Artifact: Web-based Environment Inquiry Professional Teaching Standard 4: Planning for Instruction The competent teacher understands

instructional planning and designs instruction based upon knowledge of the discipline, students, the community, and curriculum goals.

1. Write a paragraph explaining your knowledge and understanding of the standard ± put the standard into your own words.
I think this standard wants me to realize that the competent teacher understands that instructional planning takes a time commitment and is thoughtfully planned according to the content needing to be taught, the individual group of students, involving the community when possible, and is strictly aligned with the curriculum goals set forth by the district. The competent teacher understands that not all students learn the same therefore planning needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of the specific group of students and that information is not always stagnant: as information is learned or modified, the instruction needs to reflect just that.

2. Explain how the artifact you chose demonstrates your understanding and application of the

standard. A If the artifact has been used in your practice, reflect on how your teaching will change in the future to further meet the standard. B If the artifact has not been used in your practice, i.e., a class assignment, reflect upon how your teaching will be impacted by the assignment.
This artifact demonstrates my understanding of the standard because I researched the eight environments thoroughly before I felt comfortable planning and creating the unit. I took into account the most common learning styles when creating the lesson plans and adjusted the lessons to meet the needs of English Language Learners to ensure that these students would benefit from the lessons equally to those who speak English as their native language. In an ideal situation, I will

make use of the community surrounding the school and the people who can share their expertise pertaining to the environments with the class as the unit progresses. When planning and creating each lesson, I made sure that the activities aligned directly with the standards set by the Illinois Board of Education. This specific unit has not yet been used in my practice, but I can envision my teaching being impacted by an inquiry based unit that evokes curiosity and inspires motivation for learning about the eight different environments. With this unit plan the students will not be passive learners, but instead be the ones in charge of their learning with guidance from me, as the educator.

3. Conclude with a paragraph discussing how you are more prepared to Teach and Learn in a Diverse Society as a result of satisfactorily meeting the standard.
Through this artifact I have been able to think about how important it is to plan and create units that reflect the student body in which I am teaching. This unit, specifically, is geared towards students who benefit greatly from hands on activities, learning through literature, and may speak another language as their native language instead of English. I am more prepared to teach in a Diverse Society because I have been able to plan and create a unit that reflects my knowledge of the discipline and will most benefit my specific class needs. By creating a web-based inquiry, I have thought about the students interest in technology and the need for all students especially those without the constant exposure to technology to be able to learn how to navigate and manipulate the online program.

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