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: MOHAMMAD ROSLI BIN HASSAN : 32 years : No. 7, Jalan GP 3/4 Taman Gombak Permai 68100 Batu Caves Selangor Darul Ehsan : 013 – 391 0960 : : Male (Married with no children) : Nur Kamareza Ruzilla Binti Redzuan : Malay / Islam CAREER OBJECTIVES

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To gain exquisite skills and performances through a challenging and rewarding working environment where new exciting of knowledge and relationships can be fostered. STRENGTHS & SKILLS Strength I am enthusiastic, hardworking, good in commitment of work and responsible. I am a friendly person and enjoy working in a team and willing to learn new skills. I am able to communicate and interact well with all level of people. I am meticulous by nature and have proven to be a reliable and self-motivated individual and need little supervision in completing task given. Skills • • • • Able in handling and managing full set of account and have a good understanding in taxation matters. Able to prepare and produce Group Consolidated Financial statements and also cash flow projection statements. Familiar and good with UBS Accounting Software. Microsoft Office (Words, Excel & PowerPoint).

I also control the job flow of the department to ensure that all jobs are done within the specific time period. Review all documentation relating to secretarial matters such as Director Circular Resolutions. Monitoring strategy and activities to ensure all are in line with the needs of the firm. Dealing with client in order to satisfy the needs and to make sure all rules and regulation related to the client are well observed. supervise. I also involve in preparing appraisal on my staff when promotional and/or increment of salary to be done. Besides that I am also responsible in reviewing in house and branch working files and draft financial statements. I also report to the Partner on the department’s current job status. (Affiliate Company of Salihin & Associates) Position: Company Secretary Job Responsibility Advise and assist director on all secretarial matters together with all relevant rules and regulation such as Companies Act.WORKING EXPERIENCE February 2008 until current ASNA Corporate Services Sdn. October 2006 until current Salihin & Associates (AF1426) Position: Audit Manager (Promoted as Senior Audit Manager on September 2009) Job Responsibility Responsible in handling administration of Audit Department. Formulate planning & monitoring compliance procedures on audit work with objective of ensuring adequacy and effectiveness of audit department operational also evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of budget and department costing. monitor and oversee the daily audit financial operations. Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia’s Forms etc prepared by secretarial assistants to ensure those documentations are free of mistake. Bhd. 1965. Answer all queries raised by the Board and give advice and suggestion on any legal and secretarial matters. and acting as group team leader in special assignment and government audit to ensure proper procedure and compliance quality standard. Attending Board of Directors meeting and take minutes on all relevant and important matters and resolution pass during the meeting. . I am also involve in analyzing report and provide advices on the technical matter in scope of financial and audit for clients and organization. This inclusive of monitoring and managing audit team to ensure quality and performance of audit department is at the top. Attending Annual General Meeting (AGM) and overview the flow of the AGM to ensure all requirements in AGM are done and to make sure any resolution by the members is documented.

which involve analyzing. I act as team leader which involve planning the team procedure and budget to ensure we are not go beyond the deadline and to ensure profitability of task can be achieved. Provide provision for taxation as a reference to the client. • .April 2005 – September 2006 Salihin & Associates Position: Assistant Audit Manager Job Responsibility I am responsible in assisting the manager in monitoring the daily work flow of the audit department. Analyzing data from financial statements. vouched & traced supporting documents to support figures in the financial statements. May 2001 –April 2002 Arifin Ahmad & Co (AF1426) Audit Assistant (Junior) • • • Assist audit senior in performing audit field work. overview of the subordinate working was one of my tasks and provide some technical advice to the team to ensure the quality of our job is up to standards of requirement. Prepare & print audit report to be checked by seniors / manager. Prepare audit report and financial statements of the client to be submitted to respective regulatory bodies such as SSM and IRB. collecting evidence and produce a complete working file as reference for the partner to give an opinion on the financial statements. I am also responsible in reviewing in house working file before submitting to the manager for the final review. May 2002 – July 2004 Salihin & Associates (AF1426) Audit Senior • • • • Do audit field work. Make copies of document as our supporting in working file. I also act as a group leader which. Key in data in audit report in the form of words and excel. Performed audit task together with junior and senior. Vouched and traced documents made available for us. July 2004 – March 2005 Salihin & Associates (AF1426) Position: Audit Supervisor Job Responsibility Review working files produce by audit junior and senior to ensure the completeness of the files before proceed to the manager or assistant manager.

Malaysia CGPA : 3. Prepare full set of financial statements General Info On My Audit Carier I have audited various types of companies in many industries: • • • • Manufacturing Construction Property developer Trading • • • • Transportation Car dealer Government Agencies Co-operative society EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND AND QUALIFICATION Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) MIA No. Print audit report to be checked by seniors / manager. 24255 Bachelor of Accountancy (Honest) International Islamic University. Practical Training • • • • • Assist audit senior in performing audit field work. Key in data in audit report in the form of words and excel. Make copies of document as our supporting in working file.026 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Gred 1 (10 Aggregate) Sijil Rendah Pelajaran Malaysia Gred A (10 Aggregate) LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris Speaking Excellent Good SALARY Current salary: RM4.914 Matriculation Centre International Islamic University. Vouched and traced documents made available for us. Malaysia CGPA : 2.January 2001 – April 2001 NMC Business Advisory Sdn Bhd.500 Writing Excellent Good .

000 (negotiable) REFEREE Puan Shafiana Binti Saleh Admin & Human Resource Manager Salihin Consulting Group 598.Expected salary: RM5. 68100 Batu Caves Selangor Contact No: 019 – 389 1218 (H/P) 03 – 6187 4678/6678 (Office) Mohd Hasri Bin Haron Assistant Vice President Finance Khazanah Nasional Berhad Level 33 Menara 2 Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur Contact No: 019 – 225 3917 (H/P) . Jalan Samudra Utara 2 Taman Samudra.