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From: Devon Archer o ‘subject: Ro: China Entrepreneurs Date: Novomber 5, 2011 at 10:<2 PIA To: Coy os EE Soc ey TT chan: <2: Nk, Peace find the Private Placament Overview attachod ee wo as the NI 448101 TSX sancloned geological sudy on the PGA reserve in he Holbrook Basin, The ovarvew ouiines the business caso andthe tems ofthe ‘ourent pivataplacoment. Tatoavaye ere wo found a gioes reaoutce of 718 {ons and Baim tons of irisived potash. Frished potash traces al roughly '$500//‘on today and is expected to average $1500 /ton by 2020. The rasoqe speaksfera 60-50 year mine Ife. Plaase at mo know ifyou have any questons ‘llthe Best Deven On 11/8/11 3:33 PM, "Gay Fears! EE. cto: Deven reach outio MK this perfect for uto attend and get guys er ‘he potash deal Send him the recap. also need to spx w u and Hunior Monday. Ths G Original Message From: Mchames Khashog To: Gary Fears Subject: Fd. China Entrepreneurs Club Sent, Oct 19,2011 208 PM S, “This could be « good opportunity fr Patty te have potartially ‘utstanang new certs. know tis politcal season and peopte are hesitant but grcup Ike this does not come along everyday. Atouro! the whte house and a meeting wih a momborot the chia of sta's Cie and Jonn Kerry woukdbe great. wil Wet you ting about. \wecan sei.up meetings even with Fominy or ron eleced ofcials might be ‘cater ( Hot eure ona hae to be ragistoredto to ti). “Their mandale's lolel he U.S know Hal he Chinese “privat sector i ready and wiling to irvest in America. thnk tis a sof dplomacy play that seul be vory afloat. Please road everything carefully and letme know your thoughts. | wouldbe wih them al he ine and we wouls have good access to them for any dealin the futuro ‘The China Entrepreneurs Cub wil bein New York on the week ofthe 7h cf November for meetings witn American Captain of industry which wil ‘culminate with a Summt on th Oth atthe New York Univorsty Club at ‘wbich the Chaitman and CEO of The Coca Cola club wil be the keynote ‘Speaker rom the American side “Tho folowing wosk thoy willbe D.C fer meatings with paliteal gues to siae thei mandaieas an NGO About China Entroprenour Club Einblishod in 2006, China Entropranaur Club (CEC) is 2 son-praft crganizalon consisied ofa group ofthe most fuerte business Teagers in Crna, CEC current membership insiedes 5D preminant figures sich a5: Liu ‘Chuanzhi, Charman ofthe CEC, Legend Helaings and Lenovo Group: Wu lnglan, Ztang Vielying, and Zhou Gea, China's esteemed econamiss; Wu sJanmin, respected diplomat: Lang Yong, representative of Chinas ‘lebelizaton; Wang Shi (Vanko} Me Weihue (China Morchante Ean; Jack Ma (Albaba Group); Guo Guangchang (Fosun Group), Wang Jani, (Wande ‘Group: Niu Genshong (LAONIU Fourdatio); LiShutu (Geely: Li Dengsheng (ToL Comeretion); Feng Lun [Vartan and ot. CEC mendes are oustanding and highlyregarded Chinese envepreneus who ave enjoyed commercial suoress by abicing the laws of market econcny. “Thay a leaders of thos rospactve elds who havo sc exampes for {green tansiormation andappicaton of new business models, ard they (CEC member conpaniesare al dynam: and economically powertul, as gross income of 44 CEC members totaled more than MES15 tllon, together ‘Becourting for oughly 4%. of China's GDP “Tho CEC stives 0 buld a cross-soctor platform to promote communication 4nd exchanges among industal eles, and torealze the establishment 4nd progress o! mainstioam Chneso ertraprencurship. ti dosicated 0 “promote entiopreneurship and sustainable development ef the economy and tne society" and o cultvate a postive commercalforce and pave a ‘greon path for business dovolopmont ‘Asyou can see from the attachmen’ ofthe members the groups Nohly influent and inches the most important private sector individuals in nna toa, From the poltical side Sofar thas boon managed through a persons! ralatonstip by Julanna Glover Wo | tink was Dick Gneney press Sextotan. They had a dinner in naw York on the 7h which Mayor Boombury ‘was suppoted o atond and finally could not. From the D.C sido as you il see below they have writen elters o several members of he ‘zamistraton and othr and have so far net nad a stong reaction, ‘This is China Ire. Its my beliafhatthis must be anow pushon sot ‘@iplomacy ior the Chinese to alow such aa important "private sector ‘group fo meet wit the D.C politcal estabishment. Please findbalow the schecul, the atached stor to Obama and the os orte goup. lrwould ve grea io dsauss thisin porson and please fe! fee tocall O_— ‘Allthe best Moh Mohamed “The CEC group amrves in DC tae atternoon Sun, Nev 13th, and wil depart DC at 5:50pm on Mo, Nov Tath. As you'l sae balow, the group is _wallatle between 8:30am and 12pm on Monday, Nov 14th. Biggest pry forthe CEC croup & 10 see the White House, and have a senicr US poliian, orsenior marnbor of Obarsa's administration, give thar a tour. that can happen rom 9:30am-10:30am on Nov 14th, there will be tims {or tne group o see ane-two ctner top US oftciais trom 10:30am-tTzpm. “Through her riend,Jleanna Gover, Marina has reached out to he following people, below. The strategy hes been to roach out ton US polticlans, intne Nepas that one-two come agioe ona meeting te moming of Monday, Nov 14th Ifyouririend inDC can help, we would bo ‘extremly grateful For your recores, pease note the folewng trom Manna: My fiend Juleanna Glover, tomer press sacretay of Dick Cheney, current partnorof RenoroR group hee helped vewith he fellewing peopl aha Fas seat out nvlaton, have not aard back ye United States Tade Representative: Ron Kk Soxrtary of Stato: Hilery lrton US Departnen' ct Gommeree: Rebecca Blank (oe: JBScen reach out to Robeoea Blank porscnally) National Securty Stat (NSS) Asia Specal Assistant othe Presicent and Senior Directorfor Eset Asian Msi: Ambassador Jof Bader Director for East Asian Secunty Ata: Steven Brock Director for Southeast Asia: Desrrond Waton House - Congressional China Causus: Rancy Forbos Co-Chair: Rep. Madeleine Bowl House Commerce Committan: Fred Upton: Chairman Rep. Hoary Waxman- Ranking Member, House Committee on Foreign Afar Ilbana Ros Lehinen: Charman Feo, Howara Boman - Ranking Nemoer Senate Commitee on Foreign Relations Chair John Karry Parking Member: Dick Lugar “Subcommittee, Fast Asian and Pacific Afars Chair Jim Webb Ranking member:Jm Inhofe GECS0.6, Schedule on November, 14h sas following {200 - 9:20am -broalfast meeting with Brookings ‘8:30am 12pm- wile house (lo be confimed. nothing yel scheduled) 12:12:48 working luncheon 1:00- 1:30pm: congesswoman « Boardallo 2:30. 3:30pm - Goneral John Ashorof ‘80pm -5:00pm- WIE ‘Any assistance you can give, would be appreciated In ackition, loses ask Mohamed to reach out President Clinton to 300 he can come out for dinner on Nov. 7h or Sth n NYC. ‘Nonamed A /Khashogg|PresicentAsta/Pacitc Western Way Industrial Development Company Alum nim Smeters Mining Stee! General Mamtacturing Saudi Buninoos Covtor Occ ENNIS King3em of Saudi Arabia i‘: Boing Representative Ofce Beiing Raffles City NO.1 Doazhimen inner Sttoct fico oi ing Peoples republico? China Prone: SE Nohamod A KhashoggiProsident Asia/Pasife Western Way Industral Development Company Aluminum Smeters Mining Stee! General Manstacuring Saud Business Cover Occ EEEEEKingdom of Saud Araba | Bejing Represertaive Ofce Being Rafles City NO. 1 Donzhimen Inner Stet 01coEEEEEEEESeiing Peoples repubico’ China Phone: el Senttrom my Verizon Wirless BlackBerry = a PORX Private PGRX-20111019 Placem..RS.pdf -8K-20..017pdf