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The Muthoot Group is an 123-year-old business
house based in India.[2] It has interests in
Financial Services, Information Technology,
Media, Healthcare, Education, Power
Generation, Infrastructure, Plantations, Precious
Metals and Hospitality. The Muthoot Group
operates in 21 states in India, and has a customer
base of over 25 million.[3] It is wholly owned and
managed by the Muthoot Family.
Type Private Conglomerate
The Group takes its name from the Muthoot Industry Finance
Family based in Kerala. The Company was set up
Hotels & Resorts
by Muthoot Ninan Mathai in 1887 at
Information technology
Kozhencherry, a small town in the erstwhile
Broadcast Media
Kingdom of Travancore (Kerala). It was then
later taken over by his son M George Muthoot Healthcare
who incorporated the Finance division of the Education
group which was till then primarily involved in Energy & Power Generation
wholesale of grains. The company is now Infrastructure
managed by the third and fourth generation of its
Founded 1887 by Muthoot Ninan Mathai
family members.
Headquarters Cochin, India
The group is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala
Key people M G George Muthoot (Chairman)
George Alexander Muthoot (MD)
George Jacob Muthoot (Whole-Time Director Director)
Contents George Thomas Muthoot (Whole-Time Director))

1 Finance Employees 10,000 (2009) [1]

2 Information technology Website
3 Securities (
4 Media
5 Healthcare
6 Hotels & hospitality
7 Housing & infrastructure
8 Other divisions
9 Philanthropy
10 Environment research foundation
11 See also
12 References

Muthoot Finance a subsidiary of Muthoot Group was established in 1939, and is primarily involved in the
Financial sector of the country. Muthoot Finance falls under the category of Non Banking Financial Company

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Muthoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(NBFCs) of the RBI guidelines. The company has more than 1742 branches spread across 21 states of the
country and is the largest gold loan company in India.[1]. Muthoot Finance, according to the IMaCS Research &
Analytics Industry Reports [Gold Loans Market in India, 2009 (“IMaCS Industry Report 2009”) and the 2010
update to the IMaCS IndustryReport 2009 (“IMaCS Industry Report (2010 Update)”)], is the largest Gold Loan
NBFC and has the largest network of branches for a Gold Loan NBFC in India.[4] ‘Muthoot Gold Power’ is the
lifestyle product of Muthoot Finance aimed at mobilizing the Household gold in India which is estimated to be
more than 15000 tonnes. Muthoot Finance according to its company website has "the largest gold loan portfolio
in the country". Muthoot also provides various financial services such as Insurance distribution, Wealth
Management, Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer and Vehicle & Asset Finance. Muthoot Finance was selected
as one of the Top 10 Finance companies to work for in India by[5] Muthoot Finance privately
placed 4% of its paid up capital to Private Equity players - Barings India and Matrix Partners India for Rs.1.57
billion, hence valuing the earlier privately held company at over $1 billion.[6]

Information technology
Emsyne, the information technology wing of the group develops products for the service, education and
healthcare industry. Emsyne offers on site and offshore services, whether project-based outsourcing /
assignments, or based on time and materials. The Core Products of Emsyne are Edge - Educational Institutions
Management System Finex - Innovative Banking Automation System

Muthoot Securities offers broking services in cash and derivatives segments at the National Stock Exchange and
Bombay Stock Exchange. It has a network of more than 100 branches.[2] Muthoot Securities launched its
portfolio management services on 20 August 2009.[7]

Chennai Live 104.8 is India's first talk radio FM station. The station would be focusing on knowledge centric
and local content and will be targeting the information and entertainment needs of Chennai's intelligent

The Group operates several Diagnostic & Scan centers throughout Kerala and 2 multi-specialty hospitals in
Kozhencherry and Pathanamthitta.[citation needed]

Hotels & hospitality

Muthoot Hotels operates a 4 star resort in Thekkady (Kerala)[9] and also operates 12 houseboats in the
backwaters of Kerala under the brand Muthoot River Escapes.[10]
Kaapi Club is a chain of South Indian coffee outlets managed by Muthoot Hotels.[11] Muthoot Hotels is in the
process of constructing a 5 star luxury hotel in the city of Kochi and 5 star beach resort in Mararikulam.[12]

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Muthoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Housing & infrastructure

The projects of Muthoot Builders are primarily situated in central and south Kerala, Muthoot has a track record
of more than 30 completed projects including commercial and residential spaces.[13]

Other divisions
Muthoot has interests in Power Generation through windmill farms in the state of Tamil Nadu. The group also
manages a school in New Delhi[14] and 2 Nursing Colleges in Kerala. In the year 2008 the group re-entered the
plantation business, the group has acquired 1000 acres of land in Sawantvadi, Maharashtra as a pilot planting of

Muthoot M George Charity Foundation Set up in memory of the Late M. George Muthoot, the Foundation
has been extending financial aid for its employees as part of the Staff Welfare measures. Every branch of The
Muthoot Group is actively involved in Community Development and Social Welfare. The Muthoot Foundation
frequently grants medical and financial aid to deserving individuals through its welfare programs. Community
support is a corporate responsibility. The Muthoot Group maintains its position as a valued and responsible
corporate citizen by enhancing the quality of life in the communities where they do business. It is very important
for a corporate to support the community in which it operates. The Muthoot M. George Charitable Foundation is
approached by numerous organizations and individuals requesting financial and medical assistance.
Muthoot Medical Centers at Kozhencherry and Pathanamthitta are super specialty hospitals set up in the rural
areas of Kozhencherry and Pathanamthitta. They are both organizations established in 1989.

Environment research foundation

The Periyar Foundation set up by Muthoot Hotels is based in the town of Thekkady, near the Periyar National
Park has undertaken several projects for the conservation of the national park including 'vasantha sena' [15] and
a research study along with the National Institute of Advance Studies for the conservation of 'Nocturnal Flying

See also
Muthoot Family
M George Muthoot
M G George Muthoot
George Alexander Muthoot

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Muthoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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