Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough

The Coal Badge | The Beginning / Twinleaf Town Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Items to Find/Acquire
Running Shoes.

Pokemon to Find/Acquire Choose one of three Pokemon from the Professor's suitcase.
As you gain control after selecting your character, naming him or her, et cetera, you'll find your character in his bedroom. Your friend will dart upstairs to greet you, and then quickly leave you to your own devices. Briefly explore your room; you'll find some interesting stuff (including a Wii!). But you'll ultimately need to head downstairs to continue the story. When you get down there, your mom will approach you and tell you that your friend left already (we named ours "Nolan"). After briefly talking to her, head out of your house in search of Nolan. Oh, and follow her advice closely... stay out of the tall grass until you get your own Pokemon (which is a short time away). Once outside, explore your little town called Twinleaf Town. The house to the left of your own has a couple of people to talk to. There are also people in the house above yours and scattered throughout the town. Ultimately, you'll want to head to your friend's house, which is located diagonally up and left from your house. Once you approach it, your friend will come out, then run back inside. Pursue him up the stairs in his own house (talking to his mom and further exploring his house if you'd like... he has a Wii, too!) and he'll thereafter run back outside and north out of town. Give chase. When you do, you'll run into him again. He'll try to convince you to run rightward into the grass without a Pokemon, which is dangerous indeed! And just about when the two are about to run into the grass, Professor Rowan shows up and stops them. He talks to the characters and eventually agrees to give them each a Pokemon of their own (the Professor's assistant, Dawn, will also show up at this time). Choose which Pokemon you want. Your choices will be Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. We grabbed Turtwig, but any choice is fine. It'll all even out in the end. After you choose your Pokemon, the Professor and Dawn will take their leave, leaving you and your friend on your own. Your Rival will immediately challenge you to a battle using the Pokemon he chose. He and his Pokemon will go easy on you in this battle (since you theoretically own Pokemon of the same level and strength, this is to ensure you don't lose). Expect an easy victory, and enough experience for your new Pokemon to reach level six (and then some). After this, head back to your house, where your mom will talk to you and send you to Sandgem Town to find the Professor and explain why you stole his Pokemon! But before she sends you on your way, she'll give you the extremely useful Running Shoes, which will allow you, at will, to run around, making your movements that much quicker.

The Coal Badge | Route 201 / Sandgem Town Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Items to Find/Acquire
Pokedex, Antidote, Journal, Parcel, Poke Ball (x5).

Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name
Bifoof Kricketot Starly

Location Type
Grass Grass Grass

Head northward out of town to Route 201. Before heading eastward to Sandgem Town, consider going to the left instead. When you do, you'll find yourself at Verity Lakefront, where your friend will have an epiphany. What if you two try to catch the Legendary Pokemon living at nearby Lake Verity? Head westward and then northward to reach the lake, where you'll find a mysterious man named Cyrus. After a brief scene, he'll leave. But catching the Pokemon here will have to wait, because neither of you have Poke Balls, a necessary component in catching any Pokemon in the wild. The two instead resolve to head eastward to Professor Rowan's laboratory in Sandgem Town. You're now traveling alone. Leave Verity Lake and travel eastward back through Verity Lakefront to Route 201. Then, proceed eastward through the grass, bearing northward and then eastward to reach Sandgem Town. Be sure to talk to all three people you meet en route for helpful tips. Be especially sure to speak to the man at the north end of the big patch of grass, who will hand over a Potionfor your inventory at the end of your conversation with him. When you reach Sandgem Town, the Professor's assistant, Dawn, will intercept you and walk you to the Professor's lab. When you reach the lab, your Rival will run out of the front door and head out on his way. Once inside, your character and Professor Rowan will converse about your new adventure. After your discussion, he'll hand over TM27, at which point you can then head back outside of the lab. Dawn will bring you around town to introduce you to a few essential buildings. When you regain control, be sure to visit both buildings. Familiarize yourself with healing your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and buy some Poke Balls (and anything else you feel you might want, but definitely Poke Balls) at the Pokemon Mart. You should also enter all other buildings and speak to everyone in the town both inside and out. Also, if you head to the south end of Sandgem Town, you'll encounter Sandgem Beach (from Route 219), where an Antidote can be found at waters' edge. At Dawn's bidding, you should now head back to your hometown (Twinleaf Town) and talk to your mother to let her know about your new bidding as a Pokemon master-in-training (find her north of Sandgem Town, on Route 202). Since you'll have to go back along Route 201 in order to do this, you'll have another shot at the wild Bidoofs, Kricketots and Starlys in the area. Completionists will want to make sure to catch each to add their full information to the Pokedex. This will be a general rule throughout this walkthrough that won't always be mentioned. In each new area, be sure to consult the "Pokemon to Find/Acquire" list to see which Pokemon are in the area so you know what you'll need to encounter. Once you get back to your house in

Twinleaf Town, talk to your mother. Your friend's mother will come in automatically and hand off the Parcelfor you to give to your friend if you encounter him (and naturally you will). You'll also get a Journal from your mom. Head back along Route 201 to Sandgem Town, and then go northward again to Route 202. Head left at the first opportunity you get and you'll run into the Professor's assistant Dawn yet again. This time, she'll teach you how to catch your own Pokemon; if you've never played a Pokemon game before, be sure to pay attention! The best part of your encounter with Dawn isn't the knowledge she bestows upon you however. Rather, it's that she hands you five Poke Balls. Sweet!

The Coal Badge | Jubilife City Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Items to Find/Acquire
Potion (x4), Vs. Recorder, X Attack, Poketch, Quick Claw, Paralyz Heal, X Accuracy.

Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name
Bifoof Budew Magikarp Psyduck Shinx Starly Zubat

Location Type
Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass

Head left past where Dawn was, and you'll be well on your way down Route 202. The new enemies here -- Shinx and Kricketot -- can be captured or simply fought (whatever you prefer -we captured both to fill our fledgling ranks). They'll be joined by old foes in Bidoof and Starly. You'll encounter your first Pokemon Trainer battles en route to your next destination as well. Youngster Tristan will automatically engage you in battle with his level five Starly as you come up a pathway and begin heading rightward. Lass Natalie, another trainer, can be found further to the right (past the blue board with some game tips). She'll throw a level five Bidoof at you. If you head rightward, northward, and then leftward from her location after defeating her, the third and final trainer in the area, Youngster Logan, can be found. This kid will have a level five Burmy -- take it out ruthlessly! Continue leftward after defeating Youngster Logan. Before heading northward into Jubilife City, be sure to seek out the Potion lying on the far side of a small grassy patch to the left of the

heal your Pokemon. 6) Burmy (LV. Harrison will fight with a Starly and Christine with a Bidoof. You will automatically be intercepted by a man. Coupon 2 and Coupon 3 from these clowns (all Key Items). head up into town. 5) Budew (LV. Then. The Poketch is a device that will allow you to tell on-screen time.6) Starly (LV. These two characters. the creator of the Poketch. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Lass Natalie Lass Samantha Lass Sarah School Kid Christine School Kid Harrison Youngster Logan Youngster Tristan Youngster Tyler Pokemon (w/ LV. and then one wandering around to the left of that). you can learn some important Pokemon-related information from the students. not until we get our first Gym Badge. He'll hand over an item called the Vs. an item to be used in "Vs.entrance. et cetera. 5) Starly (LV. If you have healed.) Bidoof (LV. be sure to talk to Harrison once more before leaving. Hand off the Parcel to him. talk to the two trainers in the room on the right side of the school. and he'll give you a Town Map in return. at least). You won't be able to travel to the southwestern end of the city just yet. where Dawn will intercept you. Grab Coupon 1. you should visit the Trainer's School on the south end of town. Don't worry. mode" when battling friends. The eastern exit from town and the town's television studio are both blocked off for now. When you're done speaking with Looker.three promotional clowns are roaming the city with coupons. it'll become more useful later on. Visit houses and stores to find even more people. Within. You'll also find your friend reading a blackboard in the school's main room. you have to do a little bit of legwork (and we do mean little). powerful Pokemon (multiple level 6 Pokemon. School Kid Harrison and School Kid Christine. Recorder. giving you only a few options to continue. visit the Poketch headquarters (you can find a Potion in an alleyway to the south of the large building). but only if you talk to him. have varying level six Pokemon they'll come at you with. A Quick Claw can also be garnered from a woman surrounded by a couple of Pokemon on the eastern edge of town. The creator of the device gives you a vital heads up -. . Once outside. 7) Shinx (LV. 8) Money EXP $80 $112 $112 $120 $120 $80 $80 $128 72 102 90 72 72 62 60 33 Take some time now to walk around Jubilife City and speak to everyone you've yet spoken to. one stationary in front of the large building at the north end of town. All three clowns are located above the location of the device's creator (one up and to the right. Talk to everyone within the building and grab the X Attack item when your friend runs off.answer each question in the affirmative to receive a ticket. and more. encouraging you to visit the Trainer's School in the city. You can still buy items at the town's shop. attempt heading north. A scene completely new to Pokemon Platinum will introduce you again to a man from the "International Police" named Looker. To get one. however. 5) Magikarp (LV. 7) Bidoof (LV. and you can then talk to the creator once more to get the Poketch (which is short for "Pokemon Watch"). Each will ask a fundamental Pokemon-related question -. When both students' Pokemon have been subdued. give you a calculator. He'll give you Potion for beating him.

the third trainer. while Tyler will have a level eight Magikarp (which is laughably useless in battle. HM06. Sarah will throw a level seven Bidoof at you. grab whatever Pokemon you may want (the Budew you just fought will be running around the grass near the cave). en route. Agree with him. Being patient enough to build up a seeminglyuseless Pokemon like Magikarp pays off in the end. so feel free to catch a laughably weak Magikarp now if you want. but why not add these two creatures to your Pokedex while you can? You can also grab aPotion from the small area of the cave you can currently traverse. you can find an old man sitting in the small waterside home. for it turns into a Gyrados eventually. Lass Sarah and Youngster Tyler will challenge you first (they're near the beginning of the route). you can head northward as well. be sure to grab the X Accuracy item sitting at the far end of the dock. X Defend. You can't go anywhere but right around the entrance in the cave yet. The Coal Badge | Route 203 / Oreburgh Gate Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Items to Find/Acquire Poke Ball. She'll have a level seven Budew. Here. Across the grass heading north but before the cave entrance. Lass Samantha. as you will well-know if you've captured one yourself). After fighting the trainers. And hey. To your left. And yes. He'll tell you how great the Old Rod is. while you're out there fishing for a Magikarp off of the docks. head north of the city onto Route 204. which you should also capture if you're so inclined.Before continuing on the main quest. toward a cave where Zubats can be found en masse (so go capture one!) Patiently fight in the cave and you may find a Psyduck as well. will be found. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Abra Bidoof Geodude Kricketot Magikarp Shinx Location Type Grass Grass Cave Grass Water Grass . you will run into three fledgling trainers who will want to fight you. Repel. Bear rightward and through some grass to find a Parlyz Heal in the corner along the water there. The only thing that's left to do before we proceed is to visit the dock area at the northwest end of Jubilife City. and he'll be so happy he'll hand over his Old Rod to you. Now you can do some novice fishing in various watery areas.

and a random Pokemon that's based on what you didn't take at the beginning of the game. 8) Money EXP $112 $900 $64 $128 $144 $110 $96 $128 174 208 216 67 111 102 150 127 * . 4) / Budew (LV. As soon as you get on the route and go to your right. Abra will almost always use Teleport to leave battle before you're able to damage him adequately to get a Poke Ball to take him successfully. 9) Bidoof (LV. To the right of Michael. 9) Shinx (LV. and a note on the Pokemon in the area: you'll only find Pokemon here that you've seen before. you can proceed to your right. Camper Curtis will throw his Starly and Shinx at you. and the guy above her.) Starly (LV. Above them is Lass Madeline. Ultimately. 8) Kricketot (LV. Youngster Michael. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Camper Curtis Friend Lass Kaitlin Lass Madeline Picnicker Diana Youngster Dallas Youngster Michael Youngster Sebastian Pokemon (w/ LV. 4) / Starly (LV. When you feel ready. you can find a Poke Ball in the grass. 4) Psyduck (LV. Route 203 heads eastward almost exclusively. while Picnicker Diana while have a well-leveled Budoof. so finding your way should be relatively simple. This is the Oreburgh Gate. The girl you run into there will explain to you about Pokemon order. but before heading in there. Lass Kaitlin and Youngster Sebastian can be found near each other beyond the second flight of stairs. explore the grasslands to your left. he'll throw a Starly at you first. the cave to your right is your next objective. 7) / Random* (LV. . He'll talk with you and give youHM06. you'll find yourself in Oreburgh City. so you might want to wait to get one until later. As you enter the cave.Starly Zubat Grass Grass / Cave When you're ready to proceed. However. Make sure to grab it before rejoining the main path and continuing eastward. engage Youngster Dallas in a battle. 7) / Zubat (LV. As the table above states. You'll find a Repel and anX Defend if you search hard enough! Oh. However. 7) / Shinx (LV. Once through the cave and on the other side. a man will immediately intercept you. head out of town eastward and onto Route 203. He's rare in the area. 4) / Abra (LV. as well. This item will come in handy later. with one marked exception -.The Pokemon you fight after defeating your friend's Starly depends on which Pokemon you chose in the beginning of the game. His Kricketot and Zubat shouldn't give you any trouble whatsoever. then go up another flight of stairs. you'll run into your friend and be thrust into a battle with him.Abra. Go up a small flight of stairs. you'll want to cut rightward and through the cave to the town on the other side. but regrettably it's not quite that easy. When he's slain. 6) Machop (LV. a large dungeon that we can't yet explore in its entirety. Naturally. 7) Starly (LV. head into the cave. Further to the right of him are two trainers. 8) Budoof (LV. that decision is completely up to you. et cetera. will have an easy challenge for you to conquer.

The Coal Badge | Oreburgh City / Oreburgh Mine Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Items to Find/Acquire
Dusk Ball, Heal Ball, Great Ball, Yellow Shard, Dire Hit, Super Potion, Pal Pad, Poke Ball, Escape Rope, Potion, TM76, HM06, Coal Badge, TM70, Big Pearl.

Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name
Geodude Golbat Machop Onix Psyduck Zubat

Location Type
Cave / Grass Cave Grass Cave Cave Cave / Grass

Oreburgh City, excitingly enough, is the location of the game's very first badge. If you've never played a Pokemon game before, the eight badges in the game will prove your worth to other trainers around the world! They'll also allow you to successfully control higher-level Pokemon. You'll get your first badge soon enough, but first we've got to take care of some other business. Enter the city and head rightward. A kid will intercept you here and bring you to the gym in town, where the Gym Leader (and your badge) are located. Don't get too excited though! We can't enter the gym yet, though you will run into your friend here. The Gym Leader, Roark, has gone to the nearby mine to the south of town. That's our ultimate destination, but first let's explore the town and find what we can. There are many points of interest! Head back to the western entrance into the city and take the topmost road eastward. There will be buildings to the north of you. In the first building you encounter, head to the second floor and talk to the child up there. He'll hand over a valuable Dusk Ball. In the next house to your right, there are two people you should seek out. The woman on the first floor will offer to trade you an Abra for a Machop. This is a great offer, because Abras up to this point have no doubt run from battle on you (they can only use Teleport at low levels, after all). Machops can be found on Route 207 at the north end of town. Catch one and give it to the woman; her Abra will be yours in return. Then, you can simply head back to Route 207 and catch another one for your own inventory. Sadly, the Abra comes with a name. We don't know about you guys, but we prefer our Pokemon nameless, thank you! The second person of interest in that house is on the second floor. A man here will want to see a Geodude. Talk to him with one in your six handy Pokemon, and he'll be very impressed, giving you a Heal Ball in return for inspiring him. At the far east end of town, you will find two more buildings; a museum in the northeast corner and another house right below it. Ignore the

museum for now unless you're curious to see it (we can't do anything there yet) and enter the house below it. The boy on the second floor within this building will hand over another valuable item -- aGreat Ball. After doing all of this, save your game, heal your Pokemon and go south. You'll be brought directly to the Oreburgh Mine's entrance.

Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name
Camper Curtis Gym Leader Roark Picnicker Diana Worker Colin Worker Mason Youngster Darius Youngster Jonathan

Pokemon (w/ LV.)
Shinx (LV. 7) Geodude (LV. 12) / Onix (LV. 12) / Cranidos (LV. 14) Budew (LV. 5) / Psyduck (LV. 5) Geodude (LV. 6) / Machop (LV. 8) Geodude (LV. 9) Geodude (LV. 9) / Onix (LV. 9) Geodude (LV. 11)

Money EXP
$112 $1,680 $120 $320 $360 $144 $176 90 761 157 220 138 346 171

Before heading into the mine, make sure you've spoken to everyone around town and outside of the mine itself. Also, be sure to explore the area on the left in front of the mine's entrance, since you can find two items sitting close to one another, a Yellow Shard and a Dire Hit. Speak to everyone outside of the mine, as well -- one of them will reward you with a Super Potion. Oh, and did you visit the downstairs portion of the town's Pokemon Center? You didn't have access to the downstairs area in previous Pokemon Centers you encountered, but now you can head on down. When you do, you'll be automatically intercepted by a nice woman who will introduce you further to your surroundings and hand off a Pal Pad. The mine is made up of two rooms, one on top of the other. Look directly to your right as you enter the mine to find aPoke Ball. You can also talk to a couple of people to your left before going down the stairs ahead of you and into the next room. There will be familiar cave enemies here, like Zubats and Geodudes, but you'll also find Onix in the wild here for the very first time. They are a pain to catch, but weaken them and be persistent and one will no doubt be yours. Head around this rectangular room to your right, then southward, and then westward (you can't go the other way, and you'll need to backtrack when you want to return to the surface). Two trainers will be ready to fight you as you take this short journey. Worker Mason will throw his level nine Geodude at you, while Worker Colin will have two Pokemon -- a Geodude and a Machop. You'll also find a couple of items by further exploring this area, a Potion and an Escape Rope. The most important development while in the mines, however, is finding the aforementioned gym leader. When you find him, he'll discuss Rock Smash with you, the earlier-found TM06. Then he'll head back to his gym. Follow him, making sure to enter only with a party of Pokemon that can withstand rock-type Pokemon. If you chose Turtwig or Piplup in the beginning of the game, you'll be in especially good shape! The gym is easy enough to find your way through. The man at the entrance will inform you of the leader's weaknesses, and then you'll be thrown into the fray. Trainer Jonathan is packing a level eleven Geodude, while Youngster Darius is packing two Pokemon of his own -- Geodude and Onix, both at level nine. Finally, you'll come to the crux of the mission; fighting the powerful Roark and getting the Coal Badge. Roark has three high level Pokemon. Geodude and Onix are both at level twelve, while Cranidos is at level fourteen. All are weak to the traditional rock

weaknesses -- try grass attacks or water attacks to do the most damage. His first two Pokemon, the Geodude and Onix, can theoretically be killed with one water or grass-type strike if your attacking Pokemon is in the mid-teens as far as level is concerned. If you don't have any Pokemon of the water or grass type, then you'll need to really grind this battle out with some high level Pokemon of your own! But even the weakest water and grass Pokemon will easily survive this battle. Just be aware of his Cranidos, which will likely get the first move and can do devastating damage, throwing a wrench in an otherwise easy battle. When you've defeated Roark, you'll be rewarded with the Coal Badge, the first of eight badges you'll earn during your travels through Sinnoh. This will allow you to use HM06. You'll also be rewarded with TM76, so be sure to teach it to one of your rock-type Pokemon. Now that we're done in the Oreburgh area, you'll want to backtrack towards Jubilife City. Doing so will allow you to begin the quest for our second badge! But since you have the skill Rock Smash and can now use it with the Coal Badge in your inventory, spend some time in Oreburgh Gate en route to Jubilife City. Head to the north of the first room and smash through the boulders (we taught our Onix the skill, but you can teach any one of your Pokemon the skill as long as it's applicable to them). On the basement floor, which you can access via some stairs beyond the first breakable boulders, items can be found, as well as an all-new Pokemon for you to catch -- Psyduck. You can't explore the entirety of this bottom floor without a Bicycle, which we'll get later... but in the meantime, grab the two items you can get right now, TM70 and a Big Pearl.

The Forest Badge | Route 204 / Floaroma Town


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


Items to Find/Acquire
TM39, Awakening, TM09, Oran Berry, Cheri Berry, Rawst Berry, Fashion Case, Sprayduck, TM88.

Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name
Bidoof Budew Kricketot Magikarp Psyduck Shinx Starly Wurmple Zubat

Location Type
Grass Grass Grass Water Cave Grass Grass Grass Cave / Grass

) Budew (LV. you already visited this area once. 10) Stunky (LV. This will bring you to Route 204. so quickly dispatch these characters' Pokemon and then send them on their way. 11) Kricketot (LV. head through the town. as they'll come at you with a couple of well-leveled Pachirisu. and then go to the east side of the path.To continue. There's a building of special interest. 11) 2x Pachirisu (LV. of course necessitating your own use of two Pokemon (Dawn will therefore join you in battle). You must use Rock Smash to proceed. In the Ravaged Path. Two trainers will be found around here -. Keep in mind that the fertile soil left in the bushes' wake make good land to plant . called Berries. a man from the local television station will hand ff a Fashion Case and invite you to the studio before scurrying off. 11) / Wurmple (LV. be wary of the twin trainers who will attack you simultaneously. If you're following this walkthrough. an accessories shop. a small cave you will encounter. where TM09 can be acquired.Aroma Lady Taylor. 11) / Glameow (LV. After words are exchanged. you'll find the Professor and Dawn assailed by a couple of punk kids. and then head northward out of the city. Examine both bushes to grab two berries -. Keep in mind that after winning the battle. towards the grassy patch. Items can be bought with goods you've yet to discover. They'll come at you with two level eleven Pokemon -. with her Budew and Cherubi. so the trainers here should have already been fought. You may be interested in this "side aspect" of the game. flower-filled town. so bring your Pokemon with that skill with you. you have to head back to Jubilife City. When you get to the northern entrance/exit of Jubilife City . with his Kricketot and Wurmple. where TM39 can be found. However. This was your first (and certainly not last) encounter with Team Galactic. Explore the entire village. Before heading north towards Floaroma Town. especially if you survived the earlier battle with Roark. 9) / Cherubi (LV. 11) Money EXP $352 $176 $880 $352 289 241 372 564 Head northward to Floaroma Town. Coincidentally. exploration is always a great idea. you can head northward and to the left. The passage back outside will lead you to the other yet-explored stretch of Route 204. Otherwise. Wrap around the winding pathway until you're headed north. through some more grass and into a small isolated patch of land. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Aroma Lady Taylor Bug Catcher Brandon Galactic Grunt & Galactic Grunt Twins Liv & Liz Pokemon (w/ LV. where Pokemon accessories can be purchased. and Bug Catcher Brandon. so explore the inside thoroughly. Head through their locales towards the Ravaged Path. there are two small berry bushes planted right at the entrance into the building. Also. which you will continue to head northward on. These are easy Pokemon to fell. that mysterious man from the International Police will intercept you briefly before going back on his way. Upon your arrival. Head to the Pokemon Center after the battle is over to heal your Pokemon.a Stunky and a Glameow. Once you regain control. You should also find an Awakening in their midst to add to your inventory. but be sure to check out some areas of specific interest. there's little to do.a Oran Berry and a Cheri Berry. be sure to go all the way to your left. These two Galactic Grunts will come at you with two Pokemon simultaneously. Within this small. you'll be thrust into battle with them. you'll want to head rightward. heading north out of the city (after healing your Pokemon and otherwise preparing for your journey).

The Forest Badge | Valley Windworks / Route 205 « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Chesto Berry. Before long. You can later visit them after watering them and allowing them time to cultivate to grab some more berries en masse. which a Team Galactic Grunt is guarding. Potion. Heal Ball. Then. and if you didn't explore the house directly in front of the entrance to the town. head north toward the building. head eastward to Route 205. Oran Berry. so we can get the storyline stuff out of the way) and approach the east end of this small area. be sure to do so. Super Potion. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bidoof Buizel Magikarp Pachirisu Shellos Shinx Location Type Grass Grass Water Grass Grass Grass Initially. Once here. Instead. X. That will come from the lady on the left side of the store. but you shouldn't have much trouble . Make sure to grab theChesto Berry and the Pecha Berry from the bushes that line the north end of the path as you go. He'll throw a level thirteen Glameow at you. One person within will give you a Sprayduck. Sp. Works Key. Honey. With fully-healed Pokemon. a key item which allows you to water your planted seeds... The non-merchant character on the right side of the store will hand over a Rawst Berry if you speak to her (she's rather passionate about berries!) After speaking to everyone in town and exploring thoroughly (you'll probably notice a couple of Team Galactic members in the northwest corner of town. to the Valley Windworks. Pecha Berry (x2). Speak with her in order to catalyze upcoming events. we'll deal with them really soon). anyway. A girl within will give you TM88 if you answer her question on Pokemon cuteness in the affirmative. you'll run into a little girl on the path. don't worry.. Don't worry about any of the new Pokemon you'll find here just yet. again avoid the grasses (just for now. you can also grab two more items. we'll be on Route 205 for only a short time. much more permanent berry plants. Def. Oh. It appears her father is missing and has been taken due eastward. Within the store itself (other than being able to buy accessories). Repel. A Potion can be found lining the rightmost barrier in the area. head eastward (not northward over the bridge yet) and into the Valley Windworks. simply head rightward down this beginning area of the route.new.

11) / Stunky (LV. Commander Mars. you'll be forced to fight them both. 14) Machop (LV. 10) / Geodude (LV. Be persistent. and use healing items. 13) Stunky (LV. However. the Honey merchant in the area will thank you by giving you some Honey of your own. 14) Aipom (LV. they aren't too far away. Their commander. When the commander's Pokemon fall. we can now head over the bridge and go northward along the bulk of the route. slathering Honey in certain areas will allow you to lure rare Pokemon to catch. Head westward back to Floaroma Town immediately. while the second Galactic Grunt (called "III" in the grid above) will come at you with his level eleven Zubats. father and daughter will be reunited. 14) Bidoof (LV. Thankfully. save one very important detail -. you'll have to fight a couple of Galactic Grunts -. Back in town. however. Even more importantly. which was dropped by the duo of grunts. Regrettably. 12) Money EXP $448 $240 $224 $224 $1. When both are defeated.) Roselia (LV. leaving you in need of a key of your own. and as you go north. You know what you must now do.taking him out. and we can move on with our quest! Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Aroma Lady Elizabeth Battle Girl Kelsey Camper Jacob Camper Zackary Commander Mars Galactic Grunt (I) Galactic Grunt (II) Galactic Grunt (III) Galactic Grunt (IV) Galactic Grunt (V) Hiker Daniel Hiker Nicholas Picnicker Karina Picnicker Siena Pokemon (w/ LV. however. She'll come at you with a level fifteen Zubat and a level seventeen Purugly. but they throw very different Pokemon your way.both are simple and throw laughable Pokemon your way. he'll lock himself inside the building with his Works Key. 13) Glameow (LV. As we mentioned earlier in the walkthrough. 11) / Geodude (LV. but the Purugly is something else entirely). you will get the Works Key. 11) Geodude (LV. 14) Zubat (LV. one can be found back in town. Head back to Valley Windworks posthaste to save the little girl's dad! Use the Works Key on the door and enter the building there (that the Galactic guy earlier went in). The first will throw a level 13 Stunky at you. 17) Glameow (LV. 12) / Pachirisu (LV. 12) Onix (LV. Once inside. at the far north end of Route 205. 15) / Purugly (LV.360 $520 $520 $440 $520 $440 $384 $448 $224 $192 456 240 456 282 842 196 219 252 150 352 513 324 198 455 Instead of heading east/west along Route 205 like we have. Eterna Forest. This will be the most difficult fight you've faced thusfar (the Zubat is nothing. 15) Ponyta (LV. trade in and out Pokemon as needed. Both are Galactic Grunts. 13) 2x Zubat (LV. giving you access to Floaroma Meadow. if you're patient! You can buy a veritable unlimited quantity of Honey from the guy you just saved at $100 a clip.the Team Galactic members in the northwest corner of town have moved. however. 11) Zubat (LV. is a little bit more difficult. 14) Piplup (LV. is . little has changed.

such as Pachirisu and Buizel. Battle Girl Kelsey will fight you with her Machop. but not much! In her vicinity. Exp. Potion. Pecha Berry. but getting through the trainers should be a bigger worry. they will heal your Pokemon for free! Not a bad deal at all. a Pecha Berry. Def. This time. who can be accessed by going through the grass to the left of Jacob and then up the stairs. When all's said and done. Be sure to grab the Repel to the left of her before proceeding! As you swing right. TM67. Net Ball. HM01. however. Hiker Nicholas and his level fourteen Onix will stand in your way. Guard Spec. who comes at you with a level fourteen Ponyta.) The Forest Badge | Eterna Forest / Eterna City « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Antidote. Share. will stand in your way. but at level fourteen it's not yet incredibly strong (nor evolved). As you head over the bridge. After him is Hiker Daniel. Her Bidoof and Pachirisu will put up a fight. Picnicker Karina.a Heal Ball. be absolutely sure to grab the X Sp.our next destination. Picnicker Siena is your next target. Her bizarre Pokemon. then slide north through some grass. you'll meet you first match in Camper Jacob. Green Shard. you'll find three items of interest -. backtrack to the staircase you took into this grassy area. especially considering we're gonna be in the fray for a little while longer. for if you talk to the old couple within. Cheri Berry. Remember. Take the stairs back to your right thereafter. Route 205 has a couple of notable Pokemon running about.. all of varying levels. head north over a bridge (you'll have to deal with Camper Zackary and his Aipom en route). Daniel has three Geodudes at his disposal. Super Potion. Soothe Bell. Make quick work of them. and you'll need to deal with each of them in order to continue. a Piplup. is not easy. You'll run into Aroma Lady Elizabeth and her paltry level fourteen Roselia here. will give you a bit of a challenge. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Budew Location Type Grass . This doesn't of course mention the random battles which you'll be expected to partake in as well. Oran Berry (x2). Once over the bridge. item to his right. Getting there. Explorer Kit. and an Oran Berry. When he's defeated. Beyond her is a building which is an awesome building indeed. head north to Eterna Forest (but be sure to take the stairs south of the house first in order to acquire a Super Potion. Eight different trainers of varying strengths and weaknesses will meet you en route. the final trainer in this area. If you continue north from there. Paralyz Heal. you can replant seeds to make more sustainable bushes for the future! After Siena is taken care of and the three items are acquired.

10) / 2x Magikarp (LV. then go through the grass to his left to grab an Antidotebefore proceeding northward. When their Pokemon are felled. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Bug Catcher Donald & Bug Catcher Phillip Pokemon (w/ LV. so play a disciplined game. Beautifly and Silcoon can give you a hard time. To their south. There are a handful of new Pokemon to catch here. 8) / Magikarp (LV.253 304 402 Bug Catcher Jack & Lass Wurmple (LV. be sure to grab the Parlyz Heal beyond them. Keep this in mind as you head north through the last stretch of the forest. and what's even better is that she and her Chansey will keep the party fully healed. healing and switching Pokemon in and out as necessary. 17) . 14) / Wurmple (LV. This means after each battle. A Potion can be readily found there. 15) Money EXP $464 $496 $512 $544 945 1. where you'll run into a powerful duo of Pokemon trainers. 11) / Cascoon (LV. 11) / Pachirisu (LV. as well. Their Wurmple. everyone's status will be at 100%! Not a bad deal at all! After she joins up. talk to the boy to your left. We know this is an arduous place. 13) / Dustox (LV. Then. Both will fight with powerful level seventeen Abras. you'll find a great item to just come across. you'll run headlong into a woman named Cheryl. and to the safety of Route 205 once more. since she feels she can't get through it by herself. so get ready for a prolonged battle. you can grab all sorts of new creatures.) 2x Burmy (LV. 13) Fisherman Andrew Fisherman Joseph Magikarp (LV. proceed rightward. 16) / Beautifly (LV. 14) / Magikarp (LV. into the southeast corner of the forest. These guys are packing five combined bug-type Pokemon. and then to your right. Bug Catcher Jack and Lass Briana will come at you as a team (because you'll always have the two-Pokemon advantage). 12) / Magikarp (LV. When both of these foes are set aside. Bug Catchers Donald and Phillip will try to put a quick end to your visit to the forest. It's almost impossible to miss. Thankfully. she's equipped with a Chansey. so if you have Poke Balls and some will. and swing south when you can't go right anymore. a Net Ball. Psychics Elijah and Lindsay. This will run you into a duo of trainers. Now keep in mind you can have some fun in Eterna Forest. 15) / Briana Silcoon (LV. one that can be made all the more long and arduous if you don't have good Pokemon to combat bug types.Buneary Bidoof Cascoon Gastly Magikarp Silcoon Wurmple Grass Grass Grass Grass Water Grass Grass When you enter Eterna Forest. 16) Goldeen (LV. Pachirisu. continue to your right. but keep on going! You're almost in the clear! To the right of the location of the Net Ball. She will automatically join you for your journey through the forest. you'll run into another powerful duo of trainers. Go slightly north.

RPG fans usually enjoy exploring new towns in their games. (Also. will come at you with a level seventeen Meditite and a level seventeen Psyduck. go rightward and back onto Route 205. More on that later. right? Also.six Magikarp of varying levels. Fisherman Andrew has the best party -. which we won't yet visit (if you're following this walkthrough. This is a good deal. be sure to visit the Herb Shop in town. not exactly necessary. We'll take care of that momentarily. for it can teach a Pokemon the skill "Cut" and allows you to get through those pesky saplings that were blocking our path at several points earlier. However. go north and seek out the final two trainers in this area.two Oran Berries. You'll see some saplings blocking your path to an area north of you. How odd! Once on the other side of the bridge. As you explore. you can talk to an old man who used to be a skilled spelunker. You're supposed to get it a little later. visiting them if you must.088 499 620 546 After grabbing the aforementioned Potion. Zachary will have a couple of level fourteen Magikarp and a level sixteen Goldeen to throw at you. who will give you Exp. This is an extremely important item that you must have to continue the game. Then.Three of the four fisherman will challenge you to a Pokemon battle. but getting it early can't hurt. If you've already run along the north end of town. if you head into the house right next to the Pokemon Center. This will also grant you access to some side areas. respectively. On the ground floor. Joseph will come at you with a level seventeen Goldeen. 16) Meditite (LV.. all of which are incapable of attacking (except the level sixteen one). After grabbing all of those. you can trade a Buizel for a Chatot with a woman there. you'll find four berries on bushes -. but nice to acquire nonetheless. Subdue their creatures and continue north as the path bends to your left. Head eastward and to the bridge with some fisherman on it. who will hand over TM67. This is for a skill called Recycle. 17) ]$448 ]$1. has a Super Potion behind it if you care to grab it. 17) / Psyduck (LV. In the meantime. new items can be found there if you're daring enough to give them a try).. If you shoot southward out of town.. Cheryl will bid you adieu and go off on her own. head eastward into Eterna City. perhaps one of the best items in the game. He and everyone in the house will talk about the underground and give you an Explorer's Kit to explore for yourself. On the second floor of the condo building. There's also a three story condominium building behind the gym which you should visit. especially considering there are Buizels to recapture for your own collection in the vicinity of town. . note the location of key buildings (such as the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart). which we will now cover right here in this very walkthrough. These two psychic trainers. you'll reach the end of the forest.. This will run you headlong into a Guard Spec. 14) / Goldeen (LV. but if you haven't. to add to your inventory. Share. Definitely take her up on this trade.088 ]$1. The gym at the bottom of the town. then you would have already gotten HM01 automatically. swing southward and then westward along the thin pathway near the water. you'll be able to talk to another woman. 17) 2x Abra (LV.Fisherman Zachary Psychic Kody & Psychic Rachel Psychic Lindsey & Psychic Elijah 2x Magikarp (LV. you can find the professor's assistant's father. go to the north end of town to catalyze the event to get the technical machine. anyway). . On the other side of the water. However. you won't be able to proceed because you haven't yet gotten a Bicycle. a Pecha Berry. and a Cheri Berry. You can find a Green Shardin the grass on the left end of the north-leading passage. Things are rather simple from here. Kody and Rachel. Eterna City is just another of these towns we get to explore.

Coronet you can currently traverse. are three trainers. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bidoof Bronzor Chingling Geodude Machop Meditite Zubat Location Type Grass Grass / Cave Grass / Cave Cave Grass / Cave Grass / Cave Grass / Cave It's time to go to the gym in Eternia City and grab your second badge. Speaking of the cave. while in the nearby cave. we want to direct your attention to the east side of Eternia City. you'll have to wait 'til later. But first. Don't . X Special. Pokemon Egg. if you wrap on around the north end. Gardenia. Revive. under the bridge. Hiker Louis is further right. where you can access Route 211. Even though you can't really go anywhere on the route or in the cave yet. TM46. Beyond her is TM12. Bicycle. Chinglings are amongst the new Pokemon available. talk to the man at the entrance to be introduced to the area. a Turtwig. onto Eternia's gym (which is located at the south end of town).The Forest Badge | Eterna City Gym / The Galactic HQ « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire TM12. Stardust. This means that you should have a team of Pokemon. an will have two rock Pokemon. hovering around levels 16-20. One is slightly obscured in the grasses at the beginning of the route. The gym leader in the town. X Speed. however. you will fight the third trainer in the area. Birdkeeper Alexandra and her Starly and Hoothoot combo. Up-Grade. Blue Shard. AnIce Heal and Stardust can also be procured within. that can stand up to these kinds of foes. you should be just fine going into the gym. This gym is a little different than the last one we ran into. Finally. Meditites can be caught in the grasses of Route 211. a Geodude and Onix. Now. Staravia. and then talk to the gym leader in the doorway. but you can catch some new Pokemon in the grasses and in the nearby cave to the east of the route. Catch what you want before proceeding. catching these Pokemon now simply means you don't have to worry about it later when you come through here as part of the primary story. You can't do much here yet. What you will run into. and a Roserade. since there's even more Pokemon to catch within (such as a Nosepass). be sure to duck into what limited area of Mt. TM86. out in the open. When you enter. uses a Cherubi. Our particular party consisted of the following six Pokemon: Machop. Make sure to grab that before vacating the area. Prinplup. Onix and Luxio. Ice Heal. With a team like this. If you're interested in more detailed descriptions on what's going on throughout Route 211. Forest Badge. Ninja Boy Zach will have a trio of equally-leveled Zubats.

though. And once within. the International Police agent. The first one. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Aroma Lady Angela Aroma Lady Jenna Bird Keeper Alexandra Commander Jupiter Galactic Grunt (I) Galactic Grunt (II) Galactic Grunt (III) Galactic Grunt (IV) Galactic Grunt (V) Gym Leader Gardenia Hiker Louis Lass Caroline Ninja Boy Zach Scientist Travon Pokemon (w/ LV. 17) / Stunky (LV.640 $576 $272 $112 $960 618 696 414 1. and he must be freed up in order to continue. They have to be found in order. 18) Cherubi (LV. She has three Pokemon -. 15) / Budew (LV. a level twenty Turtwig. 16) / Glameow (LV. oddly enough). you'll have to find three trainers to fight and defeat before fighting Gardenia herself. 16) Turtwig (LV. 19) Glameow (LV. who is in the southwest part of the room. before going up to Gardenia and taking her on. to cut down the small sapling trees. Aroma Lady Angela will have a lone Pokemon -.) Roselia (LV. depending on your current team's makeup. ranging from levels fifteen to seventeen.worry. And finally. in order to heal your team. you won't have to fight her yet. 16) / Budew (LV. 19) Budew (LV. What a nice lady! With Gardenia's team of Pokemon defeated and the Forest Badge acquired. 17) 3x Zubat (LV. can be found in the northwest part of the gym. 22) Geodude (LV. We recommend leaving to hit the Pokemon Center first. and a level twenty-two Roserade. but she shouldn't put up too much of a fight. 17) / Hoothoot (LV. 20) / Roserade (LV. 19) Stunky (LV. She'll come at you with three Budew. Using Cut on another sapling there. in the room beyond (which is an outdoor room. 17) Zubat (LV. Next is Aroma Lady Jenna. 17) Starly (LV. 23) Zubat (LV. 20) / Cherrim (LV. in the southeast. 17) Zubat (LV. Instead. especially in comparison to what's to come. 21) / Skuntank (LV. 14) Kadabra (LV. you go around the right side of it. the Galactic HQ at the north end of town will be your next destination. Remember to focus on their weaknesses (such as rock and wind) to subdue them quickly.for you to deal with. Lass Caroline. The bicycle shop's clerk is within. She'll come at you with a Cherubi and a Roselia. 18) Croagunk (LV. the Forest Badge is yours. Gardenia is yours. but just remember to switch out and heal as necessary. She may do the same (she used a Super Potion on her Turtwig when we fought her). both level seventeen. when Gardenia's three Pokemon fall. you can findTM46 beyond it. 20) Money EXP $608 $544 $544 $1. expect a brief conversation with Looker. 14) / Onix (LV. you can now teach a Pokemon the skill "Cut" (with TM01) and actually use it outside of battle.a level twenty Cherubi. who will give you a tip on how to navigate the Galactic HQ successfully. 16) / Glameow (LV. With the Forest Badge.270 482 457 337 288 796 1. however. 16) / Croagunk (LV.a Roselia -. 17) / Roselia (LV. Be sure that before you enter the building. This may prove to be a difficult fight for you. Gardenia will also hand over TM86. Nonetheless.620 634 800 496 621 When those three are defeated.600 $680 $720 $760 $760 $690 $2. .

Also keep in mind that a character named Cynthia should approach you as you head to the bicycle shop. we will do just that.The building itself is made up of four stories. There will be two Galactic Grunts on the first floor. and now. Since they are all titled "Cyclist" you can simply look at the chart above and see what Pokemon they'll throw at . Commander Jupiter on the top floor will be your primary target. X Speed. However. you'll be forced to battle various bikers -. at which point she'll hand off a Pokemon Egg for you to keep in your inventory. but not before you're sure you've grabbed all of the items within. Poison Barb. Revive. and one more on the third floor. with Commander Jupiter on the top floor. leave the HQ. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Geodude Gligar Kricketune Machop Ponyta Zubat Location Type Grass / Cave Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass / Cave With the Bicycle now firmly in your inventory. in fact -.. X Special. the money and experience you get for the fight is well worth the effort. Who knos what it will turn into!? The Relic Badge | Bicycle Road / Route 206 « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Flag. However. going in other routes will often net you items. you can head south from Eternia and onto Route 206 via Bicycle Road. but if you go and visit his shop after leaving their headquarters. Not only will Commander Jupiter's defeat free the imprisoned bike shop's clerk (along with his Pokemon). and Up-Grade should represent the totality of your plunder.in order to procee easily.. he'll reward you with a Bicycle. as well as her high-level Zubat and Skuntank will prove to be a challenge. PP Up. Super Repel. Biking is the only way to traverse this place. Each of the other three floors has trainers and non-combatant members of Team Galactic. Fighting her. Talk to everyone to find out who will fight you and who won't. While there's a technique to easily find your way around HQ without running into any dead ends (by following the stairs near signs on the wall). Rawst Berry (x2). The eight cyclists on the road will provide you with very little trouble. Blue Shard. Razz Berry (x2). Burn Heal. and as you speed along.eight cyclist-trainers in all. along with Scientist Travon and his powerful level twenty Kadabra. This is an item that you'll need in order to continue your quest. two more on the second floor. After Jupiter's defeat.

Then. where in a gap you will find a Burn Heal. so have the Pokemon with you that have those skills (Cut and Flash we have on our Kricketune. but don't go in. And finally. Cut through the sapling to grab the PP Up that sits there. 21) Starly (LV. Instead. you may have noticed a cave entrance. you'll be able to press into a secret alternate entrance into the cave. Head to the northeast entrance. Talk to the people there -. where two Rawst Berries can be found (in fact. In the northeast corner of this area below the actual route. we want to direct you to a secret second entrance into the Wayward Cave. directly under the overpass. 20) / Shinx (LV. 20) Pikachu (LV. Use Cut to get through the saplings and then work your way northward underneath the road above. Once at the south end of the route. two Razz Berries can also be found to the left of the bike route exit before cutting down the saplings). go forward and to the left. Flash and Rock Smash are all necessary here. 20) Pikachu (LV. Otherwise. 20) / Shinx (LV. however. 18) Shinx (LV. the enduring icon of the Pokemon franchise. 18) / Staravia (LV. 19) Ponyta (LV. On your right after cutting through the saplings. there's items to be found. go forward and left. you'll run into two separate cyclist-trainers wielding Pikachus. you'll be happy to know that it will be added to your Pokedex once the first battle ends. but first. Cut. 21) Ponyta (LV. 21) Onix (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Camper Parker Cyclist Axel Cyclist James Cyclist John Cyclist Kayla Cyclist Megan Cyclist Nicole Cyclist Rachel Cyclist Ryan Hiker Theodore Picnicker Ana Pokemon (w/ LV. you can find a couple of berry bushes. 18) / Starly (LV. after you defeat Hiker Theodore. where the final item in the area. 21) Staravia (LV. We're not yet done here. Interestingly. 18) / Onix (LV. You'll see some saplings blocking a pathway to the area below the route above. Before continuing southward. For more information on this.) Buizel (LV. can be found. 20) Hoothoot (LV. who's packing two powerful Onix. begin pressing northward. Further left and north from there. to continue along with our walkthrough. 21) Starly (LV. look to your right. you can go into the building you find.one will give you a Flag for your bike to add to your inventory (more on these later). 17) / Starly (LV. 22) Money EXP $316 $672 $672 $640 $672 $672 $608 $576 $672 $640 $352 512 369 684 699 369 508 648 882 270 877 272 There's only one trainer down here. Since this is your first time encountering said Pokemon. see our side quests section of the guide. there's an obscured item on your right behind another sapling. where more items can be garnered that you'd otherwise miss entirely. . In fact. you'll need to have very specific Pokemon with you. On the left side of the overpass.you. Due right from there is a Super Repel. while our Onix has Rock Smash). The Wayward Cave. This will be our destination before long. head slightly to the south until you're able to bear westward underneath the bicycle bridge above. the Poison Barb. While you won't see your character. Hiker Theodore.

Seeker. a place we already explored. you can simply swing right towards Mt. Coronet in the east. however. . Pinap Berry (x4). Blue Berry (x4). Dowsing Machine. Nondew Berry. Coronet / Route 208 « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Super Potion. Vs. grass. Ether. is located in an area you should have already explored much earlier in the game (if you're following this guide). Energy Powder. Nanab Berry (x4). as well as Hiker Justin en route. you must head south of the bike route leading away from Eterna City. Berry Searcher. Coronet. since you can head to the route and then swing eastward without running into any tall grass (you will run into Camper Anthony and Picnicker Lauren in tandem. Revive. Razz Berry (x4). so be ready for a pair of trainer battle). It's easy enough to get through without fighting any of the admittedly-weak Pokemon in the area. Since the only engagement-inducing geography in the area. Great Ball.The Relic Badge | Mt. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bibarel Bidoof Bronzor Budew Chingling Clefairy Geodude Kricketot Machop Magikarp Meditite Nosepass Psyduck Ralts Roselia Zubat Location Type Grass Grass Cave Grass Cave Cave Grass / Cave Grass Grass / Cave Water Grass Cave Grass Grass Grass Grass / Cave To reach Mt. Odd Keystone. Stardust. This will lead to the northern end of Route 207.

22) Onix (LV. within the cave. Go rightward over the bridge and engage Hiker Robert in battle. 19). Nonetheless. head north over another bridge. shouldn't be too much of an issue for you to combat.Energy Powderand Stardust. go up the stairs.) Combee (LV. Instead. Then. 19) Nosepass (LV. 20) / Nosepass (LV. you can find Revive. go back over the bridge and head rightward. are mostly of the variety you should have already encountered). When he's defeated. Take on Youngster Austin and his trio of moderate Pokemon as you walk towards the stairs leading up to the bridge. Gligar (21) Money EXP $704 $960 $336 $552 $704 $704 $576 $608 $704 $336 885 623 745 368 866 506 524 1. 21) Machop (LV. like their brethren on Route 207. mind you. you'll find Route 208. 17). Then. but they. Nosepass. but don't ponder your choice too much. 18) Mime Jr. Beyond . to fight Battle Girl Helen and her Meditite/Machop combo. Walk around so you can access that bridge. Coronet immediately. This is Mt. However. 23) Chimchar (LV. and it's easy enough to traverse (that much we promise!) Though there are enemies within. where Black Belt Kyle and his powerful Machop will take you on. 22) Buizel (18). don't go into Mt. naturally. On the other side. She'll hand over both the Vs. there will only be three others to fight. Then. and what's more. (LV. the professor's assistant. There are five more trainers in this area that you'll have to fight to continue. it's not all fun and games on Route 207. 20) Medidite (LV.When you arrive at the entrance to Mt. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Aroma Lady Hannah Artist William Battle Girl Helen Black Belt Kyle Camper Anthony & Picnicker Lauren Hiker Jonathan Hiker Justin Hiker Kevin Hiker Robert Youngster Austin Pokemon (w/ LV. you'll find items on two of them -. you'll only be in the mountain briefly. Coronet. His level sixteen Geodude and level eighteen Bronzor will stand in your way. won't prove to be too difficult for you. when you're walking through. you should embrace their offers and take them all out. All slain? Items acquired? Excellent! Now. Southward over the bridge. His unique Pokemon. She'll ask you to pick a hand. Coronet's entrance. 20) / Bonsly (LV. head rightward from the previous battle (grabbing a Super Potion en route) and fight Hiker Justin. However. Luxio (18). such as Clefairy and Nosepass.224 This is another area where fighting the local Pokemon (which. backtrack and head into the cave. 21) / Machop (LV. expect to run into a blue-headed person who will talk to you at length before you continue. Coronet yet. head left and fight Hiker Kevin (he has three Geodudes and an Onix). While you can dodge the fray completely and duck into Mt. Onix (LV. 22) / Roselia (LV. Since you already fought the trainers en route to Mt. Geodude (LV. 22) / Pachirisu (LV. Coronet. Seeker and Dowsing Machine for you to use before leaving you with some encouraging words. First.266 508 1. backtrack until you see a bridge heading south over a chasm. the fighting isn't that fierce. (Also. 20) 2x Geodude (LV. 22) Geodude (LV. you'll automatically run into Dawn. you may want to stick around to fight Pokemon you've yet to catch. if you want to search the static white-shaded rocks within. as it really doesn't matter in the end. there are some trainers that will want to challenge you in the area to the west and south.

talk to the woman in the house. a Great Ball can be found. but you'll need a Rock Smash-capable Pokemon to access it. the town. If you go northward into town at the first chance you get. you can talk to a boy waiting there. Naturally. Poffin Case. Then./Bonsly combo (this is the last trainer in the area). backtrack to where you battled Hiker Robert. packing a Combee and Roselia. chasing after her fleeing Buneary. we get to explore. As you head rightward and enter into the town. Sadly.and they should provide you with a hint as to the importance of the house they grow next to. Then. TM65. Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. Tuxedo. grab an Ether. You can come back and repeat this every couple of game-days. Shell Bell. TM45. and fourNanab Berries . four Bluk Berries. Aroma Lady Hannah. where you'll be in mandatory danger of fighting the local Pokemon on either Route 207 or 208. where Hiker Jonathan will be your next foe.him (down some stairs to your left). After all of that. Be sure to head south from her location to grab the Odd Keystone from a mysterious character standing there. grabbing items and talking to people before ultimately proceeding with our quest. Down some stairs. talk to the selfproclaimed Berry Master to receive a random berry (we acquired a Nondew Berry). TM43. She'll thank you for getting in her Pokemon's way and then head back to the Contest Hall. Thankfully. Proceed over the bridge to the right of Robert. He has a level twenty-two Onix. who will bring you straight to the Contest . And finally. the small house near the east side of the route is a major attraction en route to your next locale. Amulet Coin. Nice! The Relic Badge | Hearthome City « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Glitter Powder. somewhat aimlessly. Eevee. we won't be able to do battle with the gym leader yet.four Pinap Berries. will be on the other end of the grass. Next to the house. a girl named Keira will show up. and then go back north to take care of Artist William and his Mime Jr. This is the only part. Relic Badge. doing so isn't that much of a challenge. so no fears! Take it to him! Then. albeit brief. go forward and look left. talk to the little girl and answer her in the affirmative to grab the Berry Searcher. Descend the stairs and go into the grass. inviting you to come see her. Spooky Plate. you can grab a plethora of berries -. Instead. four Razz Berries. Hearthome City is the location of the third gym we will come across in the game. focus your attention on the right side of the route. Inside the building. who will sell you four different kinds of mulch made of Pokemon poop.

Due north from there. she'll go off to the gym to await your challenge. Head inside and take the elevator to the top floor. With those items grabbed. 23) / Misdreavus (LV. you will run into Keira.440 $1. 20) / Machop (LV. mysterious.522 1. TM43 can be found. 23) 2x Drifloon (LV. you'll get Tuxedo from your mother and Glitter Powder from Keira. (LV. 20) Duskull (LV.002 At the north end of town.142 1. The gym in this city is unique. 24) / Mismagius (LV. When you get there. Talk to the woman. you'll run into the . Out of the Pokemon we've encountered so far. and Machop. both level twenty-two. The house directly to the right of that house will have another item for you to grab.377 683 1.) Gastly (LV.. and also be sure to explore the alternate entrance into Amity Square from the northeast end of town.440 $704 $3. with her Pokemon. You can also speak to the gym leader of the town to your right. as are all of the gyms you encounter around Sinnoh. 21) / Gastly (LV. you'll see a cameraman and a reporter.946 724 876 468 1. We were able to take a walk around the square with our Prinplup. dreary and confusing gym that requires some minor puzzle-solving to successfully navigate. This place is only accessible with certain Pokemon being in your party. which is admittedly quite rare. the motif makes sense. 26) Misdreavus (LV. 20) / Drifloon (LV. both level twenty. will be packing a Mime Jr. Hearthome's gym leader extraordinaire. and she'll hand over a Shell Bell Keep exploring other yet-unexplored houses to be rewarded with an Eevee to add to your arsenal of Pokemon. an Amulet Coin and a Spooky Plate can be acquired. Since the trainers in this gym use ghost-type Pokemon almost exclusively. You can get aPoffin Case within. where two more items. As far as exploring the rest of the town. 22) / Drifloon (LV. 23) Shinx (LV. Speak to both of them and accept their challenges to do battle with each of them individually. At the south end of the field.. If you head to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon while visiting Hearthome City (which you should). 22) Gastly (LV. Believe it or not. at the table.Hall. who will oddly enough be with your mother! After some discussion. The motif in question is a dark. 24) Mime Jr. you'll find a couple of items. but contests don't pertain to the main game and hence won't be discussed here in the walkthrough. 22) Money EXP $1. Be sure to grab both before heading back to town. we'll discuss it in the basics section of the guide. only a few are "cute enough" to participate. but obviously each player will differ. there are two trainers that you can battle within the town itself. we're now ready to take on Fantina. however. there's a patch of land known as Amity Square. Reporter Kinsey will be packing a Shinx and Drifloon. after you do. After pressing through the front door. 24) / Haunter (LV. Cameraman Tevin. Eliminate them both and heal your Pokemon once more in the center you're currently occupying before proceeding. TM45 can be found. 21) Gastly (LV. When you do take a walk. start with the orange-roofed house near the east end of town.120 $368 $880 $420 $420 $352 1. while her cameraman. 24) Haunter (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Allen Ace Trainer Catherine Cameraman Tevin Gym Leader Fantina Lass Molly Reporter Kinsey School Kid Chance School Kid Mackenzie Youngster Donny Pokemon (w/ LV. Pursuing anything else in this place is up to you. 22) / Haunter (LV.

you'll be transported back to the entrance to the gym. Chances are. so you're going to have to break out some of your own healing items to survive this battle. When she's defeated. especially if you only have one Pokemon in your party that can inflict Dark damage. To get between the rooms. Good Rod. Leppa Berry.gym's host. which you will no doubt find very useful when you subsequently leave Hearthome City. Hyper Potion. when you finally get to her. Razz Berry (x2). Nanab Berry (x2). where some trainers will be encountered. The yellow transporter to your right should be ignored. simply retraverse already-tread areas and try a different door. will provide you with a considerable challenge. PP Up. head through the next door into the first dark room. DayCare Checker. first with a Sitrus Berry and then with a Super Potion. Calcium. Instead. preferably with Dark attacks (our Luxio came in handy here as a result). since it leads to a side of the room where the gym leader is that you can't yet access. The Cobble Badge | Route 209 / Solaceon Town « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Great Ball. There are six trainers total in two rooms you encounter. Pokemon History. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bibarel Chansey Duskull Goldeen Magikarp Ralts Roselia Staravia Zubat Location Type Grass Grass Grass Water Water Grass Grass Grass Grass . Ether. she'll heal this Pokemon twice. You can see the list of trainers on this page that you will list (all of them except the Reporter and Cameraman. Chesto Berry. who you met at the Pokemon Center). If you choose the wrong door. TM47. Figy Berry. you need to find the seemingly-ever-roving door that will successfully lead to the room above. especially the level twenty-six Mismagius she comes at you with. Be prepared to battle Ghost-types. wielding your flashlight. If this happens. she'll surrender the Relic Badge and TM65. Gym Leader Fantina. Her three Ghost-type Pokemon are powerhouses. Seal Case. Persim Berry.

20) / Pichu (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Cowgirl Shelley Poke Kid Danielle Poke Kid Ariel Pokemon Breeder Albert Pokemon Breeder Jennifer Twins Emma & Lil Young Couple Ty & Sue Pokemon (w/ LV. Route 209 itself is fairly easy to traverse. 23) Pichu (LV. you'll run into your friend from your hometown. 19) / 2x Pikachu (LV. left over yet another bridge. you can start in this area by capturing a Goldeen in the water. and hit up the bushes of berries you find there (in our game.154 1. 20) Bonsly (LV. still! Once over the first bridge. with weaker Pokemon. 22) / Mime Jr. Your experience with him might change if you chose a different Pokemon. When you reach the entrance to Route 209. Just be prepared to catch a lot of Magikarp with this rod. do battle with Twins Emma and Lil (they'll come at you with a Bonsly and Mime Jr. (LV. Pokemon Breeder Albert). 22) Pichu (LV. Start by heading to your right and shooting north through the grass.). Head along the pier you encounter and talk to the boy at the far end in order to get theGood Rod (simply answer the question he asks in the affirmative). a Great Ball can be found. 23) / Buizel (LV. His lineup will vary depending on which Pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game. he's actually less of a challenge. Back at the vertical bridge. and she'll want to fight you as well. but it's what's to her right that's truly interesting. which is at the southeast corner of the city (we still can't traverse Route 212. 22) Buneary (LV. 20) / Eevee (LV. You can now catch a more versatile group of water-based Pokemon when you fish. Grotle and Ponyta.174 694 782 . go northward and examine some more berry bushes -.a well-leveled Pichu). This is a necessary move to ultimately proceed. Just be sure to visit the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon! Our goal is to reach the entrance to Route 209.) Ponyta (LV. go back to the south end of the grass and continue rightward (you'll run into the first hostile trainer on the route as you do. continue rightward. so we fought his Staravia. 20) Budew (LV. Buizel. 20) / Bonsly (LV. leading southward from the southwest section of the city). another trainer will be encountered. 23) Money EXP $368 $176 $152 $960 $960 $704 $2. Then. (LV. we found a Leppa Berry and a Chesto Berry). Solaceon Town.944 746 198 837 1. We chose Piplup. and then talk to the girl at the far end of another pier to do battle with Poke Kid Danielle (she has a lone Pokemon to battle you with -. 19) Budew (LV. and we must do just that if we're to reach the town on the other side. 20) / Eevee (LV. head north over another bridge. Continuing rightward. who will challenge you to a battle. you can now leave Hearthome City. If you got through Hearthome City's gym. Pokemon Breeder Jennifer has three varied Pokemon. two Razz Berries will be all yours. In the northeast corner of the grass. so make sure to do that now. You should have an item called the Odd Keystone in your inventory -examine the rock formation you see here and place it there when prompted to do so.if you're game is at all like ours. Then.With the Relic Badge acquired. 20) / Cleffa (LV. 20) / Mime Jr. but you should still have no issue defeating him.

and even find a lone item floating around. PP Up. explore and speak to everyone you meet. and you'll run into more items. Spell Tag. You can find aHyper Potion here. Stay on the west end of the route. will come at you with a lone Ponyta. will give you a new Poketch application calledPokemon History. Now. which will allow you to explore a series of houses on the hills that are otherwise inaccessible. This will allow you to visit the town's Pokemon Center. a Buizel and a Buneary. you'll be able to head back to the south at multiple locations. Solaceon Town's primary draw for visitors is its world-renowned Pokemon Day Care Center. Cleanse Tag. you can return later and take care of business at your leisure. TM27. Running around north of her will be Young Couple Ty and Sue. you can grabTM47 on the east side of the route on the north end. the first trainer you'll encounter when you swing northward. . including anEther and some Calcium. Nugget. though you'll need you Bicycle to access all of these goods. you'll find a Figy Berry. we recommend you go to Solaceon Town at the north end of Route 209. who have two powerful Pokemon. where you can earn a Seal Case and learn about seals. Be sure to go down the cliffs in different ways so that you can visit all of the houses. is our next goal. After speaking with everyone on the west end of town and talking to everyone you find. this one called Day-Care Checker. who. a place where you can leave your Pokemon to be raised by surrogates. continue north. Cowgirl Shelley. As you crawl along the north end of town. let's wrap up our preliminary activities in Solaceon Town. From here. it's now a straight shot northward towards Solaceon Town. and you can leave up to two Pokemon with the couple there at any time. two Nanab Berries and a Persim Berry. If you don't have a Pokemon who can use Cut right now. The Cobble Badge | The Lost Tower / Solaceon Ruins « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Oval Stone. This place is located on the west end of the town. Be absolutely certain you find the home with a mother and child. items that can be used on occupied Poke Balls. you'll have to do battle with several trainers en route (but there are also some items to find as well). If you have a Pokemon in your party that can use Cut. head to the north end of town and bear eastward. You'll also find a man running around the entrance of the town. Mind Plate. HM05. This will require you to circle around to the north end of town multiple times. The Lost Tower. Odd Incense. Also. Revive. once spoken to. Be sure to take advantage of this service. but it's worth it. be sure to leave the day care and immediately go back in. the tower you forced to emerge with your use of the Odd Keystone. You should also walk around. Near the entrance to town.Before continuing northward. so that you can heal your Pokemon. Unfortunately. since it's free and will result in slow-but-steady leveling and strengthening of the Pokemon left in their care. no worries. nearly the newly-emerged tower. head leftward and towards a staircase leading into a small dirt pit. Speak with him and he'll hand over another Poketch application. But first. You'll find a man within that wasn't there earlier.

23) Murkrow (LV. which we will now go get. greatly reduces your accuracy during battles. Roughneck Kirby and his level twenty-three Cleffa is all that's standing in between you and aRevive for your inventory (Pokefan Leonard will also want to do battle here. 23) Geodude (LV. 19) / Geodude (LV. all at level nineteen. The fourth floor is the only floor where things get a little hairy. 21) / Bronzor (LV. On the second floor. However. However. On the third floor.go to the north end of town.) 2x Ponyta (LV. swing rightward. two of them will be double battles.576 $1. . You'll be thrust into three trainer battles here. 23) Mothim (LV.492 727 334 181 879 1. you'll battle a pair of Ponytas. and voila. you'll find the cave entrance.104 $2. 19) / Pikachu (LV. you can do battle with a trainer. located at the eastern end of Solaceon Town? That's where we'll be headed now. which you no doubt noticed by now make things difficult to see.846 1. Enter and go directly to the second floor via the staircase you encounter.408 $1. it provides a surprisingly simplistic climb which you should undertake right away. you'll find the Lost Tower. 21) / Barboach (LV. a Murkrow and a Misdreavus. 20) / Chatot (LV. Between the four. there's nothing you can do for them yet. If you're following our walkthrough.Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Duskull Gastly Unown Zubat Location Type Tower Tower Cave Tower At the north end of Route 209. Head on into the tower. and grab the Oval Stone above him. This will make this tower appear. Youngster Oliver with his three varying-level Pokemon. Pokefan Rebecca has a level twenty-three Bonsly. you'll find a pair of elderly women. 23) Cleffa (LV.535 Access the ruins the same way you accessed the houses on the cliffs on the eastern edge of tgown -. 23) 2x Pichu (LV. the highest floor there is. Remember the ruins we mentioned in the last section of the walkthrough. 23) / Misdreavus (LV. but even more important. When you get to the fifth floor of the tower.472 $552 $1. 22) Bonsly (LV. exploration of the floor will also net you another new technical machine in the form of TM27on the left side of the room. 19) Money EXP $2. but he's not in the way of your item). you would have put the Odd Keystone in the appropriate place during the last segment of the walkthrough. You'll need an HM.944 $336 1. but Belle & Pa and Young Couple Mike & Nat should be of true concern. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Belle Beth & Pa Bob Pokefan Leonard Pokefan Rebekah Roughneck Kirby Ruin Maniac Karl Young Couple Mike & Nat Youngster Oliver Pokemon (w/ LV. These women will be in despair about the fog covering the upper reaches of the tower.

speak to the pair of old women once more.. Pecha Berry (x2). Climb the tower like you did earlier (though now. It's here that you will encounter four items -. HP Up. Proceed to another staircase on the southwest end of this room to reach the location you've been searching for. It's easier to get out than get in because the upward-leading stairs are a dead giveaway when you're trying to get out. Talking to each woman individually once the fog has disappeared will net you a pair of items -. HM05. Now that you have HM05. you'll save yourself a lot of heartache. you can travel back to the Lost Tower south of Solaceon Town.a Cleanse Tag and a Spell Tag.a Nugget. head down the stairs in the northeast corner. use the stairs in the northeast corner. most importantly. you'll have no trainers to deal with). Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Abra Chansey Geodude Hoothoot Lickitung Location Type Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass . and thus the power to use Defog. and don't expect to fight a variety of Pokemon here. but only after you use Defog on the top floor to lift the foggy veil. TM34. Fist Plate. Full Heal.Unown. talk to the man you encounter and then access the third floor via the staircase in the southwest corner. Pinap Berry. To get to the fourth floor after your battle. a Mind Plate. Max Ether. Nice! The Cobble Badge | Route 210 / Route 215 « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Aspear Berry (x2). however. use the northwest corner staircase you encounter to get to the sixth floor. TM66. you can then backtrack back to town. On this floor. but if you follow our directions. When you reach the topmost floor. Bluk Berry (x2). Oh. only one kind exists -. some Odd Incense and. The HM will allow you to use Defog. Super Repel. you'll encounter the only trainer in the ruins.The cave is somewhat laid out like a maze. TM51. Razz Berry. Hyper Potion. With these items in your inventory. On the first floor.. Getting in is a little more complicated. Ruin Maniac Karl will have two Geodudes (of levels nineteen and twenty-one) as well as a level twenty-one Bronzor. Then. Mago Berry. You're not in danger of getting lost. On the second floor. Wiki Berry.

24) / Drifblim (LV. 24) / Buizel (LV. Belle & Pa Eva & Matt will intercept you an come at you with their Ponyta and Rapidash.Magikarp Marill Noctowl Ponyta Scyther Staravia Water Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Exploring Route 210. direct your attention to the middle part of the path.. This will bring you across Rancher Marco (who has a level twenty-four Ponyta) and Twins Teri & Tia (with a Pikachu and Clefairy.) Gligar (LV. and to the area to your left. 26) Money EXP $3. This will lead you to a woman who. Don't worry. but it's what's beyond them that's important. we acquired two Aspear Berries. Both of these Pokemon are unique and almost certainly haven't been encountered yet. After grabbing that. head to your right on the thin rectangular platform you find yourself on and go down the staircase. 25) Ponyta (LV. we'll only get to explore the extreme southern end of it right now. you can try to proceed north through the rest of Route 210. After grabbing it. Another combination of Pokemon trainers. After defeating Pokemon Breeder Amber and her Magpy and Togepi of varying levels. both level twenty-one). Beyond their location. which is located to the north of Solaceon Town. While Route 210 is one of the most extensive routes in the entire game. This is where you'll run into some Psyducks who are in the way of your path northward. while Fernando has a level twenty-five Heracross. there's little else to do. In the meantime. 24) / Lickitung (LV. so be sure to fight both collectors before proceeding. Edwin has a level twenty-five Munchlax. Head northward and look to your right. Then. 25) / Ralts (LV. this is an in-game obstacle that we will remove later. a level twenty-five Clefairy.000 $2. Collector Edwin and Collector Fernando aren't quite as easy. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Dennis & Ace Trainer Maya Belle Ava and Pa Matt Black Belt Derek Pokemon (w/ LV.688 $624 3. and can't seem to be moved. when you talk to her. 24) Croagunk (LV. Waitress Kati is toting only one Pokemon. You'll see some berry bushes there -. Go into the tall grasses to your left and use your bike there first. you'll find out soon enough. You'll find a Super Repel being guarded by Pokemon Breeder Kahlil and his Elekid-Happiny duo. a Razz Berry and aPinap Berry here. and you can also do battle with three more fairly powerful trainers here as well.766 462 . TM51.. backtrack to the bike path in the middle of the route leading north. explore the house to the right of the blocked pathway. It's in here that you can purchase the unique healing item called Moomoo Milk. 24) / Roselia (LV. You'll see pathways where the Bicycle must be used to continue. will hand over a new technical machine.848 1. well. In case you're unaware of what's blocking your path northward.for our particular game. is going to be a limited affair for the time being. 24) / Rapidash (LV. both at level twenty-four. take the staircase on your left and proceed northward. however. After using your Bicycle to get over this primary bike ramp.

104 $960 $1.Black Belt Gregory Black Belt Nathaniel Collector Edwin Collector Fernando Pokemon Breeder Amber Pokemon Breeder Kahlil Rancher Marco Ruin Maniac Calvin Twins Teri & Tia Waitress Kati 3x Machop (LV. You'll instantly be struck with torrential downpours when you enter the route. 24) Bronzor (LV. take your time and catch them before proceeding. Be sure to grab the HP Up. 24) / Meditite (LV. but don't ignore the negative impact of such a downpour either (such as its affect on fire). Take the bridge leftward to another staircase that leads back down to the grass below. His trio of Machop shouldn't prove to be too much of a hassle for you to take out. 23) Ponyta (LV. otherwise. town-found safety.Cut can again be used to access TM34 in an alcove created by surrounding trees. Under the bridge to another dead end. and then go east into Veilstone City. Wiki Berry and Mako Berry en route! . and then down once again to a new grassy area below. you can swing right at the top of Route 210 (as far as you can go along it for now.107 1.226 502 1. anyway). generally. When he's slain. including Scythers and Noctowls. It's here that you will run into Ruin Maniac Calvin and his Bronzor-Shieldon combo. 23) Croagunk (LV. as you approach Veilstone City to the east. 23) Clefairy (LV. head beyond him to grab a Super Repel for your inventory. Talk to the next man you encounter (on the mountainous path) and he'll automatically hand over TM66 (be sure to grab the Max Ether the running man is running around en route). 23) Elekid (LV. you can continue rightward by cutting through a sapling and grabbing the Fist Plate there. Finally. and aFull Heal can be found tucked in another corner (Cut. but aHyper Potion can be found. Then backtrack under the bridges and proceed further to your right. west along the adjoining bridge. 24) Munchlax (LV. 25) Heracross (LV. your final competition in Ace Trainer Maya and Ace Trainer Dennis are all that stands in the way of you and temporary. go north along the bridge.600 $1. Black Belt Nathaniel will be your next enemy -. 23) Pikachu (LV. you can find two Pecha Berries and two Bluk Berries. Then. descend the stairs on the north end of the high platform and proceed to your east (as is the common theme here). 25) Magby (LV. 23) / Shieldon (LV.777 781 831 734 363 Route 210 has some interesting Pokemon to catch. To proceed. and then proceed with the pathway heading in.104 $736 $800 1. isn't needed to acquire the latter). 23) / Happiny (LV. The rain makes water-based attacks stronger. 23) / Clefairy (LV. 25) $552 $576 $1. So if you're interested in these (or any other) Pokemon on this route. if you have a Pokemon with the Cut skill in your "current six" Pokemon. which will lead seamlessly to Route 215. and this is an item you'll certainly want to grab before proceeding eastward.600 $1.071 904 1. and go up the staircase you encounter. a rightward direction. The bridge affixed to the stairs lead southward to a dead end. but this is all part of the fun in this area. however. Take out their Pokemon (expect this to be a long and difficult fight). Head rightward here.104 $1. Head up the next staircase you encounter. Go under the horizontal bridge you just crossed over and fight Black Belt Derek with his level twenty-five Croagunk and Black Belt Gregory in the tall grasses underneath. 23) / Togepi (LV. 21) / Machop (LV.

27) Machop (LV. 26) Meditite (LV. but don't get too carried away -. just talk to the bald man you find near the staircase there to grab TM63. 26) / Machoke (LV. in fact.465 1. This is the junction by which the Veilstone City Gym can be found. Definitely check it out and waste some time. while in the other. but we don't want to go there yet. well. 25) Heracross (LV. Sticky Barb. we'll get on acquiring your Cobble Badge so we can move on.The Cobble Badge | Veilstone City « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Star Piece. we promise things get more normalized and. which make up the Game Corner.840 $3. Coin Case. Veilstone City is the place we're going to do that. Porygon. Naturally. TM60. 23) / Machoke (LV. Start by working your way all the way into the southwest corner of town.343 1. Counter. as well. talking to the house's occupants will net you a Coin Case for your inventory. this isn't a mandatory part of the game. The buildings to the east of the gym are interesting. 25) / Machoke (LV. for now. Chimchar Mask. TM63.850 782 . 32) Magnemite (LV. Nothing is free these days! Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Black Belt Colby Black Belt Darren Black Belt Jeffrey Black Belt Rafael Gym Leader Maylene Interviewers Oxi and Ali Pokemon (w/ LV.274 2. Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. Rare Candy. 23) Money EXP $648 $600 $672 $624 $3. for all of those badge hunters out there. but it is a pleasant distraction. The two buildings lining the south end of the city. 29) / Lucario (LV. are where players can play some minigames and trade in coins won (which are held in your Coin Case) for various prizes. 25) / Meditite (LV. Though the game has been fairly badly paced up to this point. Instead. The Coin Case isn't just an unnecessary item in the greater scheme of things. more exciting from here on out.200 1. After some initial exploration and item gathering.coins necessary to play games and win prizes cost money. Cobble Badge.) Machoke (LV. 28) / Machoke (LV. Pokemon can get massages (and hence increase their like of you) at one building.312 2. you've been wondering just that). 25) / Machoke (LV. 23) / Ralts (LV. 28) Croagunk (LV. If you've been anxiously wondering when you'd acquire your fourth badge (and chances are.

you'll notice that four henchmen stand in between you and the gym leader. you can find a Rare Candy. you'll acquire a few items as well. and when you're ready to acquire your third badge. This five story building has. At the northeast corner of the city. Max Repel. Ultra Ball. Instead. Prinplup. but feel free to spend money here. So too is TM60. Pomeg Berry.There are several other buildings in town (such as a Team Galactic warehouse. head to the gym. In the northwest corner of the town. near the entrance to the enemy facility. Her trio of Pokemon. . and Kricketune -. TM28. Big Root. early-game Pokemon that we've managed to strengthen. Onix. and Meditites. near the Galactic building. you should be able to find a Star Piece.essentially. a Poketch application called Counter.Machokes. even abstract items. Machops. When Maylene's Pokemon are knocked out. everything you need. and a Sticky Barb. And if you talk to everyone within. you can then head through the pseudo-maze of obstructions (by heading on the right and left side of the room and pushing the corresponding obstructions in and out of the way so that a path through the middle is ultimately made). Red Shard. Make up your team and then save your game. quite literally. When they are taken care of. since you can add this free Pokemon to your stash of residuals. Staravia. Cheri Berry. theCobble Badge is all yours. including a Chimchar Mask. but none can yet be accessed. before trying your luck at the gym. Before we head towards the town's gym. where you should heal your Pokemon and battle the duo found there) is the department store near the north end of town. Of course. so we can earn our fourth badge. Chesto Berry. our Staravia used Wing Attack). Luxray. You've probably avoided spending much money on just about anything up to this point (except. And be absolutely sure you find the man giving away a free Porygon in town. all-new Pokemon). All are "Black Belts" and all come at you with relatively identical Pokemon -. Poke Balls). We recommend sticking with Psychic and Flying attacks (so. This is exactly the kind of place you've been saving up for the entire game. there are a few more items we should find. a level twenty-nine Machoke. and a level thirtytwo Lucario are a significant challenge (especially the later. perhaps. Sitrus Berry. this is preferred since they will provide more exercises that will gain your Pokemon experience. The makeup of our party heading into this fight was Machoke. from your run-of-the-mill healing items and Poke Balls to more exotic. a well-balanced team made up of well-known. Magmarizer. familiar. Once inside the gym. The Fen Badge | Route 214 & Valor Lakefront « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two » HM02. as this will provide you with your best shot at winning. When you're ready for a gym battle. a level twenty-eight Meditite. It is at the north end of the room that Gym Leader Maylene can be found. as well as another HQ for the evil organization). the only other building you should set your sights on (other than the Pokemon Center. for instance. as always.

and her trio of Chingling. a Croagunk. making the going rather difficult.. You'll immediately begin running into various trainers when you do. where on the right side of the only room you can access. For instance. depending on how you look at it). Beauty Devon. so you'll want to head to the entrance of said warehouse. the Professor's ever-active assistant.. we can't go there yet).Jolteon. This is the Hidden Machine known as Fly. there's myriad trainers to fight on Route 214. When you approach the building.. it won't bethat hard for you). Pokemon Trainers to Fight . Once you work your way through here. you'll have to fight with a couple of Galactic Grunts. Dawn's Pokedex will be restored to her possession. Be sure to heal your party of Pokemon. Vaporeon and Flareon -while the aforementioned Collector Brady will be packing rare Pokemon of his own. Team Galactic has a small warehouse in the very town you're in (Veilstone City). and a Stunky will come at your team. which clearly you did.. which is at the north end of the city (butnot the large building in the northwest. Psychic Abigail is likely the first trainer you'll run into. With the Galactic Grunts cleared. but the Galactic Grunts will have four level twentyfive Pokemon of their own. where the fifth of eight badges can be fought for and earned. and also be sure to stock up on items at the department store within the city. and then head southward out of town towards Route 214. like Tropius and Yanma. you'll run headlong into Dawn. HM02 can be found. you'll be ready to continue onward with your quest. Traversing Route 214 is the first of three parts in our journey towards Pastoria City. you can thereafter breach the warehouse they were guarding with your friend Looker from the International Police. Unfortunately (or fortunately. Thankfully. and is incredibly useful (and important). yet-unseen Pokemon. Begin your southward trek. including PI Carlos. Two Zubats. since you can visit any previously visited area simply by activating it! After doing this.Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bibarel Geodude Girafarig Graveler Houndour Rhyhorn Staravia Zubat Location Type Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass As you exit the gym after defeating the most recent Gym Leader. which has fallen into enemy hands. you'll run into more trainers. but when they are felled. to add them to your Pokedex. A lot of these trainers you run into on Route 214 will have fairly rare. She'll complain about her missing Pokedex. the list gos on and on. you'll have the help of Dawn's level twenty-five Clefairy in battle (and more Pokemon in her collection if that one happens to fall). Collector Douglas is armed with a trio of Pokemon you've yet to see -. Collector Brady. Kirlia and Drifloon will likely provide an immediate challenge for you (though if you managed to get through the gym in Veilstone City.

For now. But it's what's beyond the grass that's important. where many trainer battles can occur. for it's there that you'll find the vacation settlement. 26) / Mr. 28) / Psyduck (LV. 21) / Carnivine (LV. 27) Goldeen (LV. 21) / Tropius (LV. 27) / Purugly (LV. You'll be able to catch both of these Pokemon for the first time on Route 214. 24) / Cranidos (LV. You'll initially run into a grown-in segment of forest that will force you to traverse some tall grass. 26) Bronzor (LV. 27) / 2x Zubat (LV.398 2. indeed). 26) Chingling (LV. we're not going to be able to.800 $1. 26) Chatot (LV.347 919 570 1. but the ones you'll certainly want to keep an eye out for is Houndour and Rhyhorn. 26) 3x Wormadam (LV.026 3.394 1. 27) / Drifloon (LV. 26) / Kirlia (LV. Sitrus Berry. including a Girafarig. Mime (LV. . Below that. Keep in mind that grabbing some of these items will require traveling through tall. There are five varieties of Pokemon available on the Route total.800 $3. And farther to the south of the route. which will allow you to visit Valor Lake itself. will be a Magmarizer. The first will be on your left as you approach the resort area. Pokemon-infested grass. a grassy vacation spot for the residents of Sinnoh. 26) / Stunky (LV. 24) / Croagunk (LV. you won't only run into trainers (though there are plenty of those.344 $1. which you may want to consider catching. But first. however.) Kricketune (LV. In addition to the ripe berry bushes you encounter (which will contain a Cheri Berry. You'll run into some different Pokemon here than you did on Route 214.600 $5. 25) Duskull (LV.000 $1.872 $2.674 712 1. 21) / Yanma (LV. 26) Shieldon (LV.037 751 1.451 2. a word about the wild Pokemon on Route 214. Big Root.423 3.184 1. 23) / Kirlia (LV. 27) Quagsire (LV. 24) / Flareon (LV.536 $1. 26) / Kadabra (LV. 26) Skorupi (LV.296 $2. 30) Rhyhorn (LV.728 $10. 31) / Finneon (LV. you'll find items of more use. you'll find aMax Repel. 24) / Vaporeon (LV.662 As you move southward. 21) / Croagunk (LV.176 $864 $832 $1. 21) / Tangela (LV. You'll also run into items to grab. Red Shard and Ultra Ball.674 1. 24) Porygon (LV. for two more obvious encounters. you'll encounter Valor Lakefront. You'll see a pair of men blocking your path through the woods heading westward. 21) Jolteon (LV.248 $1.Trainer Name Artist Ismael & Beauty Harley Beauty Devon Cameraman Darryl & Reporter Vallerie Collector Brady Collector Douglas Collector Jamal Gentleman Leonardo & Socialite Rebecca PI Carlos PI Kendrick & Beauty Gabriella Psychic Abigail Psychic Mitchell Ruin Maniac Ruin Maniac Ronald School Kid Esteban & Pokefan Meredith Pokemon (w/ LV. 26) / Pichu (LV. Speaking of Pokemon-infested grass. Explore the cave on the left side of the route to find a TM28. back outside. Chesto Berry and Pomeg Berry). 24) Magnemite (LV. 26) / Pachirisu (LV. At the southern end of Route 214. 26) Money EXP $2.

and fight them all. Mime. There are items to find and people to speak to. don't be. Persim Berry (x2). PP Up. There is a single building that's within the confines of Valor Lakefront. we'll visit that location a little later in our quest. Route 213 and Valor Lakefront run into each other in a sort of confusing way. read the next section of the walkthrough. and a Mr. who bring to battle with them three level twenty-six Pokemon -. as you work your way through the northern end of the resort spot. Turtwig Mask. so we'll first explore the rest of that area before moving on. so be sure to walk around. you can find a building to explore (though this person won't yet have anything of interest to provide you with). Fen Badge. First and foremost. A man there will intercept you if you attempt to head east and explain what's going on to you. None of the pairs are especially notable in terms of which Pokemon they bring to battle. Iapapa Berry. explore the western edge of the resort. Nanab Berry (x2). but you'll probably have the most trouble with Cameraman Darryl and Reporter Vallerie. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Buizel Chatot Magikarp Remoraid Shellos Wingull Location Type Grass Grass Water Water Grass Grass If you're confused. Route 213's confines actually spread into the resort area that would otherwise appear to be a continuous locale (Valor Lakefront). so for more information on the resort-at-large. TM92. a Kirlia.a Magnemite. You'll meet five pairs of trainers (or ten trainers total) here. Much of the resort lies in the realm of Route 213. TM55. Babiri Berry. The Fen Badge | Route 213 & Pastoria City « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two » Yellow Shard. While you won't be able to continue westward to the primary area of Route 213. so let's get going.Also. TM40. and that building is the Seven Stars Restaurant. This restaurant serves a dual purpose. speak to everyone. Aguav Berry. however. Rest assured. Be sure to explore the area . and the route that spans westward from it. you won't be able to progress eastward towards Sunyshore City. as it's both an eatery and a place where you can do battle with pairs of powerful trainers. Rawst Berry (x2).

Its main draw is the Great Marsh due north of it. A person in one home will hand over a Turtwig Mask. After fighting those thugs off.918 612 1.128 2. Destroy the rock blocking it and grab the TM40 on the other side. 29) Goldeen (LV. 31) Marill (LV. 31) Wingull (LV.016 3. .) Glameow (LV.186 Pastoria City is an extremely small settlement with few people and few buildings. Tuber Jared and Tuber Chelsea. while a woman in another house will give you a Babiri Berry. there's little else to see or do. 28) / Gyarados (LV.624 $992 $896 $1. The experience and money earned from these battles is quite paltry. 21) Wingull (LV. do battle with a pair of hostile trainers on this western segment of the beach -. you can find two more buildings to explore.056 $4. 29) / Shellos (LV. 31) Azurill (LV. Otherwise. being sure to talk to the man behind the counter to heal your Pokemon en route. 25) / Gyarados (LV. and it's located on the western edge of town (be sure to grab the freegrowing Persim Berries and Nanab Berriesyou encounter in town.440 $1. and move southward from the Seven Stars Restaurant. 28) Bibarel (LV. 30) / Golduck (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Beauty Cyndy Fisherman Erick Fisherman Kenneth Fisherman Walter Gym Leader Wake Idol Grace Sailor Damian Sailor Samson Tuber Caitlyn Tuber Chelsea Tuber Jacky Tuber Jared Pokemon (w/ LV. be sure to scour the location to the west of the main office to find a Yellow Shard. 31) 2x Remoraid (LV. two weak trainers. Then. Be mindful to head into these. head westward along the thin. since one of them will have a clown (literally a clown. back outside and move southward through the resort's main office. move northward to reach the small. as well). 27) / Marill (LV. Head back to the east hereafter. 26) Money EXP $1.513 2.564 348 795 1. be sure to explore the nook on the eastern edge of the beach. 33) / Quagsire (LV.Fisherman Kenneth and Beauty Cyndy. After grabbing that head. Heading through the southern door of the main office will bring you to a small beach area. As you move southward.512 $992 $992 $124 $112 $128 $104 440 1. 33) Gyarados (LV. you'll want to run around this town and explore the few structures you'll be able to enter. Then. Walk around this more wide-open beach locale. It's the gym that beckons you.south of this building as well. 25) / Shellos (LV. 31) / Pelipper (LV. 34) / Floatzel (LV. sandy pathway. 31) / Seaking (LV. simply by examining the footsteps they leave behind. as this will ultimately open up to a wider area on the other side. but don't pass up the opportunity to fight them nonetheless. 28) Whiscash (LV. Before leaving the beach area. I'm not insulting the guy) who will hand over TM92. 32) 2x Shellos (LV. near the pool. 37) 2x Clefairy (LV. You'll see a solitary home sitting on the sand -walk on in and speak with the man within to find out how your Pokemon feel about you. but since that's not a mandatory location to visit. can be battled. 29) / Azumarill (LV. grassy area of Route 213 that will lead directly to Pastoria City. Then. but other than that. where you can acquire a PP Up.020 1. Here. we'll cover that in the Side Quests section of the guide (so check that out when you get a chance).118 1.

Full Heal. Before long. Hyper Potion. soldier! The Mine Badge | Pursuing the Grunt & Route 212 « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Secret Potion. Take out these Pokemon as best you can. Blue Shard. When his Pokemon are felled. Sitrus Berry. he's the least of your worries here. with a similar Pokemon in your own party. It's a no-brainer to figure this out on your own. TM62. Luxray's electrical-based attacks killed Wake's Gyarados and Floatzel before they could even respond with an attack of their own. Zinc. TM11. though we had to turn to Normal and Dark attacks to take out Quagsire. The six lower trainers in his gym will guard buttons that will raise and lower the water level in the gym. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Buizel Croagunk Location Type Grass Grass . Nonetheless. who will want to fight you with her two weak Clefairies as well. TM06. there's a person at the Pokemon Center. but you get TM55 as well. Be sure to use items as needed and be ready for his use of a Hyper Potion on one of his Pokemon (for us it was on his Floatzel). He'll also have a level thirty-four Staravia and a level thirty-six Grotle.When you approach the entrance to the gym and attempt to go in. your friend will show up and want to do battle with you. However. In fact. simply take out a trainer. and proceed down the path it opens up.Wake is surprisingly easy considering he's the fifth Gym Leader you face. hit the nearby button. and be sure to retreat back to the Pokemon Center in town to heal your six active Pokemon before entering the gym itself. Good work. since getting to him is an annoying process of button pushing and lower-trainer fighting that will make your head spin if you don't keep your wits about you. not only do you get the Fen Badge for all of your hard work. Revive. Don't expect him to bring much to the table that will stymie you at this point in the game. you should be fine -. but be sure to save your game (and maybe even leave and heal at the Pokemon Center) before challenging Wake himself. Pastoria City Gym's Leader is a man named named Wake. or you may have to repeat the entire process all over again.our Luxray. usually towards another trainerbutton combination. He'll come at you with two level thirty-two Pokemon in the form of a Buizel and Ponyta. where you'll be able to do battle. Aspear Berry. Elixir. a woman named Idol Grace. Pinap Berry (x3). so battle her before proceeding if you so desire. Elixir. Wake was no competition for one Pokemon in our arsenal in particular -. and his Pokemon are especially weak against electrical-based moves since his creatures are predominantly water-inspired. Pecha Berry. you'll have access to Wake himself.

She'll hand over the Secret Potion. At least. both by your Pokemon and trainer/wild Pokemon). You'll also find a load of treasures -sixteen in all. Your chase will begin from the Great Marsh's entrance. Then. so expect to follow him to and through the brief Route 213. Speak with him each time you run into him. be on the lookout for items. The marshy land you run into will mire you in muck.seventeen in all. or a combination of the two will be required to grab some of these items. and he'll run further and further away. Doing so will send the Grunt fleeing. and you'll run into the tuckered-out Galactic Grunt multiple times. however. You won't run into any wild Pokemon of consequence here (though be aware that the rainy atmosphere means that water attacks will do more damage when utilized. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Collector Dean Pokemon (w/ LV.) Umbreon (LV. 27) Money EXP $1. The wood planks gapping certain areas can only be traversed with your Bicycle. your friend will run into you again. but also keep an eye out for some Zinc. Wake will come outside to see what all of the commotion was about. not yet. you'll ultimately scare off the Galactic Grunt as he scurries off to Lake Valor. which will send the Psyducks we met earlier packing. Also. Regrettably. let's get to work! The westward route from Pastoria City is relatively murky and difficult to navigate around. With the all-important Secret Potion in hand. Keep in mind that the HM Cut.Goldeen Kirlia Magikarp Marill Quagsire Ralts Roselia Shellos Staravia Water Grass Water Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass With Wake's Pokemon slain. you'll run along the beach and then swing northward through the resort town's main office. So. work your way out of the southwestern end of Pastoria City. Then. and TM06 as you go westward. Make sure that your active Pokemon are all healed-up.728 2. so avoid deep water when and where you can. You will be able to battle him and his level thirty-one Croagunk. A Pecha Berry and three Pinap Berries will be the first items you encounter. You will. which will allow you to connect with Route 212. But when you do. backtrack to Pastoria City. The general route he takes will be away from the scene of the crime. you're free to leave the gym in Pastoria. you won't be able to follow him in. run into a plethora of trainers on Route 212 -. a lengthy route we've yet to explore.276 . but a blond-haired woman will show up after the battle is over. aHyper Potion. your Bicycle. On the route. Naturally. It appears that the suspicious lad sitting near the entrance to the Great Marsh before you took on Wake has detonated a bomb and run off towards the east. 27) / Espeon (LV. however. so you can explore yet-unexplored terrain. visiting the Pokemon Center if necessary. a Revive. it's going to be up to you to chase this guy. Northward from there.

As was the case with the four trainers you met before reaching the bridge. none of these guys will have any Pokemon of consequence.400 $864 $896 $1. and thus out of the reach wild Pokemon.Fisherman Josh Fisherman Juan Fisherman Travis Galactic Grunt Gentleman Jeremy Parasol Lady Alexa Parasol Lady Sabrina Pokemon Ranger Allison Pokemon Ranger Stefano Pokemon Ranger Taylor Policeman Alex Policeman Bobby Policeman Danny Policeman Dylan Scientist Shaun Scientist Stefano Socialite Reina 2x Goldeen (LV.284 1. 27) / Bibarel (LV. but again.040 $1. 30) Roselia (LV. There's no reason not to.257 930 878 When you reach the series of bridges to the west of the initial area of Route 212. this is nothing to concern yourself with.400 1. Be sure to use your Bicycle to grab TM62 before proceeding! The elbow of Route 212.nothing to worry about! You'll no doubt observe a structure on the eastern end of the northern part of Route 212. since it's an unnecessary diversion at this point in the game if all you're looking to do is proceed with the story. 25) Hoothoot (LV. Expect to run into more trainers as you move northward from here. The only exception. This is the Pokemon Mansion.734 705 714 722 707 1.800 $1. teleport to . 26) / Machop (LV.329 2. fight the Fisherman-type trainers you meet. bordering Hearthome City's southern limit. where the route ceases moving east-to-west and begins moving northto-south. In fact. 30) / Kadabra (LV.578 942 1. You'll notice that the Policemen you encounter. 24) / 2x Barboach (LV.120 $960 $1.240 $5. however. 27) Wooper (LV. a completely optional location that is outlined in its entirety in the Side Quests section of this guide. 25) / Machop (LV. 30) Hoothoot (LV. 26) Kadabra (LV. 24) Magnemite (LV. scour the rest of the route for stray items. Be sure to navigate through the grass to grab a Full Heal and Blue Shard if you want them (and you should). 25) / Gyarados (LV.440 $5. Like we said -. 26) / Machop (LV. is Collector Dean. whose Umbreon and Espeon represent two Pokemon you certainly haven't encountered yet. after all. has thick grass. Then. 27) Gyarados (LV. Once you've reached Hearthome City.312 1. perhaps. 28) Hoothoot (LV. 29) Barboach (LV.000 $1. 28) / Luxio (LV. 27) $864 $928 $800 $1.111 1. 27) Goldeen (LV. all have Hoohoots and Machops at their disposal. 26) Croagunk (LV. 26) / Quagsire (LV.800 $1. 24) / Machop (LV. 29) Monferno (LV. for instance. like an Elixir and TM11. 28) Marill (LV. Be sure to peep that part of the guide if you're interested in visiting this location.155 550 618 1.860 $1. head on inside and heal up your party of Pokemon. This is where you'll most likely have wild Pokemon encounters. Instead. this is the case for a majority of your trip through the rest of Route 212. 26) Hoothoot (LV.740 $1. 31) Chatot (LV. We're just going to keep it brief and not talk about it here. and then move northward out of the grass. 31) Carnivine (LV. 29) / Leafeon (LV.

Once on the other end of the grass. but nothing that's new and exciting as of yet. Examine them. and you'll be given the option to use the Secret Potion that Cynthia earlier handed over to you. which happens to be our next destination. Also. Cynthia will then show up. But first. The Mine Badge | Route 212 / Returning to Jubilife City « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Great Ball. HM03. Dragon Fang. a Hyper Potion can also be acquired. This will allow us to effectively proceed with our mission with little trouble. Heal your Pokemon there. take a brief moment to find the Pokemon Center in town. and in the very center of the grassy area. Analog Watch. She'll hand you an Old Charm and ask you to deliver it to her grandmother in Celestic Town. .Solaceon Town using the ultra-useful HM Fly. on a small sandy patch of land. and they'll scurry off. but be sure to examine the area to your right (surrounded by a less invasive form of grass) to grab aNest Ball. and then swing northward out of town and onto Route 210. This mysterious potion will cure the Psyducks' headaches. Be sure to veer left through the grass to find a Max Repel. The initial "new" part of Route 210 will lead you through some thick grass. which is tucked cleverly into a nearby corner. go northward into the next area of Route 210. we must navigate this new section of Route 210. continuing in this direction until you run into the four Psyducks that are blocking your path towards the yet-unexplored reaches of the road. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Bibarel Chansey Geodude Hoothoot Machoke Meditite Noctowl Ponyta Roselia Scyther Staravia Swablu Location Type Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Once you've used Fly and arrived at Solaceon Town. This grass is full of Pokemon.

30) Zubat (LV.056 $816 $792 $8. But still.100 . these trainers shouldn't provide you with a challenge that's overwhelming.588 3.980 $2. you'll simply have to head westward through some grass. 34) / Probopass (LV.063 1. you can't head north in this area.123 1. you can climb some stairs heading upward and join a series of bridges that will essentially bring you the rest of the way westward towards Celestic Town. 31) Hoothoot (LV. There are plenty of trainers to challenge you en route.040 $1. 30) / Skorupi (LV. The next part of Route 210 you encounter becomes somewhat of a nuisance. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Alyssa Ace Trainer Ernest Bird Keeper Brianna Black Belt Adam Clown Lee Double Team Zac & Jen Galactic Boss Cyrus Galactic Grunt Ninja Boy Brennan Ninja Boy Bruce Ninja Boy Davido Ninja Boy Fabian Pokemon (w/ LV. 32) / Grotle (LV. 32) Scyther (LV. 31) / Noctowl (LV. These are trainers. the effect works both ways. 33) Machoke (LV. Keep in mind that you'll need to use your Bicycle to cross the thin wooden strip heading westward from the first bridge you encounter.200 $256 $264 $264 $248 2. 34) / Golbat (LV. 32) / Golbat (LV.660 2. Mime (LV. because it gets really foggy. 36) Sneasel (LV. 34) / Murkrow (LV. Veer up some stairs towards a couple of people running in circles. For now. You can then take another strip southward to an isolated platform. use Cut to head westward from the sapling's location. both with wild Pokemon and Pokemon sent out after yours by another trainer. You can use Defog here to clear the fog and make things easier for you. After fighting a double team (a Gyarados and Raichu). However. since you'll be able to find three well-hidden trainers when you do. Thankfully. It's not the visibility being cut down that's the real pain.528 1. 36) Houndour (LV.790 1. even if they have fairly high-leveled Pokemon that are starting to close the gap with the Pokemon in your own active party. where you'll encounter your first trainer battles of the area. 34) Mr.be sure to scour that initial grassy area beyond where the Psyducks were earlier posted. and you should also be able to find a Red Shard in your vicinity. 32) / Luxio (LV. Use Rock Smash here and grab your prize. here. with Ace Trainer Ernest and Veteran Brian packing the biggest punch. use Defog and clear the air before battling any wild Pokemon or trainers. but you may not have a Cutcapable Pokemon with you.480 $1. You can dodge the grassy area completely if you smash through the sapling using Cut.) Aipom (LV. 33) Gyarados (LV. but rather that the fog will make you miss your attacks in battle from time to time. 36) / Raichu (LV.981 2. 33) 2x Croagunk (LV. Prior to the sapling. TM30. 33) / Girafarig (LV. 33) / Kadabra (LV. our next destination. 33) Mothim (LV.879 1.640 $6. or fights will become longer and clumsier.036 1. you should be able to find a couple of trainers that want to do battle (such as Ace Trainer Alyssa and her trio of Pokemon). After those battles. in which case you'll simply have to go through the grass. hence negating it entirely. 32) Stunky (LV. Traveling westward is fraught with danger.127 558 1. 31) Money EXP $1.

you can reach Canalave City on the other side in one piece. and in the southeast corner of town. the Surf command! This will allow you to go on water. 29) Stunky (LV. 29) / Skorupi (LV. 31) Tangela (LV.a level thirty-four Sneasel. . So. Be sure to veer off of the path when necessary to grab more items. you'll want to direct your attention towards the center of the town. 32) $232 $248 $2. walk on water. 29) / Stunky (LV. fighting new Pokemon in various areas. When you regain control. But in the meantime. 29) / Golbat (LV. you can walk on the water separating the route into two distinct segments.Ninja Boy Joel Ninja Boy Nathan Veteran Brian Zubat (LV. Deal with his Pokemon. nothing too extreme. you'll want to rejoin the main bridges heading westward.obviously. in other words. You'll ultimately need to cross three in total while battling various trainers you encounter. Once in Celestic Town.. Heal your party and rearrange it if need be.594 1. In the northwest corner of town. or more simply. including a Smoke Ball and four berries growing near the entrance to Celestic Town -.primarily the ability to walk on water and climb rocks. 31) / Golbat (LV. where the ancient ruins are located. so be ready to deal with him. Take his Pokemon out with ease. The Galactic Grunt will come at you with a level thirty Golbat and a level thirty-two Houndour. and then swing westward out of town. Thus. a Chesto Berry. All won't be finished. and then give the Old Charm to the elderly grandmother when she comes to visit you at the ruins thereafter.a Sitrus Berry. But now that you're equipped with HM03 and can use Surf. you'll want to head westward into Celestic Town to continue. but how will you hold up when you have to deal with Galactic Boss Cyrus and his three powerful Pokemon? He'll engage you in battle as soon as the grunt is dispatched. but you don't have the tools necessary to do those things yet -. The elderly grandmother who just took the Old Charm from you will come inside after you as you examine the artwork and hand over HM03. so rest easy. With the Old Charm now given away and Cyrus sent packing.658 2. the wild Pokemon encounters will all but come to an end for the time being. and more importantly. you can shop at the Poke Mart. head inside the ruins and examine the ancient paintings on the north end of the small excavation site. by using the staircase to reach it. a level thirty-four Golbat and a level thirty-six Murkrow -. He'll come packing three Pokemon -. After getting HM03. let the exploration begin immediately.. the latter is the most dangerous. when we have those abilities. however. unexplored areas. There's plenty more to do here. you'll have to do battle with a Galactic Grunt. 32) / Ponyta (LV. we'll return here. we'll need to acquire the ability to use Surf. be sure to grab the Dragon Fang to your right. To ultimately proceed with our mission.691 Otherwise. giving you access to all-new. a location we briefly explored very early in the game. and hostilities will end for the time being.560 2. and acquire the Great Ball from the man on the left side of the main floor as well). use Fly to teleport to Jubilife City. At the entrance to the ruins. The Galactic Grunt and his simplistic Pokemon were one thing. This will lead directly to Route 218. 32) / Buizel (LV. Otherwise. aWiki Berry and an Aguav Berry. the Analog Watch can be found. you can visit the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and switch up your party if needed (be sure to battle Clown Lee here. Other than visiting the house in the southwest corner of the town to find a house where a piece of your Poketch.

Mine Badge. aFigy Berry. If you surf westward off of the dry land connecting the two docks in the area. There are also a couple of items to grab. TM48 will simply be handed over by the woman in the house. reforming your party into something that can deal with Gym Leader Byron's three Pokemon which all share a Steel characteristic (hence. The Poke Mart is on the east side of town in between two residential buildings. TM91. In here. Mime Shellos Tentacool Tentacruel Location Type Grass Water Grass Grass / Surf Water Grass Surf Surf Surf The area west of the docks on Route 218 holds a total of four trainers if you explore the area in its entirety (you should have fought others during your earlier brief exploration of the area). a Persim Berry. but first head south to take out the remaining couple of trainers and to also visit the berries growing along the water. before visiting the gym itself. we can almost immediately get right down to business. Continuing westward will quickly bring you into the confines of Canalave City. you can find an isolated patch of land with two trainers and some Hyper Potion. and two Pinap Berries. After doing this. who will automatically upgrade your Pokedex. Persim Berry. as always. first heading east to grab the Rare Candy tucked in the dead end corner. Rawst Berry. The home above the Poke Mart has a man who can make any Pokemon in your current party . TM48. Once inside Canalave City. Otherwise. revisit the dry land and surf off of the northern pier. Pinap Berry (x2). and the Pokemon Center is located in the northeast corner of town. your findings might differ entirely. We found a Rawst Berry. but bear in mind that. enter the town itself and go into the first house you encounter. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Chatot Finneon Floatzel Gastrodon Magikarp Mr. After he does that. Rare Candy. Grab any items you may need for the upcoming gym battle and heal your Pokemon. and then westward towards more dry land. Figy Berry. high defense!) Get a party together that will deal with Steel-types well.The Mine Badge | Route 218 / Canalave City « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » Hyper Potion. you'll no doubt run into Dawn's father.

Ground and Dark attacks. 34) Magnemite (LV.036 1.088 $1. but that's totally up to you as the gamer. but also a Full Restore.082 705 1. but you'll soon realize it's more linear than it first appears. to get money and experience.400 $1. 32) / Machoke (LV. so hit up our Side Quests section for more on that if need be. 34) Money EXP $2. Deal with his Pokemon (his roster will. Either way. 31) / Gyarados (LV.024 3.596 1. 29) / Remoraid (LV. When he . 38) Mr. Basically. 33) / Magnemite (LV.400 $888 $912 $792 $992 $1. The series of elevators will lead up and down to various platforms and trainers. Navigating the gym might seem like a challenge.280 $2. 40) Steelix (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Brianna Ace Trainer Cesar Black Belt David Black Belt Ricky Clown Lee Fisherman Luc Fisherman Miguel Galactic Boss Cyrus Galactic Grunt Guitarist Tony Gym Leader Byron Sailor Skyler Worker Gary Worker Gerardo Worker Jackson Pokemon (w/ LV. but this is highly useless since new moves can eclipse old ones. 33) 2x Remoraid (LV. Explore everything to feel your way around. 38) / Bastiodon (LV. 35) 3x Magnemite (LV. but not incredibly. Here. 37) Steelix (LV. We recommend backtracking out of the gym before fighting Byron himself in order to heal. 30) Kricketune (LV. if you run into trainers. 33) / Kadabra (LV.404 3. as did our Machoke. locating all the dead ends and figuring out where to go from there.334 1. 34) / Murkrow (LV. you will encounter a bridge crossing a waterway. vary depending on which Pokemon you guys chose at the beginning) and then backtrack a short distance to heal your party once more before heading to the gym on the west side of town (as there's really nothing else of interest here). an interesting novelty to explore if you so desire (especially since HMs can't otherwise be unlearned). Try similar Pokemon to bring Byron down. The much-spoken-about Iron Island can be visited now.844 To the west of the Pokemon Center. Keep in mind that Byron won't only use a Hyper Potion in this battle. Mime (LV. 38) Scizor (LV. 33) Sneasel (LV. This is where Water-based attacks come in handy. Be sure to fight all of the trainers you fight.480 1. you'll most certainly want to save before dealing with Byron. 34) / Golbat (LV. 37) / Steelix (LV. 31) 2x Gyarados (LV.forget as many moves as you want.200 $792 $4. Our Empoleon did nice damage here. 36) Houndour (LV. 36) / Bronzor (LV.619 1. 37) 2x Magnemite (LV. 35) / Steelix (LV. 30) / Remoraid (LV. 32) / Golbat (LV. 33) Magneton (LV. This will make the battle harder. as do Fighting.751 4. 35) / Bronzor (LV. 41) Mantyke (LV.024 1.879 1.981 3.480 $1.480 $1. or whenever. you're going in the right direction. as always. Gym Leader Byron has a trio of powerful Pokemon that are resistant to most attacks because of their inclination towards Steel. you will run into your friend and have to do battle with him. as always.) Bronzor (LV. meaning at least two of his Pokemon will be on the verge of death before being healed.712 3.056 $6. Still.920 $1.680 1.

do so now and then return to the library thereafter (remember that Iron Island as a whole is an otherwise completely optional endeavor). To get there.all journeys start with one step! The first steps for us will bring us to Lake Valor and Lake Verity. 40) Golbat (LV. theMine Badge is yours. will bring you to Lakes Valor and Verity. 38) / Toxicroak (LV. Remember -. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Commander Mars Commander Saturn Galactic Grunt (I) Galactic Grunt (II) Galactic Grunt (III) Pokemon (w/ LV.400 $1. where on the top floor you'll find some familiar faces. It's here that you'll be charged with your next quest.320 3. He won't let you in to the library if you didn't visit Iron Island to grab HM04 near the entrance from a woman named Riley. The road to the Icicle Badge is relatively long compared to what we had to do to acquire the last two badges.) Golbat (LV. 33) Money EXP $3. you'll need to utilize Fly and head to Route 213 via Pastoria City (simply enter the city and exit at the northeast). 33) / Glameow (LV. That's six badges! We're three-fourths of the way through the main quest! The Icicle Badge | Lake Valor / Lake Verity « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire None to Find Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. He'll also fork over the TM91 for schooling him. Follow him and enter the library. 33) / Houndour (LV.falls. since things are getting further separated. Heal at the resort if necessary as you pass through. Once on Route 213. Lake Valor is our first target. 38) / Bronzor (LV. so if you haven't done that yet.478 1.442 . follow through familiar territory.480 $1. which after an unnaturally-occurring earthquake. you have to visit these two areas before continuing! We've been phasing out mentions of side quest-like expeditions at this point in the walkthrough (though you can visit the corresponding section of the guide for more on those!). 35) Golbat (LV. 38) / Bronzor (LV. Remember. 38) / Purugly (LV.354 2. 40) Glameow (LV. 33) / Stunky (LV. you'll run into a friend who will tell you to head north to the library with him. 35) / Murkrow (LV.543 3. But visiting these two lakes is a must! Once you walk out of the gym after acquiring the Mine Badge.334 1. The entrance to Lake Valor will be on your left in the gathering of trees. and continue north. 37) Croagunk (LV. going along the water as you head eastward and then northward.200 $1.200 $3.

is another story entirely.186 The scene at Lake Valor is a sad one. go north. Their Glameow and Croagunk.Galactic Grunt & Galactic Grunt (I) Galactic Grunt & Galactic Grunt (II) Stunky (LV. instead of fighting three Galactic Grunts like we did at Lake Valor. 33) / Golbat (LV. the Professor will approach you and plead for you to help Dawn with the Galactic thugs in the area.. In this area. you'll need to do battle with a few Galactic Grunts. After his defeat. Light Clay. Off to Snowpoint City! The Icicle Badge | Route 211 / Mt. Once there. Rare Candy. and two Houndours. learn about the much sought-after Pokemon Team Galactic is attempting to capture -. TM77. NeverMeltIce. just look at the empty lake. Carbos.Uxie.840 $2. You'll have to deal with the foe yourself. Then. Coronet « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Pecha Berry.. a level thirty-eight Bronzor. . Max Elixir. and Twinleaf Town is your hometown!) Once in the vicinity of Lake Verity. Deal with them. you'll be free to head back up to Route 213. The other pair of Galactic Grunts are a little more difficult to deal with. a level thirty-eight Bronzor. Full Restore. it's time to continue on with our main quest. Soft Sand. and north once more to reach Lake Verity (remember. 35) / Houndour (LV. They are relatively easy and will throw at you nothing you should worry about. Grepa Berry. 33) / Murkrow (LV. this is where we visited extremely early in the game. we'll instead fight in a pair of Galactic Grunts in two-Pokemon-per-side battles. and a level forty Purugly) are stronger than the lesser Galactic representatives'. however. Ultra Ball. two level thirty-threes and a level thirty-six). be ready to run back to the resort to the south to heal before fighting Commander Saturn if your party is hurting pre-battle. Aspear Berry. Azelf. and then west.. again utilize the Fly command to head to Twinleaf Town. and Mesprit. They also have four Pokemon (a level thirty-four and three level thirty-five) -. and a level forty Toxicroak. Revive. Once there. and of course. but the frustrated commander's three Pokemon (a level thirty-eight Golbat. 35) Croagunk (LV. He packs a level thirty-eight Golbat. Glameow. Escape Rope.920 2. as well as their Murkrow and Golbat will put up a limited struggle. Then. After Commander Saturn is felled. 34) / Glameow (LV. 36) $2. 37) / Glameow (LV. The first pair will come at you with four Pokemon (a level thirty-seven. Make sure to enter the battle with a fullyhealed party.. return. where water once flowed! As you work your way through the Pokemon carnage. and then run back to a nearby town like Sandgem Town to use the Pokemon Center and heal your party. Dead Magikarp litter the ground as Galactic Grunts continually brag about their accomplishments. 35) / Houndour (LV. Commander Saturn. and help Dawn out with Commander Mars.Stunky.818 3. TM69.

Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Bird Keeper Katherine Black Belt Sean Ninja Boy Nick Ruin Maniac Harry Pokemon (w/ LV. Also be sure to have Pokemon that can use both Strength and Rock Smash here. and you shouldn't bother trying to go south. 32) / Croagunk (LV. you're on Route 211! This part of Route 211 is extremely small. go north.. . so be sure to take them all on (see the grid above for more information on them.just Fly to Celestic Town. Coronet. Coronet (be sure to talk to the woman on the ridge at the north end of the area to get TM77 as well). 31) / Machoke (LV.) Noctowl (LV. you have to head to Route 211 and back to Mt.536 1.. Coronet. Coronet will necessitate you use both. There are also four trainers in the area. there are no items to find other than a Carbos in the middle of the grass. 30) Bronzor (LV.179 2. though there are some enemies like Chinglings and Noctowls (at night.the small part of Mt. Aspear Berry and Grepa Berry). we have to take a group of routes we've never encountered before -Routes 216 and 217.313 1. and this time. start by going south to grab the Escape Rope. and then northward.Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Barboach Chingling Clefairy Cleffa Geodude Golbat Graveler Magikarp Meditite Noctowl Zubat Location Type Water Cave Cave Cave Cave / Grass Cave Cave / Grass Water Cave / Grass Grass Cave / Grass To get to Snowpoint City. anyway) that you may want to deal with. and boom!. backtrack towards the entrance we took into Mt. as Mt.088 $744 $240 $1. 34) Croagunk (LV. 30) / Bronzor (LV. Instead. Other than some berries in the area (we found a Pecha Berry. and then plug onward to the west. Getting to Route 211 is simple -. as the rock you'll need to push around will hinder your progress. however. 31) / Meditite (LV.113 1.387 We'll ruin the suspense right away -. Use Strength to push further westward. To get there. 31)[ Skorupi (LV. and claim TM 69 in the northwest corner. Coronet you explored earlier in the game is on the west side of the initial room you encounter. 32) Money EXP $1. so you can simply run westward towards Mt. 28) / Bronzor (LV. Then. and exit west out of the town. as always).

in which case you'll simply have to deal! When you go down the first staircase. and then breach the small corridor heading westward with Rock Smash. This will bring you deeper into Mt. Surf northward towards dry land. go north up the prior corridor. where an item called NeverMeltIce can be found. Be sure to explore the small room adjacent to the exit out of the cave. Coronet via the next small area. to a staircase in the middle we ignored. Surf to the island in the middle of the water. and most enemies in the area will thrive in these conditions. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Graveler Meditite Sneasel Snorunt Snover Swinub Zubat Location Type Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Grass Leaving Mt. Afterwards. break through with Rock Smash. you can Surf on the water you find. backtrack and go leftward. and southward. Revive. On Route 216. all you really have to worry about is some patches of deep snow (that will hinder you from going very fast) and four trainers in the area. head to the left. Route 216 is the first cold weather. Then. Continue around the far end of this thing corridor along water to grab a Full Restore. In the righthand corner. where some Light Clay can be found. Then. . This area is indeed very foggy. Iron. which will make both your Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon miss some attacks. TM07. and again breach an item's surroundings to grab the Revive. In this area. you can find a Max Elixir. Rare Candy. and grab Ultra Ball. go north to the first staircase on your right. Ultra Ball (x2). but you may not have it. Then. snow-covered area in the entire game. and leave Mt. down some stairs. up another set of stairs. This can be remedied with Defog. and head westward. grabbing the Rare Candy at the end. where you can find Soft Sand. Spell Tag. HM08. run leftward. Then. go north. Go down those stairs and head northward up the small ridge. Then. Coronet. down the stairs.Again push through with Strength. Coronet in such a fashion as we just did will bring us directly to Route 216. turn around and go right and up some stairs. Blue Shard. The Icicle Badge | Route 216 / Route 217 « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Full Heal.

in the meantime. It's certainly off-set by the fact that both sides are equally affected. and to the Acuity Lakefront. 37) / Golbat (LV. 39) / Dusclops (LV. 38) / Buneary (LV.102 2.675 1. but without a special HM we don't yet have. though you can grab a Spell Tag from the woman inside the second cabin in the area. but it's really the snow and hail blocking your vision that will make your visit to Route 217 a pesky one. Thankfully. After speaking with her and fending off more trainers. doing little bits of damage. Deep snow is also an annoyance in this area.Surprisingly. 39) Electrabuzz (LV.280 $2. 37) / Glaceon (LV. 38) / Seaking (LV. you'll run first into some Iron.096 2. the weather will drastically change. on the east side near the top of the route. there are no items to find.521 4. 36) / Snover (LV. After the cabin. Be sure you didn't miss other items in the previous area before continuing. and finally a small cabin with the all-important HM08 sitting in the snow behind it. since there's a Rare Candyand a Blue Shard lying around as well.a lower area where four of the trainers are (leading up to a small house where you can sleep in the bed to heal your Pokemon). 37) / Scyther (LV.257 1.029 As you work your way north to Route 217. 35) / Golduck (LV.862 4. Hail will bombard any Pokemon in battle (friend or foe) that isn't Ice-based each round of battle.656 1. Mime (LV. you can always backtrack to the aforementioned house to heal). and an upper area with wooden bridges crossing the large chasm between platforms. so don't go into battle with them as you might with wild Pokemon in the area. 38) / Rapidash (LV. 39) Piloswine (LV.184 $1. head east .551 2.400 $2.216 $1.116 2. so be prepared!) If you head due north. it's something you're going to want to keep an eye on.) Ambipom (LV. 39) Swinub (LV. 38) Kirlia (LV. all you can do up there is grab a Full Heal on one side and a Revive on the other. 38) Sneasel (LV.821 3. We'll spend more time here later -.000 $2. The lone man inside the cabin will allude to losing HM08 if you haven't yet found it.383 2. 37) Snover (LV.248 $1. leading northward through some grass. 39) Croagunk (LV. you can follow the winding pathway from left to right. then TM07. 37) Skorupi (LV. Swinubs and Snorunts can all be captured on Route 217 by traversing through the grass at the north end. 42) Golduck (LV. Heal as necessary and switch out Pokemon if needed (and of course. 39) / Porygon2 (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Blake Ace Trainer Dalton Ace Trainer Garrett Ace Trainer Laura Ace Trainer Maria Ace Trainer Olivia Black Belt Luke Ninja Boy Ethan Ninja Boy Matthew Skier Bjorn Skier Edward Skier Lexie Skier Shawn Pokemon (w/ LV. 40) / Magmar (LV. 36) / Sneasel (LV.520 $2. Trainers can be found up there as well. but still. 37) Golbat (LV.428 1. 39) / Sudowoodo (LV.340 $2. 39) Tropius (LV. many of these trainers aren't necessarily Ice-based. Snovers. You'll also need to deal with trainers as you go (some hidden. You'll no doubt notice that Route 216 is split in between two main areas -. 37) / Riolu (LV. Route 217 does have a couple of draws.184 3. 40) Mr. 37) Money EXP $2.220 $888 $296 $312 $1. 37) / Machoke (LV. amongst them a couple of new Pokemon and some items for your inventory.

Onix and Staraptor played key parts in the battles here. just be sure to save your game after each lesser trainer battle and go back to the Pokemon Center before battling Gym Leader Candice herself. the location of the next gym. you're going to want to have some Pokemon handy that will prove to be useful against Ice-based Pokemon. 40) / Sneasel (LV. but other than that.346 1. be sure to grab it.460 $2.580 $2. We stuck with a party that relied on Fighting and Flying attacks. It's a very valuable Ultra Ball. 43) Glalie (LV. 40) / Piloswine (LV. TM72. 44) Money EXP $2. of course). 39) / Snorunt (LV. 44) Snorunt (LV. which meant our Machoke. 42) Snover (LV. 44) Sneasel (LV. Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. you should heal your Pokemon and head straight for the gym (after saving. The Icicle Badge | Snowpoint City « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Ultra Ball.934 2.) Sneasel (LV. 41) / Snorunt (LV. Snowpoint City is a small town with little to do. 40) Piloswine (LV.(making sure to grab the Ultra Ball north of the entrance to the nearby town).you can find one in the grass on Route 217 or the briefly-visited Acuity Lakefront). 42) / Froslass (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Alicia Ace Trainer Anton Ace Trainer Brenna Ace Trainer Isaiah Ace Trainer Savannah Ace Trainer Sergio Gym Leader Candice Pokemon (w/ LV.507 2. 40) / Glalie (LV. Other than visiting the Poke Mart and Pokemon Center in town to buy items and heal your Pokemon respectively. Icicle Badge. 40) / Snover (LV. 41) / Sneasel (LV.520 $5.520 $2. and you'll want to throw that in your inventory. Not surprisingly. The woman in the house at the northwest corner of town will be interested in trading her Haunter for a Medicham if you're interested (remember -. Similar Pokemon will thrive here.914 1. and enter Snowpoint City.190 . And if you missed the rather blatantly-sitting item to the right of the entrance into town. 42) Sneasel (LV.338 6.280 2. there's little to do before visiting the gym and attempting to get your seventh badge. 40) / Abomasnow (LV.640 $2.507 2.640 $2.

The latter might give you the most trouble. Two such areas of the rockface surrounding the elevated Lake Acuity will be seen when you leave Snowpoint City. however.Getting to Gym Leader Candice isn't as easy as it may seem. She'll also use at least one Hyper Potion and one Full Restore in battle. Candice has a level forty Sneasel. but you'll receive TM72 from the humbled gym leader as well. our next destination is the Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone City. which will allow you to climb various rockfaces around Sinnoh that show themselves to be climbable. You'll run into your friend when you reach the lake itself. not only will you claim the Icicle Badge for yourself. The Beacon Badge | Team Galactic Headquarters « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Reaper Cloth. TM36. resorting to a Flying-type like Staraptor if the going gets tough. working your way through the grass. The Commander will jettison the area shortly thereafter. which we previously passed through at the west end of town. but we had none. Max Elixir. If you haven't guessed it yet. so her battle is inherently more difficult than most. meaning that you're going to be fighting six Pokemon (two will simply be healed when they're near death). The other three Pokemon she comes at you with should be easy enough to kill with our aforementioned skill sets. Obviously. When you do manage to destroy them. For him. you can use Rock Climb outside of battle. Zinc. Use the snowballs and snowy patches to move around -. and the only way to get to her is to slip and slide around. We recommend heading into battle with a Fighting-type like Machoke. Protein. Now that you have the Icicle Badge. Dubious Disc. a level forty-two Abomasnow. Max Revive. Gym Leader Candice herself has four Pokemon (most gym leaders only have three). Only by doing this can you then walk the series of staircases to the gym leader battle. you'll come to the lake itself after climbing upwards. Full Restore. . Green Shard. though it may frustrate you at first. Master Ball. TM21. leaving you to follow in pursuit. Our next destination from here is to Lake Acuity.it's far easier to figure it out yourself than to read an explanation. fighting the six trainers in the area and plowing through the snowballs in the middle of the area going up the staircase towards her. we switched to our Luxray and unleashed Dark-type attacks on him. As you traverse the surrounding area. because his Ghost-lean means that Fighting attacks won't work on him. Dusk Stone. Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. who will be speaking with a Galactic Commander. Poke Doll. a level forty Piloswine. Galactic Key. TM49. Fire-types work here really well also. just be sure to grab the Reaper Cloth sitting conspicuously in the snow en route. and a level forty-four Froslass. Her gym is literally coated in ice.

follow all of that?) Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Commander Saturn Galactic Boss Cyrus Galactic Grunt (I) Pokemon (w/ LV. and backtracking all the way to the room with the yellow warp in the northwest corner of the room (with a guy in the middle you previously fought. You can also find a Zinc tucked in a northern corner before going up some stairs into the next area. You'll also be introduced to the seemingly-complicated (but in reality quite simplistic) warp system that will help you navigate around the gigantic headquarters building. then go down another set of stairs. With this in hand. Circle down the linear pathway thereafter. Take the stairs in the northeast corner (we told you to ignore it previously).520 $8. and then take the one on the left to head to yet another room. The Galactic Grunt down here won't fight you. After felling the Pokemon foes. In this first room with warps. Grab the Dusk Stone on the other side of the door. There's a staircase leading down to a new room here. He'll tell you that he's procured the key to get into Team Galactic's headquarters. backtrack to leave the building completely (by backtracking to the staircase. take the one on the right to another room to grab TM49..501 . Go to the northeast part of town. from the International Police. 44) Sneasel (LV. who will run off after talking to you. Head down here and go leftward. Start by heading back to the right. taking the warp. This place can get a bit confusing. he'll inform you that you'll need to meet him at the Team Galactic warehouse on the west side of town.280 $1. fighting another Galactic Grunt as you go. go left and grab the Dubious Disc sitting there. 44) / Honchkrow (LV. However. 44) / Crobat (LV. Here. then go left once more.) Golbat (LV. 42) / Toxicroak (LV. and then heading back to the warehouse entrance. 46) Golbat (LV. you can essentially leave the part of the headquarters you're in now (via the door on your left. go left.. and then take the staircase up in the next room. (Following us so far? Good!) After fighting the next Galactic Grunt and his Glameow-Murkrow-Croagunk trio. then right. and then go right to fight another Galactic Grunt. going down the stairs. so following our specific directions here is absolutely necessary if you're going to follow our walkthrough for this area. and then go down the stairs in the room you end up in.Use Fly to get to Veilstone City easily. Take the only other warp in this room. and then take the staircase down. You'll find an anonymous Galactic Grunt in front of the building. fighting two Galactic Grunts as you go. going back upstairs. you'll be thrust into a couple of more Pokemon battles with Galactic Grunts. and go to the Galactic Warehouse there. take the warp on the left (ignoring the staircase in the room). Open the door he was guarding at the end of the hallway to find TM21.008 1. a staircase in the middle of the room leading down. simply take another staircase up even further into the headquarters. Here. From here. so no worries there. your mysterious friend Looker.640 3. where the Galactic HQ is located. and then head left. But we implore you to do some more exploring briefly before doing that. will show up. Begin by heading right through this area (going north to speak with the scientist if you so desire). into a part of the Galactic Headquarters itself.892 5. grabbing TM36 and the Galactic Key down here. Work your way to the other side of town. Then. Looker will use the key on the room inside. which will bring you towards the entrance). 42) / Bronzor (LV. warping again. Here. 41) Money EXP $3. going down and around the linear pathway. After he scampers off. and stairs in the northeast corner leading up). going down another flight of stairs. you'll fight Scientist Fredrick and his Kirlia and Kadabra.

40) Glameow (LV. Be sure to search the rightmost bed for a Poke Doll. too! As you follow the linear pathway. Go right down the corridor. 38) / Croagunk (LV.560 $1. either.894 1. you should heal by taking a rest in one of the beds before going upstairs.Galactic Grunt (II) Galactic Grunt (III) Galactic Grunt (IV) Galactic Grunt (V) Galactic Grunt (VI) Galactic Grunt (VII) Galactic Grunt (VIII) Galactic Grunt (IX) Galactic Grunt (X) Scientist Darrius Scientist Frederick Houndour (LV. 40) Golbat (LV. and a level forty-six Honchkrow.520 $1. backtrack to the main corridor and go to your right. isolated room which contains a Green Shard. 38) / Croagunk (LV. After taking out his three Pokemon. Go upstairs after going through the first door. 41) Glameow (LV. use an Escape Rope or backtrack out of the building in order to heal and save back in town.554 2.125 693 1. fighting as you go. The middle warp leads to a large dead end room. a well-balanced party is ultimately your best bet.520 $1. Through the door is Galactic Boss Cyrus. 39) Stunky (LV. it'd be a good idea to heal at the Pokemon Center and save your game.920 1.353 1.843 622 2. you will get . Saving your game couldn't hurt. a level forty-four Crobat. Grab it. Bear northward into a room with a television. 40) Porygon2 (LV. 40) / Kadabra (LV. 42) Kirlia (LV. Flying and Fire Pokemon are especially useful in this battle. If you find yourself in trouble.016 $1. You should also have a good supply of healing items here.560 $1. though others (such as Fighting) will also fair well. 38) Stunky (LV. He has a level forty-four Sneasel. You'll run into Looker here. 39) Croagunk (LV. As always. as Looker bids you adieu and the Grunts clear the way for you to proceed leftward. 38) / Glameow (LV. 39) / Stunky (LV. And finally.640 $1. 40) $1. 39) / Houndour (LV. The northern warp leads to a small.640 $1. With the Galactic Key. 38) / Stunky (LV. so get ready for some difficult. but there's a Max Elixir there to add to your inventory. Naturally. Then. You'll regain control hereafter. just in case. This warp leads to a room full of Galactic Grunts watching a speech from their leader. go to the northeast corner of town and enter the main Galactic Headquarters entrance. you'll find three warps at the end of the corridor they were guarding. There's a warp here. 41) Murkrow (LV. They'll be nothing compared to what you have to soon deal with. This will lead to another room with warps -.841 1. the warp on the left will bring you to a room with a staircase. Watch the mysterious speech.620 2. you can breach the door there to explore a whole new section of the headquarters. a locked door. and then backtrack to the room next to the kitchen with the television. and then head back to the kitchen and take the southernmost warp.442 Once back outside in Veilstone City.857 1. trying battles. where a Scientist can be fought. 37) / Murkrow (LV. and after that. You'll end up in a kitchen. you'll be forced to fight more Galactic Grunts. 38) / Murkrow (LV.take the warp on the right to find a Max Revive.600 $2.360 $1. After fighting a pair of Galactic Grunts. There are two warps here.600 $1. Cyrus. Galactic Boss Cyrus has three powerful Pokemon at his disposal. The warp on the right leads to a small room with a semi-obscured Protein. Galactic Grunts and Scientists will want to battle you en masse here. 39) Golbat (LV. Take that warp to another room with stairs and some beds. however. Then. 38) / Golbat (LV.

Thereafter. Iron. however. When this weakling's Pokemon are no more. he'll allow you to press the button on the nearby machine to free the three enslaved Pokemon. continue. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Abomasnow Barboach Bronzong Chimecho Chingling Clefairy Geodude Noctowl Golbat Graveler Machoke Machop Location Type Grass Water Cave Cave Cave / Grass Cave Cave Grass Cave / Grass / Surf Cave Cave / Grass Cave .. considering he's much easier to fell than Cyrus. take on Saturn's level forty-two Golbat. Sun Stone. we implore you to backtrack to the beds to heal. Escape Rope. You'll run into Commander Saturn here. and use the warp at the northeast end of the room. It's odd that they make you fight Saturn after Cyrus. and go north. and then. Moon Stone. level forty-two Bronzor. Max Revive.the Master Ball for your troubles. no?). and level forty-four Toxicroak. Coronet « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Protein. Go to where you fought Galactic Boss Cyrus. You'll run into an area that was previously off limits that's now open -. Star Piece (x2).the green warp in this area will bring you back outside of the headquarters. Black Flute.. Timer Ball. After fighting him. and then you'll be free to backtrack through the headquarters. It's time to continue our mission! The Beacon Badge | Return to Mt. Unlike Cyrus. walk through the eerie Pokemon research area (very much like the Esper Research Facility in Final Fantasy VI. Stardust (x2). TM80. Saturn won't use healing items like Super Potions that will piss you off when you think an enemy Pokemon is on the ropes! Nonetheless. Blue Shard. and save your game. Max Repel. Yellow Shard.

43) 2x Houndour (LV. Go southward down the thin. forward. Coronet. Examining the rock furthest from the staircase here will net you a Star Piece. Coronet via the entrance/exit on the west side.a Timer Ball and. some Iron.417 . then use the stairs to reach a higher pathway to your left. You'll have lots of options out here -. where you'll have to deal with a whole new set of enemies (snow/ice enemies you've already encountered).Then. Yellow Shard. 44) / 2x Golbat (LV. left and right.720 $1.720 $1. further down the mountain. but you can't proceed from there. 40) Money EXP $7. The corridor beyond will ultimately lead to another door. Once back on dry land. however. and Stardust).Magikarp Medicham Nosepass Snover Zubat Water Cave / Grass Cave / Grass Grass Cave / Surf Mt. backtrack up the stairs and take the stairs ahead and leading upward. If you can breach the southwestern exit out of this portion of the mountain. And you'll have to do just that if you want to stop Cyrus dead in his tracks. 43) Murkrow (LV. looking at the various rocks in the area to find various items (like a Star Piece. swinging east at the first chance you get. into the next area. 46) / Purugly (LV. With those in hand. grabbing the Max Revive on your left.we recommend exploring. 44) / Skuntank (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Commander Mars & Commander Jupiter Galactic Grunt (I) Galactic Grunt (II) Galactic Grunt (III) Pokemon (w/ LV. but you'll need to fight a couple of weak Galactic Grunts en route. and then go north. You can find two items here -. Then. you can explore the location in its totality. Go forward and bear left. Then. you'll run into Looker once more. Grab theEscape Rope at the extreme southern end. climb up the stairs and grab the Protein before continuing. You've been there a couple of times before.360 $1. dead end pathway to findTM80. Ultimately.) 2x Bronxor (LV. The best way to reach Mt. and wrap around the linear corridor to another door.440 727 985 3. At this point. go forward and right into yet another area. and getting back into Mt. go north towards the next area of the mountain. using Rock Climb. leave the city heading north. you'll find yourself back outside. but now that you have Rock Climb and Surf. you'll want to "zig-zag" around the area. Here.600 8. This will lead to a familiar entrance into Mt. Then. Coronet is our next destination. head left. 40) / Golbat (LV. Go up the stairs you encounter and grab the Max Repel from the isolated platform. Then. Approach the water to your right as soon as you enter the mountain and use Surf to cross it. He'll hand over a Black Flutefor you to later utilize before you proceed. This door will bring you outside. The entrance into the cave on the right side can (and should) be explored for items. Coronet is to use Fly to rreach Oreburgh City. You can quickly run down the stairs leading downward on your right. break out the TM Rock Climb and climb up the nearby rockface to access stairs above. 46) Stunky (LV. In this next small area. rejoin the main pathway and head southward. climb back up and reenter the mountain.

doing battle with Galactic Grunts as you go.615 2. 39) / Croagunk (LV. 40) / Glameow (LV. But things are different here. 41) Golbat (LV. 41) / Golbat (LV. both of which will come at you with three Pokemon each. go forward and use Rock Climb once more to reach the area above. it's relatively smooth sailing. at the end of the pathway. though? He'll heal your party completely before the next.360 2. Pokemon to Find/Acquire . Instead of doing battle with Cyrus and his party of powerful Pokemon here. it appears all you'll have to deal with is Cyrus. even more difficult battle. Also thankful in this battle is that your friend will pair off with you. 40) / Murkrow (LV.Galactic Grunt (IV) Galactic Grunt (V) Galactic Grunt (VI) Galactic Grunt (VII) Galactic Grunt & Galactic Grunt Stunky (LV. Do battle with Galactic Grunts as you head to the rightward (and be sure to search the stationary stone behind the destroyable stone to find a Sun Stone).176 1.680 $1. Then. The first boss battle is against Commanders Mars and Jupiter. 41) Stunky (LV.646 Once back inside the mountain.640 $3. With Commanders Mars and Jupiter downed. simply work your way to the far west part of this area to again go back inside the mountain. Once you do. Commander Mars has a level forty-six Purugly. 41) $1. Are you ready to tackle this all-new area of the game? The Beacon Badge | The Distortion World « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire None. Go to the top of the corridor and use Rock Climb to reach the area to your left. Search all stationary rocks en route! You'll find a Stardust and Moon Stone when you do. Make sure to heal and save often just in case you encounter a battle you can't handle (things are getting fairly difficult here!) Saving is especially important since. 43) / Glameow (LV.600 $1. it's a relatively easy battle to predict with strategies because they both have the same two Pokemon (Golbat and Bronzor).640 $1. leaving their "trump" Pokemon the only difference between the two. 40) Houndour (LV. 39) / Croagunk (LV.123 3. Your friend Cynthia will show up and agree to go with you. 41) / Croagunk (LV. you'll be thrust into two more boss battles (first you'll have to fight an especially challenging pair of Galactic Grunts). 42) / Golbat (LV.078 2. Go from linear pathway to linear pathway. The best news. 42) Glameow (LV. simply head north and climb down some stairs to a thin corridor below. From here. You'll find an exit back outside over here. giving you an edge you'll need here. Thankfully. while Commander Jupiter has a level forty-six Skuntank. you'll ultimately be thrust into a place called the Distortion World in pursuit of Cyrus. as veterans of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will know.

and they'll fly into the ether. that's where we come in! Because things are skewed. you can often do so if one of the aforementioned circles are there. And a good general rule of thumb.013 Another thing to mention is that you will run into Cynthia and Cyrus multiple times en route to your ultimate destination. of which there are five. And remember -. 45) / Gyarados (LV. but keep in mind that you're going to likely have to waste myriad Poke Balls of . 47) Money EXP $8. You won't only be traveling on a single plane. So. Mesprit and Uxie. you'll be able to reunite with Cynthia and ultimately take on Cyrus. Then. His Pokemon. going downward is a good thing and going upward is a bad thing. there are no wild Pokemon to fight whatsoever. it's still easy to get lost. Don't expect to fight another one of these. getting through this mysterious space-inbetween-spaces is all about being patient enough to find your way around. In fact. so expect to be walking on walls and ceilings in addition to regular floors. In other words. To travel between platforms. After each rock is activated (yes. 48) / Crobat (LV. While there are no random encounters. Giratina. The Distortion World is a bit of a wash. use Surf on that waterfall to reach and push down the third one!). Not all of them correlate to another platform or area. Running into them is a good thing -.you'll need to use both Surf and Strength here. and not a type. 46) / Weavile (LV. This is an it. do so. If you do this properly. you should have little trouble navigating your way through The Distortion World. heal when necessary. turnedaround and outright frustrated here. but many of them do. forcing you to backtrack and try again. Those three pushable rocks you run into should be shoved. As a result. Crobat and Honchkrow. But with a few key points ever-fresh in your mind as you move forward. Push each stone through the hole closest to each Pokemon. through a nearby hole to the area below. seek out grayed-out circles. and there are no items to find either. because finding your way around the Distortion World isn't so much difficult as it is frustrating. Giratina can be confronted by moving forward after regaining control following the fight with Cyrus. The first thing to keep in mind is the plane of travel. but do it improperly. and throw everything you have at Cyrus.Azelf. if you want to capture it.easily stronger than any of the seven Gym Leaders you've battle thusfar. though it isn't always true in the Distortion World. So. going downward towards it is the key. So constantly mix it up to give yourself distinct type advantages. you'll see three legendary Pokemon -. He'll come at you with a Houndoom. the rocks will get stuck in the hole.640 10. because he's extremely difficult -. they're counterproductive. trainers or stuff to add to your inventory. while your perspective won't change. Weavile. where you'll be walking often will. After all. specific directions aren't really possible. is that if the platform is moving vertically instead of horizontally. when you access the area below. 46) / Honchkrow (LV. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Galactic Boss Cyrus Pokemon (w/ LV. leaving you to deal with the ultimate Pokemon. to jump across a chasm to another platform.) Houndoom (LV.it means you're on the right track. Gyarados.None to find. When Cyrus's Pokemon are downed. Of course. Be sure to save before fighting him. Since you're trying to reach the center of the Distortion World. When you finally confront Giratina. he'll retreat. span levels from forty-five to forty-eight. once each. you'll be thrust into battle with it.

This will allow you to rejoin Route 214. Full Restore. visit with Professor Rowan to let him know that you're doing okay. Mesprit and Uxie as well. Once Giratina is either captured or slain. On the other side of the opened pathway is Route 222. Quick Ball. and then move on. you should use Fly to get to Sandgem Town. Mago Berry (x2). our next destination. northward through the resort. because now's the time to do that as well. consult our Side Quests section. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Chatot Electrabuzz Floatzel Luxio Magikarp Remoraid Tentacool Tentacruel Wingull Location Type Grass Grass Grass Grass Water Water Surf Surf Grass / Surf Getting to Route 222. The Beacon Badge | Route 222 / Sunyshore City « Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four » Items to Find/Acquire Wiki Berry (x2). Doing so will bring you and Cynthia back to reality. It's time to finally go after the eighth and final Gym Badge. they've been freed from Cyrus's clutches and from the Distortion World. Circle around the spring after climbing up the nearby rockface. Thunderstone. Carbos. in a location known as Sendoff Spring. If you want to capture Azelf. Follow the many-time-traveled Route 213 eastward. Save before confronting it and try over and over again if necessary. and go east out of the town to Route 213. TM56. TM57. you'll be able to leave the Distortion World. Use Fly to get to Pastoria City instantly. Qualot Berry. and then eastward some more. After all. is a simple endeavor. A pathway that was previously obscured is now open to explore. From here.all varieties to even have a prayer in catching this sucker. . Beacon Badge. PP Up. Aguav Berry (x2).

880 $2. 47) / Raichu (LV.716 2.868 3.) Further east. you can initially pick some berries (we found two Wiki Berries.) Electabuzz (LV.440 $1. though it will ultimately lead to a dead end.496 3. 47) Pachirisu (LV. 47) / Magneton (LV.207 1. and a Qualot Berry. 50) 2x Pikachu (LV. 47) 2x Luxio (LV. 40) Magikarp (LV. 41) Magnemite (LV. too. 42) / Remoraid (LV. 43) / Machoke (LV. 47) Mantyke (LV. 44) / 2x Luxio (LV.376 $1. two Aguav Berries. 41) / Gyarados (LV.226 1. 46) / Luxray (LV.Route 222 is a small.256 7. where a plethora of trainers can be found. 45) Jolteon (LV.200 $1. 45) Magikarp (LV. though neither are of any real consequence (though the house on the left along the water is full of Pikachu. 42) / Feebas (LV. since on the other side is Sunyshore City (that's right. when spoken to. 42) Luxio (LV.520 $1. 42) Magneton (LV. one of which is actually a trainer in disguise!) Along the northern path. two Mago Berries.824 3. 42) 4x Pikachu (LV.042 1.344 $1.542 4. The bottom path is along the beach.042 1.942 1.080 $6. if you stay along the south end of the path. 45) / Remoraid (LV. 43) / Remoraid (LV.575 3.242 1.344 $1. What's great about this route is that you can avoid grassy wild Pokemon-ridden areas completely.000 $336 $336 $7. The Quick Ball is found on an isolated grassy patch near the entrance to town. 41) / Finneon (LV.376 $940 $940 $1. 44) Raichu (LV.607 3. will cough up a free TM56. easily-navigated route.880 $2. both of which head west to east. you can find some Full Restore as well. Route 222 is split into two main parts. 43) / Finneon (LV. 42) / Gyarados (LV. 44) Money EXP $2.268 1. 44) Remoraid (LV. 45) Magikarp (LV. This is great.616 $176 2. and a PP Up. Two houses can also be found. 48) Electabuzz (LV.228 2. 48) / Electivire (LV. while PP Up is slightlyobscured in between the two beachfront houses.774 735 . 45) Wingull (LV. be sure to find the woman along this route that. one N!) and your eighth and final badge before you can finally challenge the Pokemon League itself. Pretty sweet! There's a Quick Ball to find as well.056 $1. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Destiny Ace Trainer Zachery Beauty Nicola Fisherman Alec Fisherman Brett Fisherman Cole Fisherman George Guitarist Jerry Guitarist Lonnie Guitarist Preston Gym Leader Volkner Poke Kid Janice Poke Kid Meghan Rich Boy Trey Sailor Luther School Kid Forrest School Kid Tiera Tuber Conner & Sailor Marc Tuber Holly Pokemon (w/ LV. and since there are few new Pokemon in the area to capture. 41) / Gastrodon (LV.128 $1. 42) 2x Gyarados (LV.476 2. 46) / Raichu (LV. 47) Lopunny (LV. this works out rather well indeed! Also.

though a versatile party of many styles and types will survive the battle most easily. it's easier for you to figure it out on your own than for us to explain it to you. You'll want to head to the lighthouse. Be prepared for his incessant use of healing items on his Pokemon (like many of his predecessors).you can find a Thunderstone on the east side of town. The latter would likely confuse you! When you finally get to Volkner. That's all eight badges! Congratulations! The Endgame | Route 223 « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » HM07. allowed us to survive a barrage of electric-based attacks. Ultra Ball. Go into battle with Ground-based Pokemon if possible. Navigating the gym is surprisingly easy considering how complicated it looks. When he's felled. Volkner has four powerful Pokemon. but like so many of the pseudo-puzzles in this game. since each of his Pokemon is strictly Electric-type. and then simply walk east into Sunyshore City. but otherwise there's very little to see. make sure your party is fully healed and you've saved (leaving to heal and save before fighting Volkner but after defeating all eight lesser trainers is probably a smart idea). for instance. Dive Ball. You'll need to press switches to make platforms appear and reappear. There are eight lesser trainers to fight in the area. the most powerful we've encountered in the game so far. but the really interesting part of getting through the gym is the utilization of all the mechanisms. so you can move from area to area. a level forty-six Jolteon. Bringing our own Luxray into battle. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Magikarp Remoraid Mantyke Pelipper Tentacruel Location Type Water Water Surf Surf Surf . at the southeast part of town. Rare Candy. Volkner is the Gym Leader of town. He has a level forty-six Raichu. TM18. and he'll return to the gym so you can fight him. and a level fifty Electivire. The city has little to see right now -. where Volkner can be found. you'll get the Beacon Badge andTM57. a level forty-eight Luxray. ultimately.Fend off trainers as you head east. Go talk to him at the lighthouse. Be sure to grab the Carbos by taking the north part of the route eastward (you'll need Cut to access it). This sounds and looks complicated. though completely disenchanted by his work (as suggested by the Pokemon League fighter you encounter automatically when entering the town). which will no doubt frustrate you to no end.

But for now. 45) Lumineon (LV.) Pelipper (LV.503 2.062 3. You'll only fight three varieties of wild Pokemon (Mantykes. 43) Money EXP $1. Route 223 is almost entirely made up of water that must be surfed upon (though there are shallow areas that permit walking here and there). Then. Then. When you reach some shallows that stretch across the route with a large rock formation in the middle. 44) / Wingull (LV. backtrack and continue northward through the primary route.there is a lot more game after we win the Pokemon championship. 44) Wingull (LV. if you're following our walkthrough. Stay on the left side of the water. 45) Floatzel (LV.With all eight badges now in your possession. Two more items. 43) / Tentacruel (LV. by far. of course . 44) / Pelipper (LV. 43) Lumineon (LV. which can be accessed from the northern shores of Sunyshore City. Your path seems blocked. Water-type Pokemon. it's time for the endgame.946 5. work your way around on the right side to find anUltra Ball (you'll need to backtrack around to the left to jump back in the water and continue northward). 42) Bibarel (LV. the latter in high volumes) and will have to deal with trainers that deal in primarily. Swimmer Miranda and her lone level forty-five Lumineon will likely be your first engagement. in order to grab TM18 from the shallows you encounter. Don't worry. If you haven't yet noticed. 42) / Seaking (LV. 42) / Pelipper (LV.178 1. but expect to fight Swimmers Aubree and Oscar thereafter. remember the girl we met back on shore who handed over HM07? Well. that HM holds the skill "Waterfall" that must be taught to a Pokemon. and it all starts with the traversing of Route 223. with party emphasis on powerful Pokemon who can deal with Water-types (and a Pokemon that can use the TM for Surf). Surf northward and you'll run into the first trainer resistance of the route. reaching your next destination on the other side. but not exclusively. Then.476 2. Simply search the shallows to find them easily.. 42) Wingull (LV. 43) / Octillery (LV. in the form of a Dive Ball and Rare Candy can be found on your left and right respectively en route.392 $704 $720 $720 $688 $720 $688 4. that we've encountered in the game. 42) / Mantine (LV. Thankfully. 40) / Gastrodon (LV. simply use it to scale the waterfall.802 2. Surf northward. You can also find some items as you go.408 $688 $672 $1. Heal your Pokemon. simply battle more trainers as you head north to a waterfall. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Sailor Zachariah Swimmer Aubree Swimmer Cassandra Swimmer Colton & Swimmer Paige Swimmer Crystal Swimmer Gabrielle Swimmer Miranda Swimmer Oscar Swimmer Troy Swimmer Wesley Pokemon (w/ LV. Be absolutely certain to talk to the girl there and acquire HM07 . 40) / Marill (LV..you'll need it before long. 43) / Azumarill (LV. 45) Mantyke (LV.527 Not surprisingly.476 2. You'll need to be ready for this trip to the top. so you'll be in good shape to continue. working your way through the rocks you come across. making any changes you may feel necessary (as there are .378 2. we have to take down the most powerful group of trainers. but. 41) / Remoraid (LV. you would have just defeated the gym leader of that very locale. 44) / Machoke (LV. 43) Gyarados (LV. and then surf upon Route 223 from the beach at the north end of town. 41) / Golduck (LV. it's straight-shooting from here. 44) Golduck (LV. Pelippers and Tentacruel. Use the Pokemon Center there to heal your Pokemon.676 1.

As we mentioned earlier. The Endgame | Victory Road « Part One Items to Find/Acquire Part Two Part Three » TM41. and an annoying Steel-type (Steelix). . there are a couple of Rocktypes here (Onix and Graveler). a Water-type (Floatzel). You should have run into all of these Pokemon at least once in the past (and for all but the Steelix. and all). There are also a plethora of items on Victory Road. know all of your HMs (minus any optional ones. an Electric/Steel-type (Magneton). However. the cave is vast. Zinc. on with the walkthrough! (Just as a friendly reminder. TM79. and a load of trainers too!. Max Repel. which is just on the other side of the cave. Razor Claw.lots of Rock-based Pokemon coming up. Full Restore. a Flying-type (Golbat). all together. make sure you have Pokemon with you that. with some exceptions. like Defog. Pokemon to Find/Acquire Pokemon Name Azumarill Floatzel Gabite Golbat Graveler Magneton Onix Rhydon Rhyhorn Steelix Location Type Cave Cave / Surf Cave Cave / Surf Cave Cave Cave Cave Cave Cave Entering the cave will bring you to Victory Road. Ultra Ball.. Nugget. TM59. bring healing items and Escape Ropes with you. and depending on the strength of your party. which is useless here). TM71. If you feel like you might be too weak. many times) so you should know what to do with them. Max Elixir. As far as Pokemon you should expect to fight in the wild here. you may be hard-pressed to get through it in one push (with all of the trainers in the area. the final dungeon-like area of the game before you take on the best trainers in the world at the Pokemon League. plus more. Then.. they're all of standard fare -nothing new here. Rare Candy. save your game and run into the nearby cave. for instance). that way your party is never in any real danger outside of battle. just look at that list! Well. Calcium. as well as a Dragon-type (Gabite).

and go north over another bridge.000 $12. 48) Noctowl (LV. Head to your left once down here to fight the first trainer in the area -. backtrack towards the entrance to this room.133 3. 50) / Rapidash (LV. After adding that to your inventory.Psychic Bryce and his three Pokemon -. climb them. 46) Clefable (LV.673 5. 48) Blissey (LV.984 4. Use Rock Climb to climb back down to the area below yet again.834 3. Think carefully about how to do this -. 45) / Rampardos (LV. When her Pokemon are felled. Use Strength to push your way southward. 47) / Torterra (LV.and then go north from him to get TM41. 45) Altaria (LV.504 $1.472 $1. 46) / Gardevoir (LV. and then head eastward along the next bridge.260 3. Then. Then. This will lead you to another part of the cave. 46) Mamoswine (LV. 44) / Absol (LV. use the stairs to your left to climb up once more. 50) Lumineon (LV. When you reach a staircase on the far left end of this room. which will teach a Pokemon the skill Torment. 47) / Carnivine (LV. 46) Staraptor (LV.469 5. 48) Staraptor (LV. This will eventually lead a path northward and westward to a Max Elixir. and then backtrack to the staircase. take the stairs downward and circle around to battle another Trainer (Bird Keeper Hana and her Noctowl-Togetic combo). head north over the wooden bridge. go south. and go through the door.913 5.623 2. use Rock Climb to climb back up to the main area above.712 6.000 $1.368 2.777 3. 46) / Glalie (LV. 43) / Gabite (LV. 45) / Magnezone (LV.504 $1.880 $2. 46) Chimecho (LV.880 $2.if you do it wrong. After climbing the stairs. head north to battle another trainer. and then circle around to fight Ace Trainer Omar. 46) Money EXP $2.472 $3. 50) / Ambipom (LV. and his trio of Pokemon. Then. and then go north all the way to find a Nugget. use Rock Climb to climb downward to the area below. Here. so be ready with both of those. 45) / Gabite (LV. 43) / Gengar (LV.152 $12. carefully traverse the path heading left (making sure to not jump down to areas below that will cut you off from your route and force you to backtrack and do it all over again). head right. Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Ace Trainer Henry Ace Trainer Mariah Ace Trainer Omar Ace Trainer Sydney Bird Keeper Hana Black Belt Miles Double Team Al & Kay Double Team Jo & Pat Dragon Tamer Clinton Dragon Tamer Ondrej Psychic Bryce Psychic Valencia Veteran Clayton Veteran Edgar Pokemon (w/ LV.880 $1. you will need to use Rock Smash and Strength.880 $2.760 $3.680 2.47) Haunter (LV. look at the rocks to your south that you need to use Strength on. Start by smashing and pushing your way leftward.504 $1. 50) Gible (LV. and the rocks are pushed out of . 46) / Tangrowth (LV.708 1. 46) / Empoleon (LV. turn around. cross the bridge to the north to grab the Max Repel sitting there.921 After Omar's Pokemon are slain.As you begin. 47) / Swablu (LV.) Rhydon (LV. On this platform. 48) / Mothim (LV. and this time. and do the same thing. You'll need to utilize your Bicycle at this point to jump over the obstacles using the ramp given. go up the stairs. 47) Porygon-Z (LV. Then.607 2. 45) / Dusknoir (LV. 47) Machamp (LV. 45) / Togetic (LV. 47) / Lickilicky (LV. On the other side.

and then rightward to another staircase leading further down into this cave (you'll fight Black Belt Miles and his Machamp en route). however. What does the secret area to your right hold? Well. If you haven't yet noticed. At the north end of the room. This will reset the rocks below so you can re-push them (just push the middle one down). You'll also find TM59 if you search hard enough. and fight the final trainer of the area -. will be well worth it. Then. What you need to do here is push the rock on the left down once. where another isolated item inTM79 can be found. you'll again need to break your Bicycle out to get through this area with any success. Use Rock Climb to reach the area above. head south. After taking him on. Head eastward across the bridge and use Rock Climb to scale down to the area below. Go left and climb up the rockface with Rock Climb. Push your way through yet again and fight a couple of more trainers. Then. backtrack all the way to where you last used Rock Climb. you will find yourself in a little nook of the initial area of Victory Road. You'll need to do a fair amount of rudimentary exploration in the room to find them all. Behind Veteran Edgar is a staircase. For instance. there are four trainers to deal with in the area. wrap around leftward. northward. No problem there. The area where you fight the second trainer (Veteran Clayton). other than some minor treasures. Then. Back near Veteran Edgar's position. right? You may find problems. This dreary part of the cave is full of stagnant water that will necessitate your use of both Surf and Waterfall. There's only a couple of trainers remaining. with the trainers in the area.place. giving you access to the secret area to your right. Now. First take the door on the south end of the room by walking up some stairs and accessing the corridor heading leftward beyond it.it's on dry land. A hint -. You can grab Calcium en route on the path leading to this door. then push the same rock you just pushed down back up. Then. in other words. while on the left side. that there are three doors in and out). and this time head right. Through that door. From here. In all. then circle around to the breakable rock below. being sure to grab the Ultra Ball on the right side of the room before using the waterfalls to scale upwards to the area above. but you will be able to acquire some Zinc clearly sitting on the ground nearby. Begin by heading leftward down the corridor you find yourself on. swing south to find the Razor Claw once at the end of the leftward-headed pathway. but it shouldn't prove to be that difficult. you can simply . TM71 can be found. and then head left over the bridge and through another door. other than where you came in (meaning. we're ready to leave! Head back down and under the bridge. go down the stairs nearby and then come back up. you will find.Dragon Tamer Clinton. taking out Veteran Edgar's three Pokemon en route. you'll need to head to the previous area and back again to reset their positions. But when you do successfully accomplish the tedious Bicycle-related task. You won't be able to proceed through the door there (the person guarding it simply won't allow it). Smash it. and work your way through to the left. With both of those in hand. it's relatively smooth sailing. there are also some powerful trainers that will undoubtedly want a piece of you posthaste (they'll fight you simultaneously). This will lead you to another previous area of the cave. your rewards. you can then backtrack to the next area via the staircase by the aforementioned Veteran Clayton. Take that up and then go right over the bridge that goes over the area below (a place where you can walk). use the other (third) door out of the previous room to access another part of the primary room of Victory Road. Dragon Trainer Ondrej will come at you with a level forty-five Altaria and a level fortyseven Gabite. you can grab a Full Restore. Another feature of the watery room you may have noticed is that there are two ways out. and more items to grab. You'll be able to find some all-valuable Rare Candy there. and climb back down to the main area.

of course. if you aren't. After battling your friend for the last time near the north end of the small room (remembering. simply head north. you're simply not going to do well here. a fifth member named Champion Cynthia) are no joke. Start here by going to the right side of the building and buying all of the items you need. Have at least ten of all status-healing items (to get rid of things such as Burn. filling another slot with another Electric-type Pokemon is not only a waste of space. Here's a word of advice --DO NOT SAVE. you should be. You'll have to face each trainer. you're probably going to have trouble. the Pokemon League! Now this is the final area of the main quest. naturally. but believe us. and basically anything you can afford. Our party consisted of the following six diverse Pokemon -. Onix. all five battles. But these trainers. you're going to need to have an extremely well-balanced party. Trust us. Are you excited!? Well. Congratulations! You've reached the Pokemon League building! Let's beat the game now! The Endgame | The Pokemon League « Part One Items to Find/Acquire None. Freeze. Remember -. Not only will you have to battle their Pokemon. There should be no type-mixing -. and proceed to the building. and Luxray. but you'll only have an opportunity to heal your Pokemon with the items you previously bought. Simple. If you're not prepared.we told you this part is truly all about preparation! So what of a party? Well. it's really quite simple. we battle. Kricketune. If you save the game after confidently defeating one or two . et cetera). but beating the Pokemon Champion with level 55 Pokemon is essentially impossible. Ah yes. So what's the premise of the Pokemon League? What do you do? Well. Poison.that is to say. you'll have access to the League rooms where the great masters of the land are waiting for you to challenge them.head north and then west out of the cave. Empoleon. If they're not there. In fact. level 55 is suicide. And so. known as the Elite Four (with their leader. The going is truly going to get tough here. Also. have at least 40 Hyper Potions. you'll soon find that being successful at the Pokemon League is all about preparation. healing as you go. Many suggest to battle no earlier than level 55. if you have Luxray in your party. one after another. Oh. but will probably cost you the title. Part Two Part Three » Pokemon to Find/Acquire None to find. you're going to get the floor wiped with your Pokemon. with the same Pokemon which you cannot switch nor bring to a Pokemon Center to heal.Staraptor. You'll be able to get through the first couple of trainers. right? Now. To access the main building in the area. Try to make a similar party that you will feel comfortable with. Your Pokemon should be at least at level 60. then use Waterfall. lots of Revives. that his party will vary depending on which Pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game). Machoke. and a word on leveling as well. use Surf.

600 10. You don't want to do that. 53) / Bronzong (LV. so that's the route we suggest you take with him (as far as his Drapion. 55) / Magmortar (LV. 49) Whiscash (LV. Vespiquen and Heracross are all going to be in a lot of trouble really fast with your Flying-type Pokemon. having to heal often and change Pokemon up randomly in order to salvage the . 59) / Alakazam (LV.603 $6. 62) / Togekiss (LV. 58) / Garchomp (LV. 55) Houndoom (LV. 58) / Lucario (LV. we ran headlong into this battle using a smattering of different Pokemon. Be ready to heal here if necessary. 53) / Rhyperior (LV. 53) Mr.) Spiritomb (LV. Coming up third is Elite Four Flint and his pesky group of enemy Pokemon. a major pain« but don't get too frustrated! Just wait until Champion Cynthia uses four or five! Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Champion Cynthia Pokemon (w/ LV. Instead. Our Empoleon with its Water-strength draining attacks did a number on her party. although any Flying Pokemon can really do just as much damage. because it will really give you a major edge in this battle. His Yanmega. This is.897 First up is Elite Four Aaron and his five Pokemon mainly of the Bug type.all of the trainers will use at least one Full Restore in battle.693 $6. concentrating on keeping him healed when we could. 55) Money EXP $12. (LV. Whiscash came out first against our party and gave us a hard time immediately. do what you will with it. Because all five of Lucian's Pokemon are of the highly-invulnerable and awfully-powerful Psychic type. Blow through all five trainers at once.trainers just to find out the last three can easily stymie your advance. With Fire-types galore in his party. 50) / Heracross (LV. Bertha's strange array of Pokemon have a common weakness since they're all Rock or Ground-based. this is the hardest of the four enemy parties you'll encounter from the Elite Four. since Empoleon's water attacks didn't do much to it. Second up is Elite Four Bertha. 49) / Drapion (LV.360 10. you're going to ruin your save file. Mime.400 15. because he knew two uberpowerful Water attacks in Surf and Waterfall.080 10. 57) / Flareon (LV. 56) / Espeon (LV. 52) / Infernape (LV. and then the game will be saved automatically after the ending for you. 55) / Rapidash (LV. so be ready to heal. we went with our Empoleon for this battle. Scizor. 50) / Golem (LV. The fourth and final Elite Four representative we will fight is Elite Four Lucian. We did the best we can. 51) / Scizor (LV. However. This is where our Staraptor came in. although well-placed Flying attacks will take him out in mere rounds as well). 53) / Vespiquen (LV. also -. Golem and Hippowdon came out afterwards. 58) Yanmega (LV. we relied mostly on the Dark attacks of Luxray. 60) / Milotic (LV. gave us the biggest problem. We took all of his Pokemon with those attacks with little trouble. Nifty! (One more word of advice: equip each Pokemon with your best HP-healing Berries so you don't waste precious turns with any healing).840 11. and don't let your Water-type die here (if you're even using one). Believe it or not. and fell quickly. 54) / Gallade (LV. which came out last against us. Gliscor and Rhyperior. His five Pokemon are damage dynamos. 52) / Hippowdon (LV. even though it's not the last or best-leveled. 60) / Roserade (LV.797 $7. One thing to keep in mind.593 Elite Four Aaron Elite Four Bertha Elite Four Flint Elite Four Lucian $6. however. go for broke here. of course. 52) / Gliscor (LV.

Cynthia will use Full Restores liberally (she used one four times in battle with us). Cynthia won't come to battle with five Pokemon. Spiritomb will always come out at you first. be prepared! And finally. so defeat Cynthia at her own battle of wits. but after that. the main quest is over. with the lowest level being 58 and the highest being a staggering 62. but don't lose your head. he can make your party disappear in no time at all. but in case he decides to do just that with you. we come to the cream of the crop herself. Her party is as well-mixed as yours should be (especially if you got this far). As we mentioned earlier. Unlike her Elite Four cohorts. . The biggest challenge he'll throw at you is his level 54 Bronzong. our confidence was quickly ridden when he was the second of our opponent's five defeats. We especially implore you to keep an eye out for the level 62 Garchamp. you become the new Pokemon Champion! And just like that. After watching and enjoying the ending (making sure the game automatically saves your quest for you at the end before shutting it off). though! IGN Guides has your back there. He didn't want to save the best for last. giving you the inherent advantage. you'll soon find there's much more to do. it's a crapshoot. Champion Cynthia. Check out the Side Quests section in this very guide for more on what you can do after the Pokemon Championship is yours.party. however. but his Pokemon soon fell. she eliminates that advantage by battling ruthlessly with six ultra-powerful Pokemon of her own. who is not only a hard hitter but impervious to many attacks. Don't worry. Keep your party as well-healed as you can and try to bring out Pokemon that you think will do well against her set-up as needed. When Champion Cynthia is defeated. too. Thankfully for us. Instead. If you're not careful.

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