Unit 3 Cloths Page 10 4/let'slisten /Sandra are describing the people in her party.

Each person is she describing. Listen and write the correct leader. 1. -Which one is David? -David? There he is. His wearing a jacket, and a Tai, and his gut pretty blond hair. -ok! Tanks! 2. -I'm looking for Janet! -oh! She�s wear a long dress and she's gut glasses. -there she has long hair? -No, she's not really long. 3. -which one is Bran? -he's worn a dark suit and a Tai and snickers -snicker? Ok! Tanks! 4. -I'm looking for Barbara -there she is, over there, she's wear a light pants and a red blouse. -do you mind scarf? -yes 5. -whose Andy? -he wearing shorts and the T-shirt, he's gut short blond hair. -oh! I see him. Tanks! 6. -I'm looking for Parry -Hum, there she is, she's wear a yellow skirt, a blue blouse and red sandals. -tanks! 7. -Is Marry here to night? -yes she is, See her over there. She's wearing gins and a green shirt. -gins and a green shirt?! -yes, and she's wearing a funny hat! 8. -where's Can? -oh, the (bodybuilder)? He's here somewhere. He's wearing shorts and the T-shirt as usual! -T-shirt? -yes he likes to ( )

Page 11 3/let's listen/ task1 People are trying ( ) cloths in the department store. Listen and number the lectors. 1. -how are the pan Sir? -I think ( ) short, what using -yes, I think you are right, ( ) short -can you get me a longer pair 2. -Do you like this blouse? -well, I think a little too big.

-I guess so, yes, it is pretty big 3. -are the snicker is comfortable? -well, I think a little small for me! - To small? Let me find the bigger a pair 4. -Are the gins all right? -I'm afraid to big for me -ok! Let me found small a pair. 5. -how this the T-shirt fit, is it too staid? -to you have losers one 6. -how do you long the sandals? -too big! I'm afraid. -Too big? Let me find smaller one.

Page 11 3/ let's listen /task 2/listen again What dose each person need? Circle the correct answer.

Page 12 4/let's listen /task 1 Dose the information you hear matched the description? Listen and check the correct answer. 1. _Sonia was very well dressed. She had on a jacket and along dark blue skirt. She's wear also yellow blouse. She was carrying a bag but she did have a small ( ). Oh, and I remember she had nice gold a rings. I also remember her shoes; she was wearing black shoes with very high heals. 2. _Bryan was very ( ) dressed. He was wearing some really or gins in ( ) and a light T-shirt. He had ( ) boots, high brown once. They look really nice. He also has a red scarf. He usually wear a ( ) big ring, but he wasn't wearing in yet party. He was wearing an interesting sever ( ) 3. _Kevin was wearing a yellow shirt and a green Tai. I don't like the Tai, but I like the shirt. He also had on brown pants.

He was wearing snickers with long white sacs. ( ) actually! And he had a leader bag over one shoulder. 4. _Ms Cream look really good. She had on an interesting long red skirt and a beautiful golden black jacket. And she had some lovely a ring, and a circle nice ( ). She also had a long pink scarf over one shoulder. She didn't have a bag. She was wearing sandals.

Page 12 4/let's listen/ task2/ listen again What was each person wearing? Circle the correct answer.