History 1302

Week Two Assignment
1. In much of the 19th century, women in Texas were not allowed to

___________________ outside the home.
2. The historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the

____________________ shaped America’s national character.
3. From the end of the Civil War to the turn of the century the value of

__________________________ increased six fold.
4. The _______________________ industry was “the first big business, the

first magnet for the great financial markets, and the first industry to
develop a large-scale management bureaucracy.
5. The number of inventions registered at the U.S. Patent’s Office

__________________________ ___________________________ during the
19th century.
6. Nikola Tesla’s invention of the alternating-current motor made it possible for
__________________ ____________________ to locate away from waterfalls.
7. Unlike Rockefeller and Carnegie, J. Pierpont Morgan was born to
8. Sears, Roebuck and Company was a pioneer in selling goods by ____________________.
9. During the Gilded Age, the rich were getting richer and a lot of other people were at least a
lot ______________________ ________________________.
10.Most Americans experienced a rising ________________________
__________________________ ________________________ in the late nineteenth century.
11.In terms of industrial work, children working in the late 1800s suffered
______________________ times as many accidents as adult workers.
12.________________________ _______________________ used intimidation, beatings, and
killings to right perceived wrongs against Irish workers.
13.Many Americans were afraid that the Railroad Strike of 1877 was the beginning of a workerbased ___________________________ ______________________________.

14.The Sand-Lot incident was an effort to subdue the Asian people known as the
15._________________________ believed that government was in itself an abusive device used
by the rich and powerful to oppress and exploit the working poor.
16.The ___________________________ ___________________________ grew indirectly out
of agitation for an eight-hour workday.
17.Due to a major unrest in Chicago in 1886, Terence Powderly and the Knights of Labor were
never able to make people believe that they were not in opposition to the
18.Marxism was imported to the United States mainly through the work of the
19.____________________________ _______________________ was the Social Democratic
party’s candidate for president in 1904
20.The socialist party came to an end primarily over disagreements concerning
______________________________ ___________________________ ____________.

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