cz OO OO OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ================================================ 1. !!! READ THIS !!! READ THIS !!! READ THIS !!! ================================================ TO START THE WIZARD, WHICH WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE INSTALLATION PROCESS, PLEASE RUN FINALREALGTA3.EXE! AFTER WIZARD'S END, PLEASE FINISH THE INSTALLATION BY DELETING TXD.IMG AND TXD.DIR FROM GTA3'S "MODELS" DIRECTORY!!! LET ME REPEAT IT AGAIN: PLEASE FINISH THE INSTALLATION BY DELETING TXD.IMG AND TXD.DIR FROM GTA3'S "MODELS" DIRECTORY!!! BECAUSE IF YOU WON'T DO IT, THEN ALL TEXTURES IN THE GAME WILL BE BUGGY!!! THANKS;) ________________________________________________ -----------------------------------------------=============== 2. INTRODUCTION =============== RealGTA3 (=RGTA) is free add-on for THE BEST GAME EVER - for the GRAND THEFT AUTO 3. RGTA is not a product of Rockstar Games or Take 2 Games, RGTA is ultimate collection of many GTA3 modifications made by independent authors from the whole world and it's trying to make GTA3 more realistic by adding real cars, buildings or advertisements all over Liberty City. List of all changes is below! ________________________________________________ -----------------------------------------------======================= 3. LIST OF ALL FEATURES ======================= ________ NEW CARS

******** ALL cars have been changed for new ones - each one with unique handling, colors and wheels. Sportcars: Lamborghini Murcielago and Diablo VT6.0 - Porsche Carrera GT Opel Speedster - Dodge Viper GTS - Ferrari F355 - BMW Z8 Plymouth Prowler - Mercedes-Benz SL500 - Aston Martin Vanquish V12 Sedans: Lexus LS430 - BMW 760Li - Mercedes-Benz C200 - Land Rover Freelander BMW M3 - Skoda Octavia - VW Passat - Mitsubishi Galant - MINI Cooper S Big/worker cars: Mercedes-Benz Actros - Orange Flatbed - Kamaz 55111 - new Trashmaster Group 4securitas Securicar - Coca Cola Truck - Chevrolet S-10 - City Bus Public services: New Ambulance - new Fire Truck - Police Ford Crown Victoria - T-80 SWAT Van (new Enforcer) - FBI BMW M5 - Army Truck (new Barracks OL) Peugeot 406 Taxi - Ford Crown Victoria Taxi - Mercedes-Benz A-Class Taxi Special cars: Sarin XTV - RC Peugeot 205 - Monster Truck - F-16 - Hummer - new Train Family Frost Van (new Mr.Whoopee) - Toyz Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gang cars: Cartel Jeep Grand Cherokee - Diablos Ford Mustang GT (Concept 2005) Hoods Seat Leon Cupra R - Triad Mercedes-Benz Actros - Mafia Audi S8 Laundry Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - Panlantic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Yakuza Toyota Supra Veilside - Yardie Chevrolet Monte Carlo ___________ NEW WEAPONS *********** RGTA includes brand new weapons - crowbar, Desert Eagle, uzi KG-9, shotgun Battle 7, MP5, Sig551, rocket launcher M79, sniper Rifle PSG-1, L2A2 grenades, new molotov and lamethrower model! The weapons are more effective (by 50% on average), so now it's really dangerous to hang in the area of hostile gangs! You need only few bullets from any weapons to die...but in opposite, you're invincible if you can use your weapons well! _______________ NEW CITY'S LOOK *************** These objects have been added to the city: - Statue of Liberty - this awesome NY's statue has moved to Liberty City:-) You can find it on new island near the Kenji's casino (it's even marked on radar!), so you must use a boat to get there. There are some useful historical and technical information on statue's pedestal. If you want to see whole Liberty City from the birds-eye, use stairs to get into statue's

head or torch! But don't fall down! - The idea of many players it's finally in the game - jump ramp to Liberty Island;). Just take very fast car and try to be accurate in targeting the ramp - you go wrong speed or direction, and you won't land by the Statue of will fall into water:-). If you'll start new game,there will be a boat by the Liberty Island ready to get you back to Staunton. - New bridge - it's placed in Shoreside Vale and it's VERY useful, because it's connecting your hideout to the main road near the Francis Int. Airport. If you use Yakuza Toyota Supra Veilside, you can get to Staunton from Shoreside in few seconds!!! These new buildings are included: Completely redesigned rich quarter in SV - gas station Shell - Canadian hotels Coca Cola factory - Quelle store - IKEA - 2x OBI Market - 2x Media Markt NetCafe - 4x Sparkasse bank - Kenvelo shop - CineStar cinema - Euro Express building Fast-food Nordsee, 2x McDonald's and 2x Pizza Hut - Ford service - Mercedes Taxis ________________________ AND OTHER SPECIALTIES!!! ************************ - New in-game menus and loading screens - In-game texts changed to fit the RGTA - New billboards, posters and advertisements all over Liberty City - Water has got a new color - All tress have been changed to beautiful palms - Ugly grey rocks/cliffs are now beige like in Greece;) - Roads look more modern - Pipes in water have been deleted - you can travel by boat everywhere you want - El Burro's xxx magazines are Playboy magz, poster of naked Christina Aquilera added at hideout - Mail boxes belongs to Euro Express - New helicopters at airport - New pager by CityGear - New crosshairs for rocket launcher and sniper rifle - Default ugly radar is now color and very detailed! Roads are white, building are orange, grass is green, water is blue and places of interest are purple ...and many more mods!!! ________________________________________________ -----------------------------------------------=================== 4. CREDITS & THANKS =================== Creator of RealGTA3: Petr Doupal (me;) ************************************** My function looks simple - only to compile mods...easy as 1-2-3? No!!! It's really hard work ...the strong fact is that there's only 5 GTA3 total conversion in the world, and

only Vice City mod and KillerKip's modpack can be compared to RGTA (in my opinion both VC and KP mods are great!!!). I also made lots of my own mods and modify existing ones. It all started when I downloaded my first GTA3 mod. After few weeks I have got many of mods and I decided to create some "modpack" - just for fun and for some friends. I was succesful and I was having fun with I decided to start to work really hard and to provide my mod for all people around the world;). On 31.1.2003 I released first public version of RGTA - I was amazed that people loved my mod:-). After some short time I released version 1.1, which fixed some 1.0 problems and added some new cars. And that version stayed till 23.5.2003, when I released (...after 9 months since my first mod in GTA3...) the new, final, last, bugless and perfect version of RGTA - all I dreamt about it's in it, so don't wait anymore and install it!!! Maybe you wanna know how I created RGTA...well, I used these applications: Internet Explorer 6 to download that huge amount of mods;), TXD Tool + IMG Tool + GXT Tool + GTA3ResHack + Collision Map editor + Notepad for editing game files, Paint Shop Pro for editing/creating textures and of course Winamp for background music:D RealGTA3 "team" *************** The_pest - This cool guy did all modeling work for me - he created anything I want using the ZModeler;) Tom� Doupal - My brother was the one and only in-house tester I had:-). He finished whole GTA missions in one day and he gave me some ideas to improve my mod. Special thanks: (list without the reason of giving thanks;) *************** The_pest, Ceo Ceed, Vice City mod team, Kip Killer, Stephan Pomper, Barend Botha, Zden�k Pol�ch, Karel Fajkus, Jindra Jel�nek, Beautka, �kreko, my family + many thousand satisfied people who gave me the proof that RGTA was worth to create!!! And then comes the loooong list of all RGTA authors: **************************************************** Part A - authors with more then 1 mods: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Me, Petr Doupal (aka P�a Doupik) - The list of my creation would be so long and I can't remember everything, so let's write t simple: I did everything what's not in the list below;) The_pest - All modeling (dff) work - Coordinates to place a boat by Liberty Island Stephan Pomper (aka Son-Storm) - Mercedes-Benz SL500 (original by Klaus Heyne)

Opel Speedster (original by Klaus Heyne) BMW M3, BMW M3 with corpse in the trunk (original by JMI Racing Performance for SCGT, converted to F1 2001 by ian666 and OPM, then converted by Son-Storm to GTA3) Yazu - Aston Martin Vanquish V12 (wheels by Toope) - Lamborghini Diablo VT6.0 - Seat Leon Cupra R (along with Toope) Barend Botha (aka Barbarries) - Land Rover Freelander - City Bus - Templates for new license plates Alberto Daniel Russo (aka AdR) - Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (converted by DMagic1) - Ford Crown Victoria Taxi - Ford Mustang GT Concept M4ck - VW Passat W8 (original by Redcap) - Lamborghini Murcielago (original by Martin Leps) Roman Domel (aka JACK RABBITz) - Dodge Viper GTS Tuned (car model by Martin Leps) - Chevrolet Monte Carlo 79' (engine by Mr.Pro) RusLev - Jeep Grand Cherokee (original by Ortwin C., engine by M4ck) - BMW 760Li V12 (original by Zlatko) Sinan Kabak (aka Sin5k4) - Mercedes-Benz C200 - Skoda Octavia KillerKip - SWAT Van - New Trashmaster Ceo Ceed - New roads and cliffs textures - New Shoreside Vale resident textures Vice City Mod team - Palms - New water �kreko - Army Truck (new Barracks OL) - Jump ramp to Liberty Island Patrick Gollmer (aka Gollmii) - OBI Market #1 - Pizza Hut restaurant #1 Jey Bee - New helicopters (Coca Cola, ADAC, ProSieben) - GPS Color Radar Part B - authors with 1 mod: '''''''''''''''''''''''''''' TheMankie - TheMankie's Modpack (Pizza Hut, Nordsee, Coca Cola, Sparkasse, Quelle) Airboy - Weapons mod Julian Fl�gel (aka JWINGS) - BMW Z8 Theten - BMW M5 (original by Flyonfire and Manutius) Igor Balkin (aka Voodoo Magick) - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Marcel Hennersdorf - Mercedes-Benz Actros (converted to GTA3 by JK - Jai&Kai) L@butes - Peugeot 205 RC Car Don3k - Peugeot 406 Taxi


Jonathan Mace - MINI Cooper S (original by Stecki) Felix Dobrowohl (aka Phelyx) - Porsche Carrera GT GacuS - Ferrari F355 Triple xXx - Hummer Neil Myers - Chevrolet S-10 Galahad - Mitsubishi Galant Martin Vester - Plymouth Prowler Infi - Audi S8 (along with ShadowSailor) Fragdieb - Monster Truck Cartell Crusher (textures by Diki) Mabefge - F-16 Fighting Falcon Kirill Kasatkin - Kamaz 55111 Nuclear Stricker - Orange Flatbed Gobby - Coca Cola Truck - exclusive permission from Marcel P. (aka Soulvivor) - Lexus LS430 - exclusive permission from Unruheherd - Berliner U-Bahn Rumba - 1 of the universla 3D wheels Argos - 5 of the universal 3D wheels Illspirit - Sarin XTV DJ Sergio - Mercedes-Benz A-Class Taxi Jared - Toyota Supra Veilside Majestic - T-80 Hunter - No Limit Boat Mod Firebird - Euro Express mod The Un-American + CanadaMan - Canadian hotels GTA_King - McDonald's #1 AleksOT - McDonald's #2 Haiko Feege (aka ODIE) - Statue Of Liberty (model of statue and pedestal by Rowell Ray Shih) DMagic1 - (No)Wheel mod 2.0 Klaus Miltner (aka MrMilti) - Shoreside Vale bridge Yoyo - Ford Service ________________________________________________ -----------------------------------------------============== 5. Legal stuff ============== 1. RGTA is free - authors give their cars free to world, so I give (actually I have to) give you RGTA for free too! So, you CANNOT PROFIT ON RGTA ANYHOW! 2. You use RGTA at your own risk - I'm not responsible for any hardware damage, errors, lost data/profit/business/information/wife (;-) caused by using RGTA! 3. You don't have to install RGTA, but if you will, your GTA3 will change a lot! 4. You can host RGTA download, but you'd better notice me about it;) And I've got simple rules: You must (correctly!) write the name of my mod: "RealGTA3" (without space between "l" and "G"!), my name: "Petr Doupal", and add link to my website: "". Thanks:-) ________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------

======= 6. End? ======= I have to say it with tears, but this is...this is the end...the end of RealGTA3 development:'(! The last 9 months were awesome - I made many friends, improved my English, became well-known and popular (;), but I was so busy that I wasn't able to do anything except GTA3 modding! So...I have to end - forget about modding! You know guys, I had a great time with you! (c) Petr Doupal 2003,,