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Cibbele Family Sowing the Lard in Fiance since 2000 Praying without ceasing: September/October 2020 Dear Co-laborers and friends, Praise: Thank you as several of you have mentioned you re Thank you for your prayers. Many have told us you have prayed We mks her but thankful she ig ‘fF the camp we had last month in August and God has able to follow her studies at PCC. answered your prayers. ‘Thankful for the fellowship and Despite some pretty high temperatures (staying above 100°F Bis stuc i we were able ohm most of the time), God was able to help, protect and use the at Family camp. hing of Hl : vanattewachattheysected teaching of His Word to encourage and convict atthe right time. . Our coworkers came back from their camp encouraged as well Pray: Many people are still aS Some decisions and salvations were made during their camp, requesting and receiving Bibles _ including their oldest son Adam desiring to follow the Lord in and Christian literature through obedience through baptism. ‘our church's website. Pray that God's Word will have its effect in es Several of you have also told us you are praying for us concerning the work that needs to be done on the church Pray: It has been more difficult building. We appreciate it and need continued prayers. getting to meet with people or hhave people over in our house due ‘The renovation work is slow and tedious. There have been to the Covid scare. Please pray ‘numerous setbacks as it often happens with building projects, that the contacts we make will 4gree to listen to the Gospel and let it touch their hearts but we pray and trust the Lord will continue to help us to get the work done. Pray: France has a desperate need Lord willing, we hope to start our teen meetings back up in for more laborers. Although | am October. We have also started the children’s Bible club back up always happy to Se et in September. Please pray that the parents will let their children rset fof eee Coun geen em Christian men to accept God’s call ‘young peop! pal oper Pt We continue to do our best to help our fellow churches as well ‘Thank you for all of you who as teach in the Bible School forming men for the ministry. We wished “me a happy birthday. are always seeking new contacts and trying to stay in touch with ‘Remembering and sending us cards the old ones. The present Covid situation does not make it feauch ovens bs cvays besa the old ones. The present Covid situation does nat make it easy, but our trust remains in God — He is able! ‘and encouragement, thank you. eBD a / Servant of Christ, ] Believin, ! SeSER g 9.2020 Carey & Susan Abbett attains CG Sextng Cah ’ “ ‘Good News Baptist Church eater POBox 9 3252 Taylor Road esabbett Hanson, TN 37341 Chesapeake, VA 23321 ‘httou/ (423)344-5050 (757) 488-3241