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To impart knowledge in digital camera, scanners, photogrammetric Workstation and its Application with GIS and Remote Sensing.

UNIT I BASICS 9 Evolution of digital photogrmmetry – Phases of Photogrammetry - comparison of analog, analytical &digital systems – advantages – automation – accuracy- representation of digital images B/W – RGB – HIS - image source – analog and digital cameras UNIT II DIGITAL CAMERAS AND SCANNERS 9 Digital cameras- CCD camera- full frame, frame transfer, interline CCD camera - Time delay integration- spectral sensitivity of CCD sensor – geometric problem of CCD image – line jitter, blooming,warm up effect – tralling – types of CCD systems - Linear array line scanner – use of CCD scanner in high resolution satellites, SPOT,MOMS,IRS,IKONOS and Quickbird. UNIT III DIGITAL IMAGE HANDLING 9 Image Generation - Data Compression - formats - Data procuring concepts – Georeferencing - Stereo viewing - Display modes - image matching techniques - Image measurements - symbol library - feature coding. UNIT IV DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC PROCEDURES 9 Review of space resection & intersection - interior & exterior orientation - Automatic tie point generation - Automatic Block triangulation, feature collection and plotting annotation - editing – various formats of map data. UNIT V APPLICATIONS 9 DEM Generation - accuracy of DEMs, Orthorectification - regular & irregular data collection methods - contour generation - watershed delineation - satellite photogrammetry principles – missions - stereo image products - issues - stereo satellite missions. TOTAL: 45 PERIODS REFERENCES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Wilfried Linder, Digital Photogrammetry: A Practical Course Springer; 2nd ed. edition 2006. Ghosh, Sanjiv.k, Fundamentals of Computational Photogrammetry, concept publishing, New Delhi, 2005. Junichi Nakamura, Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras, CRC, 2005. Zhilin Li, Qing Zhu, Chris Gold, Digital Terrain Modeling: Principles and Methodology CRC; third edition, 2004. John A. Richards, Xiuping Jia Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction, Springer; 4th ed. edition 2005.

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