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This Request for Proposal shall be submitted to Reach for the Top, Inc. for architectural services
for design of a new building on a vacant .11 acre lot in a potential liquefaction zone at the
northwest corner of W. Adams Boulevard and Palm Grove Avenue. Addresses of the property
are: 4801 W. Adams Boulevard and 2541 & 2543 Palm Grove Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
90016. The project is located in a CRA Enterprise Zone and design approval from that agency
will be required. Services will be paid with federal funding from the City of Los Angeles and
all applicable laws and regulations apply.

The project will provide a twenty-seven bed transitional residence for low to very low income
women and children for up to two years. Each unit will have a kitchen, space for a washer &
dryer, bathroom and separate bedrooms for the woman and her children. A typical resident
will have from one to three children but larger families are possible and design flexibility is
encouraged. One unit per floor must be fully accessible. Open areas for recreation and
gardening, a security office, a meeting space for all residents and other facilities required by
building code for occupancies of this type are required. Parking will be at grade.
Professional experience in design of homeless shelters and/or for very low income populations
and experience dealing with nonprofit organizations is mandatory. The site is located in a
historic area and knowledge of the requirements of these zones is needed. The building
massing and materials should harmonize with the existing architectural styles along Adams
Boulevard. Energy saving materials, “green” building methods and the highest feasible LEED
certification are required. The successful architect will work with Council Office 10, the West
Adams neighborhood council, the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los
Angeles and the Community Development Department of the City of Los Angeles for
administration of funds from the State of California Emergency Housing Assistance Program.

Reach for the Top will sign a contract with the architect only. This contract will include the fees
of all consultants; payment of the consultants will be the architect’s responsibility. Proposals
shall be addressed to:
Ivonne Guzman, CEO
Reach for the Top, Inc.
766 Sunset Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
Phone: 323-867-2705
Fax: 310-399-6042


February 14th, 2011

RFP responses should be mailed to:

Reach for the Top, Inc.

766 Sunset Avenue

Venice, CA 90291

All questions are to be directed to:


Mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering, along with landscape and irrigation will be provided by the
selected General Contractor on a Design/Build basis. Architect is to provide coordination and interfacing
with these services. The following shall be incorporated into the Architect’s proposed fee:

1. Meet with Client to clarify project scope (1 meeting), additional meetings as consultant proposes.

2. Assist Client in preparation for and process project through … Neighborhood Council.

3. Provide program outline, space planning and concept floor plan to meet Client’s needs.

4. Provide existing floor plan and elevations.

5. Provide architectural documents, plans, details, sections and general information for scope of
work required.

6. Provide structural engineering documents and calculations as required.

7. Submit and process documents through City of Los Angeles Building and Safety and prepare

8. Provide specifications on the documents; no Project Manual is required.

9. Provide a “green” building elements/components outline, preliminary budget scope within energy
and/or mechanical systems that are available.

10. Provide specifications for commercial equipment for kitchen, laundry area, and other areas
requiring equipment.

11. Provide estimated budget for plan check fees and construction check fees.

12. Provide interior design assistance. Meet with Client to discuss optional finishes throughout

13. A Hazardous Waste Report will be provided for architects’ general information purposes only.


1. Provide fees for architectural and engineering scope of services listed above.

2. Provide budget allowance in assisting Client with competitive bidding services and outline
services to be provided under this allowance.

3. Provide budget allowance for Construction Administration and outline services to be provided
under this allowance.


1. Proposer must hold a valid California Architect’s license for a minimum of 5 years.

2. The Lead project professional should have a minimum of 5 years of experience in shelter housing
design and/or demonstrable experience to (1) produce biddable, fully-permitted plans for
construction work at the site address to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy and shelter licensing
through the California Community Care Licensing Division for the property and (2) to provide
construction oversight services to help manage design issues related to shelter housing.

3. Demonstrated experience successfully working with non-profit organizations.

4. One (1) team member experienced and qualified in “green” building components for Housing and
possible LEED® certification.

5. The Lead project professional shall have an established office within 25 miles of the project
address of 4801. W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016


The selected architect will be required to execute an AIA contract. The existing contract between Reach
for the Top, Inc. and the City of Los Angeles shall be incorporated by reference into the AIA contract.
Architect and contractor compensation is federally-funded through the City of Los Angeles and all
requirements of a federally funded project must be met.


The selected architect and consultants shall provide $1,000,000 of errors and omissions insurance,
$2,000,000 general liability/automobile insurance and Worker’s Compensation insurance with 12 month
discovery. Insurance additional insured will be outlined in the agreement between the City of Los Angeles
and Reach for the Top, Inc.


Proposals will be evaluated for relevant experience and completeness of submittal as requested. A short-
list of finalists will be determined and an interview will be conducted with the finalists. Finalists short-
listed for an interview will be contacted one (1) week after the deadline of the proposal.

Proposal requirements: Proposal must be provided no more than ten (10) double-sided 8/5”x11” pages.
An Appendix section for exhibits and additional information may be provided; however, initial evaluation
will be on the 10 double-sided page portions. Proposals must include the following:

1. Letter of Transmittal expressing proposer’s interest and signed by individual who is authorized to
bind the proposer to the terms of the proposal, a statement that the proposal is valid for 90 days
and a statement disclosing any past or ongoing potential conflicts with performing the proposed

2. General company information of the Design team members to be used on the project, including
any consultants.

3. Describe experience and qualifications of the Design team members to be used on the project,
including any consultants.

4. Provide three (3) examples of similar projects successfully completed, with reference contact
information; and,

5. The fee proposal as outlined under C above.

Proposal Submission: An original and five copies of the proposal must be received by the date/time and
at the address noted on the pages 1 and 2.

Conditions of this Proposal:

1. All submittals become the property of Reach for the Top, Inc. and will not be returned.

2. Reach for the Top, Inc. is not responsible for any costs incurred by the proposer related to the
preparation of this proposal or any other aspects of the proposer’s consideration for this project.

3. Reach for the Top, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify the selection process or reject any
proposals that are deemed unresponsive. Reach for the Top, Inc. does not make representation
that an agreement will be awarded to any party making a submittal.

The City of Los Angeles/Reach for the Top, Inc. Agreement will be available at the walk-through.