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. This NCFE Level 3 Life Coaching Professional Certification Course is developed in collaboration with the Coaching industry and used by stakeholders as a benchmark for skills.K (Level 3 Life Coaching Professional Certificate) Life Coaching NCFE for the last 150 years. quality and professional practice. NCFE expertly quality assures our experiential and work-based Life Coaching Training Programme.NCFE U. have certified Key professionals in the United Kingdom.

4) A placement or practice for at least 30 days is required for completion of the Programme. 3) Recognized by employers as a vitally important component. 2) Additional/Specialist learning: Students choose from a range of options endorsed by coaching regulatory body’s generic learning. understanding. learning. . skills and attitudes relevant to coaching and are given opportunities to apply these to work roles or situations and realistic contexts.Life Coaching This Certification Programme has four components: 1) Principal learning: Students develop knowledge. this requires students to develop personal. thinking and questioning skills and complete a project work placement.

Life coaches help to transform the lives of other people. which can create a perception that 'life coaching' is in some way quite different from other forms of personal coaching.Why pursue a Career in “Life Coaching”? In recent years a HUGE industry has grown under the heading of ‘Life Coaching'. They unlock potential. A life coach can help someone to realise their full potential by offering support and inspiration. guide people to be where they want to be and create the life they’ve always dreamed of. focus and provide support using practical result-focused strategies and techniques. to un-earth the hidden potential of their workforce who ultimately deliver excellent business results. more and more people are questioning what they want from life and are seeking direction and support with making life decisions. Life Coaching is regarded as one of the most fulfilling all time careers. In a world full of choices. For this reason the term ‘Life Coaching' appears widely in related marketing and publicity. They enable clients to realise their inner abilities. Coaches work with clients in one-to-one sessions via telephone or in person. Many organizations appreciate the importance of people development and recognise the value of adopting life coaching techniques within their workforce. In today’s hectic world it can be easy to lose sight of what is important. The work of a life coach is to inspire. to take charge of their own destiny and transform their dreams into realistic and achievable goals. It is however best suited as the Foundation and Umbrella cover for other specialized areas of Coaching. it is useful and relevant to individuals. .

guiding clients set challenging but realistic goals and helping them to develop the strategies and behaviours needed to achieve success. Whether your clients want to manage their stress better.Life Coaching in Nigeria Life Coaching is a relatively new phenomenon in Nigeria but is already becoming a buzz word of the new millennium. as a qualified “Life Coach” you will be able to run your own business offering individually tailored coaching methodologies to help your clients move in the direction they want to go. Most Fortune 500 organizations now regard “Coaching” as an integral tool for their effective operation and have a ‘Coaching Culture’ in place. teams and individuals. Top sports people have always reached their peak and stayed there with the help of a coach who believed in and helped them optimise their potential. Their managers and designated employees have been trained to coach and they see Coaching as part of their role to help their team members perform and ultimately improve the organization’s bottom line Coaches work in a similar way. increase their motivation. Coaching is the secret of high-flying organizations. further their career. . improve their relationships or just simply find ways to enjoy life more.

Becoming a coach means a lifelong quest for personal excellence. Helping clients discover where they want to go and helping them to get there is now a proven methodology. at the same time. potential Coaches are never motivated entirely by money.Life Coaching and You Life Coaches daily find out new things about themselves and realize that life is a continuous learning journey. Some common reasons people become “Life Coaches”: • • • • • The genuine love of people and a desire to bring out the best in them A desire for doing something fulfilling with their lives Personal and financial freedom Their family. friends and colleagues have always turned to them for advice and help They have natural 'people' skills. Significantly. Coaches who enter the profession chiefly for financial gain leave coaching quickly .which helps to maintain the integrity of the coaching profession. helping others to overcome problems in their lives. Coaching entails helping yourself grow and become more self aware. . For many this quest is the motivation to become a coach. which is fuelling the increasing popularity of professional coaching. The very nature of coaching means that it's a profession that is centered around 'making a difference' and helping people.

Vision.K Professional Certification in Life Coaching • Renewed Self Purpose.Some Benefits This Course will bring the following benefits to all participants and their potential clients: • Knowledge of Self & People • Increased Emotional Intelligence • Earn an attractive income per hour for Life • Improved Managerial and Leadership Skills • Improved Rapport and Communication Skills • A U. Training etc) . Sales. and Values • Achieve a State of Fulfilment and Harmony for self and client • Competitive Leverage within your chosen fields of endeavour • Improved Individual and Corporate Performance and Productivity • Understand the dynamics of Setting and Achieving Powerful Goals • Understand the dynamics of Congruence. Harmony and Happiness • Become an In-House or contractor coach for International Corporate Organizations • Enhance your career growth within any Organization (H.R. Mission. Beliefs. Project Mgt.

Course Delivery This programme is NOT just another academic course based on theoretical permutations but a life application experience. Our Methodology is as follows:  Case Study  Full Multimedia  Practical Exercises  Individual Reflection  Interactive Discussions  Group Assignment/Project  Personality Assessment Test  Real Life Stories and Learning .

you will receive detailed feedback from one of our highly skilled tutors. Assessments: You will be given various course assignments with deadlines. Support and guidance: You will also be supported by a dedicated Learner Support Team via email and telephone. These assessments must be submitted for marking and they amount to 60% of your overall score. Course materials: You will receive detailed course materials that will aid your study and that you can keep for future reference. online study via PDF (electronic version). . They are on hand to help. Tutor feedback: For each unit you complete.Course Dynamics The course dynamics are as follows: Online or Paper-based Classroom Studies: You have a choice of studying this course via paper-based class room studies. Learning log: You will be asked to maintain a learning log which you will be able to reflect upon throughout the course. advice and for any clarification throughout your studies.

Participant Profile The programme is specifically designed for you if you gain personal and professional satisfaction from helping others to reach their goals. Imams and Spiritual Leaders . The Coaching Club nig will train learners from a wide variety of work backgrounds such as:  Leaders  Lawyers  Teachers  Therapists  Counselors  Consultants  Psychologists  Youth workers  Doctors & Nurses  Facilitators & Trainers  Motivational Speakers  Supervisors & Managers  Human Resource Personnel  Sales & Customer Service Personnel  Pastors.

000.08035900175 . 5% discount for payments made twice.00 10% discount for payment made once. Saka Tinubu street Victoria Island Date: 6th September 2010 Duration: 3 months Frequency: Twice a week Lecture time options: Option A: 8am – 12noon Option B: 4pm – 8pm Fees: $1.Some Program Details Location: 48. Contact: Remi Dairo . No discount for payments made thrice.

People Focused. Performance Enhanced . expertise. we have consistently delivered superior transformational and peak performance coaching methodologies to the most exclusive clientele across several industries. For over half a decade. cutting-edge coaching methodologies for superior personal and organizational performance.About us We pride ourselves in being people-focused Coaches and Catalysts. experience and energies of our people to provide a bouquet of sound. We exist to LEVERAGE on the vast education.

+234 (0) 803 306 9044.760 8080. Nigeria. 48. 23401 +234: club People Focused. Victoria Island. Saka Tinubu Street. 807 707 7000 805 510 3850. Performance Enhanced .Organizations. 803 590 0175. Teams and Individuals who perceive challenges before they become emergencies and resolve them effectively. stand out because of their strong capacity for innovation and success. 80980COACH www. Lagos.olusolalanre.

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