Industrial Visit Report


Date: 23/09/2008

Dedicated to growth and an CEO Director . Kasarwadi. Pune 411 034 DID: 91 (0) 20-27149012 Tel : 91 (0) 20-27145595 Fax : 91 (0) 20-27147413 Website : www.forbesmarshall. Mumbai-Pune Rd..Address: P B # 29. pursuing market leadership in our chosen fields of Steam Engineering Proces Control. Naushad Forbes Vision Statement: Our Vision is to be a developed company in a developing country. Kiran vohra Dr. and Utilities E-mail : Section -1: Top Level Management: Mr.

using the best technology the world has to offer. manufacture products that cover the entire spectrum of energy generation. demonstrating our belief in: Integrity. All their strategic business divisions. Core Business Activity: Forbes Marshall's provides solutions in Process Efficiency and Energy Conservation. suppliers. Confidence & Pride. Entrepreneurship. desuperheaters and stations for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. instrumentation and control. conservation. Quality. Adaptability. Individual. for the process industry. committede to being a role model organisation for our customers. society and members. Forbes Marshall designs and manufactures a complete range of Control Valves. The Family Spirity. Our Values enable us to deliver on our Vision. each one partnering a world technology leader in its respective field.increasingly international presence. In joint venture with Arca Regler of Germany. Forbes Marshall Arca control valves and actuators are designed to cater to a variety of industrial control .

then give them the right service and then supply them with the goods. They don’t have any USP but they have KSP i. This is first time that a design award is being given for an industrial product. The design excellence awards. given in 17 different categories this year and judged by jury . Companies Achievements and Tie-Ups: Energy conservation process automation major Forbes Marshall has been conferred the national award for industrial design for its MiniMax boiler house. designed to be troublefree with minimum maintenance required. USP of the Company: When asked about the USP of the company.e. All their valves. instituted by the National Institute of Design. Knowledge-Service-Product. liquids and gases. This is where they first of all provide proper Knowledge to their customers. we got a very innovative answer. Their control valves are modular in design and versatile in construction.applications like steam. desuperheaters and stations are manufactured using the most sophisticated CNC machinery.

a specialist in process efficiency and energy conservation has recently announced a joint venture with Codel International. Israel and India. a company specialising in hi-tech online gas and dust monitoring systems.forbesmarshall. These products will now be manufactured at the Pune Manufacturing Unit1 Address . Kasarwadi. which will be a centre for global sourcing and long-term after-sales support. With this joint venture.. Pune 411 034 DID: 91 (0) 20-27149012 Tel : 91 (0) 20-27145595 Fax : 91 (0) 20-27147413 Website : www. UK. Forbes Marshall Codel will be the only company to manufacture dust monitors in India. E-mail : corpcomm@forbesmarshall. Mumbai-Pune Rd. Locations: Head Office Address P B # 29.from Korea. Forbes Marshall.

Pune 411 018 Tel : 91 (0) 20-27442020 Fax : 91 (0) 20-27442040 After Office Hrs : 020-27477762 Website : E-mail: hydcig@forbesmarshall. E-mail : ccmidc@forbesmarshall.D. Pimpri. A-19/2 & T-4/2 I. . Jamshedpur.A Nacharam.A -34 / 35 MIDC. Other than these locations they also have their manufacturing plants in Delhi.500 076 Tel : 040-27153918 / 27152276 27171909 /27170732 Fax : 91-040-27173235 /27179223 Website : www. Vadodara. 'H' Blk. Kolkata. Manufacturing Unit2 Address Plot No. Hyderabad . Bangalore.

Section -2: Important Departments: 1) HR Department: The Human Resource Department is headed by Mr. Raghu Nair who is the Manager of HR. 2) Production Department: The production department looks after the production of the small parts. . quality control to assembling of the boilers. 2) Polishing: The castings are then polished using different tools and machineries. Important Business Processes: 1) Casting: First of all the small but important parts are manufactured using castings of different kinds. manufacturing. These are then sent for polishing and then are sent to the assembly department. 3) Assembly: The parts polished are then sent to the assembling department and then this department assembles the different parts together to make the boiler complete. from casting .

is eyeing a 10 per cent share of the Rs 4.Production Capacity: FORBES Marshall. . the Rs 175-crore steam engineering firm.000-crore energy conservation business as part of its efforts to increase its turnover to Rs 400 crore in three years.

It is also looking at increasing the share of exports from the current 10 per cent to 15 per cent of total sales.Section-3: Major Competitors and Exports Policies: The Rs 150-crore Pune-based Forbes Marshall is eyeing a greater market overseas. it wants to be a hub for global sourcing of key products and services. Further. And as regards global sourcing. and sourced globally to customers and principals wor-ldwide. Forbes Marshall’s main exp-ort market for systems and products are ASEAN countries. Sri Lanka. notably the vortex flowmeter. some focused products. Middle East. Africa. Besi-des. this fiscal. “Increased exports will be driven through its existing export portfolio. plus Europe and the US. Bangladesh and Nepal. the vortex flowmeter is already a product that is manufactured by us in India. is marketed in all the above countries. .

Africa. Sri Lanka.” says Mr Vacha. nota-bly the Vortex flowmeter. is marketed in all the above countries. commissioning and support of valueadded solutions rather than loose products. “This means supply. It’s exports are mainly strong in energy management and instrumentation and steam related packages. Some focused products. Bangladesh. plus Europe and the USA . Forbes Marshall’s main export market for systems and products is directed to the ASEAN countries. The plan for the immediate year is to raise that contribution to 15 per cent or more.Forbes Marshall’s contribution of exports to total turnover for the financial year 2003-2004 was 10 per cent. Middle East. Nepal.

but they call them all as members. They don’t call their subordinates or lower level management as workers. The plant had sophisticated machinery and handled very nicely.Section-4: Overall Experience: Forbes Marshall is rated 20th among the Best Place to Work In India. . That shows how serious it is about its Human Resource. The people working there were also very co-operative and helping.

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