer appendix).