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McNeese State University

International Student Association Constitution
Preamble We, the international students of the McNeese State University, in pursuance of the interests and welfare of the international students, to build a cordial relationship among the various student groups within the university, to voice the concerns of the international student community, to showcase the cultural diversity of the McNeese State University campus, to promote the spirit of McNeese State University, hereby establish the constitution of the International Student Association(ISA). The International Student Association (ISA) was established and a constitution was written by Marvin Williams 09 in the spring of 2008. The first executive board is composed of President Marvin Williams 09 (Jamaica), Vice President NevilMeghani 09(India), Secretary InthiraPandey 10(Thailand), Senator Gregory Meju (Jamaica), Public Relation Officer Sabrina Seamon 09, and IT Coordinator PranayWardhan (India).PranayWardhan (India) further expanded International Student Association (ISA)during fall 2009 and spring 2010. The executive boardwas comprised President PranayWardhan (India), Vice President Kevin Goode (USA), Secretary Chu Chu Wang (China), Treasurer InthiraPandey 10 (Thailand) and Senator Naveen Reddy Ramadi 09 (India). This updated constitution is being rewritten by the executive board composed of President Bandar Jan (Saudi Arabia), Vice President GunayAliyeva (Azerbaijan), Secretary Melissa Pangestu (Indonesia), Treasurer Kevin Sutanto (Indonesia), Senator Mellitanya Hiromi Bun (Indonesia), Public Relations OfficerAreinHossain (Bangladesh), IT Coordinator Sam Battat(Palestine) and Student Advisor PranayWardhan (India).

Article 1: Name and Mission Section 1: The official name of the organization shall be the International Student Association. The International Student Association may be referred to as ISA, Association, and Organization in the constitution.

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Section 2: The organization s mission is: 1. To promote and enhance cultural diversity among international students, and between international students and domestic students at McNeese State University. 2. To provide programs to help international students experience a cohesive college experience in the United States of America (USA). 3. To provide the international student community with formal representation at McNeese State University and the wider community. 4. To promote, advocate, and advance international student s rights, interests, and privileges at McNeese State University. Section 3:The organization shall abide by the rules and policies of McNeese State University as relating to student organizations. Section 4:McNeese International Student Association shall not as an organization engage in activities condemning or advocating any particular country, race, ethnic group, political system, religion, or political party. Section 5:Article 1 of this constitution is binding.

Article 2: Membership Section 1:Membership shall be open to all students, faculty, and staff of McNeese State University. Section 2:A person will be considered an active member after he or she has completed a membership application form. Section3:Any member or officer may be impeached for misconduct. Impeachable offenses shall include butnot be limited to: y y y Failure to perform the duties of his or her office as outlined in the constitution. Violation of local, state, or federal laws of the US. Violation of McNeese State University policies and/or Student Code of Conduct.

Article 3:Officers Section 1:The executive offices of the organization shall be the office of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Senator, Treasurer, Public Relations and Membership, and Information Technology Coordinator.

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Section 2:The description and responsibilities of the officers shall be as follows: 1. President:Must be a returning ISA member and shall preside over all official business of the organization. He/She shall ensure that the Constitution is maintained and upheld. The president shall preside over the executiveboard meetings. The president must represent ISA at all official invitations the organization accepts or must delegate the role to someone to cover her/his place.


Vice President: Shall be the presiding officer of all official business of the organization in the absence of the president and shall assist the president in fulfilling the leadership of the organization.The Vice President will work with the President to prepare agendas for every executive meeting and distribute a copy of the agenda to each Board Member at the beginning of each meeting.


Treasurer: Shall be placed in trust of all monies received by the organization. The person holding this office will be responsible for disbursing the organization s funds upon requirements according to the rules stated in the by-laws. He/she must keep an accurate account of all money received or disbursed. He/She shall be responsible for submitting reimbursements for all approved financial transactions conducted on behalf of ISA.


Secretary: Shall be responsible for recording the minutes at the organization s meetings. The secretary will also be responsible for assisting the president with keeping the organizations calendar and also maintain an accurate account of the organization s membership.The secretary should maintain a copy of the constitution and by-laws of this organization and keep in readiness to use when called for at any meeting where he/she is recording proceedings. The Secretary shall work with the Public Relation officer to fill out all the paperwork and formalities for all of ISA s meetings and events.


Senator: Shall be responsible for attending Student Government Association meetings and to report the events of such meetings to the executive board. The senator shall also be responsible for assisting the president and treasurer with grant request proposals for SGA funding.


Information Technology Coordinator: Shall be responsible for maintaining the organization s website. He/she shall work with the secretary in posting information on upcoming events. This person will also be responsible for assisting the executive body with information needed to make decisions on procurements for the organization.

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Public Relations and Membership Officer: Shall be responsible for increasing the awareness of ISA for the general McNeese community by publicizing ISA organized activities, speaking on behalf of the Association when necessary, and coordinating the design, compilation, and distribution of all publications,fliers, and invitations.

Section 3: All executive board members are obliged to report the progress of organization s work to the executive board on a weekly basis. Section 4: If necessary, a member can be recruited by the executive board as an officer to assist the executive board in organization activities. The recruited officer shall abide by all the rules, regulations, responsibilities, and rights as described in the constitution.

Article 4: Faculty/Staff Advisor Section 1: The Faculty/Staff Advisor is to be elected annually. The individual s prior consent is necessary. The advisor may attend the organization s meetings, and may make recommendations in regard to the ISA policies and procedures. The advisor will not vote on issues presented to the executive board.

Article 5: Meetings Section 1: The general student meetings of the ISA shall be held at least once each month at a predetermined date or as determined by the executive board. Section 2: Executiveboard meetings shall be held at least twice each month or as determined by the executive board. Section 3: Emergency Meetings (executive or general) can be called by the president orthe vicepresident whenever deemed necessary.

Article 6: Financial Support Section 1: The finances of this organization will come from fund raising projects, individual contributions, dues, affiliated organizations funding, and the McNeese SGA.

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Article 7:Elections and Appointments Section 1: All officers shall be elected by the general student membership by the means of voting. Section 2: Nominations- The ISA executive committee will begin taking nominations of candidates two weeks before the election date. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by other ISA members. Candidates must confirm their nomination by submitting a note of intent to the ISA office. Aspiring members can submit a letter of intent for only one position. Section 3: All officers must be enrolled as a fulltime student at McNeese and must have attended the university for at least two semesters (semester requirement does not apply to graduate students) and be in good academic standing. All officers should have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at the time of election and during their time of office. Elected executive members should have prior involvement in ISA. Section 4:Voting for elected executive committee positions will take place during the last general meeting in April of each academic year. The aspiring candidates will be allowed to give a 2-minute presentation to the general ISA body on their intent during the general meeting. Section 5:In the event that an executive member resigns or is removed from office in accordance with Section 3, Article 2 on Membership, the executive board will elect a member of the organization (with its approval) to fill that office in accordance with Section 3, Article 3. Section 6:Changes to faculty advisors can only be made at the beginning of an academic year, except in the event that an advisor voluntarily resigns the position. Section 7:A 2/3 majority executive board vote is required to remove or replace an executive board member or faculty advisor. Section 8:In an event that there are no executive board members willing to apply for the office of President and Vice President, these positions will be made open to any member with an active involvement in the organization. In such cases, nominations to these office positions shall be interviewed and elected by the outgoing executive board and the faculty advisor.

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Article 8:Amendment of Constitution Constitutional Amendments can be proposed in writing by any member of the organization. The executive board will vote to amend the constitution. Amendment(s) require a 2/3 majority vote by the executive board in order to be passed. The students in attendance will then vote upon the amendment(s) at the meeting where the amendment(s) are presented. A 2/3 membership majority vote will qualify the amendment proposal to be brought before the Student Government Association for approval. Amendment(s) passed by the organization will then be submitted to the Student Government Association for approval. Upon approval by the SGA, the change(s) will be made in the constitution.

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